Bomber 3-12-2021: 51

21 HIM came out to the gloom with a Q noting YHC 51st birthday on Sunday.  Playlist was the long-anticipated answer to the question “Vector, what songs do you consider the best of the 1980s?”  Basically, if these songs are on the radio in my car, don’t change the channel.  There was mumblechatter from the PAX about “why ’80s? Wasn’t he born in the 70s?” to which I respond, “it’s my birthday. So there.”

Need You Tonight – INXS
Take on Me – a-ha
Everything She Does is Magic – Police
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) – Eurythmics
Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode
Head Over Heels – The Go-Go’s
Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
Blue Monday – New Order
West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys

PAX:  River Dawg, Spinal Tap, Hi-viz, PA, Bad boy, Blueprint, Michelin Man, Softballz (FNG), Right Said Fred, Chowdah, T-cell, Crawlspace, BNB, Freakenomics, Cub Cadet, Hambone, Siri, F3G, Tagalong (FNG), Wet Wipes, Vector (QIC),

Conditions:   Outstanding, mid-60s. Not a long sleeve, cap, or man tight to be seen.

Disclaimer given and then jump right into the Warm-o-rama:  

SSH x 51, LBAC x 12, RLBAC x 12, Good Mornings x 10 OHO, Willy Mays Hayes x 12, Squats x 12

Round 1:   “51s” — 5 sets of 5 exercises x 10 reps + 1 burpee.  Overhead Claps, Merkins, Big Boy Sit-Ups, Squats, Lunges. After each set, do 1 burpee and then run around McCabe Rec Center.

Round 2:  Do it again:  LBACs, Incline Merkins, LBCs, Jump Squats, Pull-Ups. Burpee x 1 and run a lap.


  • Welcome FNGs Softballz and Tagalong!
  • Prayers for Chattanooga PAX who lost a new HIM (Night Sweats) in a car accident.
  • River Dawg is hosting a session on Human Trafficking on Thursday 3/18 at 6:30am — hit him up for the deets.
  • And sincere thanks to the HIM and F3.  I recalled my last birthday Q last March, which happened just as the world was starting to shut down.  I recalled pretty much losing it in the COT (and that that was the last “ball of men” COT we’ve had since).  Thanks to the PAX and especially Cub Cadet, T-cell, PA, Hi-Viz, Crablegs and Pumpkin Spice for the fellowship this year.  Thankfully there is optimism and a vaccine.  Thanks to all of you. #ISI





Temp: 37
Gloom Factor: Nil
PAX: Topanga, Faulkner, CCR, T Cell, Grisham, Tampa Libra, Movin on Up, Too Tall, Accounts Receivable, Bagger Vance

UA: Razorback, Dupree, High Flyer, Vegemite

Noticeable Absences: W4AG, Trot, Rug Dr, Noodler, Pedialyte, D Frost

SSH, IW, SnLSquat, Inch Worms, Pistol LBC

Mosey the baseball loop in reverse (no handicap ramp in honor of Razorback) to swing-set for

5 Big Boy Pull-Ups
5 Burpees
10 Lt Dans
15 Inch Worms
20 Merks
25 Pistol LBCs
30 Squat Jumps
1 Baseball Loop

RnR 30’

After R 5 of work set, PAX instructed to Coupon walk the length of the swing-set holding ‘pon in different ways : Farmer, OH, Bear Hug
Return Coups and circle up in lot for

F Kix x 15 IC (2X)
Plank Progression
1’ of Burpees to finish


Good output today men. Pleasure to start the week w y’all. Looks like Too Tall has restarted his Tiger Blood routine. Be advised.
Nice to hear the work was adequate to get the blood flowing and the week stated.
Topanga continues to grind out one armed burpees, one armed merkins and one armed pull ups. It’s a sight to see for sure.
Welcome back to the Shire, T Cell. CCR nailed it… a co post from T Cell and Grisham can mean only one thing, SpringBreakY2K21 just around the corner.
TL and I shared some horror stories regarding our IBS issues from the AM
Rooster aka Mike Bannon and some other shadowy character were hanging out under the pavilion with some weights.

Didn’t get a Q for next week but I’m sure TL has that on lock.

Prayers up for Martin family and for Ludwig and his family. See F3 General tab for ways to help Ludwig.


Bomber – 03.05.21 – “Here Comes the Sun”

25 HIM improved their celestial bodies as we honored the Father of Heliocentrism, Nicolaus Copernicus, in a snow-delayed birthday celebration and lesson in astronomy. The temperature was perfect and the greenhouse effect negligible.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bad Boy, Blueprint, BnB, CB, Cobb Wrangler, Chowdah, Crawlspace, Freakanomics, F3G, Hambone, High Flyer, Lunch Lady, Michelin Man, Minus 3, The Nanny, Natural Ice, Pop-A-Lock (LIFO), Rev Runs (FNG), Rich Soil, Right Said, Spinal Tap, T-Cell, Vector, Wet Wipes


Mission prep with the usual disclaimer and launch into the upper atmosphere (parking lot) for COP and explanation of today’s heliocentric theme:

  • SSH x 15
  • Overhead Clap x 15
  • Lunges x 16
  • Air Presses x 15
  • Reverse Lunges x 16

Having escaped Earth’s orbit, it’s time to carry out the mission. Journey all 2.8 billion miles to (the lower crosswalk by the groundskeepers’ hut) to enter Neptune’s orbit.

Perform the following circuit for 20 reps each:

  • Overhead Squats
  • Ranger Merkins
  • Burpees
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Turkish Sit-ups

In between each ORBIT, speed across the Solar System to the center of it all (stop sign at top of driveway) for a planet-specific exercise, reps representing the length in hours of a solar day on each planet. Return back to ORBIT but closing the distance by about 10-15 yards with each trip.

  • Neptune – 1.5x Squats x 16
  • Uranus – Apollo Ohnos x 17
  • Saturn – Chinooks x 11
  • Jupiter – 8ct Bodybuilders x 10
  • Mars – Dive Bombers x 25
  • Earth – Merkins x 24
  • Venus – LBCs x 117*
  • Mercury – High Knees x 176*

*These actually represent the length in days as the rep counts for these two slow-moving planets are in the thousands

Most everybody made it to Venus before we ran out of fuel (time).



Welcome to FNG Rev Runs, and congratulations all for earning your astronaut wings. As one would expect when embarking on an interplanetary journey, our spacecraft had a few hiccups along the way. Not only was communication from mission control a bit clunky and jumbled, but we began experiencing audio failure within minutes of reaching Uranus. Additionally, our reconnaissance (rep counts) once inside the Asteroid Belt needed to be shortened due to time constraints, and yet we were still unable to explore Mercury. I trust that all PAX perform their 176 high knees upon return to Earth. Nevertheless, you all navigated the Final Frontier wonderfully, and Copernicus would be proud of your better understanding of our Solar System.


  • Prayers for the return of students and teachers to school. Keep everyone safe and help schools to navigate staffing issues.
  • Congrats to Michelin Man for landing his new gig. Looks like he’s getting a little mud on the tires.
  • Vector birthday Q next week!

PA out.