Metal Monday

Metal Monday

Gloom Factor:  Windy and chilly but warm enough for Motley Crue, AC/DC, and Van Halen.
Pre-Party:  Non-existent
PAX in Attendance:  Creeper, Huggy, Type O, Professor X (Respect), Barney Fyffe, Old Hickory,
Warm Up:  Disclaimer, Side Straddle Hops, Arm Circles, Mosey with Butt Kicks, Politicians with Bear Crawl back to starting point

My Playlist has commercials. Some called it Ghetto. My answer = more Motley Crue.

Thang 1

Mosey to the Pain Shack. Coupon Pyramid. 2 exercises for 2 rounds.

Round 1 (10 reps each exercise – start at 10 reps and work your way down to 1 rep):

  • Merkins
  • Squats

Round 2 (10 reps each exercise – start at 1 rep and work your way up to 10 reps):

  • Squat Thrusters
  • Swings

Thang 2

Mosey back to starting point.
Parking lot line pyramid. 2 rounds – start at 1 rep and work your way up to 10 reps.

Round 1

    • Squats
    • Merkins
    • 2 lunge walk steps to next parking line

Round 2

  • Burpees
  • 2 broad jumps to next parking line

Parking Lot Letdowns

1 suicide run and 1 minute of “Loaded Beasts” to end the morning

Number Off/Name-a-rama/COT
Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for LMP and his wife
  • Prayer for Barney’s family – Pat
  • Prayer for Staples Mom and family


  • Continue to look ways to serve as a group (financially and time) in our community

Defying the Storms at Defiant

Paid Make It Rain GIF

5 PAX with a combined 200+ years of life experience came out and made it rain: Barney Fievel (Qic), Old Hickory, Professor X (respect), Typo+ and Creeper.

Conditions: Rain, thunder, lightning and 62 degrees. A typical mid-December day in Tennessee. PAX successfully stayed mostly dry by confining our workout to the overhang in front of the school.

Warm Up: SSH, cherry pickers and a few others that escape me at the moment.

Thang 1: MLBs

Line up. Perform 10 merkins, lunge to midway point, bear crawl to the end. Turn around, repeat decreasing reps by 2 merkins  each time.

Thang 2:  The Plethora

Truth be told, I had to scrap my workout as there was intermittent lightning and YHC is a little stubborn. The majority of the workout consisted of some pretty intense sequences that I’ll do my best to try and remember below:

  • 15 balls to the walls
  • 10 burpees on the minute for 10 minutes.
  • 5 one-minute Wall Squats
  • 15 Wall Derkins
  • 50 Copenhagens

Extended Mary: 

  • Leg raises
  • V-ups
  • Slutter Kicks with our crotch facing the school
  • American Hammers
  • Freddie Mercury’s


Prayer Needs: LMP Wife and Family, Typo+ Wife and Family, Soccer Mom R&R, ShowMe and family on their next chapter.

Announcements: –  Nashville Rescue Mission; Glengarry and family are serving Christmas Eve in Kitchen.

-BF Out-

Breezy Blockees @ DEFIANT with 3D

Pre-Party: YHC for 5 pull-ups, 7 Merkins and 9 Squats on the minute for 8 minutes. Lonely times until LifeCoach Creeper joined in halfway through…discussion included irony of Nirvana songs and speed walking

9 PAX in attendance for the main event: Prof. X (Respect), Creeper, Bieber, ShowMe, GlenGarry, NumbTucks, OldHickory, Mufasa (He’s Alive?!) & 3rd Degree (Q) got after it.


  • SSH IC x 10
  • SJ IC x 10
  • IW IC x 10
  • Inchworm Merkins OYO x 5
  • GM OYO x 3

Mosey to the Shed @ the park for coupon distribution

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

party anger GIF

4 exercises with coupons: Blockees, Coupon Squats, Curls+OHP, and AHs with coupon held.

Exercises A, B, C & D in progressive rounds like this: 10A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1A, 10B, 2C, 2D, 2A, 2B, 10C, 3D (the best round), 3A, 3B, 3C, 10D, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 9A, 5B, 5C, 5D, 5A, 9B, 6C, 6D, 6A, 6B, 9C, 7D, 7A, 7B, 7C, 9D, 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D and done…

Great way to get 55 reps of each exercise completed in a “manageable” way.

Plank progression and 10 APDs. Had s much fun on form that NT forgot his number…

Back to the school for some fun n’ games with the Die of Doom with the remaining time.

~10 minutes of Die of Doom (Karma Cube…Craps…Die of Death…not sure yet what to call this still…) Q tossed die to random PAX and whatever exercise and rep was listed, we did. Sometimes we modified, and sometimes PAX tried to modify and bonus Burpees were awarded. Eventually, 5 minutes in…the MC ad GrumbleChatter was so loud YHC had to call an audible with a GRIT test of BC 20 parking spaces, then lungewalk 10 and crawl-bear 10 back for CoT

CoT / Counterama / Namerama

What we learned:

  • I was recently inspired by the story of Luz Long and his unexpected and courageous encounter with Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Check it out! We need to recognize we are all made in SkyQ’s image and have worth because of this. Recognize your own and others’ worth as humans and treat each other as such…period.
  • Kobains is F3 slang for “Sorry..” The more you know…

affluenza cast GIF

  • We need an F3Dads hike up the hill at Smith  Park…who will lead this event? Hike up food/drinks and eat at the summit? Nimbus, get it done 😉
  • ShowMe is soon to depart to Savannah, TN and looking to spring up a local F3 Chapter there…you’ll be missed homey.

PostParty: 9 Clerkins for good measure

Coffeteeria enjoyed by a few PAX while others (including YHC) had to bounce out quick. I’m sure some 2nd F and 3rd F took place


  • Staples to host F3Nolensville Christmas Party Dec. 21, Venmo @F3Nolensville ~$10 for Yours and your +1’s contribution to the Smoked Brisket/Veggies/Wings? if you will be coming. Plan to bring a side to share and some holiday cheer would be welcome too (the alcoholic kind included)
  • NewYear 10mi Ruck on New Years. Talk to Nimbus1500 for more info.
  • Website in the works…. . Any tech-heads that can help get this thing up and running? Contact Nimbus…

Humbled with the opportunity to sharpen and be sharpened.

– 3D

Blackjack at Defiant

PP: 3rd Degree, Mursa, and someone else.

GLOOM: cold, dark, and ready to roll

PAX: 3rd Degree, NumbTucks, Staples, Stats, Mursa, Professor X (Respect), Typo+ (QIC)

Q rolled in hot and set up the shovel flag while PAX were doing a ShowMe lap.




12x SSH IC

12x Low-in-Slow Squats IC

12x Low-in-slow Merkins IC

Run 1 lap around the school and meet back on the Pain Ground.



Let’s play some BlackJack.

20 reps of Exercise 1; 1 rep of Exercise 2

mode of transportation from 1 to 2: Lunge Walks

Mode of transportation back: BroadJumps

Exercise 1: using a swing, get into plank, put your feet on swing and bring your knees to your chest.

Exercise 2: Good ‘ol fashioned Pull-Ups!


We made good progress, but what was most impressive was Professor’s epic Mumble Chatter about Roger Staubach being the best Cowboy ever, and something about his mom being from Oklahoma.  Oh, and NumbTucks got a splinter…only a problem because of your Ranger Panties!



Prayers for SoccerMom and he and his family come home for 6 weeks on Furlow.  Look forward to seeing him again soon.

Game Night in SilverStream Thursday night…once NumbTucks gets permission.

Stay Tuned for Christmas Party info.



Maupin Hero WoD @ Defiant for Veteran’s Day ’19

PAX in attendance: Stats, HotDish, Jeeves, Prof. X, Huggy, Typo+ and 3D (YHC, QiC)

Image result for maupin wod

Today we were able to commemorate the life of a fallen hero, SPC, Matt Maupin, US Army. SSG Maupin was captured then executed by Iraqi insurgents in ‘04 and his remains weren’t recovered until ‘08. The attack took place on 9 April ‘04, hence the 4 rounds and 49 reps.

Here is the story and meaning behind the workout:

Live in the knowledge that you are protected by heros who sacrifice so you can enjoy what you do…

For me, I also remember that as a Christian I have been bought with a price and no longer live unto myself…that’s thanksliving

3D, out…

Training Ground @ Defiant

Pre-Party: YHC led Pull-Up & Dwarf Kick Apocalypse from 10-5 reps each. Staples, Barney, & 3rd Degree started and Creeper joined in after round 1. Topics of conversation included: Frosty Bars, Gay frogs, Jet-streams and Non-Human Primates Not being an equivalent term for a Human made in SkyQ’s image…Sound fun? Come out to a PP and join in…

10 PAX in attendance for the main event: Staples, BarneyFievel, Creeper, Prof. X, OldHickory, Jeeves, HotDish (PreviouslyPotluck), Huggy (Coming in Hot!), ShowMe & ThirdDegree (QIC)

Warm-up/Disclaimer/BattlePlan Declaration:

  • Warm Up run to back of school
  • Stretch OYO


Image result for tellier wod

As a modification, we ran a short lap around “the heart” of the back school lot in between each revolution. Not sure what that means? Come to DEFIANT. ~2 miles total today

This workout was in honor of Sgt. Zachary D. Tellier who died September 29, 2007 in Afghanistan helping rescue several soldiers from a burning vehicle and returning fire. Read more at the following if desired:

CoT/Numbers/Names/ Re-Christening of recent FNG


  • 3rdF (Faith) opportunity: We’re raising funds for Safe Families that will be our “buy in” to the FitTest on November 23rd. Safe Families is an amazing organization that finds homes for children as their families transition through some of the harder seasons of life. Knowing Nimbus, I’ve seen first hand the good that this organization does and the hope that it provides to children that would otherwise have none. Winner of FitTest gets 60% of all for their charity with 10% going to the other 4 regions. Let’s be going HARD for this charity. Please join me in raising funds for this very worthy cause and lets go win this thing.
    • We already have a $1k donation from a generous benefactor that we’ll reveal later, but its up to all of us to grow this and earn as much as we can to bless the Middle Tennessee Region. Any raised funds can be sent to the @F3Nolensville Venmo account or can be handed over in another fashion to Numbtucks.
  • 2ndF (Fellowship) opportunity: IronClad victors and friends (who buy a drink for a victor) Happy Hour reception at Brother’s Burger Joint in Nolensville from 4-7pm tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/5/19)
  • 1stF (Fitness) opportunity: The Gauntlet is coming this Saturday, November 9th! Please help us promote this and let’s all plan to be in attendance, as we’ll play host to some out-of-towners! Start and end at Nolensville High School. About 5:30 to 8:30pm. This one will be totally different from our last Gauntlet. Bring your own water and endurance needs (salt-tabs, gels/goo, etc) Come out and get sharpened…

What We Learned:

    • Recent FNG “PotLuck” and sponsor Jeeves had an epiphany about Minnesotan culture and was renamed “HotDish”
    • Staples Snorts Coffee to see if it will get him high…
    • OldHickory uses others for pacing and may need Siri to help count reps 😉
    • Veterans Day is next Monday. Let’s keep the sacrifices and efforts of others that benefit us and allow us to enjoy the freedoms we do in mind. In application, we did a Hero Workout of the Day (WoD)
    • GlenGarry is an eager VQ Beaver and signed up for not only one, but 2 Q’s. Let’s come out in force and support him at BrokenWheel tomorrow & the Pound Thursday.
    • SpeedRucking is on schedule with NumbTucks Wed. at 5am at RuckU. Come find out what that means. We have 7 rucks as a region currently. Nimbus with the lion’s share. Jansport+bricks also works…
    • I can often see F3 as an escape of sorts where I come to have fun and be sharpened (which is appropriate) but have found that I need to see it as a training ground for my other leadership roles that are more important (Discipleship, Marriage, Fatherhood, Employment, etc). I see our beat-downs and conversations as opportunities to learn how to be humbled, challenged, get knocked down and endure, be mocked and yet persevere, to love in hard times and to receive the care of others when my pride would rather not… Let’s be less sensitive personally, more sensitive externally and work hard while expecting the same and holding others to that same standard. LET’s GO!

3D, OUT!

Double Digits for “Down By 2” at Defiant

GLOOM:  we’re getting closer.  50deg with little wind, so relatively decent out.

Pre-Party: No Clue, but probably.

PAX: Creeper, Professor X (Respect), HushPuppy, Stats, TV Guide, Staples, 3rd Degree, Old Hickory, MicDrop, Jeeves, Typo+ (QIC)





Seal Jacks



Time for some Down by 2’s on the corner.

Start at one corner of the school.  Perform 20 exercises as prescribed.  Run to next corner and plank and wait for 6.  All in.  Do 18 exercises as prescribed….then 16, then 14.  Back to start.  Run a 1/4 mile around the school.  Back to start.  Continue doing exercises on each corner, doing 2 less each time, waiting on the six.  On the “4” and “2”, do OYO then finish running around school and finish at start.

Mosey to parking lot.



11 strong for some strong work.

*Gaunlet is coming.  Get your mind right ahead of time.

*MicDrop: Continued prayers for Allison as Methotrexate(sp?) is only sometimes working.

*Continued prayers for SoccerMom in Uganda.


Q closed it out with the immortal words of the great Theologian, Dolly Parton.  You are a rainbow.  But to be a rainbow, you have to have sunshine, joy, and pain.  All 3 will come at times in your life.  Don’t be shocked when pain happens.  In any and all circumstances, whether joy or pain, run to God’s feet.  He loves you.



Route 66 to Paula Abdul’s Place

GLOOM FACTOR: what gloom?

Bearway to Heaven Pre-Party – Snowball, 3rd Degree, Numbtucks and YHC

Main Event PAX: Snowball, MicDrop, Professor X, 3rd Degree, Typo+, Numbtucks, FNG (Jeeves), Huggy (QIC)

Show me lap, disclaimer

Circle up for:
SSH x 15
Imperial Walker x 15
Moroccan nightclubs x 15 RECOVER
Merkins x 10 OYO

Thang 1
Route 66
Mosey from the parking lot down Newsom Ln to the back school entrance.
At the first lightpole do 1 burpee, second lightpole do 2 burpees, etc. til we hit Rocky Fork. Got to round of 11 burpees (grand total of 66 *gasp*). Pick up the six or fall in for Mary exercises til all-in.

Thang 2
Mosey back to the flag and line up.
Sprint up 2 parking spaces, do 2 burpees, back peddle 1 space, do 1 burpee, sprint 2 spaces, etc. Flag to far lightpole. Pick up the six or fall in for Mary exercises til all-in.

Mosey to the school entrance.
One end of the overhead canopy to the other and back: bear crawl, crawl bear. Then crab walk, walk crab. Pick up the six or fall…..….

Three quick sprints from school entrance out to Rocky Fork and back.

Find a spot along the wall, two minute people’s chair (wall sit) hold and two minute BTTW hold. Three Merkin penalty for dropping.

Mosey to flag
High plank, right arm up, 10 oblique dips. Left side.

And done. Great morning.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama (Welcome, Jeeves!)


    • ICC coming to a close soon.
    • Gauntlet 11/9. Launch at 0530 from the Forge.

YHC took us out with a prayer. Helluva morning today, HIMs!

My Favorite Things Part 2 (The HEART)

PAX: NumbTucks (QIC), Creeper, Huggy, Staples, Professor X, Swinger


  • ShowMe Lap
  • SSH IC x 10
  • Stretching


Mosey to back of school and while running a lap around the “heart” YHC explained the concept for today: split into 3 groups and while P1 does AMRAP of the called exercise, P2 run a lap around the heart. But you have to enter and exit the Heart from the same side.

We did:

  • H: Humpers (The Monkey variety)
  • E: Everest (Mountain Climbers)
  • A: Angle Grinders
  • R: Reverse Lunges
  • T: The Wolvering (burpee variation)

Each lap was ~0.2 miles and took ~1.5 minutes.

Thang 2:
Partner 1 performs 10 merkins while partner 2 performs as many LBCs as possible. 10 rounds for 100 merkins each.


Now that the calisthenics portion is complete, let’s sprint!

We sprinted from one end of the heart to the other through the middle with various MOT: AYG Sprint with mosey around the border back to start with speedbump of 20 APD with feet on a ball, Round 2: same as before but speedbump was 20 derkins with feet on ball, Round 3:  Karaoke while facing school to midway through heart then turn and AYG to other end. Round 5: Same as 4 but to the other side. Round 6: Bear Crawl to midpoint then AYG, Round 7: Crawl Bear then AYG

Run to the front of the school for COT (wait you must perform 1 Wolverine for good measure)

Remember Ruck workout dry run begins this Wednesday at 5am to 5:50am. We will need the extra 5 minutes.

DEFIANT Back to School

5  PAX in Attendance: NumbTucks, Typo+, Creeper, Huggy & 3rd Degree (QiC) refused to fartsack or be scared of getting wet and shield-locked to get beat down today and start the work-week off right.

No one signed up to Q so YHC wanted to celebrate the beginning-ish of the school season with an education-inspired Q with present pax input. I came up with the concept, but need help for content.

13 years of education at least obtained by all PAX present (K-12) so we will do a rep for each year of each exercise called.

Huggy and others (?) earned some Extra Credit this AM with a pre-party showing doing crawls, burpees and whatnot…not sure on the particulars as I asked in the middle of the THANG and the fog of war was thick…


  • Jog around the lot
  • SSH IC x 10
  • IW IC x 10
  • Tempo Squats IC x 10
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 10
  • GM x 3 OYO

The Thang 

We will all Run 1/2-way round the school (Balls to balls) perform 1×13 rep set of exercises for each letter of the alphabet. (A&B at one stop, C&D at next, etc.)

2 miles and 26 different sets of exercises (some were cut short to 3 reps due to time constraints)


  • A: Angle-Grinders
  • B: BearCrawl Merkins (2 parking spaces + 1 Merkin = 1)
  • C-R: Various awesome things that you should have been there for
  • S-Y: Other various awesome things we did 3x of each.
  • Zig-Zags: Jumps back and forth over line in concrete side to side making a Z shape. Each completed letter shape is 1. x3


  • Pray for Creeper’s church family who have a hard anniversary today…
  • TClaps to Typo+ for the 2nd F Porch hangout last Saturday.
  • Make sure to sign up for Q slots on or YHC will take them all!
  • Warpath and Gauntlet coming up!
  • Praise that I got the official offer letter and will be a new PCP in Nolensville with Vanderbilt starting in December!!!

Love getting to lead these HIMs.

Until next time,

3D, out!