Sneaky Murph

AO: westeros
Q: Grape
PAX: bluemule, DintyMoore, Michelin Man, Pep, Spinal Tap, Tim the Toolman, Breadsticks, Hedwig, Wedding Singer, Poutine, Griswold, The Pharmacist, Spear
FNGs: 3 Griswold, The Pharmacist, Spear
CONDITIONS: great weather for no sleeves

WARMUP: typical shoulder burner

THE THANG: sneaky Murph
Ran to the top of Love Hill and stopped at various points to do Merkins, completed 200

Took in the sunrise with several other groups of lovers

Ran back down to the playground with stops at various points to do squats, completed 300

Pull ups to failure at the playground

Back to startex with a sprint along the way

MOLESKINE: really glad we had a moment to catch our breaths at the top of the hill, it was great getting to take in the sunrise over Nashville with brothers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 workout on 6/8! Check f3dads for more details, but come on out!!!

COT: praises for Hedwig for landing the job, prayers for Breadsticks as he moves in 2.5 weeks, prayers for Pep for work travel (or maybe Comi-Con, who knows)


Last Minute

AO: westeros
Q: Grape
PAX: Vector, Pep, Hedwig, OfficeSpace, SalPal, Spinal Tap, DintyMoore, caprate, Tim the Toolman
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: beautiful, the only thing gloomy was SalPal’s attitude


V Ups

Several sets of this with some moseys

Tennis court Mary and ping pong (exercises at the four corners, fifth group would travel to a corner and start doing the exercise and supplant that group who would then travel to the next corner, etc)

Mosey to the stairs for three sets of a baby Bearway

Mosey to startex for more Mary

MOLESKINE: it was fun whipping something up on the fly! If you would have told me two years ago that I would be leading a workout group of 10 guys and would be able to fill a 45 minute workout with virtually no prep, I would have thought you were crazy. Grateful for what this organization has meant to me.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 workout on 6/8 at 9am at Green Hills Park

COT: prayers for friends and colleagues who have lost loved ones


Salute to Lt. Dan

AO: westeros
Q: Toothless
PAX: Vector, Tim the Toolman, bluemule, Spinal Tap, Natural Ice, Andrew Flood, DintyMoore, Breadsticks, Salami, hambone, Chunks, Pep, Michelin Man, Siri, Solo Cup, caprate, Cheech, Hot Wax, Jockey, Hedwig, Underage
FNGs: 2 Hedwig, Underage
CONDITIONS: Sublime overcast morning, light mist from the field sprinklers

20 x SSH
12 x Willy Mays Hays, 2 each side
30 count x toe touch
30 count x flamingo, both sides
1/2 mile light mosey around park perimeter

THE THANG: Four Corner Dora
Partner travels around 4 corners with a mosey/shuffle/bernie/shuffle per the 4 sides

PAX wait for 6 to rotate (low plank/pick up reps), Lt. Dans to rotate between each station

Corner One: 50 Iron Mikes (2 ct)
Corner Two: 100 Jump Squats
Corner Three: 200 Bonnie Blairs (2 ct)
Corner Four: 400 Side Straddle Hops

Wrapped with some prisoner squats, reverse lunges, star jumps, and sprinters stretch to bring us to time.

PAX were surprisingly good natured about the exercises, but the conditions were just right and the group energy was high so I think we all felt a lift from the good vibes. Stereotypical rock playlist did not distract from the chatter but gave rhythm to the calisthenics.

It was an honor to have men from the Asgard region in town as well as Jockey from across the pond! Also had two FNGs from DintyMoore, great to meet them and welcome them in to this crazy thing we do.

Coffee at Dose was exceptional, took over the whole cafe & got a little rowdy. :coffee:

– may-you-pull-up continues, never too late to join!
– Fresh cohort for thestronghold starts this Thursday

YHC had an injured wrist, hence the leg day, so my message was for the PAX to appreciate the health we all had that allowed us to get up and get out to a workout, and to not take what isn’t promised for granted.

Prayers for Siri with summer childcare, Pep with his current project at work, and FNG Hedwig for job prospects.

As always, it was an honor to lead, men!
— Toothless :tooth:


AO: westeros
Q: CubCadet
PAX: DintyMoore, Vector, Tim the Toolman, Pep, Hair Band, Red Skull
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Wet and windy with a hint of electricity in the air. And then, at 5:30, the skies cleared…

WARMUP: Mosey to the school pick-up and drop-off circle. Mumblechatter reflected on how nice it was to just be 5 men over 50 hanging out. And then DintyMoore and Hair Band joined us, late. Mix of SSH, Arm circles F / B, seal claps, WMH, GM, IW and HK. Pax sufficiently warmed up.

THE THANG: Belated celebration of Cinco-de-Mayo, with Pep getting the right answer on the history of the holiday. Hint, has nothing to do with Mexican Independence or the Alamo.

C – Climbers, 35 reps each leg
I – Iron Mikes, 45 reps each leg
N – (High) Nees, 55 reps each leg
C – Crunches, 65 four count
O – Overhead Claps, 75 reps

Between each letter, pax did a lap of the traffic circle. Last lap was done French retreat style, backwards (aka Bernie).

Mixed in some squats and chair on wall, then mosey to front steps. Did two sets of stair climbs doing incline merkins every other step. Mosey back to start for 8 minutes of Mary, round robin, 25 reps each exercise.

Entertainment provided by an 80’s pop rock mix (Squeeze, Phil Collins, Huey Lewis), yeah really old stuff. It was a recycle, because I didn’t remember I was Q until 10:35 last night.

MOLESKINE: Gratitude for opportunity to work out together on a day when most thought the weather wouldn’t cooperate.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: pain-train kicks off in Bellevue this weekend. No bomber And for those, like me, who missed it, westeros has a new AOQ. Thanks to Chunks for his leadership, and to bluemule for stepping up to lead.

COT: Prayers for Hair Band visit home to Mom, his company and his new endeavors at church. Prayers for Pep to get another project at work. I’m probably forgetting something. Sorry. Oh, and thank you, Lord, for letting the Respects win one hands down, no ties / no debate.

I pity the fool that thought this would be a “fun, light-hearted workout”

AO: westeros
Q: Sally
PAX: Natural Ice, Red Skull, Spinal Tap, Pep, Chunks, Vector, Michelin Man, Crawlspace, Tim the Toolman, DintyMoore, Grape, Cash Cab
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Foolish and Foolhardy. Definitely sleeves-optional.

WARMUP: Warmup mosey to courts + active stretches upon arrival.

1. EMOM – alternate suicides with 10 burpees.
2. Deconstructed Burpees (atomic thrusters, merkins, squat jumps, burpees) from 1 to 10
3. Hill sprints forwards + backwards, some dealer’s choice routines.

MOLESKINE: (Can someone tell me the difference between this and announcements?)

– Plankril
– UFC Fight Night – see 2nd F channel
– Franklin vs. Huntsville contest

– Shooting victims at restuarant in Nashville.
– For those returning to church at Easter
– Gratitude for my wife finishing her defense.

Quote from “Into the Breach”:
I hope, too, that you will take what is helpful, bring it to the Lord in prayer, and go forward confidently in your vocation as men. Our life in Christ is not one of “do’s and don’ts,” but an adventure in authentic freedom. Embrace that freedom in order to place your life at the service of Christ, beginning in your home and radiating into the world.

Always a pleasure to lead. Sally out.

Ridin Dirty

AO: westeros
Q: Hacker (Franklin)
PAX: Vector, Right Said, Chunks, Pep, Siri, Natural Ice, DintyMoore, Young and Restless, CubCadet, Breadsticks, Frenchie, Roboto, Tommy Girl
FNGs: None
– IW
– slow ass merks
– GM
– Runner’s Stretch

The Thang
Pain stations with 1 minute AMRAP / 30 second rest
1. HR merks
2. 4 ct flutter kicks
3. BBS
4. 70lb farmer’s carry
5. 60lb sandbag burpee
6. 60lb medicine ball over the shoulder throw
7. 50lb row
8. 50lb goblet squat
9. 30lb plate uhaul
10. 40lb badonkadonks (Alabama Prom Dates)
11. 35lb kettlebell swing
12. 25lb kettlebell clean to press
13. stepups with 30 lb plate
14. battlerope

Lock in gains with a quick mosey, then r/r to time

– Plank rotation
– LBCs
– Scorpion Stretch
– Cobra
– Downward Dog

– Beer tasting at Blue Mule’s house on Friday
– Tortoise and Hare tomorrow at thestronghold, bootcamp on Thursday
– Culture week in Franklin this week — all workouts led by current/former Nantans focusing on F3 culture
– Q vs Q on April 6th at +TN+37064/@35.9212646,-86.8612508,17z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x88647e558f4ee3e1:0x360564ef7acd299c!8m2!3d35.9212646!4d-86.8612508!16s%2Fg%2F11gh6bcw6g”>,+405+Murfreesboro+Rd,+Franklin,+TN+37064/@35.9212646,-86.8612508,17z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x88647e558f4ee3e1:0x360564ef7acd299c!8m2!3d35.9212646!4d-86.8612508!16… in Franklin at 6:30 AM. If Huntsville brings more PAX, they’re going to take our flag. Please, think of the flag. All TN PAX are welcome. If any AL PAX happen to ask you for the address, its… uh…

Prayer Requests
– As discussed in-person

Identify and focus your energy on what you can control. There is a lot of stuff swirling around in all of our lives, some of which affects us greatly, and most of which we cannot control. You can think of these events as fitting into a series of concentric circles, like a target or dartboard. At the center, the bulls-eye, is your area of control. If you really think about it, that area is limited to yourself, your attitude, and your actions. Beyond that lies the area of influence, which gets a lot trickier: there many things we all want to influence, but influence is uncertain and situational. It isn’t control. You might have a lot of influence over, say, your kids or people who work for you, and much less over more distant relations or strangers. At the same time, the things we want to influence vary greatly in importance to us. The sweet spot for impact is high influence/high importance scenarios, but it can be productive to invest in low influence/high importance situations, so long as we understand up-front that those are investments that might take a long time to pay off (if they pay off at all) and may require allies with greater influence to help. Beyond the domain of influence is noise. Noise is a distractor. A Jester. The news, people who are beyond our reasonable influence, whose interests contradict our own, these are all noise in terms of our ability to create impact. The only thing you can do here is remove yourself from the noise, if you can, or choose to ignore the noise, if you must.

Sorry for the wall of text, but that was what was on my mind at the airport on Saturday.

Thanks for letting me lead today!

The few not on 30A for Spring Break

AO: westeros
Q: Pep
PAX: Wolfpack, Firefox, Sherlock, DintyMoore, Tim the Toolman, Blueprint, Breadsticks
FNGs: None
Conditions: Cold

– seal claps: 15
– overheard claps: 15
– imperial walkers: 15
– good mornings: oyo

The Thang:
– run: around the school drop off circle
– exercises
– burpees: 100
– alabama prom dates: 200
– fire hydrants: 300 (one each side)
– american hammers: 200
– hand release mericans: 100
– finish with a mary

– prayer for Breadsticks dad – surgery to remove toe due to diabetes
– game night tomorrow (Tuesday) at Firefox’s house


AO: westeros
Q: Wolfpack
PAX: Tim the TOOLMAN, Black Lung, DintyMoore, Grape, Natural Ice, Pep, Red Skull, Sally, Spinal Tap, Blueprint
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Guns out, cut off sleeves type of morning

WARMUP: Mosey around. BACs. BACBACs. Imperial Walkers. WMHs.

Split up into pairs (Choose a new Pax to pair with after every exercise). Theme was, if you can do 1, you can do 2, if you can do 2, you can do 10. Each Pax alternated with each other working up from 1 rep to 10 reps. 55 total reps per exercise per Pax.

Overhead Seal Claps
Mosey to tennis courts
Mosey to playground
Mosey to stairs
Step Ups
Mosey to Playground
Mosey to tennis courts
Iron Mikes
Mosey back to flag

Same concept, but in a group working up to 5 reps.

Leg Raises
Shoulder Taps

Crumping is a term in mountaineering/backpacking when every movement is tough and even the smallest steps feel hard. It’s in these moments that we need to realize that if we can take one step, we can take the next. And even more important to understand we don’t have to go at it alone. Ask for help where you need it and lend a helping hand when you can. “Leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him”


Biscuit Run this Saturday (Westhaven to Loveless)

Next Tuesday (3/5) Bring Your Kid To Workout Day at TheKnoll in Bellevue. If you’ve ever wondered what a 2.0 workout looks like bring the kids and come out! (Recommended age 6+)

March 28th Murder Mile at Greenmachine

Plankril coming in April. See Grape for details and get ready to become ripped SkaterBoys

COT: A moment of silent reflection for all prayers spoken and unspoken. Cheers to you men!

To the nines

AO: westeros
Q: DintyMoore
PAX: Chunks, Grape, Pep, Siri, Tim the Toolman, Wolfpack, Power Clean (F3 JeffCo, GTE Trainer)
FNGs: None

SSHs – 14 in cadence
Low-n-slow Squats
Good Mornings – 5 OYO
Cherry pickers in cadence
Shoulder Routine in cadence
-Overhead Press
-Moroccan Night Club

Run to Bridge – 3 rounds, 1 minute rep each
Komodo Dragon
Air Squats
Bird dogs

Run to Playground – 3 rounds, 1’ min rep each
Compass Lunges

Run to Hill – 3 rounds, 1’ minute rep each
Burpees – add a merkin each rep
Happy Crunchy Frogs

Mosey to Start and finished out third round of hill exercises and final two songs on playlist

Movie Songs – @chunks won the challenge to name the movie for each song


Solid BrewRuck led by Cowboy over the weekend. greenmachine it’s just a mile workout coming up next week.

Prayers for Cowboy and family

Good Old Fashioned Dora

AO: westeros
Q: Detective Pikachu
PAX: Vector, Pep, Waterboy, Crawlspace, Wolfpack, Red Skull, Tim the Toolman, Shiplap, Right Said, Supernova, DintyMoore, Toothless, Natural Ice, CubCadet, Tops
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: slight chill in the air. the days are definitely getting warmer and longer. spring is coming.

WARMUP: mosey to school loop. side straddle hops, imperial walkers, baby arm circles, seal claps, air press

THE THANG: Dora! 100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 little baby crunches

finished with soccer and Mary. Q’s team scored a goal, and, sending an impending loss, Q got injured so the game would stop before the other team could score. a Clever Move by YHC

ANNOUNCEMENTS: leanpax is almost over. brewsday is on Mardi Gras. Other things were mentioned as well.