Hillympics final group challenge

A chilly 24 degrees this morning – feels at least 5 degrees lower when at The Hill though, amirite.

PAX: Boy Band, Too Tall, Big Stick, Hot N Ready, Yard Sale, Money Shot, Frugal, Pop-A-Lock, Red Skull, Tampa Libra, Prevac, Black Lung.

Warmups with SSH, Good Mornings, WMH, and Hillbillies. Passed out a paper to each team with a verse from the Bible (NIV, even though Too Tall requested The Message). Instructions were given to memorize your team verse, although many folks proclaim they did not hear said instructions. No worries, everyone nailed it and points given freely!

Frugal “lost the keys” so sled sprints were nixed. No worries, head to the playground hill where instructions were given for 10 situp+glute bridges, backpedal up the hill, five 8-count bodybuilders – AMRAP for 6 minutes. I said instructions were given, doesn’t mean they were necessarily followed.

Hit the weight room where each member had 5 minutes to warm up to their personal 5 rep max with goblet squats. An impressive display of strength gents!

Next, grab a jump rope and 25lb plate and head to the Tampa-theatre (TM).

One member does weighted merkins to failure while the others jump rope. Count each rotation, subtract 5 for each trip. Points for both jump ropes and merkins.

Each team grabs a 20 and 10lb med ball for Spartans. Team White graciously loaned Black Lung to Team Blue to allow even the numbers. Each two-person team races to 100 total reps, so again there were two chances to win points here.

No time for deadlifts (sorry BadBoy), clean up, hit the parking lot to recite the memorized verse, count off, and prayer. YHC almost overlooked the count off and was firmly put in his place.

All 3 teams nailed their verse, pasted below for reference. All 3 verses touch on the heart. YHC has been convicted this week that the enemy is real and there is a literal war taking place on the battlefield of your heart. YHC encourages you all to focus on your heart this week, protect it, point it towards the Kingdom, and when the battles wear on you remember that we can lean on the Father to stand and fight with us.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.
Psalm 27:3

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD
Psalm 19:14

1/3/19 Winter Hillympics Week 5

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Money Shot, Pop-A-Lock, Black Lung, Venus, Cathy, Lifechamp, Red Skull, Hot N Ready, Razorback, Tampa Libra, Yard Sale, FNG Toto, Too Tall, Prevac

15 came out to compete in Week 5 of the Winter Hillympics.  It was 42 degrees, but felt colder than that.  Here’s what happened:

Disclaimer, broke into our teams (Red, White and Blue), then mosey to the amphitheater.


SSH x 15, GM x 15, WMH x 15, FBAC x 15, RBAC x 15, Overhead Claps x 15, Seal Claps x 15, Squats x 15

Competition #1: Amphitheater Jumps

  • First team to complete 50 sets of AJs.  Only one person could jump at a time (one set is all 5 jumps to the top).  One person from each team also had to be running the quad loop.  All others were wall sitting and waiting.
    • 1st: White (2 pts)
    • 2nd: Red (1 pt)
    • 3rd: Blue

After that, went to get one set of 55lb. weights per team from the weight room then moseyed out front to the library loop.

Competition #2: Leap Frog and Deadlift

  • Team leap frog to the end of the island/first cone (about 65 meters) then sprint back and each person had to do 10 reps of dumbbell deadlift.
    • 1st: Blue (2 pts)
    • 2nd: White (1 pt)
    • 3rd: Red

Competition #3: Sprint Shuttle and Shrugs

  • One person from each team would sprint to the first cone and do 5 dumbbell shrugs then backpedal back to the start.  Then, the same person would sprint to the 2nd cone (about 130 meters) and back, stopping for 5 dumbbell shrugs speed bump both ways.  Rinse and repeat until whole team had gone once.  All others were rotating between merkins, squats, and abs OYO.
    • 1st: White (2 pts)
    • 2nd: Blue (1 pt)
    • 3rd: Red

Returned weights then mosey up to the top lot for 10 burpees then COT.

All teams received a point for attendance.  White team got an additional point for the flag.  Red team got a point because they’re so far behind (and brought an FNG).

Here’s the points awarded for the week:

White: 7, Blue: 4, Red: 3

Point Total Heading Into Final Week of Team Competition:

1st: White – 38

2nd: Blue – 33

3rd: Red – 25

12/27/18 Winter Hillympics led by Red Skull

Hillympics Week 4: Field Work

4 PAX showed up for some post-Christmas Hillympics. The thermometer claimed 50 degrees, but the 20 MPH winds and light drizzle made the 50 feel a lot more like 30, at least until we started.

PAX: Hot ‘n Ready, Old Hickory, Turncoat (Willy Loman) and YHC Red Skull.

We started with a mosey to the east end of the football field and circled up for WOR. During WOR it was decided that points would be awarded before we started working out. The points were awarded as follows:

  • White Team: 2 points (1 for attendance, 1 for flag)
  • Red Team: 1 point (for attendance)
  • Blue Team: 0 points

WOR: SSH, Good Mornings, Baby Arm Circles forwards and backwards, Air Press, Windmills, Hillbilly Walkers and Squats.

Thang: We spent the rest of the time on the football field working our way from end zone to end zone with some fun exercises added in just for fun.

On a 2:00 minute interval:

  1. Sprint to the end of the field and finish the interval with as many World War IIs as possible.
  2. Bear Crawl to the 50-yard line and finish the interval with as many Merkins as possible.
  3. Lunge from the 50 to the end zone and finish the interval with as many deep squats as possible.

Increased the interval to 3:00 minutes and worked backwards:

  1. Back Pedal to the length of the field and finish interval with as many WWII’s as possible
  2. Crawl Bear to the 50-yard line and finish the interval with as many Merkins as possible
  3. Reverse Lunge from the 50 to the end zone and finish the interval with as many deep squats as possible

Back to a 2:00 minute interval:

  1. Power Skip 100 yards and finish the interval with as many burpees as possible.
  2. Crab Walk to the 50-yard line and finish the interval with American Hammers.
  3. 10-yard Suicides from the 50 to the end zone, plank for the remainder of the interval.
  4. Grab a partner and Wheel Barrell to the 50, switch and finish the final 50.

Slow mosey back to the parking lot for COT.

Total Points for the week:       White: 2          Blue: 0             Red: 1

4-week total:                           White: 31        Blue 30            Red 23

Hillympics Week 3: Track and Field

16 PAX arrived for a track and field based Hillympics. A cool drizzle added to the gloom factor and would play a nice roll in adding some weight to the burpees and merkins for the day.

QICs: Black Lung and Boy Band

PAX: Venus, Life champ, Prevac, Tampa libra, Razorback, Ludwig, Bad Boy, Toga, Red Skull, Frugal McDoogal, White Russian, Too tall, Moneyshot, Hot n’ Ready

We started with a mosey to the track followed by 1 lap around the track and then circled up for WOR. Wanted to get a little loose before the running that was coming.

WOR: Good mornings, Willie Mays,  Toe Touches, Low and Slow Squats, Baby Arm circles forwards and back, and overhead claps.

Thang: Track and Field day

The workout was designed to highlight speed and strength in a mix of alternating skill team events.

Event 1: 800m race: All PAX together, scored by sum of position at the finish  1)White 2)Red 3)Blue.  White team with a dominant performance, though they later would find that they had started too strong.

Event 2: Hand-stand-off: All pax perform a handstand, longest time wins 1)Red 2)Blue 3)White.  Props to TooTall for going into trance mode and defeating White Russian for the final spot. Moneyshot gave them a good fight for the white team.

Event 3: 8x100m relay (with hand release merkins while waiting for your teamate, scored x2 once for team placement and once for average number merkins per PAX).  Race: 1)White 2)Red 3)Blue  Merkins: 1)Blue 2)Red 3)White.

Event 4: Burpees x 2 min: Avg. per pax. 1)Blue 2)White 3)Red. Good form with chest to ground was the expectation. On a wet and cold day, this added about 5lbs per PAX and after 2 min of Merkins these became quite difficulty. I was impressed by the good form by all PAX involved.

Event 5:  400m Team Partner carry (at least 1 pax must be carried the whole 400m). 1) White 2)Blue 3)Red. White and Blue team set a blistering pace early and left YHC in the dust.

Event 6: Team WWIIs first to team total of 50 x #PAX. 1)Blue 2)Red 3)White

Event 7: 400m Run: All pax running scored by sum of placements 1)Blue 2)Red 3)White  And after a great running start, the white team just gave out at the end. Winning the 800m and the 400m Partner carry lead to near last place finish for every PAX on the team….

Following this it was a very slow mosey back to the parking lot for COT. The site of PAX struggling to make the 200m journey back brings the satisfaction of a workout well planned.


Announcement: Trident on hold until 2019

Additional points: All teams were present at >75% participation 1 point each, all teams had a flag (if Tampa Libra can be believed, apparently he Hulked out on his and broke it in half….) 1 point each.

Total Points for the week:

Blue:12     White:9    Red:9

3 week total: Blue: 30, White: 29, Red: 22


Hillympics : New Military PT Test

Red – BoyBand, Yardsale, Hot N Ready, Life Champ, Too Tall 
White – Red Skull, Prevac, Money Shot, Frugal,  Black Lung
Blue – Razorback, White Russian,  Venus, (Q) Tampa Libra

We ran a revised version of the new Military PT Test slated to come out by 2020. Exercises and points as follows:

  1. Deadlifts with the trap bar @ 165lb, RDL’s with barbell @ 85lbs. Relay style with a 10 rep max per person before switching, cant move on to RDL’s without at least attempting 1 deadlift. 5-minute AMRAP, points awarded for total reps.
    Blue, Red, White
  2. Standing power throw: toss a 10-pound ball backwards over your head as far as possible.
    Blue, White, Red
  3. Hand Release Merkins – 3 minute max reps 
    White, Blue, Red
  4. Sprint relay. 25 yards down and back: Sprint, 40lb farmer carry, Side shuffle, sprint
    White, Red, Blue
  5. Knee-tucks. 3 minute max reps.Amazingly all teams finished with 66 reps so we finished up with a hang-off.
    White, Red, Blue

Todays point totals after the above + points for attendance, flag, and YES gifts.
Red: 7
White: 13
Blue:  12

Will post updated overall score on Slack. 

Winter Hillympics Week One

Week One of the Winter Hillympics is in the books!  See the end of the backblast for more details on scoring and some of the changes to this year’s competition.   It’s not too late to come out – join us next week!

Today, we broke into three teams and got work done in beautiful 27 degree weather.


Team Red – Yard Sale, Boy Band, Too Tall, Hot N Ready, Life Champ

Team White – Blood Clot, Umbrella, Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Black Lung, Prevac

Team Blue – Tampa Libra, White Russian, Venus, Bagger Vance

Here’s what happened:

Disclaimer then mosey down to the amphitheater for WOR:

SSH x 12, GM x 12, WMH x 12, FBAC x 12, RBAC x 12, Overhead Claps x 12, Shoulder Press x 12, Seal Claps x 12, Imperial Walkers x 12

We divided into our three teams and grabbed a barbell with weight (65lbs. total) and the battle ropes.

Competition One: Curls

  • First team to complete 200 curls wins.
  • Additional rule: someone had to be doing the battle rope at all times – if the ropes were dropped then that team would have a -10 rep penalty on their curls. The rest of the team was rotating between wall sits and abs.
  • 1st place (2 points) – White
  • 2nd place (1 point) – Blue
  • 3rd place – Red

Competition Two: Upright Rows

  • First team to complete 200 upright rows wins.
  • 1st place (2 points) – White
  • 2nd place (1 point) – Red
  • 3rd place – Blue

Competition Three: Shoulder Press

  • First team to complete 200 shoulder presses wins.
  • 1st place (2 points) – White
  • 2nd place (1 point) – Red
  • 3rd place – Blue

Competition Four: Squats

  • First team to complete 200 squats wins.
  • 1st place (2 points) – Blue
  • 2nd place (1 point) – Red
  • 3rd place – White

Competition Five: Battle Rope

  • One representative from each team would do the battle rope as long as possible.
  • 1st place (2 points) – Blue (Venus)
  • 2nd place (1 point) – Red (Yard Sale)
  • 3rd place – White (Frugal)

Return weights and then mosey to top lot for COT.


  • First Friday/Leadership Lunch tomorrow at Richland Country Club. Let Umbrella know TODAY if you’re in.
  • Bring a gift to next week’s workout to support YES. Check with Tampa Libra and slack for more details.  Hillympics points awarded.

Great job today and look forward to the second annual Winter Hillympics!

Till Next Time,

Frugal Macdoogal



Red – 5

White – 7

Blue – 6



The Winter Hillympics is a competition over the months of December and January to have fun, get better, and encourage attendance during the cold/bad weather time of the year.  After talking with some of the PAX, we’ve made one  big change this year – we’re going to have two separate competitions: Team and Individual. See below for those dates.  Here’s the point system and a few more bits of information:


  • Competitions:
    • 1st place: 2 points
    • 2nd place: 1 point
    • 3rd place: 0 points
  • Attendance (Team Competition):
    • 75% or more of your team in attendance: 1 point
    • At least 50% of your team and temperature below 20 degrees: 1 point
    • At least 50% of your team and constant rain: 1 point
    • 75% and temperature below 20 degrees: 2 points
    • 75% and constant rain: 2 points
    • At least 50% of your team and snow on the ground: 2 points
    • At least 50% of your team and temperature below 10 degrees: 2 points
    • 75% and snow on the ground: 3 points
    • 75% and temperature below 10 degrees: 3 points
  • Additional Points (Team Competition):
    • Shovel Flag:
      • 1 point per week if your team has a shovel flag.
    • YES Christmas Drive:
      • 1 point for each person who brings in a toy/item for the YES Christmas drive to the workout on December 13 (max of 5 points per team).

Other Details:

  • The Team Competition will run for six weeks until January 10. This competition will be between 3 teams (Red, White, and Blue).  PAX that were not at Week One will be placed on a team at their first post during the Hillympics.
  • On January 17, the Hill will converge at 413 Strong to support their new class.
  • The Individual Competition will run for two weeks on January 24 and 31 with a crowning of a Winter Hillympics champion.

Long Live The Hill – 11/29/2018

PAX: Venus, Red Skull, Too Tall, Frugal MacDoogal, Boy Band, Black Lung, Life Champ, Crablegs


Brief mosey to the football field followed by SSH, squats, LBAC (f/r) and some air presses.


We landed at the football field and enjoyed the amazing view from up there. The Thang consisted of a series of ladder type exercises using the goal line

Round 1: Run from goal line to the 10 and 1 burpee. Back to goal line and to the 20 for 2 burpees, repeat to the 50 for 5 burpees

Round 2: Repeat with 2,4,6,8 and 10 burpees on the same lines

Round 3a: Starting at the goal ilne, bearcrawl to the next numbered yard line and do that number of LBCs (10 at the 10, etc) until you get to the 50yd line where we rest with 50 squats.

3b: bearcrawl to the next numbered yardline and do that number of american hammers (40 at the 40, etc).

Round 4: Turning it around

Broad jump to a numbered yard line, do half (0.5) of that number of merkins

5 at the 10, up to 25 at the 50 and back down to 5. Many PAX had to modify this one, YHC with the most modification.

Round 5:

Lunge to a numbered yard line, do half (0.5) of that number of squats

5 at the 10, up to 25 at the 50 and back down to 5.


Box Cutters x 21

Alabama Prom Date x 20

JLo x 20

LBC x 20

Flutter Kicks x 20

Good Morning x 10


12/7 Leadership Luncheon as first Friday.  Richland Country Club at 11:30. Details on Slack.


Thanks to the men of #TheHill for their hospitality and allowing me to pay my debt from deleting the slack channel. All out there be sure to practice safe slack. I appreciated the warm welcome, hard work from the PAX and the great scenery in addition to the coffee from Frugal MacDoogal. Will hope to make it back another time soon.

11/1 Delayed BB

Here’s the delayed backblast from our work on November 1st at The Hill with Hermes from F3 Carpex on Q:

18 PAX: Hermes (QIC from F3 Carpex), Frugal Macdoogal, Black Lung, White Russian, Digiorno (F3 Louisville), Foley, Life Champ, Black Widow, Tiny Dancer, Strangler, Dilly Dilly, Yard Sale, Money Shot, Venus, Too Tall, Prevac, Bagger Vance, Squee

10 burpee penalty for not having a shovel flag. Mosey to the track with a stop by the American flag for the pledge of allegiance.

Break into groups of 4 for Indian runs.

Round One:

Run 400m Indian run then Squats IC x 39

20 burpee penalty for having two late arrivals.

Round Two:

Run 400m Indian run then LBCs IC x 39

Round Three:

Run 400m Indian run then Calf Raises x 39

Repeat Round x 3

Slow 400m mosey then mosey back to the lot.


10/25/18 The Strangler VQ

10/25/18 The Hill – Lost my Virgin Q

15 PAX took to The Hill: Frugal – Boy Band – Black Lung – Too Tall – Money Shot – Cinderella – Dilly Dilly – Floppy D – Blue Mule – Life Champ – Red Skull – Hot n Ready – Cowboy – Squee – Strangler


Mosey – 10 Good Mornings – 12 Imperial Walkers – 12 Baby Arm Circles – Reverse – 12 Air Press –– 25 SSH

Count off 1’s and 2’s 1’s to your left. 2’s to your right.

Thang 1 – Merkin and Squat Variations
– 1’s starts with Upper Body 2’s Lower Body – Switch. Start each new sequence together.

  • Merkins – 10/Squat – 10
  • Hand Release Merkins – 10/Squat Jumps
  • Fingertip Merkins – 10/Split Leg Jumps – 20
  • Derkins – 10/Squat – 10
  • Irkins – 10/Squat Jumps – 10
  • Merkins – 10/Split Leg Jumps – 20
  • Diamond Merkins – 10/Squat – 10
  • Derkins – 10/Squat Jumps – 10
  • Hand Release Merkins – 10/Split Leg Jumps – 20
  • “Perfect” Merkins – 10/Squat – 10
  • Dips – 20/Flutter Kick
  • Dips – 20/Flutter Kick

Thang 2 –Football Field Workout– Start in the endzone – Partner 1 starts – Partner 2 starts when 1 gets to the 20 yd line.

  • 20 mountain climbers – Lunge (to the 10 yd line) – Bear Crawl (to the 20) – crab walk (to the 30) – Inchworm
    Merkins (to the 40) – Broad Jump (to the 50) then run to the opposite endzone.
  • Rinse and repeat
  • 20 mountain climbers – Pivot Squats (to the 10) – Bear Crawl (to the 20) – Crab Walk (to the 30) – Opposite hand and opposite foot hops (to the 40) – Switch hand and foot (to the 50) – run to the opposite endzone
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • Partner wheel barrel (to the 10) – switch (to the 20) – Partner Carry (to the 40) – switch (to the 60) – Run to the opposite endzone
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Partner wheel barrel (to the 10) – switch (to the 20) – Partner Carry (to the 40) – switch (to the 60) – Run to the opposite endzone
  • Rinse and repeat

Thang 3 – Time Wasters

  • Flutter kicks (40) – 10 Spider Merkins – Plank – side plank – switch – plank
  • Stretch

Thank you all for coming out and letting me serve,
-The (Scranton) Strangler

Turn your head and cough (Frugal’s Paroxysmal)

Temp: 46ish

Foxtrot, Little Stick (FNG), Money Shot, Floppy Disk, squee, strangler, foxtrot, redskull, yard sale, venus, big stick, white russian, spackler, Bagger Vance
QIC: Bagger Vance

Mosey down to Amphitheater


To the Weight Room
PII 25 Pull Ups
PI Grab WB and Jump Rope

Two Rounds –
25 Wall Ball Shots
Jump Rope
Flap Jack
25 WWIs
Run Loop
Flap Jack
25 Burpees w Ball
Jump Rope
Flap Jack
25 American Hammers (2 ct)
Run Loop (PII Return Gear)
Flap Jack (PI 25 Pull Ups)

Plank Progression for the 6
Shuttle Run Football Field
PI Shuttle Run 10,20,30,40,50
PII Flutter Kix
Flap Jack
Reverse Thrusters for the 6
Partner IR around football field

Flutter Kix x 13 IC
Squats x 13 IC
5 Power Merkins


NMM: Good turn out this AM in spite of a little nip in the air and Fall Break plans.
Disclaimer at 0529:35 and off we went. Foxtrot and YHC were concerned that Frugal was not going to make it due to the whooping cough he was rocking. A quick look over the PAX indicated no Of Counsel and no Doc. We carried on nonetheless.
Bigstick had to break free mid session to drop a heater which gave way to FNG Little Stick. Foxtrot kept thinking Little Stick was Big Stick ergo the new handle.
T Claps to the PAX for enduring YHCs music fail at the start and for the shouting of instructions throughout the EVO.
Money Shot showed his wheels as he edged out Big Stick in the shuttle run.

Shirt order open until midnight. Price ranges from $20-40 depending upon style and material.
Venus on Q for F3 Top Golf, hit him up for details.

Don’t forget your Adventure, Battle and Beauty.