Rain on Rain on Rain

AO: toratoratora
Q: 40 Minutes
PAX: greyalbum, Hot Route, Ultratecht, Quik Stik, The Bobs
FNGs: None
Lots of Rain

Standard stuff

“The Alex Workout” Had to call an audible due to the rain, so we ran to the bridge and back with some burpees interspersed.

No noise november about to kickoff

Thankful for brotherhood

On Turning 30 and Batman

AO: westeros
Q: Siri , Salpal
PAX: DintyMoore, Siri, Crawlspace, Salpal, Pep, Red Skull, Black Lung, Vector, Right Said, Tim the Toolman, Grape
FNGs: None

WARMUP: everyone took a card to randomly assign roles for the workout. RedSkull was Batman, Right Said was Joker, and the rest of us were citizens of Gotham initially loyal to Batman. SalPal led us through some semi-wet warmups.

THE THANG: burpees and pull ups, pull ups and burpees, courtesy of SalPal. Training the PAX for the canonical 1,000 lbs that Batman was able to lift. Then we hustled off to the tennis courts where Siri took over.

Joker do side straddle hops and call different exercises for team Batman to do, and call cadence. ~5 minutes. Intent is for joker to play games with his enemy. Anyone who needs to bow out can join team joker and do side straddle hops.

Freeze tag for Joker to pick off members of Batman’s crew. Joker has 30 seconds to tag as many people as possible. Whoever he tags joins his team and helps him tag others.
Rest of the workout is a competition between team Batman and team joker.

Relay race: bear crawl up the steps, crawl bear back down, one pax at a time. Rest of the PAX do merkins while they wait. Winning team gains one of the other team’s members.

Relay race across the field. Each person sprint down and back then tag the next person. PAX do abs while they wait. Everyone sprints 2 times.

Relay race at the playground. Each person does 30 merkins while his team does dips. Everyone goes twice.

At this point the teams were pretty evenly split between Batman and Joker.
2-minute Ring of Fire to close out.




The Official End of Octoburpee

AO: detention
Q: ccr
PAX: ccr, Deep State, Donkey Hammer, Esposa, EZ-Go, Focker, Michelin Man, Movin On Up, Pedialyte, t-cell, Topanga, Winona, Works for a Guy
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS:. Gloomiest day in awhile. Steady rain, steady sweat

WARMUP: some stretching, some quick yoga and some arm circles forward and back. Also 10 slow and low merkins for good measure

THE THANG: well, everyone thought yesterday was the end of the octoburpee challenge. Today was a bonus day. We started with a sequence of 3 burpees, high plank and then another exercise. We did 10 total rounds mixing in merkins, dry docks, thrusters and low plank. 33 burpees.

Next was some ole fashioned 11s. Burpees and jump squats. 55 more burpees for a total of 88.

Last was some tabata work featuring atomics, sumo squats, 8 count body builders, WWI, low plank-high plank, lt. dans, BURPEES, heel touches and sprints. 16 more (for me) burpees for a total of 104 for the morning.

MARY: a quick Mary a ding in a few good mornings closed us out.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Not a ton of announcements from corporate or the AO, but @movinonup gave us a scouting report on Will Levi’s. He was good.

COT: prayers for the Tursi family in Des Moines and Rachel’s uncle Burl. Shared a quote A heard in a song and realized later was from proverbs. “God promises a safe landing, not a smooth journey”. This struck me last week as I was pondering some sad events and reminded me to keep my eyes farther down the road and know that we will all weather the ups and downs.

Great to be back fellas, Deep State, appreciate the invite as always.


The Haunted Doll

AO: handsomizer
Q: Natural Ice
PAX: Cuban Missile, Natural Ice, Frasier, Supernova, Slumlord, Freakonomics, Spinal Tap
FNGs: None

WARMUP: SSH, LBAC, the old stretches


YHC asked his 6 year old daughter if by chance we had a haunted doll in the house. She proceeded to pull a terrifying Madam Alexander doll out of a bathroom drawer. This was an old doll given to her by my M, and so old that its head was literally hanging by a thread.

PAX was tasked with GETTING RID OF THE DOLL!

The thing:
1 pax instructed the group to do an exercise at the startdex, while he ran away from the group to ditch the doll some where far away. Once he returned after ditching the doll, the rest of the PAX went on a moseying hunt to find the cursed doll. If PAX could not find the doll a set of work out dice were invoked to give hot/cold clues to the dolls location. Work out dice consisted of a list of exercises (merkins, burpees, mt climbers etc) and a length of time or number of reps to perform the exercises.

Once the doll was found, we rinsed and repeated until of pax had a chance to ditch the doll.

Stairs were climbed and burpees were burped.

Thank you again for the opportunity to lead!
Natty Ice outtttt


Ready for Battle (Working Phase)

AO: thestronghold
Q: Chunks
PAX: Skeet, Knuckles, Decaf, Thunder Duck, Ringworm, Jalisco (F3SH), Shocker (Mark Holmes), Noble Virus, Pizzalot
FNGs: None
Explain the workout and divide into teams Concrete and Steel

Ask Trivia Question – F3 Mission
13 SSH
Ask Trivia Question – 4:13 Core Values: break the mold, trust the process, be brave, never give up

Mosey – Two Columns Concrete and Steel – Caboose is Loose – I’ll set the pace and speed up from time to time.

Recover and ask a Trivia Question – Everyone in Plank Position. Must do a Merkin before jumping up to answer
How long were the Israelites slaves in Egypt? – 400 years

Deconstructed Burpee
30 Merkins
35 Big Boy Situp
40 Squats

Recover and ask a Trivia Question – Everyone in Plank Position. Must do a Merkin before jumping up to answer
What city was Jesus born in? – Bethlehem

Mosey – Two Columns Concrete and Steel – Caboose is Loose – I’ll set the pace

Recover and ask a Trivia Question – Everyone in Plank Position. Must do a Merkin before jumping up to answer
What are the 4 Expenses that need to be covered first? Food, Utilities, Shelter, Transportation

Deconstructed Burpee
25 Narrow Merkins
30 Navy Seal Situps 15 each side
35 Drop Squats

Recover and ask a Trivia Question – Everyone in Plank Position. Must do a Merkin before jumping up to answer
Who needs a budget? Everyone

Mosey – Two Columns Concrete and Steel – Caboose is Loose – I’ll set the pace

Recover and ask a Trivia Question – Everyone in Plank Position. Must do a Merkin before jumping up to answer
What does OSHA stand for? Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Trivia Question – Everyone in Plank Position. Must do a Merkin before jumping up to answer
What are the two free thing you can bring to your job? Attitude and Effort

Mosey – Two Columns Concrete and Steel – Caboose is Loose halfway to start Ex

Marched in formation back to StartEx, just like we finished the Struggle

Final Trivia Question with 5 points.
What are the 4:13 Strong graduation requirements?
$1,500 Emergency Fund
Payoff Court Fees, Fines and Child Support
Get driver’s license
Purchase a CASH car and insure it
Four months continuous employment

There was some debate on who answered the question correctly without help. So we settled it the only way we know how.

Iron Lung was victorious giving Concrete the WIN for the first time.

Shared my story of what F3 and 4:13 mean to me. You had to be there.

Thanks for the honor to lead.

Strength and Honor

Ring of Fire

AO: the-knoll
Q: Sooie
PAX: AAA, El Capitan, morning star, Pebbles, Sooie, Timber, Wolfpack, G-string (Eli Kresta), @Bumblebee 2.0, @Repugnus 2.0
FNGs: None
59 degrees, starry night on the knoll.

Yes/No/Maybe’s 8x
BAC 15x
BBAC 15x
Imperial Walkers 15x
Cherry pickers 10x
Loose Caboose mosey around the knoll with various moseying techniques (politician, high knees, butt kickers, skips etc)

6 stations indicated by glowing, orange cones arranged in a circle with a 20 yard diameter. Pair up and pick a starting point. Coupons at each station must be used for all the reps, can be split between partners.
1. 50 Merkins 50 Iron Mikes (12lb vest)
2. 100 ‘Merican punches (5lb dumbbells)
3. 100 shoulder presses (12lb kettlebell)
4. 100 Goblet Squats (25lb dumbbell)
5. 100 ‘Merican Hammers (12lb dumbbell)
6. 100 kneeling rows (15lb dumbbell)
Burpees if you were waiting on a station. 2.0’s ran around the circle tagging random pairs who would then have to complete a lap.

30 breaths 60bpm and breath hold
3 sets of box breathing (4 sec inhale, 4 sec hold, 8 sec exhale)

Octoburpee convergence at #iii-pillars 10/31.
Costume burpee workout at #the-knoll 10/31 for PAX unable to make it to the convergence.

Honor Time: publicly recognize admirable qualities in the PAX present. Prayer requests.

Pain Train Solo

AO: offthebooks
Q: Wolfpack
PAX: Wolfpack
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: 60 degrees and clear skies

WARMUP: high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, arm stretches

THE THANG: AMRAP 90 seconds on 60 seconds off

Lap around park 1/5 mile
Incline Merkins
Flutter Kicks
Sit ups
Decline Merkins
Calf Raises
Lap around park 1/5 mile
Pull Ups
Hand release merkins
Hollow body holds
Lap around park 1/5 mile

MARY: stretches


COT: Looked up at the stars and contemplated our place in this vast cosmos.

Tussle AMRAP

AO: the-knoll
Q: Timber
PAX: Wolfpack, El Capitan, DB, Pebbles, morning star, Sooie, Timber, AAA, Malibu, G-string (Eli Kresta), House Party, Bumblebee (2.0), Big Red (2.0), Smoltz (2.0)
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: 60 degrees

WARMUP: in cadence: jump combo (8 down to 1), slow squats (10), merkins (10), pike merkins (8); OYO: lunge stretch (covered F3 mission, 5 core principles, credo)

1.5 minutes AMRAP, 1 minute recovery
Exercises: Burpees, WWIIs, floor to ceiling (w/coupon), burpees, LT Dans, hand release merkins, burpees, flutter kicks, shoulder swings (w/coupon), burpees, Apollo Ohnos

MARY: None

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tussle this Saturday, last week of Octoburpee and convergence on Oct 31 at 3 Pillars to finish off the month challenge

COT: story of Charles Plumb: Plumb was a navy fighter pilot in Vietnam, who by all measures was considered one of the best. On his 75th and final mission his plane was shot down and he had to eject and parachute to safety. He was captured by the enemy and held in a POW prison for 6 years. Several years after his safe return home, a random stranger approached him and said “I know you. You’re Charles Plumb and I packed your parachute on the Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier.” Plumb didn’t sleep that night, as he thought about all the times he probably passed this soldier on the aircraft carrier, and never recognized him or acknowledged him. And this was the guy that saved Charles Plumb’s life! LESSON for me: be grateful and be intentional about acknowledging and thanking those around me who “pack my parachute.”

Go Burpees for Donuts

AO: bomber
Q: Firefox
PAX: Subway, Papa Bear, Recharge, Cream Cheese, Michelin Man, DintyMoore, Vector, Tim the Toolman, Spinal Tap, sooner, Oatmeal, PeteTheCat
FNGs: None
COUNT: 12.5
CONDITIONS: No complaints

– SSH x 15
– Good Mornings x 10
– WMH x 10

To prepare folks for Game Night tomorrow, I adapted the rules of a fun, family game called Go Nuts for Donuts. But rather than collecting a variety of donuts, PAX were attempting to collect a variety of exercises.

6 cards, each showing a specific exercise and number of reps were displayed in a row, numbered 1 through 6. PAX were split into 5 teams and given a set of cards, also numbered 1 through 6. One member from each team held a plank and selected the number from their cards corresponding with the exercise they wanted for their team that round. If no one else picked the same number, their team “won” the exercise. If any teams picked the same number, those teams had to do 15 burpees instead. Meanwhile, all other PAX did SSH.

Exercises included (with variable but not trival rep counts):
– Merkins
– Decline Merkins
– Iron Mikes
– Buzzsaw Planks
– Jump Squats
– Drop Squats
– Monkey Humpers
– Pull-Ups
– Hanging Leg Raises
– Bear Crawl around the circle
– Crawl Bear around the circle
– Split Squats
– Plank Jacks

We did 12 rounds of this. For reference, Team 2, consisting of me, @sooner, and @tim_the_toolman did a crawl bear circuit, 20 pull-ups, 30 monkey humpers, 30 jump squats, 40 iron mikes (each side is a half), 40 buzzsaw planks, and 40 merkins to go along with 75 burpees (Thanks, @sooner )

Fun was had by ~all~ me.

– 4 rounds of 10 WW1s and a Hollow Body Hold

– Did I mention Game Night?
– Family-friendly shindig at casa de @tim_the_toolman Oct. 27

– My mom’s speedy and smooth recovery from knee surgery
– Peace and comfort for all those suffering and/or under threat due to violence overseas

Donut Den donuts were consumed by many. Star Bagel was had by some.

Other observations:
– @PeteTheCat showed up and startled many a PAX with aggressive friendliness. @sooner was not a fan. Pete was wise to avoid the HBH but did try to sneak in for some donuts.
– I’m pretty sure there was at least 1 team that exceeded their burpee quota today (looking at @michelin_man and co)
– @oatmeal used some very subtle tactics to dissuade other teams from picking the same exercise as him. It only worked some of the time
– The 30 pull-ups card was in high demand and led to a lot of burpees, for some reason.
– Gratitude to @oatmeal for picking up all the cards

20 Swashbucklin Questions

AO: atlantis
Q: Hair Band
PAX: Toothless, Salpal
FNGs: None

Disclaimer issued promptly at 0531

Air Press
Michael Phelps
Imperial Walkers
Willie Mays Hayes

Round 1:
10 stations of 10 burpees around the park, mosey in between, pirate movie related questions preceding each round of burpees: Salpal 5, Toothless 3,

Round 2:
At the playground: a set of 10 rows and 10 iron mikes (2 count), preceded again by pirate movie questions: Salpal 1, Toothless 2

Mosey the long way back to Start X

MARY: 3 min of ab exercises no rest

Salpal declared winner in a narrow 6-5 victory over toothless

– board game night at Firefox’s, check main channel for deets
– Salpal leading a disconnected november (presently forgetting the creative name), go HC for that
– info coming about potential Hobblin Gobbler this year for TG

– each man shared, Toothless asks for prayers for brother’s father in law, Salpal asked for success in his wife getting her paper published, I asked for safe travels and a peaceful trip as my mom goes to scotland for my Great Gran’s funeral
– please reach out to your fellow PAX and remind them you are thinking about them, praying for them, and are there for them if they need anything