Bomber – 11.29.19 – “A Post-Thanksgiving T.H.A.N.K You”

9 HIM got after it the morning after Thanksgiving to work off some of that stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie with a gratitude-focused workout.

PAX: Crawlspace, Cunning Linguist (QIC), DFrost, Gentle Red (FNG), Hi-Viz, Right Said, T-Cell, Toothless, Trapper Keeper

At 0530, YHC gave the Disclaimer and then we moseyed out the 48th Street entrance to McCabe and toward the Sylvan Park Elementary School for our WOR:

20 x SSH
12 x LBACs
12 x rLBACs
10 x Windmills
12 x WMH
10 x SnL Squats

From here, we moseyed over to Wyoming where we turned left and headed on toward the gazebo area of McCabe Park for The Thang:

PAX partner up in pairs, with 1s performing the exercise while 2s run toward the stop sign at 51st and back to gazebo, then flapjack until completion.
Exercises were as follows:
50 x The Burpee
100 x Humpers (of the Monkey variety)
150 x Apolo Ohnos
200 x merkiNs
250 x Kicks (of the Flutter variety)

Upon completion, we moseyed back the way we came and landed on our sixes for a few minutes of MARY:
12 x Flutter Kicks
12 x Alabama Prom Dates
12 x Freddie Mercuries
12 x LBCs


Philippians 4:6-7: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”


Welcome to F3, Gentle Red!

I just want to express my gratitude and thanks to all of the HIM of F3 who I have interacted with up to this point in my journey. You are all an inspiration, and it is always an honor to lead you!


F3 Room at the Inn – check the 3rd F channel on Slack for details

Order your F3 Nashville swag ASAP! Orders will be taken until end of day 11/30! Here’s the link:

This is C.L., signing off. See you in the gloom, gents!

Fartsack Friday

Black Friday
Temp: 44
Gloom Factor: As Expected

PAX: Pedialyte, Penny Lane – Wilmington, Nadia – Knoxville, Bagger Vance
QIC: Sharknado 2.0

Big loop to start then
SSH, IW, HB, Squats

THANG – Sharknado
Burpees 15
Merkins 20
Squats 20
Big Boy Sit Ups 20
Scorpion Dry Docks 20

Laps 1&2 went clockwise around bus loop
Laps 3&4 counterclockwise
Lap 5 clockwise w Bernie Sanders up speed bump stretch
Lap 6 clockwise high bound (ok, it was skipping) up speed bump stretch
Lap 7 clockwise butt kickers

Time called when Nadia finished his run and we headed to main lot for

Plank 1 min
Flutter kicks IC X 50
Side plank r/l 1 min
Pointer Plank r/l x 10 IC
5 Burpees OYO


I expected a light crowd today but was pretty stunned to see how pervasive the Fartsack was today.

Room in the Inn Sunday night
413 dinner Thur night


Turkey Day Roundup

Temp was a balmy 34 degrees

Pre-Party- Q’d by Mr. 3rd Degree. Attendees wereYHC KermiT & Bieber. 3D led us through a quick 6 Underdoggies, 6 Merkins, & 6 Squats on the minute for 10 rounds.

The Pound

7 PAX Professor X, Numbtucks, Bieber, 3rd Degree, Old Hickory, Sparta, KermiT YHC, and TVG on the Donuteeria

Warm Up – 

Toy Soldiers


Raise the Roof

Reverse LBC’s

Thang 1-

PAX line up on parking lot line

PAX 1 hooks up the Ruck and chooses a mode of transportation to the second parking lot light. PAX then executes 10 Merkins. PAX then chooses a mode of transportation back.

Remaining PAX execute AMRAP:



Sumo Squats

Donna Summers


Iron Mikes

Variable Planks

Thang 2-

Flag Football

Sparta & Numbtucks switched off on QB as Team Dope (YHC, Bieber, and PX) squared off against Team Downtown Brown Frown (3D, Old Hickory, Sparta & Numbtucks)

Im pretty sure the the final score was 14-7 with Team Dope failing to catch two balls thrown in the basket on the second drive. Also the fact that 3D only had one flag on their first score, YHC would have for sure had him down if the flag would have been present…

(Next year mark your calendars, Turkey Bowl)

Post-Party (Actually Thang 3)

10 on 10 (Burpees)

3Ds idea, no body else was onboard but we did it anyways and felt better for it.

CoT – 

LMP and his wife Tarah

Staples mom

Soccer Mom travels


Sparta is racing next weekend for an event to support arthritis if I’m not mistaken. He will post deets in Slack

Have a happy Thanksgiving fellas, and thank you for allowing me to lead!


BearBridge & the Ab Ripper (DR Q for F3Austin’s “The Bridge”)

Conditions: Perfect!

5 PAX in Attendance: Nimbus (QiC), Alright Alright Alright (Maybe “Just Ah’ight” per Rump Roast), Aaaayyyy, Rump Roast & Spam

Warmorama/Disclaimer: Did a couple arm circles and some leg stretching…not big on warmups…

Thang One: Bear Square Sequence (Starting Point, Base of the Bridge)

Between Each 50 Steps, Execute One Bear Square Sequence

    • Rocky Log Carries – 50 Hops
    • Duck Walk – 50 Steps (Waddles?)
    • Crab Walk – 50 Steps
    • Crawl Bear – 50 Steps
    • Canary Crawl – 50 Steps

Quick Mosey to the Row Rails for 50 Rows, Mosey back to the down slope and resume Bear Square Sequences.

    • Hand Stand Walk (with Bridge Rail Assistance) – 25 on each side
    • Bear Crawl the rest of the way down, DONE!

Thang Two: Bear Brawl Suicides (TM F3Nolensville)

Partner 1 = Crawler (Driver) / Partner 2 = Brawler (Resistance) – Swap Roles at Each Stop.

    • 2 Cars Out and Back
    • 4 Cars Out and Back
    • 6 Cars Out and Back

Thang Three: Ab Ripper HIIT – One Min On, 10 Sec Rest

    • Switches
    • Plank
    • Floating Starfish
    • Push Planks
    • Reverse Crunches
    • Dwarf Kickers
    • Standing Oblique Crunches
    • Wine Mixer
    • World War One’s
    • Beast Planks
    • Side Crunches

Perfectly timed finish!



  • Lots of new moves, thanks for letting me share some F3 Nolensville creations, and “Bearing” with me!
  • Thanksgiving Day workout, 7am Start Time at Zilker Park.
  • Per Coffeteria conversation, Friday’s workout will be a Ruck Workout!  See you there.

Cheers to a 113 Years of Life

PAX: Moneyshot, Cowboy (Respect), Crablegs, Pumpkin Spice, Silver Medal, TK, En Fuego (QIC)

Conditions: Beyond pleasant, with a gorgeous sunrise

7 PAX came out for a party at the pillars, celebrating both the upcoming 40th of one of IIIP’s most esteemed HIM, Silver Medal, as well as YHC’s dad, born on this day in 1946, 73 years ago.

0530 arrives, we grab some 20lb (ruck plate) and 15lb (wrapped bricks) gifts and take off on our mosey, setting up shop for WOR at Carrier’s Circle.  Some military-infused concepts thrown in, total of 73 reps of warm-up:

  • SSH x 20
  • Prisoner Squats x 15
  • WMH x 15
  • High Knees March x 10
  • Scorpion Stretch (always a PAX pleaser) x 13

Head to the playground for the THANG:

Celebration #1 – Silver’s 40th.  Lots of exercises we could do in his honor, as the man literally crushes any thrown his way, but we opt for what YHC knows is one of Silver Medal’s favorites – the good ol Swerkin / Down Under combo.  Each PAX grabs a swing, performs 40 swerkins and 40 down unders.  Heart rate is up, party mood established, we head for…

Celebration #2 – YHC’s dad celebrating number 73.  YHC informs the PAX that Dad was a graduate of the Air Force Academy in 1968 and served 5 years thereafter – as such we have an Air Force-inspired party on our hands.  YHC was able to get a couple of Dad’s, ugh…”favorite” exercises during his time at the Academy – naturally lots of pull-ups, merkins and sit-ups.  Given that, we roll with the following, sprinkling in a couple other circuits as well:

  • AMRAP for 19 minutes and 46 seconds (year he was born) of the following (start with 10 reps of each, at the completion of each round rep count increases by 1)
    • Pull-ups
    • Merkins
    • Box Jumps
    • Burpees
    • WWIs

We had some birthday tunes playing in his honor – playlist inclusive of some George Jones, John Conlee & Conway Twitty.  Delightful music to AMRAP to, though apparently as YHC found later in the day our neighbors to the south at Jefferson Commons were not so appreciative of waking up to some Hello Darlin.

All in with 19:46 complete, YHC informs the PAX that the exercise Dad most fondly remembers is the constant running, especially when having to carry the M1 rifle overhead.  So we grab the coupons and partner up, where for the next 6 to 8 minutes (graduated in 68) Partner 1 will sprint down and back length of field (60 yards each way) while Partner 2 performs lap around the track with coupon overhead.  Upon lap completion, flapjack and then R&R.

Time called, mosey back for COT.  Prayers for Pumpkin and his M / pregnancy, health  / healing amongst the PAX, safe travels this week and time with family, special blessing and provision over the birthday boys.

Excellent work fellas – always appreciative of the opportunity to lead and thankful to spend my time in the gloom with each of you.

En Fuego

1.14 Year Anniversary Q

Pre-Party Led by Creeper with Staples & SexEd. Cindy: 5 pullups, 7 merkins, 9 squats for 10 rounds (t-claps considering the main event)

Climate: 40s, slight breeze, partly cloudy which made for a great sunrise

10 PAX: Staples, Numbtucks, Stats, Barney, Creeper, SexEd, ShowMe, Hotdish, Prof X (respect), Focker (QIC)

Speed Walk Mosey †
114 LBCs
Good Mornings OYO

Thang #1: 114 Typewriter
5 squats on the right
5 merkins on the left
Side shuffle in between
11 sets of parking spots
7 merkins/squats on the last
Rinse in repeat in Reverse

Total: 114 Merkins & 114 Squats
Image result for back and forth gif

Thang #2: Leave No Man/Bridge Behind/Out
Bear crawled all THREE bridges 
there and back
Hallelujah Duck walked all three as well

Related image
unrelated penis bridge in london lolz

Thang #3: Let the people decide
Image result for let the people decide
2 lines of PAX facing each other
On the count of 3, a PAX from one line calls out a number 
(20-50) and a PAX from the other line calls out an exercise
33 - WW1s
31 - Tuckjumps
23 - Burpees
21 - V-ups
30 - Goofballs
Image result for gif really hard
"Sort of a paper, rock, scissors" -ShowMe
Image result for rock paper scissors meme



Prayer Requests:

Little Miss Piggy’s Family – Healing & Faith

Staple’s Mom – Safety & Guidance

ShowMe’s friends recovering from brain surgery

Numbtucks experiencing anxiety and panic attack(s)

All those who struggle during the holidays (Q Included)

Soccer Mom, as always.


†  With consideration for our injured/inhibited/elderly? PAX, Q opted for a Speed Walk Mosey as the primary MoT today. However, this was scrapped after Q discovered F3 Nolensville PAX are literally terrible at speed walking.


Keeping things moving at the cow – 11/25/2019

PAX: Tiny Dancer, Leatherneck, Umbrella, Black Widow, Toga, En_Fuego, Not a Sport

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10


Mosey to GWP. Run around path, stopping at playground for:

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 swerkins
  • 20 dips


Mosey to parking lot and partner up:

Partner 1 run lap around parking lot perimeter while Partner 2 is working thru exercises combined totals; flapjack until complete

  • 50 burpees
  • 100 squat jumps
  • 150 merkins
  • 200 LBCs
  • 250 flutter kicks (4-count, or 1000 for Leatherneck)

All in, finished with 1 gasser on the basketball court before  heading back to parking lot.

Great work by all to get the week started right.

Always an honor,


Racetrack 11/20/2019

PAX: Olan Mills, Umbrella, Blackwidow, Faulkner, Ochocinco

QIC: Boone’s Farm



  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Scorpion x10


Mosey 1 lap around racetrack to pull-up bars.

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 merkins
  • 20 jump squats
  • run 1 lap

repeat x2

mosey to stairs by outside parking lot.

7’s on stairs: burpees at bottom, APDs at top

Mosey inside parking deck, at each level do exercise followed by backpedal up ramp, run straight away, RnR all the way to top. Exercises included merkins, dry docks, LBC, Flutter kicks. Head back down stairs and then back to parking lot to finish.

Great work by all.


Always an honor,


Gonna Fly Now

PAX: Crablegs, Pumpkin Spice, TK, Toothless and En Fuego (QIC)

Conditions: Favorable

0530 and we see Pumpkin moseying in from the front porch.  Knock out a few SSH while we await his arrival.  Upon it, we disclaim, then YHC informs the PAX that on November 21, 1976, exactly 43 years ago to the day, Rocky opened in theatres in New York City.  The film was made on a budget of just over $1mm and went on to earn over $225mm, and set off a series of 7 more films that collectively earned 10 Academy Award nominations and 3 Oscars.  None obviously better than Rocky IV where Rocky nearly single-handedly ended the Cold War.  Today, we honor the GOAT that is Rocky Balboa with our Rocky-inspired workout.

Mosey around the loop and set up WOR in the lot under the lights.  In Rocky fashion, 12 jump ropes, 10 jabs, 10 Rocky Balboas, and 11 Butkus stretches (Rocky’s dog, looks quite similar to a Scorpion Stretch).  Total of 43 reps of WOR to represent the 43 years.  Move to the Thang:


30 minute AMRAP (As Many “Rounds” as Possible) of the following 8 circuits (for the 8 total movies), each with 24 reps, all picked due to heavy representation throughout the Rocky training montages and played to the beat of all the Rocky classics:

  • Merkins (single-hand if you can; last 3 of each round must be clerkins – as Rocky throws three clerkins in the Rocky I training montage amidst the single-hand)
  • Down-Unders – Atlantis’s way of doing a pull-up, a favorite of the Italian Stallion
  • From the swings, head to the water tank, where a 30lb ruck plate awaits for one lap around the tank (training montage I begins with Rocky running with coupons in hand)
  • Goblet squats utilizing 15lb coupon (Rocky squatting with the log)
  • Overhead presses utilizing 20lb ruck plate
  • Ivan Dragos – standing hammers utilizing 15lb coupon
  • WWIIs – Pax instructed to end with four count jab combo, props to TK, clearly not his first time delivering said combo.
  • Finish with a consistent in every training montage – the sprint.  No steps to represent Philly in Rocky I, we opt instead to sprint up the hill from the lot to Morrow Street.

After 30 minutes, we all barely answer the bell (thanks to the coupon runs around the tank) for 90 seconds of Mary – perform leg raises in cadence.  YHC instructed the PAX to imitate Rocky with only shoulder blades touching the ground – none of us obliged.

Time called and we head back for COT.  Prayers and congrats to Pumpkin with little one on the way.  Good luck to the PAX representing Nashville in the upcoming fitness contest.

Good work to all the PAX – Rocky would approve as it wasn’t an easy AMRAP.  Always great to be with the HIM of Atlantis.

En Fuego

The Playlist:

  • Gonna Fly Now – Theme from Rocky
  • Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
  • Burning Heart – Survivor
  • Hearts on Fire – John Cafferty
  • Training Montage from Rocky IV
  • No Easy Way Out – Robert Tepper
  • Living In America – James Brown




Tuesday at Bernie: 11/19/19

Gloom Factor: 43° and drizzling

PAX: Bi-Centennial Man, Cowboy, Crablegs, En Fuego, Money Shot, Silver Medal, and Trapper Keeper (QIC).

Took a little mosie to the front side of SPs and up the stairs and back around, then traveled up to the middle of the field where the PAX warmed up.

SSHs × 15 IC
Squaats! × 15 IC
WMHs × 15 IC
Good Mornings × 10 OYO
LBACs × 15 IC
RLBACs × 15 IC

PAX then mosied from the field around to the bottom of Bernie hill.


PAX performed 6 sets with 3 stops.
Set consisted of: 5 burpees at the bottom of Bernie hill, then run up Bernie hill to the edge of the field (1st stop) where 10 squats were performed. Then PAX bear crawled across the width of the field to half way point (2nd stop) where 15 air presses were performed. Then PAX traveled from the mid point of the field to the other side by way of side lunges. PAX traveled back to starting point by reversing the mode of travel but without performing exercises.

Note: Side lunges were switched when traveling back to mid point.

After all 6 sets were complete, 30 burpees, 60 squats, 90 air presses, and 120 SSHs were performed.

At the end of the 6th set, 5 more burpees were performed for good measure.

Mosied back to parking lot for Mary.

Alternating Shoulder Taps × 10 IC
Flutter Kicks × 10 IC
Hello Dollies × 10 IC
90° Leg Raises × 10 IC
LBCs × 10 IC
Merkins × 10 IC
SSHs × 30 IC

Always an honor to lead the HIM!

~Trapper Keeper