RaceTrack 2022/5/18

PAX: Barkley, Venus, Wedding Singer, Offshore, Tampa Libra, EZ Go, Faulkner, Umbrella, Hugs not Drugs, Penny Loafers, Nurse.Ratched, Ginger, Movin On Up
QIC: Boone’s Farm

Conditions: beautiful 60


Circle up:

SSH x20
Squats x10
Michael Phelps x10
BAC x10                                                                                                                                      Merkins x10


Mosey to Pull-up bars:

3 Lines, first does 1 rep, go to back

2 reps, repeat up to 5 and then back down to 1


Mosey to area between Uncle Julios and Del Frisco

Derkins x10, Irkins x15, Step-ups x10, lap around restaurants

repeat 2 more times, flutter kicks x50 IC


Mosey to stairs beside parking deck

Jump Squats x10 at bottom, Merkins x10 on flat area on the way up, LBC x20 at top, Merkins x10 on the way down


Mosey back to Start for American Hammers x20IC


Prayers House on the Prairie endurance going through treatment. Look for ways to be servant particularly wives, kids and those we routinely impact.

Great effort by all this morning.

Always an honor,


Box of Chocolates at Racetrack

15 Redwoods decided to get a little better on Maryland Way in the gloom.  An FNG, a Willy Loman and a Venus rising were all in attendance.

PAX: Umbrella, Parasol (FNG and 2.0), Val (Willy Loman), Olan Mills (Starsky), Venus, Big Bang, Tampa Libra, Toga (QIC), Penny Loafers, Barkley, Wedding Singer, Ponzi, Boone’s Farm, Nurse Ratched, Not A Sport

Gloom Factor: 70 and Sunny

Thang: Standard issue disclaimer then begin the APFT with a 2 mile run.  Bang and Ponzi led the pack with Parasol in hot pursuit.  Following completion of the run portion, the PAX partnered up and completed the push-up and sit-up portion of the APFT.

We immediately began on an improvement program with a mosey to the pull-up bars to complete a ladder to 5 and back down.  This was followed by 3 sets of 10 rows on the bars.

Mosey back to the lot for Mary.

NMM: So many things happening at The Track today.  We had the naming of a 2.0 (who can jump way higher than Umbrella), Val in from out of town, Tampa thanking me for having the 2 mile run at the beginning of the workout, Venus joining us half way through the run.., the list goes on.  Life truly is like a box of chocolates when you come to the Racetrack.

Stay Classy,


Time to Let Your Donkey Out

PAX: Offshore (kotter), Umbrella (afraid to get wet), Hugs Not Drugs, Venus, Cinderella, Barkley, Nurse Ratched, Penny Loafers, THE Black Widow, Toga (QIC), Honeydo (FNG), Ponzi, EZ Go, Wedding Singer

Gloom Factor: Nil, 70 and Sunny

14 redwoods showed up in some lovely weather to get a little better, faster, and stronger.  Here’s how it went down.

Disclaimer then mosey to the short track, do a lap and sorta circle up for warmarama.  Divide into two teams with Team One (a very individualistic group) going clockwise and Team Two (much more team focused and supportive) went counterclockwise.  Both teams had to mosey around the track and complete 5 pull-ups and 10 merkins at bars and 10 donkey kicks and 10 WWII on the porch before meeting back at the start.  Repeato x3

Take a break by working on Mary then do three more laps with chin-ups and offset merkins at the bars and lunges and donkey kicks at the porch.  Repeato x3

Do one more round with pull-ups and burpees at the bar and donkey kicks and squats at the porch.

Mosey to the parking lot for a fair amount of Mary.

Announcements: GrowRuck is coming!  Talk to Tampa or Big Bang ASAP.  We also had great news that Umbrella’s missing friend from BG was found and is back with his family.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Stay Classy,


RaceTrack 2022/1/12

PAX: House on the Praire, Ponzi, Hugs not Drugs, Black Widow, Umbrella, Tampa Libra, Big Bang, Cinderella, Merida, Wedding Singer, Movin on Up, Not a Sport, Barkley, Venus (met up with us at COT)

QIC: Boone’s Farm

Conditions: a balmy 32 or 35 depending on whose weather app was used


  • SSH x20
  • Squats x10
  • Shoulder Presses x10
  • Michael Phelps x10
  • Merkins x10


Mosey to stairs beside parking deck for AMRAP of running up the stairs pausing for 10 Irkins and 10 Merkins on the way up, 20 LBCs at the top sidewalk, 10 merkins and 10 Derkins on the way down, and 20 Squats at the bottom

Mosey back to start for:

  • 50 4-count flutter kicks
  • 20 4-count American hammers
  • 30-sec plank

Great effort by all this morning.  A pre-party of Ponzi and Big Bang did a Murf, so the several hundred additional merkins was not very appreciated.  Quote of the day goes to Ponzi who said near the end that after all the merkins “I’m going to need to be fitted for a bra after all these merkins”.

Prayers for Snoop (F3 Franklin) battling Covid on ventilator, Not a sport’s mom battling depression, Hug’s mom’s surgery, House on the prairie Marine OCS, Merida and wife’s jobs keeping them apart for next several months

Always an honor,


Racetrack 2021/6/2 – Focus on the Form

PAX: Penny Loafers, Wedding Singer, Olan Mills, Not a Sport, Nurse.Rachet, Merida, Black Widow

QIC: Boone’s Farm

Since we were going to be in parking deck anyhow, YHC decided to meet there to start.  Disclaimer


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Squats x10


Mosey to up stairs to level 5 across, then back down stairs to level 1 up to bottom of ramp to level 2

Upper Body

  • Merkins x20
  • Dry Docks x20
  • Werkins x20
  • backpedal up ramp
  • sprint straightaway together

at level 2

Lower Body

  • Jump Squats x20
  • Iron Mikes x20
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • repeat backpedal and sprint on next level

at level 3


  • LBC x20 IC
  • American Hammers x20
  • Flutter Kicks x20
  • repeat backpedal and sprint on next level

RnR thru 3 rotations of each exercise going down stairs at level 5 back to bottom.  After third round, mosey back down ramps, sprinting the straightaways back to start

Attempt to superset large muscle groups for extra burn along with sprints for extra intensity.  I don’t know about anyone else but it worked on me, particularly after Murph on Monday.

Always an honor to lead.


Racetrack – Golden Glutes Beatdown 1/27/2021

PAX: Umbrella, Black Widow, Olan Mills, Wedding Singer, Ponzi, Ginger, Double Check, Moving On Up, Faulkner, Venus, Leatherneck, Hugs not Drugs, Nurse.Ratched, Not-a-Sport

QIC: Boone’s Farm

Conditions: nice crisp 35 degrees


Mosey to parking lot next to parking deck

  • SSH x20
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Squats x10
  • But-kickers half parking lot x2
  • High knees half parking lot x2


Mosey to parking deck stairs

  • 20 merkins, lap 1 up stairs, 5 burpees, down stairs
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, lap 2
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, lap 3
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWI, lap 4
  • 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWI, 20 Iron Mikes (1 is 1 rep), lap 5
  • 20 storm squats, 20 dry docks, 20 WWI, 20 lunges, lap 6
  • 20 dry docks, 20 WWI, 20 lunges, lap 7
  • 20 WWI, 20 lunges, lap 8
  • 20 lunges, lap 9

Great work by all this morning. Great coffeeteria  fellowship after. Umbrella is going to post a service opportunity on Slack for 3/6.  Leatherneck is going lead 2 hour ruck/workout 2/6.

Always an honor,


New Year, Same PFT

PAX:  Umbrella, Venus, Faulkner, Toga (QIC), Too Tall, Ponzi, Hugs Not Drugs, Enron, Nurse Ratched, Penny Loafers, Not a Sport, Double Check, Plus 1 more?

Gloom Factor:  Nada, 70 and Sunny

13 redwoods set some bars today as the PAX took on the USMC PFT.  It went something like this:

Thang: Mosey to the park for a very brief warmarama with an explanation of the day’s events.  Two columns on the pull-up bars for strict form pull-ups.  Partner up for 2 minutes of crunches.  Mosey to the street and start 3 mile out and back route heading West on Maryland Way, turn left on Granny White and reverse direction at the Virginia Way light.

The PAX closed with a brief Mary session, COT and Umbrella’s finest roast.

NMM:  YHC hadn’t really done this since college, so it’s always good to see what that looks like.  The PAX will plan to leverage this little activity quarterly with goals now set for the coming months.  Strong work today!

Stay Classy,



25 Nov 2020 BAB Q

TEMP : 57

PAX : Hugs Not Drugs, Wedding Singer, TOGA, Not a Sport, Venus, Bagger Vance

0529 ish Disclaimer Proclaimed

Blockman’s Creed

This is my block. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My block is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
Without me, my block is useless. Without my block, I am useless. I must carry and lift my block true. I must work harder than the Jester that seeks to kill me.

My block and I know that what counts in F3 is not the reps we complete, the noise of our grunts, nor the sweat we make. We know that it is the You v You work that counts.

My block is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts.

I will keep my block clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other.

Before God, I swear this creed. My block and I are the defenders of Virtuous Leadership. We are the masters of Sad Clownism. We are the Leaders in our Communities.

So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no Sad Clown, but only Virtuous Leadership.

Hops & Bounding x 25 IC
IW X 13 IC
HB X 13 IC

Grab your BAB and head out. PAX carried BAB in various ways to the new stairs at HC. BAB hops up stairs and then down.

At bottom, steering wheel BAB to the grass. Various carry positions of BAB to Yungle Gym.

BAB Burpees
Pull Ups
1, 3, 5, 7, 9

(Insert Venus around rep count of 7)

BAB flips forward across the parade ground, reversing at the 1/2 point.

BAB calf raises IC X 10 on the steps.

BAB hair burners to first light post.

Hula Hoop BAB back to StartEx for


LBC x 13 IC w BAB
5 Close grip BAB merkins
F Kix x 10 IC w BAB on chest the 10 IC w arms locked
5 Close grip BAB merkins
Finishing position AL PD
5 Close grip BAB merkins
Low plank on BAB


NMM: Hearty crew this am getting in pre Turkey Day work. Should invest in some BAB for BrentHood and leave in the bushes. Or at least chip in to buy TOGA a new block w handles.
Varied up movements today to work in BAB along w push, pull, squat and hinge.

BH: Continued prayers for the Sinclair (Ludwig) family. Please connect w Floppy Disk for more opportunities to serve.

Gobble Hobble tomorrow at the Corner of Caldwell and Lealand. 5 mile loop around GH to Belmont and back up Lealand. All welcome. 0530 start.

Black Friday at S2H. 0530 start. Ruck kindly suggested. Hit me up if you need a Loan a Ruck.


11 Nov 2020

Veteran’s Day Q

Temp: 60s
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: Nurse Rached, Not a Sport, Hugs not Drugs, Penny Loafers, Boone’s Farm, Red Skull, Tampa Libra, Black Widow, Wedding Singer, Ponzi, Yumbrella, Venus, Scout (F3 ATL), Bagger Vance


0530 – Disclaimer

Mosey short loop back to turnaround

SSH X 11
IW x 11
HB x 11
BAC F X 11
BAC R X 11

Split into 4s : Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
(This proved relatively pointless)


21 at Turnaround
Crawl bear ~50M
18 at Light pole
Bear crawl ~50M back
15 at Turnaround
Cover and move (bear crawl and broad(?) jump)
12 at Light pole
Cover and move
9 at Turnaround
Karaoke / High Knees
6 at Light Pole
Karaoke / High Knees
3 at Turnaround

Just enough time to head over to outdoor playground apparatus for

Pull Ups

High Plank and hear the quick story of U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Larry D. Harris

Flutter Kix x 21 IC
Heel Raise x 60”


Well done today y’all. Great way to honor our Veterans. T claps to Umbrella for letting YHC jack his Q and for the coffee after. Ripped a pretty cool idea from Noodler last week, in COT, each PAX lifted up their own prayer and YHC closed out. A long version of the dial and hang up prayer chain from back in the day. Nice to have a Willy Loman in from F3 ATL. We lift up his son at The Naval Academy.

⁃ Prayers up for Ludwig and family.
⁃ F3 Oprah er book club happening at Panera on Friday. 0600. Hit up 🌂 or 🕷for deets.
⁃ Run group Fridays also, hit up Not A Sport for deets.


Racetrack 11/4/20

PAX: Umbrella, Faulkner, Penny Loafers, Wedding Singer, Olan Mills, Nurse.Rachet, Toga, Blackwidow

QIC: Boone’s Farm

Disclaimer and mosey to the park for:


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Squats x10


Mosey to pull-up bars

  • Pull-ups x10
  • lap around racetrack
  • RnR for 3 total rounds

Mosey to stairs at far end of racetrack for 7’s with Burpees at bottom, run up stairs,

  • Burpees x6, run up stairs, APD x1, run back down
  • repeat burpees x5, APD x2, etc finish at top

Mosey to parking deck for DORA, partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 backpedals up ramp (it is a great day to honor politicians), runs straightaway then back down, flapjack

  • Merkins x100
  • Squats x200
  • LBC x300

Mosey back to start.  Finish with 30 4-count flutters IC

Announcements: Book study Celebration of Discipline 11/13/20 at Panera. See slack posting for details. Prayers for Nurse.Rachet’s co-worker Clayton’s dad with mass behind eye. Prayers for our country that leaders would rise up.

Our hope is not in princes but the One who is truly unshakable regardless of circumstance.

Always an honor to lead.