Gladiators – 05.31.19

With the Q headed to Italy for a few weeks of R&R, the PAX joined him for a “live re-enactment” of the Colosseum as gladiators themselves. It was a good battle.

Conditions: What every gladiator dreams of battling in

QIC: Toothless

PAX: Princess Aurora, Napster, Bicentennial Man, Steinbrenner (F3 Memphis), Bad Boy, Porcelain, Right Said, Vector, Firefox, Dewey, Hi-Viz, T-Cell, Lunch Lady, En Fuego, Cub Cadet, Crawlspace, Hambone


  • Slow run from post west, cross lot, back around McCabe center, up to upper lot
  • 15 x SSH
  • 15 x WMH
  • 15 x LBAC
  • 15 x RLBAC
  • 15 x Air Presses

Main Event: Gladiator Run

PAX pair off by counting in 4’s, and then split into pairs via 2’s and 4’s turning to right

Pairs from 4’s and 3’s form one group, 2’s and 1’s form another

Alternate between half of the group exercising while the other half runs around the upper lot.

PAX did everything in their pairs, with the option to share the total of the following individual exercise counts:

  • Set One
  • 30 x Squats
  • 10 x Burpees
  • Set Two
  • 25 x Merkins
  • 50 x LBC

The first group (1’s and 2’s, or 3’s and 4’s) to finish both sets wins that round and gets a breather until the other group finishes their exercises.

Example round: Run, Set One, Run, Set Two

Rinse & Repeat x 1

On the third set, if the running group completely passed all members of the other group with all of their members, it would count as a bonus win.


1’s and 2’s – 2 wins (almost caught passed in round 3)

3’s and 4’s – 1 win

Finished with 30 burpees minus the win count x 5, so 20 and 25 respectively

Mosey back to post for Mary


Rotating Mary called out by the Gladiators (PAX) down the line until time


  • Leadership Lunch coming up on June 21 – details and ability to sign up are here at this link, click it!
  • Spring Hill AO is being added to the Q signup sheet and is officially open, Tiny Dancer has more details


Every PAX put brought a solid effort this morning. I’m publishing this from my layover in Boston pre red eye flight to ??, so since I’ll be DR just know that I’ll miss y’all and will be counting on some help knocking off the pasta weight when I get back. As always, it was an honor to lead!

The Buffalo – 05.31.2019

It’s payday and it’s Friday.  So it’s a good day.  Here’s what we did at The Buffalo to celebrate.

Conditions: Absolutely delightful.

PAX: Hipster, Pocket Chicken; Roundabout (FNG); Locusts and Honey (FNG); Hot Route; Small Things; Tampa Libra; Brother at Law (QIC)

WOR: Mosey around the tennis courts.  Circle up for SSH x20; GM x10; WMH x10; LBAC lunge x10; reverse LBAC w/ lunge x10; Imperial Walkers x10; Hilbillies x10; Slow and Low merkins x10.

THANG: Two of us grab coupons a la Pocket Chicken and everybody meet at tennis courts.  Then we did something that according to the Exicon is call Colonel Trautman.   Okay!  Everybody gathered at tennis courts, roughly 20 yards from playground.  P1 runs to playground for three pullups, then runs back to tennis court.  P2 does 10 merkins then holds high plank.  Tag out when P1 returns.  Rinse and repeat.  Each pair went at least four times, so 12 pull ups, 40 merkins, and some good high plank time too.

Mosey to the big hill at Shelby Ave.  One partner runs backwards up the hill, then forwards back down, while second partner AMRAPs the following: Set 1: Merkins; Set 2: Dry Docks; Set 3: Mountain Climber Merkins.  Tagging in and out throughout.  Rinse and repeat entire thing once.

Mosey back up to tennis courts for some four corners.

Corner 1: AMRAP Squat and overhead press with 25 lb weight plate.

Corner 2: AMRAP Ariana Grandes

Corner 3: AMRAP Lt. Dans

Corner 4: 30 LBCs.

When the 30 LBCs are done they mosey to the next corner, who then mosey to the next corner, so on and so forth.  We made two full rotations with our time left.

Mary: American Hammers x20; ASTs x20; some leg stretches because it sounded good; 5 burpees for trash talking Tampa Libra who has no time for feelings.  All done.

Announcements:  Lots of F3 and F3-adjacent families to keep in our prayers.  Sinclair family, Penny Loafers family; Tampa as they begin process of adoption; lots of new dads and dads with little ones on the way too.

T Claps to Pocket Chicken for promotion at work.  I want to say Commander.  I hope that’s right.

Always an honor to work with and lead you guys.  I’ll be in California next week but can’t wait to get back at it.


Temp: 70s
Gloom Factor: Nil
PAX: Venus, Atlas, Offshore, Big Perm, PREVAC, Accounts Receivable, Movin on Up, D’Mish, Master Splinter, Dupree, CAPSLOCK, Yard Sale, Edible Arrangements, Bagger Vance
QIC: Offshore, BV

Quick mosey around the school w some high knees, butt kickers, lunge walk, Bernie and trash pick up.

Squats, Good Mornings

0. 30 Push-ups
0. 30 Air squats
0. 30 Crunches
0. 10 Burpees
0. 10 Windmills
0. 30 Push-ups
0. 30 Mountain climbers
0. 30 Flutter kicks
0. 10 Burpees
0. 10 Cherry pickers (4-count)
0. 30 Push-ups
0. 30 Star jumpers (or jumping jacks)
0. 30 Back Extensions (“supermans”)
0. 10 Burpees
0. 10 (Brain Fart)
0. 30 Push-ups
0. 30 Lunges
0. 30 Hello dollies
0. 10 Burpees
0. 10 Chain Breakers
0. 3 Sets Max rep Pull Ups

+/- 5 minute plank progression

Hand over to Offshore
Partner Carries, Indian Run, Suicides

American Hammers


Classic workout in a box. Not a lot of creativity but I did see some unpleasantly, unsatisfied customers.
Kotters to Venus on his return to earth from the Need to Breath tour.
T Claps to Atlas (Double Respect) for three posts this week.
Keeping the families of F3 in our prayers…Ludwig, Penny Loafers, Dupree.
Tampa Libra and his M are adopting, look to Slack for their announcement and ways to help.
14 September 19 is our 5th Anniversary. It will be a Saturday at Stonewall. Put it on your calendar.


Down & Back & Down & Back Again & Again & Again…

PAX:  22 of Nashville’s finest looking men got up early and pushed their baseline a little higher today.  From 4:13 strong we had: Paco, Puddle, Boo, T-Rex, Juice, Lockbox, Notes, Big Country, & Stretch.  Rounding out the PAX today we had Baggervance, Brother-At-Law, Foxtrottalksalot, Toga, Caps Lock, Red Skull, Hot-and-Ready, Hot Route, Porcelain, Casual Friday, FNG – Soccer Mom. I’m missing someone so tell me if I left you out.

QIC: TheJeweler

Gloom Factor: I’d have gone on an early morning picnic.

Disclaimer: The disclaimer was given and emphasis was put on not being sued.

Warm Up: 400m trot around the building from the parking lot back to the B-Ball courts.  Circle up.

20 SSH, 10 GM, 10 WMH, 10 FBAC, 10 BBAC, 10 Air Presses, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers.  Sprint drills across the courts: High Knees, Butt Kicks, A-Skip, & B-Skip.  Short jog over to the power pole near the court to start the thang.

The Thang: You’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve even seen it, and if you’re really lucky, you’ve done it before… that’s right gents, it’s TABATTA time. 4 Rounds!

One 4min song equals 1 round.  Each song is broken up into 20s intervals with 10s recovery.   One round looks like this:

Sprint 20 sec, 10 sec rest, 20 sec SSH, 10 sec rest, Sprint 20 sec, 10 sec rest, 20 sec Merkins, 10 sec rest, sprint 20 sec, 10 sec rest, 20 sec LBC, 10 sec rest, sprint 20 sec, 10 sec rest, 10 sec lunges.  That’s one round.  We did 4 straight through.  The boys were feeling it, especially those that took off on the first sprint!

During the tabatta  ~20 people didn’t recover correctly.  That equals 100 additional penalty merkins to reinforce the correct way to recover.  Q said that we would take care of this later.

Mosey over to the concrete block pile and pax grabbed 11 blocks and moseyed to the basketball court.  Count off 1s & 2s.  Ones on one side, 2s on the far side of the court.  Partner up with the man directly across from you.

Concrete block relay races.  1s with the blocks sprinted across the court carrying the block and passed off to their partner who sprinted back to the other side.

Penalty merkins… were renamed to Recovery Merkins (I think it has a nicer ring, maybe we call them reinforcement merkins b/c it’s not about penalizing someone for doing something wrong, we want to grow and do things better in the future).  PAX did 10 in cadence.

We did ~10 (maybe more) relay races and 10 sets of recovery merkins in between each race for a total of 100 merkins.  2 sets were windshield wiper merkins, and one set were dolphin merkins.  We did have one PAX go green face and make use of the grass to the side of the court.  Not gonna lie, the PAX was music to my ears as they counted out those last ten Merkins in cadence.  This strong group of men was loud and clear as we tried to wake up the neighborhood!

MARY:  We circled up on the court, 10 WW1s hold the last one at 45 degrees.  20 American Hammers. 50 SSH. TIME!

Announcements & Prayer Request: I’m gonna forget some but continue praying for Ludwig’s wife’s recovery, Steven’s (aka Boo if my memory is correct) grandmother is in the hospital, some of the 4:13 boys are back on the street as well and we just pray that God reaches down and affects their life in the right way in the coming weeks.  The boys set the baseline a little higher today… we will always have tough situations, and curve balls thrown our way, but if we keep working hard, and pushing ourselves in all aspects of life, that baseline of what we can face keeps going higher and I believe that’s how we become leaders by example and men of virtue.

It was an honor to be out there with you F3 Men of Nashville, and an humbling to lead the 4:13 group today.

YHC TheJeweler

III Pillars 5/28/2019

PAX: Bicentennial Man, Toothless, Trapper Keeper

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • GM x10 OYO
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10


Mosey the 0.75 mi route down to Hill Center in Green Hills to bottom of parking deck.

At bottom,

  • 10 burpees
  • 30 squats

Run to top of stairs ~4-5 flights,

  • 20 merkins
  • 40 LBCs

RnR – All PAX finished at least 7 rounds before we had to head back to start.

Finished with 30 flutter kicks IC in parking lot

Great work by all.

Continue to pray for those with illness and need of healing, Bicentennial Man and his dad mourning the loss of his mom, safe travels for Toothless and M trip to Italy.

Always an honor,


One Easy Mile…

19 PAX in Attendance : Pollywog, Mufasa, Inspector Gadget, Creeper, Barney Fievel, Nimbus 1500, Stats, Staples, TVG, 3rd Degree, Old Hickory,  Sterno, Polar Express, Cheez Whiz, Color Run (AKA Sex-Ed), Mursa, Typo +, Show Me, YHC Kermit on Q.

Pre-party…. @ 5 – 7 – 10

Staples & Kermit

Me and Mr. Staples busted out

5 Pull-Ups

7 Squats

10 Merkins

On the Minute for 10 Minutes

Medic –

Medic was on point today with a nice variation of Country. Little bit of Waylon, Colter Wall, Dierks, and some others.

5:30a.m. starts with a quick intro and the fine print details.

WarmUps :

Show Me lap

Tebow Stretch

15ish SSH’s IC

GM OYO /  Willie Mays Hayes

BAC’s IC front and back 10x IC

Plank and wait with Right and Left arm raises… (Q had to fix the Medic… it was on the fritz)


Little Miss Piggy is leading a few PAX in a 40 day 1 mile run challenge. YHC is participating in this so to get the mile in PAX completed a variation of the 1 Mile Indian Run. Basically a Bataan Death March but instead of Burpees the PAX had to pass off a 5ft steel bar to last PAX in line, where last PAX would then execute 7 squats while holding steel bar over his head then catch up to the group, pass off the bar, and run to the front of the line… R&R throughout the workout.

Speedbump #1  (.15ish Miles) Back Side of Track

2 Burpees

Speedbump #2 (.3ish Miles) Field House

PAX found a partner and proceeded to do 5 rounds of Wheel Barrows up the stairs. MOT back down the hill to the bottom of the stairs was Bear Crawl. Everybody really seemed to enjoy this…. 🙂 Each PAX went up the stairs 5x and down the hill 10x

Somebody said something about a 3 Burpee attitude adjustment… so we did 4….

Speedbump #3 (.65ish Miles) Field House

PAX stayed with previous partner and executed 20x each of Abyss WWII

Proceded by….

5x Low and Slow Merkins IC with a 5 sec hold on the bottom.

Speedbump #4 (.8ish Miles) Back Side of Track at the Benches

25x High Incline Merkin

25x Low Incline Merkin

20x Abyss WWII

Speed Bump #5 (.(9ish Miles) The Bridge

Cant pass the bridge twice with out a quick Bear Crawl & Crawl Bear.

Many PAX were pretty tapped by then and the CB was quite difficult, YHC is guilty of not being able to fully complete the CB back across… 🙁

Speed Bump #6 (1.1 Miles) The Parking Lot

Medic died on our last 30 yards of the mosey so that was a good sign to end it.

Post Party – 

Facilitated by 3rd Degree (Stats, Nimbus 1500, Creeper, TVG)

3 Rounds of “Cindy” 5 Pull-Ups -7 Merkins – 9 Squats

Other News-

  • 3rd F opportunity:

Continually lifting up our brother Soccer Mom in his fight to spread the Kingdom in Africa.

Barney’s Grandfather has been ill for a while

Barney has an interview today at 1:00pm

Kermit for travel

I feel like I am missing one prayer request (Jesus knows what it is)

Peace out!


The Sandlot

Gloom Factor: Nil

QIC: TheJeweler

PAX: Porcelin, Bad Boy, Vector, Black Lung, Crawlspace, Crablegs, Siri,

The disclaimer was given.

Warm Up: Jog around the Parthenon and zig-zag around the poles.  Circle up.  25 SSH, 10 GM, 16 WMA, 15 Air Presses, 10 FBAC, 10 BBAC, 10 Hill Billies, 10 Imperial Walkers, 20m High Knees, 20m Butt Kicks, 2x 20m Karaoke, 20m A-Skip, 20m B-Skip.

Thang 1: Mosey up the stairs and partner up at the main entrance to the Parthenon.  Exercise on the short sides of the building and sprint on the long sides and goes like this… first column 1, second 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 reps.  Burpees on one side, and split jump squats on the other.  Your partner does Alabama Prom Dates and LBCs while they wait to get tagged in.  One lap was completed.

With the PAX warmed up good, we immediately sprinted 300m to the volleyball court.  Now that we’re winded a bit, we did a 20 sec count down.

Thang 2: PAX lined up on one side of the court and on Q’s call, PAX sprinted to the other side.  10 sec rest & sprint back with a forward roll at the halfway pt across the court.  REPEAT 15 times.

Thang 3: Circle up in the sand.  6 split squat burpees, 4 Burpee Jacks, 6 Walmart (roll back) burpees.  10 windshield washer merkins, 10 dolphin kick merkins.  5 ppl didn’t recover correctly.

Sprint 300m back to the starting point for Mary

First PAX did 25 additional penalty merkins for not recovering correctly… the last 5 were slow holds in high plank position.

MARY: Alt. high and low plank, right arm left arm up.  20 American hammers, 10 WW1s with a 45 degree hold on #10.  25 LBCs


Announcements & Prayer Request: Continued prayer and meal train sign up for Ludwig.  Bad Boy’s friend (Andrew) still in the hospital after injury.  Cunning’s new baby.

4 for Coffeeteria!

YHC TheJeweler Out!

[Razor]Back to Back Stair Work – Racetrack 5.29.19

17 PAX tolerated a back-to-back stair-heavy Q from yours truly.

PAX: Offshore, Dr. Smartt, Tampa Libra, Double Check, Yard Sale, Umbrella, Penny Loafers, Tiny Dancer, Atlas (mad respect), Hot Pockets, Boone’s Farm, Bagger Vance, Dinger (FNG), Edible Arrangement, Grease Trap, Olan Mills, Razorback (Q).

Conditions: Summer is here [said in Jon Snow voice].

Tunes: We got the Led out, but the PAX withheld verbal affirmation of such great music selection.

WOR: 10 burpees at home base then mosey/walking lunges to top of parking garage for Good Mornings, WMH, BACs, Spidermans, Scorpions, Iron Cross, and Jane Fondas. Mosey to bottom of stairs near Holler & Dash for…

THANG: 11s up and down the big stair case. Burpee/box jumps at the bottom (start at 10 down to 1), atomic merkins at the top (start at 1 up to 10).

Impressive pace by several PAX, Q was dragging a bit this morning. After finishing the 10th ascent, we gathered at the top of the stairs for Mary: WW1s, flutter kicks, Alabama prom dates, Supermans, LBCs, side plank oblique J-Lo something or others. 

Mosey/walking lunges back to starting point just in time. 


Welcome FNG Nate Cloak (aka Dinger). He hails from Omaha, and there was some post-workout confusion that the Little League World Series is hosted there (it’s actually the site of the NCAA World Series). This link explains his name despite the incorrect underlying premise:

Penny Loafers’ wife received an unwanted diagnosis yesterday, but their treatment path sounds confident and their outlook is admirable. Be praying for Emily and the Herring family as they figure out next steps. 

Continue to pray for Sinclair family and look to F3 General slack feed for meal signup and other ways to serve. 

I believe a new group of 4:13 Strong young men started recently, so look for opportunities to post with them in the weeks ahead.

Pleasure to be with you men this morning.


Broken Wheel Rolls On

Intro:  Memorial Day is over and this morning marked Tuesday nothing remarkable about the Tuesday following  a great memorial day weekend celebration. But today we live out the freedom we so celebrated this weekend. One thing about freedom sometimes that’s hard to recognize is the work it takes to keep walking in it. Grateful for the men this morning who decided to work out from the freedom they’ve received.

Pax: Nimbus 1500, Kermit, Tebow, Hot N Ready, Creeper, Numbtucks, Polywag, IG, Altidore, Mufasa, Stats, ShowMe(QIC)

Conditions: Warm

Pre Party: Not sure?

Warm Up :

  • ShowME Lap then circle up
  • Baby Arm Circles IC – 14
  • Baby Arm Circles backward IC- 15
  • SSH IC – 14
  • Seal Jacks – 15
  • Good Mornings OYO
  • Merkins IC – 10

Long Mosey around the fields to the football field.


THANG 1 – Tebow Remix 

Pax lined up on goal line mode of transportation between trees (aka yard lines) broad jump)

Tree 1 – 10 WW1

Tree 2 – 20 Burpees

Tree 3 – 30 Iron Mikes (each side is a half so 15 full)

Tree 4 – 40 Merkins

Pax repeated the remix back to the goal line they started

Thang 2 – ShowMe Remix 

Pax partnered up for 3 sets of the Show Me remix

20 – Copenhagens

2 – Bear crawls down the hill and then partner wheel barrel back up the stairs

Thang 3 – 3rd Degree Remix

Bridges are things we will all face in life if we aren’t already. A bridge is a transition between where we are and where we’re going. Transitions sometimes suck really bad too. No doubt this one did. The PAX bear crawled the bridge in the remaining 3 minutes of their time. Hopefully we are better for it.

COT – Mufasa’s family and friends in Dayton Ohio need us to be praying after last nights Tornado. We continue to remember SoccerMom.

Announcements – Nimbus and Numbtucks are planning a night ruck soon. Can’t remember the date? Convergence with Franklin at the Forge Saturday 6am – 7:30am.

Encouragement – Protect your marriage. The enemy is real and he wants to destroy families. Enjoy intimacy with your brides! Its a God given gift we’ve been given the freedom to enjoy!

Post Party – Not sure?

Memorial Day Meltdown

Temp: Summer
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: The Jeweler, Floppy Disk, Toga, Frugal McDugal, Pope, Offshore, Olan Mills, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Blue Mule, Tiny Dancer, Tebow, Bagger Vance (Murph) … Bad Boy, Boone’s Farm, Red Skull, Big Pharm, Vegemite, Yard Sale (Bert) … Tampa Libra (Ruck)

1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Merkins
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Floppy and Jeweler led the way to no one’s surprise. YHC played the role of flesh anchor. Overall, great effort by all PAX and a nice turnout. Good to see Tebow back from Nole & Pope doing his shirtless Pope thing reppin Franklin.

After Murph, we lost a few PAX and picked up a few others for
50 Burpees
Run 400M
100 Merkins
Run 400M
150 Walking Lunges
Run 400M
200 Squats
Run 400M
150 Walking Lunges
Run 400M
100 Merkins
Run 400M
50 Burpees

Wow, those last everything were tough. Pope pulled us all through on the last 20 Burpees. Apparently, he had a thing w some horses and a cattle round up to catch. While that workout is meant to be done for time, I always like the idea of a battle buddy pushing you through. All PAX performed all reps save a little help from his brothers towards the end of a rep count (Thank you TD).

Now we moved into the Rucking portion of the am. Supposed to make it 5 miles but due to YHC lolly gagging at the start we had to cut off the last .75 in order to make it on time. Most of the PAX had dropped out by this time but we still had Blue Mule, Tiny Dancer, Vegemite, Boone’s Farm, Tampa Libra and YHC. A little slow on the first two miles also held us back from the 5 miler. All in all, we had some good livin.

So here’s how we Posted in terms of the workouts:
Murph – Foxtrot, Tiny Dancer, Blue Mule, Olan Mills, Tebow, Offshore, Pope, Leatherneck, Floppy Disk, The Jeweler, Toga, Frugal McDugal, Bagger Vance

Bert – Yard Sale, Blue Mule, Olan Mills, Vegemite, Big Pharm, Bad Boy, Pope, Red Skull, Leatherneck, Tiny Dancer, Boone’s Farm, Bagger Vance

Ruck – Tiny Dancer, Blue Mule, Vegemite, Tampa Libra, Boone’s Farm, Bagger Vance

NMM: Pretty awesome hang this am HIM.

Grateful for all the men and women in the military as well as our first responders for protecting us here and taking it to the enemy abroad.

Having all the PAX show up like they did was pretty awesome for YHC on this Memorial Day weekend…let’s male it a tradition.

Prayers up for the Hunter family out of New Orleans, a co-worker of Bad Boy who’s son is in the ICU trauma unit in Atlanta.
Ludwig’s wife, Kate, is still in recovery from her recent surgery to remove a brain tumor.
Loafer’s wife had a biopsy last week, results to come this week.

Bagger Vance