Jazz Hands!

AO: iiipillars
Q: princessaurora
PAX: YumYum, moneyshot, t-cell, Pep, Harbaugh, Ryan Minniear, Grape, Good Morning America, Dollywood, Cowboy, Zelenskyy, grisham, Black Lung, Full Monty, Swiffer, Pipe Dream
FNGs: 1 Pipe Dream
On this International Jazz Day, you never know what note someone could play next.


Plenty damp but the rain thankfully cleared out.


Mosey to the field for a 3/4 lap and then circle up in the middle to get plankpril out of the way with a 4:00 plank to some delightful Italian jazz courtesy of Piero Umiliani.


With plankpril complete, it was time for today’s jazzy escalator workout. PAX complete the first exercise in the list below and take a lap around the track. Build on round 1 with the next exercise followed by another lap. RnR, continuing to build on the previous round all the way through to the final round of all 10 exercises.

1. Jump Squats x 5
2. Ab Thruster x 10
3. Z Chair x 15
4. Z Press x 20
5. E2K x 25
6. Ranger Merkin x 30
7. Crab Cakes x 35
8. Imperial Squat Walkers x 40
9. SSH x 45
10. Extenders x 50 cut for time

Mosey back to Startex for COT/BOM.


What started off relatively tame quickly escalated into an unpredictable sensory experience that, before we knew it, reached its end rather abruptly. But that’s jazz sometimes!

Welcome to FNG David Gilpin nka Pipe Dream, a nod to his unrealized potential as an organist. If this is news to you, I invoked Q rule 17.3 during coffeeteria. IYKYK


Pencil Pusher needs some help moving next Saturday, May 11. See Fish’s message above for details


– Continued prayers for Pep’s next project.
– Prayer for Go Fish selection
– Prayer for Full Monty as he steps into a new chapter in his career

I felt honored to see so many given the rainy morning, and it was a pleasure to lead each of y’all. Keep showing up!

Still jazzed,

Grand Slam

AO: the-knoll
Q: Sooie
PAX: El Capitan, Ex-Pat, morning stār, Pebbles, Siri, Sooie, Sparrow, The Merchant
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Soggy yet pleasant

Shoulder rolls
Good Mornings OYO

30 breaths into 4 minute plank

Mosey to the baseball field
1 PAX at bat, hit the ball little league coach style then sprinted to retrieve it. 3 burpees for every strike. The rest of the lineup performed the following depending on where they were at in the lineup:
– Active recovery
– Irkins/Derkins
– Spicollis
– Step ups
– Jump squats
– Mtn climbers
– WW1’s
– Archer Merkins
– Dips
– Plank rotations
– Dry docks

Reflected on opportunities for improving my attitude in adverse situations. It’s not the circumstances that define us but how we react in those difficult circumstances.

– KNOLLIVERSARY 5/2 get ready for fun
– May pull-up challenge kicking off Monday

Prayers requested and offered. Sooie Brewie and fellowship enjoyed by all

Are You Not Entertained!?

AO: middle-tooth
Q: Toothless
PAX: Rocket Mortgage, Betty Ford, Hair Band, Young Pawn, Oatmeal, Subway, sooner, Puzzlah, Focker
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: The rain let up just like I planned it at precisely 5:27am. In scouting the conditions, I encountered a crawdad swimming on the asphalt. True story, will share the evidence.

PLAYLIST: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0NyMRuMJGaBWv8NwcJHMrm?si=a9c2c1828dc74b12

– SSH x 80 (Colosseum was finished in 80 AD!)
– Willy Mays Hays x 12 (two each side)
– Michael Phelps x 10
– Big Arm Circles x 10
– Reverse Big Arm Circles x 10
– Good Mornings x 10 oyo

THE THANG: Are You Not Entertained!? :crossed_swords: :stadium:

Start with a 4 minute plank for plankpril to “win the crowd”

Count off into 2 groups. For the following rounds, all reps must be completed, but groups may pick up reps from the six to complete. Loser will have a choice of exercise in the next round, team wins will matter at the end.

Round 1
– Bear crawl to fence
– Lunge back
– 50 merkins
All run 2 laps when completed

Round 2
– Chariot (wheelbarrow) to fence
– Broad jump back
– Choice: 50 WWI’s / 100 American Hammers (2ct.)
– Team 2 won Round 1, so Team 1 chose 100 two-count American Hammers
All run 2 laps when completed

Round 3
– Suicides x 3 (each far court line, first & back, second & back, 3rd & back)
– Inchworm Merkin there
– Bernie back (outside line to avoid collision)
– Choice: 50 Euro Steps / 100 Squats
– Team 1 won round 2, so Team 2 chose 100 Squats

30 Burpee buyout, minus 5 per winning round for each team.
– Team 2 won 2 rounds and did 20
– Team 1 won 1 round and did 25.

Back to Startex for Mary – dealers choice of weapon (exercise) and proceed til time.

On a particularly rainy morning, YHC was grateful for the 10 PAX who did not let the fartsack win them over and who came out to test their mettle.

I personally found the playlist invigorating, and while there was mumblechatter, I think all but 2 PAX held the full 4 minute plank! Excellent full body yells on brand from Young Pawn.

Considering the conditions, we stayed pretty dry all the way until Mary when Rocket Mortgage promptly had us down in the water for our first exercise. Thanks for that – made the coffee from sooner taste even better!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: So very many – please see -f3-nashville-general for the full list!

Additional announcement is that Oatmeal and sooner are taking their families camping this weekend to Montgomery Bell State Park, and there’s an open invite to others who want to go!

COT: YHC echoed the message in the pre-blast about the importance of AOQs in F3 and shared gratitude for the 5-6 current and previous AOQs we had around the circle. I reiterate that we want PAX to lead before they’re ready and to leave before their ready, and we are pushing to help that trend solidify.

Prayers shared for recent diagnosis, death of an extended family member, and for a tragic incident in another F3 region with an FNG collapsing & not making it. Will share more as that travels through the grapevine.

Thank you, HIM, for your effort today. May you be better for it!

As always, it’s an honor to lead.
— Toothless :tooth:

Quarterly Review

AO: detention
Q: tampalibra
PAX: Ponzi, Movin On Up, Ginger, Accounts Receivable, Deep State, Esposa, Donkey Hammer, Matador, softserve, Pedialyte, Topanga, EZ-Go, Winona, Ike, Pound Puppy, Spandex
FNGs: 1 Spandex

SSH x 25, Squats x 10, Finger Bangers x 10, Air Press x 20, WMH x 10 OYO

YHC was pleasantly surprised by the PAX # but it did require some improv to the planned workout. Partner up and grab a block.

PAX 1: 25 reps of a movement, 10 burpees, R&R until partner returns
PAX 2: Baseball loop (1/4 mile)

R1: Block Thrusters
R2: We’re Not Worthy
R3: Merkins
R4: Burpee pullups
R5: 4 Count Flutters


– Really grateful for the opportunity to lead y’all this morning. detention was my first AO, first AOQ spot, and is just a really solid place full of the HIMest of HIM. Deep State is doing an awesome job over there (and EZ-Go on Fridays).

– If you haven’t been to thestronghold you need to ask yourself why. It’s the epitome of the mission of F3. Time to get outside of yourself and support these men.
– F3 Brentwood doing the TacTeam challenge Sat May 18. Hit up leatherneck for details.
– Struggle 002 June 5th. Hit myself, Ginger or bigbang for details. Again, come support the 4:13 guys!
– Welcome FNG Spandex. I go to church with Spandex and just recently met him, great guy, lives down the road in Caldwell Hall. Who of you can commit to connecting with him and getting him involved with F3 Nashville?
– Esposa earned a 2nd nickname, Big Juicy Bear Hug (BJ/BH)


Receive the Light With Two Hands

AO: toratoratora
Q: Goose
PAX: 40 Minutes, Daylight, The Bobs, Ultratecht, White Cloud, greyalbum, Invictus, longcut
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Willie mays hays, forward fold, arm stretch


-300 SSH while parter runs to trash can and back

-Indian run around big loop

-100 merkins and squats in 25 set increments with run between sets.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Friends of Shelby Party Friday

Take a Load Off Fanny (The Weight)

AO: the-castle
Q: hambone
PAX: Chunks, Sunshine, Crawlspace
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: These were “teasing” conditions–thought it was gonna be warm, but it was actually still kinda chilly

WARMUP: 1/2 mile run

Walk the weights over

Go to the middle for some IST, SSH, and merkins.

THE THANG: run back and grab the weights (2x16kg kettlebell, 1x32kg kettlebell, 60lb sandbag, 2x15lb plates, 1 20lb ruck)

Round 1 (x2):
farmers’ carry with 2x16kg kettlebell
squat with sandbag
plate steer with weight plates
deadlift with 32kg bell
jog it out

Round 2(x2):
farmers’ carry with 1x32kg kettlebell
sandbag press
figure eights with 1 16kg kettlebell
swings with ruck
jog it out

Head back to start.

MOLESKINE: I played a little rinky dink and fooled the pax by thinking we were running back to the weights–we ran past them at one point and did some extra running. YOLO.

I always enjoy adding in some weighted work. After running and bootcamping quite often, it’s good to do a metcon that is disguised as strength work.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: May the 4th be with you, and may you be with us on the 4th as we launch Hendersonville F3.

COT: Prayers for surgeries, babies, wives, and another year of life.

Hold On

AO: bomber
Q: Firefox
PAX: Papa Bear, DintyMoore, CubCadet, hambone
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Light mosey up to the clubhouse

THE THANG: With a balky knee, YHC put together a workout devoid of jumping, lunges, and running (except for a couple short moseys between locations), incorporating a lot of static holds and hanging exercises to a playlist featuring songs with “Hold” in the title.

Thang 1: Plank to the Alabama Shakes “Hold On”

Thank 2: PAX partnered up. 1 PAX held a static hold position while the other performed 10 reps of an exercise and then alternated. Partners performed each exercise 3x.

1. Hold: Table Top (or high bridge); Exercise: Table Top alternating toe touches (10x each side)
2. Hold: Superman; Exercise: Hand Release Merkins
3. Hold: Hollow Body Hold; Exercise: WWIs
4. Hold: Reverse Plank; Exercise: Reverse Plank leg raises (10x each side)
5. Hold: High Plank; Exercise: Plank with leg raises (10x each side)

Thang 3: Mosey down to the playground, then OYO:

1. 10x Hanging Leg Lifts, 20x Merkins, 30x Plank Jacks – 3 total circuits
2. 10x Hanging Knee Crunches, 20x Dips, 30x Mountain Climbers (each side is 1/2) – 2 total circuits
3. 10x Pull-Ups, 20x Candlesticks/Butt-Ups, 30x Buzzsaw Planks – 1 circuit

Mary: Dealer’s Choice
– Freddie Mercury’s
– LBCs
– Flutter Kicks
– Heel Touches

– Hunger Games
– Hendersonville Launch
– Paintrain
– Symphony tickets
– All the things (check the calendar)

COT: Everyone shared a moment of gratitude or reflection

Always an honor and joy to lead. Also, apologies that the Respect : No-Respect ratio was not in favor of the Respect cohort, CubCadet.

You are more than what you do

AO: pain-train
Q: morning stār
PAX: Sooie, Wolfpack, G-string, Dilbert, Siri, The Merchant, Timber, morning stār, Lunch Lady, Cheeks (Franklin)
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: just finished raining, perfect temp

5:30 – Men welcomed, disclaimer given: “YHC is not a fitness or mental health professional, you are responsible for your own physical and emotional health this morning. Raise your hand if you’re willing to take responsibility for your personal wellbeing.”

PAX accepted personal responsibility.

Motivators 5 to 1, then followed Q around the playground.

COT formed early, this will be a different kind of beatdown.

PAX stretched on their own as YHC laid out the parameters:

“Our goal this morning is to exercise our capacity towards intimacy with others. Intimacy is revealing parts of yourself to others in a space of safety. “Into-me-you-see”.

We’re going to create a safe space for that by making three agreements to one another:
1.Confidentiality: I will hold each man’s story sacred and will not share it outside this circle without that man’s permission. I am free to share my story and my experience outside this circle.
2.Vulnerability: I will stretch myself emotionally by sharing parts of myself that are intimate. I will do this by choice not out of compulsion. I will modify as necessary so that I stay safe emotionally.
3.Attention: I will listen to each man’s story with my whole being, focusing on finding the goodness and beauty in that man. I will not interrupt another man when he is sharing, I will not give advice or feedback. If I have something to share with another man I will reach out to him outside this circle.

If you agree to confidently, raise your hand.
If you agree to vulnerability, take something you’re wearing and put it in this bag.
If you agree to attention take a moment and make eye contact with every man in this circle and communicate to him that you see and accept and honor him as he is.”

Reflection during movement. Sharing after movement. Rinse and repeat.

Part 1: who are you?

Reflection Prompt: think about your essence … “I am a … man” … what does this mean to you?

Movement: 7 min of repeating rounds of work/active recovery. Lt. Dans with standing cross crawls (lazy imperial walkers) and knuckle shoulder taps with rocking.

Sharing: After movement YHC led off and then each man stepped into vulnerability and shared a part of himself as the circle practiced attention.

3 burpees after all shared.

Part 2: how are you showing up as your true self, how are you experiencing joy?

YHC invited each man to put aside any consideration of where the PAX falls short. Focus on identifying and sharing the goodness and beauty that is.

“I Invite that part of you that evaluates how you’re falling short to take a break for the next 20 minutes. I invite the part of you that sees goodness, beauty and virtue to come fully online for the next 20 min.”

Reflection Prompt: think about a moment where you showed up as your true self. Or consider how you experienced joy recently.

Movement: 10 min of repeating rounds of work/active recovery. Lt. Dans with standing cross crawls (lazy imperial walkers) and knuckle shoulder taps with rocking.
Prompt: how have you showed up as that kind of man recently? What’s brought you joy recently?

Solid mumble chatter during first half of movement.

YHC invited PAX to finish movement in silence and refocus on the prompt.

Sharing: After movement YHC led off and then each man stepped into vulnerability and shared a part of himself as the circle practiced attention.

3 burpees after all shared.

Part 3: anchor the experience and check out

YHC asked all PAX to find a bar and hang as long as possible and think of a word or phrase that describes this time for you.

Come back to plank.

YHC realized that G-string and Timber were stuck in a dual to see who could hang the longest and called them back to the circle.

While planking YHC reminded PAX that what they shared in the COT stays in the COT. None of what they shared will be posted in BB.

We checked out with name-o-roma plus the phrase or word that described this experience to each PAX.

Closed COT with ball of man and “pain train” on three.

– I think anything with jump lunges should be called “ass crushers”
– great to meet Cheeks from the brig, across the county line from Franklin
– great to meet Dilbert who drive 45 min to be with us
– This DB was inspired by 30/30 from F3 Katy (props to Cash and Salty for the encouragement and sharing what they’ve learned).
– the BD was designed to provide plenty of immediate and future pain. My kuckles have tissue damage and I will be feeling those Lt. Dans tomorrow. Anyone else?
– Honoring and then inviting the part of me that evaluates and critiques all my actions has been life giving to me. It takes practice, but it’s with it. Continue to practice it with yourselves and those around you. Gratitude helps immensely in this pursuit.
– We were after the pain that has a higher purpose to build us up and help us grow.
– The tissue in my knuxks will heal and new, tougher skin will form. The soreness in my glutes will come and go and leave stronger muscles. The discomfort I felt when I stepped into the circle to share myself was replaced by peace and tenderness as I saw my brothers give me their full attention and heard what others shared.
– I’ve found that an accelerant growth is what happens after the work I do. When I intentionally rest and recover after the exertion (physical or emotional). Consider ways to give yourself space to recover and reset both physically and emotionally this week. We all did solid work today; of boys and heart. Well done!

Continue to practice grace and curiosity my brothers, especially towards yourselves,

Passing of the Flag

AO: handsomizer
Q: Natural Ice , Freakonomics
PAX: Detective Pikachu, Grayson Adkins, Salami, Black Lung, Down Range from Atlanta – Can anyone share his name to get properly tagged?
FNGs: None



Thing 1 – YHC Natural Ice led the PAX through the rain to the top of the parking garage – instead of the planned burpee-stairway-a-clock-alypse we pivoted to the ramp-running-burpee-apocalypse. Pax performed a burpees apocalypse descending from 10 at each level of the garage. Once we hit the bottom we ran back to the top where the Q was handed off

Thing 2 – Freakonomics took the pack back down the garage, and each each level we performed a variety of exercises including, merkins (decline and incline), squats, lunges, and bear crawls!

Merry – A very long planril low plank, and a dealers choice ended in burpees

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A big warm welcome to Freakonomics stepping up as the new AOQ for Handsomizer! He has always brought a very energetic and positive attitude to the AO and I am excited to watch him continue to grow our handsome location!

COT: Prayers for Black Lung and his 2.0’s safety this weekend during their white water canoe trip. We also as lifted prayer for his family as they navigate a new job for his M and the changes to their schedule.

Queen Of Hearts

AO: thebuffalo
Q: Goose
PAX: 40 Minutes, The Bobs, Daylight
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Willie mays hats, forward fold, SSH, arm stretches

THE THANG: Deck of Cards
Face and Aces=Mosey to street and back

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Friends of Shelby party tonight at Shelby Bottoms