EZ-Come, EZ-Go/These are a few of my favorite things

AO: cruelhall
Q: EZ-Go
PAX: Winona, Michael Freiburg, Donkey Hammer, Matador, Pedialyte
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Not as hot as you’d think

Broga flow – Esposa baggervance

Picked my favorite movements and moments from the past year to the tunes of my favorite graduation and/or bar closing songs. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4IqfSN7EqdCBKwYiNg0m0o?si=uYuyH3o_RzO38jkx8qh0bg&pi=u-O6LpeJ-5Rh-X

Indigenous peoples run – Accounts Receivable

Crawl bear up the bus loop grass hill – Batman (F3 Hampton Roads)

Proceed to parking lot:
7s with HSPUs and WW1s

Proceed to Churchill:
7s with blockees and atomics

Proceed to playground:
7s with bubkas and face smashers – Works for a Guy

Proceed to pavilion:
50 merkins, 50 Carolina dry docks (a la Century Club) – ccr

Proceed to parking lot:
50 Once-a-Months (Alabama prom dates) – Matador
Plankpril until time – Grape

Thankful for the memories and HIM who have made this community what it is. Excited to see Donkey Hammer take the reins and take this thing to the next level!

2.0 workout Saturday June 9 at Green Hills Park
Donkey Hammer taking over as AOQ starting next week!


Mind Games

AO: pain-train
Q: Timber
PAX: Wolfpack, G-string, The Banker, Timber, Suspect, Half Lyfe, FLO, Airhead
FNGs: 1 Airhead
CONDITIONS: 60 degrees, pleasant

WARMUP: IC SSH, High Knees, BACs, Back BACs, overhead clap, seal clap, mosey to the Bellevue Middle track

Station 1: Matching
8 pairs of workout cards (16 cardboard cards total) placed face down; PAX took turns flipping cards. If NO match, PAX completed both workouts; if match, PAX discarded the cards without having to complete the workout. BW squats when not completing card workout.
Station 2: KIMs game
~ 40 items laid out on the ground and PAX studied for 1 minute; items covered up after 1 minute. Each PAX had to answer a question about the “scene”, any question MISSED = 3 burpees/pullups. Round 1: 5/7 incorrect = 15 burpees. 30 more seconds to study and then 4 items removed. Round 2: 2/7 missed = 6 pullups. Shoulder press when not completing exercises.
Station 3: Ultimate Frisbee (4 v 4)

MOLESKINE: quick adjustment to park across the street when News 2 was in our parking lot. Welcome to Airhead! Team of The Banker, Wolfpack, G-string, and Suspect were Ultimate winners. Thank you to Wolfpack for the coffeeteria!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: may-you-pull-up final day on Saturday morning at pain-train at 6a; coworking continues to be successful

COT: It is good habit to be aware of our surroundings. This is actually something you can practice and get better at. In my time with the Scout unit in the Army we would incorporate the KIMs game in our training sometimes. One practical piece of advice: when going to and from your vehicle in parking lots, stay off your phone and look around. By doing this, you are far less likely to be attacked by any possible attacker.

Thanks for coming out in the gloom this morning!

Diesel 13

AO: greenmachine
Q: Grape
PAX: Movin On Up, Spinal Tap, Focker, Haggis, FeelTheBerns, monster biscuit, moneyshot, Michelin Man
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: 55 degrees is just perfect

34 SSH

THE THANG: this was a Shaq themed workout since it was my 34th bday and he is the best to ever wear #34

4 laps around the track (Shaq won 4 titles)

Diesel 1-2-3

24 Iron Mikes (PPG)
52 Merkins (FT %)
61 squats (career high points)
117 dry docks (playoff steals)
216 LBC’s (playoff games)
Runner goes to 50 yard line and back

Thunder burpees

Can’t touch this sprints

10 MoM

MOLESKINE: had a blast celebrating my birthday with yall! Always remember…destiny favors the prepared

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 workout on 6/8, brewsday coming up next week as well

COT: prayers for Yuri, for Michelin Man, for Focker, and many other who are battling physically, spiritually, and emotionally

A Sweet and Salty Suprise

AO: bomber
Q: SalPal
PAX: Pep, Hedwig, DintyMoore, CubCadet, Vector, Tim the Toolman, Papa Bear
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Brisk, you’d think it was still spring.

WARMUP: Short mosey + active stretches.

1. Hill bernies + burpees + jog down + iron mikes on a timer. Reps added until splits left ~30 seconds for rest.
2. SWEET or SALTY? DintyMoore picked SALTY. Situps, Air Presses, Low Plank Hold, Tricep Dips, and “You vs. You Burpees”
3. Precision sprints – try to run to outfield and back, get as close as you can to 30 seconds. Missing time meant burpees.

MOLESKINE: People spent time trying to figure out if SaltyPal is a bit, or if I’m genuinely that angry all the time. It’s a bit of both. 😉

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 workout next week, see slack for deets.

COT: Prayers for healing, community members and family recovering from surgery. Hedwig with 2.0 en route + new job. Prayers for my M + her job search, praise for ongoing success. All other intentions spoken + unspoken.

Cafe Star Bagel for Coffeteria.

Stay salty Nashville. Sally out.

Moseys and Musings

AO: the-knoll
Q: DintyMoore
PAX: AAA, morning stār, Siri, FLO, Wolfpack, El Capitan, Timber, Ex-Pat, Sparrow, Pebbles, Sooie, Bumblebee, Tonks, Fish Biscuit, Smoltz, Gabby Cat, Foxy, Bookworm (2.0)
FNGs: 1 Bookworm (2.0)

Arm circles – 10 rep
Back backs – 10 rep
Good Mornings – 5 rep
Motivators – 5 count
Willy Mays Hays – 5 count
Hip Swings – 5 count

Thing 1 – HIIT x 2
30 sec work / 15 sec rest
High Knees – 30 sec
Drop Squats – 30 sec
Romanian Split Squat Left – 30 sec
Romanian Split Squat Right – 30 sec
Left Leg Negative Squat -30 sec
Right Leg Negative Squat – 30 sec
Iron Mikes – 30 sec
Squat Jumps – 30 sec

Thing 2 – Running bases
Backstop – 4 groups, 30 second reps
Super Mario’s, Bernie, Mosey, Skip between
Merkins – Home
Shoulder Taps – 1st
Carolina Dry Docks – 2nd
Plank Toe Touches – 3rd

2nd lap turned into tag game, picking up any members of group in front of you that you catch after 50 total reps

Mary to finish – 2.0 Dealers Choice

It’s what you learn after you know it all, that counts. John wooden to Bill Walton upon graduating from UCLA. Walton passed away this week.

Convergence events for end of May U Pull Up Challenge – pain-train and greenmachine on Saturday.

2.0 friendly workouts Saturday afternoon in Franklin – Taco Ruck, next Tuesday at The Knoll, and next Saturday at Middle Tooth.

coworking next Wednesday.

Wrapped in prayer for various stages of life. G-string 2.0 due any moment, shooting at pain-train, fatherhood and husbandry encouragement.

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

AO: atlantis
Q: SalPal
PAX: SalPal
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Foggy and gloomy.

WARMUP: Light stretching.

THE THANG: Short solo jog.

MOLESKINE: The difference between solitude and loneliness is the willingness to embrace that quiet space alone. Glad I was able to turn today into a quiet morning of reflection and easy running.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: ….but don’t worry, the bitterness and saltiness will be back in short order, so I guess I’ll have to take it out on the poor souls at bomber tomorrow.

COT: Sending well-wishes and prayers to the usual suspects, hoping that summer travel is treating you well, and looking forward to seeing you out there next week!

Basically iiiPillars at Middletooth

AO: middle-tooth
Q: Focker
PAX: Black Lung, Betty Ford, Pep, Two Face, Harbaugh, Cowboy, moneyshot, Zelenskyy, High School Musical (DR), Formica
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Various stretches while waiting on Black Lung

THE THANG: This workout was designed around praying at Yuri’s house. He is a dear friend of moneyshot who is undergoing surgery today for pancreatic cancer.
-Run one mile to his home. Every turn we did 10 burpees, 15 dry docks, 10 lunges.
-Had the chance to pray over this family and their home with time for reflection
-Run one mile back with turn workouts being 10 jump squats, 15 diamond push ups, 20 monkey humpers
-upon arrival back to startex, we did 10 ww1 and 10 prisoner squats, then 20, then 40, then 23.6. These sets were broken up by sprints. Total of 93.6 for average number of days in the summer

MOLESKINE: somehow we ran uphill both ways, full light during the whole workout.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: brewsday coming up! 2.0 workout this Saturday! Reach out to Grape.

COT: Opened up about how my first reaction to Yuri’s house being a mile away was thoughts of inconvenience/not ideal for this workout. The Lord used this to convict me of my selfishness and allowed me to reflect on the importance of physical places in our life. There is a reason we visit our old homes, have memorials where things have happened, and worship at buildings. Being somewhere holds power cause we are physical beings. moneyshot thanks for the chance to come into Yuri’s life and y’all’s friendship this morning

Tortoise & Hare v2

AO: thestronghold
Q: Red Skull
PAX: Thunder Duck, baggervance, bluemule, Right Said, Chunks, Michelin Man, Hair Band, Decaf, Cabana Boy, Moon Walk, Tealfin, Midnight Club, Clean Plate, Practice?, Night Light, Chef Boyardee, Cruise Line, LifeSaver, Double Flush, Dr. Seuss, Pick Me!
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Perfect running weather – 63 degrees with a beautiful sunrise.

WARMUP: Circle warm-up with some SSH, IWs, Tappy Taps, stretches and squats.

THE THANG: Pair up and RUN!!! We had three 4:13 Strong PRs this morning. We also recorded the slowest 3 mile run since the inception of the program – 59:17. Thanks to Chunks for sticking it out with Cruise Line and offering some encouragement along the way. We have plenty of room for improvement.

We managed to work through a Burpee Apocalypse with an equal number of squats plus some good core work while waiting for the six.

COT: Prayers for family, strength, wisdom and encouragement.


AO: the-knoll
Q: The Merchant
PAX: AAA, caprate, DintyMoore, El Capitan, Ex-Pat, FLO, Malibu, morning stār, Pebbles, Sooie, Sparrow, The Banker, The Merchant, Timber, Wolfpack
FNGs: None
Sunny, clear skies, 62F
Side-straddle hops, BACs, BAC BACs, motivators, WMH
Cycle between different exercises along with the playlist, at your own pace

Song intros/outros are active recovery

Round 1: (Pop/Lower Body)
Verses: Squats, Choruses: Lunges, Bridge: Hold squat
Round 2: (Folk/Core)
Verses: Sit-ups, Choruses: Baby crunches, Bridge: Freddy mercury’s
Round 3: (Rock/Upper Body)
Verses: BACs, Choruses: Merkins, Bridge: Dips
“The most important step a man can take. It’s not the first one, is it? It’s the next one. Always the next step…” -Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer
May You Pull Up ending this Saturday

I forgot to record this part so I hope I’m not forgetting anything important :joy:
Thank you to all who came out for my VQ! Hopefully this will be the first of many.

Memorial Day Murph

AO: mistymountain
Q: McAfee
PAX: Sanders, Linus, Rockies, Mountain Man Randall
FNGs: None
Today we completed one Murph as part of our yearly tradition to join with thousands of others across the nation to remember and honor Lt. Murphy and those who have fallen in service of their country.