A Not So Super Rare Blue Blood Moon Workout

QIC: NumbTucks
PAX: Harvey Updyke, Vegemite, Olanmills, Offhore, Umbrella, Calfkiller, Barney Fieval
Weather: Mid 20’s

8 total PAX slowly strolled in, with one showing up after a short warmup. Some mumblechatter about the moon looking not so Blue?? Even though the moon wasn’t very impressive it gave us some light to get in a quick beating.

Started off with 10 burpees in the parking lot to get the blood flowing.

Mosey over to the garage for some warmup in cadence:
20 Side Straddle Hops
12 Good Mornings
12 Willie M’s
15 Baby Arms Circles (Forward and Backward)
15 Air Presses
10 Slow & Low Squats
10 Slow & Low Merkins

Partner up (1 Partner stays on ground level the other runs up and down the garage)
Together complete 150 Merkins & 150 WW1s while other runs up and down.
The partner goes up the garage & first lunges across the garage & second time through broad jumps across (**some mumble about the top being longer that we remembered.) * the other partner remains working on the 150
Once exiting the garage stairs you must collect 5 burpees before taking over for your partner. Run hard back rot your partner.
Those who finished planked and flutter kicked.

Lined up shoulder to shoulder in the parking lot.
Bear crawl across all parking spaces (every other line stop and do 5 plank jacks

Mosey to Park:
2 Rounds of: 10 Jump Squats, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Mountain Climbers
Jog to Laps
End by Bear crawling across entire field in between track

Mosey to Parking lot for Finish:
Finish with one min of Good Mornings!

Good Morning fellas!

A Most Excellent Adventure

Penned by Aristotle

QIC: Aristotle
PAX: Noble Virus, Scraps, Schnitzel, NPR, Yosef, Nuggets McPatty, Grohl, Iditarod
Weather: Mid-20’s and windy

9 PAX grunt and sweat on an adventure through history via Bill and Ted and learn to ‘Be excellent to each other.’

Long warm up lap around the Square –shake things up by going clockwise.

Circle up for short WOR:
SSH x 20 IC
GMs RBAC x 10 IC

The Thang:
Mosey to the parking deck between Walnut and Maple.

YHC explains the basic plot to ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ for the few poor souls who have never seen it. Declares exercises will loosely relate to the military historical figures they traveled through time to kidnap and pass their history test –in order to save the world through the inspirational music of the Wyld Stallyns.

Excellent! [Enthusiastic air guitar]

Round 1: Napoleon Bonaparte
Starting on the bottom floor of the deck, keeping all things low to the ground like our French warrior-Emperor.
Elevens – Squats and Mericans, but Bear Crawls in between.
Much grunting by PAX. Bear Crawls = Waterloo

Round 2: Genghis Khan
Travel back to 1209 to rampage like the infamous Golden Hordes.
Escalator (of sorts) between each level of the parking deck, sprinting in between each one.
PAX were instructed to yell out random exercises. YHC picked the loudest one, and all sprinted to the next level:

Level 1: Burpees x 10 OYO
short sprint
Level 2: Lt. Dans x 20 OYO
long sprint
Level 3: Overhand claps x 25 IC
long sprint to the top due to time

Round 3: Joan of Arc
At the top, on your 6 for a full view of the sky. Go back to 1429 to share Joan’s divine vision to lead the French army to victory over the English.
MARY/Ring of Fire/choose your own ab exercise
PAX were encouraged to ‘Be excellent to each other’ in their choice of ab smokers:

Iditarod: Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
Yosef: Crunchy Frog x 10 OYO
Nuggets: LBC x 20 OYO
Scraps: Crab kicks x 20 OYO (a move of Scraps’ own creative invention)
Noble Virus: Freddie Mercury x 20 OYO
Grohl: WW1 x 10 OYO
NPR: Hello Dolly x 20 IC
Schnitzel: American Hammers x 20 OYO
YHC: Mosey back to Courthouse for all to count-off whilst planking.

COT and Prayer for all to be excellent to each other by remembering history, and through the Spirit doing the Greatest Commandment and the second one just like it.

Titan 01-31-2018: Sprints in the Blue Blood Moon

PAX: Porcelain, Blue Mule, Third Degree, T-Cell, CCR (Co-Q), and Brother-at-law (Co-Q)

6 PAX came out to get some grunts in under the largest moon in the history of the entire universe (apparently 3% larger than a normal moon).  It was inspiring.

WOR: Jog part about half of the mile loop with 20 burpees incorporated before landing at the field for some stretches.  SSH x 20 IC, BAC f/r x 10IC, Windmill arms f/r x 10IC, GM x 10IC, WMH x 10IC.

Mosey to the parking lot for partner sprint suicides:

Partner One sprints a three light pole suicide (sprint to light pole 1, run backwards to start, spring to light pole 2, run backwards to start, sprint to light pole 3, run backwards to start).  Partner two performs exercises until Partner one tags him out for his share of sprints.  Exercises were: 1) mountain merkins; 2) jump squats; 3) carolina dry docks; 4) jump lunges; 5) flutter kicks; 6) atomic merkins; 7) pulsing sumo squats (now Blue Blood Moon Squats I guess, we are workshopping the name).

CCR tagged in for the last 15 minutes to bring us one home.

Mosey over to the covered picnic tables for some D’Mish Lateral Movement Sevens (TM).  Burpees on one end, walking lateral squat to next stop before completing jump squats.  Legs were a burning.

Close it out with AMRAP in one minute of each: 1) dips; 2) WWI’s; and 3) bench jumps.  Do it again.  Mosey to cars for COT.

Announcements: Check Slack for 3rd F signups by month.  I believe we are signed up through May now.  Excellent work.  First Friday lunch at the Cookery this Friday at 11:30.  CCR committed.  T-Cell can’t be there 🙁

Great to lead and workout with the men of Titan today.  It’s such a fun site that offers a lot of different opportunities.  In honor of the Blue Blood Moon, I leave you with “Blue As Your Blood,” off of the Walkmen’s phenomenal 2010 album Lisbon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mwhr2O7aYg.  Enjoy!

#RF20 at Sir Ellington

PAX: BV, Floppy Disk, PSL, CAPSLOCK, Donuts, Vegemite, Funyuns, Big Stick, FTTAL, Pop a Lock, Karamazov, Prevac, Blue Mule, Venus, Skidmark, Brown Nose, Black Lung, Ludwig van Oshkosh (QIC)

I’m blanking on two others. Q fail — rake me over the coals for it.

28 degrees greeted the highly appropriate 20 PAX who were so excited for an #RF20 themed Q.

YHC makes no secret of the fact that he’s an ardent fan of Roger Federer. Each time the Swiss Maestro has won a grand slam, YHC has led a Federer themed workout, and today was no exception. This past Sunday, Federer won his record extending 20th grand slam and 6th Australian Open title. 20 and 6 would be our main numbers for the day.

Moseyed from the church up the left side of the main Ag Center loop to the top for WOR.

20 SSH

10 Good Mornings

10 WMH

20 Air Presses

20 Seal Claps

10 Butt Kickers


BLIMPS (burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, merkins, plankjax and squats)

There are 9 speed bumps on the upper loop. PAX would do 20 reps of each BLIMP exercise at the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th speed bumps, and a 6th set of BLIMPS back at the start of the loop in front of the house. When all was said and done, a total of 120 reps of each.

Alternate between 20 WW1s and 20 Mountain Climbers until the 6 is in.

As Blue Mule would say: Simple, but effective.

Head back down to the playground for 20 rows and 20 hanging knees to chest. Since Fed went back to back at the Australian Open, it was a given we would do 2 sets of each exercise.

Plank for the 6.

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary.

20 Flutter Kicks

20 LBCs

40 secs of low plank

Great work today. Iron sharpens iron, so the group pushes all of us to get better. Or as Nike would say, Betterer.

Keep El Maestro and his family in your prayers. His wife is battling the flu, they have a newborn, and he may have had another seizure last week.

Tough Mudder coming up in the fall. Contact Donuts ‘n Mish for details. If you act quickly, it’s only $400 right now.


26 Jan 2018 Hansen RedFriday

34 and perfect for the 21 RedPillers in the Gloom this am.  Mosey start down Hogan, right on Trousdale and up the bus loop to upper parking lot. Hey, @unt Bea, welcome to the PAX. Keep this route in mind as we will be cruising it again this am. Circle up for WOR and Diaclaimer, Hey Frogger, welcome, guessing traffic was intense.
SSH x 13
Squats x 13
GMA x 13
Can Openers Rt x 10
Can Openers Lt x 10
Sgl leg swings Rt x 10
Sgl leg swings Lt x 10
Alabama Prom Dates x 10 IC
Quick reading of the obit of SSG Daniel Hansen while holding forward leaning rest.
Quick rundown on today’s HERO WOD HANSEN
5 Rounds for Time
30 KB swings
30 Burpees
Partner up for accountability
Burpees split btwn PAX but coupon must be part of the burpee movement
BBSU w coupon
Run loop between rounds
2 MOM:
Reading from Heb 12 on discipline
Always good to have a partner. In the reading of Hansen’s obit it was cool to see that Daniel’s twin brother Matthew joined the Marines with him. How great is it to have a brother in arms, even better to have a Band of Brothers. Being the odd man out this am it was much more difficult to get through the discipline of the Hansen WOD. While we aren’t literally laying our lives down for our brothers, we are out early every morning to be there for them. Thank ya’ll for continuing to show up and help me get better.
Service opportunities coming up, check in w me, CCR Floppy or Dupree.
F3 Dads camp late summer, more details to follow.
Yard Sale, Calf Killer, Due Process, Swamp Fox, CAPSLOCK, Brown Nose, Umbrella, @unt Bea, CCR, Floppy Disk, D’Mish O Nuts, Braveheart, Venus, Frogger, Dine N Dash, 3rd Degree, PSL, Vegemite, Offshore, Accounts Receivable, skid Mark, Lewd Wig, Bagger Vance

Famous people

QIC: Yosef
PAX: CDL, Aristotle (and friends), Iditarod, Noble Virus, NPR
Weather: 23 degrees F, clear, no wind.

6 PAX posted for an education on some important historical people.

Warm Up lap
X20 side straddle hops
X10 slow good mornings
X10 slow willie mays hayes
X10 high knees
X10 butt kicks

The Thang: Mosey to the long side of the parking lot, introduced PAX to Wilt Chamberlain. In honor of his 100 point game, PAX completed the following:

X100 LBC’s
Sprint 100 yrds (length of parking lot)
X100 squats
100 yrds
X100 swim kicks
100 yrds
X100 lunges (50 per leg)
100 yrds

Mosey’d a bit to shake everything loose and then circled up to introduce PAX to Bruce Lee, and his workout.

x20 American Hammers
x20 LBC’s
x20 toe touches
x20 Crunchy Frogs
x20 heel taps
x20 swim kicks = 1 set

Full Bruce Lee is 6 sets, but we only had time for 3 sets.

Moved on to Johnny Cash, and his Ring of Fire:

PAX circles up and gets into plank position. Gave 3 pax a choice of their favorite ab exercises. The results were shoulder touches, bicycles, WW1 situps. All Pax held plank, while pax one at a time completed all three exercises x10 reps, and then resuming plank while the pax to the left goes, until the circle is complete. It just keeps on burning.

Mosey back to start.

CoT & BoM.

Pit of Misery

PAX: Big Bang, Offshore, Skid mark, Red bag, Vegemite, Dr. Smart, Olan Mills, Private sandman, Yard sale, Funyuns (QIC)

10 PAX graced the grounds of The RaceTrack this AM. Quick mosey up Maryland Way to LBMC parking lot for COP:
10 GMs, 10 WMs, 20 SSHs, 20 BKs, 15 BACs(f), 15 SCs, 15 BACs(r), ATMs(10 ASTsIC, 10 tempo merkins, 10 merkins OYO), 15 BKs. All IC

The Thang:
⁃ Two groups of five. Two 60lb SBs. Each PAX does 3 full squat jumps with SB, drops it, 1 burpee, sprint 25 yards, 10 merkins, mosey back to start. Each PAX did 5 rounds. Perfect numbers for this exercise. Good constant motion.
⁃ Mosey behind hill center on other side of construction lot to the “Pit of Misery” YHC made mental note of the steep hill at this location at last weeks post. PAX line up at bottom of hill. 10 tempo merkins, sprint to top, back down, 10 ASTs IC, sprint, 10 CDDs IC, sprint, 10 Squats IC, sprint, 10 SJs IC, sprint, 10 burpees, sprint. R&R all sets!
⁃ Bear crawl to midpoint of hill. 10 tempo merkins @12, 10 TMs @3, 10 TMs @6, 10 TMs @9, back to 12 for 10 ASTs. Rotate back to 6 and crawl bear to top of hill. Mosey back to parking lot.
⁃ 150m shuttle (25m down and back x 3) every 75 seconds for 5 rounds. Mosey back home for Mary

Mary: 30 FKs IC, 30 LBCs IC


NM: Always a pleasure to lead you guys. I will echo BigBang from today and say how awesome it is to see a lot of you newer guys embrace all 3 Fs. Iron sharpens iron! Great work today



Titan 01-24-18

PAX: Porcelain, Blue Mule, Hambone, Third Degree, T-cell, Mickey Mouse, Bicentennial Man, Crawfish (Q)

8 PAX were in for a merkin fest on this relatively warm morning. The day started with mumblechatter about beards (always a worthwhile topic) since T-cell and Hambone both spontaneously shaved theirs. At the stroke of 0530 we were off for a long mosey around the south lawn to the east side of the Parthenon.

Warmorama: GM x 10IC, WMH x 10IC, SSH x 25IC, IW x 15IC, Hillbillies x 10IC, BAC f/r x 10IC, Seal claps x 10IC.

Mosey to Parthenon parking lot for a merkin ladder. Run to 1st light pole – 5 merkins. Run back to start. 1st pole, 5 merkins, 2nd pole – 10 merkins, 1st pole -5 merkins, back to start….5-10-15-10-5/5-10-15-20-15-10-5. 150 total merkins.

Mosey to outdoor ampitheater along West End for round 2. I think Blood Clot calls theses Oop D’oops. Dips, irkins & dirkins. Round 1, 1 rep of each. Rnd 2, 2 reps…Rnd 11, 11 reps. Got pretty brutal around round 4. Took a mosey break after Rnd 8 (it didnt really help) and came back to finish. 198 total reps.

Mosey towards Parthenon then AYG up Parman Pl Hill.

Mary: LBC x 20IC, Flutter kicks x 30IC, American hammers x 20IC, 1.5 minute plank progression.

Bullhorn: Shout out to Blue Mule for taking 1st place in his weight class at his most recent weightlifting competition. Shake that mans hand the next time you see him. Impressive, brother!



Field of Dreams at the Square

PAX: Noble Virus, Scraps, NPR, CDL, Yosef, Nuggets McPatty, Buhner (Asheville), Iditarod (QIC).

A Breezy 40ish degree morning 8 PAX chose wisely to take the DRP and work to get better.
Obligatory warm up lap around courthouse. Scraps decides to LIFO in. Capri lap around courthouse.

Circle up for WOR:
GMs x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Hillbillies x 20 IC
SSH x 20 IC

The Thang:
Partner up for 4 groups of 2
Field of Dreams 4 Bases=4 corners of the square side walk
Home Plate-15 Burpees
1st Base-Push Ups
2nd Base- Squats
3rd Base Lt. Dans
Batter starts at Home knocks 15 Burpees out the park and goes to first to relieve 1B. 1B then goes to 2nd and so forth until all pax have completed burpees and pick up the rest of Pax.

Mosey to the plaza for Elevens with Incline Merkin Box Jump Burpees and dips. Run to dips politician back.
Mosey to Pinnacle parking lot for Escalator 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats, 20 Lt Dans.

Mosey back to square for MARY:
WWI’s x 10 OYO
Flutter kix x 40 IC.
COT and Prayer for PAX
Bull horn: Special kids 5k and 15k for any interested. Sign up there’s a F3 group.

The Negroni and the Risotto Ball

Eight (really! 8 at The Skunk) redwoods came to get stronger and avoid running.  Here’s how it went down:

Grabs YHC’s weight collection plus Life Champ’s kettlebell and mosey to the baseball field for the following:

30 sec AMRAP of each exercise: elevated APD, superman merkins, goblet squats, dips, burpees, kb swings.  Rest 30 sec between each exercise then decrease by 5 secs each round till there is no time to rest and you immediately switch exercises.  That’s seven rounds for those keeping track.

Partner up with P1 grabbing two weights for 200 yd farmer’s carry while P2 holds plank.  Flapjack

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary= Jane Fonda center, back and front on each leg.  You just have to experience it, but the groans and people not completing all the reps was evidence enough that we need to do it again.


NMM:  Apparently Kathy discovered some all you can eat pasta situation with Negronis and all the risotto balls you can handle.  While that may sound interesting to some, the PAX can assure you that there are ramifications.  Venus actually tried to keep up with the flatulence but couldn’t handle the pace.

Special welcome to FNG Daniel = Money Shot.  See Cowboy for an explanation.

This may be Toga’s last F3 visit for awhile as the knee surgery is imminent.  You guys will be missed, but YHC plans to be back out in the summer and running faster than ever.  YHC has never been accused of being fast, so the bar is purposely being set low.

Stay Classy,


PAX: Cowboy, FNG – Money Shot, Foxtrot, Foggy Pirate, Life Champ, Toga, Venus, Kathy