ImprompQ 21/Apr/23

Temp – 53

Gloom Factor – Nil

PAX : Tampa, Esposa, Pedialyte, Black Widow, Donkey Hammer, EZGO, Accounts Receivable, CCR, W4AG, Deep State, Winona, Bagger Vance

QIC : Winona VQ BV

SSH X 13
Superman Stretch


Modified Sharknado BLIMPS Buffet

Burpees, Lunges (SGL), Inch Worms, Merks, P Jax, Squats
Bus Loop Clockwise
Grab Some Wall

Burpees (Rev), Lateral Lunges, Incline Merks, Super Slow Squats
Bus Loop Counterclockwise

Bear Crawl down the hill towards back of CHE
Let it go (ie sprint from side driveway to hedge row by power box)
Inverted Rows
Max Pullups
Pests w Block
Sprints n Skips x 5

Back to the blocks for more
Pests dbl leg, SGL leg
Palloff press w block

Split into 2 groups
Red Rover Burpee Broadjump

APD finish position x 20 IC
Low Plank
Speedy F Kix



The morning started off pretty normal. Did some stretching, some chatting then headed west on a mosey. This is where things got weird … our Q, Winona was a bit fixated on Qing up the tunes and suddenly went down. We are still investigating the security footage but there was either
1) a sniper that took him out 2) a random pothole that occurred overnight 3) Deep State tripped him or 4) he didn’t see the speed bump. All signs pointing to 4.

Pedialyte swooped in to do triage and the rest of us took a mosey around the mini diamonds and circled up in the lot. When EZGO asked “Who’s gonna Q” obv ATQ piped up and off we went.

BH –
Prayers up for Movin on Up’s family as his Grandfather passed away earlier this week.

Praying for our children specifically those in middle school dealing with all that goes along w MS.

413 Strong Signing Day on Friday. Hit up Red Skull for details.

Safety and speed for those running the Rock n Roll this weekend.


14 April 23

And The

Temp – 50s
Gloom Factor – Low

PAX : Black Widow, Donkey Hammer, A/R, Esposa, Floppy Disk, EZGO, W4AG, Deep State, Bagger Vance

Disclaimer Claimed 0530

Long, Fun Mosey w Various Movements

Activation x 5
Walkout to DD throw in some Merks/CDD
Spider Lunges
High Skips
Tilting Airplanes RnR
Reverse Toe Touches

Natural Movement 30”
Bear Crawl Kick Thru
Crawl Bear
Reach Backs

Power Time/Reps
Squat Complex (TUT) 10
Merkin Complex (TUT) 10
Hip Thrusters x 8 R/L RNR X 2
Eccentric Pull Up Complex (TUT) 6s X 3
Single Leg Hops 5 R/L RnR x 3
Step Into Box Jump 8 R/L RNR X 2
Sprints X 6

Stability 30” x 3
Low Plank
Shoulder Taps
Star Plank
Table Top
Pigeon R/L



Back to some new classics. Some MC mixed with groans of anguish indicated a good time by all.

Possible Local Boy sighting right after HSPUs.



Echo and the Bunnymen
Diana Ross and the Supremes
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores
Sly and the Family Stone
Buddy Holly and the Crickets
KC and The Sunshine Band
Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
Bruce Springsteen and The E Str Band Ft Tom Morello
Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Mike + The Mechanics (?)
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros
Elvis Costello and the Attractions
Prince and The Revolution
Fitz and the tantrums
Benny and the jets
Grace potter and the nocturnals
The Head and the Heart
Jason Isbell and the 400 unit

III Pillars – 04.11.23 – “What’s the 4-1-1?”

16 HIM picked up the phone and got dialed in for a 4-1-1 themed workout at III Pillars this morning.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Formica, Go Fish, Gov’t Mule, Grape, Grisham, Haggis, Harbaugh, Howitzer, It’s Just Lunch, Michelin Man, Paper Pusher, Pep, Ranch Hand, T-Cell, Zelenskyyy


After a haphazard disclaimer and brief preview of the theme, mosey to field for COP:

  • SSH
  • LBAC F
  • OH Clap
  • LBAC R
  • SnL Squat
  • WMH


Grab the 20lb slam ball and line up for a little game of “telephone.” Starting at the goal line, PAX stand shoulder to shoulder, pass the ball to the next man, running to the front to repeat until we’ve crossed to the opposite goal line. Repeat other direction. For third round, we switched to alternating behind the head and between the legs and then repeated again.


All talked out, we hit the bleachers to get “dialtoned.” PAX completed 4 rounds of 11 reps each of the following circuit with a lap in between each round.

  • D. – Derkins
  • I.  – Irkins
  • A. – Ab Thrusters
  • L. – Leg Raises
  • T. – T-Raises
  • O. – Overhead Squats
  • N. – Newton’s Cradle (2-ct)
  • E. – Eccentric APD (4-5 seconds to lower)

Rotary Phone

Mosey back to midfield and circle up facing outward and on our six. PAX pass the slam ball around the circle, aiming to get faster in each subsequent revolution. After some confusion with this antiquated piece of equipment, we threw it out and made our way back to flag for cooldown stretches and COT/BOM.


Hopefully PAX got all the information they desired from calling 4-1-1 today. Always appreciate the way y’all humor me and my silly themes. My hope is that y’all have as much fun doing the work as I do coming up with it.



  • Prayers for my mom, Louisville, and the Covenant and Nashville communities.
  • Prayers and praises for PP’s M’s last chemo treatment

Keep shining your light in this city and leading with kindness and conviction.

PA out.