Functional METCON

Temp: 61
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: accounts receivable, Topanga, W4AG, Cinderella, EZGO, Bagger Vance
0530 – Disclaimer Claimed

Dupree Loop

Sumo Drops X 10 OYO
Power Iron Mikes x 13 IC
Inch Worm Merkins x 10 IC
MTN Climbers X 20 IC
Spider Lunge w Rotation X 10 IC

8 Rounds-

5 Pull Ups
10 Merkins w Alt Arm Extension
20 Iron Mikes – SGL Count (1-4), Apollo (5-6), “Broad” jumps /Reverse shuffle (7-8)
30 Pistol LBC (15R/15L)
40 Squats

Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear
Bear Crawl Walk Arounds
Bear Crawl Kick Outs
Side Shuffles (L/R)
High Skips (F/R)
Hold low squat


Tunes – (Because who doesn’t want a 19’ Turn on your love light)

NMM – Hearty crew per usual at Detention. Topanga did his best Venus cover and showed up at 0535. Good to see EZGO back out after almost losing a finger on Friday if not for YHC’s excellent first aid skills. As usual, Cinderella hated the music. Accounts Receivable led us all in form while Works For a Guy was our pacer.

BH –
New 413 Class started up with 7 young men looking to become HIM.

MEMORIAL DAY MURPH options abound … link attached


RaceTrack 2022/5/18

PAX: Barkley, Venus, Wedding Singer, Offshore, Tampa Libra, EZ Go, Faulkner, Umbrella, Hugs not Drugs, Penny Loafers, Nurse.Ratched, Ginger, Movin On Up
QIC: Boone’s Farm

Conditions: beautiful 60


Circle up:

SSH x20
Squats x10
Michael Phelps x10
BAC x10                                                                                                                                      Merkins x10


Mosey to Pull-up bars:

3 Lines, first does 1 rep, go to back

2 reps, repeat up to 5 and then back down to 1


Mosey to area between Uncle Julios and Del Frisco

Derkins x10, Irkins x15, Step-ups x10, lap around restaurants

repeat 2 more times, flutter kicks x50 IC


Mosey to stairs beside parking deck

Jump Squats x10 at bottom, Merkins x10 on flat area on the way up, LBC x20 at top, Merkins x10 on the way down


Mosey back to Start for American Hammers x20IC


Prayers House on the Prairie endurance going through treatment. Look for ways to be servant particularly wives, kids and those we routinely impact.

Great effort by all this morning.

Always an honor,


Truncated Q

5 May 22
Temp: 56
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Bad Boy, Money Shot, BNB, Movin on Up, D’Frost, Black Lung, Bagger Vance

0530 Disclaimer Claimed
0531 Speaker Died

Mosey the Loop to open gate on Shallowford w BK, HK, Side Shuffle, Karaoke, Bernie, Skips, Reverse Skips

X 10 IC
Bear Lifts
Quadruped Lateral/Linear wrist rocks
Quadruped Reach Throughs R/L
APD hold up position
Deep Squat to Prayer Pushout

15 X OYO Drop Squat
15 X Squat Jumps
6s – Merkins, Squats X 5 IC
25 Pull Ups OYO

Hand off to D’Frost to finish out as YHC had to Irish Goodbye to work