Functional METCON

Temp: 61
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: accounts receivable, Topanga, W4AG, Cinderella, EZGO, Bagger Vance
0530 – Disclaimer Claimed

Dupree Loop

Sumo Drops X 10 OYO
Power Iron Mikes x 13 IC
Inch Worm Merkins x 10 IC
MTN Climbers X 20 IC
Spider Lunge w Rotation X 10 IC

8 Rounds-

5 Pull Ups
10 Merkins w Alt Arm Extension
20 Iron Mikes – SGL Count (1-4), Apollo (5-6), “Broad” jumps /Reverse shuffle (7-8)
30 Pistol LBC (15R/15L)
40 Squats

Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear
Bear Crawl Walk Arounds
Bear Crawl Kick Outs
Side Shuffles (L/R)
High Skips (F/R)
Hold low squat


Tunes – (Because who doesn’t want a 19’ Turn on your love light)

NMM – Hearty crew per usual at Detention. Topanga did his best Venus cover and showed up at 0535. Good to see EZGO back out after almost losing a finger on Friday if not for YHC’s excellent first aid skills. As usual, Cinderella hated the music. Accounts Receivable led us all in form while Works For a Guy was our pacer.

BH –
New 413 Class started up with 7 young men looking to become HIM.

MEMORIAL DAY MURPH options abound … link attached