Your Finest Merlot, Please

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Conditions: About 45 degrees and soggy. Gloom is in full effect, but starting to feel the first hints of Spring.

Pre-Party: Stats led Kermit, Staples, Creeper, and Barney in a bear crawl of the Nolensville bridge where several of us completed our first end-to-end crawl without stopping. Nice work, fellas!

15 PAX pushed themselves to get stronger, including: Barney Fievel (QiC), Staples, Kermit, 3rd Degree, Tebow, Creeper, Netflix, Inspector Gadget, Nimbus 1500, Altidore, Stats, Scrooge, Matlock, Sterno, and Old Hickory

Warm-up: Long mosey around track followed by 20 SSH, good mornings OYO, and 1 Al Gore.

What started out as a calm, peaceful morning ended violently when Barney dropped his truck bed and revealed 20, 20-pound coupons. A grin spread across his face and, while it wasn’t clear why, it was obvious Barney wanted to see someone throw up.

Thang 1: Love Thy Neighbor

Partner up. 4 exercises with an assigned number of reps (below) must be completed as a 2-man group. One PAX begins assigned exercise while other PAX moseys to the other side of the parking lot and back. He then picks up on the reps where his partner left off while said partner does the moseying. Repeat until assigned number of reps of each exercise are completed.

Exercises were:

50 Blockees (coupon burpees)
100 Block Merkins
150 Block Squats
200 Block American Hammers

Thang 2: Bumpy Mosey

Half mile mosey with 3 speed bumps.

1 – Partners take turns doing 10 pull ups and AMRAP Copenhagens.

2 – Stopped by our beloved bridge, but were not here to crawl. Pick your poison on which foothold to use (low, medium, high) for 30 derkins.

3 – Partners take turns doing 15 leg tosses each on the side of a hill.



Post-Party: 3rd Degree led the PAX in 3 rounds of 7 pull-ups, 7 merkins, and 7 jump squats.


Nolensville / Franklin Convergence is Saturday the 9th from 6-7:30am. The Forge will not meet this day. Rendezvous at Nolensville Park to carpool to AO.

Colossians 3:13 – Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

It’s tiresome to dwell on negative things. Let’s forgive those around us as Christ did and free our minds and bodies in the process!

-Barney Fievel-

2/27/2019 The Flash Runs the Racetrack

Wednesday: The Racetrack

Theme: The Flash


PAX: Boone’s Farm, Old Hickory, Razor, Penny Loafers, Bootlegger, Double Check, Red Skull, Razorback, Dr. Smart, Popalock

QIC: Pop-A-Lock


Conditions: Reasonable



Run around the church



10XLBAC Front and Back

10xHigh Knees

10xButt Kickers





Pax count off 1 and 2s


Relay Race – Run up and over parking deck then back around. Remaining PAX do exercises based on which PAX is moseying

1s go across bottom first

2s go across top first

PAX 1 – Squat

PAX 2 – Flutter Kicks

PAX 3 – Plank

PAX 4 – Imperial Walkers

PAX 5 – LBCs


Relay Race – Bear Crawl (Crawl bear halfway across first level, run back)

PAX 1 – Squat

PAX 2 – Flutter Kicks

PAX 3 – Plank

PAX 4 – Imperial Walkers



Run to pull up bars.

1 Pax does 10 pullups, then run circuit

PAX 1 – Squat

PAX 2 – Flutter Kicks

PAX 3 – Plank

PAX 4 – Imperial Walkers

PAX 5 – LBCs


Quote of the Day:

“Sometimes the only way to move forward is to revisit the things in your past that were holding you back. You have to deal with them head on, no matter how scary they may be. Because once we do, you will see that you can go further than you ever imagined.”

― Barry Allen “The Flash”



413 Strong

Dine and Dash’s family (his mother passed away)

Razor’s friend of a friend who died (13 year old female gymnast)


2/27/2019 – West Park, Best Park

GLOOM FACTOR: 40s, dark, windy

PAX: Right Said, Porcelain, Mystery Machine, Crablegs (QIC)


squats, merkins, LBACs, air presses

PAX made excellent use of the parking lot in a bear crawl bonanza. With the starting point as the base of the parking lot, it went as follows:

  • Bear Crawl 2 parking spaces, Bernie back, followed by 1 merkin, 2 squats, 3 flutter kicks (4ct each)
  • Bear Crawl 4 parking spaces, Bernie back, followed by 2 merkins, 4 squats, 6 flutter kicks
  • Bear crawl 20 parking spaces, Bernie back, followed by 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 flutter kicks.


Mosey to the covered pavilion for some DDS

  • Round 1 – 25 dips, 20 Underdogs/Kangarows/Irwins, 15 Swerkins
  • Round 2 – 20 dips, 15 UKI, 10 Swerkins
  • Round 3 – 15 Dips, 10 UKI, 5 Swerkin

20 x Flutter kicks,  Box cutters, Freddy Mercury and Alt Heel Taps.


  • YHC grateful for help of all PAX in navigating recent career shift
  • Also grateful for continued support of West Park activities in both #GroundForce and Thursdays

4 for living room coffeteria at my house with fresh blueberry muffins, courtesy of M.




Tuesday: Sir Ellington

Theme: Batman; QIC in Full-ish costume. Made the night before. Informed that he could have just borrowed from the PAX. Live and learn.


PAX: Black Widow, Pope, PSL, Big STick, Umbrella, Too Tall, Red Skull, Greasetrap, Capslock, Reefer, Dupree, Boy Band, Floppy Disk, Edible Arrangements, PopALock, Prevac, Dmish

QIC: Pop-A-Lock


Conditions: Coldish



Run around the church



10XLBAC Front and Back

10xHigh Knees

10xButt Kickers





Pax count off 1-4


Carry coupons over to the chain fence

Curls for the girls

Importance: Taunting criminals over the edges of buildings

50x reps


Transport to the top of the hill

Ninja Crawl

Bear crawl across tarmac, 25x squats,

Bear crawl back, 25x squats


Legs of Steel

Run to first speed bump

Lieutenant Dan to next speed bump


Bane of Your Existence

Teams of 4 take coupons to parking lot and back, except only 1 takes the coupon. PAX with coupon goes to first berm and back, other 3 sprint to end of lot and back



One team of 4 is the taggers. If you get tagged, do 5 merkins. Once you tag 5 people, swap the sock with the last person you tagged. Can throw sock, but 5 burpees penalty if you miss.



Teams of PAX attempt to throw sock into the square on the parking lot. If you hit the target, your team sprints to first berm and back. If you miss, sprint to the end of the berm and back, with 3 burpee penalty. Rotate through all PAX on your team.


Mosey back to parking lot,

Do abs as necessary


Quote of the Day:

“Why do we fall, Master Bruce? To learn to pick ourselves back up.” – Alfred Pennyworth



4:13 strong last week on Thursday

Biscuit Run on saturday

Collecting games for 4:13 strong

Good Ol’ Fashion Grind @ Broken Wheel

15 PAX in Attendance : Netflix (aka Not Hulu), Inspector Gadget, ShowMe, Creeper, Barney Fivel, Nimbus 1500, Sterno, Tebow, Stats, Ragdoll, Staples (On the Return), Scrooge, Altidore, 3rd Degree, and YHC Kermit on Q.

Pre-party…. @ The Bridge (Bridge Bear Crawl)

Host –  3rd Degree

Attendees – Stats & Altidore w/ his Virgin P2P  Bear Crawl on the Bridge


Had to bring out a little NTB, Lecrae, UK Dub, GvanF, Judah and the Lion, and a few other guest appearances to get us through the CORE focused workout.

5:30a.m. starts with a quick intro and the fine print details.

WarmUps :

Good Mornings OYO

SSH’s IC 15x

BAC’s IC 20x (Makin’em Big @ 10’s)

Few more Good Mornin’s to get them obliques stretched & add a few Willie Mays and then off on a mosey.

Q noticed a lonely fence and decided that it needed some attention. Pax lined up and gave 20x  IC Toes to Fence

After a quick thank you, mosey was ended in the Mill parking lot where Q handed down the paperwork for the mornings first THANG:


Partner needed.

20 yards out 20 yards back MoT.

Transitional Exercise = (Spread Um’s = Both PAX on their backs feet first. Pax 1 raises legs 12″ -18 “off ground and spreads feet appx 18″- 24”. PAX 2 then forms a figure 8 or infinity symbol up, over, through,  and around PAX 1 feet)

Transitional Exercise = 2 Rotations

Part I – (Duration = Time for each PAX to Bear Crawl 40yds Total)

Exercise – High Plank

Mot – Bear Crawl


Part II – To Quota

Exercise – 50x WWI

MoT – Bear Crawl


Part III – To Quota

Exercise – 100x Baby Crunches

MoT – Crawl Bear


Part IV- To Quota

Exercise – 150x Sky Kicks

MoT – Duck Walk


After a thorough beating on the obliques Q then decides to take the crew to ….

Thang 2….

Whilst meandering on the track Q decides that a round of Flutter Kicks was in order.

PAX line up facing the woods and hit their 6’s to perform 20x Flutter Kicks IC

Mosey continues….

Mosey stops…..

Q calls all PAX to hit all 4’s and request some Bird Dogs

Bird Dogs (30 Second Hold Left & 30 Second Hold Right)

While on all 4’s PAX execute Pike position and received orders for 25x Carolina Dry Docks

Loving the way we were feeling the mosey continued.

Turning corner 3 on the track “The Bridge” looked sad, it needed company, we were bored, we obliged.

In honor of 3rd Degree PAX were called upon for a bridge crossin’…

All PAX pushed hard, very hard…, I know this was very difficult for the end of the workout but everyone gave AYG. Bravo HIM’s

Lastly we hit the 4th corner and proceeded to the start point. To be sure that everyone had a chance to burn shoulders and core Q decides to end in Planks.

High Plank Shoulder Touch – Left and Right 20 Second Hold

High Plank Leg Lift – Right and Left 20 Second Hold


9th Man – Ragdoll (Use to hate running, started F3 10 months ago, ran a half marathon last year, has kids, has a wife, from Minnesota, frikkin great dude!!! Keep pushing brother

Post-Party: 10,9,10 Burpees

Attendees – 3rd Degree, Nimbus, Barney Fivel, ShowMe, Altidore, & Sats

Other News-

  • 3rd F opportunity: Rumor has it Numb Tucks is doing a fireside 3rd F. Details coming.
  • Always prayerful for our brother Soccer Mom
  • Praise for Kermit’s middle 2.0 on Baptism this weekend.
  • I think im missing one…

Again bravo to the hole squad. We have a very strong team and it is encouraging to see each PAX gaining strength and enduring more. Altidore again showing us perseverance, Sterno always going beast mode, Stats steady on Pre & Post Party, and folks like Nimbus that keep pushing me harder. I love being a part of this group and am very grateful for each of you.


The Grand Canyon at 100

Gloom Factor: Moderate
Temp: 31 (Ironclad Credit ✔️)

PAX: Bicentennial Man, Silver Medal, Boone’s Farm, En Fuego, Blood Clot, Bagger Vance (Ironclad Credit ✔️)
QIC: BV (IC✔️)

0530:30 Disclaimer on the Run

Mosey around the lower lot w some Politicians & Side Shuffles, grab the Shovel Flags and head across 431 to Amsurg drive for

All IC X 13
SSH, IW, HB, Squats

Evo I
An Ode to the Grand Canyon’s 100 years of being a National Park

10 Burpees on the Minute for 10 Minutes
That sucked

Grab the flags, post one at the grown up bus stop at the corner of 431 & Amsurg, post one at 1st Utility Pole on 431. Or at least that’s what YHC said to YHC, thus YHC had to AYG down to get the other SF & plant it in its rightful place.

Evo II
P1 AYG to SF 1 for 20 Merkins
P2 stay at SF 2 for 20 Squats
Flapjack & RnR x 5 (GC Bday)

Grab the flags, using caution and obeying all traffic laws we return to front lot at III P for

10×10 again…only twist was we finished the last three sets in one final Snotwoggle.

Flutter Kix x 15 IC
5 Merkins
Flutter Kix x 13 IC
Peter Parkers x 5 IC
Flutter Kix x 26 IC


0. YHC not the greatest at giving directions.
0. PAX are much more gracious than YHC
0. 200 Burpees and 100 Merkins aint no joke
0. Blood Clot and YHC can generate a full on sweat in sub freezing temps
0. Boone’s Farm could be known as Double Foggy Pirate if we ever needed an alias for him
0. Bad Boy’s M, Lindi is home, well and the baby is well also
0. Pray for Dine N Dash’s family as they deal with his Moms death.
0. 413 Signing Day on Friday…yall grab a sandwich and post with us there in lieu of First Friday at Cookery. Drop in between 1100 & 1300.
0. Biscuit Run on 2 March, contact Braddock in Franklin for details.
0. 12th Man lunch 22 Mar w YHC on Q at RCC sign up to follow
0. Scorpion CSAUP 23 Mar, PA on Q


2/25/2019 I.R.O.N. M.A.N.

Monday: Detention

Theme: Iron Man


PAX: Ludwig, Dr. Smart, Dine and Dash Brother at Law, Movin on Up, Drone Zone PSL, Floppy Disk, Old Hickory, Vegemite, Super Asian Green Castle, Holoback, Razorback Dupree, AR, BV, PopALock, Prevac, Too Tall, Losing Nemo (FNG), Hot Route, Black Lung, Boy Band, CCR

QIC: Popalock


Conditions: 30ish degrees



In Cadence

Run around the bus hill loop back to the parking lot



10XLBAC Front and Back

10xHigh Knees

10xButt Kickers







Pair off

Run to playground

PAX1 runs baseball loop with coupon

PAX2 does exercise

Each PAX does swerkins, pullups, squats


One Legged Yurpees

Yurpee relay (clap burpee with 2 tuck jumps). Each pax runs to half/full court, 3 yurpee speedbump for both PAX when you get back to the line


Nipple Scraper Merkins

Find a curb. 10 NSMs on your own (more difficult than expected)


Muktar N’Crys + Al Gores

7s with Muktars N’Crys at one end of the lot, Al Gore Squats



Not So Lazy Boys, and other ab workouts

Until time


Quote of the Day:

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” – Tony Stark



Pray for Bad Boy’s wife and 2.1, latest updates look good.

Westeros 2-25-2019: Today’s Theme is No Theme

After a weekend on call, YHC didn’t have the mental sharpness to craft an overly complicated playlist and workout theme, but sometimes you just need to get out  into the gloom and get better.  Six HIM came out to join the fun.

PAX:  Hi_Viz, PA, Porcelain, Pumpkin Spice (FIFO), Right Said, Vector (QIC)

Conditions:    35 not-quite-Ironclad-credit degrees and perfect

Mosey to the back of WEMS for the

Warm-o-rama:  SSH x 20, WMH x 12,  LBAC x 15, Seal Claps x 15, Reverse LBAC x 15, Good Mornings x 12

Partner up for first round and mosey to the front of the school.

First Round: Pendulum DORA

Partner #1 starts — 100 incline merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats with Partner #2 running first to the right side of the school to perform 3 burpees, then run past the PAX to the left side of the school, perform 3 burpees, head to middle to tag partner.

Second Round:
At step risers by playground, PAX perform Dips as one-at-a-time each walk along the wall hands-to-elbows (a walking Makhtar N’Diayes – Ugh, UNC Sucks) and restart Dips on other end until PAX finished. Rinse & repeat.

Third Round:
7s: Pull-ups and Bavarian Split Squats.

With some time left, max-out pull-ups with partner to reach 40.

Mosey to parking lot for Mary of Flutter Kicks, Alabama Prom Dates, Hello Dolly, WWIs, 30-60-90 degrees, and Boxcutters.  Time called.

Move – Saint Motel
Take on Me – a-ha
Dangerous – Big Data
September – EWF (no, PA, this wasn’t played at my graduation)
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark – Fall Out Boy
Out of my League – Fitz & the Tantrums
Here it Goes Again – OK Go
Ready to Go – Republica
Seven Nation Army – White Stripes


  • The Scorpion is coming – CSAUP on the Wild Westside, 4 AOs, plenty of fun.  HC today!  0600 on March 23.
  • Prayers for Bad Boy, his M, and impending 2.1 after an unexpected fall.
  • Discussed importance of having HIM out even if on IR — use time to do PT or modify but still part of the PAX.
  • Plenty of Q spots open for March!  Sign up today!
  • Closed out by noting that on some days, you may not have the energy to plan a theme/overcome fatigue, but important to keep moving forward.  I’m grateful with each post for the HIM who have made me better and keep pushing me to be a HIM.  ISI.  Was an honor to lead you men this morning. SYITG,


The Return of the Golden Horseshoe

PAX: Boone’s Farm, Black Widow, Leatherneck, Toga (QIC), Offshore, Backlash

6 redwoods posted for a totally dry day at The Purple Cow.  Gloom factor was low, and we got after it something like this:

Quick disclaimer and warmorama before heading over the the BHS track.  Begin the Gold Horseshoe:

  • Lap 1 (already done running to track)
  • 20 merkins, lap 2
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, lap 3
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, lap 4
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWII, lap 5
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWII, 20 in-place lunges, lap 6
  • 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWII, 20 in place lunges, lap 7
  • 20 dry docks, 20 WWII, 20 in place lunges, lap 8
  • 20 WWII, 20 in place lunges, lap 9
  • 20 in place lunges, lap 10 = victory lap

Mosey back to flag for Mary.

NMM:  The Golden Horseshoe is an oldey but a goodey and has to be completed in 33 minutes.  Boone’s came the closest while the rest of us were back getting ready for lap 9.  Everyone put some serious effort to this and took note of where they finished so we can get better in the Sprint.

Stay Classy,



Gloom Factor: Max
Temp: 43

PAX: CCR, PSL, B@Law, Yard Sale, Reefer, Lumbergh, Ludwig, Umbrella, Black Widow, Big Stick, Floppy Disk, A/R, D’Mish, Black Lung, Bagger Vance
QIC: D’Mish and BV

Mosey big loop back to lot for WOR:
All IC X 10
Squats, Merkins, WMH, GMA
Air Presses IC X 1

Modified MARSOC Long Card

0. Side Straddle Hops 30-4
0. Half Jacks 30-4
0. American Hammers 10-4
0. Wind Mills 10-4
0. Merkins 50-2
0. Chest Press Flings 15-4
0. Dive Bombers 20-2
0. Squats 50-2
0. Wind Mills 10-4
0. Up Back and Over 10-4
0. Cherry Pickers 15-4
0. Merkins 50-2
0. Good Mornings 10-4
0. Sit Ups 200-2 (sets of 50 w Supermans in between)
0. American Hammer 10-4
0. Merkins 50-2
0. Leg Lifts 30-2
0. LBCs 50-2
0. Good Mornings 10-4
0. Squats 50-2
0. 8 Count B Builders 20
0. V-Ups 20-2

YHC had to bow out at this point. D’Mish took over and rowed/sprinted the PAX to the finish.

Got about 1/2 thru Long Card. Yall look it up, it’s a real Ace Kicker.
T Claps to D’Mish o Nuts for Qing WOR & Mary for me.

First Friday lunch 1 Mar at Cookery. 1130.
Stronghold last workout this Thursday, the 28th, let’s overwhelm them with support and HIM posting with them.
2 March Biscuit Run, hit up Braddock in Franklin to post.
22 March 12th Man Lunch at Richland CC, YHC is hosting. 1130 forks up, $20 per man.