III Pillars – 12.31.19 – “B.A.L.L.S. dropped”

6 PAX turned up for their final workout of 2019 at III Pillars. Considering most would likely be asleep before the ball dropped, the plan was to do a little drop of our own.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Covenant Eyes, Crablegs, Moneyshot, Pumpkin Spice (LIFO), Trapper Keeper


After rolling in HOT and delivering a disclaimer before the car door was even closed, the PAX were off to the track for a little COP at midfield.

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 20
  • LBAC x 20
  • Overhead Clap x 20
  • RLBAC x 20
  • WMH x 20

Mosey to the back of the east end zone and explain the meat of today’s celebratory workout: a descending ladder of the circuit below:

  • Burpees
  • Air Squats
  • Lunges
  • Leg Raises

PAX performed 10 reps of each exercise and completed one 200m lap. SSH  for the six and repeat again with 9, 8, 7,…1. Pumpkin had to peace out before 5 to go doctor some people, but the rest finished the countdown and ran the last lap together.

Quick skip over to the playground for some push-pull action. Each PAX was to perform 40 (20+20) pull-ups, and rest/wait for bar vacancy with Merkins. Most were busting out sets of 3-4 by the end. Lactic acid burns so good!

All in and it was back to the parking lot for dealer’s choice Mary:

  • Hello Dollies x 20
  • American Hammers x 20
  • Happy Crunchy Frogs x 20
  • LBCs x 20
  • WWIs x 20 OYO



Appreciated Pumpkin Spice and Moneyshot for pushing the pace on the 200s, and big props to Crablegs for his dedication to full reps on the pull-ups. It’ll pay off. Covenant Eyes, Crablegs, and YHC took a field trip to the OG III Pillars coffeeteria: Starbucks at the Green Hills Mall. Conversation was delightful with topics including podcasts, specialists vs. generalists, and Crablegs’s love of the villain.


Prayers for a New Year of focus and follow-through.

  • 1/1/20 – New Year’s Day convergence at FRA
  • 1/16/20 – Gentlemen’s Dinner at Jimmy Kelly’s. Spots MIGHT be available, so see Reveille.

All for now. Go Tigers!

PA out.

Last post of 2019

Conditions: 33 with wind chill, BUT, it wasn’t wet.

PRE-PARTY: 10 Rounds of Cindy courtesy of Stats
12 PAX: Creeper, Professor X (Respect), Barney Fyffe, Old Hickory, Nimbus1500, Deliverance, SexEd, POCAHONTAS!, Stats, Staples, Hush Puppy (in his new winter gear) & LMP
QIC: Nimbus1500

AO: BrokenWheel

DISCLAIMER & WARM-O-RAMA: ShowMe Lap, some Tebow stretches to open the hips and we were off.

Tippy Toe Bear Crawl 3 Parking Spaces – plank to the six

Baby Bear Crawl 6 Parking Spaces – plank on the six

Strait Legged Bear Crawl 6 Parking Spaces – plank on the six

Repeat backwards.

Ring of Fire’ish

PAX circle up facing each other in plank position.  One PAX backs out and slowly performs a lateral bear crawl while the other PAX holds a plank variation.  Repeat until each of the TWELVE PAX completes one revolution.

Plank Variations: High Plank, Low Plank, Mountain Climbers, Left/Right Arm Side Plank, Slow Merkins, Knee’s to Elbows, and maybe more?

MOSEY to the storage shed

All TWELVE PAX lined up for a Wall Sit on the shed.

Round 1 – Pass the cinderblock down and back while holding a wall sit

Round 2 – Pass the cinderblock down and back with an overhead press, while holding a wall sit

Round 3 – Pass the cinderblock and bear crawl to the end of the line perpetually until all the way around the sheds.

MOSEY to the steps in front of the field house.

Partner up

3 Rounds each – Bear Crawl down the hill in the grass, wheel barrow up the steps.

3 Rounds each – Crawl Bear up the hill in the grass, wheel barrow down the steps.

Little extra wall work to bring us home, including a new move without a name (coming back), and that’s a wrap.

Per Staples, moving his Mom in to her new living space went well!  LMP’s Wife got started on her new medication.  Prayers that her body can overcome some of the side affects, still grateful for not having to start with chemo.

Our first full year is in the books and it was a success by any measure.  We’ve got a lot of wood to chop, but we’re coming in the new year with momentum.

POST PARTY: 19 x Copenhagens, Decline Merkins, Incline Merkins and Box Jumps

Little colder than expected this morning, but we still had our cold weather haters (Old Hickory / Hush Puppy) out anyway.  Way to make it happen!  I gave the redneck mix a break for some Stevie Ray Vaughn essentials, good thing Numbtucks wasn’t there, he would’ve been really bummed if #Redneck didn’t play.  POCAHONTAS was in the house, great to have him back and he rocked the very beary workout.

New Year Ruck tomorrow at 5am!  There will be an undisclosed number of coupons, but I promised, it wouldn’t be 1:1

Bring some water, bladder if you have one and some gloves.

FYI – This event IS attainable for every PAX who’s posted in the last month.  Don’t let distance scare you, come out and have fun.

Farewell 2019

2019’s Come To An End

Temp: Cold 39
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: Burrito, Floppy Disk, Red Skull, Yard Sale, Boy Band, Black Lung, Too Tall, Pedialyte, Bagger Vance


0530 Disclaimer

Take off up Marchant to Big Lot

IW X 19 IC
HB X 20 IC
Willy x 10 IC

A tour of the highlights of Sir E throughout the years. We’ve had some memorable and some laughable Qs at this site. YHC intended to relive some of those and to get a good run in as well. So we are off to:

Procurement Building –
20 Merkins
19 Squats

Barn Shuffle –
20 Diamonds
19 Plank Jax

Cul2vate –
20 AST
19 Squat Jumps

Big Stick Hill –
20 Atomics
19 Walking Lunges

Aunt Bea’s 11s Mud Hill –
20 Curls
19 Razors

Randon TWRA Building –
19 Curb Hops

Three Way –
20 Burpees
19” Sprint

Calf Killer Ultimate/ “I hate running FNG’s path” –
20 Larry Craigs
19 Squats

Three Way –
20 Burpees
19” Sprint

Random Amphitheater –
20 Inc Merks
19 Bulgarian SS

Mansion Loop –
20 Power Merks
19 Jump Lunges

Sprint Entrance to Entrance up Marchant

5 Merks
F Kix x 19 IC


Great way to finish w a 20 rep 19 rep string of pearls theme.

Black Lung found us in record time.

Burrito from Chatty was silenced by stop #3.

We hit all the major stopping points along the Sir E AO trail w a nod to some of the famous/infamous Qs.

Hard to believe this AO has been around since 2015. It’s come a long way from meeting at the Iris parking lot. Believe it or not some of the Redwoods were Binary, Bad Boy, Grisham and Rooster. Keep up the fire men, Boy Band continues to lead it well.

Prayers up for Rooms 2 Go’s wife Katie and the loss of her Mother this week. Please pray/think/meditate for them as they go through this time of mourning.
Also Burrito from Chatty is her for his cousins funeral, K Mosley. She leaves behind a husband and two grown children and a loving extended family.

Honor to lead and to close out 2019 with a small but hearty crew.


Metal Monday

Metal Monday

Gloom Factor:  Windy and chilly but warm enough for Motley Crue, AC/DC, and Van Halen.
Pre-Party:  Non-existent
PAX in Attendance:  Creeper, Huggy, Type O, Professor X (Respect), Barney Fyffe, Old Hickory,
Warm Up:  Disclaimer, Side Straddle Hops, Arm Circles, Mosey with Butt Kicks, Politicians with Bear Crawl back to starting point

My Playlist has commercials. Some called it Ghetto. My answer = more Motley Crue.

Thang 1

Mosey to the Pain Shack. Coupon Pyramid. 2 exercises for 2 rounds.

Round 1 (10 reps each exercise – start at 10 reps and work your way down to 1 rep):

  • Merkins
  • Squats

Round 2 (10 reps each exercise – start at 1 rep and work your way up to 10 reps):

  • Squat Thrusters
  • Swings

Thang 2

Mosey back to starting point.
Parking lot line pyramid. 2 rounds – start at 1 rep and work your way up to 10 reps.

Round 1

    • Squats
    • Merkins
    • 2 lunge walk steps to next parking line

Round 2

  • Burpees
  • 2 broad jumps to next parking line

Parking Lot Letdowns

1 suicide run and 1 minute of “Loaded Beasts” to end the morning

Number Off/Name-a-rama/COT
Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for LMP and his wife
  • Prayer for Barney’s family – Pat
  • Prayer for Staples Mom and family


  • Continue to look ways to serve as a group (financially and time) in our community

Basic F3 Training

Temp 50’s 

Prep-Party- Q’d by Mr. 3rd Degree, Nimbus 1500, Soccer Mom, Staples, & Creeper

Pre-Thang –
1/2 mile mosey start, stretches, 30 Tempo Merkins focusing on form with encouragement and form review between each 10, 1/4 mi lap. Circle up. 30 slow and focused Imperial Walkers. 50 LBCs, Supermans. 1/4 mile lap. Chin-up hang as long as possible, knee tuck hang as long as possible. 1/2 mile mosey.

The Forge 

14 PAX Staples, Professor X, FNG (Twinkie), Stats, 3rd Degree, Nimbus 1500, Creeper, SexEd, Tebow, Old Hickory, Huggie, Tom Petty, Soccer Mom,  & YHC KermiT.

Medic – Kanye, Social Club Misfits, Judah & The Lion, Twenty One Pilots

Warm Up – 

SSH’s IC 30x

IT Stretch

Toy Soldiers 10x


The Thang – 

-Basic Training-

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

10 Burpees

25 WWI

10 Burpees

20 Alabama Prom Dates

10 Burpees

50 Sumo Squats

10 Burpees

Bear Crawl ~40 Yards

Crawl Bear Back

Rinse and Repeat

High Plank was the wait on the six position

1 true audible called. 1/4 mile lap after round 2

We were able to get in 3 full rounds. It was hard, it was wet, but we all came out stronger. It’s fun to get out in the country and run around and use equipment, or coupons, or partner work.


This routine was designed to show you that you don’t actually need any of that to get a good work out in. Just need the drive to push your self and about a 7 foot open square space…


Thanks as always for allowing me to lead. You are a phenomenal group of men and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

CoT- Staples is moving his mom into memory care today. Please keep them in your prayers.

Soccer Mom and LMP are continual prayer request.

Announcements- Old Hickory mentioned an extracurricular run in mid January at Fall Creek Falls SP. Check Slack for Deets.

Peace Out


Bomber 12-27-19: Street Donuts and the Rock & Roll HOF

19 PAX emerged from their holiday food comas to get a little better.

PAX:  PA, T-cell, Crablegs, Firefox, Toothless, Bareback, Covenant Eyes, Crawlspace, Money Snake, Michelin Man, Blue Mule, Tiny Dancer, Turncoat (WL from Charlotte), en fuego, Miss Cleo, CTE (Kotters!), Fur Trapper (FNG),  Bongo Java (FNG), Vector (QIC)

Conditions:   Balmy, mid-50s.

Playlist:  To keep the PAX informed of important events in popular music, YHC crafted a playlist of the 2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees (see also  https://www.rockhall.com/class-2020-nominees).  An eclectic mix for sure (I’m partial to Depeche Mode and NIN myself).  Of note, likely the only time Judas Priest makes a Vector-patented playlist. I’ve starred those that I think make it in to the Hall for 2020:

Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode*
Bang a Gong (Get It On) – T. Rex*
I Feel for You  – Chaka Khan
Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar*
Head Like a Hole – Nine Inch Nails
China Grove – Doobie Brothers*
You’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest
I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) – Whitney Houston
So Much to Say – Dave Mathews Band
Spoonman – Soundgarden*
[Ended Here for Time but Full Playlist Below for Your Listening Pleasure]
The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy
Mo Money Mo Problems – Notorious B.I.G.*
Bang the Drum All Day – Todd Rundgren
Ace of Spades – Motorhead
Autobahn – Kraftwerk

(Sorry, MC5 — don’t know any of your songs so not on the playlist)

Warm-o-rama:   Mosey to circle by McCabe Pro Shop for SSH x 26 (to celebrate Toothless’s 26th birthday on Dec 26), Cherry Pickers x 12, Willy Mayes Hayes x 12, LBAC x 12, Overhead Press x 12, Reverse LBAC x 12, Good Mornings x 12 OYO, High Knees x 12

Round 1:
Mosey to top of hill for some 11s.  Jump squats at the top, merkins (of whatever type pushes you the most) at the bottom.  DIDs for those who finish early.

Round 2:
Mosey to playground and partner up for DORA:  100 Pull-ups, 200 Big Boy Sit-Ups, 300 Squats; Partner runs around Rec Center.

Mary:  Flutter Kicks, Crunchy Happy Frogs, and too many American Hammers until time.


  • Welcome FNGs Fur Trapper (Family line goes back to the founders of Nashville) and Bongo Java (Works at coffeehouse [NOT Bongo Java] and plays drums –  I mean, it was like a T-ball shot to name him).
  • Have to admit, this older HIM really enjoys when the younger PAX start to mumblechatter about the degree of difficulty of the workout.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Prayers for Bad Boy, Hipster, and Boone’s Farm, recovering from procedures and medical issues.
  • NY Day convergence at 0700 at The Hill.  Come sweat out all of that beer, bourbon, White Claw (nasty, dude, just nasty), or whatever you imbibe the night before.   Start 2020 out right with some HIM.
  • 17 for coffeeteria at Charbucks with some surprise snacks c/o Money Snake.  Tasted a bit cindery but delicious.  We won’t speak from whence they came (#streetdonuts):

  • As always, an honor to lead you, as you push me every time I come out.  Thank you.



The Rent Was Due

GLOOM FACTOR: Glorious high 40s and dry.

PAX: MicDrop, Professor X, 3rd Degree, Nimbus 1500, Creeper, Old Hickory, Huggy (QIC)

It was a fantastic morning for 7 PAX who were ready to pay the bill for indulging on the holiday.

Lap around the small loop, disclaimer

Circle up at the shelter for:

SSH x 15



Moroccan nightclubs x 15 DO NOT RECOVER

Overhead Press x 15

Squats x 10

Thang 1
Pyramid Circuit
5 consecutive rounds of 60 seconds of an exercise, 30 seconds of rest, adding an exercise each round..

Round 1: Hand release merkins

Round 2: Hand release merkins, sumo squats

Round 3: Hand release merkins, sumo squats, knee elevated prone shoulder taps

Round 4: Hand release merkins, sumo squats, knee elevated prone shoulder taps, burpees

Round 5: Hand release merkins, sumo squats, knee elevated prone shoulder taps, burpees, WWIIs

Thang 2
Wall Work
Mosey up to the concession stand.
People’s Chair (wall-sit) hold x 2 mins
BTTW hold x 2 mins

Mosey back down to the picnic shelter.
All PAX hold high plank, one PAX does a sprint up to the concession stand and back, then the next PAX, etc. Ran short on time here so only had time for four rotations.

Mosey to the parking lot for CoT.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama


    • Go sign up for a Q slot, the coming weeks are virtually empty.
    • Continued prayers for all our brothers going through tough times.

YHC took us out with a prayer. Helluva morning today, HIMs!

3 for 26 Dec 2019

3’s Company
Temp: 51
Gloom Factor: Moderate

PAX: Too Tall, Money Shot, Bagger Vance
QIC: See above

Long, slow mosey down the entry loop in front of old sanctuary to main entrance then back up behind elementary school. We looked for any stragglers including but not limited to Drs and our Q, Big Stick. No one availed themselves so we made our way up to the West EZ for

IW X 13 IC


EVO I : Dirty McDuece (BV)
12 Merks
12 Squat Jumps
12 V Ups
12 Burpees
12 Walking Lunges (ea leg)
12 WWI
12 Carolina Dry Docks
12 Quarter Lunges
12 Flutter Kicks IC
4 Merks, 4 Burps, 4 CDD
12 Squats
12 Am Ham (2ct)

Evo II : 4 Corners (Money Shot)

30 Dips at 50’
Bear Crawl to EZ
30 Box Jumps
Monkey Hump/Gorilla Walk to Sideline
30 Dirkins
Indian Run to 50’
30 Dips
Indian Run to EZ
30 WWI
Crawl bear to sideline
30 Peter Parkers
Karaoke to 25’ switch sides to 50’
30 Dips

EVO III : Sprints (Too Tall)
4×40’ Sprints (aka puke train)

Mosey to StartEx

Mary –
Plank :30
Ola Dolly x 13 IC
AL Prom Date x 13 IC
F Kix x 26 IC


Duffy family, Lanz in hospital
Jeweler’s MIL cancer surgery


12 More Days

PAX: Black Widow, Toga (QIC), Umbrella, Boone’s Farm, Leatherneck, Wish List (FNG Connor)

Gloom Factor: Sunny and 70

Six redwoods posted on Christmas Eve Eve to conduct one more version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and John Denver and Muppets kicked us off.  It went something like this…

Mosey to foot of steps behind BHS STEM building to complete the following in escalating order:

  • One Bear Crawl Up and Down the Stairs
  • Two block curls with halos ea. direction
  • Three block tricep extensions
  • Four block squats
  • Five block merkins
  • Six times up and down the stairs
  • Seven block swings
  • Eight lawn mower pulls ea. arm
  • Nine block presses
  • Ten jump tucks
  • Eleven block sit-ups
  • Twelve block burpees

Mosey the blocks back to Leatherneck’s sled and COT.

NMM:  TClaps to Boone’s who able to EH Wish List into coming out this fine morning, and we wish him the best as he prepares for his OCS boards in the Spring.  Hopefully F3 Chattanooga can help him along the way.

Stay Classy and remember that Santa is watching!


Christmas Sub-Q

13 HIM got better this morning in warm temps for late December. Too Tall was too tired to make his Q, so YHC stepped up to recycle a previous workout.

PAX: Prevac (NoVac today), Floppy Disk, PSL, Paul Blart, OchoCinco, School Girl, Dupree, Grisham, Tampa Libra, Movin’ On Up, Yard Sale, Dilly Dilly, Ludwig van Oshkosh (QIC)

Short mosey over to Crievewood Baptist for WOR.

20 SSH
10 WMH
10 Good Mornings
10 LBAC – reverse
10 Seal Claps with Butt Kickers
10 Double Time Hillbillies with a nod to Movin’ On Up

Line up at bottom of hill in parking lot of Crievewood.

Round 1 – Lt. Dan to the top, then 20 good form squats at the top. Mosey back down, plank for the 6.
Round 2 – Broad Jump to the top, then 20 squats.
Round 3 – Lt. Danger to the top, 20 squats.

Mosey to the rails for a pyramid of rows and merkins.

1 row, 1 merkin, 2 rows, 2 merkins, etc… All the way up to 10, and all the way back down to 1. WWI for the 6.

MC was riveting during the pyramid. Consisted only of plans for Christmas and nothing else.

Mosey to pavilion.
With a partner, P1 runs a suicide, while P2 performs called exercise until P1 returns. Flapjack.

Round 1 & 2 – SSH
Round 3 & 4 – Mountain Climbers
Round 5 – Gorilla Humpers

Mosey to bus loop for a bear crawl to first speed bump, crawl bear to next speed bump, then run back to parking lot for Merry.


20 Flutter Kicks
2 Good Mornings

Merry Christmas to all. Have a safe and blessed holiday with your family and loved ones. Make some memories.