Ironclad: Double Glove Edition


After a successful summer Ironclad that saw many men launch themselves headlong into accelerating and invigorating their own lives and the lives of those in their communities, the beginning of the New Year marks the perfect time to carry this over through the cold, uncomfortable winter. Oh! that glorious winter! A time when most would be quick to let a little temperature drop or some frozen precipitation keep them in bed, but also a time when those of the Ironclad ilk choose to face, and, quite possibly, enjoy the challenge a little cool weather brings. Thus, I present to you Ironclad: Double Glove Edition.

Should you choose to accept the challenge, between Jan 1, 2019 – Mar 31, 2019, you must complete the following:

 1st F – The Magnet – Improve your Fitness

  • Post 40 times (avg. 3/week), five of which must be in temps below 32 degrees.
  • Post five times at “AwayOs” (workouts you don’t normally attend)
  • Q three times (once/month)

2nd F – The Glue – Strengthen your Fellowship

  • Attend at least three 2nd F events (lunches, happy hours, etc.)
  • Attend eight coffeeterias (or stick around in the case of tailgate coffeeteria)
  • Bring one FNG or Kotter (3 bonus posts awarded for any of the following: My Cousin Vinnie, Ray Finkle, 5 Star).

3rd F – The Dynamite - Make an Impact

  • Participate in two 3rd F opportunities. This can be a study of religious text, going through Q Source, community service, or some other opportunity that involves thinking outside of your own interests.
  • Read one book on leadership (>200 pages) or Freed to Lead.

Additionally, you must complete one CSAUP in the 13-week period. This can be a 5K, triathlon, Spartan race, GORUCK challenge, etc. Alternatively, you can complete one “Polar Plunge,” i.e., full submersion in a body of water outdoors (in Greater Nashville only). The Nashville leadership team will organize an opportunity to plunge as a group, but any plunge counts.


For successful completion of all requirements of the 2019 Ironclad: Double Glove Edition, you will be eligible to purchase a custom Ironclad shirt* to show off at your next workout.

*Subject to minimum order requirement of 12. Price will be in the range of $24-27 and likely coincide with a spring F3 Nashville shirt order if you want to combine shipping with other items


Submit this form by 11:59 CST on 1/7/2019.


  • YHC along with F3 Nashville’s Weasel Shaker, T-Cell,  will be tracking participation with the help of 1st F Q  Bagger Vance. 2nd and 3rd F will be on the honor system, and you are responsible for updating your standings on the “Ironclad DG19” tab of the Q Signup Sheet.
  • Participation in regularly scheduled workouts will be tracked through the Stats form filled out by either the Workout Q or AOQ (mandatory). Additionally, if you Q a workout, it is your responsibility to post a backblast, ideally within 24 hours. If you need access to post, contact our COMZ Q, Hambone.
    • Solo Q’s for the Willy Lomans among us count toward your overall post total but do not count toward your AwayO total. Posting at other regions’ AOs do count toward AwayO total.
    • If you organize a Black Ops workout, Ruck opportunity, etc., that is not regularly scheduled, please fill out the Stats form using “Black Ops” as the AO and post a backblast to ensure everyone receives credit.
    • Rucking or running before a regular workout should be considered as one post for tracking purposes.
  • 2nd F will be handled with a list and/or photo of PAX in attendance posted to Slack.
  • I would encourage you all as grown men to use your best judgement if you have questions about what does and doesn’t count. However, I will be happy to answer questions as they arise. You know where to find me.

Looking forward to turning up the heat this winter!

PA out.

Audible @ the Forge (December 29th, 2018)

PAX: Stats, Staples, Altidore, Lil Miss Piggy, Show Me, Third Degree, Old Hickory, Jinxy Cat, Gaylord Focker, Creeper, & Sterno (QiC)

There was a pre-party at 5:45am attended by Third Degree and Lil Miss Piggy. It appeared to consist of a series of burpees and then a 50 yard sprint. Lil Miss Piggy loves sprints and Third Degree loves burpees so it seemed fitting.


Capri Lap was interrupted when Third Degree informed Sterno (QiC) that the Football Field / Track was available as an AO. Time to call an audible!


Warm-Up/ Disclaimer:


  • LBACs forward and reverse IC x 10
  • SSH IC x 10
  • SJ IC x 10
  • Good Mornings OYO x 10


Thang 1

Mosey to the starting line of the track for a NO MERCY MILE




  • Begin at the starting line and run to the first turn (50 meters)
  • Once you reach turn 1, Bear Crawl to the end of turn 2 (100 meters)
  • Run to midpoint of back stretch (50 meters)
  • Perform 25 Squats
  • Run to turn 3 (50 meters)
  • Once you reach turn 3, Lunge Walk to the end of turn 4 (100 meters)
  • Run to finish line (50 meters)
  • Perform 25 Merkins
  • Repeat x 3


Thang 2

Mosey to the football field and line up on the goal line for an assortment of merkins and some sprints in between each set.


  • Sprint to the 35 yard line and perform 35 Merkins OYO, sprint back to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 30 yard line and perform 30 Carolina Dry Docks OYO, sprint back to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 25 yard line and perform 25 Werkins OYO, sprint back to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 20 yard line and perform 20 Clerkins OYO, sprint back to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 15 yard line and perform 15 Diamond Merkins OYO, sprint back to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 10 yard line and perform 10 Crucible Merkins OYO, sprint back to the goal line
  • Sprint to the 50 yard line and perform 10 Hand Release Merkins OYO


CoT/ Numbers/ Names

Great work Men!

Gettin Sandy with Santa – 12/26/18

PAX: 5 took a Christmas Red Pill and joined St. Nick on the beaches of Titan to work off the milk and cookies. @porcelain @3rd Degree @TK @crawlspace @thejeweler #GoodGroupOfSledDogs

We started off with a 1 mile trot around the park with 3×10 merkins along the way. 5 extra were performed because @3rd Degree didn’t recover correctly. Me thinks the penalty should be upped!

The warmup:
10 x Good Mornings
10 x Baby Arm Circles
10 x Reverse BACs
10 x Air Press
10 x SSH
10 x Willie Mays
10 x forward lunges

To get the blood going we did 100 x overhead press with the picnic table as a group.

Moseyed over to the field for a little Tabatta. The flow was as follows: 20 sec sprint 10 sec rest 20 sec exercise 10 sec rest (do a little math, carry the one then subtract the one and that equals one minute). We did 10 rounds: merkins, SSH, side lunges, LBCs, flutter kicks, kicking the moon, mtn. Climbers, one foot burpees (im missing 2 exercises).

We took a little trot over to the volleyball court to get sandy with Santa while doing partner drags. Your partner lays flat on the ground and locks his hands around your neck and you drag your partner bear crawl style to the opposite end of the court. Everyone went twice… minor speed bump to search for @porcelain’s key in the sand, which was found.

Now back to the action… 10 group burpees in the sand in cadence on a 4 count.

With key in hand and sand in hair, we moseyed back to where we started through the forest of twirly swirly gumdrops to close out with a few SSHs – 100 in cadence to be exact. That’s 200 if you’re counting by ones.

Prayers/Praise @3rd Degree has his 4th little one on the way, a boy I’m thinking we call him AbsoluteZero based in his current age. Keep praying for my parents & grandfather.

And just when you though it was over, @3rd Degree invited the PAX to stick around for the first Titan Post-Q. Of course the boys obliged, and we were introduced to the Yurpiee! A burpee variation with a clap pushup at the bottom and two hand knee tap jumps at end. We did 7 to be exact which was more than enough. This has officially been added to the Lexicon and is in the process of spreading from sea to shining sea! Thanks F3 Nolensville!

3 for coffeeteria. Had to call an audible and divert to Starbucks b/c they don’t respect the 3 days of Christmas as much as the brothers do.

Here at the Wall – Tabatta 12/29/18

3 braved the early morning chill for a run heavy tabatta

PAX:. Brother-at-law, DeepDish, TheJeweler

Conditions: Cool at 35 deg. No wind, partly cloudy.

Warm-up: We kicked things off with a 1.25 mile run through the hood to the field at Christ the King to stretch things out:
10 x Good Mornings
10 x SSH
10 x Air Press
10 x BACs
10 x Reverse BACs
10 x Willie Mays
10 x Alternating Tasmanian Toe Touches (Note: DeepDish seems to think that “Russian” Toe Touches is over used so I recommend we look south of the Equator for inspiration)

Main Event Part 1: We stick around at the field and get going with the following: Sprint across the field, 25 Merkins, Sprint back and 25 leg raises while holding the fence (we’re going to count down by 5s). When you’re finished with round 1, keep going and sprint back to the other side for 20 Dips – 20 Leg Raises (we switched to dips because more Merkins await the PAX), 15 Dips – 15 Leg Raises, 10 Dips – 10 Leg Raises, 5 Dips – 5 Leg Raises.

Half-Mile-ish run back to the Stonewall parking lot entrance (we stopped at the beginning of the wall on the road) for a little music themed tabatta.

Main Event Part 2 TABATTA: On the playlist: Rocky, Uptown Funk, Kanye, AC/DC, MGMT, and Dr. Dre. Each round is one song, which is exactly 4 minutes, and looks like this:
20 sec Sprint, 10 sec rest (each sprint is as far as you can go or ~100m +/- 10m)
20 sec SSH, 10 sec rest (each exercise is as many as you can do in the allotted time ~20 on average)
20 sec Sprint, 10 sec rest
20 sec Merkins, 10 sec rest
20 sec Sprint, 10 sec rest
20 sec LBCs, 10 sec rest
20 sec Sprint, 10 sec rest
20 sec lunges, 10 sec rest
We did a total of 6 rounds for 24 minutes ~2400m of sprints or 1.5 miles! For future reference, there are 6 more songs on the playlist!

Mary: With everyone a bit gassed, we cooled off with a 3min jog around the park back to the parking lot just in time for 2 mins of Mary abs:
25 Flutter Kicks
10 American hammers
5 WW1s (Slow 4 count up – Slow 4 count down)
Time! On the day 4.4 Miles!

No new prayer request but a few praises on the year: Deep Dish is still going strong and had a great year and is excited for 2019. Brother-At-Law was blessed with a baby girl this past year – definitely plenty to look forward to in 2019!
Announcements: Don’t forget New Year’s convergence at the Hill (FRA). I believe the kick-off time is 0700.

Pleasure to lead men and be lead. Let’s continue to sharpen each other in the coming year.

28 December- Maupin

Temp: 59
Gloom Factor: Full Effect
PAX: Lumbergh, Strangler, Big Stick, PREVAC, Calf Killer, Rafiki (Greeneville, NC), Bagger Vance (QIC)

0529:45 – Disclaimer

Mosey top loop and reverse the bus loop up T-dale and circle up near gate.

SSH x 13 IC, IW x 13 IC, LBAC F x 10 IC, LBAC R x 10 IC, HB x 13 IC (enter Lumbergh)

Forward Leaning Rest for explanation of


Hero WOD Maupin

4 Rounds
Run 800M
49 Merkins
49 Squata
49 LBCs

We partnered up for accountability. Big Stick was OMO.

Head North on T-dale, East on Bwood and first work-set nearish Grisham’s hooch.

Keep heading E on Bwood over Marchant to just below the Bagger Bolt hill for second work-set.

Circle back W on Bwood and turn S on Marchant to Sir E lower lot for work-set three.

PAX slow walked it over to Marchant and Hogan stop sign and instructed to run until next stop sign at T-dale and Hogan for fourth work-set. SSH or F kix for the 6.

Back to main lot of CH for

High plank 30 sec
F Kix x 20 IC
5 Merkins
AL prom dates x 13 IC
5 Merkins
LBCs x 3 IC


NMM: Well done this AM men. Honor to lead and honored to be able to commemorate the life of a fallen hero, SSG, Matt Maupin, US Army. SSG Maupin was KIA by insurgents in ‘04 and his remains weren’t recovered until ‘08. The attack took place on 9 April ‘04, hence the 4 rounds and 49 reps. Here is the story behind the workout:

BH: Prayers up for PREVAC’s nephew, Lane and his family as they navigate an auto immune and blood disease diagnosis.
Calf Killer’s friends, the Coopers in Fayetteville, Arkansas lost their daughter after only 48 hours. Please pray for peace, mercy and God’s redemption of their family.
Dupree and his wife are expecting a baby any day now.
Vegemite’s wife is still in recovery from her foot surgery and they will need prayers, food and service. Hit up CCR for more info.
NYD workout at The Hill on Tue, 0700-0800.


Weathering the Storm @ The Pound

7 PAX in Attendance:  Tebow, SoccerMom, Altidore, Kermit, Sterno, Stats,  & Third Degree (QiC)

5:15 pre-party of 5 Pull-ups, 7 Merkins and 9 Sumo-Jump Squats per round on the minute x 10 minutes endured by 3D & Soccermom (who will be my pre-party partner when this guys goes to Uganda? Applications being sought…)

 storm american murica american flag patriot GIF


  • Jog around parking lot x 1 to let Tebow catch up
  • SSH IC x 10
  • SJ IC x 10
  • 10 ISW IC x 10
  • LBACs & BACs forward and Reverse IC x 10 each direction
  • 30 seconds GM OYO

Thang 1

Mosey to Ball-field Stairs for Partner Stair-7s


  • Iron Mikes (jumping split lunges/scissor lunges) (1/2, 1)) at the bottom (still makes me think of Punch Out…Classic)
  • Yurpees at the top

video games nintendo GIF

MOT: Partner Broken wheelbarrow up the stairs (both go each round so 6 times each) and Bear-Crawl down the Hill

Mosey around track to Gazebo for an 11 count Copenhagen speedbump requested by SoccerMom…happy to oblige…

Mosey to parking lot to grab speaker for:

Thang 2

Explain Tabata (20 seconds maximal effort of whatever is called, followed by 10 seconds rest) Outline: Sprint ~100 yds, rest, Exercise, rest, back to Sprinting toward the original side of the field, etc. Rinse and Repeat X 2 Songs (8 rounds total per 4 minute song)

We did: SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walkers & Squats to Tabata Songs Playlist played through BT speaker carried back and forth across the field with Q.

Playlist: Smells like Teen Spirit & UpTown Funk (8 minutes total of Tabata)

Thang 3

A nice traditional end to a 3D F3Nolensville Q, the bridge…

“It’s kinda my thing…”

Bear crawl and then crawl-bear the bridge. Always a good time. Starfish to the 6. Counts as Mary, right?! Sure.

Mosey to Gazebo for spontaneous demonstration and 12 reps of Pickle Grinders on top of picnic tables

What?! Over already? The fun was just starting…to be continued at The Forge!


Stats was voluntold by Altidore to lead Post-party so we did a Sunrise Sampler of 12 reps of DIDs + Plyo Benchjumps in honor of the 12 days we have left before SoccerMom heads to lead F3Uganda, and more importantly, be a missionary with his family.

6 for Coffeeteeria provided by Tebow (thanks!)

Moleskin/What we Learned:

  •  I hope everyone had a great holiday. Looking forward to getting back some regulars when they return from being DR or being hit with an Aquaman Trident dipped in poisonous tree Frog Venom leaving them unable to leave the fartsack after HC’ing the night before…hold my nuts!
  • See you Saturday for another Q!!!!!!!!!!! (Unless someone appeals my signup, I am open to co-Q or relinquish my spot. Otherwise, happy to lead) Stats got some revenge on Altidore by voluntelling him to VQ…
  • Exhorted the PAX to arm themselves and make no provision for the flesh as delineated in Romans 13 which ends as follows:
    But put on the LordJesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh,  to gratify its desires. 
  • Our gloom and water-saturated beatdowns are helpful illustrations of spiritual battle throughout life where we are called to take the hard road, the less-traveled and difficult journey. Whether having to fight the siren-song of the fart-sack, or saying no to the helping of food or drink or show/website you know you should avoid, or having to get up one more time to serve your family, or one more project at work you have no idea what it’s for, we are called to say NO and make NO PROVISION for the flesh. WARPATH!
  • Come to Warpath X set for 5am Jan. 12 in F3Franklin. I need 5 HCs to rep F3Nolensville. Come and set a physical fitness marker with me. I am planning on a WarHalf and need a few more brave souls to partner with and HC.
  • New Year’s Day Convergence 1/1/19 will leave BrokenWheel Closed. Come and join in with F3 regional PAX from Nashville, Franklin and rep F3Nolensville! Deets to come…
  • Exciting additions and changes coming in 2019 to F3Nolensville! Stay tuned…

3D, out!

Westeros 12.24.18: The 12 Tasks of F3-mas

5 HIM came out into the gloom to celebrate Christmas Eve (Pre-party with The Jeweler and Porcelain).

PAX:  T-cell, Crawl Space (LIFO), The Jeweler, Porcelain, Vector (QIC)

Conditions:   Freezing fog and 29 degrees – in other words, perfect

Warm-o-rama:  SSH x 12, Willy Mayes Hayes x 12,  LBAC x 12, Overhead Presses x 12, Reverse LBAC x 12, Good Mornin’s x 12.  Crawl Space pulling into parking lot necessitated an extra 12 Merkins so he could catch up to the PAX.

In celebration of the holidays (and perhaps to fondly recall PA’s recent Q at Bomber?) the PAX performed the 12 Tasks of F3-mas.  Increasing in reps, the PAX partnered up and could not move on to the next stage until all were finished (Keeping the F2 principle alive). Of course, all accompanied by the requisite Vector Cheesy Playlist (patent pending), holiday themed, of course.

Mr. Heat Miser – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee
Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – U2
Christmas in Hollis – Run-DMC
Christmas in Sarajevo – Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano
Santa Stole My Lady – Fitz and the Tantrums
Wonderful Christmastime – The Shins

The Tasks:  After completing each task, run with partner around the traffic circle (although once YHC realized that we’d only performed 3 tasks and had 25 minutes to go, we abandoned the laps – had nothing to do with my distaste for running, of course).

10        Burpees
20        V-Ups
30        Lt Dans
40        Pull Ups
50        Merkins
60        Dips
70        Incline Merkins
80        Jump Squats
90        Little Baby Crunches
100      Plank Jacks
110       SSH
120      Squats

Mosey back to flag to end the fun.

COT:   Prayers for my father-in-law (has early stage dementia) and thanks for the holiday season.  Especially thanks to the men today for the opportunity to lead and get better each day.



Dirty Santa!

December 22, 2018

The Twelve days of Christmas inspired these awesome 12 PAX to join together this lovely morning to  celebrate together the first Noel of NOLENSVILLE F3!
Conditions: They came together under a setting full moon, at a balmy 29 degrees, and more importantly NO wind and NOT WET.

PAX who made it:  Cheezwhiz (co-Q), Mr. Opus, Creeper, 3rd Degree, Stats, Typo +, Soccer Mom, Altidore, Sterno, Barney Feivel, Staples, and Little Miss Piggy (co-Q)

PreParty: 3rd Deg, Soccer Mom, Creeper, Mr.Opus–LMP, and Cheezwhiz  joined in for last 4 rounds and Typo + might have slid in for a couple?      10 burpees on the minute x 10 min.

Warm up: Disclaimer
Circle up: IC baby arm circles x10 each, SSH x 20, Toy soldiers on own each leg

OK – Let’s get some small coupons from the truck – one each
Travel to soccer field:  “John Cusaks” – that right, put that coupon “radio” over your head and let’s jog

As we come close to the soccer field, the first few PAX scream in glee like a five year old girl on her first pony ride,  “WHAT IS THAT!” as they point toward the Christmas tree lit up by the glow of the parking lot light pole.     “SANTA CAME!!!”  Three presents sat sparkling in magical wonder underneath the tree. The game may be played differently, but this time it was definitely “Dirty Santa” that dropped these gifts off. (3 numbers were randomly selected and that number PAX would get the chance to open a present)

Barney Feivel got first crack at opening a gift, only to reveal —Thang 1 was inside:

“The Twelve Days of Christmas!”

Sooo, someone must have been at odds with their girl, cause that true love sure had some wacked out ideas for gifts. We did the exercises just like you would have sang the song – yep with all the repeats.   Great job on this one everyone:

  1. A 40 yd dash in the cold!, 2.knee tucks, 3. Clurpees, 4. Iron Mikes, 5. Peter Parkers, 6. Flutter Kicks, 7. Hello Dollies, 8. American Hammers, 9. Alabama Prom Dates, 10. Merkins, 11. Lunges, 12. Squat Jumps

Creeper selected box number two, finding Thang 2 inside:

“Tabat – YEAH!”

You know it, and you love it!  But this time to some crazy Christmas tunes – 2 rounds (Mosey over to playground )
Round 1 – Coppenhagens and Plyo “box” jumps
Round 2 – Pull ups/under dogs and merkins

Sterno got the pleasure of opening the last present and found Thang 3:

“Killer Christmas Coupon Shopper”

Partner up and grab 2 coupons per pair. Partner one goes shopping (Run to other end of soccer field and back) while Partner 2 cuts coupons (does exercises with one coupon in each hand).  Then switch.
Together they have to achieve: 50 reps each of shoulder lateral raises, front raises, bent over Ts, and shoulder presses.    Dang those shoulders are burning now.

Mosey back to the vehicles – a little ice skating along the way on the frozen parking lot ponds!

Mary:  Circle up:  the infamous Tebow Stretch, cherry pickers IC, hip flexor stretches

CoT:  numbers/names/prayer to close
2ndF- being considered for after New Years – The Casual Pint of Smyrna
Jan12 – Warpath !
SoccerMom may make his last F3 on 1/5/19

Merry Christmas @ The Pound – 12/20/18

14 PAX for a dark and rainy good time: Staples, Kermit, Show Me, TypO+, Griswold (FNG), Mursa, Cheese Wiz, 3rd Degree, Altidore, Stats, Sterno, Creeper, Netflix, Tebow (QIC). We had all the Christmas spirit feels with some Christmas music – with a minor malfunction (thanks, Mursa for the gloom-proof speaker).
3rd Degree and Creeper got in a pre-party of 8 rounds of 5 burpees with a sprint. Well done, fellas

WARM UP jog then,
SSH x10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Squats x 10
Merkins x 10

Let’s WORKOUT shall we
Run / politician suicides with exercises:
(Run) 0.5 light pole for 25 merkins (then politician back)
1 light pole for 50 iron mikes
1.5 light poles for 75 mountain climbers
2 light poles for 100 SSH

Mosey to Mill Creek Brewery happy hour:
Bear Crawl / reverse lunge suicides, then repeat with
Crawl Bear / lunge suicides

Happy hour continues:
10-1 reps of:
Apollo Onos
HR merkins
American Hammers

Lots joined in (were guilted in?) for a post party led by 3rd Degree (he likes to party) of 10 pull ups, 9 merks, 8 jump squats, 7 pull ups, …
Coffeeteria at Nolensville’s finest, Mama’s Java (pending E&B completion) with Numbtucks, 3rd Degree, and Show Me discussing the Christmas devotional.

Welcome, Griswold, Typo’s bro-in-law. Love the rake story. Classic Clark Griswold.

Continue to pray for Soccer Mom and his family as they’re about to move next month. Check out for more info and to stay caught up. Also be praying for Soccer Mom’s sister-in-law (and newborn baby) as she starts cancer treatment.

See y’all on Saturday. Merry Christmas!



Hillympics Week 3: Track and Field

16 PAX arrived for a track and field based Hillympics. A cool drizzle added to the gloom factor and would play a nice roll in adding some weight to the burpees and merkins for the day.

QICs: Black Lung and Boy Band

PAX: Venus, Life champ, Prevac, Tampa libra, Razorback, Ludwig, Bad Boy, Toga, Red Skull, Frugal McDoogal, White Russian, Too tall, Moneyshot, Hot n’ Ready

We started with a mosey to the track followed by 1 lap around the track and then circled up for WOR. Wanted to get a little loose before the running that was coming.

WOR: Good mornings, Willie Mays,  Toe Touches, Low and Slow Squats, Baby Arm circles forwards and back, and overhead claps.

Thang: Track and Field day

The workout was designed to highlight speed and strength in a mix of alternating skill team events.

Event 1: 800m race: All PAX together, scored by sum of position at the finish  1)White 2)Red 3)Blue.  White team with a dominant performance, though they later would find that they had started too strong.

Event 2: Hand-stand-off: All pax perform a handstand, longest time wins 1)Red 2)Blue 3)White.  Props to TooTall for going into trance mode and defeating White Russian for the final spot. Moneyshot gave them a good fight for the white team.

Event 3: 8x100m relay (with hand release merkins while waiting for your teamate, scored x2 once for team placement and once for average number merkins per PAX).  Race: 1)White 2)Red 3)Blue  Merkins: 1)Blue 2)Red 3)White.

Event 4: Burpees x 2 min: Avg. per pax. 1)Blue 2)White 3)Red. Good form with chest to ground was the expectation. On a wet and cold day, this added about 5lbs per PAX and after 2 min of Merkins these became quite difficulty. I was impressed by the good form by all PAX involved.

Event 5:  400m Team Partner carry (at least 1 pax must be carried the whole 400m). 1) White 2)Blue 3)Red. White and Blue team set a blistering pace early and left YHC in the dust.

Event 6: Team WWIIs first to team total of 50 x #PAX. 1)Blue 2)Red 3)White

Event 7: 400m Run: All pax running scored by sum of placements 1)Blue 2)Red 3)White  And after a great running start, the white team just gave out at the end. Winning the 800m and the 400m Partner carry lead to near last place finish for every PAX on the team….

Following this it was a very slow mosey back to the parking lot for COT. The site of PAX struggling to make the 200m journey back brings the satisfaction of a workout well planned.


Announcement: Trident on hold until 2019

Additional points: All teams were present at >75% participation 1 point each, all teams had a flag (if Tampa Libra can be believed, apparently he Hulked out on his and broke it in half….) 1 point each.

Total Points for the week:

Blue:12     White:9    Red:9

3 week total: Blue: 30, White: 29, Red: 22