AO: the-knoll
Q: Sooie
PAX: AAA, Ex-Pat, FLO, morning stār, Pebbles, Sooie, Sparrow, Bumblebee (2.0), Barfly, WordPress
FNGs: 2 Barfly, WordPress
CONDITIONS: Cool, Humid, mist on the knoll. Perfect way to kick off the longest day of the year!

top to bottom
Yes/No/Maybe’s in cadence
Overhead claps
Don Quixote’s
Low slow squats
Slow merkins
Scorpion stretches

20 yard sprints between cones at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% speed.
Team competition to pick up the most cones on the 120 yard sprint back.

War! Broke out the ol’ Deck O’ Cards, maintained the 2 teams from the cone competition. Proceeded to play war. Winning team did 1 of 3 exercises based on the color of the face up suits. Losing team did combination of exercises based on the suit.
J = 11
Q = 12
K = 13
A = 14
Winning team exercises:
:large_red_square: = air presses x total
:black_large_square: = Spicolli’s (calf raises) x total
:large_red_square: :black_square: = Imperial walkers x total
Losing team exercises:
:heart: = burpees
:diamonds:= WW2’s
:clubs: = dips
:spades: = squats

MOLESKINE: Had fun playing the game yet it reminded us of tensions, struggle, uncertainty, and injustice around the world. Shared Psalm 46 as a reminder of something more secure and more foundational than what we can see in the world around us.

:alert: VQ’s Next Week! :alert:
Sparrow Tuesday 6/25
FLO Thursday 6/27
Come out and show support!
Convergence at greenmachine 7/4

Prayers offered and lifted.

90s Summertime

AO: the-knoll
Q: El Capitan
PAX: morning stār, Pebbles, Sooie, The Banker, AAA, El Capitan, Ex-Pat, FLO, Sparrow, Timber, Malibu, @fishbiscuit (2.0), @tonks (2.0), @bumblebee (2.0), @icebox (2.0), @nitro (2.0), @cookie (2.0), @spike (2.0), @fern (2.0)
FNGs: 4 @nitro (2.0), @cookie (2.0), @spike (2.0), @fern (2.0)
CONDITIONS: Humid, upper 70s

TUNES: 90s jamzz


My Climb Warm-up Routine
– downward dog / cobra
– power merkins (3x per side)
– deep calf stretch
– PE back stretch
– lower back stretches

– Mosey around back stop to center of field


Part 1: Duck, Duck, Goose on the Plank!

– Duck PAX are all planking in a circle. Tagger chooses a “goose!” who will sprint around the circle to return to their spot. Instead of chasing, tagger does 10x Side Straddle Hops. Whoever is last to plank is “it”. (We had several close races!)

Part 2: Water Balloon Challenge

– 16x reusable water balloons contain laminated slips of paper with various workouts & are hidden around the playground.

– All PAX will hold a squat while one looks for a water balloon. He or she may pelt the PAX with the water balloon upon returning. All PAX will perform the exercise written within. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Cool down: Mosey’d a caboose-is-loose around the-knoll, then convened at playground for three minutes of Freddy Mercuries.


– Count Off
– Name-O-Rama
– Welcomed aboard 4 FNG’s visiting Uncle Sooie’s family from Central Florida. All had excellent F3 name choices.


Black Lung & Hair Band to Co-Q a 4th of July convergence beatdown at greenmachine :flag:


“You are as important as you make another person feel.”
-Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

I am so grateful for the men who make the-knoll such a positive, encouraging place to get stronger. I encourage y’all to be aware of the “least of these”, to see each person as a unique individual made in God’s image who is worthy of respect. Rather than seek glory for ourselves, seek the good of others in quiet service, empathy, and kindness.

Closed in prayer.

It was an honor to lead y’all this morning! :el-capitan:

Trip to the Zoo – Animals on the loose!

AO: the-knoll
Q: Pebbles , Sooie
PAX: Sooie, Nubbins, Timber, AAA, Wolfpack, El Capitan, Pebbles, Sparrow, Malibu, Ex-Pat, Fish Biscuit, Tonks, Iowa, IceBox
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Warm and damp

Mosey around the backstop
Disclaimer given
Bac’s – Bac-Bac’s
Don Quioxte’s
Slow Merkins
Slow Squats
Stretch on your own

2.0s picked an animal then pretended to be that animal while running around distracting the PAX doing station work. 2min at each station.
1. Dips
2. Swing pull ups
3. Jump Squats
4. Pull ups
5. Lunges

6 cones set 50yds apart. Do 6 reps of an exercise then sprint to next cone. (Burpees, WWIIs, Merkins, Lt Dans, Partner Carry x2)
Bear capture the flag
Toilet Tag
Bear Tag

Reflection on the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Good reminder that the things we struggle with, while not to minimize them, pale in comparison to what those men did to earn our freedom.

Welcome Nubbins to the-knoll! Looking forward to many more beatdowns together.

T-claps to the one and only morning stār for completing THE STRUGGLE last night. Congrats to all those men who did a very hard thing together.

Intentions given and Sooie prayed for all.

Packing and Slacking

AO: the-knoll
Q: Pebbles , Sooie
PAX: AAA, El Capitan, Ex-Pat, Malibu, morning stār, Pebbles, Sooie, Sparrow, The Merchant, Timber, Wolfpack, Bumblebee (2.0), Link (2.0), Smoltz (2.0), Mucchi (2.0), Fish Biscuit (2.0), Tonks (2.0), Gabby Cat (2.0), Foxy (2.0), Big Red (2.0)
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: perfect late spring morning

mosey around the backstop.
Motivators from 7
Slow Merkins
Slow Squats
Mosey to the flood table

Pack Your Bags
2.0’s shared their ideal vacation spot and the 1 exercise they’d pack with them.
Total of 16 rounds of the exercises. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. Had to run to catch our flight after we packed 9 bags.

Thang 2: Slacking
We setup a slack line and traversed it in various ways performing various exercises while waiting for to cross.

Thang 3: Game time
Toilet tag

Reminder that unstructured time is great and sometimes it’s good to just do nothing together.

El Capitan AOQ FOR THURSDAY’S AT THE KNOLL! El Cap has been at the knoll since the beginning and always brings joy, encouragement, hardwork, and dedication! Looking forward to all that he’ll bring as AOQ! Baby G-string born last week!

Prayers lifted and offered!

Coffeeteria with bananas for all from Pebbles ! Chocolate Milk for the 2.0’s. :boar: :coffee: :tm: for the adults!

Moseys and Musings

AO: the-knoll
Q: DintyMoore
PAX: AAA, morning stār, Siri, FLO, Wolfpack, El Capitan, Timber, Ex-Pat, Sparrow, Pebbles, Sooie, Bumblebee, Tonks, Fish Biscuit, Smoltz, Gabby Cat, Foxy, Bookworm (2.0)
FNGs: 1 Bookworm (2.0)

Arm circles – 10 rep
Back backs – 10 rep
Good Mornings – 5 rep
Motivators – 5 count
Willy Mays Hays – 5 count
Hip Swings – 5 count

Thing 1 – HIIT x 2
30 sec work / 15 sec rest
High Knees – 30 sec
Drop Squats – 30 sec
Romanian Split Squat Left – 30 sec
Romanian Split Squat Right – 30 sec
Left Leg Negative Squat -30 sec
Right Leg Negative Squat – 30 sec
Iron Mikes – 30 sec
Squat Jumps – 30 sec

Thing 2 – Running bases
Backstop – 4 groups, 30 second reps
Super Mario’s, Bernie, Mosey, Skip between
Merkins – Home
Shoulder Taps – 1st
Carolina Dry Docks – 2nd
Plank Toe Touches – 3rd

2nd lap turned into tag game, picking up any members of group in front of you that you catch after 50 total reps

Mary to finish – 2.0 Dealers Choice

It’s what you learn after you know it all, that counts. John wooden to Bill Walton upon graduating from UCLA. Walton passed away this week.

Convergence events for end of May U Pull Up Challenge – pain-train and greenmachine on Saturday.

2.0 friendly workouts Saturday afternoon in Franklin – Taco Ruck, next Tuesday at The Knoll, and next Saturday at Middle Tooth.

coworking next Wednesday.

Wrapped in prayer for various stages of life. G-string 2.0 due any moment, shooting at pain-train, fatherhood and husbandry encouragement.


AO: the-knoll
Q: The Merchant
PAX: AAA, caprate, DintyMoore, El Capitan, Ex-Pat, FLO, Malibu, morning stār, Pebbles, Sooie, Sparrow, The Banker, The Merchant, Timber, Wolfpack
FNGs: None
Sunny, clear skies, 62F
Side-straddle hops, BACs, BAC BACs, motivators, WMH
Cycle between different exercises along with the playlist, at your own pace

Song intros/outros are active recovery

Round 1: (Pop/Lower Body)
Verses: Squats, Choruses: Lunges, Bridge: Hold squat
Round 2: (Folk/Core)
Verses: Sit-ups, Choruses: Baby crunches, Bridge: Freddy mercury’s
Round 3: (Rock/Upper Body)
Verses: BACs, Choruses: Merkins, Bridge: Dips
“The most important step a man can take. It’s not the first one, is it? It’s the next one. Always the next step…” -Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer
May You Pull Up ending this Saturday

I forgot to record this part so I hope I’m not forgetting anything important :joy:
Thank you to all who came out for my VQ! Hopefully this will be the first of many.

10 Stations

AO: the-knoll
Q: Timber
PAX: Sooie, The Banker, G-string, Malibu, Ex-Pat, AAA, El Capitan, Timber, Pebbles, Lunch Lady, Sparrow
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: 67 degrees, mostly cloudy

WARMUP: SSH, BACs, back BACs, Seal Claps, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Don Quixotes

Station Work (2 rounds): 10 stations, rotate when runner returns
Stations – pullups, merkins, side lunges, calf raises, derkins, BW squats, planks, dips, farmer carry (with coupons), ~300m run
Team Mosey: ran 1 mile together

MOLESKINE: Ex-Pat sat in valiantly as AOQ, I don’t think G-string took a break from pullups the entire time he was at that station, we thought we heard the howl of Wolfpack but it turns out it was his snoring, the music playlist was hit and miss with some of the PAX

-VQ ALERT: The Merchant VQ this Tuesday
-check details at coworking for those work from home folks

COT: morning stār read from/talked about a children’s book a few weeks ago. This got me thinking about my favorite kids books and perhaps my favorite is The Giving Tree. It is such a simple book, but with a profound message: give until you don’t think you can give anymore, and then give a little more. May we continue to strive to be SERVANT leaders for our families.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Roll the Dice!

AO: the-knoll
Q: Timber
PAX: Sooie, morning stār, AAA, El Capitan, The Banker, Timber, Sparrow, Malibu, Étouffée, Pebbles, FLO, The Merchant, G-string, voucher, Ex-Pat, Bubblebee (2.0), Goliath (2.0), Monkey (2.0), Fish Biscuit (2.0), Tonks (2.0), Smoltz (2.0), Ace (2.0), Gipper (2.0), Dr. Kitty (2.0), Mocchi (2.0)
FNGs: 2 Dr. Kitty (2.0), Mocchi (2.0)
CONDITIONS: 68 degrees, dew on the grass, sun out

WARMUP: 15 SSH, 15 BACs, 15 back BACs, 10 slow squats, 5 8ct burpees

Thang 1: Roll the Dice – 4 rounds, 6 exercises (merkins, iron mikes, BW squats, WWIIs, leg raises, burpees), total # on dice = total # of reps
Rd 1 – roll 1 die, Rd 2 – 2 dice, Rd 3 – 3 dice, Rd 4 – 4 dice
*thank you to G-string for being our math guy and adding up the dice!
Thang 2: Ultimate Football – like ultimate frisbee but with a football (modification: each team could select 1 “running back”), team 2 wore patriotic themed beads around their neck for identification purposes

MOLESKINE: Malibu made a glorious return and brought with him some great cosmic rays for the morning, Étouffée showed he’s a little better than Uncle Rico (Napoleon Dynomite) and can still throw the pigskin, Tonks was the best dice roller of the morning, The Banker has now introduced 6 of his 9 2.0s (where 3 away from the entire crew), Sooie brought the coffee brew, chocolate milk for the 2.0s, the patriotic beads must have weighed heavy on Team 2 as Team 1 pulled out the victory in ultimate football, RECORD # of PAX at the knoll!!!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: may-you-pull-up challenge still ongoing, coworking planned for tomorrow, The Merchant VQ next Tuesday: make plans to be there to support him!

COT: Understanding your purpose, and having a clear vision in your life/work can help you achieve greater things and help you get through difficult times. I shared the story of a wrestling match in college. The Banker and I returned to New York after attending a funeral for one of our uncles who had just passed. Emotionally exhausted from the trip home, The Banker returned to school to find out he was 12 lbs over weight. He proceeded to stay up late, wake up early, and run during any free time between classes the next day to lose that weight and make weight. During the wrestling match later that day, in heroic fashion, he pulled out a stunning and almost impossible victory, sealing the team win by pinning his opponent. He had decided to offer up the challenge for our uncle. Had he not given himself the “why” he likely wouldn’t have been able to overcome the emotional and physical exhaustion to pull off the stunning victory. This is the stuff legends are made of! May we all reflect on and remember our “why” so that when things get tough at work, or with family, we push on!!

Thanks for a great morning,

Toilet Tag!

AO: the-knoll
Q: Wolfpack
PAX: morning stār, Sooie, Timber, The Banker, El Capitan, Lunch Lady, G-string, Link, Fish Biscuit, Tonks, Bumblebee
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: No Lightning

WARMUP: Mosey around the Knoll mimicking silly movements from the 2.0.

Link gave us cadence for SSH, BAC, BAC BAC, IW, WMH

Tabata 25 seconds work/15 seconds rest

Pull ups x2
Mountain Climbers x2
Merkins x2
Jump Squats x2
Dips x2
Step Ups x2

2 Rounds of Toilet Tag
Links take on Freeze Tag. Two PAX are it. If you get tagged you hold a low squat and put your arm up to “get flushed” to unfreeze.

Repeat Tabata Above

Two more rounds of Toilet Tag

Tabata Core
WWI x2
Revolutionary Rotations x2
Leg Raises x2

One final round of Toilet Tag!

MOLESKINE: “If you find yourself alone, you’ve gone to far.” Bit of organic COT that came from the workout… thanks to Lunch Lady for sharing some good vibes and thoughts on this statement.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: May You Pull Up challenge ongoing. Invitation to meet June 1st 6am at Pain Train to test your improvement. 2.0s welcome and we’ll have some coffee and doughnut holes.

Bellevue Community Festival this Saturday. Check out Sooies post.

COT: Reminder that you’ve earned the things you’ve got. Enjoy them. Cherish them. Share them. And then a reminder to put in the hard work. Cheers to yall brothers!

Safety First!

AO: the-knoll
Q: Wolfpack
PAX: morning stār, Sooie, g-string, Timber, El Capitan, Sparrow, Fish Biscuit, Tonks, Bumblebee, Timber 2.0
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Nice at start



MOLESKINE: We had a doughnut for the winner of Bear tag.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: didn’t get there

COT: Lightning rolled in during warmups. We made the smart choice and called it off instead of pushing through and risking the safety of the PAX and most importantly the 2.0s that were present. Makes me think a lot about modeling the right behavior for our kids and setting good examples. None of us wanted to leave today, but we showed the 2.0s present what responsible decision making looks like and that’s just as important as a few merkins in the rain in the gloom. Tclaps to you guys!