The Girls at 413

Beautiful morning at The Stronghold this am with the HIM of F3 Nashville and the HIM in training of 413 Strong.  There was a bit of sadness hanging in the air as we found out that since our last post 4 of the 413ers had made the easy decision and left the program.  That’s how life goes sometimes.

Temp: 68
Gloom Factor: Nil

Play Station, Khakis, Black Widow, Sir Topham Hat, D’Mish, Hot Route, Danosaur,  CAPSLOCK, Reveille, Paw Patrol, Legally Blonde, Red Skull, Mitch, Jersey Money, Big Cat (F3 Chapel Hill), Dubs, Toga, Shaq, Lil Jon, Baby, Bagger Vance


Grab some Coupons and return to the circle for Disclaimer.  Oops, someone wasn’t listening…Burpees while we wait.

Mosey to the STEM Building lot with Coupons passing them between partners who held them in various positions…Regular, Hallelujah, Middle School Prom.

Fall out for WOR:

SSH x 13 IC, WMH, x 13 IC, IW x 13 IC, HB x 13 IC



To the rails for Fran

21, 15, 9 Pull Ups (Rows) and Thrusters.

Had to sub out for Merkins not Rows R1 due to poor recon from the Q.  Good news is we found some other railing options by the cafeteria where we continued R2& R3.

One girl, Fran, down and two more to go…


Barbara 5 Rounds

20 Pull Ups (Rows)

30 Merkins

40 LBCs

50 Squats

Rest 3 Minutes…except we ran and planked for the 6 for our rest.

All in, good mosey back to StartEx for our third and final sweetheart of the day…

Mary –

Flutter Kix x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Ola Binary x 13 IC

4 Merkins

FKix x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Ola Binary x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Hold Plank final :30


NMM: Well done this AM men.  Shaq, that one was for you…Red Skull I am sorry for NOTHING.

Today marks a rap on our Third class or is it Fourth with 413? Regardless, it was a lot of fun.  Praying for each of you to go do great things and live out the role only YOU can play in God’s Larger Story.


The Buffalo stampedes tomorrow at Shelby Park Community Center 0530.

The Gauntlet on Saturday 0500 Nolensville HS.

Memorial Day “Embrace the Suck” CSAUP is only 25 Days away.  Get ready for the Mayhem…

0500 Murph


0700 5 Mile Speed Ruck


Bagger Vance