The Stronghold – 05.31.18 – “Q Half Full”

13 PAX including one FNG from 4:13 Strong got down with Dora and Four Corners today at The Stronghold. What was supposed to be a co-Q turned into a full Q by YHC after failing to connect with Preacherman on the plan. He’s busy doing the Lord’s work, so all is forgiven.

QIC: Princess Aurora, Preacherman

PAX: Preacherman, Toga, Red Skull, Killmonger (FNG), Sinestro (Wakey Wakey?), Darkseid, Venom, Pop-A-Lock, Wolverine, Porcelain, CAPSLock, Nightcrawler


0529 and there’s only 3 residents in sight. 0530 and the bus starts rolling to objections and cries of “wait, there’s still guys not out here yet.” Sorry, but we gotta move!

Circle back for the stragglers and head over to basketball court for COP, all exercises IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • Plank Jacks x 10
  • LBACs F x 15, 20″ hold, R x 15

Mosey back over to the path to explain a modified version of Dora 1-2-3. Instead of the usual rep count, PAX were to do half, so 50, 100, and 150 of Merkins, LBCs, and Squats. Plank for six.

Back to the basketball court to distribute ourselves evenly for a four corners escalator. Alternate Lunge Walk and Bear Crawl between corners, stopping for 5, 10, 15, and 20 Burpees. Reverse plank for six.

Line up for an Indian Run, and get moving. Once everybody has gone, line up again for a Backwards Indian Run, with the “sprinter” running forward on his turn. Wall Sits to wait for six. With everybody back, get back in Wall Sit position for a Nightcrawler quick 20-ct. Quick break and then back down, but this time with heels up and hold for a slow 30-ct by Sinestro.

Aaaaand back to the basketball court for 8MOM led by YHC with help from Darkseid, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine. Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Pretzel Crunches, Merkins, and Parker Peters were in order.



  • Once again, it was a great experience working out with the men of 4:13 Strong. It was good to see a few of them really pushing themselves hard. Tclaps to Toga for hanging back to motivate the six. We know it wasn’t just because of the knee.
  • Having not been able to reach my co-Q, I was glad to have a few standbys to pull out, and I actually appreciated having to think a little more on my feet. It’s very different from the usual meticulously-planned, themed workouts with acronyms and stories behind everything.
  • Welcome to FNG Killmonger, another guy from the program. Also, for some odd reason, Sinestro motioned to change his name to Wakey Wakey. Hard no.


  • Ironclad Challenge officially begins TOMORROW. If you’ve yet to sign up here, do it now. I’ll accept late entries until June 8, though I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have signed up by now if you’re going to do so.
  • Prayers for these 4:13 guys to really make the most of their time in the program and give Red Skull their utmost attention. A true desire to be better men is within them.
  • Prayers for those dealing with cancer and other maladies either themselves or in their families.
  • Stonewall is moving to 0600 start this Saturday, June 2.
  • 3rd F opportunity supporting Oasis Center on June 23 at Crievewood Baptist. See #3rdF on Slack and Dupree for details.
  • Brew Ruck benefitting Second Harvest (and our beer bellies) will roll out from Fat Bottom at noon on 7/21. Be on the lookout for a registration form as well as 2nd F opportunities leading up to the event to support the participating breweries in getting donations. Hit me up with questions.
  • If you haven’t marked 9/15 and 9/22 on your calendar, please do so. The former will be a 4th Anniversary convergence, and the latter is a super special, one-time CSAUP; it’s a long-expected party that I’m really excited about. Free event patch to the first person to guess the theme and message me on Slack.
  • Ruckers considering the Star Course 50-Miler in Cincinnati on 10/5. Check the rucking channel.
  • Tclaps if you’ve made it this far. How about all of these bolded words!?

PA out.

Yosef’s Birthday Beatdown

QIC: Yosef

Pax: Grohl, Nobel Virus, Iditarod, Mr. Roboto, Aristotle, Papa Juan

WoR: Warm up lap x2. Some politicians and side shuffles mixed in

Good mornings, Daisy Pickers, Paciao’s IC x10

The Thang: YHC wanted to do something to prove that despite being the last of the 80’s babies, he isn’t a Millennial.

The (anti) Millennial:

Completed as a team, pax did 100 reps each of a called exercise, then ran a 100m lap around the courthouse. There were 10 cycles, which got us to the number. Teamwork mattered: The first nine cycles ended when the FIRST person got to 100, which kept the pax together. The last cycle was done together and roating the Q through the 100 burpees. The cycles: 1) SSH; 2) Lunges; 3) Merkins; 4) LBCs; 5) Mtn. Climbers; 6) Flutters; 7) Arm Raises; 8) Squats; 9) Bicycles 10) Burpees

Due to time limitations, we came 50 burpees short of the goal, to be completed Thurs AM.

BoM, CoT

Rainy Wednesday

Backblast for 5/30/18 Titan

It was a rainy morning at Centennial Park but 8 pax braved the moisture: Porcelain, Brother at Law, Crawfish, CCR, Bicentennial Man, T-cell, Trapper Keeper, and yours truly.

Warm up mosey around the path to the band shell but it was occupado so over to the Parthenon for some cover. SSH, GM, LBAC, and seal claps.

Parking lot 11s. Merkins and jump squats.

The thang: DORA 1-2-3. 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats while partner takes a lap around the path by the lake. A plump of ducks (look it up) and a gaggle of geese were on hand with encouragement quacks. Had to cut the squats short.

Mary: Freddy Mercuries, flutter kicks, box cutters, and LBCs to wrap it up.

Announcements: sign up for Ironclad Challenge. Come to lunch at 11:30 at Cookery this Friday.

Coffeteria at Three Brothers

-Right Said

intimate settings

and then there were five….

pax – funyuns, umbrella, offshore, pop-a-lock, and myself (cinderella)

warm up to work out – the usual shtuff

workout – 10 pull ups things, run half the loop, 20 something with legs, run half the loop, 20 merkins, run half the loop, 30 sit up types, run half the loop

rinse and repeat with different varieties of each workout

mary – planks

prayer – praying for spiccoli, el maestro, ludwig, umbrella’s brother, and offshore’s aunt’s family.

The KING of Coupons

9 PAX: Barney Fievel, 3rd Degree, Nimbus 2000; CheezWhiz; Rag Doll; Soccer Mom (FNG); Netflix; Show Me; NumbTucks (QIC) 

In honor of LeBron “King” James, we had a nicely themed workout around three numbers 23 (jersey number) 8 (NBA Finals appearance) & 18 (the age when LeBron entered the NBA). We had one rule, no disrespecting the King (this caused me great anger when it happened).  Oh and we introduced coupons to Nolensville as well!

Very Short Warmup 
quick jog, circle up for disclaimers (we made Bagger proud)
23 SSH; 18 Baby Arm Circles; 8 Squats; 18 Air Presses (I educated everyone on these numbers – they must learn the ways of King James)

Burpee Apocalypse (Thanks to Franklin F3)
Begin with 8 burpees – then 7 – 6 – 5-4-…. no more than 5 sec break in between

Coupon Work
Go grab a coupon (landscaping stone) from Barney’s Truck
8 Coupon Burpees – 18 Coupon Merkins – 23 Coupon Squat Presses – 23 Coupon Swings
Put Coupon Down – 23 SSH (in Cadence) – 23 Mountain Climbers (In Cadence) – 23 Coupon Flutter Kicks (in Cadence)
Rinse a Repeat everything above going down to 18 Squat Presses & Coupon Swings

SSH & Burpee Work (8 Rounds)
4 Count SSH followed by 3 Burpees (moving fast with no breaks) 8 Rounds

Bear Crawl Merkins
Bear Crawl Parking Spaces – every line do 2 merkins then 3 merkins alternating for 6 parking lines – the crawl bear back doing the same

LBCs – Hello Dollys – Flutter Kicks – Good Mornings


2018 Convergence Murph (F3 Hard Version)

42 on Franklin and Nashville’s finest showed up this morning to Honor our troops, and be reminded that freedom is not Free.

Conditions: 70 degrees and air is “Alittle full, alot of sap” Sweating just talking to the PAX.

PAX: Princess Aurora, Tortoise, Funyuns (Alram Malfunction), The Jeweler, Blue Mule (Fresh off a Boys night Out), CCR (Fresh Haircut), DaMissionnuts, FTTRA (DJ on IR), Pope (Shirtless), Lump, DillyDilly (Full Weight Vest included), Grease Trap, Floppy D, Hi-Viz, CrawDaddy, 3rd Person, 3rd Degree, Torch, LifeChamp, Dupree, CalfKiller, Dr. Smart, Vegemite, Ludwig, Yard Sale, Hambone, Frogger, Venus, FNG Dorothy, Offshore, Edible arrangements, NumTucks, FNG SexWax, Grisham, HackFace , Shocker, PopaLock, Blago ( Welcome Back), OlanMills, Cinderella, Diesel and YHC.

Warmorama: Who Cares! BBC, SSH and Couple of Burpies. Honestly I couldn’t hear myself talk with the U2 Concert going over from FTTAL’s Sound System.

The Thang: The Murph F3 Style.

Get into 4 groups
Group 1: Run around the Soccer Fields ~ 0.25miles
Group 2: 5 Pullups
Group 3: 10 Hand release Burpies
Group 4: 15 Jump Squats.

Perform (5pullups, 10HRB, 15JS) RnR then do you lap
you need to do 8 laps total and 20 rounds of (5pullups,10HRB, 15JS)

This will equal the 100, 200, 300 with the running distance over 2 miles, which is the Murph.

MC: None to be found, or at least none around me. Sweat pouring everywhere. A random Dude decided to take up a full pullup bar for himself. I hope some one at least tried to Flying EH him. If you follow F3 Nashville on Insta you’ll see him in the background still getting his reps in while we are doing COT.

Moleskin: I did not expect 42 this morning. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to yell at Y’all in organized Chaos . Please reach out to guys you haven’t seen in a while.

Crawfish/3rd Person going away party. More Dets to come.

Dupree on the 3rd F, watch out on slack for info.

Safe travels to all those DR

Prayers for Spicoli. Please DM if any question on his Cancer.

Ironclad Signups still going on. Again Slack is your place to signup.

GoRuck Heavy…………. Another F3 Custom will be put on the Calendar. I will let you know when information comes out. I would encourage us to get as many HCs from Nashville and Franklin. Consider it a way to keep your Man Card up to date.

Sparty on, and SYITG,

Big Bang

Stonewall – 05.26.18 – “Fresh Flowers and Ether”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Foxtrot-Talks-A-Lot, Deep Dish, Just Cheese, Stout (Davidson), Hambone, Blue Mule, Venus, Umbrella, Cowboy

10 PAX blessed Sevier Park with their presence and kicked off the long weekend with a Full-body Fatblaster ™. The air was as thick as our midsections, but we could only reduce one.


Long mosey with a lap around Sunnyside Mansion before circling up in the gravel lot at the NW entrance. COP:

  • SSH x 15
  • Squats x 15
  • WMH x 16
  • Merkins x 15
  • LBAC F x 15, 20ct, R x 15

Mosey over to the tennis courts for the first half of the main event. Introducing the Daisy Chain: beginning at the net, PAX lateral shuffle to the baseline, jog forward to center service line, shuffle back to the net, jog forward to doubles sideline, shuffle to baseline, cross over to the next court, and repeat pattern on court 2 and then on the other side of the net. Rinse and repeat x 2.

With the PAX thrice familiarized to the route, it was time to introduce the R.O.S.E. 5 reps each of Reverse Burpees, Overhead Squats, SSH, and E2K (ea side). Follow that with one run of the Daisy Chain and plank for six. Repeat two more rounds, adding 5 reps to each exercise each round. Later dubbed McEnroes.

Long mosey over to 440 Greenway and partner up for Dora 1-2-3 with the partner running the loop up and around the rock. All in, and it’s up Gale with two pole-to-pole sprints thrown in because why not?

Head down to the playground for pull-ups. PAX performs reps to about two shy of failure and then tags out with partner. Repeat three more times, aiming to get within at least two reps of the previous round.

Circle up for a crowdsourced 9MOM with lots of focus on hip flexors.  American Hammers made an appearance not just once but twice.



  • Good to have Stout in from Davidson, NC. Of course he was the one to make a sarcastic comment about the running workout listed on another day of the week. To be fair, we did cover about 2.7 miles.
  • Hambone and Blue Mule weren’t showing the 5 miles they rucked prior to the workout. Strong work out there.
  • Foxtrot regaled a few of us post-COT with a story about the last time he smelled his own fat burning. Something about cycling until the ether of vaporized fat stores emanated from his pores. Apparently I brought this on again, so…compliment taken!


  • Continued prayers for Olan Mills, The Jeweler, Spicoli, and Dilly Dilly’s close friend.
  • Ironclad Challenge starts Friday, June 1. Read more about it here. Sign up for it here.
  • Memorial Day Murph at Concord YMCA Monday, May 28. 0600-0700.
  • First Friday lunch is June 1. Check the Twitter and Slack for details.
  • Next Friday, June 8 is our second Friendly Friday. Keep EHing!

PA out.

Floppy Donuts – A moment on the lips, forever sculpting your hips

PAX: Offshore, Bagger Vance, Foxtrot Talks-a-lot, Swamp Fox, Savannah, Accounts Receivable, Hollow Back Girl, Black Lung, Black Widow, Pupusa (FNG), Edible Arrangements, Ludwig von Oshkosh, Cathy, Venus, Olan Mills, Yard Sale, Vegemite, Big Stick, 3rd Degree, PSL, Floppy Disk, Skid Mark, A-Fib (FNG), Y Guy (FNG), Donuts

QIC: Donuts, Floppy Disk

68 degrees, 115% humidity, 25 redpillers including 3 FNGs. Donuts and Floppy Disk, together known as Floppy Donuts, planned what some might consider to be the perfect co-Q. Donuts took us out for a warmup mosey to pick up the stragglers. To make Foxtrot pay for his tardiness we did a second short loop before circling up to get warm…er.

WoR (Donuts)
SSH x20 IC
Good Mornings x10 IC
Windmills x10 IC
Merkins SnL x10 IC
Calf Stretch, BAC, Cherry Picker combo x10 IC

THANG (Floppy) – brickwork… again
Partner up, partner 1 grab 2 bricks from Floppy’s truck. Everyone mosey to Crievewood UMC lot. Partner 2 does 20 reps of the following exercises, repeating the sets until partner 1 completes a set of 7s (Tuck Jumps, Jump Squats, backpedal up the hill). Flapjack.

Bicep Curls
Bent Rows
Tricep Extensions

Rinse and repeat with second set of 7s consisting of Hand-release Merks, Diamond Merks, regular mosey up the hill.

Mary-ish (Donuts)
Killers x2 (by special request from Yard Sale)
Good Mornings x10 IC

Welcome FNG’s Pupusa, A-Fib and Y Guy! Don’t believe any FNG merlot was actually splashed, but there were a few dry attempts. Cathy and Venus continue to grace the group with their perfect vocals. We’re so blessed to have them. 3 bricks broken. I’ll invoice the guilty parties.

MEMORIAL DAY CONVERGENCE AT THE CONCORD RD YMCA. 6-7AM. Big Bang will lead us in The Murph. 4:13 Strong continues next Thursday. Continued prayers for our brothers that are sick, injured, etc.

Floppy Donuts

Baker’s Dozen at Bomber

TEMP: Beautiful


PAX: Preacher Man, Trapper Keeper, Porcelain, Firefox, Bad Boy, Right Said, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Reveille, Bicentennial Man, Hi-Viz, Hambone, Third Person

Q: Third Person

Long mosey through the streets of Sylvan Park with the following exercises mixed in:

Burpees x 10, merkins x 9, squats x 8, burpees x 7, merkins x 6, squats x 5, burpees x 4, merkins x 3, squats x 2, burpees x 10. Pax loved that last one.

WOR and Disclaimer:


SSH, GM, WMH, IW, LBAC forward and reverse


Since it’s baseball season, I decided the pax needed some work on the basepaths for some “bears-ball.” Split in to groups of 3/4 and each moseyed to a base to await instructions.

Round 1: Bear crawl to the next base – 1 burpee. Crawl bear to next base – 2 burpees. Bear crawl to third – 3 burpees. Crawl bear home – 4 burps. Heading for home, I was very thankful the bases weren’t farther apart

Round 2: Duck walk instead of bear crawl. Lt. Dan instead of crawl bear.

Round 3: Same as round one.

Mosey to the playground and partner up. Partner 1 does pull ups to failure, then partner 2 assists for 5 more. Flapjack. 20 merkins and 20 plankjacks OYO. Mosey around the community center.

Round 2 of pull ups followed by 20 merkins.

Mosey to the front of the community center.

2 minutes for Mary: Absolution x 10 IC, LBCs x 20 IC.


Great to lead everyone through this work out.


*Memorial Day Murph Convergence at Concord Road YMCA on Monday at 0600.  Big Bang on Q.

*First Friday lunch on 1 June, next Friday at Cookery.

*Continued prayers for Spicoli, El Maestro, Olan Mills’ dad, The Jeweler’s mom and others.

*Keep Dilly Dilly’s friends family in your prayers as they deal with his violent death this week.


Third Person

413 Strong Launch

TEMP: 70ish


PAX: Yard Sale, Hawkeye, Grease Trap, Preacher Man, Princess Aurora, CCR, Brother at Law, Blue Mule, Right Said, Cowboy, Money Shot, Olan Mills, Floppy Disk, Dilly Dilly, D’MishDoNuts, Funyuns, Vegemite, Cinderella, Life Champ, FNGs – Red Skull, Nightcrawler, Venom, Sinestro, Darkseid, Wolverine, TOGA and Bagger Vance

Q: TOGA and BV

Mosey to back of property for some Footwork courtesy of TOGA…Side Shuffle Left, SSR, Karaoke L, KR, Bernie Sanders…Circle Up for

WOR and Disclaimer:


SSH, IW, Hillbilly, F Kix, Scorpion


Evolution I – Team Work Dirty McDuece

Merkins, Squats, WWI (x12 IC)

Carolina Dry Docks, Lunges, WWII (x12 IC)

Peter Parkers w Merkins (x12 IC), Jump Squats (x12 OYO), LBCs (x12 IC)

Burpees (x12 OYO), Squats, Flutter Kix (x12 IC)

Mosey to Middle of Property

Bear Crawl ~50M down path

Evolution II

Line up Shoulder to Shoulder in back lot for Platoons … locking arms, perform Lt. Dans for ~50M…making sure to start and finish together…No Man Left Behind was evident as PA came around the corner w Darkseid about this point and finished up with us.

Back to the path for Bear Crawl 50M and Crawl Bear 50M

Over to the Basketball Courts for

Mary (Hand off back to TOGA):

F Kix x 20 IC

5 Merkins

LBC x 20 IC

5 Merkins

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

5 Merkins

V Ups x 20 IC

5 Merkins


NMM: Great way to spend Thursday morning with the young men of 413Strong over on their campus.  A great new AO that was Spearheaded by TOGA after a breakfast meeting a few weeks back.  Goal is to lead these men for the next 2-4 weeks and then let them step up to lead.  We will continue this AO as a permanent Thursday option.  Please feel free to Post with us, get to know the 413Strong message and help these men experience what it is like to be a dutiful servant of the Lord.


*Memorial Day Murph Convergence at Concord Road YMCA on Monday at 0600.  Big Bang on Q.

*First Friday lunch on 1 June, next Friday at Cookery.

*Continued prayers for Spicoli, El Maestro, Olan Mills’ dad, The Jeweler’s mom and others.

*Keep Lunch Lady lifted up for his job interview

*Keep Dilly Dilly’s friends family in your prayers as they deal with his violent death this week.