Yes! It’s Metallica

AO: westeros
Q: Pep
PAX: Salpal, Detective Pikachu, hambone, Wolfpack, Chunks, Siri, Black Lung, Vector, Red Skull, Natural Ice
FNGs: None

Weather: chilly but not wet


– little baby arm circles – and reverse
– seal claps
– hillbilles
– good mornings – oyo
– willie mays hays


– 100: hand-release merkins
– 200: alabama prom dates
– 300: fire hydrants
– 200: american hammers
– 100: burpees

– salpal: interview tuesday
– vector: anonymous acquaintance dealing with cancer
– pikachu: family difficulties
– siri: work
– black lung: uncle with bad health

#f3-nashville-general channel
– brewruck: Dec 16
– brews day : tomorrow (Tuesday)
– leanpax: january
– new years day: convergance – probably at green machine

Hey Gravity!

AO: westeros
Q: Sooie
PAX: Salpal, Chunks, Siri, Grape, Red Skull, Michelin Man, Wolfpack, Tim the Toolman, Natural Ice, Right Said, Spinal Tap, Sherlock, Black Lung, Solo Cup, Sooie, Cashcab
FNGs: None
It’s been colder.

BAC 15
Don Quixote 10
Imperial walkers 15
SSH 15

Pull-ups 30 sets of 1 EMOM. Between pull-ups AMRAPs of the following
Spicolli’s 3x
Squats 3x
Low plank 3x
Spicolli jumps 3x
Jump squat 3x
Plank thigh tap 3x
Leg raises 3x
Big boy sit-ups 3x
Mtn climbers 3x
Iron Mikes 1x
Burpees 1x
High/low planks 1x

Big boys from 0614-0615

Mosey from Dose (Murphy road) 0530 tomorrow. See @chunks.
@Grape on Q at #iiipillars tomorrow
#no-noise-november in full swing. Never too late to get in on it.
YHC shared how No Noise November is already having a positive impact on my habits. Offered up prayer for prayer requests mentioned. Enjoyed some Sooie Brewie™️ and maybe…just maybe we witnessed what will be known as The Westeros Miracle: my thermos is 64 oz yet all 16 PAX enjoyed the Sooie Brewie and there was enough left over for a full cup when I returned home. So take a moment to day to recognize the miraculous in the mundane.

On Turning 30 and Batman

AO: westeros
Q: Siri , Salpal
PAX: DintyMoore, Siri, Crawlspace, Salpal, Pep, Red Skull, Black Lung, Vector, Right Said, Tim the Toolman, Grape
FNGs: None

WARMUP: everyone took a card to randomly assign roles for the workout. RedSkull was Batman, Right Said was Joker, and the rest of us were citizens of Gotham initially loyal to Batman. SalPal led us through some semi-wet warmups.

THE THANG: burpees and pull ups, pull ups and burpees, courtesy of SalPal. Training the PAX for the canonical 1,000 lbs that Batman was able to lift. Then we hustled off to the tennis courts where Siri took over.

Joker do side straddle hops and call different exercises for team Batman to do, and call cadence. ~5 minutes. Intent is for joker to play games with his enemy. Anyone who needs to bow out can join team joker and do side straddle hops.

Freeze tag for Joker to pick off members of Batman’s crew. Joker has 30 seconds to tag as many people as possible. Whoever he tags joins his team and helps him tag others.
Rest of the workout is a competition between team Batman and team joker.

Relay race: bear crawl up the steps, crawl bear back down, one pax at a time. Rest of the PAX do merkins while they wait. Winning team gains one of the other team’s members.

Relay race across the field. Each person sprint down and back then tag the next person. PAX do abs while they wait. Everyone sprints 2 times.

Relay race at the playground. Each person does 30 merkins while his team does dips. Everyone goes twice.

At this point the teams were pretty evenly split between Batman and Joker.
2-minute Ring of Fire to close out.




F&$# the DMV: Don’t Let The Gov’ment Steal Your Joy

AO: westeros
Q: Detective Pikachu
PAX: Salpal, Grape, Spinal Tap, Pep, DintyMoore, Vector, Tim the Toolman, CubCadet
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Zero Dark Thirty

WARMUP: Mosey to Clay Pit. Shuffle-run between bases
Grapevine-run between bases

THE THANG: Kickball!
Pax got one pitch. Fouls were outs. Every 3 outs = 10 burpees. At 100 burpees, Pax switched to squat jumps

Winner: Team 2
Play of the Game: Salpal throwing out Toolman to prevent a tie
Man of the Match: Spinal Tap for his honesty when thrown out

ANNOUNCEMENTS: lots of 2nd F events coming up. I think every Friday for the rest of the month has a 2nd F event. 3rd F challenge for November coming soon.

Elden Ring George RR Martin Tribute

AO: westeros
Q: Natural Ice
PAX: Spinal Tap, Chunks, DintyMoore, Detective Pikachu, Supernova, Black Lung, Pep, Hayes Carll – Solo Cup, hambone, Salpal, Tim the Toolman, Natural Ice
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Pax skipped through the initial warm up tutorial and proceeded as Leeroy Jenkins straight to Stormviel Castle. In route Pax encountered ravenous rats, after a 10 burpee battle that resulted in our death and respawn at the Startdex.

THE THANG: Over 2 miles of running to the top of love circle and 110 burpies. We laughed, we cried, we did some pull ups, squats and dips, a dragon killed us with a meteorite. A typical day in the Lands Between.

Rannis Rise and Glintstone Dragon Adula were conquered. Pax gained the Moonveil Katana.
The journey to become Elden Lord is far from complete.


MARY: 3 minutes of straight WW1s

I am always honored for the opportunity to lead

Onward and Upwards

Bill of Rights

AO: westeros
Q: Grape
PAX: Chunks, Tim the Toolman, Red Skull, DintyMoore, Sherlock, Michelin Man, Natural Ice, CubCadet, Hayes Carll – Solo Cup, Pep, Black Lung, bluemule, Salpal, Vector, Samoa, Purple Haze, Just Work Out
FNGs: 2 Purple Haze, Just Work Out
THEME: The bill of rights was passed in congress 234 years ago, so we celebrated some of our rights and freedoms with an Americana playlist and an American BD

CONDITIONS: just right

WARMUP: long mosey (saw some nice houses) and some shoulder warmup

THE THANG: Right to assemble: Dora 234 (234 years ago)
234 squats
234 LBC’s
234 Jane fonda’s (117 each side)

Right to bear arms: ring of fire merkins, if out then hold high plank/squat/SSH

Mosey to bottom of hill

Right to a speedy trial: sprints on the hill

Mosey to startex


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Octoburpee is almost here

COT: prayers for Purple Haze’s partner
Prayers for @salpal boss
Prayers for guys who haven’t come around in awhile

Labor Day gains

AO: westeros
Q: DintyMoore
PAX: Chunks, DintyMoore, hambone, Pep, Salpal, Spinal Tap, Tim the Toolman, Vector
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Clear and pleasant

WARMUP: 10 burpee buy-in, 25 SSHs, 25 Small Arm Circles, 25 Large Arm Circles, 20 LownSlow Squats

Mosey to back of school for Progressive 11s
Burpees and Lt. Dans with travel including Broad Jumps, Bear Crawls, and Skips and extending one parking space for each exercise

Mosey to The Hill for Jacob’s Ladder x 7
– sprint to top of hill for a burpee, add a burpee on each trip

Mosey to StartEx with three burpees at each speed bump and three at the flag

MARY: Each PAX contributed one exercise for a full circle Mary

ANNOUNCEMENTS: #TheKnoll Launches tomorrow in Bellevue, Convergence for 9/11 on 9/9 at PW steps, Nashville 9th Anniversary Convergence at Titan on 9/13.

COT: Playlist –

Westeros BB – 08/14/2023 – Core movements through the decades

15 PAX and 1 FNG enjoyed some grounding core work and weighted carries to celebrate 4 decades of YHC’s life.

AO: Westeros (Elmington Park, West Nashville)
CONDITIONS: dark and lovely
PAX (16): @Pep, @Pop-A-Lock, @CubCadet, @Mermaid (from Knoxville), @Sherlock, @Grape, @Natural Ice, @Vector, @Tim the Toolman, @DintyMoore, @Supernova, @Black Lung, @Salpal, @Red Skull
FNG (1): @Shepherd’s Pie

5:30 – YHC, drowsy from too little sleep welcomed the PAX and forgot the disclaimer.

PAX reminded YHC of disclaimer on the mosey. Thank you!

Mosey to a spot on the field and
– plank + gratitude pop corn
– 10 mountain climbers
– 10 SSH
– 10 IW

Mosey to soccer goals for bear crawls and crab walks.

Mosey back to the top of the field and circle up around the coupons.

Instruction: we’ll be in a circle doing core work. 1 movement and 1 exercise for each decade of my life. One PAX at a time from the circle will do a weighted carry to large tree across the field. We have a 15# kb, 30# kb and a ruck with 20# in it. YHC showed some variations on the weighted walk: walk with weights at sides, one up/one down, at chest.

Circled up and started:
Decade 1: baby crawl in a circle then plank and 10 up and downs in cadence
Decade 2: bear crawl in a circle then plank and 10 shoulder taps in cadence
Decade 3: crab walk in a circle then 10 Freddie Mercuries in cadence
Decade 4: lunges and then 10 Carolina dry docks

Repeated 4 times (2 clockwise, 2 counter clockwise)

Warm down: mosey to the tree and back, 2x. Some high knees and butt kickers along the way.

– count-o-roma, name-o-roma
– announcements
– praise/celebration, requests, updates from the PAX
– YHC invited men to take a knee and reflect on their coming week for 1 minute … what’s in front of you, how might you need support? what might your heart be longing for this week.
– YCH blessed the men, their hearts and their week

As I enter my 5th decade I’m thankful for the 4 that have come before it. I’m realizing more and more that to live well in the now I need take excursions back into my past and recover lost treasure, heal old wounds, forgive, honor, grieve what was or what wasn’t, remember joy and celebrate.

In other words, to be the fully integrated, whole man I want to be I need to work to restore all parts of me, some of which have been lost in the wreckage of my life.

This am was a small homage to those excursions as we rotated through 4 rounds of ground movement + exercise. Each decade of my life has highs and lows. Each of those highs and lows of my personal story is grounded in a larger story.

I’m thankful for you men and the work of F3 and the part it’s played in my personal journey over the years.

m* out

Baseball Arguments – 03/27/2023

PAX: Salpal, Pep, Vector, Supernova, Blueprint, Natural Ice, Black Lung, DintyMoore, Right Said, Grape, Blue Mule, Red Skull, Chunks, Siri, Detective Pikachu (QIC)

Gloom: Great

15 men argued over baseball trivia while doing merkins, squats, side straddle hops, and running. Good fun.

COT: Thanks for letting me lead on my late Birthday Week. Pray for Covenant School, those who have lost, and those who are hurting. Pray for our country’s leaders, pray for them to do the right thing(s).

Westeros 11-28-2022: Double the Effort

The PAX returned from the Thanksgiving holiday full of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and other assorted feasts. YHC needed to think of a workout theme to start the pre-Christmas workouts appropriately.  Because sometimes you have to put in twice the work to get results, today’s workout was repeated and had an appropriately doubled playlist.

PAX:  Chunks, Crawlspace, Natural Ice, Right Said, Salpal, Siri, Spinal Tap, Supernova, Tool Man, & Vector (QIC).

Conditions:   47 degrees – practically balmy


History Repeating – Propellerheads (playlist theme clue)
Promises, Promises – Naked Eyes
Bye Bye Bye – *NSYNC
Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
Doctor Doctor – Thompson Twins
Mony Mony – Billy Idol
Money, Money, Money – ABBA
Girls, Girls, Girls – Motley Crue
Say, Say, Say – Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
Talk Talk – Talk Talk
Louie Louie – The Kingsmen
Sugar, Sugar – The Archies

* Was pretty funny hearing the PAX try to determine the theme.  We went from my retirement announcement to I was becoming a banker to I was going to start running a strip joint . . . you’re thinking way too hard, my friends.

Disclaimer given and then mosey to the playground:

  • Warm-o-rama:   SSH x 20, LBAC x 10, RLBAC x 10, Willy Mays Hayes x 10 
  • Thang: 50 squats, 30 merkins, 10 pull-ups.  Run to front of school, do one burpee, return and start again.
  • 0551: Disclaimer #2 given
  • Warm-o-rama #2:  SSH x 20, LBAC x 10, RLBAC x 10, Willy Mays Hayes x 10 
  • Thang #2: 50 squats, 30 merkins, 10 pull-ups.  Run to front of school, do one burpee, return and start again.
  • Mary: Alabama Prom Dates x 10, Alabama Prom Dates x 10, Boxcutters x 10, Boxcutters x 10, LBCs x 10, LBCs x 10, J Los x 10, J Los x 10
  • Run back to startex and SSH x 10 and SSH x 10 for added measure.


  • Prayers for Baby Elijah and Salpal’s family; Praises for Supernova’s M (Happy birthday!)
  • Brewsday next Tuesday at 4:30p at 12 South Taproom
  • Next Open Tab: December 16th at Fat Bottom — topic TBD

Thanks, HIM.  Honor to lead you this morning.


Vector Vector