The Knoll BB – 8/17/2023 – “DORA/11’s”

11 PAX and 2 2.0s got together to do hard things we can control to get ready for the hard things we can’t control. 

Weather: a taste of fall (low 60s, foggy, and awesome)
PAX (13)@Pebbles@Sooie@AAA@Timber@morning star@DB@Squints@G-string@El Capitan@The Banker@Ringo, @Smoltz (2.0), @Bumblebee (2.0)
Q: Timber


  • mosey to stop sign (not quite) and back
  • 10 reps of 4-count: high knees, squats, merkins, mountain climbers
  • 30 seconds stretch OYO
The Thang 1: DORA
  • 1 partner runs to cones and back (~100 yds), while other partner performs reps of exercise
  • reps are counted cumulatively between partners
  • Exercises: 100 reps of burpees, step ups (1 is 1), and BB sit-ups
  • waiting for the 6: run to cones and back
The Thang 2: 11s
  • exercises: pull-ups/swing rows and iron mikes
  • perform 10 reps of 1 exercise and 1 rep of the other, 9 reps and 2 reps, etc.
  • waiting for the 6: dips or planks
The Thang 3: final burn
  • partner carries, down to cones and back
  • 20 reps of 4 count: flitter kicks (led by @Squints), American hammers (led by @AAA)
Why choose to do hard things? Why wake up early and come get your backside kicked by a tough workout? My perspective on this question has changed over the last few years. I learned of a term called CHOSEN SUFFERING from a wrestling coach that I admire. We will all face challenges in our lives, maybe even traumatic challenges. By choosing to do tough things, we are training ourselves to handle the defining moments in our lives when suffering is not chosen.COT:

  • Count-a-rama, name-a-rama
  • Announcements: nothing to note
  • Prayer requests: @DB’s family, @morning star’s Dad and sister and trip, @Squints to find a good house for his family
  • Ended with a prayer & some coffee (courtesy of @morning star!)
Thanks to everyone that came this morning!
– Timber

Westeros BB – 08/14/2023 – Core movements through the decades

15 PAX and 1 FNG enjoyed some grounding core work and weighted carries to celebrate 4 decades of YHC’s life.

AO: Westeros (Elmington Park, West Nashville)
CONDITIONS: dark and lovely
PAX (16): @Pep, @Pop-A-Lock, @CubCadet, @Mermaid (from Knoxville), @Sherlock, @Grape, @Natural Ice, @Vector, @Tim the Toolman, @DintyMoore, @Supernova, @Black Lung, @Salpal, @Red Skull
FNG (1): @Shepherd’s Pie

5:30 – YHC, drowsy from too little sleep welcomed the PAX and forgot the disclaimer.

PAX reminded YHC of disclaimer on the mosey. Thank you!

Mosey to a spot on the field and
– plank + gratitude pop corn
– 10 mountain climbers
– 10 SSH
– 10 IW

Mosey to soccer goals for bear crawls and crab walks.

Mosey back to the top of the field and circle up around the coupons.

Instruction: we’ll be in a circle doing core work. 1 movement and 1 exercise for each decade of my life. One PAX at a time from the circle will do a weighted carry to large tree across the field. We have a 15# kb, 30# kb and a ruck with 20# in it. YHC showed some variations on the weighted walk: walk with weights at sides, one up/one down, at chest.

Circled up and started:
Decade 1: baby crawl in a circle then plank and 10 up and downs in cadence
Decade 2: bear crawl in a circle then plank and 10 shoulder taps in cadence
Decade 3: crab walk in a circle then 10 Freddie Mercuries in cadence
Decade 4: lunges and then 10 Carolina dry docks

Repeated 4 times (2 clockwise, 2 counter clockwise)

Warm down: mosey to the tree and back, 2x. Some high knees and butt kickers along the way.

– count-o-roma, name-o-roma
– announcements
– praise/celebration, requests, updates from the PAX
– YHC invited men to take a knee and reflect on their coming week for 1 minute … what’s in front of you, how might you need support? what might your heart be longing for this week.
– YCH blessed the men, their hearts and their week

As I enter my 5th decade I’m thankful for the 4 that have come before it. I’m realizing more and more that to live well in the now I need take excursions back into my past and recover lost treasure, heal old wounds, forgive, honor, grieve what was or what wasn’t, remember joy and celebrate.

In other words, to be the fully integrated, whole man I want to be I need to work to restore all parts of me, some of which have been lost in the wreckage of my life.

This am was a small homage to those excursions as we rotated through 4 rounds of ground movement + exercise. Each decade of my life has highs and lows. Each of those highs and lows of my personal story is grounded in a larger story.

I’m thankful for you men and the work of F3 and the part it’s played in my personal journey over the years.

m* out

Star Wars Water Fight

8 PAX and 9 2.0s celebrated YHC’s (40) and Bumble bee’s (8) birthdays with some cardio and a Star Wars themed water fight.

AO: The Knoll (Harpeth Knoll Park, Bellevue)
CONDITIONS: started dark, but lovely
TUNES: Star Wars sound track
PAX (8 + 9 2.0s): @El Capitan, @Sooie, @AAA, @Ringo + two FNK 2.0s: @Link & @Goblin Crusher, @Squints + four 2.0s: @Bolt, @Sugar, @Bullseye, @Hiptoss, @Timber + 2.0: @Shmoltz, @Pebbles + 2.0: @Big Red, @morning star + 2.0: Bumble bee
FNKs: 2 (Link and Goblin Crusher)
QIC: YHC + Bumble bee

5:30 – Everyone welcomed, disclaimer forgotten

Mosey around the field, 40 SSH, 8 Imperial Walkers

Part 1
– Circuit ladder from 8 down to 1.
– Exercises: incline pushups, low slow squat (with hold), SSH, IW
– Mode of transportation (MOT) between stations: ground movements (bear crawl, crab walk, baby crawl with your 2.0 on your back, etc.)

Part 2
Water fight game:
– 2.0s are storm troopers with water guns, they shoot the PAX
– If a PAX gets hit with water, 10 squats
– If a PAX steps out of bounds, 1 body builder burpee

Switch to PAX shooting 2.0’s for 1 minute
Switch back to 2.0’s shooting PAX. If PAX get hit they plank.

– 40 Freddy Mercuries
– plank, then 8 mountain climbers

– count-o-roma, name-o-roma
– prayer requests … prayer + blessing of PAX by YHC

Coffeeteria followed with the dark stuff from Arkansas (I mean, Costco). Thank you @Sooie!

I grew up fast, which has caused me miss some of my childhood. I tend to be serious and thoughtful, and have trouble playing and having fun. Today, it was nice to enjoy some fun together. 2.0s bring the joy and silliness every time. Sometimes that goes high energy and needs guidance, but overall I am opening up to it and I welcoming it into my heart. It challenges me to lighten up and smile and play. It’s helping me mature as a man.

m* out!