Bears & Burpees


Gloom Factor: Clear skies and cold enough for 2 layers except for Tebow

Pre-Party: Stats.  May have been Han Solo because he didn’t tell me if anyone else joined him or not.

PAX in Attendance: Pocahontas, Humpty, Deliverance, Staples, Best Balls, Professor X (Respect), Barney,  Sex Ed, Tebow, Nimbus 1500, FNG (Weed Whacker), FNG (Land Shark), FNG (Baby Shark), MicDrop, Huggy, Creeper,  Numb Tucks, Typo Positive, Bieber, Numb Tucks, and Stats

Warm Up:  Lap around football field back to parking lot. Disclaimer, 10 “L” Reaches (5 each side), 10 Dwarf Kicks (5 each side), and 10 1 Legged Toe Touches (5 per side)

Thang 1
4 trees as markers and each represent a set + repetitions (4 sets – 10, 20, 30, 40 reps) – “Deconstruction of a Burpee” exercises with Sideway Bear Crawls as MOT in between sets.

10 Burpees
20 Burps
30 Double Knees
40 Merkins

At end of exercises, parking lot “Box Bear Crawls.”  Bear Crawl using parking space as a “square,”  MOT Bear Crawl to next parking space until reach other end of parking lot.  3 total squares on the way up and on the way back – 6 total “Box Bear Crawls.”

Thang 2

Rinse and repeat Thang 1, but in descending order with Sideway Bear Crawls still MOT.

40 Merkins
30 Double Knees
20 Burps
10 Burpees

Thang 4
Parking lot partner work Bear Crawls aka “Awkward Bear Crawls if Partner Stops Suddenly.”  Partner 1 assumes Bear Crawl position while Partner 2 provides resistance while grabbing the shoe heels of Partner 1 while they do Bear Crawls to the 1/2 way point of the parking lot (light pole).  Partner 2 does his best to look straight down and not straight ahead because hard to have that visual so early in the morning.

Thang 5
Parking lot “Stationary Bear Crawls” in parking space (10 total – 3 sets) Bear Crawl to next parking space, repeat until reach other end of parking lot.  Rinse and repeat on way back.

Thang 6

Cool down w quick mosey and “Loaded Beasts” ( 1 minute)

Number Off/Name-a-rama/COT – 3 new FNG’s – Weed Whacker, Land Shark, and Baby Shark
Prayer Requests
Continued prayers for LMP’s wife
Ironclad signups – encourage everyone to step up to the challenge, Yardwork for

Last post of 2019

Conditions: 33 with wind chill, BUT, it wasn’t wet.

PRE-PARTY: 10 Rounds of Cindy courtesy of Stats
12 PAX: Creeper, Professor X (Respect), Barney Fyffe, Old Hickory, Nimbus1500, Deliverance, SexEd, POCAHONTAS!, Stats, Staples, Hush Puppy (in his new winter gear) & LMP
QIC: Nimbus1500

AO: BrokenWheel

DISCLAIMER & WARM-O-RAMA: ShowMe Lap, some Tebow stretches to open the hips and we were off.

Tippy Toe Bear Crawl 3 Parking Spaces – plank to the six

Baby Bear Crawl 6 Parking Spaces – plank on the six

Strait Legged Bear Crawl 6 Parking Spaces – plank on the six

Repeat backwards.

Ring of Fire’ish

PAX circle up facing each other in plank position.  One PAX backs out and slowly performs a lateral bear crawl while the other PAX holds a plank variation.  Repeat until each of the TWELVE PAX completes one revolution.

Plank Variations: High Plank, Low Plank, Mountain Climbers, Left/Right Arm Side Plank, Slow Merkins, Knee’s to Elbows, and maybe more?

MOSEY to the storage shed

All TWELVE PAX lined up for a Wall Sit on the shed.

Round 1 – Pass the cinderblock down and back while holding a wall sit

Round 2 – Pass the cinderblock down and back with an overhead press, while holding a wall sit

Round 3 – Pass the cinderblock and bear crawl to the end of the line perpetually until all the way around the sheds.

MOSEY to the steps in front of the field house.

Partner up

3 Rounds each – Bear Crawl down the hill in the grass, wheel barrow up the steps.

3 Rounds each – Crawl Bear up the hill in the grass, wheel barrow down the steps.

Little extra wall work to bring us home, including a new move without a name (coming back), and that’s a wrap.

Per Staples, moving his Mom in to her new living space went well!  LMP’s Wife got started on her new medication.  Prayers that her body can overcome some of the side affects, still grateful for not having to start with chemo.

Our first full year is in the books and it was a success by any measure.  We’ve got a lot of wood to chop, but we’re coming in the new year with momentum.

POST PARTY: 19 x Copenhagens, Decline Merkins, Incline Merkins and Box Jumps

Little colder than expected this morning, but we still had our cold weather haters (Old Hickory / Hush Puppy) out anyway.  Way to make it happen!  I gave the redneck mix a break for some Stevie Ray Vaughn essentials, good thing Numbtucks wasn’t there, he would’ve been really bummed if #Redneck didn’t play.  POCAHONTAS was in the house, great to have him back and he rocked the very beary workout.

New Year Ruck tomorrow at 5am!  There will be an undisclosed number of coupons, but I promised, it wouldn’t be 1:1

Bring some water, bladder if you have one and some gloves.

FYI – This event IS attainable for every PAX who’s posted in the last month.  Don’t let distance scare you, come out and have fun.

My Shoulders Hurt – Broken Wheel, 12/17/19

12 PAX: Tebow (QiC), Staples, Creeper, Barney Fievel, Nimbus, Professor X, GlenGarry, Deliverance, TypO+, Stats, Huggy, TVG

Quick lap
SSH, BACs, Huggers
SSH, Merks, Squats
Calf/lunge stretch

Death by shoulder circuit
Round 1:  Merkin + MC + low MC + Merkin
Round 2:  2 Merkins + 2 MC + 2 low MC + 2 Merkins
Round 3:  3 Merkins + …
Up to 8 and back down to 1 with ~45-75s per round
(total = 128 merks, 128 MC, 128 low MC; I’m sorry)

Partner up
P1 – 10 plyo plank jack merkins, switch (apologies, again)
P2 – deck squats

Concession stand triplet:
Wall walks, Burpees, Squats (did it again)

33 SSH finisher

–  Prayers for Typo and fam, Show Me getting on the road, Soccer Mom, LMP
**CHRISTMAS PARTY THIS SATURDAY** 12/21, 6p-9p @ Staples’ barn; check slack for details and for the sign up sheet to bring sides, dessert; significant others welcome, but not kids

Great work,

Wetter is Better @ Broken Wheel

Pre-Party Led by Kermit with Creeper & GaylordFocker. Absence of HC Barney. 3-4 rounds of SSHs IC chased with Dips, Dirks, & Irks

Conditions: Roughly equivalent to the day before the “The Day after Tomorrow”

Related image

6 PAX: Staples, Kermit, SOCCER MOM, Nimbus1500, Creeper, GaylordFocker (QIC). Thankful for even numbers

Lack of Disclaimer 

Related image
Mosey to Pavillion
(Creeper "volunteered" to transport Thang 3 Coupon) 
Partner Bench Curls 20 OYO 
World *War Hammer* Curl One's IC
Supermans IC

Thang #1
There & Back Again: A Bear Crawling Tale

From Light Pole 1 to Light Pole 3
Partner 1 BC's 2 parking spots while Partner 2 Al Gore's
Then P1 Al Gore's and waits while P2 BC's 2 spots
Continue to Light Pole 3

Facing Light Pole 3
P1 CB's 2 parking spots while P2 toe raises and waits
Then P1 toe raises and waits while P2 CB's 2 spots
Continue to Light Pole 1
RINSE and repeat
Image result for bilbo bear gif

Thang #2
Intermission MOT between Thang #1 & #3
Lunge Walk to Light Pole 2
Then Hallelujah Duck & Weave around lot to Pavilion
Related image

Thang #3 
Ring of Fire 
PAX Circle up. 
In rotating fashion, 1st PAX Overhead Presses coupon 3x
while PAX on opposite side of circle does Merkins 3x
While waiting, other PAX hold Al Gore
Related image
1 round = coupon goes full circle
Rounds 1-2: 3 reps each 
Rounds 3-4: 6 reps each
Rounds 5-6: 9 reps each 
Round 7 : 12 reps each 
Related image

CoT (This came very naturally after Thang #3)

Presence of Disclaimer (F3 apparently isn’t free for women)


Prayer Requests:

**Little Miss Piggy’s family today especially **

Bull Horn

ShowMe’s last post as a Nolensville citizen is this Saturday. Come support and somehow bring hot food! Check with Staples for details

Check out Christmas Eve Rescue Mission! See Slack for details


Bear Square variation featuring our very own BearCrawl Bridge.

Conditions: Not wet, No Mosquitos & No Sunburns

13 PAX in Attendance: Nimbus (QiC), Numbtucks, Creeper, Gaylord Focker, Stats, GlennGary, Deliverance (New to F3 Nolensville), ShowMe, ProfessorX, Tebow, Huggy, Barney & Old Hickory

Warmorama/Disclaimer: Did a couple arm circles and some leg stretching…not big on warmups…

Warm up 2 (Partner)

    • 50 Pull-ups or Rows w/Apolo Ohno filler between sets.

Mosey to the Bridge (or The Meat of this Q)

Thang One: Bear Square Sequence (Starting Point, BearCrawl Bridge)

The Plan – Between Each 50 Steps, Execute One Bear Square Sequence

    • Rocky Log Carries – 50 Hops
    • Duck Walk – 50 Steps (Waddles?)
    • Crawl Bear to end of Bridge

Due to the narrowness of the Bridge, The Plan Changed (“What Plan” ~Barney) – Now we’re going the length of the bridge before each Bear Square.

    • Bear Crawl
    • Crab Walk
    • 25 Frog Hops, Lunge Walk to the the Wooded Part, THEN…Bridge Assisted HandStand walks – 25 on each side.  “GET YOUR SQUARE”

Mosey back to the lot for…

Thang Two: Ab Ripper HIIT – One Min On, 10 Sec Rest

    • Switches
    • Plank
    • Floating Starfish
    • Push Planks
    • Reverse Crunches
    • Dwarf Kickers
    • Standing Oblique Crunches
    • Wine Mixer…Ran out of Time, Dang!



  • It’s good to be home. I’m grateful for this group and how consistent you men are.
  • Lots of prayer needed.  Continue to pray for LMP’s Wife and Fam, Staples’ Mom and Sparta’s boy.

1.14 Year Anniversary Q

Pre-Party Led by Creeper with Staples & SexEd. Cindy: 5 pullups, 7 merkins, 9 squats for 10 rounds (t-claps considering the main event)

Climate: 40s, slight breeze, partly cloudy which made for a great sunrise

10 PAX: Staples, Numbtucks, Stats, Barney, Creeper, SexEd, ShowMe, Hotdish, Prof X (respect), Focker (QIC)

Speed Walk Mosey †
114 LBCs
Good Mornings OYO

Thang #1: 114 Typewriter
5 squats on the right
5 merkins on the left
Side shuffle in between
11 sets of parking spots
7 merkins/squats on the last
Rinse in repeat in Reverse

Total: 114 Merkins & 114 Squats
Image result for back and forth gif

Thang #2: Leave No Man/Bridge Behind/Out
Bear crawled all THREE bridges 
there and back
Hallelujah Duck walked all three as well

Related image
unrelated penis bridge in london lolz

Thang #3: Let the people decide
Image result for let the people decide
2 lines of PAX facing each other
On the count of 3, a PAX from one line calls out a number 
(20-50) and a PAX from the other line calls out an exercise
33 - WW1s
31 - Tuckjumps
23 - Burpees
21 - V-ups
30 - Goofballs
Image result for gif really hard
"Sort of a paper, rock, scissors" -ShowMe
Image result for rock paper scissors meme



Prayer Requests:

Little Miss Piggy’s Family – Healing & Faith

Staple’s Mom – Safety & Guidance

ShowMe’s friends recovering from brain surgery

Numbtucks experiencing anxiety and panic attack(s)

All those who struggle during the holidays (Q Included)

Soccer Mom, as always.


†  With consideration for our injured/inhibited/elderly? PAX, Q opted for a Speed Walk Mosey as the primary MoT today. However, this was scrapped after Q discovered F3 Nolensville PAX are literally terrible at speed walking.


FitTest Prep + Some Block Work

Conditions: 42 and almost raining, not as bad as the weather app said.

12 PAX in Attendance:  Barney Fievel, ShowMe, SexEd, Nimbus 1500, STERNO, Gaylord Focker, Stats, Mickey Mouse, GlenGarry, Professor X, Huggy, & LMP.

Warm-Up/Disclaimer – Did the ShowMe lap, totally missed the disclaimer.

In Honor of/Preparation for fit test, we got some reps

First THANGs First: Hand Release Burpees on the 48 seconds

As a trial run to improve times, we did 5 sets of 10 hand release burpees every seconds to shave some time off our opening act Saturday.

Mosey to the BC Bridge for more FitTest reps

Second THANG: BearCrawl/CrawlBear the Bridge

Then Run Half Mile Loop

Third THANG: CrabWalk/BroadJump the Bridge

Then Start the Half Mile Loop in Indian Run

In the interest of time…stopped at the sheds

Forth THANG: Partner Block Work

50 Block Merkins between partners – Rotating run to the Batting Cages

100 Block Squats between partners – Rotating run to the Batting Cages

150 Block Curls between partners – Rotating run to the Batting Cages

Finish the Half Mile Loop back to the parking lot



  • 3rdF (Faith) opportunity: We’re raising funds for Safe Families that will be our “buy in” to the FitTest on November 23rd. Any raised funds can be sent to the @F3Nolensville Venmo account or can be handed over in another fashion to Numbtucks.
  • 2ndF (Fellowship) opportunity: GAME NIGHT this Thursday Night (the 21st).  Starts at 8:30ish – Location details coming…
  • 1stF (Fitness) opportunity: FitTest face off against the fittest from the other Middle Tennessee regions at Nolensville for the FitTest Challenge, Saturday November 23rd at Nolensville High. Please come and be a part of this. Even if you’re not competing, we need at least two non-competing participants to help monitor and time people.
    • It also appears that there there is a bit of a convergence pre-party in the works, stay tuned for updates from Barney on slack…5:15am is what it’s looking like.
  • Prayers For LMP & Fam – They’ve got a Doctor’s appointment today and are expecting some results.


Stone Cold Cooper at Broken Wheel

stone cold steve austin GIF

Conditions: The temperature was 15 degrees but the wind made it feel closer to zero. Combine that with a nice layer of ice on everything and you’ve got yourself some premium Gloom.

10 PAX in Attendance:  Barney Fievel (YHC), ShowMe, SexEd, Nimbus 1500, Hot Dish, Tebow, Gaylord Focker, Kermit, NumbTucks, and Staples.

Warm-Up/Disclaimer – Just as we start to take off for our ShowMe lap, another vehicle pulls up. That’s right, its your boy, ShowMe showing us why we call it a ShowMe lap!

First THANGs First: Stone Cold Cooper

Mosey up to the sheds where we stored the cinder block coupons from the Gauntlet. Bust out 20 blockees and take a half mile lap. Repeat, decreasing 5 blockee reps each round. Equals 50 blockees and two miles.

Second THANG = Pull-Up Apocalypse

PAX form several lines in front of the swing sets and perform a pull-up apocalypse starting with 10, OYO.

Bear Crawl the bridge and back because we love it.



  • 3rdF (Faith) opportunity: We’re raising funds for Safe Families that will be our “buy in” to the FitTest on November 23rd. Any raised funds can be sent to the @F3Nolensville Venmo account or can be handed over in another fashion to Numbtucks.
    • GlenGarry also recently put a call to action out there for any PAX that want to help organize us better as it applies to 3rdF opportunities. He and Staples are looking for others to form a 3rdF Committee. See them for more details if you’re feeling led to mobilize F3 Nolensville for the good of our community.
  • 2ndF (Fellowship) opportunity: Seriously, I want us to have another game night. I hosted last time and will do so again! NumbTucks, O master of games, what game do you have for us next?!
  • 1stF (Fitness) opportunity: The Gauntlet and IronClad Challenge were total successes. Props to each PAX that participated in either. Next up, our fittest face off against the fittest from the other Middle Tennessee regions at Nolensville for the FitTest Challenge, Saturday November 23rd at Nolensville High. Please come and be a part of this. Even if you’re not competing, we need at least two non-competing participants to help monitor and time people. We’ll all be thick in the fog of war and can’t really be trusted to do anything for ourselves (at least I can’t).
    • Finally, I’ve been running the F1 aspect of F3 Nolensville since we got started and would really like to take on one or two others to form a committee. Let me know if you’re interested. It would entail organizing our CSAUPs, coordinating fitness-related events and Convergences with other regions, ensuring we have the needed number of AOs, and making sure F3 Nolensville always has a plethora of opportunities for PAX to sharpen each other physically.


Constant Cardio!!

Gloom Factor: Dark and mysterious… (:-o)

Pre-Party PAX: Kermit, 3rdDegree, Creeper, Staples, MicDrop

Pre-Party Workout: 5 burpees + 5 Pull-ups, on the Minute (10x sets)

Main Event…WHOOOOOOOOOOO (just for you Creeper, 😉

PAX: 14 Strong…Tebow, 3rdDegree, Typo+, GlennGary, SexEd, ProfessorX, Stats, Creeper, Nimbus, CheeseWhiz (aka Bromage), Kermit, Staples, HotnReady, MicDrop

Disclaimer and Warmup

SSH x 15 // LBAC Forward x15 // LBAC Backwards x15 // Good Mornings x5 // Willie Mays Hays x5

THANG…Que the Medic and Halloween mix!!

In between each group of exercises PAX had a mosey down & politician back//plank and wait…..

10 Burpees // 20 Merkins // 30 Apolo Ohno’s // 40 Imperial Walkers // 50 WWIIs // 60 Plank Jacks // 70 Squats // 80 Butt Kickers // 90 second Plank hold // 100 Jumping Jacks

MOSEY to PressBox … (Speed bump) 10 Burpees

MOSEY to Mill Creek Brewery Parking Lot…Line up, 1x BearCrawl // 20 merkins // 1x High Knees

MOSEY to Bridge … BearCrawl to parking lot // Lunge Walk to Ball fields // Speed Bump…20 Flutter Kicks….

MOSEY to PressBox … 10 Derkins // 10 Inclined Merkins

MOSEY to Parking Lot .. 40 Freddy Mercury’s


Prayer Requests: LMP’s Wife // Praises: MicDrop’s son accepted Christ // Announcements: Gauntlet — November 9th // FitTest — November 23rd // 2ndF opportunity today with MicDrop downtown…message for details

POST-Party by 3rdDegree: Attendees…MicDrop, 3rdDegree, Nimbus, HotnReady and Creeper

Workout: Dwarf Kick Left, Merkin, Dwarf kick Right, Merkin (X10)

Coffeteria: Provided by Tebow…. it was a lively discussion which included, but not limited to, facts (loose facts) on theology, Presbyterian vs. Pescatarian, medical exam descriptions, song lyrics, Cassette Tape Albums, and many more wonderful, mind opening, deep conversations…

Thanks for letting me lead fellas.  Always a pleasure.

In Christ, MicDrop

Do you like Leg Puns…..No, I can’t STAND them…

Pre-Party: 3rdDegree, Staples, Numbtucks, Nimbus, Creeper ///             5pullups and 5 burpees per round; 9 for sure, maybe 10 rounds total

PAX: Profeesor X, Tebow, Stats, Creeper, Gaylord, Typo+, Numbtucks, Nimbus, Barney, 3rdDegree, GlennGary, OldHickory, Netflix, Staples, ShowMe, MicDrop

Warm Up: Intro, Disclaimer /// SSH x20 // LBAC X20, forward and reverse // Good Mornings x5 OYO // Willie Mays Hays // Calf Stretches



  • Phase 1 … 25 Iron Mikes per PAX // Partner High Knees to Far Light /// Both PAX complete this SET
  • Phase 2 .. 50 Lunges (completed together) // Partner BearCrawl -> CrawlBears back
  • Phase 3 .. 75 Calf Raises (completed Together) // Partner Skanks to Far Light
  • Phase 4 .. 150 Squats (Completed Together) // Partner Politicians to and fro

MOSEY to Shelter

Thang 2

  • Merkins // SQUATS // DIPS
  • 10 — 10 — 1
  • 9 — 10 — 2
  • 8 — 10 — 3
  • 7 — 10 — 4
  • etc…


BearCrawlBridge -> CrawlBear back across

Mosey to Parking Lot … Close with a ROUND of SALLY up/downs

Thanks for letting me lead fellas.  Have a great day! — MICDROP

POST-Party: MicDrop, Barney, Gaylord, 3rdDegree, ShowMe, Creeper // WheelBarrow crawl -> light to light, each partner does 1 length