#Cruellhall is a prison

AO: cruelhall
Q: Donkey Hammer
PAX: Works for a Guy, Topanga, Cal Worthington, Michael Freiburg, Focker, Matador, Berry Brooks (ATM), Esposa, blackwidow, EZ-Go, Winona, Pedialyte, @mistamista
FNGs: None
14 strong were out for my first day as AOQ at cruelhall. Great morning to get out and sweat with you guys.

CONDITIONS: cool, cloudy…perfect for solitary confinement in a prison style workout

WARMUP: Easy jog to grab a bar of soap(concrete block).Mobility warmup including SSH, WMH, Michael Phelps, thoracic rotations, runner’s stretch, DD to UD, prone snow angels, supine pigeon, Jane Fondas, single and double leg heel taps over soap block.

– Jailbreak: run around school to the playground for 2×5 pull-ups and bubkas. Back to the prison yard at the start.
– Juarez Valley circuit of alternating soap merkins, soap overhead LBCs, single leg squats and soap curls. Started with 20 reps and worked our way down to one.
– Another jailbreak around the school back to the playground for hanging knees to chest and v-ups x 2. Back to prison.
– 40 second high plank -> 40 second crab -> 40 second side planks
– Finished it up with 3 sets mountain climbers, goblet squats, and man makers till finish

MOLESKINE: EZ-Go left big shoes to fill. I will do my best to uphold the standard he set moving forward.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 Workout on 6/8 which has passed. 70+ were out for a great workout including my 3 now named @horsesaw, @mulescrewdriver and @chickenwrench

COT: It’s an honor to lead this group and I’m excited for what the future has in store for cruelhall. The suggestion box is open. Please drop me a line with any ideas.

EZ-Come, EZ-Go/These are a few of my favorite things

AO: cruelhall
Q: EZ-Go
PAX: Winona, Michael Freiburg, Donkey Hammer, Matador, Pedialyte
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Not as hot as you’d think

Broga flow – Esposa baggervance

Picked my favorite movements and moments from the past year to the tunes of my favorite graduation and/or bar closing songs. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4IqfSN7EqdCBKwYiNg0m0o?si=uYuyH3o_RzO38jkx8qh0bg&pi=u-O6LpeJ-5Rh-X

Indigenous peoples run – Accounts Receivable

Crawl bear up the bus loop grass hill – Batman (F3 Hampton Roads)

Proceed to parking lot:
7s with HSPUs and WW1s

Proceed to Churchill:
7s with blockees and atomics

Proceed to playground:
7s with bubkas and face smashers – Works for a Guy

Proceed to pavilion:
50 merkins, 50 Carolina dry docks (a la Century Club) – ccr

Proceed to parking lot:
50 Once-a-Months (Alabama prom dates) – Matador
Plankpril until time – Grape

Thankful for the memories and HIM who have made this community what it is. Excited to see Donkey Hammer take the reins and take this thing to the next level!

2.0 workout Saturday June 9 at Green Hills Park
Donkey Hammer taking over as AOQ starting next week!


Kings of hearts

AO: cruelhall
Q: Accounts Receivable
PAX: Accounts Receivable, Pedialyte, Matador, EZ-Go, Topanga, Winona, Donkey Hammer, Mista mista, Pound Puppy, Soft Serve
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Side straddle hops, Willie mays, slow merkins, good mornings

Run baseball loop and grab blocks
Head to pavilion.

Clubs = Burpees
Spades = Merkins
Diamonds = WW1s
Hearts = Curl to thruster
(Aces were high)
Face cards were 10 reps
All others by their value

Return blocks and run baseball loop back
Cultivate an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness. Choosing joy despite our circumstances.



Track n’ Field Day

AO: cruelhall
Q: EZ-Go
PAX: Accounts Receivable, blackwidow, Deep State, Donkey Hammer, Matador, Pedialyte, Pound Puppies
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Unreasonably cold

WARMUP: Hammy stretch, Willy Mayes, high knees, butt kickers, karaoke

THE THANG: Track and field-themed beatdown:
*Rotate field events and track events
*Field is parking lot
*Track is sidewalk loop around parking lot
Grab coupon, head to field
100 meters x 4
Long jump – Broad jump across field
400 meters – 1 loop
Shotput training – 50 squat thrusters
800 relay – partner 1 1 loop, partner 2 burpees, then switch
Discus training – 50 block passes with partner/50 merkins
Open 800 – 2 loops all
High jump training – 50 tuck jumps
1600 relay – partner 1 1 lap, partner 2 burpees, then switch x2
Pole vault training – 4 sprints at pavilion/5 bubkas (or hanging knee raises)

MOLESKINE: I’ve been so sore for 2 days, how bout you? Especially the bubkas (look em up) those are here to stay!


COT: Prayers for Matador and his transition to Nashville from NY and for @poundpuppies Father in law Mike who is in the hospital.

Always thankful to lead. Much love. :heart:

I’m a loser

AO: cruelhall
Q: Grape
PAX: blackwidow, Donkey Hammer, Right Said, EZ-Go, Accounts Receivable, Pedialyte
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: warm, but not warm enough to melt my ice cold heart after that Kentucky loss last night

10 SSH
1 Burpee
10 Imperial Walkers
2 Burpees
10 Hillbillies
3 Burpees
4 Burpees
5 Burpees
10 OH Claps
6 Burpees
10 Seal Claps
7 Burpees
10 Moroccan Night Clubs
8 Burpees

THE THANG: To take out my frustration and sadness about being a loser, we listened to angry music and did hard things

Mosey to pavilion

4 Corners Partner Work

Corner 1
One partner does 16 Burpees
Other partner does merkins until complete
Hold low plank for all in
Bear crawl the diagonal

Corner 2
One partner does 16 Burpees
Other partner does dry docks until complete
Hold low plank for all in
Crawl bear to next corner

Corner 3
One partner does 16 Burpees
Other partner does WW1 until complete
Hold low plank for all in
Crab walk the diagonal

Corner 4
One partner does 16 Burpees
Other partner does flutter kicks until complete
Hold low plank for all in
Long mosey around the school to the playground

11’s with pull ups and Lt Dans

Long mosey to startex for Mary

MOLESKINE: thanks for having me EZ-Go! I hope to be invited back someday, which is unlikely…this group seems to be a group of winners…a group I don’t belong to

ANNOUNCEMENTS: brewsday, plankpril, murder mile

COT: prayers for peace for EZ-Go and fam in hectic season
Prayers for the Hill family and the Greene family


B.E.A.C.H. B.O.D.S. :beach_with_umbrella: :muscle:

AO: cruelhall
Q: Toothless
PAX: Deep State, EZ-Go, Pedialyte, Accounts Receivable, Donkey Hammer, blackwidow
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Steadily soggy…but we had it made in the shade (literally) of the Cruel Hall pavilion :classical_building:

PLAYLIST: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4zyFdHWdnCRvbNwafZcrMI?si=467e64ecea4d467b

– 30 x SSH
– 10 x Willy Mays Hays
– 15 x High Knees OYO
– 15 x Butt Kickers OYO
– 10 x Carrot Pullers (pka Cherry Pickers, which makes no sense)
– 10 x Windmills

THE THANG: BEACH BODS :beach_with_umbrella: :muscle:

PAX split into 2 groups, switching off as runners for a rotation timer while the other group busts out the reps below. All PAX have to complete all reps, group waits for the 6 to transition to the next exercise.

Travel on blacktop: Mosey down, bear crawl across, bernie back, shuffle across. 2 laps each rotation.

Big boy sit-ups x 50
Euro steps x 50
Atomic merkins x 50
Crab jacks x 50
Happy crunchy frogs x 50

Modify travel to replace bear crawl with shuffle across, still x2 laps

Bulgarian split squats x 50
Outlaws x 50
Dry docks x 50
Smurf jacks x 50

MOLESKINE: The workout and tunes were admittedly the opposite vibe of the surroundings, but it was a good lift and it proved the point that you’ve gotta put in the work before you get to enjoy the results. Those BEACH BODS will be better on Spring Break for having spent the morning in the rainy Gloom today.

– brewsday next week
– Murder Mile at the end of the month at greenmachine

– Prayers for family coming in town, speed of life is fast
– Prayers for a cousin with a new baby, entering parenthood
– Prayers for school decision and family conversations on the topic
– Prayers for a pregnant wife, that nausea continues to abate

YHC shared that we just got back from a trip to visit my wife’s grandpa whose wife had just passed away. They had been married almost 60 years. Reminder to the PAX that we’re not guaranteed any time at all, and to take a moment of gratitude for their spouse and share an extra word of encouragement or an I love you today.

It’s always an honor and a joy to join you gents out in Crieve Hall – thanks for the warm (ish) welcome and I look forward to next time!

— Toothless :tooth:

Groundhog Day

AO: cruelhall
Q: Esposa
PAX: Donkey Hammer, EZ-Go, Grape, blackwidow, Pedialyte, 0
FNGs: 1 0

WARMUP: Espoga

4 corners
– 5 burpees
– 10 atomics
– 15 merican
– 20 dry docks
Mode of Transport Walk lunge
3 suicides
– 10 1 leg dead lifts
– 20 lunges
– 30 side lunge
– 40 plank jacks
3 suicides
Mode of Transport Bear Claw
– 10 v ups
– 20 LBCs
– 30 bama dates
– 40 hammers
Superman it out



AO: cruelhall
Q: Works for a Guy
PAX: EZ-Go, Esposa, blackwidow, Donkey Hammer, Works for a Guy, Topanga
FNGs: None

WARMUP: The usual suspects


5 tricep thingamajigs (kinda had to be there but included dipping under a bar)

10 rows

15 WW1s

20 merkins

While one guy did double farmers carry from the rails to the parking lot and back

Once everyone did farmers carry, we did it again. Twice in all.

Then 7s on church hill w/ burpees and jump squats

@ezgo took care of Mary as I had to dip at 6:13


@esposa believes that three-year-old with diarrhea are the cutest thing on earth

Only a few weeks left of lean packs

We should all double down after a week off because of snow

I actually wasn’t there for this part so I’m not sure about others

The 12 days of Coupons

AO: cruelhall
Q: EZ-Go
PAX: blackwidow, Accounts Receivable, Donkey Hammer, EZ-Go, Works for a Guy, Esposa
FNGs: None
A frosty 24 degrees with 93% humidity

SSH, Imperial walkers, and Hillbillies in cadence
Mosey in front of school

12 Days of Coupons
Get a block
Just like the song, start with 1, then 2 and 1, and so on
Run parking lot between sets

1 Hand stand push up
2 Squat press
3 LT Dan
4 WW1
5 KB Swings
6 Rows
7 Tricep extensions
8 Curls
9 American hammers
10 Incline merks
11 Decline merks
12 Burpees
If you get to 12 start back down the pyramid

3 Minutes of Mary: American Hammers to end

– #Leanpax is going strong
– FIA is recruiting women for F3 style workout on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30am in the CHE pavilion
– Beware the holiday “flop” aka the disappointments over the past few weeks. Holidays can be filled with as much sadness as joy. Bring your whole self to the New Year, to God, and to your community. This is where real growth takes place.

Cheers with non-alcoholic #leanpax approved beers 🍻

#LeanPax Tune Up

AO: cruelhall
Q: Donkey Hammer
PAX: Accounts Receivable, baggervance, Black Lung, Esposa, Works for a Guy, Pedialyte, None
FNGs: 1 None

WARMUP: extended warm up and mobility work

– SSH, WMH, imperial walkers, Michael Phelps, light sprints, 90/90 hip openers, thoracic rotations, Spider-Man lunges, bear crawls/crawl bears, one minute plank, easy jog with a burnie

THE THANG: Tabata block work, 45 seconds on/15 seconds off for 18 rounds

– OH squats with block, curls, alternating block merkins, paused goblet squats, merkins with kick through and alternating front and side lunges with block

– Closed it out with some planks x 2, iron chair x 3, J.Lo’s and Alabama prom dates

– Convergence New Year’s Day at #greenmachine
– Convergence January 2 at #iiipillars

As we close out the year, let’s remember all the names that have been mentioned or were on our hearts throughout the year and honor them as we move forward into 2024.