Westeros? More like Winterfell, amirite

PAX: APGAR (FNG), Autotune, Blue Mule, Crab Legs, Crawlspace, En Fuego, Harvey Updyke (QIC), Hi Viz, Porcelain, Pumpkin Spice, Right Said, T-Cell, Trapper Keeper, Vector

Conditions: 18° and still frozen-over after the weekend snow

14 pax braved the cold this morning to earn their IronClad stripes. Pumpkin Spice and Porcelain showed up early for the pre-party, and the rest of the crew rolled in just in time for a brief disclaimer before setting off. Quick mosey around the west side of the park, halting in front of the school’s main steps.

WOR: Comprised of the exercises that would follow in the Thang, so as to give the Pax a memory cue when the inevitable “wait, what does the second B stand for again?” question arose:

  • SSH x20
  • Burpee x5
  • Overhead Press x10
  • Merkin x10
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x10
  • Squat x10

The Thang: Stink B.O.M.B.S.

Take the traditional BOMBS model (like Dora, just different exercises) and add some complexity with a hub-and-spoke model. Pax would start at the end of spoke #1 with one partner performing Burpees, while the other ran to the center of the Hub (the school steps), performed 40 SSHs, and ran back. Flapjack until the required cumulative reps at spoke #1 were complete, then move to spoke #2, and so on. Spokes would be the traditional BOMBS selection, but ambitiously doubled:

  • Burpee x100 (small lit parking lot behind western wing of school)
  • Overhead Press x200 (2nd base on the baseball diamond)
  • Merkin x300 (playground)
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x400 (small lit parking lot behind the eastern wing of the school)
  • Squat x500 (front of gymnasium)

After YHC explained the routine and fielded several follow up questions, the pax collectively moseyed to spoke #1 and began. Mumblechatter ensued, primarily revolving around how far the pax would actually get in the ambitious scheme. Some shaky handoffs followed, with some pax completing their burpees and passing their returning partner in the dark. However, after a spoke or two, the pax found their rhythm, traded their mumblechatter for grunting, and ground out all of spokes 1-3, and varying degrees of spoke 4 (albeit in the wrong location, but all’s well that ends well). With three minutes to spare, YHC called it and led the pax in a mosey back to the starting point. All 14 participants cranked out a quick 35 reps on squats (Pumpkin Spice nobly took an extra 10), allowing us to at least collectively make good on our goal of 500.


  • West Park will officially make its AO debut this Thursday, after a one week delay. It will be given a fancy name, so don’t miss out!
  • Welcomed FNG APGAR, a fellow resident with Crab Legs and church-goer with Pumpkin Spice.
  • Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who struggled peacefully to bring racial equality and justice to this great country. More than 50 years after his untimely death, we’re still not fully there, but my hope is that the men of F3 will be a shining example to our communities for what true brotherhood and unity look like.

Much love,


Westeros 12.24.18: The 12 Tasks of F3-mas

5 HIM came out into the gloom to celebrate Christmas Eve (Pre-party with The Jeweler and Porcelain).

PAX:  T-cell, Crawl Space (LIFO), The Jeweler, Porcelain, Vector (QIC)

Conditions:   Freezing fog and 29 degrees – in other words, perfect

Warm-o-rama:  SSH x 12, Willy Mayes Hayes x 12,  LBAC x 12, Overhead Presses x 12, Reverse LBAC x 12, Good Mornin’s x 12.  Crawl Space pulling into parking lot necessitated an extra 12 Merkins so he could catch up to the PAX.

In celebration of the holidays (and perhaps to fondly recall PA’s recent Q at Bomber?) the PAX performed the 12 Tasks of F3-mas.  Increasing in reps, the PAX partnered up and could not move on to the next stage until all were finished (Keeping the F2 principle alive). Of course, all accompanied by the requisite Vector Cheesy Playlist (patent pending), holiday themed, of course.

Mr. Heat Miser – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee
Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – U2
Christmas in Hollis – Run-DMC
Christmas in Sarajevo – Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano
Santa Stole My Lady – Fitz and the Tantrums
Wonderful Christmastime – The Shins

The Tasks:  After completing each task, run with partner around the traffic circle (although once YHC realized that we’d only performed 3 tasks and had 25 minutes to go, we abandoned the laps – had nothing to do with my distaste for running, of course).

10        Burpees
20        V-Ups
30        Lt Dans
40        Pull Ups
50        Merkins
60        Dips
70        Incline Merkins
80        Jump Squats
90        Little Baby Crunches
100      Plank Jacks
110       SSH
120      Squats

Mosey back to flag to end the fun.

COT:   Prayers for my father-in-law (has early stage dementia) and thanks for the holiday season.  Especially thanks to the men today for the opportunity to lead and get better each day.



Secret Santa & Reindeer Games

PAX: Porcelain, Pumpkin Spice, Crab Legs and En Fuego for the pre-party, then joined by Bicentennial Man, Bad Boy, Vector, Hi-Viz, Blue Mule, Right Said and Trapper Keeper

QIC: En Fuego

Conditions: Primed for Santa’s imminent arrival

11 PAX took the DRP and posted at Westeros this morning.  All left jollier, merrier and better for it, while mindful of the truth nugget given to us through the great Christmas classic Polar Express – “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most  real things in the world are things we can’t see.” Namely, T-Cell’s presence this morning.


0530 – light-headed disclaimer given due to the Porcelain pre-party and we jump right into the Christmas spirit.  What better way for YHC to say Merry Christmas to his fellow PAX than a little rendition of Feliz Navidad.  We hold plank during the song, merkin for every Feliz Navidad and mountain climb our way through the chorus.  Mumble chatter at the 2:40 mark as to whether this was an extended version.  Twenty seconds later, we’re up and we mosey, setting up COP at the base of the hill along the Bowling entrance.  PAX perform SSH, WMH, GMs and Scorpion Stretch, upon completion of which the day’s instructions are given.

Tucked in a Santa hat are 10 folded up pieces of paper, each one carrying the name of Santa or one of his reindeer.  Each also contains a corresponding exercise / reindeer game to be performed upon selection.   When a PAX is chosen for his turn as Secret Santa, he pulls a name out of the hat, and the PAX then gifts the others with an approximate 2-minute Q, only rule of Secret Santa being that the Q must minimally incorporate the corresponding exercise.  Upon completion of the Q, the PAX then picks the next Secret Santa and we repeat from there.  The reindeer games…

Dasher – 100 yard dash

Dancer – Lieutenant Dans

Prancer – Patty Cake merkins (PAX form two lines like reindeer on a sleigh, so patty cakes performed to your left or right vs in front of you)

Vixen – Vacuum Cleaner (popular M gift, so long as it comes from a grandparent)

Comet – Chilly Broad Jumps (of course reindeer love jumping over one another)

Cupid – Catch Me If You Can (because of course reindeer love playing chase too)

Donner – Diamond Merkins (another popular M gift, so long as it comes from said M’s PAX)

Blitzen – Big Boy Sit Ups (you think the Reindeer don’t need some abs to carry that sleigh?)

Rudolph – Rockette Dips, a PAX pleaser, and not TK’s first time

Santa – Squat Jumps, to help squatting in those chimneys all night long

Finish with a couple minutes of Mary, where we circle up for some Ho Ho Ho’s (PAX alternate between 25x Hammers with a coupon passed around and Outlaws).  Timer goes off and we mosey back to flag, huddle up for COT / BOM.


  • Bicentennial Man hosts F3 Libeery tomorrow night at Fat Bottom Brewery.  Freed to Lead will be the topic of conversations, among many good others
  • Tentative hold for the next 12th man leadership event, led by Bad Boy, on January 21st (?).  Early rumors Jerome Bettis may be in play, we’ll see…

Honored and appreciative of the opportunity to lead this morning, and appreciate each of you going all in on some Secret Santa.  Praying for a wonderful, rich and meaningful Christmas season for you and your families, and that we are reminded daily of His presence and goodness, and the real reason for the season.

En Fuego



10 for 10 – Blackblast for Dec 10, 2018 at Westeros

Temp: 32
Gloom Factor: High

Spirits: Good

Mumblechatter quality: Excellent


Bad boy
Bicentennial Man
Crab Legs
Pumpkin Spice
Hi Viz
Ham bone
QIC: Right Said

Mosey to school pickup circle (the long way)
LBACs – forward, back; overhead presses
Willie Mays Hayes
Cherry Pickers


Partner up
100 Burpess
200 LBCs
300 Squats

Run to the 440 bridge, turn around and Indian run back to Elmington


Dealer’s choice ab circle

1 minute high plank to finish off


Bad Boy shared takeaways from My 3:59

Libeery next Tuesday at Fat Bottom. Read Freed to Lead. 

-Right Said

Winds of Winter – 26 Nov 2018

Conditions: Lots of wind + little heat = solid gloom
PAX: Hi-Viz, Porcelain, Bicentennial Man, Pumpkin Spice, Crablegs
QIC: Crablegs

Starting in the main parking lot, we shook some holiday rust off with a mosey to the back court, AKA Crabtrap, for some WOR including: SSH, WMH, Cherry Pickers, LBAC – F/R, Squats

Next was a mosey to the other cage where the chainlink fence provided ample relief from the elements.

PAX line up on the tennis courts for a ladder of Agassis, 2 courts wide.

  • Agassi, 1 burpee. Agassi, 2 burpees…repeat up to 8 burpees.
  • Agassi, 10 LBCs. Agassi, 20 LBCs…repeat up to 50 LBCs
  • Agassi, 5 Merkins. Agassi, 10 Merkins…repeat up to 25 Merkins

We escaped the cage for a brief mosey around the soccer field and back up to the lot for Mary. PAX alternated exercises until we hit time.

  • Box cutters x 25
  • Flutter kicks x 25
  • JLo x 25
  • Alt Heel Tap x 25
  • Freddy Mercury x 25
  • Alphabet (only to Y)
  • Finish with Perfect form in the peoples chair til the end ~40s.


NMM:  Thankful today for the accountability of this group of men to get out there and embrace an exceptionally gloomy day. Looking forward to some redemption at #TheHill on Thursday.

BH (shamelessly copied from BV):
1 Dec STONEWALL MOVES TO FT NEGLEY: this week only due to Winter Warmer
1 Dec BV’s Tacky Christmas Party
7 Dev Umbrella hosts First Friday, 12th Man lunch at Richland Country Club $20/man buffet w speaker (see attached)

11/12 – Wet-steros

9 HIM laughed at the weather conditions after experiencing Bomber last week.

QIC: Crablegs

PAX: Blue Mule, Right Said, Crawlspace, Hi-Viz, Studio 42, Vector, Pumpkin Spice, Bicentennial Man


Meandering Mosey to shake off the cold, followed by:

  • SSH x 20
  • WMH x 10
  • Cherry Picker x 10
  • LBAC F x 20
  • Air Press x 20
  • LBAC R x 20



Utilizing the circular driveway near the gym, PAX started with a base of 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats. Each round was followed by a trip around the circle  and 1 more rep to each exercise.

Round 1: 5 Burpee, 10 Merkin, 20 Squat, Bearcrawl to the halfway point the circle and run out the rest

Round 2: 6 – 11 – 21, Lunge to the halfway point of the circle, and run it out.

Round 3: 7 – 12 – 22, Broad jump to halfway, run it out

Round 4: 8 – 13 – 23, Side Travel Hops to half way, switch direction and continue the travel hops

Round 5: 9 – 14 – 24, Little Baby Arm Travels, running to the halfway mark with forward rotation, then reverse at half way and continue the run to the end

Round 6: 10 – 15 – 25, finish with a full sprint for the length of the circle.

Mosey back down towards the west side of the park and finish off with a splash of Mary: 25 American Hammers and a sprint up the hill to the shovel flags.



  • Pumpkin Spice Co-VQ on Wednesday at Titan
  • Be on the lookout for a possible OTB on Thursday at West Park
  • Cunning Linguist has been hard at work planning his VQ for Bomber this week

Wedding Bliss

PAX:  Trapper Keeper, Blue Mule, Hi-Viz, Right Said, Vector, Pumpkin Spice, Porcelain, Bad Boy (QIC).

Temp: 55 with slight cool breeze.

Warm up with a quick mosey around the neighborhood heading down West End to have some good light.


SSH x 27
Slow and low x 11 IC
Baby arm x 11 IC
Air press x 11 IC
Overhead claps x 11 IC
Willy Mays x 11 IC
Mosey to tennis court
My 7-year Wedding Anniversary 11-5-11. Add up the date you get 27.
Round 1:
Man makers 11
Burpees 5
Plank jacks 11
Line jumps 27 (Each jump counts as one)
Round 2:
Mountain climbers 11 IC
Burpees 5
Air squats 11
Line jumps 27 (Each jump counts as one)
Round 3:
Monkey humpers 11
Burpees 5
Shoulder taps 11
Line jumps 27 (Each jump counts as one)
Round 4:
Hand release Merkins 11
Burpees 5
Lieutenant Dans 11
Line jumps 27 (Each jump counts as one)
Rinse and Repeat all 4 rounds
Before we leave the tennis courts…Suicides! Times 3.
Head back to parking lot.

MARY: Freddie mercury’s x 27 IC, Hello dollies x 11 IC, 6 inches hold x 11 IC, Hello dollies x 11 IC (Last 3 exercise legs didn’t hit the ground.


  • Pray for Vectors wife has she heads to France for a work conference. Pray even harder for Vector has he has the kids.
  • Continue to pray for me and my M. 21 weeks pregnant this week, found out last Thursday that we are having a baby girl!
  • First 12th man being held on December 12th. Check Slack for details (Leadership channel). Don’t just bring yourself, invite someone outside of F3.

It was great to lead you men this morning.

-Bad Boy

Westeros 10/22/18 Backblast: “What happened to fall?”

9 PAX ventured outside the warmth and safety of the fartsack on this slightly-above-freezing morning (at least is wasn’t windy and raining).

Studio 42
Blue mule
Bicentennial man
High viz
Minnow tank
Right said

QIC: Right Said

Warm up:
Mosey to school pick up circle
Overhead clap
Seal clap
Willie Mays Hayes

The Thang:
Mosey to Love Cir
5 burpees at stop sign
Mountain climbers
Squats slow and low

Mosey back to Elmington:
Plank and wait at first stop sign
Indian run back to Elmington

Mosey back to parking lot
15 minutes of Mary: dealers choice ab work

Leadership lesson learned: a leader must not only say when to start, but also when to stop.

Coffeteria at Dose: highbrow discussions over caffeine


Westeros – 10.15.18 – “Wet Willy”

4 PAX splashed around at Westeros this morning.

Conditions: Steady rain, heavy runoff, and soggy feet

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bicentennial Man, Porcelain, Right Said


Took off on a quick mosey to the WEM Gym overhang for one of the three times we’d have cover during the workout.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • LBAC F/R x 15 IC
  • SnL Squats x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Alt Shoulder Taps x 15 IC

Long mosey to the corner of Marlborough and Fairfax, and it was time for some no frills work. Run up Marlborough to the top of the hill at Acklen. 40 Squats. Back down. 5 Merkins. RnR subtracting 5 from the squats and adding 5 to the Merkins each round until ending with 5 Squats and 40 Merkins.

Indian Run back to the start, making sure to run through every 3″ puddle along the way, and take cover under the bus stop for a little Mary.

  • Bench Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • Bench Reverse Crunches x 10 IC

Noticing we’d covered 2.91 miles, YHC took the PAX on another brief mosey over to the new-ish 440 Greenway Map at Bowling Ave. Here we did some planking before a quick jog back to the start for 3.04 miles total.



As Hi-Viz reminded us all on Twitter, the best thing about rainy workouts is that you only get wet once. If you’re like me, once you’ve stepped in a deep puddle, you begin to relish each time you do it again because it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re just a bunch of grown men reliving our days as dirty, messy, adventuresome boys. Tclaps to those who did the hard thing and got up to brave it both at Westeros and across Nashville.


  • You have until this Thursday at midnight to order your shirts. Don’t be caught this winter without some warm F3 swag!
  • Q sheet is looking mighty barren right now. Just because we’re not doin the Ironclad challenge right now doesn’t mean you can’t Q! If you’re looking to Q for the first time, tell somebody. You know you’re ready!
  • Continued prayers for our sick and injured brothers as well as those affected or displaced by Hurricane Michael.
  • Got the Wolfpack at home this weekend and ready to hand them their first loss of the season. Maybe we’ll hand them a few laptops, too. Dude, you’re getting a DELL. Go Tigers!

PA out.

Westeros 100118: 7s & Double QPs

PAX: Right Said, Blue Mule, En Fuego, No Bars, Cockpit (Both visiting from F3 Swamp Rabbit in Greenville, SC.)

QIC: Hi-Viz

Conditions: PDP (Pretty Damn Perfect)

Mosey to front steps of the school.
Squats X 20 IC
Reverse LBAC X 15 IC
Good Mornings X 20 IC

Hold People’s Chair for a minute.

Mosey to the tennis courts.
Quarter Pounder 1 (Bear Crawl between stations.)
-25 Merkins
-50 Squats
-75 Carolina Dry Docks (#CrowdPleaser)
-100 LBCs

Quarter Pounder 2 (Lunge Walk between stations.)
-25 Merkins
-50 Squats
-75 Monkey Humpers
-100 Flutter Kicks

Hold Bridge for a minute.

Mosey to the drop-off loop.
7s: Merkins on one side of the loop. Squats on the other.

Mosey to the parking lot.


NMM: Nice to have No Bars and Cockpit with us from Swamp Rabbit. Great effort all around.

Have a great week.