AO: greenmachine
Q: Natural Ice
PAX: Esposa, Rocket Mortgage, moneyshot, Betty Ford, Cowboy, Grape, Michelin Man, Focker, NFT, Black Lung
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Nigh Perfect

MUSIC Toto’s fourth studio album released in March of 1982 was played cover to cover.

WARMUP: SSH, Arm Circles, Squats, Willy Mays

THE THANG: Burpee-A-Clock-Alypse
5 Burpees every minute on the minute with a variety of “resting” exercises in between each set. Pax ran over 1 mile, lunged a good distance, and got in a sneaky amount of mary.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Octoburpee in full force

COT:Prayers were lifted for @Monsterbiscuit and the new 2.0, @MichelinMans current case, and YHC’s company going through lay offs and restructure.

Thank you again for the opportunity to lead!

Covering some ground

AO: greenmachine
Q: Grape
PAX: The Arch, Focker, Pedialyte, Esposa, Baguette, moneyshot, Movin On Up, Bad Boy, monster biscuit, Cowboy, Sherlock, t-cell, Betty Ford, Rocket Mortgage
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: perfect fall weather

long 1.2 mile mosey around lipscomb
10 SSH
10 OH Claps
10 OH Press
10 Moroccan night clubs
10 Seal claps


Modified Murph: total of 2 (really almost 3) miles in the workout, 100 burpees, 200 merkins, 300 squats

Start at one end zone, do 10 merkins and 15 squats, then run to the 10 yard line and do 1 burpee, run back to end zone, then repeato with 2 burpees at 20, 3 burpees at 30, etc. until working your way back down the field


Some flutters, LBCs, mercs, etc.




Prayers for T cell on his way to Africa
Prayers for Bad Boy’s brother Josh

The Start of Something New

AO: greenmachine
Q: Focker
PAX: FeelTheBerns, Focker, NFT, Topanga, Betty Ford, t-cell, Bad Boy, Deep State, Rocket Mortgage, Esposa, monster biscuit, Sherlock, Cowboy, moneyshot, Works for a Guy, Batman (F3 Hampton Roads), Haggis, FNG Alex (SlappingDaBass)
FNGs: 1 FNG Alex (SlappingDaBass)

WARMUP: the Usual

THE THANG: Long Mosey through Burning Man Mud and to pull up bars for one round of max pull ups. 10 burpees followed
Mosey to sideline of field to perform main thing. Multiply max pull ups x 10 and do that many reps of each exercise:
Monkey Humpers
Drop Squats
Leg Raises
Run to opposite sideline and back every 1.5 minutes
Those who sandbagged on their pull-ups and got done early got to do 5 burpees every 5 yards

We all went to goal line for 7s of Hindu push ups and Hindu squats running to 50 and back

MARY: 2 quick exercises

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 convergence on 9/9 led by @cowboy. 9/13 workout for 9th anniversary at #titan.

COT: @batman’s prayer request was a great reminder to us all that these workouts serve as a way to strengthen more than just our bodies. May we do well to remember that as we serve the people in our lives.
The lack of coffeeteria (my bad everyone)  motivated everyone to rush home and be more present there so you’re welcome.

Hobbling Gobbler 3.0

24 Nov 22

Hobbling Gobbler 3.0

Temp : 40ish
Gloom Factor : Moderate

PAX : Right Said, Det Pikachu, Michelin Man, Umbrella, Money Shot, Hipster, Care Bear, Skeet, Red Skull, Cowboy, Esposa, Happy Ending, Smoke Jumper, Siri, Offshore, Ponzi, Tampa Libra, Natural Ice, Tolkien (W/L STL), Black Lung, Works 4 a Guy, Floppy Disk, Turtle, Club Car (FNG 2.0), Yamaha (FNG 2.1), EZGO, Iron Lung, Toga, Hugs not Drugs, PSL, Sooner, T Cell, Toothless, Bagger Vance
QIC : BV, Money Shot, Michelin Man, Toothless

Disclaimer Given 0559:45

Thang :

Hobbling Gobbler 3.0 route.

NMM : Such a great turnout today. Grateful to see all the PAX converge at Machina Verde aka Green Machine aka 3rd Annual Hobbling Gobbler.
Ruckers rolled out at 0530 while Ponzi and Happy Ending did a pre run loop scouting all of our turns for us and even made an adjustment to one sign.
PAX all broke out together and soon split into several pace and convo groups. Young bucs along w FD and PSL out front. More seasoned PAX fell in behind.
Per usual, YHC hit the Porto Let at M1.2 while Iron Lung held back to watch my 6 … (types weirder than I expected).
The race was on upfront for the coveted prizes. While YHC wasn’t there to witness, word is there may have been a Mary Decker Zola Budd incident between Floppy and W4AG. Again, I can’t confirm but there was talk of reaching out to Dilfer to see if he had any finish line footage.
So many great connections post run. Was really cool to see PAX reach out to others and meet new Bros.
T Claps to our local sous chefs, line cooks, runners, et al T Cell, Toothless, Hipster, Det Pikachu, Money Shot.
See y’all tomorrow at either The Buff or Cruel Hall.
Next Convergence is 1/1/23. AO / QIC TBA stay tuned to the Slack for Deets.

BH :
Movin on Up’s new baby
Third Coast in Ukraine
413 class starts in Jan
Black Lung is Qing a gnarly 1stF challenge beginning 3 Jan 23. Be on the lookout for deets. Think it’s called the LeanPax challenge … hope someone designs some sweet gear for us to consume.

A Stream of Consciousness Riff Based Jam Session Q

17 Nov 22

A Stream of Consciousness Riff Based Jam Session Q

Temp :
Gloom Factor : Moderate
Pax : T Cell, Bad Boy, Cowboy, Money Shot, BNB, Black Lung, Venus, Feel the Berns, Movin On Up, Topanga, FNT, Bagger Vance

Nice long mosey out Lealand to the baseball field then circling up at Mustang for

SSH, Razor Cuts, Phelps, Squat n Reach, etc.


Karaoke and Extended 6s w Merks

Sprint to EZ then some groundwork to the 10’ and back … lateral bounds and bear crawl/crawl bear

Sprint to 50’ then back to EZ RnR

At some point we Lunged and Reverse Lunged about 20’

Squats on Extended 6s w some Merks and Burps thrown in for good measure

To the parking lot for frog hops forward then some gorilla bounds R/L (at this point w were in 1s & 2s)

Mosey to the bottom pull up station
2s stay down and 1s go up. 1-2 pax do pull ups while others work on ext 6s Merks then R2 go into ext 6s squats

Back to StartEx for Suicides n Groundwork

2s Plank Progression 1s run to LP 1 back and LP 2 and back. Flap Jack
R1 APD Progression
R2 Plank Progression
R3 Plank Progression

6’ MOM

Mobility work


NMM : Great turnout this am w a Dirty Dz of F3 Nashville’s finest. Grateful to Money Shot for making the Joe onsite and for dear Ms Wiley and her percolator. Always a pleasure to see some new faces along with Redwoods like T Cell & Bad Boy. Getting to see Cowboy three times in 24 hr was a rare treat as well. Stunner of the day was Venus lurking around the corner next to the boys bathroom as we made our way into the house that Dilfer built. YHC was going to rep count WOR based upon TD’s jersey number but alas couldn’t remember if he was 12 or not. Today’s Q was a blend of old, new and rare BV cuts.

BH : Excitement in the air as Movin On Up and his M are expecting baby numero uno. Congrats man. We also poured one out for BNB who is heading to Raleigh at EOY. Godspeed brother. TAP to Third Coast and his family as he is in Ukraine right now making a documentary. As winter approaches, this is a great Other Season, not off season. Think about those Gainz you can make spiritually, personally and professionally.

Hobbling Gobbler next Thursday 0600 from Green Machine lot. There will be prizes, coffee and post run beverages for all participants.




Truncated Q

5 May 22
Temp: 56
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Bad Boy, Money Shot, BNB, Movin on Up, D’Frost, Black Lung, Bagger Vance

0530 Disclaimer Claimed
0531 Speaker Died

Mosey the Loop to open gate on Shallowford w BK, HK, Side Shuffle, Karaoke, Bernie, Skips, Reverse Skips

X 10 IC
Bear Lifts
Quadruped Lateral/Linear wrist rocks
Quadruped Reach Throughs R/L
APD hold up position
Deep Squat to Prayer Pushout

15 X OYO Drop Squat
15 X Squat Jumps
6s – Merkins, Squats X 5 IC
25 Pull Ups OYO

Hand off to D’Frost to finish out as YHC had to Irish Goodbye to work


What is this Q called?

Temp: 40 ish
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Lochte, BNB, Bad Boy, T Cell, The Shield, Works for a Guy, Topanga, Bagger Vance

Disclaimer and some additional excuse making about this is a new routine, YHC will need to Weinke, etc.

Side shuffle (L/R) Pole to Pole
Karaoke (L/R) Pole to Pole
Bear Crawl Crawl Bear
Mod Gorilla (R/L)

In Nose out mouth x 10
In nose out nose x 10
In mouth out mouth x 10

SSH x 20
Seal Jax x 20
Glute bridge (r:l) x 8
Straight leg swing(r/l) x 10
Rolling v sit x 5
Neck flexion x 10
Neck rotation x 10
Scapula merkins x 10
Merkin to downward dog x 10
Spider lunge w extension x 10
Baby arm circles (F/R)
Shoulder corkscrews x 10
Sumo squat slow n low x 10
Reverse lunge w twist x 5 (r/l)
Speed skaters x 10 (r/l)
Inch worms x 10

PAX split into 1s & 2s
1s to the top pull up station
2s stay at the bottom
Pull Ups at station then flap jack for merkins at opposite station.

Pull Ups

Skips pole to pole
Bernie Skips pole to pole
AYG to StartEx


NMM: Focused on different movement patterns, less quantity more quality. Tempo and time under tension training. Getting breath under control, getting nasal, slowing breath down. Today’s music was from WNXP playlist on Spotify. Today’s workout title came from Bad Boy, T Cell and BNB riding me all morning and the fact that I have nothing else pithy to call it.
BH: Ukraine, 413 starting again next week, marriages, SB travel.


Green Machine – 12.30.21 – “Wet Leg”

Six PAX took a ride on the Green Machine Thursday morning. Conditions: soggy and mild.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Cowboy, High Flyer, Moneyshot, Ponzi, Works For A Guy


Armed with an indie/alt/post-punk/rock playlist and some simple exercises, PAX took a long mosey before settling down at the pull-up station for a COP warm-up and EMOM circuit:

  • Pull-Ups x 5
  • Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 15

Perform all three sets, resting for remainder of minute. 15 minutes total.

Mosey over to the parallel bars for another circuit

  • Dips x 15
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups x 15
  • Lunges x 16

RnR x 4

Mosey along the westside of the Victory Trail to the steep hill leading up to yellow gate. Bernie up the hill x 8.

Hobble back to start for 2.25MOM:

  • Plank x 45″
  • Side Plank R x 15″
  • Plank x 15″
  • Side Plank L x 15″
  • Plank x 45″


High-quality crew this morning in spite of the fact that every time YHC Qs the Green Machine, it has been/is raining. Tclaps to High Flyer for the process improvement during our first circuit as well as for the hair-bending coffeeteria. For the musically curious, playlist is below.


TAPS for Charlie, Heather Norton, Spicoli Family, and other families dealing with sickness.

NYD Convergence tomorrow at Stonewall. 0600 run with Bagger and co.  0700 Main Event with White Bison coffeeteria to follow. Foxtrot has promised prizes and treats, so show up to find out what’s up his sleeve!

PA out.