Death by Cochran

15 total PAX (13 actually completed the workout) showed up in the early morning gloom. Spring has settled in and the level of sweat has been increasing with each workout as the early morning temperatures rise.

QIC: BoyBand

PAX: Black Lung, Pope, Razorback, Yard Sale, PSL, CCR, Brother-at-law, Duvall (Willy Lowman from Seattle), CAPSLOCK, Too Tall, Red Skull, Dupree

Bagger Vance (left before the workout, but after a speed ruck) and Big Stick (showed up late and couldn’t find us until the last minute of Mary).

We started with a lap around the church and then settled in for…

WOR: SSH x20, Good Mornings, Willy Mays, Baby Arm Circles forwards … Black lung arrives… 10 Burpees, Baby arm circles backwards, overhead claps


Mosey over to the Cochran hill for a duplication pyramid.  At each light post (there are 6 total) we performed an increasing number of the following 4 exercises:

Burpees – Squats – Merkins – WWIs

The sequence was as follows:

1-2-4-8-16-32 on the way up

32-16-8-4-2-1 on the way back down -> Flutter kicks for the 6

While the pain and dizziness left us seeing double, it was time for Cochran suicide runs.  Stop at each street light and return to the bottom. 1 Burpee at each stopping point to mark the stop. We completed 6 of the 8 possible stops before we ran out of time.

Mary: Almost didn’t make it, flutter kicks for the 6 and then 1 minute of low plank

Thanks for letting me lead, good to see everyone out there.


Westeros – Monday Funday

PAX: The Nanny, Pumpkin Spice, Blue Mule, Trapper Keeper, Cub Cadet, Vector, Crawlspace, Hi-Viz, Bicentennial Man

WOR: Mosey to the basketball court behind the school, AKA The Crab Trap for some SSH, WMH, Good Mornings, Statue of Liberty, arm circles, Moroccan night clubs and squats. We counted off partners and took a mosey to the hill circle by the gym.


Thang 1: Partners traveled the loop in a clockwise fashion with partner 1 performing a modified Obama, more like a George W, by bear crawling and doing 2 merkins for each hand move. Partner 2 ran the length of the loop until they caught back to partner 1. PAX performed a 5 Lt. Dan Handshake (Danshake) and swapped roles.

Thang 2: Brief mosey to the playground area for 7s with Burpees and Inverted rows on the swings (aka Steve Irwins, aka Underows, aka Down unders)

Thang 3: PAX finished with 5x hill sprints, every minute on the minute with the last taking us back to the parking lot. Sprints were ~50yd uphill.

MARY: There was no Mary, instead we opted for 4 mins of cool down stretching. YHC has battled more injuries this year than in many previous and I have been thinking hard about ways to work in stretching and recovery into both workouts and non-workout time. I have thoughts and would love to hear those of other PAX as well.


  • Reminder that Porcelain is running the Ironman 70.3 very soon and is looking for fund raising $$$. F3 body art coming if we meet a $300 goal as a collective PAX.


The Heart of DEFIANT

Pre-Party: YHC led Typo+ in a 5 Pull-up, 7 Merkin and 9 Iron Mikes (each side = 1) on the minute x 10 rounds routine. Warmed up!

black and white heart GIF

5 PAX in attendance: Typo+, NumbTucks, Altidore, Old Hickory, & 3rd Degree (QiC)


  • ShowMe Lap
  • SSH IC x 25
  • IW IC x 15
  • Inchworm stretch Merkins OYO x 8
  • WMH
  • GM


Mosey to back of school and while running a lap around the “heart” YHC explained the concept for today: split into 2 groups (one with 3) and while P1 does AMRAP of the called exercise, P2/P3 run a lap around the heart. But you have to enter and exit the Heart from the same side.

We did:

  • H: Humpers (The Monkey variety)
  • E: Everest (Mountain Climbers)
  • A: Angle Grinders
  • R: Reverse Lunges
  • T: Turkish Get-ups

Each lap was ~0.2 miles and took ~1.5 minutes.

black and white heart GIF


Now that the calisthenics portion is complete, let’s sprint!

We sprinted from one end of the heart to the other through the middle with various MOT: AYG Sprint with mosey around the border back to start with speedbump of 20 APD with feet on a ball, Round 2: same as before but speedbump was 20 derkins with feet on ball, Round 3: 10 Merkins then AYG Sprint, Round 4: Karaoke while facing school to midway through heart then turn and AYG to other end. Round 5: Same as 4 but to the other side. Round 6: Bear Crawl to midpoint then AYG, Round 7: Crawl Bear then AYG

Finished off the PAX with a brief review of HEART with 5 reps of each exercise in the acronym.

valentines day heart GIF by Geek & Sundry

Mosey back to center of the heart for:


What we Learned:

  • LMP Brass knuckling Numbtucks’ forearm Saturday may have helped…
  • Altidore has grit…stayed after it all morning.
  • YHC shared from a couple inspirational sources recently…SpiderMan may get knocked down, but he always gets back up.
  • More importantly, Jesus encouraged his fearful disciples by saying, “Take Heart, don’t fear…”
  • This Saturday, you might feel at the end of your endurance or strength, you might get knocked down physically, mentally or emotionally, but GET BACK UP! Take Heart…Enter the GAUNTLET and be reforged into something greater.


  • The Gauntlet is coming this Saturday, 5/4/19 F3Nolensville’s first CSAUP event. Today was in prep for that…it will be 2.5-3 hours, ~8 miles, 5 AOs, endless memories and EPIC MumbleChatter…Are you in?
  • Memorial Day CSAUP including preparty Murph set for 5/27/19. Brentwood YMCA, Preparty, Hero of the Day Workout 6-7, then Ruck Post-party.
  • RagDoll is planning our first ever F3Dads local event for May 19th, Sunday afternoon. Free event with kid-friendly 45 minute workout with fellowship time afterwards. Message RagDoll for more info..
  • Make sure to sign up for Q slots for F3 Nolensville’s 4 AOs on under Q Sign up (created a link in this sentence) or I will gladly take them all!

Stay on the Path…3D-out!

Hang in there!

PAX: Black Widow, Umbrella, Offshore, Toga (QIC), Backlash, Leatherneck, Boone’s Farm, Olan Mills

Eight redwoods showed up to get better this morning.., and maybe stretch their arms out a little bit.  Here’s how it went down:

Circle up for quick disclaimer and mosey to park for warmup COP… the usual stuff.  Head to playground for Day 2 of Marine PFT HIT Workout:

Complete 30 secs of each duo of exercises for three rounds then 45 sec rest before switching stations:

Station 1: Pull-ups, hanging knee raises

Station 2: Pullover, Hanging windmills

Station 3:  Rows, hanging flutter kicks

Station 4: Pushups, Hanging leg lowers

Station 5: Curls, hanging leg raises

Mosey back to parking lot for 4×100 yard sprints

COT with YHC taking us out


4:13 class finishing this week!  Good luck to the class on interviews!

0545 Sat. ruck with breakfast at First Watch on Franklin Rd to follow

NMM:  It turns out that hanging leg raises, windmills and flutter kicks all pretty much look like the same thing after a couple of rounds.  YHC’s posture looks much better after being racked for 18 rounds hanging on some monkey bars.  That said, the PAX got after it, and it was a pleasure to lead.

Stay Classy,


Gauntlet schmauntlet @ The Forge

Related image

Time to get ready for some gauntlet action next weekend. Nothing like some running and getting REAL close with your bros to get a man prepared!

A wonderful morning- no more gloom and a gentle breeze, 50 deg and warming

19 PAX. Fell one short of Numbtucks’ challenge but still a great showing.  Co-QiC Little Miss Piggy and Cheezwhiz, Mickey Mouse, Show Me, Numbtucks, Nimbus 1500230349587, Tebow, 3rd deg, Old Hickory, Stats, Staples, Hush Puppy, Mufasa, TV Guide, Typo +, Kermit, Mr. Opus, Creeper, Sterno

Preparty:  led by the one and only KERMIT!   a nice opening run to the Elementary school and back — about 2.5 miles

Disclaimer then warm up:  BAC-IC, toy soldiers, WillieMaysHays

The Gauntlet touts a challenging 8 mile course, and seeing that it is next weekend…we decided the group needed a little cardio booster today — let’s get some more running in.

RUN: x 1 mile –everyone seemed to still be feeling pretty good, even the prepartiers

Thang 1:  GUNS-N-ROWSES !!!
LMP still isn’t sure why CheezWhiz insisted that we not run into the nearby neighborhood to do this thang .  Weird.   But it did seem that the  people driving by were all staring at this bunch of manly-men rising to the challenge and engorging their…backs and biceps!
Attitude adjustment x 10 burpees.
Partner UP–PAX1 stands straddling PAX2 laying on ground.  PAX1 does a low row using PAX2 as weight, then PAX2 does a hanging bicep curl on PAX1’s arms. Apocalypse style counting down from 10 to 5, then switched positions and repeat.   Man the mumble chatter was classic Nolensville on this one.

Image result for ace and garyRelated image

Run: x .75 mile  end at playground

Thang 2:    10x 10
grab a ledge and we have 10 reps each of Copenhagens, Merkins, and Squats on the minute x 10 minutes — to spice it up we threw a few rounds of different type of merkins.

Run:  x.91 miles  through neighborhood and back to vehicles   = total of 2.66 miles  + preparty .   I think I heard a final total including PP to be 5.3 miles.  Great work.

Plank and wait for the six.

Mary:  Grab a small coupon.  Circle up.
Split leg WWI with twist x 10 to each leg ,  American Hammers IC  x 25 ,  single coupon Merkin with pull though x 10.

COT: Count and Name-o-rama.  Prayer.
Announcements- Gauntlet next Sat. at 5am !   Be there (if you can)
Prayer-SoccerMom, LMP’s mother-in-law with breast cancer (mastectomy soon), Spicoli’s getting his scan results to check for cancer return, Barney running marathon, Mufasa job situation (praise and prayer) …sorry if I missed one — just message me and i’ll add it here.
Praise-HushPuppy’s nephew with leukemia found out it is a more treatable type but keep praying b/c he is undergoing treatment

Coffeeteria served — and Numbtucks was served by LMP as well 🙂

Perfect 7 for Lucky 13

Temp: 50
Gloom Factor: Nil
PAX: Bad Boy, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Deep Dish, Pop A Lock, Vegemite, Hambone, Bagger Vance

0600: Disclaimer

Long Mosey to the playground across from Third Person’s old hooch.

Circle Up for WOR:

SSH x 13 IC
Willy x 10 IC
GMA x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC


Lucky 13 (Modified due to lack of coupons)

Three Rounds x 13 Reps
Knees to Elbows/Box Jumps
KB Swings
Push Press
Walking Lunges
Mtn Climbers
Supine Thrusters
Pull Ups/ Rows

After R1 we did a quick lap around the park and started w R2.

After R2 we knocked out 6 8 ct Body Builders at Deep Dish’s request. Actually DD wanted more burpees but Pop thought 8CBB were better.

As we headed back to startex, Indian Run called out. When we completed R1, YHC threw curveball, PAX IRing would loop around the other PAX and then return to the front again. We alternated between Regular and the Double back home.

PAX planked out as YHC grabbed football for what reason YHC still can’t say…

PAX finished out R3 w some mods but all exercises and reps accounted for.


First things first, never partner up w Pop A Lock when Bro Rowing that is unless you enjoy getting T bagged. Ask Deep Dish for details.
YHC failed on starting Garmin until about 5 minutes in so our mileage was a bit off. Cobains.
Also, some Qonfusion on IC, OYO and some of the exercises but all PAX seemed sufficiently smoked.

Vegemite’s wife going back to work Mon after a long recovery from ankle surgery.
Pop finishing up grad school.
Bad Boy and M adjusting to baby girl.
Keep me in your TAP, supposed to meet with George on Tuesday to develop a strategy on our partnership, terms, etc.


Memorial Day – Concord Rd Y

0500 Murph

0600 Main Event

0700 Speed Ruck

Triple Down if you’re Hard Enough

Bagger Vance

Bomber – 04.26.19 – “Form Friday”

16 PAX showed up and GOT AFTER IT for a Form Friday beatdown

QIC: Toothless (VQ), Pop-A-Lock

PAX: Bareback, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cunning Linguist, Firefox, Hambone, Hi-Viz, Porcelain, Preacher Man, Princess Aurora, Pumpkin Spice, T-Cell, Tiny Dancer, Trapper Keeper


Mosey to the upper parking lot for a Pop-A-Lock led warm-up:

  • Good Mornings (slow) x 10
  • LBAC x 10 & Big AC x 5
  • Seal Clap x 10
  • Reverse LBAC x 10 & BAC X 5
  • Willy Mays Hays x 10
  • Scorpion Stretch x 10

Mosey to the playground parking lot for a not-so-brief explanation of Form Friday from the Main Event Q (yours truly). Groups of 3 were sectioned off and good form for various exercises was demonstrated. Volunteers were so willing to demonstrate good form that all PAX did extra credit reps.

The set of exercises was as follows:

  • 25 “Low & Slow” Merkins
  • 50 Prisoner Squats
    • Extra spice here was the PAX line up opposite each other with one foot of separation in between. If the arms of any PAX touched due to leaning forward, a 5 rep penalty was incurred.
  • 2 cycles of Coach
    • Look on F3 Nation for a full explanation, but this consisted of one PAX holding a pull up while another sprinted around the cul-de-sac in front of the fitness center. The third PAX did everything in his verbal power to keep the hanging PAX in the air until the sprinting PAX returned.
  • 15 Burpees
  • 1 cycle of 20 Partner Plank Curls
    • PAX 1 high planking, PAX 2 holding feet of PAX 1 and curling, PAX 3 holding low plank. Rotate until each PAX has done 20 curls.
  • Recovery Mosey around McCabe Fitness Center

Rinse & Repeat x 1 (Q planned repeat x 2 but was over-ambitious)

Mosey to the Shovel Flag for Mary:
(Q hits limit of Q-adrenaline, splashes the merlot, what a VQ)

  • Hello Dollies x 10
  • Box Cutters spelling TOOTHLESS
  • Box Cutters x 10
  • Reverse Box Cutters x 10
  • WWI x 10
  • WWII x 10
  • Body Builders x 10



Highlight of the Thang: We had a “spirit” award given out verbally today to a group of PAX who couldn’t stop themselves from dancing and clapping mid-workout to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” The Q was confused as he thought the workout was enough to take that extra energy away, but it was a Friday after all so enthusiasm was welcome.


  • Porcelain has a fundraising opportunity for communities that host Marathons, a good way to give back, contact him for details.
  • Tiny Dancer is gauging interest on opening a Spring Hill AO for Saturday mornings @ 6am. Let him know if you’re interested as 3-4 will be enough to start it up.

Thanks to all the PAX for making today a great VQ. It was an honor, and I look forward to the next chance to lead.

X Marks the Spot – The Hill 4.25.19

PAX: Money Shot, Razor, Big Stick, Frugal MacDoogal, Renegade, Zinfandel (F3 Charlotte), Razorback (Q).

CONDITIONS: Couldn’t be better.

WOR: Mosey to and complete one lap around football field. West goal line for the following: SSH x50, Good Mornings x10, WMH x10, BACs x10, Hillbillies x50, Scorpions x5 each side, Merkins x10, Squats x10, Butt Kickers/High Knees/Heel Taps x10 in place. On to the NW corner of the field for…

THANG: X sprints with exercises in the 4 corners of the field. Starting at NW corner x5, run to SE corner x10, run to NE corner x 15, run to SW corner x20, run back home = 1 round (1 full field X sprint + 50 reps of exercise). We completed 8 rounds with the following exercises: HR merkins, jump squats, V-ups, Carolina dry-docks, split squat jumps (that was a burner), box cutters, close-grip merkins, squats. Aspired to 9 rounds but Q inserted some much needed (for me) 60-second rest breaks between rounds. 


Razor heads out on tour next week and will be on the road for a month. 5/1 in Chattanooga and, for those degenerate PAX among us, also in Atlantic City on 5/4. Good luck on the road brother.  

Lots of open Q spots at The Hill in the weeks ahead.

Pleasure to be with you men this morning.


Another 8,760 Hours of Pure Marital Bliss

PAX: Silver Medal, Boone’s Farm, Pop-A-Lock, Trapper Keeper, Lumbergh, Left Turn (Willy Loman from F3 Houston) and En Fuego 

QIC: En Fuego

This time last year, YHC and several PAX gathered at Westeros to celebrate YHC’s 11-year wedding anniversary.  8,760 hours later, it was time to do it again, celebrating 12 years, or for those keeping count, 105,120 total hours of pure marital bliss.

0530 arrives, we disclaim and then mosey throughout the parking lot up to the field, stopping at four different points to perform a set of 10, 5, 1 and 20 diamond merkins – celebrating the 105,120 hours with some diamonds.

Huddle up for some WOR – where we knock out 12 each of the following:



I – Imperial Walkers


S – the blissful Scorpion Stretch

YHC then informs the PAX of the 12 years, 144 months celebration and off we go for the…


Any successful marriage begins with finding the right partner, so that’s what we do.  Then, 3 rounds of exercises focusing on the numbers 12 (years) and 144 (months).

Round 1:  Start at bottom of Bernie Hill; Partner 1 begins to knock out 144 burpees while Partner 2 Bernie Sanders to top of Bernie Hill; perform 12 hand-release merkins at top and then back to bottom.  Flap-jack until Partner 1 and 2 have collectively knocked out 144 burpees, and pause along the way during the hand-release to take in a beautiful IIIP sunrise.

Round 2: Mosey to playground.  Partner 1 begins to knock out 144 Steve Irwins, Partner 2 runs down the stairs to the roundabout and performs 12 dips.  Flap-jack until collective 144 Steve Irwins reached.

Round 3: Mosey to far end zone on the field.  Partner 1 bear crawls to the 20 yard line, performs 12 iron mikes.  Crawl bear back the 20 yards.  Partner 2 is knocking out jump squats.  Flap-jack until collective 144 jump squats performed.

Five minutes on the clock.  We line up for rounds of 60 yard sprints with a set of Mary in-between sprints.

Time called and anniversary party officially over.  PAX put in the work, knocking out the above exercises while traversing 1.65 miles worth of AO.

During COT, YHC issued an AO challenge that each of the fine PAX boldly accepted.  We discussed Ephesians 5:25 -> “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and give himself up for her.”  There is no more selfless, no more sacrificial love than Christ’s love for the Church.  Further, this verse in and of itself is not an ask that we love our wives in a similar, selfless manner, but rather a mandate.  So, our challenge, and certainly for YHC during anniversary week, is we must a) perform one completely random, selfless act of service / kindness to our wives this week and b) report about it on Slack – to keep us encouraged and accountable.  And of course for each PAX that doesn’t complete the above, there may or may not be an AO penalty to kick the gloom off next Tuesday.

Honor to have led and appreciative to live out the gloom with each of you

En Fuego




Twin Peaks meets Star Twins

Great job today.
The temp was almost perfect, the sunrise almost perfect and the 14 men that met near the Parthenon…..well we can say they made themselves better by showing up.
Guest Gemini from Pittsburgh took the humble Q and after a disclaimer of sorts warmed up the group. Batwing 10 IC
Lateral lunge jumps-10 IC. Copperhead squats-10 IC and a most to a grassy hill.
Gemini then professed his love for backward bear crawls on hills evidence by their use at Columbus Ohio convergence last year and GrowRuck 14. The task was to honor a 110 year old three legged foot race with a three legged backward bear crawl up the hill. Following was some short running, planking and dirty dogs and leg lifts from plank to make sure the right muscles were warm. The second effort was an emom with 10 toe taps on the curb followed by a burpee and a 10 yard sprint and back. Each minute you added a burpee and had less rest time. When you failed to complete in time you did 24 of any exercise during the next minute round. A good solid group made it to the 15 burpees round completing 120 burpees. One person started the 16 round but it was not completed.
The pax moseyed back to the shovel flag for one minute of side hops, 35 flutter kicks IC and 25 bicycle crunches IC to end at 0615 on the dot.

bullhorn: August grow ruck just outside of Atlanta.  East side buffalo launch shifted to 3 May.


Pumpkin spice
Ham bone
Brother at law
Hi viz
Right said
Blue mule -provided transport to guest Q
Crab legs
Twin peaks
And Q Gemini