45 Minute Pre-Party (Gauntlet Training)

March 30th, 2019

Gloom: perfect amount

PAX: Nimbus, Stats, Numbtucks, TV Guide, Hush Puppy, Scrooge, Type O+, 3rd Degree, Staples, Rag Doll, Cheez Wiz, Old Hickory, Playboy, Tebow,

QIC: Sterno

Pre-Party: 10 HIM’s decided to start their Saturday by taking a Red Pill and accepted the challenge of a 45 minute pre-party.

Pre-Party PAX: Nimbus, Stats, Numbtucks, TV Guide, Scrooge, Type O+, 3rd Degree, Cheez Wiz, Show Me, Sterno

Warm-Up: Mile Indian Run

Pre-Party Thang #1:

Thankfully the football field was unlocked so we had access to the track for a Fibonacci Sequence (Thanks for the new workout routine BoyBand). We began our run on the back stretch of the track. Every 200 meters we stopped and performed a designated number of Alternating Shoulder Taps, Carolina Dry Docks, Little Baby Crunches, and Monkey Humpers. Reps for each exercise in the set were increased at each stop following the Fibonacci Sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55). It’s all fun and games in the beginning but things got real pretty quick.

Pre-Party Thang #2:

“Lovely Day” (remix) by Out of Eden came on the medic. All PAX hold plank and every time you here “Lovely Day” all PAX do 1 Merkin. Learned that in the early 90’s 3rd Degree had a thing for ladies that wore acid washed jean overalls (Good to know!).

Time’s up so we mosey back to the parking lot where we are joined by Tebow, Staples, Hush Puppy, Playboy, Ragdoll, and Old Hickory. Show Me had to Pre-Vac (Not sure why, but if I had to guess I would say it had something to do with opening day of Turkey Season).

Clock strikes 6am, Time to get this party started! Mosey over to the drainage ditch to pick up our coupon for the day.

Thang #1:

Coupon Work
Line up with your coupon and throw it with your right hand, bear crawl to coupon (Repeat) to designated destination.
Line up with your coupon and throw it with your left hand, bear crawl to coupon (Repeat) to designated destination.

Mosey across parking lot and circle up by the buses. As I look around the circle two PAX’s coupons are noticeably bigger. It appears that Tebow and Nimbus decided to bring their A-game today.

Bicep Curls OYO x 40
Overhead Presses OYO x 40
Tricep Overhead Extensions OYO x 40

Thang #2:

Mosey to the Mill Creek Elementary School pain ground

Everybody grab a spot on the ledge that you can plank on.

Ledge Work:

• Start at the top of the ledge, bear crawl down ledge and do 10 derkins, crawl bear back up ledge and do 10 merkins
• Box Jumps OYO x 20
• Squats OYO x 20
• Start at the top of the ledge, bear crawl down ledge and do 9 derkins, crawl bear back up ledge and do 9 merkins
• Box Jumps OYO x 18
• Squats OYO x 18
• Start at the top of the ledge, bear crawl down ledge and do 8 derkins, crawl bear back up the ledge and do 8 merkins
• Box Jumps OYO x 16
• Squats OYO x 16
• Start at the top of the ledge, bear crawl down ledge and do 7 derkins, crawl bear back up the ledge and do 7 merkins
• Box Jumps OYO x 14
• Squats OYO x 14
• Start at the top of the ledge, bear crawl down ledge and do 6 derkins, crawl bear back up the ledge and do 6 merkins
• Box Jumps OYO x 12
• Squats OYO x 12
• Start at the top of the ledge, bear crawl down ledge and do 5 derkins, crawl bear back up the ledge and do 5 merkins (Repeat down to 1)

Mosey back to the drainage area to return coupons

SPEEDBUMP: 20 Burpees

Continue our Mosey back to the drainage area so we can return our coupons.

Thang #3:

Burpee Broad Jump Bridge and Repeat

3rd Degree Pre-Vac (Later Brother!)

Thang #4:

Need to get some more miles in on this workout so its time to Indian Run.

It was brought to my attention that we lost a PAX after the Bridge Burpee Broad Jumps so shortly after we started our run I decided to return to the parking lot. So after Nimbus went zooming by I decided to call a speedbump and have all the PAX turn around and begin the Indian Run back to the parking lot. Time for Nimbus to sprint to the front of the line again. This made Numbtucks extremely happy so I decided rinse and repeat this sequence so Nimbus could get some extra sprints in.

Thang #5:

Ring of Fire

All PAX circle up and plank. Q calls out an exercise while one by one each PAX bear crawls around the circle.
• Mt Climbers IC x 15
• Plank Jacks IC x 15
• Catalina Wine Mixers OYO
• High Plank Right Arm up
• High Plank Left Arm up

Thang #6:

4 Forty Yard Sprints


Flutter Kicks IC x 30
Little Baby Crunches OYO x 30

Great work out there today gentlemen!


OTB Bomber: The Final Countdown

3 HIM came out for an OTB boot camp so they can cross the Ironclad finish line of 40 posts.

PAX:  Crawlspace, PA (co-QIC), Vector (co-QIC)

Conditions:  40 degrees, practically balmy

Mosey around to the upper parking lot for the


Imperial Walkers x 15
Reverse LBAC x 15
Overhead Squats x 15
Normal” Merkins x 10
Cherry Pickers x 15
LBAC x 15
Air Presses x 15
Dry Dock, Carolina Style x 10

First Round:

DORA –  50 Dips, 100 LBCs, 150 Squats while 1 or 2 PAX runs around traffic circle

Playlist – Comprised of the Cheesiest Tunes from 80’s Training Montages (It was Cheese Whiz x 10, my friends)

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor [Rocky III]
Theme from Rocky – Bill Conte [Rocky . . . duh]
Far from Over – Frank Stallone [Staying Alive as well as from one of the classic SNL skits from the 80’s about male synchronized swimmers:

The Final Countdown – Europe [just ’cause]
Burning Heart – Survivor [Rocky IV]
You’re the Best – Joe “Bean” Esposito [The Karate Kid]
No Easy Way Out – Robert Tepper [Rocky IV]

Second Round (PA):

  • Pull-Up Reverse Pyramid – 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1
  • An attempt to do pull-up hold at top, but some HIM (cough, cough . . .me) failed that one miserably.
  • Jacob’s Ladder – Bernie Sanders up the back driveway to main lot, clerkins at the top, run back to bottom increasing reps to 7

[10 burpee penalty as shovel flag had fallen over]
Alabama Prom Dates x 20
Right and Left sided Leg Lifts x 20


  • Tonight:  Need any last Ironclad F2 or F3 credits (or not, the fellowship is still good for you)?  Meet us at Edley’s in Sylvan Park at 2000 for beers and some Q Source.
  • Warpath 4-13-2019 in Franklin
  • Gauntlet 5-4-2019 with Nolensville HIM
  • T-shirt order for F3 Nashville open now.  Ironclad and Revised Scorpion to come soon.

Thanks to PA for creating Ironclad and pushing us to be better.  Has been hard work but definitely see the benefits — more comfortable being Q, stronger, can now tolerate some running, glad to have tried out new AOs and met more HIM.  Highly recommend doing it next go around if you weren’t able to this time.


Dora 1,1,2,3

March 27, 2019

Gloom: crisp clear and above freezing

PAX: Badboy, Crablegs, Davinci, Harveyupdyke, Panhandle, Parksandrec, Porcelain, Princessaurora, Reveille, Vector

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around/ through the park, good mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, lil baby arm circles, air presses, etc…

Work: Dora 1,1,2,3: One PAX bear crawled/lunged to the community center then jogged back to swap with working PAX. Work:

      • 100 Pullups
      • 100 Merkins
      • 200 lil baby crunches
      • 300 Squats

Mary: After work we hit the soft mulch of the playground for Mary. Work included American hammers, heel tags, leg raises etc…

COT: We early wrapped for an important message led by Porcelain concerning the serious issues surrounding depression and the effects it has on us as men as well as the people we love and care for. Several brave PAX had the courage to share and open up on some personal experience with these challenges. It was a great opportunity to remind everyone that we are here for one another and to of course reach out to any one of us anytime.

I couldn’t be more impressed with you all and it is always my pleasure to lead you!


YHC Crawlspace



Def: Unusual competence in discernment or perception: intelligent foresight


Def: Worth in usefulness to the possessor: utility or merit. A principle, standard or quality considered worthwhile or desirable.  

I felt as if I was walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial

Sir Winston Churchill

My premise is that a true leader is defined by how he handles and comes through disruption.  This disruption leads to clarity, the true leader now has a context for living out his life.  Through this context a True Leader’s Vision now becomes crystallized in such a way that he can add long term Value to his wife, his family, his community, his world and his legacy.  

Lately I have been reading authors like John Eldredge, Pat Lencioni Tommy Newberry and Michael Gerber.  While they don’t articulate the D2C2V like I have, they all are in unison on the concept of Vision. Think about the above definition “unusual competence”, “intelligent foresight” if you have no context how can you have any Vision for the future?

How does an unusual competence or intelligent foresight relate to a Vision for you life?  It starts with being unusual, it is not the norm, not something that the donut makers, clock watchers and the “here for the party” guys understand.  Being unusual in a usual world is what F3 is all about…0530, the Gloom, CSAUP, leading others for free. To reinvigorate male leadership into our communities it takes being unusual.  

Competence is defined as the state or quality of being adequately or well qualified…a specific range of skill, knowledge or ability.  Now if we are all accelerating on a daily basis our level of competency will improve and we will become those HIM that are unusually competent. It is by competence that we have the courage and the wherewithal to take on tasks that are visionary, that have something bigger than today attached to them.  

Intelligent foresight is a phrase that I think best describes Vision.  Anyone can have the foresight to know certain things from time to time, hell a broken clock is right twice a day.  What does it look like to be intelligent in your vision for the future? It is a unique understanding of where you came from (Disruption), where you are going (Clarity), and how you will get there (Context).  The Vision and the Value add are the target and the legacy respectively.

Let’s take a look at a couple of HIM that have cast a Vision that will harvest long term Value.  

Above all else, a warrior has a vision, he has a transcendance to his life, a cause greater than self preservation.

John Eldredge

If you have ever been around Red Skull you would be hard pressed to argue that he doesn’t have a Vision for his life that adds long term Value to those around him.  For the uninitiated, Red Skull came to F3 via an EH from Toga. Red Skull runs an organization here in town called 413 Strong where we hold our AO The Stronghold.  This is the Vision for 413 and the Vision Red Skull has for his life: Our vision is to create a path to legitimacy, independence and self-sufficiency for men who are looking to radically improve their lives.  

Red Skull and his partners sold their company several years ago and was subsequently introduced to 413 Strong.  Sure, as a successful suit, Red Skull could have opted for another company to grow, build and sell; he could have sold his consulting services to the highest bidder; heck he could have been a mentor at the EC downtown.  Instead, Red Skull had a Vision to change the trajectory of men’s lives who for whatever reason had the cards stacked against them.

Red Skull’s Vision for changing lives, making communities better and instilling a walk of faith in men sounds very similar to what DREDD and OBT started that all of us have bought into.  

How does Red Skull’s Vision create Value?  Take a look at the success stories on their website, ask the employers that have put his guys to work, ask the families of the 413 guys, ask Isiah.  

We all have a Vision in our inmost being.  That Vision needs to be crystallized in order to be shared so that it can add long term Value to those around us.  Ask Red Skull how he came up with his Vision, I am sure he would love to share.

One of the other PAX that I learned True Leadership from through the concept of Vision and Value is Umbrella.  Umbrella was EH’d by DREDD and OBT through the Art of Manliness podcast after having recently moved to Brentwood from Kentucky.  Ya’ll may know him as the AOQ for The Racetrack, I have also come to know him as a HIM with a Vision that all of us can aspire to and as a HIM that is creating long term Value for those around him.  

Looking through Umbrella’s Twitter bio, you see a lot of the usual…Husband, Dad, Insurance Broker, F3er.  If you observe his life you would see him as a Mentor, a Philanthropist, a Connector, a Leader. I had the good fortune to spend the weekend with Umbrella and his boys last summer at F3 Dads camp sponsored by F3 Birmingham.  With the exception of Insurance Broker, I saw him exhibit all of the other ways I describe him.  

Back in Middle Tennessee I can also see the Vision that Umbrella has cast for his life as he mentors the men in his office.  Also, as you may have experienced, Umbrella is one of the most vocal PAX petitioning for the importance of the 2nd and 3rd Fs of F3.  Umbrella is a member of a business owner’s group here in town, C12, that has a mission of sharing Jesus with their employees, their vendors and their customers through their work.  

How does Umbrella pick up the mantle of Philanthropist?  Again, don’t ask him, take a look at his Twitter feed and look at all the things the company he leads, VMI, is involved in that are focused on making families whole and on the betterment of our community.  Men of Valor, Nashville Rescue Mission, 2nd Harvest, United Way, Catholic Diocese of Middle Tennessee and the list goes on.

The greatest example of Umbrella’s true leadership through his Vision creating long term Value comes from a tweet he posted on 3 October 2018; it is a letter from one of his boys telling people who his dad is.  A True Leader exhibits Vision creating Value in such a way that those around him are impacted and leaves a palpable legacy behind.  

The two greatest days of a man’s life are the day he was born and the day he realizes why.

Mark Twain

As I reflect upon what I have learned about leadership through the Vision creating Value concept I am quick to realize that our actions, our intentions and our investments speak much louder that our words about them.  So, as you think through and ponder what your Vision is and how that will instill long term Value, listen to your heart, to what has been written on your soul by your maker and then follow that still small voice.

Parting shot:

I leave you with a snapshot of my Vision statement which I argue creates long term Value as a point of future discussion and to ask you to hold me accountable for that which I am writing:

I love my Maker well by having an ongoing, interactive and vibrant relationship with Him.

I love my wife well by pursuing her while at the same time dying to myself.

I love my children well as an encourager, pointing them to Jesus and being the chief repenter in our family.

I love my friends well by drawing out their best, helping them articulate their why and accelerating to their articulated purpose.

I love my community well by being part of a movement to reinvigorate male leadership in that community.  

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Teddy Roosevelt


Cinder blocks and tennis balls…(Scorpion prep)

March 20, 2019

Gloom: crisp / low wind

PAX: Apgar, Badboy, Brotheratlaw, Ccr, Crablegs, Cunninglinguist, Floppydisk, Harveyupdyke, Hiviz, Princessaurora, Porcelain, Pumpkinspice, Reveille, Rightsaid, Rocketleague, Studio42, Trapperkeeper

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around/ through the park – Willie Mays Hayes, circles, good mornings, side straddle hops, squats, etc…

Work: teams of 3 PAX each rotated taking turns between bearcrawl+throwing cinders blocks (while traveling towards Parthenon), burpees+lunges (next to block man) and running to the Parthenon and back to the block man. (all this from mid field parking lot)

FUN: tennis ball tag in the parking field  – three PAX were “it”, everyone else ran! 15 side straddle hops if you were tagged or hit with a tennis ball. If you threw and missed: 30 side straddle hops. After 3 tags you pass the ball.

Mary: After some fun we hit the dirt for some pass the buck ab work.

COT: Everyone is getting excited for the Scorpion this Saturday!



28 March 2019 413 Strong Class 017 Launch The Weight v Wait Q

Temp: 50
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Baby, Fabreeze, Legally Blonde, Play Station, Sir Topham Hat, Paw Patrol, Lil Jon, Dub, Lank,  3 Stacks, Shak, Mitch, Dreads, Brother at Law, CCR, Red Skull, Porcelain, Princess Aurora, Toga, Bad Boy, Pop a Lock, Hot N Ready, Khakis (FNG), Bagger Vance

YHC rolled in around 0500 to do some Pre Yoga and such and noticed Red Skull frantically getting the mud ready.  Apparently, the auto start hadn’t been affected by the time change yet and needed some attention.  The 413 guys slowly started making there way out to the smoking lounge, er picnic tables as YHC, Porcelain et al regaled them with tales of pain.

0530 Time to Circle up for Disclaimer and the beginning to what would be a Primer on the Weight v Wait homonym of a Q.

As we circled up YHC called out 8 Count Body Builders to start so the explanation of the W v. W concept could be laid out.  Twist was that the “wait” on the 8 Count Body Builders was at #3, the down portion of the Merkin.  That got pretty old, pretty quick and the weight of our bodies soon set in.  Nevertheless, we pushed through to 13, grabbed both shovel flags and headed out.

Partner Up one F3er w one 413er and we’re off.  Mosey’d it about .20 miles out from the StartEx and circled up across from the STEM graffiti wall for


SSH x 13, Imperial Walkers x 13, Hillbillies x 13, Squats x 13 (proper from was shown and expected), Merkins x 13 (see Squats) all IC


Dirty McDuece w a twist…we did some stuff IC

Run .25 M from WOR to Plant Shovel Flag II.  Circle up for the following:

Merkins SGL Count x 12

Squats SGL Count x 12

Supine Thrusters x 12

Run as a group back to SF I

Carolina Dry Docks x 12

Squat Jumps x 12

Flutter Kicks x 12 IC

Run as a group to SF II

Burpees SGL Count x 12

Lunges DBL Count x 12

Beast R/L x 12 IC

Run as a group back to SF I

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 12 IC

Apollo Ono x 12

Ola Binary x 12 IC (if at all possible, make awkward eye contact)

PAX break off in to two groups for a Partner IR…YHC wasn’t clear on the turning point so Bad Boy’s group went for a bit longer IR…that was ok because YHCs group got to work on their Plank Progression.

We had just enough time at the end for a Primer on the MARSOC Short Card…found a way to get the military in this one after all.

RI 30 Merkins, 30 LBCs, 10 Burpees, 10 Chain Breakers IC

RII 30 Merkins, 30 Flutter Kix IC, 10 Burpees, 10 Cherry Pickers


NMM: YHC must admit, that wasn’t as much of a Woggler as YHC had intended but it probably was a good intro into F3 for the 413 guys.  I really love the Weight v Wait idea and think it works well not just when we are with the 413 guys but in our everyday.  Paul talks about it in his second letter to the Corinthians, as the “seen v the unseen”.  Anyway, great work this AM and YHC looks forward to many more bruisers at The Stronghold with the HIM in training.

BH: 12th Man lunch tomorrow.  $20 at Richland CC.  We are in a different room tomorrow so just be sure to have Situational Awareness.

East Side looking to get an AO up and running.  Hit up Bro @ Law for details but be aware, it is still early in the gestation period.

Three more days for IronClad Double Glove edition, if you are like YHC probably a good time to start tallying your posts and such.




Fibonacci Sequence of Pain

Image result for fibonacci spiral galaxy

Glorious morning for a workout and 12 PAX greeted the early morning gloom ready to get some.

QIC: BoyBand

PAX: Black lung, Moneyshot, Prevac, Calf killer, Big Stick, Sterno, FTTAL, Dr. Smartt, Lumberg, Venus, and Too Tall

We started with a quick mosey to the track that was followed by.

Mary: BURPEE APOCALYPSE: 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 -5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

WOR: Quick set of Good mornings, willie mays, and baby arm circles forwards and backwards


To the track for some Fibonacci greatness.  We ran laps around the track. At each half way point (apex of the curve). At each stop, we performed Squats, Merkins, 4ct Flutter kicks, and Supermans. Reps for each exercise in the set were increased at each stop following the Fibonacci sequence. (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55).

We stopped at 55 to make room for a quick competition.  In all we ran about 1.5 miles.

Competition: Partner 100m wheelbarrow dash (50m Each) – won by YHC and Sterno….

Return 100m as a lunge walk.

Quick hustle back to the parking lot for…

MINI BURPEE APOCALYPSE: 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1


Thanks for letting me lead again. This was a tougher workout than it sounds and the increasing rep count really gets to you by the end. Especially difficulty if you’re black lung and double the flutter kicks for each round! #absofsteel

3/28/19 – Fire Sale at the Pound

Image result for fire sale

Pre-Party: 3rd Degree, Barney Fievel, Playboy, Stats, Altidore, and Typo+. Sorry if I missed anyone!

5 pull ups, 10 merkins, and 15 squats on the minute for 10 minutes.

Conditions: 46 and partly cloudy. Something sinister in the air…

20 PAX might be a little sore, including: Old Hickory, Nimbus 1500, Stats, Inspector Gadget, Playboy, Ragdoll, Road Rash, TV Guide, Hushpuppy, MicDrop, Creeper, Nacho Libre, Wolverine, Altidore, Show Me, 3rd Degree, Typo+, Bottlecap, Netflix, and Barney Fievel (QiC).


Warm up:

20 seconds of GM OYO, Tempo SSH IC (10 normal, 10 slow, 10 fast), 15 Imperial Walkers IC, and 1 Al Gore.

Fire Sale!! Quick, run over to that beautiful black truck and grab yourself a coupon (20 pounds)! The PAX got themselves a little BOGO action and earned twice as much out of their workout this morning.

Thang 1: Hair Burning 4-Square

PAX number off into 4’s and perform the assigned exercise and number of reps that corresponded to their number (below). PAX then rotated to the next station via hair burners (bear crawl with coupon).

1’s – 10 Blockees

2’s – 20 Ginuwine’s. With coupon in hand, PAX perform dance move from “Pony” by Ginuwine. This involves dropping into the athletic stance while popping the coupon out in front of your chest. Next, show her that you have what she needs by gyrating the stone from right to left like a steering wheel, then coming back up into a standing position while bringing the coupon back to your chest.

3’s – 30 American Hammers with coupons (needs a cool name, Mjölnir was the name of Thor’s hammer?!).

4’s – 40 S2S Merkins. Perform a merkin with one hand on your coupon. Alternate sides after every merkin.

Thang 2: Mini-Cooper (3 laps or 1 mile)

10 reps of each of the following exercises performed with coupons between laps.

  • Blockees – Burpees with coupons.
  • Baryshnikov Squats – Legs rotated out to the sides, hips opened, heels raised, then squat.
  • Close Grip Merkins – Merkin with both hands on the coupon.


Mary got a little frisky this morning. Alabama prom dates, scissor kicks, and slutter kicks.


“For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done.”

Matthew 16:27

Post Party: There was a whole bunch of you in the post-party and I was deep in the Fog of War at this point. Whoever we were, we performed 15 each: derkins, erkins, copenhagens, and box jumps.

  • Continue to keep Soccer Mom and Gaylord Focker in your prayers.
  • 2nd F Lunch Event at some country club tomorrow (3/29). Message Old Hickory or Altidore for more info.
  • 3rd F get together at Typo+’s house April 2nd. More details to come from Typo on Slack.
  • CSAUP – The Gauntlet is F3 Nolensville’s first completely stupid and utterly pointless event!
    • May 4th 0500-0730ish
    • Start and End at Nolensville High School
    • 5, 20-minute AOs and 8ish miles.
    • Tons of laughs, fellowship and a great workout!

-BF Out-

Atlantis 3-28-2019: Under the Sea

7 HIM came out into the beautiful gloom to make themselves better and to launch the first Q under the AOs new name – gents, let’s get ready to go “under the sea!”

PAX:  Crablegs, Crawlspace (LIFO), en fuego, Lunch Lady, Right Said, Trapper Keeper, Vector (QIC)

Conditions:   52 degrees, perfect

Mosey around the fields to the lower parking lot for the

Warm-o-rama:  WMH x 10,  Good Mornings OYO x 10, LBAC x 15, RLBAC x 15,  SSH x 20.

First Round:
Mosey up to playground where the main event was held.  In honor of the new name, the PAX performed a pyramid of exercises spelling out the new name.  Between each exercise, a friendly jaunt around the Bob Ross Memorial Water Tank:

American Hammers x 25
The Merkin x 50
Little Baby Crunches x 75
Air Presses x 100
Normal Squats x 100
Thigh Masters x 75
Irkins x 50
Steve Irwins x 25

Playlist:  (As an aside, do you know how hard it is to find moderately paced, ocean/sea/water themed catchy yet cheesy tunes?  I should get Ironclad credit for that alone, my friends . . .  but I digress)

Octopus’s Garden – The Beatles
Barracuda – Heart
The Tide is High – Blondie
Under the Sea – Samuel Wright (Yes,  that would be The Little Mermaid song)
Flood – Jars of Clay
Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) – Looking Glass
Cake by the Ocean – DNCE
Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads
Take Me to the River – Annie Lennox
Under the Sea – Squirrel Nut Zippers

Second Round:  2 sets of DIDs — 20-15-10 in the Pizza Hut Pavilion

Mary:  A variety of fun including Flutter Kicks, Alabama Prom Dates, WWIs, LBCs, Alphabet, Boxcutters, Hello Dolly’s


  • Fri 3/29, 12th Man Leadership Lunch with retired US Army Ranger, John Belman.  11:30 at Richland Country Club. Link to RSVP. See more details on the Slack #leadership channel or contact Bagger Vance.
  • Thanks to all who participated in yesterday’s #F3MentalBattle – reminded the PAX that we need to talk openly about these issues every day, so please continue to support one another.
  • Prayers for a friend of Lunch Lady and myself who’s newborn had to be admitted for jaundice.

Was an honor to lead you men this morning. SYITG,


Just a little walk around the track…

17 PAX in Attendance : Wolverine, Numb Tucks, Nacho Libre, Mic Drop, Inspector Gadget, ShowMe, Creeper, Barney Fivel, Nimbus 1500, Sterno, Tebow, Stats, Staples, Altidore, Netflix, TVG, and YHC Kermit on Q.

Pre-party…. @ The Pavillion

Host –  Numb Tucks

Attendees – Stats, Creeper, Staples, and YHC KermiT.

Dips – Derks – iMerks  On the minute 20/15/15 dropping to 15/10/10 at round 5

Medic –

HipHop Tabata with a little festival  EDM and a few others tunes that have already been forgotten.

5:30a.m. starts with a quick intro and the fine print details.

WarmUps :

SSH’s IC 19x

BAC’s IC 14x (Makin’em Big @ 7’s)

GM’s / OYO

Thang #1

1 Round of Tabata (4 Minutes)

1 – Side Plank Hip Dips Left

2 – Side Plank Hip Dips Right

3 – Side Plank Leg Lift Left

4 – Side Plank Left Lift Right

Thang #2

Indian Duck Walk (Around the track 1/3 mile)

PAX line up and proceed to Duck Walk. Last PAX drops for an easy 5 Burpees. Then Mosey’s to front of line. Each PAX at the end of the line follows suit.

(Modify as necessary with lunges)

(If a PAX needs to peel off there’s a 10 Squat penalty)

Speed Bump A – Flutter Kicks IC 20x

Speed Bump B – WWI 20x

Speed Bump C – Sasquat 20x

Speed Bump D – Shoulder Touches IC 20x

Thang #3

In honor of NumbTucks pre-party we decided to repeat with a few variations.




Thang #4

PAX circle up at the lot for a few final rounds of:

American Hammers


Flutter Kicks

…..and there may have been a couple other exercises…. things got a little off the cuff at that point, Q was just trying to fill a few minutes of last minute burn.

Post Party – not 100% on this piece, I know Sterno and Stats got in on this plus about 3-5 other committed PAX and it ended up being around 50 Burpees… cuz that what they do…

Other News-

CSAUP (Gauntlet) May 4th be prepared to get down for the get down. Check slack and Twitter for details.

  • 3rd F opportunity:

Continually lifting up our brother Soccer Mom in his fight in spreading the Kingdom in Africa.

Pease continue to lift up Gaylord Focker and his family whom are walking through difficult times with his mom.

  • 2nd F opportunity:

Believe that Typo + may have a little get together at his spot on April 2nd

Thanks to everyone for their commitment to the process and putting up with my lack of lingo. Big ups to Numb Tucks coming off IR and gettin back at it (I expected nothing less). It’s great to see new PAX Wolverine and Nacho Libre being bold and being involved. And lastly it’s great to see men being built up and made stronger and faster, physically, mentally, and most of all spiritually.

Peace out!