AO: iiipillars
Q: wardas1
PAX: t-cell, Go Fish, Tackle Box, princessaurora, Grape, gov’t mule, Pep, Two Face, YumYum, moneyshot, Haggis, It’sJUSTLunch, Baguette, ironlung, Harbaugh, Full Monty, Fannie, Secret Stash, Howitzer, Swiffer
FNGs: None

WARMUP: 30 of a lot of different things to try to make this feel like an actual workout

THE THANG: ultimate!

MOLESKINE: I believe the skins defeated the shirts, though it was a hard fought battle. No one knows the rules, and you know what, that’s ok.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 workout today!

Black Dots

AO: iiipillars
Q: Young Pawn
PAX: Black Lung, Grape, Pep, Haggis, gov’t mule, YumYum, t-cell, Go Fish, Teva, Formica, Swiffer, Pipe Dream, Full Monty
FNGs: None

WARMUP: SSHs, arm circles, Hillbillys, Imperial Walkers, and a mosey to the track. Then, a 4 minute plank to show that iiipillars has what it takes to match middle-tooth.

THE THANG: Two rounds of a 45s on, 15s upper body circuit punctuated by a lap of the track and followed by 3 minutes of Mary.

MOLESKINE: Thanks to Haggis for coming in clutch with the Rivian:tm: speaker. Playlist is https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0WgqmsQUOJzhmFHyl6s9FJ?si=5e29fd2502af44b9 if anyone needs a backup. iiipillars boasts a really delightful group of HIMs, I look forward to being back.

:coffee:️ Coffee provided by the imitable princessaurora on his way to Mammoth Cave.
🧎‍♂️‍➡️ Prayers offered for three with cancer, Haggis job interview, and other requests spoken and unspoken.

Hear us when we call, O God of our righteousness, have mercy on us and hear our prayer.


Jazz Hands!

AO: iiipillars
Q: princessaurora
PAX: YumYum, moneyshot, t-cell, Pep, Harbaugh, Ryan Minniear, Grape, Good Morning America, Dollywood, Cowboy, Zelenskyy, grisham, Black Lung, Full Monty, Swiffer, Pipe Dream
FNGs: 1 Pipe Dream
On this International Jazz Day, you never know what note someone could play next.


Plenty damp but the rain thankfully cleared out.


Mosey to the field for a 3/4 lap and then circle up in the middle to get plankpril out of the way with a 4:00 plank to some delightful Italian jazz courtesy of Piero Umiliani.


With plankpril complete, it was time for today’s jazzy escalator workout. PAX complete the first exercise in the list below and take a lap around the track. Build on round 1 with the next exercise followed by another lap. RnR, continuing to build on the previous round all the way through to the final round of all 10 exercises.

1. Jump Squats x 5
2. Ab Thruster x 10
3. Z Chair x 15
4. Z Press x 20
5. E2K x 25
6. Ranger Merkin x 30
7. Crab Cakes x 35
8. Imperial Squat Walkers x 40
9. SSH x 45
10. Extenders x 50 cut for time

Mosey back to Startex for COT/BOM.


What started off relatively tame quickly escalated into an unpredictable sensory experience that, before we knew it, reached its end rather abruptly. But that’s jazz sometimes!

Welcome to FNG David Gilpin nka Pipe Dream, a nod to his unrealized potential as an organist. If this is news to you, I invoked Q rule 17.3 during coffeeteria. IYKYK


Pencil Pusher needs some help moving next Saturday, May 11. See Fish’s message above for details


– Continued prayers for Pep’s next project.
– Prayer for Go Fish selection
– Prayer for Full Monty as he steps into a new chapter in his career

I felt honored to see so many given the rainy morning, and it was a pleasure to lead each of y’all. Keep showing up!

Still jazzed,

Total Eclipse of the Heart

AO: iiipillars
Q: Grape
PAX: Matthew Gillmor, Pep, Go Fish, Pencil Pusher, Harbaugh, wardas1, Haggis, Zelenskyy, grisham, princessaurora, t-cell, DintyMoore, TiVo, Howitzer, Full Monty
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: it always rains on Tuesdays now I guess

10 Imperial Walkers
10 Hillbillies
Mosey to the field

THE THANG: partner up, one partner runs a lap, other partner completes these exercises, then switch (completed three rounds, changes Ab Thrusters to Atomic Merkins and Knees to elbows to Knerkins (knuckle merkins) in round 3)

Ab Thrusters
Carolina Dry Docks
Knees to elbows (Peter Parker’s)

Ukrainian hammers
Newton’s cradle

MOLESKINE: so fun to lead this crew

ANNOUNCEMENTS: brewsday tonight, keep going strong with plankpril

COT: prayers for Pep and PA


Shuffle The Deck

AO: iiipillars
Q: Goose
PAX: DintyMoore, Harbaugh, Zelenskyy, princessaurora, Grape, Go Fish, Black Lung, Skeletor (F3Roco), moneyshot, Howlitzer, Formica, Cowboy, Hagus, Fully Monty, Lora Lei
FNGs: 2 Fully Monty, Lora Lei

WARMUP: Willie mays hays, forward fold, cherry pickers, arm stretch

THE THANG: mosey to parking garage

The Deck of Cards

ANNOUNCEMENTS: murder mile at Green Machine this Thursday

Plankpril is approaching

Spring Training…for a CSAUP!! :tulip: :muscle:

AO: iiipillars
Q: Toothless
PAX: Grape, t-cell, Roboto (F3 Tulsa), Pep, Tackle Box, princessaurora, Harbaugh, Go Fish, Black Lung, Governmentt Mule, Frenchie, Haggis, Formica, Fanny
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Clear, crisp, winter’s final frost before spring sets in for good.

– Mosey to field, circle up in middle
– SSH x 30
– Toe touch, left over right x 20 count
– Toe touch, right over left x 20 count
– Flamingos, each side x 20 count
– Windmills x 10
– Little baby arm circles x 10
– Big arm circles reversed x 10
– Michael Phelps x 10
– Scorpions x 10 then stretch OYO for explainer

Plank and wait for the six between laps, all laps completed on the provided 200m track (half of a regulation sized track)
– Burpee broad jump a lap
– Modified to 1 burpee every 5 broad jumps
– Bear crawl a lap
– Lunge walk a lap
– Run a lap (cut for time)

Return to startex

Rings of Fire
– Song: Thunderstruck
– Exercise: Planks up and down on “thunder”
– Note: Good training for Plankpril
– Song: Roxanne
– Exercise: SSH then burpee on “Roxanne”
– Song: Flower
– Exercise: Squats up and down as directed

YHC was pleased with the grumblechatter this AM – proved that the workout plan was sufficiently challenging. Could not place the man behind me that would shout out in a chipper voice “thank you, sir” for every exercise announced, had to be someone like Go Fish. The Q-drenaline helped push me this AM for sure, great work to the rest of the PAX who pushed themselves to get better.

– The Murder Mile CSAUP is next Thursday 3/28! Same time same place, extended workout time to accommodate the special event
– Plankpril coming up in just a couple of weeks!

– PA shared prayers for close relatives who are expecting
– Grape shared prayers for a close friend’s family working through a new cancer diagnosis
– YHC shared praise for the 2nd trimester allowing the wife’s nausea to improve
– Haggis shared gratitude for the F3 community after returning from a trip abroad where strong community is not as easily found

It was an absolute honor to lead this AM, men! You put in the work and you’re better for it! Thankful to be along for the journey, and I hope to see many of you out at the CSAUP next week now that you’re ready!!

— Toothless :tooth:


AO: iiipillars
Q: Pep
PAX: Bear, Bard, princessaurora, t-cell, Grape, Go Fish, Dollywood, Zelenskyy, Tackle Box, Embassy Sweats, Pep, Black Lung, TiVo, government mule, lucky strike, Formica, hagis, Lucky strike
FNGs: 1 Lucky strike
CONDITIONS: early spring – cool but comfortable

– overhead claps: 20
– seal claps: 20
– imperial walkers: 15
– good mornings: oyo

– hand release Mercian: 100
– Alabama prom dates: 200
– fire hydrants: 300
– dips: 200
– american hammers: 100

– pullups: 50 with partner running around track
– ended with mary

Plank-ril – month of April pranks planking

– Praise blacklung’s dad has a fall but no fractures
– Princess Aurora’s sister in law: post child birth issues


AO: iiipillars
Q: Vector
PAX: Bard, Black Lung, Dollywood, Focker, wardas1, Go Fish, Grape, Harbaugh, Natural Ice, Pep, princessaurora, Tackle Box, t-cell, YumYum, Haggis, TiVo, Fanny (Kotter with a long-forgotten name)
FNGs: 2 TiVo, Fanny (Kotter with a long-forgotten name)
YHC became a smidge nervous when our AOQ Grape announced todays’ session as one I’d be “committing crimes against our bodies,” although that did prompt a HC from Natural Ice due to interest in an “awkward” workout . . . Then the lightning storm prior to start had me possibly scrambling with a workout other than “let’s stand in the middle of a field at the top of a hill.” But the storm passed, the weather was perfect, and (I think) no bodies had crimes committed against them.

For today’s theme, I unearthed a playlist used up in Louisville during a recent visit to see pumpkin spice — the Louisville PAX, not ones to note the brilliance of a theme playlist, didn’t take too kindly to some of the cheesy selections, even at one point grabbing the Vector-o-jukebox to change songs. Party foul, bro. I knew the HIM of iiiPillars were far more appreciative of cheesy playlists, so this one, about partners, seemed perfect.

CONDITIONS: Post storm perfection – nice breeze, good temp.

It Takes Two – Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
Why Can’t We Be Friends – War
I Got You – Split Enz
Just the Two of Us – Grover Washington Jr w/ Bill Withers
We Can Work it Out – Beatles
Best Friend – English Beat
Get Together – The Youngbloods
With a Little Help from My Friends – Beatles
Together Forever – Rick Astley
You’re the One that I Want – Olivia Newton-John/John Travolta
Team – Lorde
Come Together – Beatles

(10 burpees to start due to the flag falling to the ground followed by 5 more due to some PAX sass re: YHC following his own instructions). Mosey to field.
Started with counting off and noting your partner, who you’d be stuck with the rest of the morn.
SSH x 20, LBC x 20, Seal claps x 10, Overhead claps x 10, Overhead press x 10, RLBC x 20. WMH and Good Mornings OYO x 10 each.

#1 PAIR: Plankjacks, Abd crunches, Incline Merkins, and “Regular” Squats – total 200 per exercise per pair, one exercises while partner runs lap.

#2 DUO: Dips, Underdogs, Overhead Squats x 200 with laps

Mosey back to Startex and high 5 partner for job well done.

MOLESKINE: Named FNG TiVo (given prior h/o of work with Direct TV) and a Kotter who had forgotten his name from long ago — as per renaming rules, the second name must be more embarrassing (assuming he was not the FNG once named “Soft Wood,” an unfortunate choice that led to never seeing that HIM again). princessaurora noted with the HIM’s initials BG that a Bee Gees song name was appropriate, specifically “Fanny” – a song about a woman who needed to be “tender with [the] love” of the 3 Australio-UK Disco singers. Natural Ice, there’s your awkward . . .

1. Biscuit Run Half Marathon this weekend – check slack for deets.

1. Prayers for Yuri
2. A lot of mumblechatter about the 60s flavor of the playlist . . . YHC took no offense, as great music is timeless, my friends.
3. Grateful for the PAX of HIM for allowing me to lead, tolerating once again (and far more that Louisville PAX) the playlist, and making me stronger and better each day.


President’s Day

AO: iiipillars
Q: Baguette
PAX: Dollywood, Goose, princessaurora, Go Fish, wardas1, Pep, Black Lung, Grape, Tackle Box, Bard, YumYum, Gov’t Mule, Haggis
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: cool and crisp

4 laps
20 SSH
10 OHP
10 GM
10 WMH

Mosey to wall
145th Presidents Day (day after)
Groups of 2
1 person runs lap
1 completes exercises
145 x Step Ups
145 x Merkins
145 x WWI
145 x dips
145 x squats

Mosey to goal line
46 Presidents
Jump squat x Bernie
Man maker x lunge
Plank until all complete

Mosey to startex

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Plankpril is coming, thanks to PA for the coffee!

COT: Haggis job search, Grape’s M’s health

The things we do for love

AO: iiipillars
Q: Grape
PAX: Focker, t-cell, Go Fish, Tackle Box, Black Lung, Goose, princessaurora, Harbaugh, Baguette, YumYum, Pep, Swiffer, Dollywood
FNGs: 1 Dollywood
CONDITIONS: snowy/icy! My fingers went numb! Just like my cold dead heart


20 SSH
10 Good Mornings OYO
10 OH Claps
10 Seal Claps
10 OH Press
10 Moroccan Night Clubs
mosey to the field



Four corners with a partner
20 hand slap merkins
20 hand slap BBSU’s
20 bropees
10 partner derkins each

One partner runs while other completes exercises for a total of 100 each of:
O Squats
V Ups
Elbows to knees (4 count mountain climbers)

3 MoMary picked from a “box of chocolates”
20 APD’s
20 Freddie Mercs
15 box cutters

MOLESKINE: we followed the journey of a star crossed lover who finally had the confidence to buy his heartthrob some flowers leading to an electric love that ultimately ended with infidelity that led to our hero contemplating the meaning of life. Thankfully, he proclaimed in the end that he would survive.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: brewsday tonight, Leanpax starts again in 10.5 months

COT: prayers for Nancy, Zelensky, the Benz family, and for love