And We’re Choppin’

PAX: Bagger Vance, Uncle Jerry, Ocho Cinco, Soft Serve (Welcome FNG Brock), Olan Mills, Not a Sport, Umbrella, Razor/Venus, Black Widow, Tampa Libra, Faulkner, Iceman, Offshore, Boone’s Farm, Toga (QIC)

Gloom: Sunny and 70

15 posted in the gloom to get a little better this morning, and it went something like this:

Quick disclaimer then circle up in the Racetrack lot for warmarama then mosey to park loop for some Cindy’ish fun= run ten laps around the park stopping at the pull-up bars for 5 pull-ups and 10 merkins and stopping at the back porch for 10 squats and 10 WWII during each lap.  We also broke up the fun with “burpee breaks” of 5 burpees to be executed wherever you are on the course every 3 minutes.

Form up in columns on the field for some old school football “grass drills” = chopping feet with calls to roll right, left, backwards and forward on the Q’s call.  Fun was had by all!

Mosey back to lot for Mary.

COT with Bag of Ants taking us out

NMM:  We’re officially putting the Wood back in Brentwood.  Be prepared when you post at The Purple Cow of Racetrack.


  • The Stronghold is starting back next Thursday with more info to follow.
  • Look for Iceman to post some Ruck times
  • The Battle Plan for Prayer book study starts next Friday, 1/17

Stay Classy,


Racetrack 11/20/2019

PAX: Olan Mills, Umbrella, Blackwidow, Faulkner, Ochocinco

QIC: Boone’s Farm



  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Scorpion x10


Mosey 1 lap around racetrack to pull-up bars.

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 merkins
  • 20 jump squats
  • run 1 lap

repeat x2

mosey to stairs by outside parking lot.

7’s on stairs: burpees at bottom, APDs at top

Mosey inside parking deck, at each level do exercise followed by backpedal up ramp, run straight away, RnR all the way to top. Exercises included merkins, dry docks, LBC, Flutter kicks. Head back down stairs and then back to parking lot to finish.

Great work by all.


Always an honor,


Plague of Locust

PAX: Barney Fievel, Venus, Locust (FNG), Umbrella , Olan Mills, Black Widow, Toga (QIC), Old Hickory, Jerry’s Kids.

9 Posted for a glorious 70 and sunny morning to get a bit better in the Racetrack parking garage. It went something like this:

Mosey to parking lot for brief warmup COP then mosey to the bottom level of the garage for a quick round of pole smokers.  Mosey up the deck to the first ramp to begin execute the following exercises on the ramps and sprint the flats:  lunges, bear crawl, broad jump burpee, crab walk, backwards run.

Execute more pole smokers on the top level and repeat the exercises as we descended the garage.  Then execute one more round of pole smokers.

Mosey to pull-up bars for pyramid to five and back down.  Mosey back to the flag for Mary.


  • Keep those that are sick in your prayers
  • Reach out to friends that are grieving
  • And strongly consider the Nolensville CSAUP in Barney’s post

Stay Classy,


28 August 2019 Faulkner Sub Q

Not a Sport
Black widow
Double check
Off shore
Temp: 70ish
Gloom Factor: Moderate

Got a frantic call from Faulkner last night needing a Q sub for today. Naturally, I leapt at the chance to step in and inflict some woggle on the PAX. Turned out my designed Iron Pax Week 0 was welcomed with chagrin from Leatherneck and Offshore, “Man, that’s what we did at Purple Cow on Monday”. Learning from that: 1) Post BB so we don’t repeato the Qs 2) Stay informed on the Slack channels that you don’t always post to as a regular.

Mosey around the Racetrack loop w some side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers and Politicians up to the Valet lot of Brentwood’s tallest building for

IW X 13 IC
AL Prom Dates (finishing position) x 13 IC

Partner up for BV Classic at The Racetrack…up to the top of BTB, wall sits for the 6, head back down to Holler N Dash as the THANG gets laid out.

Merkin/Squat Combo w 10 Burpee Speed Bump at the Top Six Rounds

Odd Ascents – Merkins
Even Ascents – Squats

5,10,15,20 at each landing

IPR (Indigenous People Run) back to startex.

Hold Plank for 6

Merkin ROF while we waited for PAX to recite:
F3’s Mission
F3’s 5 Core Values
F3’s Credo

F Kix x 30 IC
Merkins 5 Sgl Ct
Al Prom Dates x 13 IC
MERKINS X 5 sgl ct
Ola Dolly x 13 IC
Beast R/L x 10 IC
F Kix x 13 IC


Great work today men. Always a pleasure to lead. Sorry about the confusion with the work this am. Duly noted for next time. Love partnering up, hope yall got to know a bit more about one another.

Don’t forget why we do what we do and how we do what we do…

To reinvigorate male community leadership through small peer led workout groups:

Open to all men
Held outdoors
Free of charge
Led in a rotating fashion of peers
Always ends in COT

We never leave a man behind but we also never leave him where we found him.

Now get out there and share those things with another man in need i.e go EH some Sad Clowns.

IronPax Challenge begins Monday 0530 @ Detention, Westeros, Purple Cow and The Skunk
Sign up here:

The IronPax Challenge

5 Year anniversary 14 Sept RSVP here:



11 to put the race in racetrack this morning.

Flying Tomato, Black Widow, Atlas, Backlash, Old Hickory, CAPSLOCK, Bedpan, Egg Bowl, Red Skull, Umbrella, Tampa Libra (QIC)

SSH x30
Slow-and-low AirDrama x20
Lbac / reverse x15
Shoulder press x50
Spider lunge x10


    • Split into 2 groups
    • Each group grabs a 25lb coupon
    • Indian Run to the parking lot

Group 1:
20 merkins / 1 PAX low plank with coupon on back
wait for the  6 in a low merkin hold
Sprint to the opposite end of the lot

Group 2
20 WWI  / 1 PAX hollow hold with coupon on back
wait for the 6 in a hollow hold
Sprint to the opposite end of the lot

Following the same pattern: Group 1 does 19 WWI / Group 2 does 19 merkin’s and so forth down to 1.

Indian Run to the field with coupon

  • Each group lined up shoulder-to-should and on their 6.
  • 3-count American Hammer with coupon, pass to the left and then back down. Repeat.
  • 3-count American Hammer x2 with coupon, pass to the left and then back down. Repeat
  • High plank position. Keeping hips steady, pull the coupon through to the next PAX, all the way down and back. Repeat.
  • Sprint the loop
  • Repeat the above x2

Mosey to the lot for some quick mobility work, WMH, Good Mornings, and we’re done.

Announcements: PennyLoafers Bride had her procedure yesterday and all went well. Hoping for release today but it’s likely tomorrow.

Umbrella is starting a book club, likely 2 Fridays a month. Time and location TBD.

Keeping it Fresh

PAX: Umbrella, Toga, Boone’s Farm, Tiny Dancer, Flying Tomato, Egg Bowl (FNG), 8 Bit (guest star from Cherokee), Razorback, Penny Loafers, Olan Mills, Black Widow, Bedpan, Double Check, Life Champ, Offshore, Deck the Hollis

Conditions: 70 and Sunny

16 redwoods posted to get a little stronger and faster at the Racetrack.  Here’s how it went down:

Disclaimer then mosey around the main park loop and circle-up in the center for Warmarama= SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Cotton Pickers, squat thrusts, scorpion stretch and inverted scorpion

Divide into two teams with Team 1 executing the ‘Cindy’ WOD for 10 minutes= 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats

Team 2 sprints half of the track EMOM

Flapjack then switch back to the same rotation for 5 minutes of Cindy and 5 minutes of sprints.  We had to cut this a bit short to work on some Mary.

Mosey to flag for Mary then COT.

Announcements:  0545 Ruck followed by breakfast at First Watch on Franklin Road (by Kroger) this Saturday!

NMM:  Tiny Dancer said he was excited to get some upper body work this morning, and YHC is not overly sure he provided exactly that.., but who doesn’t need more sprints, right?  Razorback did express some criticism over the Q’s lack of originality in going back to the same rotation of Cindy and Sprints, but YHC never claimed to be fast or creative.  At least he and Umbrella provided Gatorade and Coffee!  Special welcome to Egg Bowl who passed YHC on numerous sprints and 8 Bit who nearly caught Tiny Dancer on their last sprint.

Always a privilege to lead!

Stay Classy,


Racetrack Warm-ups

The Racetrack warm-ups

PAX: Double Check, Deck the Hollis, Umbrella, Every Body Hurts (FNG – Athens, GA), Carrot (Knoxville F3/Japan), Penny Loafers, Dinger, Edible Arrangements, Black Widow, Offshore (QIC)

Here’s how it went down: Disclaimer was given and emphasis given surrounding the PAX observing light poles and their stubborn means of moving after @greasetrap’s confrontation last week.

WAR: Mosey up to Hill Center parking lot: SSH x 20, Willie Mays x 10, Good monrings x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, Baby Arm Circles x 10 both ways, Overhead Press x 10, 4 count Merkins x 10

Thang: Mosey to parking garage stairwell to partake in 7s (jump squats and Atomic Merkins), Mosey around Hill Center to find adequate handrails to complete Rows 3 sets x 15, Mosey to Uncle Julio’s outdoor seating area to find the walls to complete 3 sets of Irkins (10), Dirkins (15), Dips (20), Mosey then continued around the Hill Center and back to Racetrack parking lot to fined Mary.

Mary: Flutter Kicks x 30, LBCs x 20, American Hammers x 20, Low Plank for 1 min, Cherry Pickers x 30, ending with Good Mornings x 10.

Racetrack 2019-5-1

PAX: Double Check, Dr. Smartt, Bagger Vance, Olan Mills, Umbrella, Penny Loafers, Leatherneck, Blackwidow, Offshore, Backlash

QIC: Boone’s Farm



  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10


Mosey up hill around parking deck with some merkins along the way, finishing at stairs by outside parking lot.

7’s on stairs: burpees at bottom, APDs at top

Mosey inside parking deck, at each level do exercise followed by backpedal up ramp, run straight away, RnR all the way to top. Repeat on the way back down only no backpedal. Exercises included merkins, jump squats, LBC, American hammers, Flutter kicks

Mosey back to start right on time.

Great work by all.


Continue to pray for Ludwig’s wife Kate with new tumor growth, surgery upcoming.


This Saturday Leatherneck hosting monthly 545 ruck with breakfast after at First Watch (Franklin RD Brentwood).

Also, Saturday Nolensville CSAUP (see Slack general channel).


Always an honor,


Murph Workouts All Over the Place

Pax: Leatherneck, Venus, Boone’s Farm, Big Bang, Toga (QIC), Offshore

Conditions: 70 and Sunny

Six redwoods posted for a little fun in the early morning sun.  Here’s how it went down:

Preamble then begin “The Murph”.., or a heavily modified version of it.  In this case:

  • 1 mile mosey
  • 100 pull-ups, 200 merkins and 300 squats broken up into ten sets of 10, 20 and 30 respectively.
  • Lots of flavors of merkins were used including: regular, werkins, clerkins, Chuck Norris, archer, Bruce Lee, derkins, irkins
  • 1 mile mosey

The crowd rejoiced!

COT with YHC taking us out


  • Warpath is back in 2 wks
  • BWood area breakfast 2nd F event at First Watch on Franklin Rd, Saturday 0700- see Leatherneck

NMM:  Apparently the F3 Nashville sewing circle was hard at work at BV had informed Grease Trap and Big Bang that a Murph was about to go down at Racetrack.  This didn’t stop Mr Bang as her rolled right from one into the next #WhatThe.  YHC appreciated the support of the Pax as a drive by burrito incident made this event a bit more challenging than usual.

Stay Classy,


2/27/2019 The Flash Runs the Racetrack

Wednesday: The Racetrack

Theme: The Flash


PAX: Boone’s Farm, Old Hickory, Razor, Penny Loafers, Bootlegger, Double Check, Red Skull, Razorback, Dr. Smart, Popalock

QIC: Pop-A-Lock


Conditions: Reasonable



Run around the church



10XLBAC Front and Back

10xHigh Knees

10xButt Kickers





Pax count off 1 and 2s


Relay Race – Run up and over parking deck then back around. Remaining PAX do exercises based on which PAX is moseying

1s go across bottom first

2s go across top first

PAX 1 – Squat

PAX 2 – Flutter Kicks

PAX 3 – Plank

PAX 4 – Imperial Walkers

PAX 5 – LBCs


Relay Race – Bear Crawl (Crawl bear halfway across first level, run back)

PAX 1 – Squat

PAX 2 – Flutter Kicks

PAX 3 – Plank

PAX 4 – Imperial Walkers



Run to pull up bars.

1 Pax does 10 pullups, then run circuit

PAX 1 – Squat

PAX 2 – Flutter Kicks

PAX 3 – Plank

PAX 4 – Imperial Walkers

PAX 5 – LBCs


Quote of the Day:

“Sometimes the only way to move forward is to revisit the things in your past that were holding you back. You have to deal with them head on, no matter how scary they may be. Because once we do, you will see that you can go further than you ever imagined.”

― Barry Allen “The Flash”



413 Strong

Dine and Dash’s family (his mother passed away)

Razor’s friend of a friend who died (13 year old female gymnast)