Bear Square variation featuring our very own BearCrawl Bridge.

Conditions: Not wet, No Mosquitos & No Sunburns

13 PAX in Attendance: Nimbus (QiC), Numbtucks, Creeper, Gaylord Focker, Stats, GlennGary, Deliverance (New to F3 Nolensville), ShowMe, ProfessorX, Tebow, Huggy, Barney & Old Hickory

Warmorama/Disclaimer: Did a couple arm circles and some leg stretching…not big on warmups…

Warm up 2 (Partner)

    • 50 Pull-ups or Rows w/Apolo Ohno filler between sets.

Mosey to the Bridge (or The Meat of this Q)

Thang One: Bear Square Sequence (Starting Point, BearCrawl Bridge)

The Plan – Between Each 50 Steps, Execute One Bear Square Sequence

    • Rocky Log Carries – 50 Hops
    • Duck Walk – 50 Steps (Waddles?)
    • Crawl Bear to end of Bridge

Due to the narrowness of the Bridge, The Plan Changed (“What Plan” ~Barney) – Now we’re going the length of the bridge before each Bear Square.

    • Bear Crawl
    • Crab Walk
    • 25 Frog Hops, Lunge Walk to the the Wooded Part, THEN…Bridge Assisted HandStand walks – 25 on each side.  “GET YOUR SQUARE”

Mosey back to the lot for…

Thang Two: Ab Ripper HIIT – One Min On, 10 Sec Rest

    • Switches
    • Plank
    • Floating Starfish
    • Push Planks
    • Reverse Crunches
    • Dwarf Kickers
    • Standing Oblique Crunches
    • Wine Mixer…Ran out of Time, Dang!



  • It’s good to be home. I’m grateful for this group and how consistent you men are.
  • Lots of prayer needed.  Continue to pray for LMP’s Wife and Fam, Staples’ Mom and Sparta’s boy.

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