Devil’s Den – 02.15.2023 – Dropped Balls

Title: The Calm Before The Storms, or
Rugby Without Any Tackling And Plenty of Dropped Balls
PAX: Skeet, Backrow Bits, Linus, McAfee
QIC: Detective Pikachu
Gloom: Yes

Warmarama: 6 will be 1st, 1st will be 2nd over to Local Parking Lot
10 Merkins to warm our arms up

Thang: Rugby drills
We learned how to pass
We learned how to defend
We learned how to kick (sort of. QIC promises the ball will be more inflated next time)

We ran a lot

We did a lot of merkins (penalty for the ball hitting the ground)
We did some squats (after QIC’s arms got too tired)
We did more merkins (after QIC’s arms rested enough)

Moleskin: it doesn’t have to be an absolute beatdown to be a fun workout. #moresportslessburpees

III Pillars – 02.14.23 – “Lovefools”

Nine PAX acted like a bunch of lovefools after Cupid paid a visit to III Pillars this morning.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Go Fish, Grape, Grisham, Haggis, Pep, T-Cell, Vector, Yum Yum


Today’s theme followed the lifecycle of a young man’s date.

Mental and physical prep – Warmorama

  • SSH
  • LBAC F
  • OH Clap
  • LBAC R
  • WMH
  • Good Morning
  • Bulgarian Split Squats 2 x 10
  • Skullcrushers 2 x 10

Buying flowers – “Flower” by Moby

  • Classic routine of holding people’s chair and moving up and down on corresponding lyrics #crowdpleaser

Time to meet our date – Cindy

  • 20’ 12’ AMRAP of 5/10/15 with Pull-ups/Merkins/ Squats, respectively.

This place sucks, let’s go dancing – Cupid Shuffle

  • Plank circuit – J-Lo’s during chorus, Mountain Climbers, Kicks, and Low-to-High in sync with instructions

Misguided advances are rejected and we find ourselves alone back home looking through old Valentine’s cards – Mary

  • I’m Jane Fonda You
  • You Make My Heart Flutter Kicks
  • Be My Little Baby Crunches
  • You Make Me So Happy Crunchy Frogs (T-Cell)
  • I Want You to Be My Alabama Prom Date (Grape)
  • Let’s Monkey Humper Around (Yum Yum)
  • You Put the Pound in My Pickle (Grisham)

Frustrated by a date gone bad, it was time to take it out on this stupid little Valentine box with Boxcutters.



Thanks once again to the PAX for putting themselves out there this morning. Rejection isn’t easy, but we’re better for it. Glad to introduce many of these guys to the “Flower” routine. It’s certainly been a minute for me. Also, grateful for minimal judgement during the “Cupid Shuffle.” Certainly had to be where the date turned sour since Cindy realized we couldn’t dance. 



  • Pep’s job search continues, and his renovation has begun
  • Yum Yum’s mother’s health as well as his MIL’s health. Prayers for safety as they travel to visit.

Love you all. XOXO
PA out.

DevilsDen is On the Books!

Backblast: 2/8/23

Conditions: 50ish, clear, and perfect for the kickoff

Q: Reveille

Pax: Skeet, McAfee, Linus, Coxswain, Toothless, Detective Pikachu, Rev

Disclaimer was given before a short mosey to the light post followed by Warm-O-Rama


    • x15 LBC each way
    • x15 T-Claps
    • OYO Good Mornings
    • x15 Imperial Walkers
    • x25 SSH

The Thang: F3 Lebanon 2.0

YHC decided to rehash the first Lebanon workout from a few years ago. What followed was a version of DORA:

    • Swerkins x50
    • Caroling Dry Docks x100
    • Rows x150
    • Air Squats x 200
    • Partner runs to the parking lot fence and back

Once the first round was finished, we condensed to a second round

    • Incline Merkins x 30
    • x60
    • Lt. Dans x120 (I think the most we got to was ~65)
    • Partner lunges halfway across the painground and back.

Mosey back to startex for some cool-down stretches

    • Tricep pulls
    • Cross-body arm stretch
    • Runners Stretch
    • Up Dog
    • Down Dog

COT: Appreciation was shown for Coxswain (Murfreesboro), Toothless (Nashville), and Detective Pikachu (Nashville) for making the trek to celebrate the official opening of Devils Den.

F3 2.0 workout this Saturday, Feb. 11 (details from Skeet on Slack).

Brewsday is on Monday of next week at 12 South. Open Tab that following Friday.

Misty Mountain OTB Friday mornings at Charlie Daniels park. QSource to follow.

It was an honor to lead you HIM this morning!



Titan 2-1-2023: Gods, Heroes, and Myths . . . and a Little Ice

In my 5+ years of F3, I’ve enjoyed making the journey across Sylvan Park (which today was treacherous, my friends, with ice and a cold chill . . . ) to visit Titan, the world’s only AO with a Parthenon (looking at you, F3 Athens).  But I have never Q’d at this impressive locale . . . until today!  8 HIM braved the slick roads to make themselves better, complete with a theme and (of course) a playlist befitting the AO.

PAX:  Black Lung, Chunks, Crawlspace, Kervorkian (Double Respect WL from New Bern NC), Natural Ice, Right Said, Tim the Toolman, Vector (QIC) 

Conditions:   31 degrees with ice all around (but not in our hearts . . . aww)

Theme:  Ancient Mythology (Greek, Norse, whatevs — you try making a playlist that fits 40 mins on the topic . . . )

Patented Cheesy Yet Secretly Good Playlist:  

Venus – Bananarama
God of Thunder – KISS
Icarus – Bastille
Zeus – Eminem (f. White Gold)
Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
Way Down Hadestown – Hadestown Original Broadway Cast
Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson (I know it’s about Diana Ross, but c’mon, there’s a Roman Goddess named Diana too)
Venus – Frankie Avalon
Zero to Hero – From Disney’s Hercules
Cupid – Sam Cooke
Carve Away the Stone – Rush
Venus – Shocking Blue

Disclaimer given and then mosey to the side of the Parthenon:

  • Warm-o-rama:   WMH x 10, Good Mornings x 10, SSH x 20, LBC a 20, RLBC x 20, Squats x 20
  • Thang 1:  The Story of Sisyphus:

Famous for cheating death x 2, Sisyphus was committed by Hades to an afterlife doomed to push a large rock up a hill for eternity (as the rock would roll to the bottom just as he neared the top).

11s planned for the Parthenon steps (but rapidly changed as we noted the ice slick): Bear Crawl to top of grass/icy hill – Squats – Crawl Bear (trying to not break one’s arm/ankle/ass/etc.) to bottom – Merkins.  Somewhat amusing watching the PAX navigate the downhill — but zero broken asses!

  • Thang 2: The 12 Labors of Hercules

Mirroring the trials of early HIM Herc, we did 20 reps of 12 exercises:  Merkins, Irkins, Derkins, Squats, Jump Squats, Mountain Climbers, Star Jumps, Dips, American Hammers, Happy Crunchy Frogs, Squats again, Burpees.

  • Thang 3: Pheidippides and the Marathon.

In 490 BC, during the wars between Persia and Athens, Athenians were certain they’d lose and had sadly planned to burn their city and kill their women and children if they lost the Battle of Marathon, a burg about 40km away. Well, Athens won (“Do You Believe in Miracles!), so ole Pheidippides bolted to Athens to stop the destruction.  So, in honor of his run, we ran 3 laps on the circle (4 if you’re Black Lung) and successfully saved Nashville.

  • Thang 4: Working for that GOD BOD

20 of each:

Gorilla Humpers
Overhead Press

Overhead Press

  • Mary with Alabama Prom Dates, Boxcutters, Some Crazy Plank Thing that Chunks Made Up, Freddy Mercuries to name just a few.


  • Prayers for Chunks as he nears some big transitions at home with his mediation
  • Prayers for travelling PAX
  • Keep pushing all you LeanPaxers!
  • A lot of beer drinking planned after LP is over (but don’t lose all of your gains,  PAX!)

Thanks, HIM.  As always, I appreciate your tolerance for my crazed themes and ’twas an honor to lead you this morning.