Short-order Q

PAX: Umbrella, Olan Mills, Soft Serve (Kotter), Black Widow (Kotter), Hugs Not Drugs, Not a Sport, Redskull, Toga (QIC), Old Fashioned, Soccer Tease, Offshore, One more?

Gloom Factor: Nada= 70 and sunny, per usual

Thang: Lunge from Racetrack start to pull-up bars to begin Black Widow’s “I can’t run” special order Q.  It went like this:

  • 11s with Pull-ups and Atomic Merkins
  • 11s with chin-ups and Werkins
  • 11s with inverted rows and clerkins

Lunge back to parking lot for Mary.

COT: OM took us out.

NMM: It was great to have a good size group at ye ol’ Racetrack this morning.  The PAX seemed to appreciate an upper body focused workout per Black Widow’s special requirements.

COVID-19 Racetrack 2020-3-12

PAX: Ochocinco, Umbrella, Faulkner, Old Fashioned, Soft Serve, Not a Sport, Backlash

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10


For those of us with kids in Wil-co schools out from COVID-19 reported in the county, we wanted to spread the joy.

Mosey to park for

  • pull-ups x19
  • Run 1 lap
  • RnR

Mosey to bottom of parking deck.  x19 of each exercise run up stairs to top of deck, run across top, down other stairs

  • C – Carolina DD
  • O – Original Merkins (creative license)
  • V – V-Ups
  • I – Iron Mikes
  • D – Dolly (Hello Dolly’s)

Completed 6 rounds before heading back to parking lot to finish.

Great work by all. Remember those who are sick and need of healing, those mourning over loss; we also are joyful with Not a Sport’s daughter becoming communicant member.  We grieve with those who grieve and rejoice with those who rejoice.

Always an honor,


03.04.20 Feel the Burn (the Racetrack)

The morning after Super Tuesday, Tennessee didn’t “Feel the Bern,” but a larger than normal PAX felt the burn on a clear morning at the Racetrack. We started off with warmups as a few pre-party ruckers came in hot and ready for some work. YHC learned something: apparently there’s a whole exicon of different exercises to try, as referenced by some PAX tired of the repeated WWIs. Wait for the burn tomorrow gentlemen–it will all be worth it!

PAX: Old Fashioned, Soft Serve, CCR, Faulkner, Boone’s Farm, Black Widow, Toga, Umbrella, Bagger Vance, Marilyn (Willy Loman from Charlotte), Offshore, Not a Sport, Tampa Libra, Dr Smart, Ochocinco (QIC) / (hopefully I didn’t miss anyone, and apologies if I did)


  • 10 Good mornings (OYO)
  • 10 WMH (OYO)
  • 10 LBACs (IC) x2 (front and back)
  • 10 Arm Presses (IC)
  • 10 Michael Phelps (IC)

Thang 1: Mosey to Terraced Wall beside Uncle Julio’s

  • (15) Reps of each: Merkin, Wall Jump, Irkin, Wall Jump, Derkin*
  • (10) Reps of each: Merkin, Wall Jump, Irkin, Wall Jump, Derkin*
  • (5) Reps of each: Merkin, Wall Jump, Irkin, Wall Jump, Derkin*
  • *Run loop around Del Frisco’s and Uncle Julio’s after each round

Thang 2: Mosey to Parking Garage

  • Run up six flights to top deck
  • 25 SSH (IC) / 25 WWIs (R&R one more round)
  • Sprints length of each floor / mosey down ramp to next level
  • 25 SSH (IC) / 25 WWIs
  • Mosey back to start


  • Dealer’s Choice: Rotated PAX leading CORE exercises (LBCs, APDs, JLOs, Flutters, Hello Dollys, WWIs, Squats) until time expired.


  • Prayers for Tornado victims and how F3 can help / Looking at Friday meetup at the Buffalo /  Continued prayers for Fogarty’s and Charlie’s recovery / Prayers for Offshore’s friend in CA with a brain tumor and his able healing and recovery.

Hard Stop

PAX: Umbrella, Boone’s Farm, Ocho Cinco, Soft Serve, Old Fashioned, Back Lash, Pop a Lock, Not A Sport, Faulkner, Bagger, and YHC.

3 PAX for a pre-ruck. Mosey to the garage, ruck up the ramps, down the stairs x2 and back in time for launch.

Mosey to garage where PAX was instructed to perform 10 squats followed by a 10-second hold, on the next landing 10 merkins with a 10-second low merkin hold. R&R adding 10 reps and 10 seconds each time until we got to 40’s. Mode of transportation up the ramps varied from lunges, inchworm, karaoke, walk, Bernie Sanders, and more. Q has dreams of lunge/inchworm each time but A. It sucked and B. It was taking forever.

Part II on the new stairs case heading into the park. 30’s by 5 a la the style of 7’s. So 5 jump squats at top, 25 calf raise at the bottom and so forth.

Finish up with 100 calf raises, 25 irkins, 15 dirkins, and we’re done.

Backlash made a strong case to be renamed ‘Hard Stop’, Ocho has rubber Achilles showing off the deepest calf dips YHC has ever witnessed, Bagger on IR still considered bringing everyone Panera coffee..but didn’t, and bolo on Venus.

Honored to struggle with the HIM.


Racetrack 2/12/20 – Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

PAX: Ochocinco, Tampa Libra, Blackwidow, Toga

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R


Run up stairs, across 5th level, down other stairs, back across bottom of deck

Mosey to bottom of 1st level ramp.  After every 2 exercises backpedal up ramp, run straight away to next level.  RnR to level 5, run down stairs, RnR thru exercises, each exercise x14

  • S – Storm Squats
  • A – AL Prom Dates
  • I – Iron Mikes
  • N – Never Cross Dolly (Hello Dolly’s with Iron Cross)
  • T – Tempo Merkins IC
  • V – V-Ups
  • A – Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • L – LBCs
  • E – Elevated Leg Kicks (Flutters) IC
  • N – Nolan Ryan’s
  • T – Tempo Merkins IC
  • I – Iron Mikes
  • N – Never Cross Dolly
  • E – Elevated Leg Kicks IC
  • S – Spiderman Merkins (Peter Parkers)
  • D – Diamond Merkins
  • A – AL Prom Dates
  • Y – Yurpee (Clerkin with 2 jump tucks)
  • M – Mountain Climbers
  • A – Apolo Ohno
  • S – Squats
  • S – SSH
  • A – American Hammers
  • C – Carolina DD
  • R – Reverse Crunch
  • E – Elevated Leg Kicks IC

Completed last round up ramps with each of the 4 Pax choosing exercise and heading back to bottom of deck to finish.

Great work by all. Remember those who are sick and need of healing, continue to lift one another up to be more engaged and impactful in relationships with wives, kids, co-workers, employees, churches

Always an honor,


1.22.20 “Ups and Downs” (The Racetrack)

Today’s workout was inspired by the chaotic ups and downs of our recent weather patterns. PAX experienced lots of elevation change during some gloomy low 20’s temps.

PAX: Umbrella, Bagger Vance, Boone’s Farm, Leatherneck, Toga, Not a Sport, Old Fashioned, Soft Serve, Ochocinco (QIC)

Started off on great footing (literally and figuratively) with some sage advice “modify at your own risk!” This foreshadowed 3 minutes into the mosey when YHC modified the paved track in favor of a shortcut through the grass–only to end up leading a few men into several inches of wet muck.

Mosey through the park, up the grand staircase, and to the parking garage for some warm up exercises, including Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, Toe Touches/Stretch and Hop Kicks (in remembrance of CCR who was home with a sick child).

THANG 1: (Ascent: Parking Garage Stairs):

Start at level 1 (1 burpee), then up to level 2 (2 burpees), down to bottom, then repeat all the way to the top (up and down) stopping at each level for said amount of burpees, to level 6.

THANG 2: (Four Corners at the Top)

  • Corners 1, 2, 3, 4: SSH x 25 each corner OYO
  • Long sides: mosey to next corner
  • Short sides: side shuffle to next corner

THANG 3: (Descent)

We worked our way down six levels of the garage, stopping at each end to perform 5 slow and low merkins. Alternated methods of movement from one end to the other, including sprints, back-pedals, bear crawl, lunge, Lieutenant Dans, and side-shuffles. At the bottom, mosey back to the grand staircase by the park.

THANG 4: (Grand Staircase / Reverse Jacob’s Ladder)

  • Run down stairs; 7 jump squats; Run back up
  • RnR (decrease reps by one each round)
  • Cut short for time (only finished 3 rounds)
  • Mosey back to start for Mary and COT


  • Plank alternates (High, elbow, low) for 30 seconds each
  • 10 WWIs OYO
  • 20 LBCs OYO
  • 20 Prom Dates OYO
  • Finish with Good Mornings

Racetrack 1/15/20

PAX: Umbrella, Not a Sport, Ochocinco, Old Fashioned (FNG Luke Duncan), Old Hickory, Barney Fivel, Tampa Libra, Offshore, Bagger Vance, Faulkner, Blackwidow, Soft Serve,

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Squats x10


Mosey to parking deck.

  • 20 Iron Mikes
  • 20 Dry Docks
  • 20 Alt Should Taps
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 LBC

Run up stairs, across top deck, down other stairs, back across bottom of deck

RNR x5

Mosey to 2nd level, partner up

Partner 1: backpedal up ramp, run back down

Partner 2: exercises (combined, flapjack when P1 finished)

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Squats
  • 300 Flutter kicks

Head back to parking lot to finish.

Great work by all. Kuddos to Ocho for FNG. Remember those who are sick and need of healing, continue to lift one another up to be more engaged and impactful in relationships with wives, kids, co-workers, employees, churches

Always an honor,


And We’re Choppin’

PAX: Bagger Vance, Uncle Jerry, Ocho Cinco, Soft Serve (Welcome FNG Brock), Olan Mills, Not a Sport, Umbrella, Razor/Venus, Black Widow, Tampa Libra, Faulkner, Iceman, Offshore, Boone’s Farm, Toga (QIC)

Gloom: Sunny and 70

15 posted in the gloom to get a little better this morning, and it went something like this:

Quick disclaimer then circle up in the Racetrack lot for warmarama then mosey to park loop for some Cindy’ish fun= run ten laps around the park stopping at the pull-up bars for 5 pull-ups and 10 merkins and stopping at the back porch for 10 squats and 10 WWII during each lap.  We also broke up the fun with “burpee breaks” of 5 burpees to be executed wherever you are on the course every 3 minutes.

Form up in columns on the field for some old school football “grass drills” = chopping feet with calls to roll right, left, backwards and forward on the Q’s call.  Fun was had by all!

Mosey back to lot for Mary.

COT with Bag of Ants taking us out

NMM:  We’re officially putting the Wood back in Brentwood.  Be prepared when you post at The Purple Cow of Racetrack.


  • The Stronghold is starting back next Thursday with more info to follow.
  • Look for Iceman to post some Ruck times
  • The Battle Plan for Prayer book study starts next Friday, 1/17

Stay Classy,


Racetrack 11/20/2019

PAX: Olan Mills, Umbrella, Blackwidow, Faulkner, Ochocinco

QIC: Boone’s Farm



  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Scorpion x10


Mosey 1 lap around racetrack to pull-up bars.

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 merkins
  • 20 jump squats
  • run 1 lap

repeat x2

mosey to stairs by outside parking lot.

7’s on stairs: burpees at bottom, APDs at top

Mosey inside parking deck, at each level do exercise followed by backpedal up ramp, run straight away, RnR all the way to top. Exercises included merkins, dry docks, LBC, Flutter kicks. Head back down stairs and then back to parking lot to finish.

Great work by all.


Always an honor,


Plague of Locust

PAX: Barney Fievel, Venus, Locust (FNG), Umbrella , Olan Mills, Black Widow, Toga (QIC), Old Hickory, Jerry’s Kids.

9 Posted for a glorious 70 and sunny morning to get a bit better in the Racetrack parking garage. It went something like this:

Mosey to parking lot for brief warmup COP then mosey to the bottom level of the garage for a quick round of pole smokers.  Mosey up the deck to the first ramp to begin execute the following exercises on the ramps and sprint the flats:  lunges, bear crawl, broad jump burpee, crab walk, backwards run.

Execute more pole smokers on the top level and repeat the exercises as we descended the garage.  Then execute one more round of pole smokers.

Mosey to pull-up bars for pyramid to five and back down.  Mosey back to the flag for Mary.


  • Keep those that are sick in your prayers
  • Reach out to friends that are grieving
  • And strongly consider the Nolensville CSAUP in Barney’s post

Stay Classy,