The Pain Shed

Gloom Factor:  Dark with a little chill, but overall pleasant

Pre-Party:  Staples, Barney, Sweaty Palms…and I may be missing one because I’ve never showed up early enough for one of these to ask this question.

PAX in Attendance:  Deliverance, Staples, Best Balls, Barney, Sex Ed, Tebow, Nimbus 1500, MicDrop,  Creeper, Sweaty Palms, Ace, Typo Positive, Old Hickory, Hush Puppy

Warm Up:  Disclaimer, Side Straddle Hops, Arm Circles, & Light Stretching on your own

Thang 1  (“10’s)
Parking Lot Run – Light pole to Light Pole (approx. 30 yards) for total of 10 times (up and back = 2) for time – 1:00 minute.  Failed to make it w/ group punishment – Bear Crawl to Light Pole and Politician back to Light Pole

Thang 2  (“The Pain Shed” – where coupons live)
Partner work – 1 partner does coupon work, while the other moseys to concession stand and does 5 burpees.   Group repetitions until done.

1st Round – 20 Blockies, 40 Squat Thrusters, 80 Push Presses

2nd Round – 80 Swings, 40 Blockies, 30 Loaded Beasts

Mosey around football field and back to parking lot.

Thang 3 (20’s)                                                                                                                                              Parking Lot Run – Light pole to Light Pole (approx. 30 yards) for total of 20 times (up and back = 2) for time – 2:00 minute. Failed to make it w/ group punishment – Partner Wheel Barrels

Number Off/Name-a-rama/
Prayer Requests
Continued prayers for LMP’s wife and his brothers, Barney’s brother, Professor X’s family, and MicDrop’s wife
Serving opportunities to live out the 3rd “F” of F3 – Tornado disaster relief led by Kermit & TV Guide and Alvarez Family.

The Rent Was Due

GLOOM FACTOR: Glorious high 40s and dry.

PAX: MicDrop, Professor X, 3rd Degree, Nimbus 1500, Creeper, Old Hickory, Huggy (QIC)

It was a fantastic morning for 7 PAX who were ready to pay the bill for indulging on the holiday.

Lap around the small loop, disclaimer

Circle up at the shelter for:

SSH x 15



Moroccan nightclubs x 15 DO NOT RECOVER

Overhead Press x 15

Squats x 10

Thang 1
Pyramid Circuit
5 consecutive rounds of 60 seconds of an exercise, 30 seconds of rest, adding an exercise each round..

Round 1: Hand release merkins

Round 2: Hand release merkins, sumo squats

Round 3: Hand release merkins, sumo squats, knee elevated prone shoulder taps

Round 4: Hand release merkins, sumo squats, knee elevated prone shoulder taps, burpees

Round 5: Hand release merkins, sumo squats, knee elevated prone shoulder taps, burpees, WWIIs

Thang 2
Wall Work
Mosey up to the concession stand.
People’s Chair (wall-sit) hold x 2 mins
BTTW hold x 2 mins

Mosey back down to the picnic shelter.
All PAX hold high plank, one PAX does a sprint up to the concession stand and back, then the next PAX, etc. Ran short on time here so only had time for four rotations.

Mosey to the parking lot for CoT.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama


    • Go sign up for a Q slot, the coming weeks are virtually empty.
    • Continued prayers for all our brothers going through tough times.

YHC took us out with a prayer. Helluva morning today, HIMs!

Pounding the Q’s 1st Year

Gloom Factor:  Frosty beard and stars
Pre-Party:  Hibernating
PAX in Attendance:  Nimbus1500, Creeper, Huggy, Type O, Professor X (Respect), Scrooge, Sterno, Old Hickory, Leatherneck, and Staples (YHC and QiC)
Warm Up:  Show Me lap, good mornings, huggers, Tebow stretch, disclaimer

Today is a trip down memory lane for me as we marked a year since I joined this group of HIMs.

Thang 1

Mosey to Defiant’s painground to visit the site of my first posting.
(5) sets of (5) reps OYO

    • Pull-ups
    • Copenhagens
    • Burpees

Thang 2

Mosey through the neighborhood to the invisible curb (where I broke my foot) at the Rec Center.
(3) sets of curb work OYO

    • Derkins
    • Calf Raises
    • Buy-out partner carries in honor of Netflix, Altidore, and Hambone who carried me to the truck in January

Thang 3

Mosey up the street and around Mill Creek Brewery.  Unfortunately, time ran short and we had to cut the man-maker/coupon work awaiting us.

Mary at the Parking Lot

LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Low and Slow Squats

Number Off/Name-a-rama/COT
Prayer Requests

  • Continue to lift up LMP and his wife and family
  • Professor X’s friends dealing with cancer
  • Prayer for Sterno and his family and their baby on the way
  • Prayer for my Mom (and Dad) as we will move her into a care facility next weekend


  • Christmas Party this Saturday at our place (see Slack for details and side dish/dessert sign up)
  • Christmas Eve service opportunity with GlenGarry and family (serving lunch at the Rescue Mission)

The Pound – 12/12/19

10 PAX: Tebow (QiC), GlenGarry (QiC), Old Hickory, Professor X, Dongle, Deliverance, SexEd, Stats, Show Me,  Creeper

WARM UP: SSH, HB, IW, GM, BACs, Lunges, Merkins, MC

THANG 1 (Tebow)
Suicides with Exercises
5 burpees at the starting line
1st light pole – 10 Merkins
5 burpees at the starting line
2nd light pole – 20 Merkins

Round 2: Rinse and Repeat with Iron Mikes instead of Merks (each leg=1/2)
Round 3: Rinse and Repeat with Floating Starfish instead of Iron Mikes (each leg=1)

20 WWIIs, 15-4ct flutter kicks, 24-4ct AHs

THANG 2 (GlenGarry)
Mosey to shed for coupons
Coupon Squats
(great timing for some Vince Guaraldi Trio from the medic while we suffered)

Mosey back to parking lot
Loaded Beasts

– Prayers for Show Me, LMP, SoccerMom, Staples’ Mom.
– Glengarry hates Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Comin to Town” ?!
– 3rdF opportunity – Nashville Rescue Mission; Glengarry and family are serving Christmas Eve

Great work by all; Merry Christmas,

Ginuwinely Put Your Ballz to the Wallz

fox news GIF

Conditions: It’s raining men. Hallelujah, it’s raining men.

13 PAX in Attendance: Barney Fievel (QiC), Stats, Numbtucks, Creeper, Deliverance, Dongle (FNG, welcome!), Sterno, Tebow, Glen Garry, Staples, Nimbus 1500, Sex Ed, and Professor X.

Disclaimer – This was a 10/10, Grade A disclaimer. I might have to start dropping the “not a professional” part.


      • Show Me lap
      • 20 SSH IC
      • 10 squats IC
      • 20 LBAC

Now that we’re all warmed up, won’t you join me for a little jog up to the shed? There’s something I want to show you… Coupons! Let’s all grab one and get to work!

Thang 1: Coupon 7’s (Ginuwines and Yurpees)

Ginuwines are a little gem I came up with sometime last year. With coupon in hands and at chest level, PAX drop down into the athletic position while simultaneously pushing the coupon out in front of them. Gyrate the coupon from left to right before popping back up into standing position, simultaneously bringing the coupon back to the chest.

Think about the dance move from Ginuwine’s “Pony” and you’ll do fine. You gonna look fine too. Or ridiculous. We haven’t done this one since we started using cinder blocks for coupons. It hurts in the very best way possible!

Yurpees are the brain child of former F3 Nolensville PAX and current HIM of F3 Spring Hill, Ragdoll and Cheeze Whiz. Modified burpee in which PAX perform a clap merkin and two jumping knee taps. Every man hopes to leave a lasting legacy. You two have left us with a lasting soreness. Thanks a lot!

Mode of Transportation was bear crawl one way and lunges the other.

ginuwine GIF

Thang 2: Box Jumps and Ballz 2 the Wallz

Partner up. While partner one performs 5 balls to the walls against the park bathrooms, Partner two performs box jumps on the nearby bleachers. Keep rotating until 100 box jumps are performed as a team.

If you never thought you’d find yourself in a park at 5:30am, hanging upside down with your balls against a public restroom, elbow to elbow with a bunch of other sweaty guys…then I guess you’re “normal.”

PAX moseyed back down to the parking lot for a little Sally action, merkin style. TClaps to Nimbus 1500 for completing it! Definitely not easy after those Ginuwine’s. Good grief. Here I thought you had expended all of your energy when you blew that coupon into rubble with your farts.


      • 20 BBSU
      • 20 Freddie Mercury’s
      • 10 Alabama Prom Dates
      • 1 GM


      • F3 Nolensville’s Christmas Party is December 21st at Casa de Staples! Numbtucks is smoking a brisket! More details to come but mark your calendars!
      • This morning, we learned that Nimbus has trained himself to where he can now break coupons with his farts. Impressive.
      • We also learned that, while F3 is open to men of all faiths, in Barney’s mind, we’re a Jesus Shop. Sorry, not sorry.


Magnificent 7 @ The Pound – 11/14/19

7 PAX chose wisely; they were Kermit, Staples, Prof X, Huggy, Hot Dish, Stats, & Tebow (QIC)

After the last couple of frigid days, this morning’s ~30 degree temps felt balmy.

Quick lap, SSH, HB, IW, BACs, Lunges, Squats, Merkins, MC

Brief explanation of a minor theme for today: injury prevention. We do a lot of forward/backward movement, but not much lateral movement. This means we’re no doubt deficient in some of those critical stabilizer muscle groups that can help us bullet proof our knees from injury. With that being said,


Bear crawl two light poles down
*every 4 parking space lines perform 20 lateral hops
Then, Crawl Bear/Crab Walk back

Partner up, 4 Rounds:
P1 – hop on one leg (seriously)
P2 – side shuffle down two light poles, sprint back, switch
*5 burpees for each partner if P1’s second leg touches the ground before P2 returns (no penalties were awarded)

10 burpees, 10 lungees

Short mosey to the concession stand, Partner up, AMRAP 6min
P1 – wall sit
P2 – (4 MC + 4 Low MC + 4 Merkins) x 4, switch
*these were pretty nasty; we’ll see them again

Flutters IC (get those soft, bent legs outta here)

Mosey back to parking lot for
10 burpees, 10 lungees

MARY: bear crawl stance shoulder taps x 20, Huggers, GMs

Prayers for Staples’ mom and LMP’s wife.
Great job by all,

November Rain @ The Pound

A slight rain to kickoff the activities and steady throughout the workout…
15 PAX in attendance for the main event: Staples, BarneyFievel, Hushpuppy Prof. X, OldHickory, Jeeves, HotDish (PreviouslyPotluck),  Stats, MicDrop, Nimbus 1500, Tebow, Kermit, SexEd,  TVGuide, and Glengarry.

10 Burpees, Hill Bear Crawls, Field Running, Rinse and Repeat w 20 Jump Squats and 30 MTN Climbers.

Mill Creek Mosey w 3x Hill Bear Crawls, 10 Fingertip Pushups, 20 Diamond Pushups, and 30 Knuckle Pushups.

Parking Lot Team Sprint Relays – losing team w 10 Burpees. Q lost with pulled hammy.

#toooldtoberunnningsprints #noiinteam #f3

Passing the F3Nolensville ShovelFlag @ ThePound

Gloom: Perfect…for embracing the suck. Honestly, the bottom dropped out of the clouds when I got into my car and I was pleasantly shocked to see a large group of HIM circled up already (some trotting in from a Preparty)

Pre-Party: KermiT, MicDrop, Staples, Nimbus, Creeper and SexEd for a KermiT led 8’s of Dips, Derks, Irks and SSH on the minute for 10 minutes. Jeeves, Dan (Potluck FNG) and Tebow got in 1/2 of it.

15 PAX in Attendance:  Ragdoll (WHAT?!), Old Hickory, ShowMe, Tebow,  Kermit, Stats, Jeeves (RESPECT), Dan FNG Potluck (Jeeves’ FNG, way to go man!), SexEd, Staples, MicDrop (Wrapped up ICC!),  TVGuide, Creeper, 3D (QiC 1st 1/2) & Nimbus1500 (QiC 2nd 1/2)


The THANG.1 = 3D on Q

Partner work:

    • P1 Yurpees AMRAP, P2 BrokenWheel hop +3 Merkins to 2nd light and mosey back then flapjack
    • WheelBarrow to first light then flapjack back
    • Partnercarry to second light then flapjack
    • Partner Drag to second light then back

It’s kinda my thing…surprising I know… Bear crawl and Crawl-Bear the bridge

Various MoM exercises were performed by Pax/Teams finishing rounds and waiting for the 6 throughout the workout today.

We did: Flutter Kix, Plank&Waits, etc.

Medic generously supplied by SexEd pumped out a chosen playlist for my closing act as Nan-tan including AudioSlave, TobyMac, SwitchFoot, Greta van Fleet and Andy Mineo

The THANG.2= Nimbus on Q

  • BearSquare (x 5 of bearhops + Sit thrahs then 5 step BC forward, side , back, side) then animal MoT to first light and mosey back (rounds included: Canary crawl, Crabwalk, BearCrawl, DuckWalk and FrogHop)

CoT/Numbers/Names/Christening of FNG

“Potluck” aka Potholes, Dan, an Army Vet just moved to Nolensville 3 weeks ago and last week’s FNG Jeeves brought him out today! Way to go!


  • 3rdF (Faith) opportunity: We’re raising funds for Safe Families that will be our “buy in” to the FitTest on November 23rd. Safe Families is an amazing organization that finds homes for children as their families transition through some of the harder seasons of life. Living next to Nimbus, I’ve seen first hand the good that this organization does and the hope that it provides to children that would otherwise have none. Winner of FitTest gets 60% of all for their charity with 10% going to the other 4 regions. I’m going to be going HARD for this charity. Please join me in raising funds for this very worthy cause and lets go win this thing.
    • We already have a $1k donation from a generous benefactor that we’ll reveal later, but its up to all of us to grow this and earn as much as we can to bless the Middle Tennessee Region. Any raised funds can be sent to the @F3Nolensville Venmo account or can be handed over in another fashion to Numbtucks.
  • 2ndF (Fellowship) opportunity: I want to know when we’re having another game night! If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting back and listening to Sparta call Numbtucks a cheater for 3 hours straight, I feel sorry for you.
  • 1stF (Fitness) opportunity: The Gauntlet is coming Saturday November 9th! Please help me promote this and let’s all plan to be in attendance, as we’ll play host to some out-of-towners! Start and end at Nolensville High School. About 5:30 to 8:30pm. This one will be totally different from our last Gauntlet. Whether that means something to you or not, doesn’t matter! Come out and get sharpened…
    • Iron Clad Challenge closed today & 9-11 (depends on if they actually would post their participation 🙂 )/14 hit the mark and achieved this accomplishment! Well-done!

I am really humbled and thankful for the HIM that have come and gone, as well as those of you still here (and even the newbies) of F3Nolensville. We have gone from 1 Tuesday AM a week at BW 4/24/18 to 6 days a week of 4 bootcamp AOs, 1 running and 1 Rucking AO. We have men who have stepped up and led in new an needed ways. I am excited for all those who could come out and show support and participate this morning, as well as all those who generously donated for the awesome Ruck Pack and weight/accessories for me. It was undeserved but very appreciated! I look forward to where Nimbus and all you HighImpactMen take this group to the next level and plan to be there MC’ing along there with you!

Soli Deo Gloria! (Look it up!)

3D, OUT!


From 30K Feet – Balls and Belly

The Gloom – Low 40s w/Moisture on the Ground

PreParty – Staples & Creeper

PAX: Staples, Creeper, Professor X, ShowMe, GlenGarry, Nimus1500, Stats, Secret (4 year break, but not FNG), Huggy, Old Hickory, CheeseWhiz & Who’d I miss?

Scattered Warm/Disclaimer – Showme lap, stretch something on your own, 20x SSH & low and slow merkins – Medic was so loud, nobody would’ve known what I was saying i

Thang 1:

THE BALL SACK – Fill in edition

  • Ball Handler – Staples
    • Reverse Lunge Walk – 26 Jump Squats
  • Ball Handler – GlenGarry
    • Crab Walks – 16 Iron Mikes
  • Ball Handler – Stats
    • Revers Lunge Walk – 26 WWI’s
  • Ball Handler – Professor X
    • Bear Crawl – 20 Something SSH
  • Ball Handler – Old Hickory
    • Bear Crawl – Some amount of something
  • Ball Handler – Secret
    • Bear Crawl – 11 Burpees (Almost had 30, Q voided the pull as a duplicate)

There may have been more, but the ball handlers all looked the same in the dark.

Mosey to the field house

Thang 2:

PARTNER UP: Wheel-Barrows (Barrels for 3rdDegree) up the stairs – Bear Crawl down the hill and switch – 6 mins

Crawl Bear up the Steps – Bear Crawl Down the Hill – 5/6 mins

Thang 3:

For the Planned Section of Today’s Workout, a New Ab Circuit.

1 Minute of Each Exercise, with 10 Second Breaks Between

  • Switches
  • High Plank
  • Floating Starfish
  • Push Planks
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Dwarf Kickers
  • Standing Oblique Crunches (30 secs per side)
  • Wine Mixer
  • WWI
  • Beast Planks
  • Side Crunches (30 secs per side)

Thang 4:

With just enough time left, we got in an Indian Run around the track back to the parking lot so we could listen to the latest edition to my playlist, “Old Man Jones”.  It was thoroughly enjoyed…

Stats peeled out to find our modifying newcomer and made it back just in time to count of. (Way to go Stats!)

PostParty by Huggy – 24 Merkins & 24 Jump Squats

COT – Talked about C4.  Confidence in anything is a process, whether at F3, work, home or anything.  To gain Confidence in something, you need to have the Courage to start, Consistency to build Competence and that will lead you in to Confidence. (ShowMe was feelin’ it through this brief word and it fired me up)


·      The mumble chatter is greatly impacted when 3rdDegree and Numbtucks aren’t present, but we had some moments.

·      I let a few pop songs slip into the mix and it almost derailed the whole workout, it won’t happen again!

·      3rdDegree has us well conditioned for Bear Crawl bridge, everyone slowed almost to a stop and looked back as we passed the bridge on the Indian run back to the parking lot.  If only we had time…

Diego Remix @ ThePound

14 PAX in Attendance:  BarneyFievel, Typo+, ShowMe, Tebow, MicDrop, Nimbus 1500, Kermit, Glengary, Stats, SexEd, Prof. X (Respect), Staples, Huggy & 3D (QiC) (am I missing 2 PAX? ComzQ tweeted that 16 were there…)

Staples, Kermit, Huggy & Micdrop @ 5:15 for a pre-party showing with YHC doing Cindy routine (5 Pullups (scale of Under-doggies), 10 Merkins and 15 Squats per round). We did 8 rounds in ~10 minutes. Barney came in toward the end and encouraged us as he warmed up 🙂

5:30, let’s do this!


  • ShowMe Lap (Look, it worked!)
  • SSH IC x 10 into:
  • SJ IC x 10
  • InchWorm Merks “4×4” (4 Merkins per x 4 sets)
  • IW IC x 10
  • 3 GM

The Thang(s) 

3rd Degree’s version of DIEGO: Diego (Dora the explorer’s BadA cousin) – Similar to Dora 1, 2, 3 but just tougher… Same partner situation but the exercises were as follows:

  • 50- Blockees as team, P2 Bear-crawl/crawl-bear 5 parking lengths and back
  • 75- Squat Thrusters w/ block, P2 Politician to 2nd light pole and jog back
  • 100- weighted Flutter Kix (hold coupon over body) (each leg =1/2), Karaoke to 2nd Light Pole facing road and then Karaoke back)
  • 125- Block Curls, P2 Skanks (High jump skipping, like Mario breaking bricks) to 2nd pole, jog back
  • 150- Calf-raises w/ Block, P2 lunge-walk t0 1st light pole and politician back


It’s kinda my thing…surprising I know… Bear crawl and Crawl-Bear the bridge (3 squat bonus for any stoppage)… We did some IC Squats and IWs and GMs (not in cadence because that would be wrong…) at the Feed Mill before sledding back…

Super-fun variation where you have to manage the frosty, shellacked bridge. Crawl-bearing back was reminiscent of sled pushing…gave Q and others ideas of fun winter variations of exercises…think Iditarod…

Various MoM exercises were performed by Pax/Teams finishing rounds and waiting for the 6 throughout the workout today.

We did: Flutter Kix, LBCs, Freedie Mercs, Planks, IWs, etc.



  • 3rdF (Faith) opportunity: Keep listening & reading along as we go through the Bible App Romans chapters 9-16. Possible opportunities to find funding for our FitTest regional competition upcoming, stay tuned…
  • 2ndF (Fellowship) opportunity: Haunted-House building kids workshop at Lowe’s Smyrna Saturday AM. Check with Typo+ for more deets. F3Dads in F3Nolensville is alive and well! Thanks for leading Typo+!
  • 1stF (Fitness) opportunity: Regional FitTest Qualifier (think IronPax challenge, but without the cheating) is this Saturday. If you can’t make it, look at the BackBlast and run it on your own time and post your time. Top 6 qualify for the regional competition Nov. 23rd at Crockett Park against Franklin, Nashville, SpringHill and Murfreesboro
  • Shared a little from Psalm 27 as I read the first and last verses. Gets me fired up to think that though on my own I am weak, tried, failing, that with the SkyQ I am never alone and can find refuge in Him to where I no longer have to fear.

What we Learned

  • Micdrop, Stats and Huggy are near the finish line for IronClad Challenge. Keep it up!
  • Huggy was 9th man (thanks for reminding us to re-institute this, Netflix!) and shared a little. Good dude.
  • Thanks to Tebow and Glengary for Coffee!
  • Everyone is getting stronger, faster and better the more you post. I am proud of you all! In the 18 months F3Nolensville has been posting, there is growth! Let’s keep giving it away and inviting/Emotionally-headlocking (EHing) new guys that need this too. GREAT WORK!

Post party of 17 Squat Thrusters to make sure we utilize those coupons while we have access to them…

3D, out!