Pumping Iron at The Hill

The Hill

13 PAX showed up on a misty morn on the Hill.

PAX: Frugal (Q), Foxtrot, Toga, Vegemite, Big Stick, Yard Sale, D’Mish, Too Tall, Grease Trap, Cinderella, Dr. Smart, Tampa Libra, Venus

WOR (All IC):
SSH x 10
Good Mornings x 10
Willie Mays Hays x 10
FBAC x 10
RBAC x 10
Overhead Claps x 10

Line up on the goal line.
Bear Crawl x 20 yards
Broad Jump x 20 yards
Sprint x 60 yards
10 Burpees
Plank and Wait

Mosey down to the amphitheater and get in groups of three to grab weights from the weight room.

Station One (with light dumbbells: 15-25 lbs): Curl, Step Up, Curl x 10
Station Two (with heavy dumbbells: 40-55 lbs): Farmers Stairs
Station Three (with kettlebell): Swings

Rotate when partner at Station One is done.
Plank and Wait after completing all stations.

Station One: Deep Squat into Shoulder Press (aka Pooper Press) x 20
Station Two: Farmers Stairs
Station Three: Deadlift into Upright Row

Rotate when partner at Station One is done.
Plank and Wait after completing all stations.

Station One: Merkin into Renegade Row x 20
Station Two: Farmers Stairs
Station Three: Goblet Squat

Rotate when partner at Station One is done.
Plank and Wait after completing all stations.

Station One: Curls AYG for 30 seconds
Station Two: Shrugs AYG for 30 seconds
Station Three: Upright Rows AYG for 30 seconds

Rotate after each station until completing all stations.

Station One: Shoulder Press AYG for 30 seconds
Station Two: Triceps Pushups AYG for 30 seconds
Station Three: Weighted LBCs AYG for 30 seconds

Rotate after each station until completing all stations.

Rinse and Repeat Parts 1-3 but cutting reps in half.

Mosey to put weights back to weight room then head back with a AYG sprint up the hill to the top lot.

Circle of Trust

One announcement from Bagger that Q failed to mention:
We are $1300 out of 6th place in F3’s Give2Give. If we get in top six, we can get a say in expansion. Check out twitter or the F3 gear page for more info. Go support!

Till Next Time,



70 and humid

1 minute warning given…

Quick mosey to the east part of the lawn, politician down the straightaway, mosey over to the south east corner of Parthenon (Speed).


ALL IC x 13:

Side straddle hop, squat, hillbillies, scorpion stretch, flutter kicks, TANKS


We decided to flank Lord Kensington today and come in from the southside. As we made our way through the parking garage and over to the steps we were worried there would be some lurking security guards. Luckily, we all made it up to the top of the parking deck and grabbed some wall for the six.

PAX were given instructions to run to the far side for the following:

Round 1:

Politician to light post one back to the wall, politician to light post two back to the wall, skip to light post three, back to the wall side shuffle the light post four, back to the wall all you got to like post five and grab some more wall for the six

Round two:

Broadjump to light pole one, AYG back from

Broadjump to light pole two, AYG back, sprint to light pole three sprint back sprint to light pole four sprint back all you got to the far wall (T – Physical)

Plank for the 6

Part 2:

Form up with the last person in leading us down the stairs of Lord Kensington and out towards Natchez trace. (T – Mental for the leaders to be led, Speed for the 6ers to stay ahead)

Queue up and perform Indian run all the way to Vanderbilt Stadium main entrance. Once there, pistol squats right leg first 10 X in cadence, left leg 10 X in cadence (Strength to not fall over).  Queue up again in the same position as we finished (Mental Toughness…aka Remembering)


Quick mosey back to the Parthenon for box jumps then sprint down the length of the person or thing on rinse and repeat 3X on the last one sprint the short side of the Parthenon sad shuffle along side then planking wait for the six (Stamina)

Mary Up:

Flutter Kix x 13 IC

Supermans x 13 IC

Plank…keep planking…1 minute…keep planking…2 minutes…3 minutes…40″ (3S2T)



Great to have nomads Vinny from Cleveland and Fireball from Houston.  Today was a fun day, tried to avoid anything to do with the upper body as YHC has a bad case of bursitis and cellulitis in right arm.  Think we accomplished that outside of the 3:40 plank.

Third Degree was showing out on the sprints and the upper deck Kensington work.  Nice job man.

None FNG :/ represented…


Lots going on in the local Regions and in the Nation as a whole…

  • Prayers for The Wallaces, Kemps and Holmes.  Prayers for Chum’s dad in ICU in Montgomery, Definitely prayers for Houston.
  • Love for yall to give back if you can to help the Expansion of the Nation, click the link here: http://f3nation.com/2017/07/29/give2give-august-1-31-2017/
  • GrowRuck ’05 is coming up on weekend of 17 November in Chattanooga, it is far and away one of the best leadership development courses you can get and it is super affordable.  Check out the sign up, the gear and some intel in the links below:






  • First Friday Lunch this Friday at The Cookery 1130 on 12th Ave

PAX: Stein, Bicentennial Man, 3rd Degree, Blue Mule, Fireball, Vinny, Crawfish, Porcelain

Q: Bagger Vance

Welcome to Love Hill

QIC: Toga

Pax: Bagger Vance, Floppy Disk, Funyuns, Foxtrot, Tortoise, Grease Trap, Cowboy, Venus, Vegemite, Toga.., and at least 13 others

23 strong posted for a perfect morning at Sir Ellington’s.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey up the hill to the central parking lot.  COP: SSH, Don Quixote, Imperial Walkers, hillbillies, merkins, scorpion stretch #crowdpleaser

Mosey to the foot of the hill at the Hogan Rd entrance and begin Love Hill= partner 1 runs up the hill to the Moss Building and returns to partner 2.  In the mean time, partner 2 executes lunges up the hill, and the team keeps his progress.  Switch roles then switch to broad jump burpees for round 2 and bear crawls for round 3.

All in for merkins and abs: flutter kicks, close grip merkins, leg raises, archer merkins right, archer merkins left, scissor me Xerxes, wide grip merkins.., maybe something else.

Return to the bottom of the hill for.., you guessed it, Love Hill 2.0.  Same format with reverse lunges, crab walk and bear crawl.

Mosey back to the flag for ~3 minutes of SheHateMe= 10 2-count lunges, 10 burpees and 10 merkins, rinse and repeat till time expires.

NMM:  YHC figured it was time to dust off the Q shoes and give it a try here in Nashvegas.  Sir Ellington certainly gives you a lot of options, and the hill circuit is a long time favorite.  There was some initial discussion of the virtues of the scorpion stretch and the blissful sounds of YHC’s cadence.  We’ll await reports on how that works out in respective bedrooms.

Who was it that heard the call of nature during Love Hill round 2?  He may be the smartest member of the PAX out there.

Thanks to all of you for providing an F3 community in our family’s new home!

Prayers for those in need of healing, those coming home and the people of TX in need of a home.

Stay Classy,


PS:  YHC’s phone required a complete rebuild this morning and caused me to lose the recording with the names.  Feel free to add them in comments.



The British invasion on the Square

QIC: Aristotle (VCoQ) and Iditarod
PAX: Aristotle, Iditarod, Scraps, Ace, G-String, Black Lung, Big Worm, NPR, Grohl, Yosef, Air Wolf, Nadal, Pharoah, CDL
14 PAX enter the Gloom for Aristotle’s V-Co-Q, walk away with smoked abs and Beatles tunes in their heads.
Warm O Rama:
Long lap around the Boro town Square sidewalk, with a random Bear Crawl for fun
SSH x 20 IC
Thriller x 10 IC (Modified Willie Mays Hays, the side slide + stomp + clap that zombie Michael Jackson does in the music video)
Arm circles and Reverse Arm Circles (with rhyming unison chant) x 18 IC each
Extended Good Mornings X 10 IC
The Thang: The “Fab Four.” A mix of exercises through four Beatles songs of around 2.5 minutes in length, with a lap in between. 
“She Loves You” do a Bodybuilder every utterance of “she loves you” and “yeah yeah yeah” with run in place in between
Lap around the Courthouse
“Help” V-sit at every “Help!” Flutter kicks during verses, crunches during choruses. Do not let your feet hit the pavement. (The goal is to have everyone by the end crying along with John Lennon “help me get my feet back on the ground”)
“Why Don’t We Do It in the Road” – 2 Copperhead Squats  every time Paul McCartney belts out “road” –but due to music technical difficulties and a few false starts, Aristotle and some PAX finish out the song a capella
“I Me Mine” During George Harrison’s lament about selfishness as the band broke up, PAX hold a plank. Pushup every time the Quiet Beatle sings “I me mine” –and Alternating Shoulder Taps during the two rock ‘n roll breakdowns.
(Aristotle realizes after the fact that Ringo was the only Beatle not represented in vocals. Should have done “Yellow Submarine”)
[Iditarod spot]
Inspired by the origin story Aristotle shared about lets do it in the road.  The Pax completed 20 Monkey Humpers IC.
Mosey to steps near library Box jump up the Stairs
10 Merkins
Mosey down Parking Deck Stairwell to the Fuzz Parking far corner-Iditarod shared that portio of AO ideal for bad weather days 10 Merkins, 10 Squats, 20 LBCs.
3 Sprints the length of parking deck various distances
Mosey back to square
Hello Dollies x 20 IC
45 Seconds of Cross Bridge
Moleskine: Aristotle shared devo/reflection about the balance between his love for rock music vs. love for the Bible. He has memorized many song lyrics since his youth, but through 15 years of empirical experience, always senses a positive difference when he does the Bible instead. Go and do likewise. Prayed for PAX to build up and encourage one another in and outside of the Gloom.

Wide World of North American Sports

QIC: Yosef


PAX: Sea Gull, Grohl, Anchor, AirWolf, Ace, King, Jack, Aristotle, Black Lung, Papa Juan, NPR, Iditarod, Nadal


PAX overcame the fartsack to Post on the first cool fall-feeling morning of the year.


Warm O Rama:

1 lap in MMC parking lot

Stretches in cadence: toe touch, flat back left & right, groin stretch L&R, Quads L&R, Arm across L&R, Triceps L&R


Led Pax in plyometrics to get a litte winded and warm.


High skips

Butt kicks

Grapevine L&R



Advised PAX that QIC has sports on the brain, gave options of workouts that apply or relate to football, basketball, and baseball. PAX grumbled they wanted to try football


Introduced PAX to CB turn drills – backpedal from the “line of scrimmage”, open your hips to follow the receiver, and then sprint after the “catch.” Confirmed PAX was feeling the burn before moving on.


PAX decided to give baseball a try next. Performed Field of Dreams x1. 1st base: LBC’s, 2B: Merkins, 3B: rowers, Home plate: 15 burpees. Teams of 4 each took a base and only moved on once the home plate team completed their burpees and relived the next base. Performed until everyone had completed burpees and ran the bases.


QIC got excited about football and had to be reminded we love basketball too.


Suicide ladder x3 with a twist. 1st set x5 Merkins, 2nd set x10 air squats, 3rd set x15 full sit ups. Proud of the PAX for finishing the last 15 situps as a team.


Finished out with a plank smoker, Plank Hurdles, down and back. PAX excelled at hurdling, not at how much space to leave between each other.


Finished with Circle of Trust and Ball of Man as we ran out of time



Get Back Up

PAX: Bagger Vance, Leatherneck, Big Stick, Too Tall, Cinderella, Foggy Pirate, Yard Sale, Head Stud, Olan Mills, Toga, Venus, Buchanon (F3Cleveland), Funyuns (QIC) (Cobains to the one PAX whom YHC is forgetting)

75* and humid

5:30 AM- Mosey to the LBMC parking lot for COP:  GMs, BKs, BACs f&r, APs, SCs all x 10 IC. Happy Jacks x 5, Burp Jacks x 5

The Thang:

Mosey to curb for tempo clock merkins (12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock) x 10 each position

20 toe-taps (both feet=1) into 5 burpees. R&R x 5.

Mosey back to parking lot for escalating 4 corners. C1- 10 burpees, C2- 10 burpees, 20 CDDs (dry docks), C3- 10 burpees, 20 CDDS, 30 Squats, C4- 10 burpees, 20 CDDs, 30 squats, 40 FKs (1,2=1). Run C1 to C2, Bear crawl C2 to C3, run C3-C4, crawl bear C4 to C1.

20 ASTs on the curb

Partner up for 7s (6-1,5-2, etc.).  CDDs and diamond merkins. Partner wheel barrow out 5 parking spaces for CDDS, flap jack partners, wheel barrow back to beginning for DMs. This was fun!

Back to curb for 20 TTs and 5 burpees.

Mosey to park. Keep partners. P1 holds pull-up (chin above bar or arm straight) while P2 sprints to path and back (approx 20 yards). Flap jack. 5 rounds! (Big Stick made YHC do 6 rounds)

Mosey back to NLPs parking lot for Mary

Mary: 10 butterfly sit-ups OYO, 30 LBCs IC, 30 Hello Dollys IC, Laney Lou for 45 seconds


NM: Great work! Remember Kemps and Wallaces. Convergence 9/11. Grow Ruck 11/17-18. Love God, Love your family, Love others!




Why The Hill is called The Hill

20 PAX showed up on an incredible morning to get better and learn a lesson on why The Hill is called The Hill.

Pax: Frugal Macdoogal (Q), CCR (Honorary Co-Q), Ludwig Von Oshkosh, Yard Sale, Edible Arrangement, Cinderella, Life Champ, Vegemite, Toga, Venus, Night Stand, Black Widow, Buffalo Bill, Wee Wee, Dr. Smart, CAPSLOCK, Big Stick, Blood Clot, and a special welcome to out of towners Commie (F3 Birmingham), Waterboy (F3 Louisville)

Mosey to football field to soak up some scenery and get things kicked off with WOR.   Q was inspired by CCR’s mention on Slack that free tours would be given of FRA’s campus, so with The Hill comes quite a few hills and lovely jaunt around campus.

SSH x 20

Willie Mays Hays x 10

Good Mornings x 10

Forward BAC x 15

Backward BAC x 15

WWI x 10


Mosey to softball field and partner up. Partner one does merkins while partner two runs hill. Rotate until 71 as a pair.  Plank and wait.

Mosey up to track field. Partner one does gorilla humpers while partner two runs hill. Rotate and rinse and repeat until 100 total as a pair.  Plank and wait.

Mosey over to the playground.  Partner one does pull ups while partner two runs hill. Rotate and rinse and repeat until 40 total as a pair. American hammer and wait.

Mosey down to the front of the lower school.  Partner one does burpees while two runs steps. Rotate and rinse and repeat until 40 total as a pair. WWI and wait.

Mosey over to the middle school flagpole. Partner one does mountain climbers while two runs hill. Rotate and rinse and repeat until 200 total as a pair. Toe touch and wait.

Mosey over to the amphitheater.  Partner one does resistance band shoulder press while two does amphitheater jumps x4. Wall sit and wait.

Mosey over to library steps.  Partner one does resistance band curls while two runs the quad loop. Rinse and repeat. Plank and wait.

Mosey back to the top parking lot.  Partner one does resistance band rows while two runs two hills back to back. Rinse and repeat. Plank and wait.

Squat jump x 10

Merkins x 20

Hip Thrusters x 30

Plank x 1 minute

Circle of Trust


Great work today, guys!  Enjoyed leading it and make sure to thank CCR for getting your daily steps and floors in.   We were around 2.5 miles total and 60 floors thanks to the hills.

Till next time,



Path of Totality

22 answered the bell, punched the sirens of the fartsack in the gullet, popped the red pill and posted for a Q they wouldn’t long forget.  This was a request from Funyuns so you can blame him if it sucked.

74 and humid

Mosey around the upper loop and convene back in front of main entrance.


All IC x 13


Imperial Walkers

Lt Dans

Flutter Kix (yes in the WOR)


Partner up of equal yolking, grab the mini flags and speaker and roll up Marchant.  Pretty quick pace up past the gate and then a sudden bank to the left and off in the grass.  First mini flag was planted next to utility pole at the top of the hill.  Second mini flag was planted in the bottom of the Holler, yes it’s a holler in Mid TN.  Speakers left at near curb in big lot and PAX planked out at the Fire Watch Tower.


As a group of two complete two Burpees at FWT, four Burpees at Speaker, six Burpees at Mini flag 1 and 8 Burpees at Mini Flag 2 or was that 1?  Irrelevant.  On the way back to FWT hit the Burpee Stations in reverse order…6, 4, 2…

Side Straddle Hop for the Six

Rinse n Repeat

Lt. Dan for the Six

Rinse n Repeat

Two Minute Plank Progression

Imperial Walker for the Six

Rinse n Repeat

Flutter Kix for the Six

Rinse n Repeat with this caveat…

4 Burpees at FWT, 8 Burpees at Speaker, 12 Burpees at Mini Flag 1, 16 Burpees at Mini Flag 2

Plank for the Six

Get Partnered back up for Indian Run back to CHUM


2:40.01 Plank Progression

Supermans x 13 IC

Flutter Kix x 22 IC

Ola Binarys x 13 IC



This Q was a Redux from 2 Feb 16 which was CCRs second post.  I was surprised with the Turnout of HIM for this am.

Floppy Disk brought the coffee and went over to the Playground for his bum ankle Solo Q.  After many a call from the PAX he joined us for Mary.


Many new AOs to choose from, I would encourage you all to get out there and test one of them out.

9/11 Convergence at Percy Warner Park at the Stairs to the now Shuddered Stairway to Heaven.  Launch time will be 0500.  ALL NASHVILLE AND FRANKLIN AO WILL BE DIRECTED THERE.

ROCK n ROAD 30 Mile 5 Man Team Race coming up on 22 October.  This is a great race and a great replacement for the Tough Mudder.

Continued Prayers for the Kemps, they are currently in Disney on a Make A Wish trip.

My Buddy John Wallace returns home tomorrow.  He is in for a long tough recovery.  Please pray for his fortitude, his family and his marriage.

Truly an honor to call you men Brothers.  Thank you for your willingness to lead, your willingness to follow and for busting me down when I need it!


Bagger Vance


CCR, Big Bang, Funyuns, FTTAL, Black Widow, Night Stand, Dr Smartt, Vegemite, Floppy Disk, Black Lung, Edible Arrangements, CHUM(p), Dupree, Binary, Cinderella, Too Tall, Venus, PreVac, Umbrella, RBON, Preacher Man, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Westeros – 08/21/17 – “Brotality”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Third Person, Crawfish, Porcelain, T-Cell, Iron Lung


6 PAX posted at Westeros for some sun salutation before the Great American Eclipse. YHC had promised it was gonna get weird, and YHC delivered.




Long mosey to the gym parking lot by West End Middle to initiate launch sequence aka COP. All exercises IC.


  • SSH x 33
  • IW x 33
  • Air Press x 33
  • Merkin x 33 (1ct)


Head over to the lot off of Bowling . PAX pair up for a tribute to the day’s 22nd member of Solar Saros 145. Similar to Dora 1-2-3, P1 runs to the top of the hill and back while P2 performs AMRAP of first exercise. Team goals for each are 145.


  • Squats
  • Air Presses
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Overhead Squats
  • Smurf Jacks


Hop onto the wet soccer field for some Copernicus-inspired work. And now a long, but totally worthwhile explanation: PAX form a group in the middle of a circle (drawn out in the dew in this case) to play the role of the Sun. Keeping the same partner, two PAX step out to the edge of the circle in position to “orbit” the Sun and call out an exercise for the Sun to perform. P1 (Earth) performs burpee broad jumps around the circle while P2 (Moon) bear crawls around him. Each time the Moon completes one revolution and gets between the Sun and the Earth (Eclipse), both PAX perform 5 Merkins. This continues for one full “year” at which point another pair switches out. Rinse and repeat until each pair has played both roles.


Now that it’s over, mosey back to the launch point for 7MOM, all IC.


  • Scissor Kicks x 33
  • LBCs X 33
  • American Hammers x 33
  • Plank x 33″
  • Side Plank R/L x 33″






Great to have everybody out there for the third week of Westeros, and a special thanks to Iron Lung for making the trek. It was the best birthday gift a Q could ask for. Since this is so late, I hope everybody was able to enjoy totality yesterday. If you didn’t, make plans to head to northwest Kentucky in 2024 where it’ll be happening again.




  • Hambone has the Q at Titan tomorrow. Should be rucking awesome.


  • Check out The Hill on Thursdays at FRA. Rumor is that you actually have to sign a waiver, so no verbal disclaimer needed when you Q there!


  • Speaking of, we need Qs for The Hill, Bomber, and Stonewall this week. There are too many PAX in F3 Nashville for this to be the case. If you’re feeling nervous, unfit, or inept, ask somebody to co-Q with you. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: F3 is about the invigoration of male community leadership. Time to give back to your brethren and help them better themselves. You’ll better yourself in the process. Now let’s get that Q calendar filled up.


PA out.

Century Club 2.0 at DETENTION

D’Mish, Black Widow, Yard Sale, Grease Trap, Edible Arrangement, Faulkner, Cinderella, Dupree, Ludwig Von Osh Kosh, Boudin, Dine n’ Dash, T-Swizzle, Calfkiller, Yoder, Tidy Cats, Venus (the female razor), Too Tall, Blackwater and CCR (YHC)

After we made it through Sunday evening with the Detention Q slot still open, I decided it was time for the next installment of the Century Club. I have no idea the temp or humidity, but I do know that I started sweating like a pig 2 minutes in.

Mosey around the back of the school to the pavilion. Apologies to my man Cinderella for the rolled ankle…gotta watch out for those sink holes back there.  Circle up under the pavilion for some SSH, WMH, GM, Hop Kicks and slow and low merkins.  All in cadence…all 10 reps.  Mosey to the parking lot for the main event.

Century Club 2.0
At the last minute, I decided to change things up a bit. Rather than the more regimented Century Club 1.0, I decided to make this a little more free-flowing.  It took Calfkiller and Yard Sale a little while to warm up to it, but I think they were good by the end.

Here is how it went. Perform 100 reps of 10 different exercises (listed below).  The only rule is that you cannot rest in place.  Once a PAX was ready for a break, they were to run across the parking lot to the opposite arrows and resume their reps until they reached 100.  PAX were free to break it up however they saw fit.  Seeing that almost all PAX had deferred their Burpees until the very end, we switched to mandatory burpees when the clock struck 6:11am.  Three minutes of burpees, 1 minute of mary and we were done.

A couple thoughts on this. First, NO ONE finished.  Not even close.  I learned that Mountain Merkins (new exercise) are terrible and quite possibly worse than atomic merkins (introduced during Century Club 1.0).  100 of them took up a good chunk of the morning.  With a few tweaks, I think this modified version will be back.

After a few announcements, prayers for Cinderella’s daughter during her surgery, Kemp family, etc… Faulkner asked if he could close us out in prayer.  He probably in the middle of his relocation to London as we speak.  He had some great words for the group and will certainly be missed.  Open invite to crash his pad if anyone is passing through downtown London.

A pleasure as always…be sure to sign up to Q to avoid the Century Club coming back anytime soon. F3 does not work without everyone doing their part to lead.  I am always game to co-Q or assist in any way I can with a VQ.  I know many others feel the same way.

Until next time,