The Knoll BB – 07.27.23 – “In Soviet Russia, alters mark you”

7 PAX and their 2.0’s contemplated their alters and enjoyed a fun game of soccer.

AO: The Knoll (Harpeth Knoll Park, Bellevue)
CONDITIONS: 70’s and humid
TUNES: birds of the air
PAX (12): @Squints (Will Simpson) + 2.0’s: bullseye, bolt, hip toss, @Pebbles + 2.0: big red (FNK), @morning star + 2.0: bumble bee, @Ranger, @AAA (triple A), @Sooie, @El Capitan
FNG’s: 0
FNK’s: 1 (big red)
QIC: YHC + bumble bee

5:30 – Group welcomed, disclaimer forgotten.

Q commentary: This morning we’re going to reflect on our alters. One way to think about an alter is: it’s a physical representation of a significant event in your life where someone came through for you. In other words it’s a marking of challenging event where someone showed up for you with care, faithfulness, goodness and helped you. That someone could be a parent, a friend or God.

– Mosey to morning star’s house to get the coupons (rocks that represent your alter)
– 5 squats at the stop sign
– Find a rock that you can carry for at least 10 minutes. Men chose from a pile of large rocks, 2.0’s chose from a pile of smaller rocks.
– Lunges to the top of the drive way with your coupon
– Walk to the stop sign, 5 squats at the stop sign
– Walk to the park, 5 presses at the entry way

YHC realized that the disclaimer was missed and gave it at the start of the THANG.

Part 1: let your alter mark you
– Pair up and stay together
– 5 squats, 5 presses, 5 lunches towards the tree in the corner of the park
– if you arrive at the tree before others, burpees or SSH as you wait for the six
– bring your rock

Part 2: mark your alter
Q commentary: In my experience, if I don’t process a challenging event then I carry it like this rock. It becomes a burden. But if I can process it, open up about it to a friend and then get to a place of gratitude about it then the burden is lifted and I grow. The moment marks me in a positive way. I take goodness and wisdom from it.

YHC invited everyone to put their rocks down around the tree and take one minute of silence to consider their alter.

Part 3: soccer fun!
– split into teams and play soccer
– every 5 minutes or so men froze and did an 2 exercises for a minute or so while 2.0’s kept playing, then rejoined the game

– 2.0’s took turn doing penalty shots
– if they missed, men did 20 reps of an exercise, if they made it: 5 reps
– exercises: Ukrainian hammers, freddy mercuries, toe touches, some thing else
– circled up to end with a series of planks

Q commentary: Sometimes the best way to think is to plank.

Q commentary: If you have a challenging moment from your past that is still unresolved consider bringing that to someone you trust and sharing it with them, If you’re a kid, bring it to your parents. If you’re a man: take it to a friend or mentor. Don’t let those painful moments become burdens, turn them into alters.

– Count-o-roma, name-o-roma + named friendly new kid (big red)
– Announcements (see below)
– Pebbles and big red took us out with a prayer and St. Michael’s prayer. (YHC put Pebbles on the spot. Honor to you @Pebbles for stepping up and sharing your heart through your prayer and inviting Big Red to lead us in the prayer to St. Michael)

Coffeeteria followed (thanks for the coffee, @Sooie!)

Announcements: see slack

It was a delight to see the kids and watch them play during coffeeteria.

My desire is to see families built up and strengthened through our time together. I think it’s happening and it’s beautiful.

“If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it” -Richard Rohr

PAX, I encourage you to do the hard inner work of transforming your pain. Marking your alters is one way to do that.

May we all be marked toward maturity,
m* out!

III Pillars – 07.11.23 – “Big Gulps, huh?

9 PAX including one WL got a taste of Slurpees and Big Gulps during a 7-Eleven-themed workout.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Batter, Formica, Go Fish, Grape, Harbaugh, Pep, T-Cell, ’88 (WL-Gold Rush)


Brief disclaimer and quick mosey to field per usual for a nice little warmup consisting of:

  • SSH
  • LBAC F/R
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • WMH
  • SnL Squats

Having just returned from a trip to South Dakota, YHC noted the toughness one would’ve required to settle that land and wanted to honor that with a quick but oh-so-painful routine. In Jack Webb style (1:2 ratio), PAX performed one squat followed by two Iron Mikes (1 ea leg). We took the count up to 5 and worked our way back down. This was most definitely a crowdpleaser and will be used again.

Mosey over to the jungle gym for Part 1 of the two-part 7-Eleven Series:

Standing 11s – Slurpee (burpee with star jump)/Pull-ups. No mosey in between, just rest as needed.

For Part 2, PAX moseyed back to midfield for a circuit we called the B.I.G. G.U.L.P. PAX worked through 32 oz reps of each exercise:

  • Boxcutters
  • Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Groiners
  • Gorilla Humpers
  • Undertakers (sit-up with legs flat and apart, like the wrestler’s famous reanimation)
  • Leg Raises
  • Peter Parkers

Mosey back to flag with enough time for a brief cool down of butterfly and glute stretches and some good mornings.



Glad to have ’88 in from Sacramento. We’re in the thick of sweating season, so it was good to show the Cali boy some humidity.


T.A.P.S. – Pep’s job, Franklin soccer parents


  • 7/17 – Yum Yum Q at iiiP!
  • 7/20 – Stairway to Heaven workout at Percy Warner stairs  with Harbaugh and Formica on the co-Q

PA Out