96,348 Hours of Pure Marital Bliss

PAX: Bicentennial Man, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Bad Boy, Porcelain, En Fuego

QIC: En Fuego

6 PAX greeted the 41 degree gloom at Westeros this morning – ready, willing and able to celebrate YHC’s 11 year wedding anniversary.   PA plants the Shovel Flag, 5:30 arrives, and with that, celebration commences…

Kick it off with 9 burpees, then mosey throughout AO, making four pit stops along the way for 6 burpees, 3, burpees, 4 burpees and 8 burpees – representing the 96,348 total hours of official marital coverage that has been outkicked by YHC.  PAX then huddle, disclaim, knock out a couple additional warm-ups, and details of how this anniversary party is going down are given.

Like any great marriage, we first partner up.  Then, 3 rounds of exercises focusing on the numbers 11 (years) and 132 (months).

Round 1:  Start at bottom of parking lot along Bowling entrance; Partner 1 Bernie Sanders to top, perform 11 hand-release merkins at top and then back to bottom.  Partner 2 is doing burpees.  Flap-jack until Partner 1 and 2 have collectively knocked out 132 burpees.

Round 2: Same starting point; Partner 1 forward run to top, perform 11 Lieutenant Dans and then back down; Partner 2 is doing storm squats (imperial walker with 2 added squats, 4-count = 1 rep; PA calls T-Cell out for poor form, at which point we realize we have 3 different forms going between the three PAX).  Flap-jack until collective 132 storm squat reps reached.

Round 3: Mosey to playground; same flap-jack theme, exercises being 11 pull-ups and 132 dips.

Mosey back to bottom of parking lot hill for one AYG up the hill.  10 strides in and its PA and a cloud of gloomy dust.

Three minutes of Mary, COT and YHC officially shuts the party down.  Great work by all the PAX – on average each knocking out 96 burpees, 66 storm squats, 66 dips, 22 Lieutenant Dans, 22 pull-ups and 22 hand-release merkins while traversing 1.71 miles worth of AO.

Honor to have led and appreciative to live out the gloom with each of you.  Remember our calling as leaders begins in our homes – may we choose to be intentional in embracing and owning that leadership mantle.

En Fuego


Soccer Balls and Stone Walls 4/28/2018



Bagger Vance, Vegemite, Deep Dish, Red Writer (in from Knoxville), Crawfish


Circle up for:

  • SSH x10 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles (Both Ways) x10 I
  • Air Presses x10IC
  • Good Mornings x10 IC
  • Willie Mays x10 IC
  • Fast Merkins x10 IC (Pop-A-Lock receives marital advice on cadence)
  • Slow and Low Squats x10 IC


PAX begin Indian Run, with a catch. Man in the back must dribble the ball to the front of the line before passing it back.

Toured Fort Negley, stopping to appreciate history, and by admiring history, I mean at every sign or plaque or monument the PAX stopped running.

Commence 10xPushups, 10xSquats, continue to next sign/monument. Did about 15-20 signs, exercises switching between all types of merkins and squats with some abs thrown in. Lots of mumble chatter when burpees were chosen by the Q. One sign was reached via lunges.

At the top of the hill, PAX circle up in high plank. The soccer ball is passed between the circle members, with a merkin after passing the ball. Penalty for missing a pass is bear crawling after it. PAL and BV missed it. Once.

Bear crawled down a wooden sidewalk to the triangles of death. And by triangles of death I mean:

Triangle 1: Bear crawl around

Triangle 2: Crab crawl around, stopping for 10xMerkins 10xSquats at sign.

Triangle 3: Reverse crab crawl around, stopping for 10xMerkins, 10x Squats at sign.

Indian run to to hill near the gate.


Donkey kicks at bottom, Lieutenant Dans at top.

Must get to the top of the hill in reverse 3 times (it was a big hill).

Shoutout to BV for finishing the whole set before time.

Returned to parking lot for Ball of Man.

First Friday Lunch at Cookery next week.



Where Is Everybody?

Q: Ludwig Van OshKosh

PAX: CAPSLOCK, PSL, Floppy Disk, Umbrella, Offshore, Accounts Receivable, Cathy, Venus, Olan Mills, Ludwig

Upper 40s greeted the 10 PAX who made the correct decision to post at Cruel Hall. We postulated that the lower turnout was due to the marathon.

Moseyed down to the bottom of the bus loop for WOR.

20 SSH
10 WMH
10 Good Mornings
10 Air Presses
10 BAC
10 rBAC
10 S’nL squats — Venus and Cathy apparently didn’t hear the S’nL part


At bottom of bus loop, perform 10 burpees, backpedal up the hill, perform 10 WW1s at the top, run to corner/4-way stop to perform 10 jump squats. Run back down to start of bus loop. We did 4 laps on the loop, and on each lap the reps increase in increments of 5. So, for lap 4 that’s 25 burpees, WW1s and jump squats. It was unanimously agreed that the backpedal following the burpees put the quads on fire.

Moseyed behind the school (we can do that now!) to the rails for a row/merkin pyramid.

Perform 1 row, then 1 merkin, 2 rows, 2 merkins, etc. all the way up to 11, and then all the way back down to 1.

Head back to the parking lot for a Ludwig favorite, the bear crawl/crawl bear suicide.

30 flutter kicks
30 Mariahs
30 AST
10 Burpees oyo
10 Good Mornings

Great work today.

Reminder that the May 3rdF opportunity TN Walk for Williams is coming up on May 12 at Centennial Park. Reach out to Brother-at-Law for more info.

The Hill 04/26/18 – F.R.Apocalypse


Bagger Vance, Too Tall, Funyuns, Foxtrot, Prevac, Bicentennial Man, Dilly Dilly, Black Widow, Blue Mule, Pop A Lock, Cinderella

12 showed up on a mild morning at The Hill before the rain decided to set in. Figure it had been awhile since there was a Burpee Apocalypse on The Hill, so I set out to remedy that situation after dropping Ye Olde Disclaimer.

Slaughter Starter:
Burpee Apocalypse (Blood Clot missed out.)

Mosey up to the football field. Circle up for:

  • Good Mornings x12 IC
  • Willie Mays x12 IC
  • Slow and Low Squats x12 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles (Both Ways) x12 IC
  • Michael Phelps x12 IC

Line up on the goal line for 11s:

  1. Squat Jumps (Start with 10)
  2. Forward run to 50
  3. Mountain Climber Merkins (Start with 1)
  4. Backwards run back to goal line

Slow mosey lap around the field to catch our breath a bit.

Line up on the goal line for 50 Yard Partner Carries (Down and Back)

  • 5 Burpees at the 50
  • 10 Merkins on the goal lines

Mosey around football field again and then down to the amphitheater area for more partner work.

Set 1:
Partner 1 does 10 decline wall merkins while Partner 2 does AMRAP amphitheater jumps. Flapjack and rinse and repeat x3.

Set 2:
Partner 1 does AMRAP incline merkins while Partner 2 goes streaking in the quad (no actual streaking took place, Frugal. Promise.) Flapjack and rinse and repeat x3.


  • Flutter Kicks x30 IC
  • LBCs x20 IC
  • Plank for final minute.

Thanks again for those that came out looking to get better and, as always, thanks for allowing me to lead.


The Deck of Death

QIC: Iditarod
PAX: Grohl, Aristotle, Noble Virus, NPR, Yosef

Light rain, around 60 degrees.

Warm up lap with politicians, side shuffles, bear crawls, and crawl bears

GM’s x10IC
Daisy Pickers x10IC
WMH w/ forward arm circles x10IC
WMH x/ backward arm circles x10IC

Mosey to the pit stop rear adjacent to Gateway Island for the Deck of Death
Includes: standard deck of cards w/ 2 Jokers

Number or face card dictates the reps, Jack=11, Queen=12, King = 13, Ace=14. Jokers = any exercise and rep count at the discretion of the person who flipped it.

Shuffle and deal amongst the PAX. Broke the routine into thirds with mosey breaks.

Ran back to start, paid 10 squat exit price

Cot, BoM.

Bullhorn: The weather is warm, so the list of excuses is growing short for the fartsackers and sad clowns who haven’t been posting. EH your brothers, show some discipline, and spill some sweat. See you fellas out there.

Racetrack 4-25-18

Pax: Umbrella, Edible Arrangements, Pope, Dr. Smartt, Offshore, Too Tall, Numbtucks, Caps Lock, Olan Mills, Black Widow (QIC)

10 Pax showed up this morning to high 50’s temps and plenty of fun in store. I’m not one to be creative enough for themed workouts, but since today is YHC’s 39th b’day, I thought we would work with the numbers 3 and 9. Everyone is ready, off to the parking lot at the Hill Center.



SSH x 39

GM x 9

WMH x 9

Imperial Walkers x 9

BACF x 9

BACR x 9

Overhead Press x 9

Seal Claps x 9

Burpees  x 9

Head inside the parking garage and running up the ramps. 3 stops along the way for 3 different exercises x 9 reps each (merkins, DEEP squats, lunges).

We reach the last ramp leading to the top of the parking deck, and instructions were given that we would be enjoying 9’s today. WW1’s at the bottom of the ramp, back peddle up the ramp to the top, Burpees at the top, forward run back to the bottom of the ramp.

All in and we head over to the flat area of the top of the parking deck and line up against the wall. Next is 3 sets of sprints across the deck with 9 hand release merkins between each sprint.

Head down the stairs of the parking garage to the sidewalk next to Holler & Dash for some DID’s. Dips x 20, Irkins x 10, & Derkins x 9. 3 sets of these.

Mosey back towards the racetrack for a quick stop at the monkey bars. 9 pull ups followed by 9 rows x 3 sets.

One last mosey back to the parking lot for some Mary. WW1’s x 39, LBC’s x 39, & Plank Progression for last 1:30.

It was great to be out there with you guys this morning. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Black Widow

The Boro 4/24/18

QIC: Noble Virus

PAX: Iditarod, CDL, Scraps, Aristotle, Yosef, Childish Gambino, Mr. Roboto, Grohl

Warmup lap around the square
Good Mornings
Willie Mays Hays
Ray Lewis arm claps
Side straddle hops

Mozy to plaza
10 box jumps
10 derkens
Cherry Pick 25 yards
10 box jumps
10 derkens

Run to parking garage
25 LBC’s
1 situp, 4 hammers
2 situps, 8 hammers
Sprint to next level
25 LBC’s
3 situps, 12 hammers
4 situps, 16 hammers
Sprint to top
5 situps, 20 hammers
6 situps, 24 hammers
2 minutes of merkens

Mozy back to square
Broke into three stations
Group of merkens
Run around the square to next station
Group of LBCs
Run around the square to next station
Group of Squats
Run around the square to next station
Circled up and ran a relay race around the square. Group members that were waiting chose an exercise to do while waiting.
Ring of Fire (3 minute abs)

Broken Wheel on a Roll

Broken Wheel Gets Rolling

17 PAX participated in the launch of Nolensville Broken Wheel, we added the injured Tebow for coffeteria so that makes…
18 PAX total: 3rd Degree (QIC), Bloodclot, Bartman, Pop-a-Lock, Umbrella, BaggerVance, Princess Aurora (QIC), Hambone, Aunt Bea, Numtucks (QIC), BarneyFievel (QIC), Nimbus 2000, Netflix (FNG), Abomb (FNG), Show Me (FNG), Funyuns, Sterno, Tebow

New flags in the ground, new crew embarked on a new journey this morning. Princess Aurora started us off with the warmup and some explanation of F3 for the new guys and those who have been MIA (not saying any names): SSH, Squats, Imperial Squat Walkers, Merkins

Thang 1: Numbtucks took over, mosey over to the football field, sandy, and very wet. We all partnered up to demonstrate the F3 saying, “We never leave a man behind, but we never leave a man where we found him.” Each set of partners completes the following exercises while one bear crawls 30yds and crawl bears back, picking up where the other partner left off: 40 Burpees; 60 Merkins; 80 Squat Jumps.

Thang 2: Barney Fievel takes over with an F3 favorite…11’s. Derkins on the fence, lunge across the field and WWIs on the other end, jog back and keep going.

COT: 3rd Degree takes us home with Flutter kicks (IC); Sweat Angels (IC), 10 Burpees for an attitude adjustment…thanks Bagger; Plank with alternating knees to elbow (IC); J-Los (IC)

The End. A great first day at Broken Wheel. A lot more EH happening, and the seeds have been planting, now its time to grow.

Everyone has kryptonite

PAX: Preacher Man, Money Shot, Big Stick, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Toga (QIC), Kathy, Venus

A magnificent seven posted for a moist morning to get a little better.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey 3 steps for warmup COP and disclaimer: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Willie Mays, Good Mornings, Scorpion Stretch, others…

Begin multiple rounds of “Screw Your Buddy”= the workout where your lack of speed and effort increases the work required by your buddies.  Each member of the PAX completes an exercise while the rest of the PAX continues doing another exercise.  The PAX must continue doing the exercise until every member of the PAX has completed the task.

  • E1: 75lb KB Farmer’s Carry while PAX holds People’s Chair
  • E2: Bear crawl and back while PAX executes merkins
  • E3: 10 pistol squats ea leg while PAX does situps
  • E4: 50x jump rope while PAX does burpees
  • E5: 15 kb swings while PAX does situps
  • E6: KB above head for Waiter’s Carry while PAX holds plank
  • E7: 10x Drinking Bird (single leg deadlift) ea. leg while PAX lunges

Circle up for Mary and close with COT: shoutouts for Foggy Pirate and Kathy’s neighbor (illness)

NMM: YHC realized on the way to the AO that The Skunk can occasionally have low numbers.  The plan of high reps while one member of the PAX completed a task would not have worked with a low turnout, but low and behold we had a lucky seven this morning.  Big Stick and FTAL even posted early!  Toga is not making that up.  It happened!  It also turns out that using this format allows one to see which exercises people struggle with the most.  Everyone has their own kryptonite.  Example:  Big Stick can’t jump rope, Kathy can barely stand on one leg for 2 seconds, Money Shot may hurt his back on kb swings, and Venus can’t count.., who knew?

Speaking of things happening, the mumble chatter proved uncontrollable and far ranging.  It turns out that Kathy is still haunted by something he witnessed after leaving a church meeting as a youth, Big Stick and FTAL described their inflatable mistress that is shared throughout the neighborhood, and dating members of certain religious groups can have unforeseen consequences.  Copious detail made it’s way into all of this, and you should speak to a Venus if you desire a more thorough explanation.

Stay Classy,


Bomber – 04.20.18 – “S.M.O.K.E. Break”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Hambone, Porcelain, Hollister, T-Cell, Hi-Viz, Right Said, Reveille, Tongue ‘N’ Groove (FNG), Bad Boy, Blue Mule, Bicentennial Man 

It was a wake ‘n’ bake kind of morning for 12 PAX at Bomber this morning. YHC has never touched the stuff, but, never one to pass on a themed workout, the PAX got their taste of 4-20.

The Thang:

Medium mosey around the circle drive and through the upper lot with some High Knees, Butt Kicks, Backpedaling, and Side Shuffling thrown in. Circle up for the disclaimer and the following:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • WMH x 20

Mosey down to the long lot and line up along the curb. The PAX would be doing 4 rounds of 20 movements, taking S.M.O.K.E. breaks in between. After each round, PAX planked for the six and started the next round together. The S.M.O.K.E. break consisted of 5 reps each of the following:

  • Star Crunches
  • Merkins
  • Overhead Squats
  • Kraken Burpees (Burpee with 3 HRM)
  • Elbow Plank Jacks

The rounds consisted of various means of travel, counting out/up as 1 and back/down as 2. The rounds were as follows:

  1. Shuttle Run (across lot, touching each curb)
  2. Hill Run (up and down driveway)
  3. Backpedal/Mosey (up driveway/down driveway)
  4. Broad Jump/Backpedal (across lot)

Enough time for 7MOM:

  • Flutters Kicks x 20
  • LBCs x 20
  • Freddie Mercuries x 20 (Right Said)
  • J-Lo’s x 20 (Porcelain)
  • Hello Dollies x 20 (Reveille)
  • Hollow Hold for final 30″



We welcomed FNG Andrew Trammell aka Tongue ‘N’ Groove to F3 Nashville. A woodworker who had a kissing experience that prompted him to brush the taste away. He loves his name, so I think that’s enough to get him back. Mumblechatter about the low temps in late April was heard, and YHC spared the PAX by leaving the pull-ups out of the mix today. #frozenhands


  • Walk for Williams is May 12 and is May’s 3rd F service opportunity. See Brother-At-Law for details.
  • Nashville’s inaugural brew ruck will be June 23. This is your service opportunity and CSAUP rolled into one on, though I hesitate to call it CSAUP as we will be supporting Second Harvest Food Bank in fighting hunger across Middle TN. That’s certainly not completely stupid and utterly pointless. See the poll in the #nashville-rucking channel on Slack.
  • Nolensville is launching next Tuesday, April 24 and needs your support. Post!
  • Prayers for Spicoli, Olan Mills’s father, Foggy Pirate’s back, and Tebow’s knee.

Lastly, I want to ask all of you what I asked the guys this morning:

Why do you do F3? 

Please ponder that question this weekend and respond in the comments.

PA out.