Blind Buddy Run

Class 2 Round 1 –

Invesco, Transplant, Electric Beast, Galileo, D Pole, Jigsaw, Redo, Luigi, Hickory, Beaker, Life Force
Chunks, Y&R, Decaf, Pearl, Knuckles, Skeet, Right Said, Grey Album, Red Skull, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Mosey to Stop Sign Blind Buddy Style F3 PAX leading

WOR @ STEM bldg
SSH x 13 IC
Russian Lunges – extended WMH x 10 IC
Walkout Spider Mans
Arm Hang Squat Warm Up
Low Bernie Shuffle
Side Shuffle (R/L)
Karaoke (R/L)

BB run back to Dumpster

All PAX grab a block and mosey to back tennis courts


Thrusters (50) / team
Block Push Pulls x 4 directions x 10 (40) total
Block Curls back to back (30)
Lt Dangers – Lunge, Lunge, Squat (20)
Dead Bugs x (10) each leg modified for time
Blockees x (5)

Return Blocks


Groundwork / Natural Movements
Bear Crawls to 1/2 line, Crawl Bear to end line
Gorilla Crawls to 1/2 line, switch orientation to end line
Frog Jumps to 1/2 line, Reverse jumps to end line
Bear Crawl Kick Throughs


Thread the Needle
Rolling Starfish
Downward Dog/Cobra


What a great morning we had. Weather was on point, effort was all out and the 413/F3 PAX pair up seemed to gel. Nice to see how the F3 crew has rallied around 413 and its Mission to help these young men become who they’re designed to be. Be sure to come out and support at 🐢🐰on Tuesdays as well.

BH :
Lots of TAP for lost loved ones in the COT.
CSAUP next weekend, the day of the 25th into the morning of the 26th. Check out the main channel for deets or DM Hipster. TAP for his quick recovery from a meniscus tear earlier this week.


Polar Qortex


Gloom Factor – High
Temp – 1ish
PAX : Uncle Jerruh, Local Boy, W4AG, Bagger Vance

Disclaimer Claimed 0530:05

Big Loop
Upper Loop
RL w Twist
Butt burners R/L
Upper Loop
Squat n Reach
Upper Loop

Grab Presents
Head to Santa’s Pavilion

Sled I Cides
Push the new picnic tables sled style to the four columns and back to the baseline

Present Work
Dead Bugs

Murder Present Suicides

Cook Hip Ext x 20
Hip twists
90 / 90 internal / external hip extensions


NMM : Hearty group of 4 posted for the coldest F3 CH I can remember. Thank y’all for braving the elements.
BH : Prayers up for peace this season.


Nolensville’s CSAUP: Enter the Gauntlet

F3 Nolensville was started April 2018 with our first AO, Broken Wheel. A year and a half later, we’ve grown to a total of 6 AOs, including two new all running and all rucking AOs, Runegades and RuckU, and have welcomed dozens of new PAX. We continue to grow and sharpen each other in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Today, we rise to the challenge of F3 Nolensville’s semi annual CSAUP, the Gauntlet. This challenge consists of 4, mini AOs spread out across an 8- (or was it 9?) mile course designed by YHC. Ready for a little Tour de Nolensville? LET’S ENTER THE GAUNTLET!!!

Conditions: About 25 degrees and rising. This Gauntlet started later in the morning than the Spring Gauntlet by 30 minutes. That and the recent time change meant we were only in the dark during the first AO (mine), all of which was on the football field. By the time we took off, the sun was rising and we were just getting started.

18 PAX threw down, including: Barney Fievel (YHC), Huggy, Kwame, MicDrop, Typo+, Sex Ed, Pom Pom, Maniac (FNG, welcome), Ragdoll, 3rd Degree, Kermit, Staples, TV Guide, Cheese Whiz, Pancreas, Old Hickory, Jeeves (pre vac), and Hot Dish.

After a brisk trot around the parking lot and onto the football field, Disclaimers and Opening Remarks were made.

Warmorama consisted of ten SSH IC, 30 burpees, and two good mornings. If you weren’t warm before, you’re getting there now!

AO #1: The Forge

Led by Barney Fievel (YHC)

I am tickled pink in all the best places to report that several PAX remarked that my Q was the most difficult of the 4. The fact that it was also the first must have crushed some of you mentally. That is delightful and outstanding!

Merciless Dr Evil GIF

Bear Crawl 100 yards, goal line to goal line, crab walk back, and finally broad jump across a third time. I just don’t get why you people don’t like crab walking. Pancreas gets it. Amirite?!

PAX circled up for a little something we like to call “Amber Waves of ‘Merkins”. PAX begin in the high plank position. One Pax begins routine by going down and holding the merkin position, signaling the PAX on his left to do the same in a waterfall. The original PAX, still holding the down position, can only rise back into the high plank position when the PAX on his right has gone into the lower merkin position. We did about 8 rounds of this and saw who among us isn’t above screwing over the guys to his left!

YHC was about to have us do something half baked involving push ups under the bleachers. Opted to have all PAX perform AMRAP pull ups once before moseying off the grounds. Well done, HIM. Onward!!

AO #2: Defiant

Led by Typo+

5 Yurpee buy in. The yurpee is a dastardly little exercise, invented by Dr. Yuri Speclanovichdevonovidch. Actually, I’m pretty sure Ragdoll, CheezWhiz or some sick combination of the two are what led to this little devil. Burpee with a clap merkin and two (count em two) jumping knee taps.

PAX broke into two groups and did parking lot burpees all the way down the front parking lot. Once there, mosey to your left, line up, and bear crawl to the concrete wall. Rinse and repeat one more round.

Mosey to PainGround. The frost on the swings caused us to disperse across the grounds, making comms difficult for the coming routine, but we pressed on:

Partner Up. P1 performs 8 burpees while P2 performs air squats. Switch. Continue as an Apocalypse routine (descending one rep each round). 5 Yurpee buy out. The fog of war seemed was thick on the pain grounds today. A sign that someone delivered a thorough thrashing! We thank you, Typo+!

Dumb And Dumber Television GIF

AO #3: Broken Wheel

Led by Sex Ed

The look of despair on the face of the PAX when the gate swung open revealing cinder blocks made me light up like a Christmas tree. Thank you for that gift, Sex Ed. PAX cusacked their coupons to the lower parking lot where we could ensure the jagged, rocky surface of the parking lot could cause additional pain while we performed the following routine. One minute of each of the following. Rinse and repeat for a total of 20 minutes.

      • Goblet squats
      • Mountain climbers
      • Coupon swings
      • T-merkins
      • Jump split squats
      • Coupon rows
      • Side lunges w/touch
      • Shoulder touches
      • Forward lunge w/twists
      • Push presses

This was a lot of fun! Pom Pom, my friend in town from F3 Johnson City, and I were across from each other in the circle. We made it a point to watch each other the entire time and not let the other stop movement or use poor form. The result is that I’m sore in places I didn’t know I had. Thank you, Pom Pom and thank you Sex Ed! This HIM has been stepping up and helping F3 Nolensville grow. TClaps, sir!

Back To The Future Love GIF

AO #4: The Forge (Final Round)

Led by Kermit

The bearded one has brought us a game of Station Tag! The PAX thank you and jump to the task eagerly and with a real whiz bang attitude! Actually, we looked like we were ready to lay on the couch for a few days but you didn’t seem to care much, as you explained the routine:

Pax formed 7 groups, 6 groups rotating at the following stations and a 7th group running a lap on the track. The group running on the track finishing a lap and taking the place of station 1 kicks off everyone’s rotation. The stations:

    1. Skaters
    2. Clap Merkins
    3. WWIs
    4. Flutter Kicks
    5. Floating Starfish
    6. Squat Jumps

The AO was concluded with 10 burpees. Felt like being hit in the face. One, last, time. Thanks for that Kermit! We are thankful for the beat down you have provided.

Tired Fuck My Life GIF by TV Land


YHC wanted to make it known that F3 Nolensville is a group of men that follow Jesus, first and foremost.


The highlight of coffeteria had to be when Little Miss Piggy came with a pot of coffee in hand. He had to miss the beat downs because him didn’t feel well and him just a little guy. Just kidding, buddy. We appreciate you!


  • Spring Hill’s F3 Dad’s Event
    • Today, Sunday November 10th
    • 3PM at Harvey Park
  • F3 Nashville Convergence
    • Tomorrow, Monday November 11th
    • 530AM at Franklin Road Academy
    • Old Hickory is an HC for this and I’m on the fence.

Until next time! The Gauntlet will return!!


Nolensville’s 1st CSAUP: The Gauntlet!


F3 Nolensville was started April 2018 with our first AO, Broken Wheel. One year later, we’ve grown to a total of 4 AOs and have welcomed dozens of new PAX. We continue to grow and sharpen each other in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Today, we take our next step and launch our first CSAUP. This challenge consists of 5, 15-minute AOs spread out across an 8 mile course designed by YHC. Ready for a little Tour de Nolensville? LET’S ENTER THE GAUNTLET!!!

Conditions: A warm morning in the country. Rain in the forecast, but it held off for us. We started at 5am sharp by bowing our heads and inviting the Holy Spirit into our midst.

28 PAX threw down, including: Barney Fievel (YHC), Sterno, 3rd Degree, Nimbus 1500, Tebow, Playboy, Hustler (FNG), BoyBand, Ebola, BigBang, Torch, Pope, BloodClot, Hot ‘N Ready, Creeper, Mr. Opus, Kermit, Staples, TV Guide, Inspector Gadget, Little Miss Piggy, Mickey Mouse, Altidore, Cheese Whiz, Stats, Show Me, Gaylord Focker, and Old Hickory.

AO #1: The Forge

Led by Barney Fievel (YHC)

PAX moseyed to the football and numbered off into 1s and 2s. Each group went to opposite goal lines (AKA “zero yard line”) and performed the following routine:

Typewriter-style bear crawl/crawl bear-heavy workout. PAX perform 5 merkins, bear crawl across the football field. Perform 5 jump squats before side crawling 10 yards and crawl bearing back to the original side of the field. Repeat until 15 minutes are up. How far did you get?!

AO #2: Defiant

Led by Sterno

This guy always brings the heat. Today was no exception.

10 burpees on the minute for 4 minutes just to get your mind right.

Line up and perform the following exercises after bear crawling forward about 15 yards. Crawl bear back to start before transitioning to next exercise.


      1. Merkins x 10, rinse and repeat
      2. Carolina Dry Docks x 10, rinse and repeat
      3. Werkins x 10, rinse and repeat
      4. Diamond Merkins x 10, rinse and repeat
      5. Hand-release Merkins x 10, rinse and repeat

AO #3: Broken Wheel

Led by 3rd Degree

Start the Broken Wheel portion of the morning’s festivities with an all PAX Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear the Mill Creek Bridge. Classic.

Mosey to the lot.

At the lot, with the time left, partner up for some Coupon work. TClaps to Kermit for obtaining and marking the new cinder-block coupons! F3 Nolensville baby!

P1 and P2 perform the following routine:

      1. P1 AMRAP Blockees while P2 BooBoo Bear Crawls to light 1 then switches legs and Boo Boo crawls back to P1, then flap jack. Coupon-less PAX complete the BooBoo bearcrawl there and back, then AMRAP burpees.
      2. All Pax Broken Wheel Mosey to the 2nd light with 15 rep single leg hops then 3 HRCs, then swap single leg until back to start

COT: supplied Gatorades were passed around while 3D exhorted the PAX about the strength that’s evident when we are broken. Suffering and adversity provide an opportunity for the strength inside to become evident when outwardly broken, which can also encourage onlookers. No matter your personal obstacle, Adapting and overcoming IS possible.

Illustration: 3D recently saw character and strength of will in some running partners. They ran arm in arm, not due to affection, but one was blind. They didn’t sit on the sidelines complaining about their “disability” but instead worked hard and got after it despite their circumstances. The other runner showed strength in character to serve their friend by pacing themselves off their partner and providing guidance.

AO #4: The Pound

Led by Tebow

After some debate with the groundskeeper over who the park really belonged to, Tebow reset 10 cones and PAX partnered up for a burpee heavy routine.

One partner planks while the other partner performs 6 burpees, jumping over the planking partner after each burpee. Switch, then advance to the next cone and repeat. 10 cones/rounds total means each PAX got 60 burpees in.

AO #5: The Forge (Final Round)

Led by Nimbus 1500

Bear Brawl Suicides. PAX partner up on the goal line/zero yard line. One partner bear crawls forward to the 10 yard line, while their partner places hands on their shoulders and provides resistance. Once 10 yard line is reached, switch and bear crawl back to goal line. Repeat going up by 10 yards each round. Routine ends on the 50-yard line.



The Girls at 413

Beautiful morning at The Stronghold this am with the HIM of F3 Nashville and the HIM in training of 413 Strong.  There was a bit of sadness hanging in the air as we found out that since our last post 4 of the 413ers had made the easy decision and left the program.  That’s how life goes sometimes.

Temp: 68
Gloom Factor: Nil

Play Station, Khakis, Black Widow, Sir Topham Hat, D’Mish, Hot Route, Danosaur,  CAPSLOCK, Reveille, Paw Patrol, Legally Blonde, Red Skull, Mitch, Jersey Money, Big Cat (F3 Chapel Hill), Dubs, Toga, Shaq, Lil Jon, Baby, Bagger Vance


Grab some Coupons and return to the circle for Disclaimer.  Oops, someone wasn’t listening…Burpees while we wait.

Mosey to the STEM Building lot with Coupons passing them between partners who held them in various positions…Regular, Hallelujah, Middle School Prom.

Fall out for WOR:

SSH x 13 IC, WMH, x 13 IC, IW x 13 IC, HB x 13 IC



To the rails for Fran

21, 15, 9 Pull Ups (Rows) and Thrusters.

Had to sub out for Merkins not Rows R1 due to poor recon from the Q.  Good news is we found some other railing options by the cafeteria where we continued R2& R3.

One girl, Fran, down and two more to go…


Barbara 5 Rounds

20 Pull Ups (Rows)

30 Merkins

40 LBCs

50 Squats

Rest 3 Minutes…except we ran and planked for the 6 for our rest.

All in, good mosey back to StartEx for our third and final sweetheart of the day…

Mary –

Flutter Kix x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Ola Binary x 13 IC

4 Merkins

FKix x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Ola Binary x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Hold Plank final :30


NMM: Well done this AM men.  Shaq, that one was for you…Red Skull I am sorry for NOTHING.

Today marks a rap on our Third class or is it Fourth with 413? Regardless, it was a lot of fun.  Praying for each of you to go do great things and live out the role only YOU can play in God’s Larger Story.


The Buffalo stampedes tomorrow at Shelby Park Community Center 0530.

The Gauntlet on Saturday 0500 Nolensville HS.

Memorial Day “Embrace the Suck” CSAUP is only 25 Days away.  Get ready for the Mayhem…

0500 Murph


0700 5 Mile Speed Ruck


Bagger Vance

Perfect 7 for Lucky 13

Temp: 50
Gloom Factor: Nil
PAX: Bad Boy, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Deep Dish, Pop A Lock, Vegemite, Hambone, Bagger Vance

0600: Disclaimer

Long Mosey to the playground across from Third Person’s old hooch.

Circle Up for WOR:

SSH x 13 IC
Willy x 10 IC
GMA x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC


Lucky 13 (Modified due to lack of coupons)

Three Rounds x 13 Reps
Knees to Elbows/Box Jumps
KB Swings
Push Press
Walking Lunges
Mtn Climbers
Supine Thrusters
Pull Ups/ Rows

After R1 we did a quick lap around the park and started w R2.

After R2 we knocked out 6 8 ct Body Builders at Deep Dish’s request. Actually DD wanted more burpees but Pop thought 8CBB were better.

As we headed back to startex, Indian Run called out. When we completed R1, YHC threw curveball, PAX IRing would loop around the other PAX and then return to the front again. We alternated between Regular and the Double back home.

PAX planked out as YHC grabbed football for what reason YHC still can’t say…

PAX finished out R3 w some mods but all exercises and reps accounted for.


First things first, never partner up w Pop A Lock when Bro Rowing that is unless you enjoy getting T bagged. Ask Deep Dish for details.
YHC failed on starting Garmin until about 5 minutes in so our mileage was a bit off. Cobains.
Also, some Qonfusion on IC, OYO and some of the exercises but all PAX seemed sufficiently smoked.

Vegemite’s wife going back to work Mon after a long recovery from ankle surgery.
Pop finishing up grad school.
Bad Boy and M adjusting to baby girl.
Keep me in your TAP, supposed to meet with George on Tuesday to develop a strategy on our partnership, terms, etc.


Memorial Day – Concord Rd Y

0500 Murph

0600 Main Event

0700 Speed Ruck

Triple Down if you’re Hard Enough

Bagger Vance

The Scorpion – 03.23.19 – “Success”

In what was arguably perfect weather, 23 PAX conquered F3 Nashville’s inaugural “Wild West” CSAUP, The Scorpion, this weekend and celebrated with McDonald’s and a birthday song. Special appearances and support from three other PAX.

QIC: Crablegs, Porcelain, Princess Aurora, Pumpkin Spice, Vector

PAX: Bad Boy (Stonewaudible), Bagger Vance (30#), Big Bang (30#), Black Lung, Blue Mule, Brother-at-law (Stonewaudible), Crawlspace, Cunning Linguist, Floppy Disk, Hambone, Hi-Viz (Photography/Sag Wagon), Leatherneck (30#), Ludwig Von Oshkosh, Mystery Machine, Pop-A-Lock, Reveille, Right Said, T-Cell, Tampa Libra, Tiny Dancer (30#), Trapper Keeper


Princess Aurora

Following a PAX count, the usual disclaimer, and some extra instructions for the undertaking at hand, YHC took the PAX on a medium mosey up and around the Hill of Sisyphus and back to the Great Lawn for a COP, all exercises IC:

  • SSH x 43 (HBD BV!)
  • Chinooks x 10
  • Overhead Press x 10
  • Reverse LBAC x 10
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10
  • Overhead Squats x 10
  • Newton’s Cradle x 10

Porcelain (Titan)

In the epicenter of the Athens of the South, this Q was heavily inspired by famous Greek battles and the years in and means by which they occurred. PAX divide into three teams and grab a picnic table, their ship for the battle. Whilst making their way around the entirety of Lake Watauga, PAX must complete as a team the following exercises and reps, avoiding the enemies’ attempts to block them along the way:

  • 490 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 480 Exaggerated Leg Raises
  • 300 Box Jumps
  • 479 Merkins

Winning team gets fewer burpees. Called for time (Qvantage: YHC)

2.5 miles to Westeros with a quick detour around Love Circle (for about half the PAX. Instructions clear for several, but not clear enough for all. YHC will own it.)

Pumpkin Spice (Westeros)

Making up for lost time, Pumpkin Spice dished out this short doozie:

  • Burpee Broad Jump down the sidewalk ~50 yards to WEMS steps
  • Crawl Bear up stairs
  • Sideways Bear across
  • Bear Crawl down stairs
  • Burpee Broad Jump another ~30 yards

Flutter Kicks for six and mosey back to start.

2.1 miles to Bomber.

Vector (Bomber)

A HIM known for his musical Q’s (and cues), Vector started the PAX off with a buy-in of 19 Burpees and 27 Squats paying homage to the AO’s former life as an airport created in 1927. With that out of the way, PAX were instructed to do three sets of Sevens, holding People’s Chair between each set and enduring the promised cheesy 80s playlist:

  • Set 1: Bulgarian Split Squats/Overhead Squats
  • Set 2: Merkins/Big Boy Sit-ups
  • Set 3: Erkins (variant spelling on Irkins originating somewhere near 51st and Nevada)/Rows/Pull-ups

2.5 Miles to Atlantis

Crablegs (Atlantis)

Short on time, but not on spirit, Crablegs closed the CSAUP out with two Atlantis signature exercises and a tribute to birthday boy Bagger. Quick hop over to the swings for Steve Irwins x 43. When you’re not rowing, Moroccan Night Club like a boss.

All in, and the CSAUP is complete.



Thank you to everybody who posted for this event as it’s been a long time coming. Nashville’s last AO-to-AO CSAUP was the original Ironclad in 2015, an event that introduced to F3 a curious bystander walking with his kid through Centennial Park. That bystander was none other than the HIM we came to know as Crawfish. YHC likes to think at least one guy saw us out there and thought to himself, “I need to know more.”

Hearty tclaps to Hi-Viz for playing photographer/videographer/support vehicle/catering. It’s a committed man who wakes up at 6am on a Saturday to walk around snapping photos of guys doing stupid and hard things. Or maybe it’s just a sadist. I’m banking on the former, though.

By my numbers, we had almost 11 miles including the workouts. Not bad! Also, excellent job by all the Qs coming up with four very different workouts and being willing to adjust on the fly. The Scorpion next year will be the chance for some new HIM to show us what they’ve got!


  • Wed 3/27, Mental Health Day at all your Wednesday AOs. Qs will end about 5 minutes early to allow for an extended COT. The purpose of this will be for folks to discuss the topic of depression.
  • Fri 3/29, 12th Man Leadership Lunch with retired US Army Ranger, John Belman.  11:30 at Richland Country Club. Link to RSVP. See more details on the Slack #leadership channel or contact Bagger Vance.
  • Sat 4/13, Warpath CSAUP with the Franklin Boyz
  • Sat 5/4, The Gauntlet CSAUP with the Nolensville Nard Dogs

PA out.


2018 Ironclad Challenge


Summer in all its fun, humid glory is right around the corner, and with it come all sorts of distractions and challenges like vacations, heat, lake days, and more that will threaten to keep us from accelerating our lives on a daily basis.  As my brothers in the Nashville PAX, I want to ensure we hold each other accountable and continue to engage in the mission of invigorating male community leadership in Nashville and beyond. With that, I’d like to introduce to you the 2018 Ironclad Challenge.

Should you accept the challenge, you will actively participate in the three F’s of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith by completing the following from June 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018:

 1st F – The Magnet – Improve your Fitness

  • Post 40 times (avg. 3/week)
  • Post five times at AOs you don’t normally attend (vacation AOs count!)
  • Q three times (once/month)

2nd F – The Glue – Strengthen your Fellowship

  • Attend at least three 2nd F events
  • Attend three coffeeterias (or stick around in the case of tailgate coffeeteria)
  • Bring one FNG

3rd F – The Dynamite - Make an Impact

  • Participate in two 3rd F opportunities. This can be a study of religious text, community service (*cough* BrewRuck *cough*), or some other opportunity that involves thinking outside of your own interests.
  • Read one book on leadership (>200 pages)

Additionally, you must complete one CSAUP in the 13-week period (*cough* BrewRuck *cough*). This can be a 5K, triathlon, Spartan race, GORUCK challenge, Warpath, etc. No, the Ironclad doesn’t count.


For successful completion of all requirements of the 2018 Ironclad Challenge, you will receive an IRONCLAD patch and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made an impact in your community and overcome the lure of summertime laziness. Additionally, all those deemed “Ironclad” will have earned the opportunity to purchase a custom IRONCLAD tee to show off at your next workout.


Fill out this form and submit your $5 registration fee* to @gregory-fenske on Venmo (preferred) or [email protected] on PayPal. If you must use cash, give it to your Site Q or me. Deadline to register is 6/8/2018.

*Entry fees cover patch costs and are non-refundable, but should you fail to complete the challenge, the money will go into a general F3 Nashville fund to be used for more fun events.


  • F3 Nashville’s Weasel Shaker, T-Cell, will be tracking 1st and 2nd F participation with the help of 1st F and 2nd F Qs, Bagger Vance and Foggy Pirate. 3rd F will not be formally tracked and will be on the honor system, but please reach out to me on Slack to let me know what you’ve done as I’m genuinely interested.
  • Participation in regularly scheduled workouts will be tracked through backblasts. If you Q a workout, it is your responsibility to post a backblast, ideally within 24 hours. Failure to do so will most certainly draw the ire of the PAX and public shaming. If you need access to post, contact our COMZ Q, Hambone.
    • If you organize a Black Ops workout, Ruck opportunity, etc., that is not regularly scheduled, you are responsible for posting a backblast on the website with the PAX list to ensure everyone receives credit.
    • Rucking or running before a regular workout should be considered as one post for tracking purposes.
  • 2nd F will be handled with a list of PAX in attendance submitted to Foggy Pirate and me via Slack. A backblast is optional, but photo evidence is encouraged!
  • If you have questions, please direct them to me, and I will do my best to answer them.

Looking forward to an impactful summer with you all!

PA out.