Jaden and Will

2 of Nashville’s most handsome and bearded PAX showed out for a variety of ruck exercises.

PAX: T-CELL & Tampa Libra

Ruck mosey to the track

Partner 1: Wall sit with repeated ruck front raises
Partner 2: Sprint the track 1 loop sans ruck
Switch and repeat

Partner 1: Hollow hold
Partner 2: Farmer carry two rucks length of the field and back
Switch and repeat
Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds

Partner 1: Plank of choice w/ruck
Partner 2: 10 merkins w/ruck
Switch and repeat
Reverse ladder 10-1

Partner 1: Low plank w ruck pull through
Partner 2: Lt. Dan half the field and back
Switch and repeat

Partner 1: High pull w/ruck
Partner 2: Double time ruck 1 loop

Finished off with a single arm alternating ruck curl ladder 1-5 then 5-1.

Both PAX going through the adoption process. We prayed for our families and for the children God has planned to add to them.


Remembering Levi, One Year Later

PAX: T-Cell, Moneyshot, Hipster, Princess Aurora, Spinal Tap (Kotters), SATCO (FNG) and En Fuego (QIC)

7 PAX tried out a new potential residence for the Skunk, journeying to the home of the III Pillars AO, and in doing so faced a “kid-friendly” workout full of monkey bars, relay races and crab hunting in an effort to honor Levi Hughes, the son of a buddy of mine who passed away in a drowning accident one year ago today.   This workout was performed just under 12 months ago, about 3 weeks after Levi’s funeral, and today we turned to it again, hoping the little man was enjoying what he was seeing.

Levi Hughes embraces his dad, Jonathan, during the

Warm up with a mosey heading up to the field, making separate stops to perform 3, 13 and 15 merkins (Levi’s birthday of 3.13.15)

COP: SSH x 13, WMH x 13, Scorpion Stretch x 13 (totaling 39 reps, representing the 39 months Levi spent in the arms and care of his family and friends).  Head to the monkey bars to begin the…


L – Lateral Pull-Downs, aka pull-ups.  273 total reps amongst the team of 7, approximating 39 per PAX (YHC had a little trouble with his math here – PA there for the rescue).  Upon completion, head to the track for a relay race – 2 PAX complete a lap while the remaining PAX hold high plank; repeat for next 2 PAX and then final 3 PAX.  Head to corner of the field for:

E – Escalator utilizing BLIMPs.  Collective counts of 70, 140, 210, 280 and 350 (YHC again a little fuzzy on the math) with respective BLIMP of Bodybuilders, Lieutenant Dangers (Dans with a merkin thrown in – became quickly apparent that each PAX had their own way of performing said exercise), Imperial Storm Squats, Merkins and PlankJacks.  Knock out respective count as a team and then run to next corner to begin next exercise.  All in, head back to track for next relay race, this time PAX hold low plank

V – Vacuum Cleaners. Two PAX hop in wheelbarrow position; wheelbarrow to sideline (approx. 20 yards), perform 5 derkins, reverse wheelbarrow back to starting line.  Flapjack until all PAX have wheelbarrow’d.  Back to track for final relay race, this time PAX alternate between high and low plank

I – Indian Crab Walk.  Levi’s favorite beach activity was crab hunting, and in his final moments he got to live out the excitement of putting on his Crab Hunting t-shirt (favorite shirt to wear) and get ready to head to the beach to go do just that.  PAX line up on their six, PAX in the back crabwalks to the front, then next PAX, etc.  PAX on six alternate doing LBCs, flutters and American Hammers.  Perform until time no time left on the clock – got to believe the little man enjoyed that one – and we mosey back for COT.

Honor to have led and appreciate you allowing me to celebrate Levi this morning.  Thank you for showing up and doing your part.

We discussed in the COT, I’ll throw in the backblast as well.  Levi’s mom mentioned in the eulogy that Levi came to her at 11:00 that night wanting to hop in bed with her.  Whereas normally she might encourage him to head back to his bed, that night she rolled over and they spent their last night together, just the two of them, in a bunk bed.   Amazing moment that gives YHC a tiny bit of joy in an otherwise extremely sad situation.  Great reminder to YHC and hopefully to us all – nothing is guaranteed, enjoy and appreciate each day and breadth for the gift that it is, keep telling those little ones in your life how much you love them.  And the next time little feet patter into your room in the middle of the night, maybe roll over and create some space while you still can.

En Fuego

The Fourth F: Crapper Presses

PAX: T-Cell, Moneyshot, Venus, Bagger Vance (FIFO), En Fuego

QIC: En Fuego

Conditions: Gorgeous sunrise and an idyllic 64 degrees

No theme for the workout – we are simply shooting for both simple and effective in our perpetual yearning for S3T2.

0530 arrives, we disclaim and head to the soccer field for WOR following a 30 merkin buy-in.  YHC led the PAX thru 12 reps of the following – WMH, LBAC, OP, RLBAC, GMs and Scorpion Stretches.  In an unusual twist, YHC was forced by his fellow PAX to not only keep cadence but the count as well.  Grace extended.

Head to the base of the parking lot to begin the Thang.  Relatedly, if anyone has the contact info to JT Moore’s soccer fields grounds caretaker, please forward to BV.

The Thang:

Workstation 1 – Chest & Shoulders

Starting at base of parking lot, Bernie Sanders to first speed bump and perform 5 merkins; run back to starting point.  Bernie Sanders to second speed bump and perform 10 merkins; run back to starting point.  Complete rhythm through the five speed bumps, and on final return to starting point knock out an extra 30 merkins.  105 merkins later, we are all in and mosey to far end of soccer field for:

Workstation 2 – Legs & Back

Sprint length of the soccer field, perform 30 squats; sprint back to starting point and perform another 30 squats.  Then run from there to playground and complete 40 Steve Irwins.  Return to initial starting point.  All in, we mosey to the baseball field for:

Workstation 3 – Triceps

Partner up; Partner 1 begins repping out dips in the dugout while Partner 2 bear crawls around the four bases, starting at home plate.  Flapjack.  PAX agree aforementioned grounds caretaker of soccer field definitely not the same one running shop on the diamond.  All in, BV hugs it out and says his goodbyes.  PAX then perform extended crab walk from third to first, lining the outfield turf along the way.  Venus confirms it was easier for him to get to first base 20 years ago than today.  Triceps are shot – we head back to Workstation 1.

Repeat Workstation 1 – with YHC instructing PAX to alter lean of the merkin (i.e., if first round was more irkin, do derkins this go-round).  All in, we head to repeat Workstation 2, sans the Steve Irwins.

Just shy of 5 minutes on the clock, we huddle up for Mary, where we perform ascending 1:4s of BBSU and 4-count Flutters.  Got to 5:20 before time called.  Mosey back to starting point – where Moneyshot reminds us all of our 4th F duties, namely, un-topple any toppled crappers identified along the AO.  One is spotted, PAX display impressive 4th F spirit.

Good work today fellas – YHC has us down for about 2.25 miles of AO terrain covered,  240 merkins knocked out, 100+ squats, some Steve Irwins and some triceps that won’t be feeling 100% tomorrow.


  • Leadership luncheon June 21 at noon at Thistle Farms; get your HCs to Vector
  • The Skunk takes a road trip to the friendly confines of the III Pillars AO (St. Paul / Green Hills Community Church campus) next week.

Honor to have led and appreciative to live out the gloom with each of you

En Fuego



Field Trip for some Lieutenant Dan ManMaking Bear Crawls

Pax: T-Cell, Moneyshot, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Hipster and En Fuego

QIC: En Fuego

Conditions: 50 degrees – a perfect May gloom

0530 arrives, we disclaim and we mosey on a field trip to higher education, namely the soon-to-be enjoyed by all recently aerated David Lipscomb soccer field. YHC orders 10 merkins for every car that passes us along the mosey, 80 merkins later we arrive to the fields for some WOR. Wrap WOR up with YHC’s favorite scorpion stretch, then commence the…


  1. Start off with 11s at the bleacher stairwell; Imperial storm squats at the bottom and power merkins at the top.  Verified the stairs are steep, got the heart rate up, and completed the 11s.  Mosey to the dugout, where we partner up for…
  2. Partner DIDs:
    • Partner 1 sprints from dugout back to stairwell and performs 15 jump squats, sprints back, while Partner 2 is performing a round of 10-20-30s of DIDs. Upon Partner 2 arrival, flapjack and R&R x2. Upon completion, YHC introduces round 3 of exercises in what shall affectionately be known as…
  3. The Lieutenant Dan Manmaking Bear Crawls
    • It is what it sounds like. PAX line up at dugout facing the bleachers. Perform sequence of Lieutenant Dan, drop into ManMakers, transition from ManMaker into 4 count Bear Crawl. Execute Lieutenant Dan Manmaking Bear Crawl sequence along width of soccer field – taking in all that the recently fertilized and finely aerated lawn had to offer. Upon completion, Foxtrot throws himself into some face-down snow angels, apparently wanting more of said lawn.

At this point, field trip is over and time to head back to the friendly confines of the AO. Mosey back, with PAX stopping about quarter mile out to give it an AYG effort from there in. Close it out with COT – prayers for Bicentennial Man and Ludwig, and their families.

Job well done by all – PAX put in the work. Honor to have led and appreciative to live out the gloom with each of you.

En Fuego

Perfect Record

PAX: Cowboy, Money Shot, Hipster (FNG Matt), Toga (QIC)

Four redwoods posted for some fun in the sun at The Skunk.  After quickly deciding that dodging lightning strikes was a priority, we relocated to Lipscomb’s parking garage.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey lap around the garage followed by warmup COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, T-Ups, Merkins, Cotton Pickers, Don Quixote

Reach out and touch a column: partner up with P1 running to touch 10 columns in the garage while P2 executes an exercise, then flapjack.  Exercises included: merkins, WWII, burpees, Squats

Four corners: 5 burpees, 10 jump squats, 15 merkins, 20 dips running the straights and bear crawling the ends.  Repeato with backwards runs and crab walks at the ends.

Dora 1, 2, 3= Partner up for 100 merkins, 200 WWI (that took some time!), 300 squats

COT with YHC taking us out.  Prayers for Cowboy’s upcoming Boston Marathon and planned surgery.

NMM: YHC has never canceled a workout.  Ice storms, 18″ of snow in VA, and tons of rain never stopped a workout.  This morning was about to break that streak, but Money Shot and Cowboy cheerfully suggested that we move to Lipscomb’s parking garage, and away we went with problem solved.  YHC’s Feng Shui was a bit off with the sudden change of venue, but you can always fall back on the staples like Dora 1, 2, 3.  Thanks to the PAX for getting out there and pushing hard on a less than ideal morning.

Stay Classy,


Final Score: Soggy Bottoms – 4, The Skunk – 0

PAX: T-Cell, Tiny Dancer, Venus & En Fuego (QIC)

Conditions: A pleasant wind chill hovering south of 9 degrees

Four PAX didn’t let some unreasonably cold temps stop them from getting after it this morning, hitting up The Skunk for a workout designed with 3S2T in mind (Strength, Speed, Stamina and physical / mental toughness).


0530 – Disclaimer given, we grab T-Cell’s 30lb homemade brick coupon and off we mosey.  Arrive at soccer field for COP – SSH, LBACs, WMH, GMs and Scorpion Stretch.  We mosey to end of field behind the goal, where instructions are given for the 3S2T inspired activities:

  •  Strength
    •  Perform 30 merkins, 25 squats, 20 WWIs in order; straight into…
  • Speed
    •  AYG sprint length of soccer field

That’s 1 set, we RxR until we’ve completed a total of 4 sets.  Bottoms officially soggied after first set of WW1s – we modify next sets to perform WW1s on path vs field, giving two nods to victory in that 1) not as soggied bottoms and 2) lengthier sprints now in place.  After completion of the 4 sets, we grab the coupon for:

  • Stamina
    •  Coupon Bataan Death March -> Last person drops and does 5 burpees while the rest of the PAX mosey in a line (lead PAX responsible for carrying the coupon).  After completing the burpees, the last PAX runs to catch up with the group, tapping the new (last) PAX on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 burpees, while the former burpee’ing PAX runs to the front of the line and takes over coupon reigns.   Run approximate .5 mile loop, and end back at soccer fields for Round 2:
  • Strength
    • Perform 30 four-count flutter kicks, 25 iron mikes and 20 atomic merkins; straight into…
  • Speed
    •  AYG sprint length of soccer field

That’s 1 set, we R&R until we have completed a total of 3 sets, where we grab the coupon for:

  • Stamina
    • Coupon Bataan Death March Round 2 – another .5 mile’ish loop

Arrive back at parking lot with 90 seconds to spare.  Grab a parking space lane, bear crawl to opposite side, perform 10 irkins and 10 derkins, crawl bear back.  Time.


  • Prayers for Bad Boy and his M for their upcoming March 12th due date
  • Prayers for Tiny Dancer and his family as they navigate this season of little sleep
  • March 23rd CSAUP, aka The Scorpion, is a go.  0600 launch – get your HCs in
  • We closed with a message on leadership, specific to the word “accountability”.  We all know the importance of promoting an atmosphere of accountability within our lives / careers – though if you are like YHC you typically think of holding colleagues accountable by delivering a task and holding them accountable to complete said task.  A slightly different spin offered in that accountability literally means to “account for one’s ability” – so challenge to the group was to think of ways as leaders within our home with our Ms and 2.0s that we are encouraging and fanning the flame of their God-given gifts and abilities toward further development.  Accountability is not solely promoting an atmosphere of completion and compliance (though important), but also encouraging those around us to develop their gifts, develop their talents, and put them to use for the betterment of themselves and those around us.

Great work today men #KSA

En Fuego



4 February 2019 Shawn WOD

Gloom Factor: Mid
Temp: 56
PAX: Cowboy, T Cell, Life Champ, Venus, Money Shot, Bagger Vance

0529:45 Disclaimer

Short Mosey through the lot w some Side Shuffle thrown in for good measure.

Circle Up for WOR:
High Knees x 13 IC
Butt Kickers x 13 IC
Good Mornings x 13 IC (Venus busts up my composure w his country accent counting)
Willie x 13 IC FBAC
Willie x 13 IC RBAC
Chest Press Flings x 13 IC
Up Back n Over x 13 IC

Shawn Hero WOD
Pretty simple
Run 5’ then perform work sets of 50 Squats and 50 Merkins
We Indian Ran the 5’. Looped up Lone Oak, rt on BPT, rt on Shack, rt on AGD’s street, left on G White, rt on Lone Oak
Cover 3+miles. Multiple pit stops for work sets.
Q fail in instructing PAX to head to Shack and back so we all 2x’d back to startex.

Flutter Kix x 13 IC


NMM: No man left behind but no man left where we found him. T Claps to Cowboy on his return. T Claps to Life Champ for hanging in. Double T Claps to Venus for attempting to get Cathy out after Cathy’s goading of us to HC and for getting YHC to crack in Cadence call.
BH: Friendly Friday this week. My man, John Wallace shares his story on Thursday night at Nashville Gun Club, free food and beer. Link will be on Slack.


Short Card & The7

Temp: 37ish and Windy
Gloom Factor: High
PAX: Life Champ, Tampa Libra, T Cell, Venus, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Bagger Vance

Short slow mosey around the lot, side shuffle, politician.

Circle Up
(All IC X 13)

Evolution I


30 Merkins
30 Air squats
30 Crunches
10 Burpees
10 Windmills

30 Push-ups
30 Mountain climbers
30 Flutter kicks
10 Burpees
10 Cherry pickers (4-count)

30 Merkins
30 SSH
30 Supermans
10 Burpees
10 Chain breakers

30 Push-ups
30 Lunges
30 Hello dollies
10 Burpees
10 Trunk twists

Evolution II

Seven Rounds
7 Thrusters
7 Supine Thrusters
7 Iron Crosses
7 8 Count BB
7 KB Swings
7 Pull Ups


NMM: Cold and windy. Not a lot of MC due to PAX engrossment with YHCs Ranger Panties. Fantastic to have TL out of the Shire and FTAL, Venus back in the fold. Life Champ wasn’t on the Lam, merely sipping PCs on a boat. Good to have T Cell back in the game after his in laws gave he and his family the runs and hurls.

1 Dec STONEWALL MOVES TO FT NEGLEY: this week only due to Winter Warmer
1 Dec BV’s Tacky Christmas Party
7 Dev Umbrella hosts First Friday, 12th Man lunch at Richland Country Club $20/man buffet w speaker (see attached)


McChrystal 3.0

Temp: 57
Gloom: Factor Moderate

PAX: Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Cowboy, Life Champ, Money Shot, Venus, Bagger Vance


Pretty foreboding weather but that didn’t stop the 6 HIM that made the right decision to forgo the Scions of the Fartsack to get out and get after it.  Today’s Q was a throwback with a few modifications due to YHC’s bum left wheel.

Mosey a couple laps around car rider loop moving in various directions.  Circle up near the school building for


SSH, IW, HB, Squats, etc. X 13 IC


5 Rounds : 25 Merkins (YHC Count), 25 LBC (IC) or Pistol BC, Plank then move down the lot in the called fashion and back in the reverse fashion.  This is a rip off of General Stanley McChrystal’s pre-workout.

R1 – 25 Merkins, 25 LBCs, Plank x 3′ Lt Dan to speed bump, Dan Lt (Lunge, Lunge, Tuck Jump) back

R2 – 25 M, 25 Pistol BC, Plank x 2.5′ Bear Crawl to speed bump, Crawl Bear back (Single Leg DL for 6)

R3 – 25 M, 25 LBC, Plank 2′, Skip to speed bump, skip in reverse back (SLDL for 6)

R4 – 25 M, 25 PBC, Plank 1.5′, Side Shuffle RT to speed bump, SS LT back (SLDL for 6)

R5 – 25 M, 25 LBC, Plank 1′, Mosey to playground

PAX partner up and perform 25 Pull Ups then Circle back up for


Plank 2′, 60 Flutter Kicks (IC), Plank 2′



Great work this am, no running to speak of but a lot of busting Hermes from Carpex’s balls on his poor form last week.  Please note PAX, when you travel adhere to local customs…just ask CCR about his trips to the MILE HIGH city.

Need a PAX to step up and Q next week, I forgot to consult w the PAX on a Q.

I shared a little in the COT about some of my struggles over the last few months and specifically an incident on Thursday.  Please stay connected with other HIM in your life, F3ers or not, to make sure you are staying on the PATH and building your GUARDRAILS up.  Feel free to hit me up if you would like to hear more or if you need someone to talk with.


Friendly Friday this week, bring an FNG and post with him.

12th Man Lunch at Richland CC on the 7th of December should be a great time to learn more about overcoming adversity and believing in the Larger Story.  I will get out a link to the invite.



Your layering offends me.

Conditions: Cool, but no cold. 41 I believe. We had some heavy layering from the Pax at the start. Was determined to get those clothes off.

Q: T-Cell

Pax: Cowboy, En Fuego, Venus, Moneyshot

Mosey around the track and pack to the parking lot for COP. All in cadence. SSHx25, Good Morningsx10, Willie Mays HaysX10, Squatsx20, MerkinsX10, Little Tiny Baby Arm Circles and Butt Claps (Venus’s words, not mine)x25.

Headed down for some parking space shuffle. First iteration up was after tracing the parking space was 1 burpee. Back to the start to rinse and repeat for 1 burpee and 2 squats. Back to the start to rinse and repeat for 1 burpee, 2 squats, and 3 merkins.

Mosey back around the track and up to the carpool lane for some DID’s. Topic of discussion was both Head Stud and Venus’s brush, or gashes, with the concrete wall. Consensus was that the fact that Venus needed stitches made his a bit more badass.

Back to the parking lot for another round. This time it was 4 jump squats and 5 SSH.

Finished off the morning with 3 sprints and some Mary.

By the time it was all done. Clothes, plural, were shed. That’s all I wanted.


Great morning at the Skunk. Glad we had a much bigger group than last week 🙂 Excited to be a part of this group on a regular basis and looking forward to the many beatdowns to come, both given and received.

First Friday lunch at Cookery this week. I’d encourage you to make this a priority if your schedule allows. Great fellowship with pax you don’t always get to see.