Turkey Day Roundup

Temp was a balmy 34 degrees

Pre-Party- Q’d by Mr. 3rd Degree. Attendees wereYHC KermiT & Bieber. 3D led us through a quick 6 Underdoggies, 6 Merkins, & 6 Squats on the minute for 10 rounds.

The Pound

7 PAX Professor X, Numbtucks, Bieber, 3rd Degree, Old Hickory, Sparta, KermiT YHC, and TVG on the Donuteeria

Warm Up – 

Toy Soldiers


Raise the Roof

Reverse LBC’s

Thang 1-

PAX line up on parking lot line

PAX 1 hooks up the Ruck and chooses a mode of transportation to the second parking lot light. PAX then executes 10 Merkins. PAX then chooses a mode of transportation back.

Remaining PAX execute AMRAP:



Sumo Squats

Donna Summers


Iron Mikes

Variable Planks

Thang 2-

Flag Football

Sparta & Numbtucks switched off on QB as Team Dope (YHC, Bieber, and PX) squared off against Team Downtown Brown Frown (3D, Old Hickory, Sparta & Numbtucks)

Im pretty sure the the final score was 14-7 with Team Dope failing to catch two balls thrown in the basket on the second drive. Also the fact that 3D only had one flag on their first score, YHC would have for sure had him down if the flag would have been present…

(Next year mark your calendars, Turkey Bowl)

Post-Party (Actually Thang 3)

10 on 10 (Burpees)

3Ds idea, no body else was onboard but we did it anyways and felt better for it.

CoT – 

LMP and his wife Tarah

Staples mom

Soccer Mom travels


Sparta is racing next weekend for an event to support arthritis if I’m not mistaken. He will post deets in Slack

Have a happy Thanksgiving fellas, and thank you for allowing me to lead!


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