The 100!

January 4, 2020 Related image

Sooooo, the new year is here and it’s time for those resolutions to start out strong and fade fast –but not for these PAX who decided to stick to that faithful alarm clock and roll outta the fart sack for another opportunity to make themselves stronger.  Most people know that those resolutions often tank within the first 100 days after New Years.  In honor of sticking it to those nay-sayers, everything today is going to be based on the number 100.  Simple plan, and staying in a single location for the most part, so mumble chatter could be in full effect — too bad 3rd Degree wasn’t there- sorry you had to nurse that Dusty (that’s an official .

Conditions: Just right for playing in a pig pen –sloppy but a great temp, 40 deg.   GLOOM HEAVY from the recent rain!

PAX who made it:  Mursa (property only), Creeper, TV Guide, Stats, Typo +, Huggy, SexEd, Nimbus 153454663, Barney Feivel, The Infamous Aunt Bea (on scooter as usual), Old Hickory, Glen Gary, Sterno, Numbtucks (HE’s BAAAACK), Deliverance, Pocahontas, Little Miss Piggy (co-Q), New Juice (Celeste Ware-FNG),  AND …  SPRINKLES returned !!! (it’s leg day, baby!)   — 19 PAX

PreParty:  5:15 wake up call led by Coach Numbtucks, to include TVGuide, Nimbus, Mursa, Stats– Ruck stuff

Warm up:   Disclaimer
Circle up: Good Mornings OYO, Cherry Pickers IC x12, IC baby arm circles fwd/back x10 each, IC overhead press x10,  on the Line –Toy soldiers and butt kicks x 30 yds each

Pick up coupon blocks from Barney’s truck and MOSEY – John Cusaks with the coupon headed to the playground …Speed bump x10 blockees… drop off coupons

THANG:                    THE 100
Soccer Field:  
All together 100 yd Bear Crawl,  100 yd Duck walk back

Playground:  Can partner up if you need to share a coupon or need assist.
100 reps of each exercise for each PAX, will work on a pair of exercises at a time. Plank and wait for the six after each set of exercises. 
Merkins and Underdogs
Coupon Kettlebell Swings and WWI
Flutter Kicks (each side is half– paired exercise–all together)

Soccer Field:
100 yd total of crab walk and lunge walking

Coupon Shoulder Raises in front   and  Monkey Humpers

Not too sure if there was as much mumble chatter as there was midwife noises (another official lexicon for ya) as the heat got turned up with this workout.

Mosey back to the vehicles and deposit coupons

CoT:  numbers/names/prayer/announcements to close
SoccerMom — always 🙂
LMP’s wife — praise for not doing chemo right now and having an option for targeted drug therapy,  prayer for wisdom still and effectiveness of treatment, and prayer for the side effects to resolve quickly
Deliverance’s wife — upcoming surgery
Pocahontas — Good reminder that we need to give thanks as well for the many good things
Pray for leaders of our country and other countries as well for wisdom and peace  –lots of troubles out there.

Coffeeteria enjoyed by most, but conversation enjoyed by all

Happy New Year  —
Little Miss Piggy


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A Smyrna Crew Christmas Q! Dirty Santa 2

December 21, 2019

It time to start making some traditions now that Nolensville F3 has been around for over a year and made its mark on the region! So the Smyrna Crew (plus honorary member Ragdoll) picked up its high calling again, and led an amazing group of HIM in a Christmas Party to remember.   Dirty Santa made his rounds again this year!  LET’S PLAY!

Conditions: Just that right temp to make you think you need more layers than you really do, about 35 deg and more importantly NO wind and NOT WET.

PAX who made it:  Cheezwhiz (co-Q), Ragdoll (co-Q), KermiT (co-Q), Tebow, Creeper, TV Guide, Stats, Typo +, Huggy, SexEd, Nimbus 153454663, Barney Feivel, Staples, and Little Miss Piggy (co-Q)

PreParty: YHC too busy helping Santa decorate and set up but I did see that they started at 5:15 with some Ruck Running (maybe to Defiant and back?)

Warm up:   Disclaimer,  random number generator (me pointing to four different PAX) gave us numbers 3,5,12,15
Circle up: IC baby arm circles x12 each, Good Mornings OYO, Toy soldiers OYO x12 each leg, Cherry Pickers IC x12
Last warm up part — run 100 yds to light pole x10 burpees and return –PAX numbered off in order of their return –number 3,5,12, 15 would be the PAX who get to open presents !

MOSEY – To the soccer field we go…As we approached the upper parking lot some PAX writhed in merriment at the sight of a sparkling tree (mainly me…the excitement level within the group was straight Grinch like, as if the Grinch has stolen not only their gifts but there marbles as well).  Looks like Santa stepped it up a notch this year by adding some tinsel and decorations to the tree!  And shimmering below, were some presents all aglow.

Huggy got first crack at opening a gift, only to reveal —Thang 1 was inside:

“Taboo Tannenbaum” (courtesy of Ragdoll)

Partner up on the soccer field at the first light post.  PAX 1 drags PAX 2 supporting under the arms via politician style.  At halfway point, stop and everyone does 50 reps of squats (touch the ground each time).  Switch and finish out the length of the field. At end everyone does 50 Iron Mikes (each side is one thank the Lord!).  Repeat going back to the start but with jump squats in the middle.   Legs…Toast.   Back to the giving tree.

TV guide selected a second box to unwrap, finding Thang 2 inside:

“Tabat – YEAH!”  (courtesy of CheezWhiz)

You know it, and you love it!  But this time to some crazy Christmas tunes – 2 rounds (Mosey over to playground )
Round 1 – Pull ups/under dogs
Round 2 – V ups
Mosey back to the giving tree.

SexEd got his choice of the remaining 2 presents.  Inside, to no one’s  surprise, was Thang 3:

“The Twelve Days of Christmas!” (courtesy of YHC)

We had such a great time seeing what our true love gave to us last year, that I invited her along again this year.  And again, she must have been in a bad mood after not being able to find a parking spot at the mall for 30 minutes only to be cut off by someone taking the one she finally found and waited on patiently while the prior occupant stowed their packages in the trunk and then casually talked on the phone while fixing her hair before finally putting it in reverse and backing out.  Seriously, don’t expect much good from your girl at Christmas time if she isn’t in the mood.   Sooo, these gifts were the best she could come up with. We did the exercises just like you would have sang the song – yep with all the repeats.

1. 40 yd dash! , 2. knee tucks, 3. Yurpees (audible to Burpees after 3 rounds), 4. Iron Mikes, 5. Peter Parkers, 6. Flutter Kicks, 7. Hello Dollies, 8. American Hammers, 9. Alabama Prom Dates, 10. Merkins, 11. Lunges, 12. Squat Jumps

Creeper got the pleasure of opening the last present and found Thang 4:

“Reindeer Wrastlin’ ”   (courtesy of KermiT)

There is no greater way for Reindeer to keep themselves in shape than to do a little wrastlin! And we all know they can get a little complacent after a year of leisure building up to the one day that they have to work so hard to accomplish the impossible task on Christmas Eve.  So Partner up and get ya a little Reindeer Crawl Suicides!  10, 20, 30, and 40 yd markers. Partner resist one way and then switch for the way back.  Let’s get it going cause you only have 5 minutes!

Mosey back to the vehicles

CoT:  numbers/names/prayer/announcements to close
2ndF-PARTY TONIGHT BABY!  at Staples’ barn 6:00-9:00 pm
Jan1- New year, New decade 10 mile Rucking event
LMP’s wife — praise for a good second opinion, and prayer for wisdom on treatment options, and effectiveness of treatment
Staples’ Mother and family — peace and comfort with the need to move her into a care facility since the safety at home has become a concern.

Coffeeteria enjoyed by most, but conversation enjoyed by all!

What a great morning! Thanks to all of you for all the prayers and support this past couple months, and I love being out here with all of you whenever I can.  Thanks for letting us Smyrna-ites lead you fine gents through the FOW again.

Merry Christmas —
Little Miss Piggy , with CheezWhiz, Ragdoll, and KermiT


Farewell Boys


18 Pax: Show Me (Qic), Tebow, 3rd Degree, GlenGarry, Old Hickory, Professor X (RESPECT), Creeper, Barney, SexEd, Stats, Staples, Kermit, NetFlix, Mickey Mouse, Gaylord Focker, Sterno, Nimbus 1500, Hot Dish

Conditions: Mild gloom factor mid 40’s and wet…. but even the hardest gloom factors don’t get this group down….. that’s something I’ll truly miss boys! Respect ain’t given its earned!!!! Ya’ll have earned mine!!!!!!

Warm Up: Show me lap…fighting back rain falling from the eye sockets…. but carry on because that’s what we do….. IC x14 – SSH, SJ, OP, HB,Merkins, BACs, GM’s OYO,

Thang 1: Salute to 3D who I always found pushed the crap out of me in everyone of his Q’s I posted in (sometimes I’m tempted to skip if I know he is on Q)

– 10 burpees on the minute x 10 Minutes.  You’re welcome.

Thanks KERMIT for retrieving the much needed Medic!

Thang 2:  Stadium B.O.M.B.S

Partner Up: 50 Burpees, 100 OP, 150 Merkins, 200 Big Boy Sit ups, 200 Squats,

One Partner reps while other runs stadium and then switches until reps are finished.

Mary: Another salute to 3D…. Partner up for Suicide Bear Brawls to the 50yd line at 10yd increments. Age is just a number Professor X!!!!!! RESPECT!

COT: Isaiah 26:3 has given me a lot of encouragement the past few months in a pretty confusing season. God keeps those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on him because he trusts in him. There is a lot of noise out there guys but God is constant fix your eyes on Him. He ALWAYS comes through in the end.

Prayer Needs: LMP Wife and Family, Typo+ Wife and Family, Soccer Mom R&R, Toy Story’s Race,

Announcements: –  Nashville Rescue Mission; Glengarry and family are serving Christmas Eve in Kitchen,

-Tomorrow at 3pm if you can help me out just moving some big items it would be much appreciated. Address is 3128 Locust Hollow, Nolensville, TN 37135.

Coffeteria: Breakfast Burritos and fellowship was on point!!! Nimbus you are first class brother!

In all seriousness will miss the fellowship with all of you in a big way. Much respect for each of you  and the leaders you all are in your own ways. You’ve all left an impact on my life I’m grateful for.

See you in the Gloom!

-Show Me Out!

The Forge on The Fly

Temp 29. Wind at 2 mph NW. No rain, No snow. Orion highly visible.

Prep-Party- Q’d by Mr. 3rd Degree. Attendees were Staples, Barney Fivel, Nimbus 1500, SexEd, and YHC KermiT.

All Ruck this morning gents. Embrace The Suck. Merkins, laced with Wounded Warrior carry, with a dash on the end, all was lovely and right.

Until…. YHC asked who was on Q for the main Thang and was responded with a resounding “YOU!”….. **Better start thinking now**

Virgin Rucker’s were myself, Staples, Barney, and SexEd. I think we all added Rucker’s to our shopping cart later in the afternoon. **Plug – Ruck U Wednesdays 5:30 at the Pound**

Big thanks to Nimbus for sharing his stash of Rucks. 😜

The Forge 

14 PAX Staples, SexEd, Professor X, Little Miss Piggy, Cheese Wiz, Stats, 3rd Degree, Nimbus 1500, Old Hickory, Sparta, Nimbus 1500, Typo Positive, Show Me, & KermiT.

No Medic – (Because Q didn’t know he was Q’in)

Warm Up – 

LBAC – 10x Forward and Reverse

Raise the Roof – 20x

Tebow Stretch – OYO MC on Very High

Empirical Walkers 20x

Toy Soldiers – OYO

GM’s – OYO MC on Hella High

The Thang – 

Batan Death March (Ruck Style)

PAX lined up single file. Last PAX donned the Ruck, executed 3 Burpees, then sprinted to front of line and dropped the Ruck. Once last PAX approached the Ruck he repeated previous sequence. MC Chatter on Medium High.

3 Mile Run included the following Speedbumps:

Bear Crawl Hill

25 Merkins – Mumble Chatter on Low.

10 Burpees

25 WW1’s – MC on High

10 Burpees

50 Incline Merkins – MC on High

10 Burpees – Lots of stink goin on

50 Merkins – Don’t run behind Nimbus

7 Burpees – 3 High Jump Burpees – MC on Medium / High

50 WW1’s – 3D couldnt stop talking.

+25 WW1’s

7 Burpees – 3 High Jump Burpees – MC on Ridiculous

Someone didn’t believe that I did 10 Burpees so we did 10 more Burpees. (Thank you Nimbus for calling me out, I needed to do 10 more)

AYG run back to the Parking Lot and circle up.


10 High Jump Burpees

CoT – 

Continued prayer for LMP’s wife and Mother in Law

(Excuse my forgetfulness but I believe there is one other prayer request)


Gauntlet starts at 5:30 at the Forge this Saturday

F3 Dads event in Spring Hill this coming Saturday. Get with Ragdoll for deets.

It’s always a pleasure to lead you fellas. I thank God for the opportunity.

Peace Out 


Gauntlet Schmauntlet

October 27, 2019 — The Forge , Nolensville, TN

Gauntlet Schmauntlet. 

Gautlet is on the horizon and dang I’ve noticed my endurance dropping since getting busy with other things and letting my guard down –missing some workouts and a whole lotta running. Soooo, let remedy some of that and get ready for Gauntlet at the same time.

PAX in attendance:  3rd deg, (Q) Little Miss Piggy, Huggie, Typo +, Stats, Glen Gary, Sparta, Numbtucks, Tebow, Staples, Kermit  (11 PAX)

Conditions — started off with a few drops of rain but quit…a teeny bit wet but great temps

Pre-Party:   Numbtucks, Third Deg, and Staples met at 5:15 for some rucking good, yet admittedly less planned, times


Warm-up/Disclaimer:   Circle up —  stretch something you want OYO, Toy Soldiers OYO,  Michael Phelps OYO, BAC IC each way

Gauntlet requires some endurance, and longer distances running than some of the group may be accustomed to, so we’ll start this off right…

Thang 1:                 2 mile run 

Kermit wanted to swing by the front of the school entrance where they were prepping for the Nolensville 10 miler, cause he wanted to creep on some man that he likes up there, but lucky for that guy he wasn’t there when we went by.  Mumble chatter started off nicely, though, on the run, as we headed back to the football field where the second mile was completed on the track. This allowed us to incorporate an interval-esque type training, where PAX where intstructed to push their speed on the straights and then recover a little slower on the curves. The first PAX finished were to go back to those who were trailing and help get them to the finish line.

Mini-Thang 2:                Tractor Tires   

3 tires, 3 groups — flip them from goal line to the 50 yd line, taking turns but quickly

Thang 3:               Four Corners

Four groups go to four corners of the football field.  Each group selected an exercise for that corner location– we had burpees, WWI, starfish, and iron mikes.  Do 20 reps and then mosey to the next corner. However, the MOT is via bleachers on both of the sides of the field (run up and down at each aisle), and to get from one side of the field to the other, PAX did bear crawl and crawl bear on the first lap, then crab walk and bounding for the second lap.
2 laps around

Mini-Thang 4:            Tractor Tires 

We gotta put em back where we found em.  3 groups again and flip them all the way back

Mosey:  back to the center of the field and circle up!

CoT/Numbers/Names !
Kermit – praise he sold the Blue Monster and he’s in his new home; pray for adjusting and moving into the home
– Soccer Mom still needs prayer coverage and support
-Keep praying for Typo +’s acquaintance whose child just diagnosed with leukemia (ALL)
-Numbtucks is working with a couple getting a divorce and needs prayer support for it and for the couple
– Praise by 3rd Deg for intuition on a case with a young child that could have been fatal
– LMPs wife did have an ultrasound and found a swollen lymph node at the collarbone area on same side as her prior breast cancer so will be having it biopsied next week — pray for peace and that it is not a reoccurrence


-NEW NANTAN coming soon!  Big thanks to 3rd Deg for all of his amazing leadership since starting all these shenanigans in Nolensville !
– Gauntlet coming up in a few weeks
– Don’t forget about the Fit Test challenge on 11-23-19

Coffeeteria brought to you by YHC and Tebow.   great Cauffy-tawk again brothers !   


—Little Miss Piggy (wooo pig sooie!)

Studying for the Big Test

Image result for billy madison

Gloom: Six degrees warmer than yesterday, making it 45, but it felt colder. Gloomy as can be of course, as we haven’t fallen back to get the extra sun in the morning. Perfect conditions to test our grit and get a benchmark for the forthcoming FitTest, Saturday November 23rd.

Pre-Partie(s): Kermit and Numbtucks got a 45-minute workout in before putting their bodies through the additional agony. 2.25 mile run, 30 inline merkins and 50 yards of tire flips. Y’all crazy…

A separate 15-minute pre-party consisting of stretches, high knees, etc. was attended by Huggy, Nimbus and yours truly.

16 PAX in Attendance:  Barney Fievel (YHC and QiC), Numbtucks, Cheeze Whiz, Gaylord Focker, Hushpuppy, Cathe (FNG, welcome!), Sparta, Ragdoll, Old Hickory, Typo+, ShowMe, Tebow,  Nimbus 1500, Kermit, Prof. X (Respect), Huggy & 3D.


The FitTest

For Time:

    • 50 hand release burpees
    • 1 mile run (4 laps around the track)
    • 100 yards bear crawl
    • 100 yards crawl bear
    • 1 mile run
    • 100 yards crab walk/walk crab
    • 100 yards broad jump
    • 1 mile run
    • 100 yards bear crawl
    • 100 yards crawl bear
    • 25 hand release merkins
    • 25 jump squats
    • 1/4 mile sprint to the finish!

I was able to record the following times:

    • Barney 44:55
    • Sparta 47:20
    • Tebow 47:41
    • 3D 47:50
    • Nimbus 48:00

I think all of the above will be able to make it November 23rd (right guys?), but we need one more and at least an alternate or two. Anyone that is willing to step up and represent F3 Nolensville in this capacity is encouraged to perform the above workout, on your own or with other PAX, and submit your time to me.



  • 3rdF (Faith) opportunity: We’re raising funds for Safe Families that will be our “buy in” to the FitTest on November 23rd. Safe Families is an amazing organization that finds homes for children as their families transition through some of the harder seasons of life. Living next to Nimbus, I’ve seen first hand the good that this organization does and the hope that it provides to children that would otherwise have none. Winner of FitTest gets 60% of all for their charity with 10% going to the other 4 regions. I’m going to be going HARD for this charity. Please join me in raising funds for this very worthy cause and lets go win this thing.
    • We already have a $1k donation from a generous benefactor that we’ll reveal later, but its up to all of us to grow this and earn as much as we can to bless the Middle Tennessee Region. Any raised funds can be sent to the F3Nolensville Venmo account or can be handed over in another fashion to Numbtucks.
    • Keep listening & reading along as we go through the Bible App Romans chapters 9-16.
  • 2ndF (Fellowship) opportunity: I want to know when we’re having another game night! If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting back and listening to Sparta call Numbtucks a cheater for 3 hours straight, I feel sorry for you.
  • 1stF (Fitness) opportunity: The Gauntlet is coming Saturday November 9th! Please help me promote this and let’s all plan to be in attendance, as we’ll play host to some out-of-towners! Start and end at Nolensville High School. About 5:30 to 8:30pm. This one will be totally different from our last Gauntlet. Whether that means something to you or not, doesn’t matter! Come out and get sharpened…
    • Iron Clad Challenge closes on Halloween! Join the ranks!! Step up and lead, recruit some new blood, get up early and hit the pre-parties, but do whatever it takes to hit the mark and achieve this accomplishment!

It continues to be a pleasure to serve as the F1 for this amazing region. You guys have all gotten crazy strong from the first time we each worked out together. Let’s keep going!



A Few of My Favorite Things

Its been a while with me at the helm, but at least I was wearing ranger panties…Also I was so excited I woke up at 2am, so with a new playlist we got moving!

PAX: NumbTucks(QIC), Tebow, 3rd Degree, Kermit, Mr. Opus, Professor X, Little Miss Piggy, CheexWhiz, Trophy Wife, Staples, Sparta, Huggy, Nimbus – *forgot the number, **forgetting someone sorry

Disclaimer; SSH; Baby Arms Circles, Air Presses, Overhead Claps, Slow Squats, Slow Merkins.

Favorite #1: Burpee Apocolypse
(with different burpee variations mixed in) an did 7 twice, I cant count whoc ares.

Favorite #2: Wheel Barrel Fun
Wheel Barrel with a partner but 3 merkins every 5 yards switch partners at the 50

Favorite #3: NEW (Ruck Tag)
Split into four groups. One person in the group begins walking around the field (on the edge) with ruck overhead – fast walk. The rest of the group does an exercise (see below) and then the first person to get up and sprint to leader takes ruck from there.
Exercises: 5 burpees / 20 WWIs / 20 Tebow Skates / 25 Merkins / 20 Tebow Skates / 20 WWIs / 5 Burpees – There was a penalty for those that did not make it to the leader. Always wait for the group to get together to start the next exercise. Flutter Kick until all return.

Favorite #3: Bearway to Heaven – every 10 yards. 

Favorite #5: Burpee Sprint (25 yards)
Sprint to 25yd line, then perform 3 burpees. Repeat until you hate the Q. Got bored so we threw in some sprint relays with 15 burpees for losing team

Mary – Various ab exercises.

Gauntlet November 9th / Next Saturday is Warpath in Franklin / Thursday game night coming / Wednesday Ruck Workout test run this Wednesday (this is breaking news!)

– Little Miss Piggy’s wife who has some pain in the same place she had cancer
– Staples mom, pray meds work
– Thankful for 3rd Degrees new job

It was fun, good job Kermit leading 45 min preparty.

Field of Screams @ the Forge

If Nant’an Q’s it…will they come?

star wars lol GIF by mtv

17 (18?) PAX in Attendance:  Tebow, Typo+, ShowMe, TVGuide, Nimbus 1500, Kermit, Staples, OfficeMax (FNG Brandon), NumbTucks, Prof. X (Respect), Huggy, LittleMissPiggy, CheezWhiz, Sparta, Swinger, TrophyWife, Mulligan (FNG AED) & 3D (QiC)

PREParty: 5:15 for a pre-party showing with KermiT, Staples, Numbtucks, TVG, Nimbus & YHC doing a mini Gauntlet with trail running to Defiant and run back with some core and leggies work at the Balls. 3ish miles. great pace. Back with 11 min to spare and stretch.

Preparty (little p): 5:45 Huggy, Typo+ and another pax did some track work…

6am, let’s do this!


  • Jog around to field (then circle up)
  • SSH IC x 10
  • IW IC x 10
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 10
  • Tempo Squats IC x 10
  • GM x 3 OYO

The Thang(s) 

Let’s prep for Gauntlet and FitTest qualifier and competition with the following:

10 Burpees on the Minute for 10 minutes


Typewriter of Doom where we face the bleachers the entire time and at the goal line lunge walk to the other sideline, then perform 3 HRM, advance 10 yards, then crab-walk to the other sideline and perform 3 Floating Starfish, advance 10 yards, R&R to the 50.


Indian Run double File ~1 mile where we played hackie-sack with Kermit’s water-bottle and NT dripped some #crevjuice on the mouth piece…


10 Burpees on the Minute for 10 minutes

Had people wondering if it was Groundhog’s day…or:

Field of Dreams baseball GIF


BearBrawl suicides from goalline to 50 every 10 yards flapjack with partner.

Time called!

Mosey to the logo & circle up for some CoT

CoT/Numbers/Names/Christening of FNG


  • 1stF Opportunities: Upcoming Warpath with F3Franklin Oct. 19th 4:30am (plan for 5ish hours) from Armada (Pinkerton Park) & Gauntlet.2 is set to launch in about 5 weeks. Finish IronClad strong and participate in these PREParties on Saturdays…let’s do this!
  • 2ndF Opportunity: Bonfire/Football at Typo+’s crib. BYOB. Light refreshments being served…can I suggest wings? 7:30ish.

Field of Dreams film GIF

  • 3rd F opportunity: We concluded the Romans 4-8 reading plan yesterday. I have really enjoyed it. If PAX agree, let’s keep it rolling and start the next few chapters next Monday and invite others to join in…AYE?!

What we Learned

  • Thanks to Kermit & LMP for Coffee!!!
  • TClaps to TW for the AED!
  • I am proud of you all! In the 18 months F3Nolensville has been posting there is growth! Let’s keep giving it away and inviting/Emotionally-headlocking (EHing) new guys that need this too.
  • IronClad is Alive and well! Keep logging those posts and 1-3rd F participation!
  • Staples completed it today! (OH hit it on Monday…but when did he attend Preparties? Hmmm…)

3D, out!

Hero WOD “The Mack”

Attendance : NumbTucks, Staples, Sparta, Nimbus, Old Hickory, 3rd Degree, SexEd, Trophy Wife (FNG), Barney Fivel, Professor X (Respect), Huggy, Mic Drop, YHC KermiT on Q.

Medic: Brought to you by Judah and the Lion and NTB

WarmUps : 

ShowMe Lap


Tebo Stretch

SSH’s IC 20x

The Thang:

14 PAX left ease and contentment in the fartsack this morning by breaking old habits and starting this Saturday off with a new Hero WOD dubbed “The Mack”. This WOD is to honor Marine Cpl. Brad McCormick. A young Marine that gave his life on August 19, 2004. He is survived by his wife Courtney, mother Gail, and a younger brother. McCormick was KIA from an explosion in the AnBar region while serving along side his fellow Marine brothers. Thank you for your service & sacrifice Mr. McCormick.

To honor Brad 14 HIM partnered up and did the following for laps and reps:

-1/4 mile track is needed 1/3 mile will do. What ever you use at your AO be consistent as you can use this as a development marker.
-Starting at the tracks designated start line. Each PAX Partner Carry’s to failure (Some completed 300m full carry)
-Mosey (For those that can’t complete the 300m, mosey to the 100m start blocks)
-100m Sprint to Finish Line / Start Line

After Sprint each PAX is complete the following:

20x Each:
Carolina Dry Dock
War Hammer

Rinse & Repeat for 45mins most PAX completed 2 Rounds plus a lap – A few PAX got 3 Rounds and a Lap.


Cherry Pickers


CoT: Roll Call included a shout out to McCormick (RESPECT)

3rd F: Staples family meeting.

As always. Thank you for the opportunity to serve, and thank you for allowing me to lead to honor McCormick today.


IronPax at The Forge

GLOOM: Non-Existent, twas a beautiful morning

PP: a number of guys did the 5:15 PP and a few of us did the 5:45 PP.

PAX: DoubleBird, Freud, 3rd Degree, NumbTucks, TV Guide, CheezeWiz, Little Miss Piggy, Sparta, ShowMe, Huggy, Stats, Professor X (respect), Staples (Pre-vac), Kermit (pre-vac), Ragdoll, HushPuppy, Typo+ (QIC)



Warmups were very short in order to get Week 2 completed.  Q reviewed all exercises before getting started.  Moseyed to football field and got after it.


IronPax – Week 2 Challenge

For those that didn’t get to see the awesomeness that is Tebow on Thursday, or who wanted another chance to complete the workout (ie. me), we did it again hoping we could get it finished in an hour.  Here is the workout.


4 Rounds: (using 35′ cinder block or some version of smaller stone(s))

10 Manmakers (Blockees)

20 Overhead Press

30 KettleBell Swings

40 Goblet Squats

50 Incline Block Merkin (Blerkin)

Run 1600m (reducing by 400m each round)


Since we ran long, we really didn’t have a true F3 style finish to the morning.  Amazing work by an amazing group of HIMs!


It is such an honor to lead you guys and see the amazing work each of you do to better yourselves.