Lindsay and TRX Meet the Cow

Lucky number seven posted for some fun in the gloom.  Here’s how it went down:

PAX: Wedding Singer, Umbrella, Toga (QIC), Offshore, Penny Loafers, Nurse Ratched, Olan Mills

Gloom Factor: Seventy and sunny, per usual

Quick disclaimer then mosey to GWP for warmarama then execute the following:

  • Lindsay reps with Muscle Ups and LBCs between the baseball fields (Note: Lindsay = reps totaling 40, start with 30/10, 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30)
  • Sevens with pull-ups and swing rollouts (think ab roller but with swings)
  • Lindsay with dips and knee ups on the swings
  • Lindsay with curls and WWII

Indigenous People’s run back to the flag.

COT with YHC taking us out.


  • Friday happy hr ruck
  • New book study started last week (see 3rd F) and it’s not to late to join

Stay Classy,


Bomber – 10.16.20 – “We Did Dora and We Did the DIDs”

14 of F3 Nashville’s finest PAX paid an early morning visit to Bomber and arrived ready to engage in a beatdown which was delivered with gusto by YHC.

PAX: CB, Cowbell, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Dfrost, Drago, Hi-Viz, Michelin Man, Natural Ice, Paddywax (FNG), Red Skull, Right Said, T-Cell
QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor: Medium rare.

At 0529, YHC did that One Minute Warning thing.

This occurred without a hitch at 0530.

Then, YHC led the PAX on a mosey in the direction of the greenway (which is the exact opposite direction of where most Qs start us off in, for those who are visualizing this in their heads), and after approximately a one minute mosey, we stopped off onto the grass for the Warm-O-Rama.

15 x SSH
12 x LBAC
12 x rLBAC
15 x Seal Claps
12 x WMH
15 x SnL Squats

Next, YHC led the PAX on a much longer mosey along the greenway and toward the church on 51st and Wyoming, where we finally stopped at a gazebo area for the Thang.

100 x Merkins
200 x LBCs
300 x Squats

Partner up and Partner 1 does the exercise, Partner 2 does a run to the stop sign at 51st and Wyoming.
Lather, rinse, repeat until all PAX are done.

Kudos to Michelin Man for jumping in and contributing to YHC’s group totals due to finishing up early. That Michelin Man, he’s a solid dude. Meanwhile, I am about as solid as Jell-O.


F3 Nashville’s finest PAX completed Dora in (dare I say) record time, and  seeing as how the men were craving even more from their workout, YHC led the PAX down Wyoming and then a sharp right onto 48th delivered us to the side entrance to Bomber and near the shovelflag/STARTEX.

At this point, YHC called out 2 rounds of DIDs.

15 x Dips
10 x Incline Merkins
5 x Decline Merkins

Of note: While his caused a few groans of displeasure in the moment, it was well worth the effort based on the text and Slack messages I have received since this morning.

At this point, we had approximately 6 minutes left for Mary.

20 x Flutter Kicks
12 x Hello Dolly
15 x LBCs
15 x Alabama Prom Dates
10 x Boxcutters
1 Minute High Plank — side note, if you wear the new F3 Nashville shirt and flip around after a few minutes of Mary, you will see the new logo imprinted in your own sweat on the concrete. Who says we can’t all be artists?!?!
15 x Freddie Mercury
10 x Reverse Boxcutters

End Workout at 0615.

Always an honor to lead the fine men of F3 Nashville. I cannot overemphasize the appreciation I have for you allowing me to lead, and I welcome any and all feedback on how to improve my Q skills.

Matthew 6:5-13 was the prayer that YHC closed us out with. For me, it’s worth revisiting on daily basis.

-Life is extremely tough for just about everyone right now — let’s all make a concerted effort to re-connect with those who we have not heard from in a while. Even a text message can make a huge difference these days!
-Let’s all extend a welcome the newest member of F3 Nashville, Paddywax! Great work today, sir!
-To those interested in learning more about brewskis, BOLO for a Side Straddle Hops event in the not-too-distant future. Connect with Bareback on Slack for the deets.

This is your Cunning Linguist, signing off!


16 October 2020


Temp: High 40s
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: Big Stick, Foxtrot, PSL, D’Mish, Dilly 2x, Topanga, Pedialyte, Bueller, Whopper, Faulkner, Dine n Dash

QIC: Bagger Vance

0529:55 Disclaimer Executed

Mosey the top loop


Count off in 4s and Grab a ‘Pon, head to the playground. As life would have it, we had a perfect 12 for the 12s Workout.

6 Rounds x 3 Movements x 12 Reps w lap in between.

RnR if you finish R6

R1 – Merkins, Squats, Lunges
R2 – Pull Ups, Pistol Squats, Coupon Swings
R3 – Knees to Elbows, Turkish Get Up, Reverse Burpees
R4 – Rows, Thrusters, Single Leg Deadlift
R5 – AST, Single Arm Push Press, Step Ups
R6 – Reverse Lunge Curls, Burpee Broad Jump, Skull Crushers

RnR as time permits

Mary –
High Plank 1’
Flutter Kix x 20 IC
Low Plank 1’
Flutter Kix x 15 IC
GMA x 6 IC


NMM: General consensus this was the workout of the year at CH. Also, need to clean up the ‘Pons, Foxtrot’s hands got dirty. Dilly2X played D1 ball and can do a legit Pistol Squat. The #4s not only were the fastest but had the best form overall.

BH: Prayers for parenting skillz


Titan – 10.14.20 – “The TITANium Dozen”

12 highly-motivated PAX took the DRP and posted in Titan’s gloom for some bodacious B.O.M.B.S. this morning.

PAX: Blue Mule, BnB, Crawlspace, Dfrost, Drago, Minus 3 (FNG), Natural Ice, Reveille (Kotters), Right Said, Siri, The Situation

QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor: Low to medium. A slight chill left something to be desired, but them’s small potatoes.

At 0529, YHC called out that One Minute Warning.

Effectively disclaimed.

YHC then led the PAX up the hill near our interim parking lot for a quick loop and then we began the Warm-O-Rama at almost exactly STARTEX.

15 x SSH
12 x LBAC
12 x rLBAC
12 x WMH
15 x SnL Squats

Next, YHC led the PAX on a mosey to near the entrance to the Parthenon where we began the Thang for today:

50 x Burpees
100 x Overhead Press
150 x Merkins
200 x Big Boy Sit-Ups
250 x Squats

PAX partnered up while Partner 1 began with Burpees and Partner 2 ran the original parking lot loop.
Rinse and repeat for the O.M.B.S.

Much fun was had by the PAX, some of whom were noticeably chatty this AM. YHC welcomes this, of course, but I wonder if B.O.M.B.S. is getting too easy for the PAX of F3 Nashville??


Upon completion, Siri gave us a 30 count and then we moseyed back to STARTEX for Mary.

10 x Flutter Kicks
10 x Hello Dolly
12 x LBCs
15 x Alabama Prom Dates
12 x Freddie Mercury

End Workout at 0615.

Y’all who continue to post at our workouts — you’re the true champions. Seriously, you all motivate me to improve myself each and every day. It’s that simple.

If you’re a reader of the Good Word, I’d encourage a quick glance at Romans 8:31-39 if you could use a pick-me-up.

-Continued thoughts and prayers were given to all of those who are suffering these days in silence and are either embarrassed or otherwise unwilling to ask for help. If you haven’t heard from a friend or family member recently, please check on them. Now is not the time to be silent, men!
-Let’s all extend a welcome the newest member of F3 Nashville, Minus 3!
-Kotters to Reveille! Welcome back, brother!
-To those interested in learning more about brewskis, BOLO for a Side Straddle Hops event in the not-too-distant future. Connect with Toothless on Slack for the deets.

This is The Artist Formerly Known as Colonel Angus, saying “Deuces!”


Westeros – 10.12.20 – “R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen”

15 High Impact Men evaded the fartsack and got better together by posting for an overdue Eddie Van Halen tribute workout.

PAX: Blue Mule, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Dfrost, Drago, High Flyer, Hi-Viz, Michelin Man, Natural Ice, Right Said, Rug Doctor, Siri, Spinal Tap (FNG), Vector

QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor: Mostly Mild and Moist.


At 0529, YHC called out that One Minute Warning and then exactly one minute later, a rougher-than-usual Disclaimer was given (and this is further evidence that YHC needs to post and/or Q more frequently, as has been suggested by Vector, Michelin Man, Crablegs, okay, okay, I get it). Then, a quick mosey over to the right-side of the school (right-side if you’re facing the school straight away, that is) for WOR:


15 x SSH
12 x LBAC
12 x rLBAC
12 x WMH
15 x SnL Squats
10 Good Mornings OYO

Next, YHC explained THE THANG. Simply put, we needed to celebrate the legacy of a true guitar legend who recently left this mortal coil at the relatively young age of 65: Eddie Van Halen. Thus, we would spell the name Eddie Van Halen through our workout manuevers, starting with EDDIE:

20 x El Capitans (modified so the PAX remain in place, each leg being one-half count)
20 x Dry Docks
20 x Imperial Walkers
20 x El Capitans, part deux

30 second count courtesy of Drago, then mosey to the front of the school (which is technically always the front of the school, unless you’re facing the back of the sch…, okay, now I am seriously confused, so just forget I typed that) for the VAN:

25 x V-Ups
25 x Alternating Shoulder Taps (each shoulder is one-half)
25 x Norris Merkins (i.e., Merkins on your knuckles, a la the greatest veteran of our Air Force,  Chuck Norris)

20 count courtesy of Michelin Man, then another mosey to the left-side of the school for HALEN:

20 x Humpers IC
20 x Air Press
20 x LBCs
20 x Es of the Burpee variety
20 x Nightclubs of the Moroccan variety

With plenty of time left, we took another mosey along the street toward STARTEX for an impromptu bonus segment of the THANG — we would work out to the most popular song by Van Halen, which is “Jump” (and yes, Drago, I know the song came out more than a decade before you were born, but it remains a great song):

During the verses, Squats
During the chorus, JUMP Squats (totes obvi)
During the solo by Eddie Van Halen, some Side Straddle Hops

With even more time to spare, we sprinted to the end of the lot, and then planted ourselves on our sixes for a somewhat extended round of MARY:

12 x Flutter Kicks
12 x Boxcutters
15 x LBCs
Pigeon Stretch
Newton’s Cradle IC
10 x J-Lo’s
15 x Freddie Mercury
1 Min Free Stretch

End of Workout at 0615


An unexpectedly large turnout for YHC’s Q is both humbling and challenging but in the best of ways. It forces me to step up my game and deliver. My only hope is that we all broke a sweat and enjoyed the creativity on display (and who knows, maybe Van Halen is your new favorite band???) More seriously, I would like to thank you all for continuing to push me to be a better person by being a part of my life.


-Thoughts and prayers were given to all of those who are suffering these days in silence and are either embarrassed or otherwise unwilling to ask for help. If you haven’t heard from a friend or family member recently, please check on them. Now is not the time to be silent, men!

-Welcome to F3 Nashville, Spinal Tap! Looking forward to seeing you in the gloom more frequently (and golf clap to Natty Ice for the Emotional Headlock)!

-BOLO for a Side Straddle Hops event in the not-too-distant future. Connect with Toothless on Slack for the deets.

This is The Artist Formerly Known as Colonel Angus, signing off!


Westeros 9-28-2020: Celebrating Autumn by Killing Your Legs

14 HIM got in an autumnal (yes, BnB, that’s a real word – mood at the first Westeros of the fall season.

PAX:  Vector (QIC), Hi-Viz, Harvey Updyke, Cub Cadet, Crablegs, Pumpkin Spice, Drago, Blue Mule, T-cell, Cunning Linguist, BnB, Michelin Man, Natural Ice plus a wandering Black Lung who found the PAX at 6:14:58

Conditions:   Cool mid-60 degrees.

Disclaimer given. Mosey to side of WEMS for the

Warm-o-rama:  LBAC x 15, Overhead Claps x 15, RLBAC x 15, WMH x 12, Good Mornings Apocalypse with 10 reps, LBAC x 12, RLBAC x 12, SSH x 15

Decided that the many trees, slight breeze, and rustling of the leaves made this the right location for the main event:

Main Event:
A:  American Hammers
U:  Usual Merkins
T:  Tysons, Mike (a.k.a. Iron Mikes)
U:  Usual Squats
M:  Mountain Climbers
N:  Newton’s Cradle

100 reps of each (and for A, T, M, and N, each leg/side = 1/2 rep, a decision Q would regret by the end). Between sets, run around (or if you are Pumpkin Spice, through) the tree-filled glen to Bowling Ave.

Playlist:  Selected to emphasize the autumnal (BnB, there’s that word again) theme.

DISCLAIMER:  Autumn-themed songs are pretty limited, and because we start to get sad about the end of summer, they tend to be mopey and slow.  Not ideal for a work-out.  So some doozies in this list (of course, CL kept pointing out better songs I missed . . . Fall on Me by R.E.M., songs by Fall Out Boy, etc.).

Sweater Weather – The Neighborhood (2013)
Fall Down Toad the Wet Sprocket (1994)
Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day (2004)
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground – White Stripes (2001)
Seasons Change – Expose‘ (chock full of 80’s cheesy sax playing, 1987)
September – Earth, Wind, & Fire (1978)
November Rain – GnR (1991)
The Boys of Summer – The Ataris (2003)
Yellow – Coldplay  (like the color of the leaves . . . it works and I stand by it) (2000)

Several key items to note:

  1.  Because Drago was born after most of these songs came out, I have added the year of release.  (Note the paucity of 80s songs, my friends.  Vector’s branching out!)
  2. T-cell got an extra groove in his step when November Rain hit, recalling the (#1 at the time, now a respectable #25 – very expensive video complete with wedding between GnR lead singer Axl Rose and supermodel Stephanie Seymore, at the time his girlfriend (sadly, it didn’t work out):

3.  Some mumble chatter by the over 40 crowd about my choice to not use the Don Henley version of Boys of Summer.  YHC was trying to remain hip and cool (as the kids say, I think) to the younger members of the PAX.

Second Round:  A quick, due to time, shout out to the informal season name.  25 reps each of
F:  Frogs, of the Crunchy Variety
A:  Alternating Side Squats
L:  Lt Dans
L:  LBCs

Sprint like an autumnal (attn: BnB) breeze to the cars.


  • Thanks for T-cell’s impending new arrival and Blue Mule’s renewal of vows.

Was an honor as always to lead you men this morning. I must say, as the older (NOT elder) statesman of F3 Nashville, I worry that some may see my Q on the calendar and think “Hmm, a lighter day . . . nice!”  So I try to amp up the exercises (while avoiding the running — you’re welcome, Natural Ice).  Based on the Slack post-Q mumble chatter, mission accomplished.  Made this older (NOT old) dude feel a bit better.  


Starting Over

PAX: Redskull, Cowboy, B&B, Bagger Vance, Toga (QIC), Black Widow, Shoota, Detective Pikachu, Little Show, Clean Plate, Left Twix, Bouchee, Hobby Lobby, T Cell, Hambone, Black Lung, Noble Virus, and various others…

22 redwoods posted to get stronger and focus on working past perceived limits today.  Here’s how it went down:

Preamble then mosey to gravel lot for warmarama.  Mosey to STEM building for modified curb crawls= The standard issue curb crawl up to 7, but the merkins are not executed until everyone is on the line.  Crowd Pleaser!

Mosey to front of STEM school for a little isometric fun= 7 rounds of wall sits and inverted row holds for 30 secs.  Team one holds up the wall while team two holds the top of the row.  Flapjack and repeato for seven cycles.

Mosey to bball court for the ever popular “Death by Shuttle Run”= 10 yd shuttle run adding one rep EMOM.  We started at 5 and went to 15.

On your six for Mary.

COT with YHC taking us out.

NMM: We all have challenges, and we all need to be together when we’re overcoming them.  The PAX put in some solid work today as everyone was pressed to get on the same page to complete the workout.

Stay Classy,