#LeanPax Tune Up

AO: cruelhall
Q: Donkey Hammer
PAX: Accounts Receivable, baggervance, Black Lung, Esposa, Works for a Guy, Pedialyte, None
FNGs: 1 None

WARMUP: extended warm up and mobility work

– SSH, WMH, imperial walkers, Michael Phelps, light sprints, 90/90 hip openers, thoracic rotations, Spider-Man lunges, bear crawls/crawl bears, one minute plank, easy jog with a burnie

THE THANG: Tabata block work, 45 seconds on/15 seconds off for 18 rounds

– OH squats with block, curls, alternating block merkins, paused goblet squats, merkins with kick through and alternating front and side lunges with block

– Closed it out with some planks x 2, iron chair x 3, J.Lo’s and Alabama prom dates

– Convergence New Year’s Day at #greenmachine
– Convergence January 2 at #iiipillars

As we close out the year, let’s remember all the names that have been mentioned or were on our hearts throughout the year and honor them as we move forward into 2024.

Bomber vs Handsomizer – 2023

AO: handsomizer
Q: Natural Ice , DintyMoore
PAX: Detective Pikachu, Wolfpack, Siri, Salpal, Firefox, Spinal Tap, bluemule, Chunks, Grape, Crawlspace, DintyMoore, Rocket Mortgage, Frasier, Natural Ice, Down Range – Hunch Back, Pizza the Hut, Long Horn, Silver Spoon 2 DR FNGs Trainer and Couch Potato, 2 DR FNGs Trainer , Couch Potato
FNGs: 2 2 DR FNGs Trainer , Couch Potato

WARMUP: We took the downrange visitors and #bomber brothers on a quick tour of Handsomizer ending with our traditional Geodis Warm Up, the Bearway2Heaven (bear crawl up the steps with a push up on each of the 92 stairs)

THE THANG: Bomber vs Hansomizer Kick ball
Pax performed five Burpees after three outs.

Bomber destroyed Handsomizer, with a little help from the youthful FNGs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: LeanPax is nigh upon us! Bulk up and put on mass while you can!

Prayers for Corporate and the broken foot!

I am incredibly thankful for all you!

Here is to another great year!
2024 : The Year of the Shred Part III – Brought to you by Ninja Ice

Post Christmas Blues

AO: thebuffalo
Q: greyalbum
PAX: Ultratecht, Goose
FNGs: None



Good Morning
Cherry Pickers


25 Merkin / Lunge Walk out and back with coupon x 5
40 Squats with coupon / Bear Crawl out and back x 4
50 LBC / Run out and back x 3
20 Curl with coupon / Crab Walk out and back x 5

5-1 Burpee Waterfall with Al Gore Overhead Claps

20 Bird Dogs
50 LBC


Q Rotation, Christmas edition

AO: the-knoll
Q: morning star
PAX: G-string (Eli Kresta), morning star, Wolfpack, Malibu, AAA, Pebbles, DB, Bumble bee (2.0), Pearl
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: mild 30’s

Disclaimer given.
Instructions: Q will rotate with the Santa hat. Once the PAX is done with his round, choose the next man to lead.

WARMUP: mosey to tree line with marching and ground movement sprinkled in. 7 count motivator led by Bumble Bee at tree line. Mosey to bench while pax take turns circling around group.

Lots of movement, including:
– dids
– squat jumps
– star jumps
– pull ups (1.5 edition)
– sprint to tree line
– lunges with 60# sand bags
– step ups
– plank rotation
– dead bugs & Freddy mercuries

– nyd convergence
– lean pax

COT: Pearl encouraged us to shift from judge (of our selves and others) to scientist. Scientists are curious and explore how things work. Curiosity is key to personal growth. It’s something we naturally did when we were kids and it’s healthy to get back to it.

Honor to all the PAX for their situational awareness as they led.

Honor to Pearl for being willing to do a guest moleskin on his first visit!

Be kind, be curious,
– m out!

4 Alarm Fire

AO: titan
Q: Chunks
PAX: Firefox, t-cell, bluemule, Crawlspace, Detective Pikachu, Red Skull, Sarge, fiftycent
FNGs: None

Mosey around the Parthenon Grass stopping at each corner for some Burpees 1,3,5 (Stop1) 7,9 (Stop 2) 10,8(Stop 3), 6,4,2 (Stop 4)

A – Arms
L – Legs
A – Abs
R – Run
M – Merkins
PAX completed 4 Rounds for a 4 ALARM fire with the PAX choosing different exercises and a couple rounds with Hollow Body HO HO Holds since @firefox was in attendance. Last round was 5 burpees for each letter except the run around the circle.

Circled up for some P90X Yoga

Moseyed back to Startex for a 5 Burpee buy out and some Hollow Body HO HO HOlds to wrap up.
New Years Day Convergence at Green Machine
LeanPax starts 1/2/24
Hendersonville relaunch 1/13 at Memorial Park

Thanks as always for the honor to lead this group of men.


Present exchange

AO: the-knoll
Q: morning star
PAX: Timber, Pebbles, 2.0: Smoltz, Brig Red, Bumble Bee
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: dark and in the 40’s

WARMUP: mosey to the tree line and do 5 star jumps oyo, mosey back … with ground movement and exaggerated marching mixed in

THE THANG: gift exchange …
– pax chose numbers
– group did the number of motivators of pax whose turn it was
– each gift had an exercise that the group did when it was opened
– 2.0s got to go twice
– dad 2.0 pair got to swap for last round
– some of the exercises: burpees, jump squats, star jumps. Lt dans, sit ups, pull ups, squats

COT: reflected on gratitude and shared, reflected on needs/wants and YHC closed the group out with a prayer.

I enjoyed the change of pace! See you all Thursday.
-m out

Christmas Caroloing

AO: westeros
Q: Chunks
PAX: Salpal, Grape, hambone, Right Said, Crawlspace, Detective Pikachu, Vector, Focker
FNGs: None

25 SSH
Some other stretches
Mosey across West End for a tour of the neighborhood and lights.
Stopped at every house that had lights to do a variety of exercises.
Stopped along the way to deliver a christmas present to one of out fellow PAX
Mosey back to the hill near the startex for some dealers choice while one PAX ran up and down the hill
One more lap around the AO stopping at one last house for some exercises.
Mosey back to StartEx.
My gift to the PAX was ending a couple minutes early.
New Year’s Day Convergence
Lean Pax #leanpax
Hendersonville re launch 1/13
DP’s family after loss of grandmother
Focker’s coworker’s husband

Always an honor to lead. Christmas is a time to be with family and you guys have become my family. So grateful to be a part of this group. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

12 Days of Charlie Daniels Christmas

AO: mistymountain
Q: Flash
PAX: Transporter, McAfee, Skeet, Sanders, Chewy, 3X Mountain Men
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Cold, but not for very long.

WARMUP: Reindeer Crawl (aka Bear Crawl) 50M

THE THANG: 12 Days of Christmas, Misty Mountain style. Just like the song, work your way up to the 12th day doing movements for each day. Plank until all in.

1 – Spiderman Pushup
2 – Reverse Lunges
3 – Plank Ups
4 – Bird Dogs
5 – Buuuuurrrrpeeeeeees
6 – Squats a Jumping
7 – Mountain Climbers
8 – Dips a Dipping
9 – Jacks a Squatting
10 – Bikes a Peddlin’
11 – Narrow Pushups
12 – Burpees Burping

Every third day, complete a 50M reindeer crawl.

Once we got to 12, we reversed it & went from Day 1 to 12 a single time.

.25 mile mosey & 25M reindeer crawl

2 minutes of flutters, leg raises, plank to close it out.

Ho ho ho!


12 Days of Christmas Blast

AO: bomber
Q: DintyMoore
PAX: Vector, Papa Bear, Pep, Cream Cheese, Sherlock, hambone, Firefox, Recharge
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Cloudy and crisp

WARMUP: mosey around clubhouse before WMHs, LBACs, Low n Slow Squats, Low n Slow Merkins

12 Days of Christmas
1 Run up the hill
2 Star Jumps
3 Pullups
4 Imperial Walkers
5 Burpees
6 Broad Jumps
7 Vector Ups
8 Hand Release Merkins
9 WW1s
10 Air Squats
11 Flutter Kicks
12 Reverse Lunges

Mary to finish with WallSits passing ‘coal’ back and forth before Hollow Body HoHoHolds

#LeanPax starts Jan. 2nd, Christmas Day workout at Westeros, New Calendar for Q and hosting events, Dec. 29 workout at Handsomizer – Bomber AO Closed for Kickball Competition

Christmas cookies

AO: the-knoll
Q: G-string (Eli Kresta)
PAX: AAA, G-string (Eli Kresta), morning star, The Banker, Pebbles, @bumblebee
FNGs: None

Inchworm walkouts to merkin X5
Slooow squats X12
Willie Mayes Hayes (sp?) while we went over mission, principles, and credo
Bearcrawl to tree and lunge back

Split into two teams of three
One Round robin
-PAX one does lunges with sandbag to the road and back
-PAX two does pull-ups until pax one returns
-PAX three does three-count merkins

Two Rounds robin
-25 front squats with bag
-Swing rows

Three rounds individual
-10 Bulgarian split squats each leg
-20 ierkins

Pair up
Two fifteen yard brother bear crawls

End with little drummer boy merkins

New Year’s convergence at Green Machine
The Knoll is on for next week

During BINGRO, one challenge was to write your own eulogy. This was quite an emotional experience for me, and one key takeaway was thinking about who I’ll leave behind. Furthermore, what am I doing to prepare them for my death? How can I train my children to be successful when I’m no longer around.
So in thinking about that, I started drawing up a plan of all the things I want to pass on to them like: how to change a tire, change the oil in their car, skin a pig, appreciate good food and good whiskey, etc. most of all, I want to teach them how to think and question and explore the world around them.
Keeping this in mind makes me so much more intentional with my day-to-day activities and conversations. Think about what you want to pass on and how you will set up your family to thrive when you’re no longer their protector.

Thank you for letting me lead you men this morning! Thanks @morning_star for the tea. It went great with the gingerbread cookies!