Black Belt Training – 2020/12/21

PAX: Wedding Singer, Olan Mills, Toga, Blackwidow, Venus, Hugs Not Drugs

QIC: Boone’s Farm

Disclaimer and mosey to the BHS track for 1 lap warm-up for work on football field:


My kids are training for their Tai Kwon Do black belts, and in addition to all the kicks, etc there is other physical accomplishments that they are training for so the PAX had the chance to participate with some add-ins:

  • SSHx25 IC
  • sprint to 50 yard line
  • Merkinsx20
  • sprint to opposite end zone
  • WWIIx20
  • sprint back to 50
  • squatsx20
  • sprint back to end zone
  • RnR for 8 total rounds

Had to cut off after 8 rounds for time, Mosey to start

Announcements: Umbrella 12 days of Christmas meet at top of parking deck for Racetrack. Prayers for Wedding Singer’s daughter and uncle with COVID. Continued prayers for Umbrella’s family.

Thankful Advent gives us opportunity to reflect on promises fulfilled and also look toward yet to come.  Our hope is not in princes but the One who is truly unshakable regardless of circumstance.

Always an honor to lead.


Trust me… it’s getting easier

PAX: Umbrella, Toga, Black Widow, Not-a-sport, Double Check, Venus, Offshore, Nurse Rachet, Penny Loafers, Olan Mills (QIC)

Rendezvous at the garage. Disclaimer &  mosey around the garage stalling for the uninformed to arrive.

Little warm up with some SSH, BACs, Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hays


3 sets with 2 exercises each. Each set starts with 15 reps of exercise 1  next to stairwell, run to opposite end of the garage for 15 reps of exercise 2, run back to stairwell and up to level 2. Decrement reps by 1, rinse and repeat up to level 5. People’s chair back at level 1 waiting for the six. Start set 2…

Set 1: WW1 & 8 count bodybuilder

Set 2: Toe-Knee’s & Burpee

Set 3: American Hammer & Merkins

Pleasure to lead you guys this morning.

12 Days of Christmas up next week. Currently it’s record against the PAX is 3-0. Come help us get our first victory.


Two Much Coffee

PAX: Boone’s Farm, Penny Loafers, Nurse Ratched, Hugs Not Drugs, Toga (QIC)

Gloom Factor: 70 and Sunny

Five fought off the signs of a chilly, blustery morning to get a little better in the gloom.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to BHS track for warmarama then head to the goal line for THE BEAST with tiny animal interludes.  It went like this:

  • Complete 6 merkins at the 25, 50, 25, touch the goal line and repeat on the way back. Broadjumps/Kangaroo hops back and forth in the end zone 4x
  • Round 2= Jump Squats and Bear crawls 4x
  • Round 3= WWII and duck walks 4x
  • Round 4= Something and gorilla walks 4x
  • Round 5= Lunges and Inch Worm merkins 4x
  • Round 6= burpees

Indigenous People’s Run back to the flag and Mary till time expired.

Announcements and Prayer Concerns:

  • Kids and teachers finishing out the first half
  • Nurse’s coworker’s father having brain surgery
  • YHC is stepping down as AOQ and we are entering the dawn of the Boone’s Farm regime.  Long live the AOG!

NMM:  It’s good to know that the PAX reads Slack prior to arrival.  Everyone brought coffee mugs and Boone’s even thought YHC was signaling him to bring coffee.  Which resulted in 2 carafes of coffee floating around.  Good problems to have!

Stay Classy,



Pole to Pole

11 Dec 2020
Pole to Pole

Temp: 72
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Siri, Spinal Tap, Hi Viz, T Cell, Princess Aurora, Minus 3, Reveille, Right Said, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Bad Boy, Hambone, Red Skull, River Dawg, Hambone, Crablegs, Black Lung, Michelin Man, F3G, Rich Soil, Vector, High Flyer, Natural Ice, Bagger Vance


0530 – Dosclaimer
0530:30 – Count off in 4s

IW X 13 IC
HB X 13 IC
Squats x 13 IC

High Plank for Instructions

Each group would start at a corner of the range. At each pole PAX were to deconstruct a burpee as so : One Thruster, One Merkin, One Squat Jump
At pole 2, increase to 2 of each movement all the way up to 20 since there are 20 poles.
As usual, YHC’s comz skills came under fire from T Cell and Bad Boy.
We performed these movements for 30’ then circled back up for

F Kix x 20 IC
5 Atomic Merkins
AL PD variations x 20 IC
5 Diamond Merks
Ola Dolly x 20 IC
5 Ranger Merks
Box Cutters x 20 IC
5 (8 CT) Body Builders

GMA x 5 IC


NMM: Ole Bomber has come a long, long way from the days of PA, HiViz and YHC as well as the #KBA campaign championed by T Cell. Great work cultivating a brotherhood in Sylvan Park y’all.

In light of watching the standard doc this week, today’s work was designed to be monotonous, boring even…just keep grinding men.

Prayer Horn:
F3G’s Dad
Sinclair, Byles, Tallula families
Medical pros
Metro Schools

NYD Divergence at normal AOs, 0630-0730, Q compliments of PA



10 Dec 2020
Q on the Fly

PAX: Red Skull, BnB, Money Shot, Rug Dr, Umbrella, Black Lung, Bagger Vance

After what seemed like an eternity, it was decided at 0533 that YHC was in fact the QIC and off we went with the Disclaimer following us down Lealand.

Mosey 1/4 lap to Maplehurst then back to the Stable for

Cherry Pickers x 10 IC
Bounding in Place x 13 IC
Drunk Mike Phelps x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Peter Parkers Light x 10 IC

Mosey to end of the lot and bear crawl up sidewalk to Pull Up Station.
One Pull Up per pax (7 total) while other 6 performed
Plank, Box Cutters, Merkins, Atomic Merkins, Lunges, Flutter Kix, Low Plank

In honor of Umbrella’s first visit to Green Machine, we ran the entire loop. Only pit stop was to identify a piece of utility pole we’d need later in the am.
Pull Up Station at opposite corner for
One pull up and one Knees to Elbows per PAX while the other 6 performed
People’s Chair, Flutter Kix, Iron Mike’s, Dips, Merkins, Plank, ?


Parking lot work
Bernie Sanders 50’
Karaoke 25’


Log Work

Two Pax roll log up the hill 50’ or so and carry it back while others

Return log to top of hill and circle up at end of lot for

5 Atomics
AL PD RT leg up / LT leg up x 14 IC
5 Atomics


I owe y’all 3’ next time we get together.
BnB on Q next week.
Goal is to find a way into the track. May need to get Venus down here since he’s got two Mustangs at LA.


Prayer Horn:
Baas Family
Byles Family
Sinclair Family
Medical professionals
Kids in schools


Rob Baas Tribute Workout – The RaceTrack

02 Dec 2020

Temp – 19; Gloom Factor – High; PAX Turnout – Humbling

30 HIM showed up in cold and the dark to help pay tribute to my late brother.  Funyuns, Penny Loafers, Hugs Not Drugs, PSL, Big Stick, Red Skull, Dr. Smartt, Ginger, Toga, Bagger Vance, Not A Sport, Ponzi, Olan Mills, Faulkner, Too Tall, Leatherneck, Yard Sale, FTTAL, Offshore, CCR, Black Widow, Boone’s Farm, Tampa Libra, Nurse Ratched, Blue Mule, High Flyer, Big Bang, Razorback, Floppy Disk, Umbrella – QIC

5 burpees to get the blood moving and long mosey to parking lot behind Hill Center.


10 x Hillbillies; 15 x SSH; 10 x SNL Squats; 10 x BAC forward/reverse; WMH OYO, Good mornings OYO


Rob Baas – Born 9/29/74 – Father, Son, Brother, Uncle & Friend     

Part 1: Tour around Hill Center – 9 Speedbumps/29 reps at each bump:

SB1 – Diamond Merkins x 29

SB2 – Prisoner Squats x 29

SB3 – WW1’s x 29

SB 4 – Wide Grip Merkins x 29

SB 5 – Single Leg Squats x 29

SB 6 – WW2’s x 29

SB 7 – Incline/Decline Merkins x 29 total

SB 8 – Box Jump/Step Up x 29

SB 9 – Plank Hold x 74 seconds

Part 2 – Redline – Rob had a love for speed, whether riding his motorbikes or Indy Car Racing – Goal is to push our redline

Parking Garage – Politician on the flats, sprint the incline, 4 x burpee at top of each incline.  All the way to 6th floor top of parking deck where PAX met for:


We paused for Mary at top of parking garage to do so underneath a glorious sunrise – Thanks Rob

29 x Reverse Crunch; Low Plank into J-Lo’s x 15 count; 74 – 4 count Flutters

Mosey back to parking lot for COT

Thank you for the love today, men.  This F3 community has been the foundation of the best relationships I have formed since moving here  3 1/2 years ago.  I have been witness to this community rallying around each other at every turn and this week it was me and my family that have needed the prayers and support.  And of course F3 Nashville delivers.  Your prayers have carried us these past four days, and I am grateful.  Please be on watch for anyone you know that you think may be struggling with mental health issues.  For my brother it was mental health and alcoholism that overtook him, but maybe we can reach out to someone who we know may be struggling and just love on them.  Who knows, it may be just what they need to be encouraged to keep going.  From the bottom of my heart, I remain grateful to each of you brothers.

Much Love & Peace – Umbrella