14 for a Beautiful Titan Morning 4.7.21

4.7.21 Titan

Gloom: 60s, low gloom
Natural Ice
Cub Cadet
Body Spray
The Situation
Blue Mule
Black Lung
Pumpkin Spice
Michelin Man
Right Said

QIC: Right Said
Warm up mosey
Seal claps
Cherry pickers
Light post to light post:
High knees
Butt kickers
A skips
B skips
Hill 11s
Burpee at bottom
Squats at top
One trip up hill is by bear crawl
Dealer’s choice
Successful move to new startex next to Parthenon.


Titan – 2.10.21 – Choose your own adventure

Intent was to keep PAX guessing as to what was next

PAX: Cub Cadet (QIC), Michelin Man, Smoke Jumper, Vector (R-E-S-P-E-C-T), Defrost, Crawl Space, Ask Jeeves, Hambone, Siri, Rich Soil, Blue Mule, Crablegs, Black Lung, Natural Ice, Freakonomics

Conditions:  Cold enough for most of us to wear hats, but warm enough for Mule and Soil to wear shorts

Usual disclaimers and warm-up in front of the Parthenon.

Main Event:  Top of front steps of the Parthenon was considered home base.  One random pax would select an adventure, identified by letter A-F, with outcome unknown until selected.   Each adventure included a group run to a point elsewhere at Centennial Park, followed by one minute each of two different exercises.  The group released to sprint back to home base.  Upon arriving at home base, squat jump up steps and hold plank at top.   Sequence selected as follows:

  • Adventure F: Back of ellipse, formerly near women’s’ suffrage statue. Wide Arm PU, American Hammers
  • Adventure C: Open air theater near McDonalds. Route cut short by construction fence.  Dips, Leg raises
  • Adventure E: Play set / playground. Pull-ups, LBC
  • Adventure A (fan favorite): Hilltop monument across road vic dog park. Burpees, Alabama things
  • Near time, so skipped Adventures B and D; modified by doing squats, flutter kicks at home base.
  • Sprint back to AO

COT: no FNG.  Each PAX asked to share aloud one specific item of thanks / gratitude for today.  Prayer.  Coffee compliments of Hambone.


Cub Cadet

TITAN – February 3, 2021 – “NOT the most disappointing Titan of the football season”

Wednesday, February 3th 2021

Gloom: cold, real real cold

PAX:  Buster Bluth , MichelinMan, CubCadet, Natural Ice, Blueprint, Minus 3, RightSaid, AskJeeves, CrabLegs, D-frost, Siri, Badboy, BlackLung, Hambone

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog to the Parthenon, side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, slownlow Merkins, lil baby arm circles, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work:  Circuit training around the Parthenon:

Using the corners of the Parthenon as “baseball bases” we traveled with Hillbillys/ High knees, Emerial walkers/ butt kickers, Pumpkin Spice patented “Obamas” and Lieutenant Dans. Halfway box jumps or run the stairs. Home plate = 20 merkins, 3rd base = 20 pullups and 1st/3rd =20 seconds rest

MARY: 5seconds of situps and Burpees

COT:  good work, men!


YHC Crawlspace

Titan – 10.14.20 – “The TITANium Dozen”

12 highly-motivated PAX took the DRP and posted in Titan’s gloom for some bodacious B.O.M.B.S. this morning.

PAX: Blue Mule, BnB, Crawlspace, Dfrost, Drago, Minus 3 (FNG), Natural Ice, Reveille (Kotters), Right Said, Siri, The Situation

QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor: Low to medium. A slight chill left something to be desired, but them’s small potatoes.

At 0529, YHC called out that One Minute Warning.

Effectively disclaimed.

YHC then led the PAX up the hill near our interim parking lot for a quick loop and then we began the Warm-O-Rama at almost exactly STARTEX.

15 x SSH
12 x LBAC
12 x rLBAC
12 x WMH
15 x SnL Squats

Next, YHC led the PAX on a mosey to near the entrance to the Parthenon where we began the Thang for today:

50 x Burpees
100 x Overhead Press
150 x Merkins
200 x Big Boy Sit-Ups
250 x Squats

PAX partnered up while Partner 1 began with Burpees and Partner 2 ran the original parking lot loop.
Rinse and repeat for the O.M.B.S.

Much fun was had by the PAX, some of whom were noticeably chatty this AM. YHC welcomes this, of course, but I wonder if B.O.M.B.S. is getting too easy for the PAX of F3 Nashville??


Upon completion, Siri gave us a 30 count and then we moseyed back to STARTEX for Mary.

10 x Flutter Kicks
10 x Hello Dolly
12 x LBCs
15 x Alabama Prom Dates
12 x Freddie Mercury

End Workout at 0615.

Y’all who continue to post at our workouts — you’re the true champions. Seriously, you all motivate me to improve myself each and every day. It’s that simple.

If you’re a reader of the Good Word, I’d encourage a quick glance at Romans 8:31-39 if you could use a pick-me-up.

-Continued thoughts and prayers were given to all of those who are suffering these days in silence and are either embarrassed or otherwise unwilling to ask for help. If you haven’t heard from a friend or family member recently, please check on them. Now is not the time to be silent, men!
-Let’s all extend a welcome the newest member of F3 Nashville, Minus 3!
-Kotters to Reveille! Welcome back, brother!
-To those interested in learning more about brewskis, BOLO for a Side Straddle Hops event in the not-too-distant future. Connect with Toothless on Slack for the deets.

This is The Artist Formerly Known as Colonel Angus, saying “Deuces!”


Titan – Sweating it out with FitDeck

Workout to pay homage to my B-school classmate (Phil Black, Navy SEAL, Yale / HBS, Firefighter, GREAT AMERICAN) who was TWICE rejected by the Sharks on Sharktank, yet invited back for third try.  His first attempt was “Fitdeck” (no, not Fitbit)- which he eventually sold for a nice penny, I’m sure.  We used Fitdeck for our workout today.

PAX (10) – Pumkin Spice, Blue Mule,  Siri, High Viz, Right Said Fred, Bad Boy, Michelin Man, Drago, Cub Cadet (QIC)…and wow I feel like I’m forgetting somebody.

Gloom – minimal. 70 and humid.  Nothing to complain about.

Warm-up: Short jog, SSH, GM, WMH, LBAC (F/B), SC, OHP, SOYO

The Thang:  Rounds of 4 cards each (Full body, upper, middle, lower), reps cary from 10-25, some for distance.  Between rounds sprint 200M, jog back, next round.  Exercise cards included: Regular Push-ups (Merkins), Bonnie Blairs, High Knees, Freddie Mercurys, Crab walk, LBC, Wide Arm Push-ups, Lunges, Staggered Arm Push-ups, Kick-backs, Squat Thrusts, Flutter kicks, Side Legs Lifts, Burpees, Negative Push-ups, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Reverse Curls

Ended up back  a COT where we gave thanks for all our blessings, including recovery of Bad Boy’s co-worker’s father.

Good times. I was smoked, not sure about the rest….CC

Titan – 03.11.20 – “Lost at home”

9 HIM posted for an old school Q in YHC’s first Titan post since the park renovation began.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Black Lung, Cowbell, Crawlspace, DFrost, Drago, Right Said, Siri, Trap House


Medium mosey to greet the ducks and COP at the circle by the lake:

  • SSH
  • WMH
  • SnL Squats
  • LBAC F/R
  • Hillbillies
  • Imperial Walkers

Hop to the circle by Lizzie the Dragon for some bear crawls in cadence with breaks at each lightpost for 10 squats. RnR x 7 posts.

Indian Run to the Hill of Sisyphus for 11’s with Hand-Release Merkins up top and Jump Squats at the bottom.

Mosey to the playground for a 3-set pull-up routine working off individual max.

Mosey back to start for 3MOM:

  • Boxcutters
  • Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs



It’s been quite some time since YHC graced Titan with his presence, but it was good to be back at one of the OG AOs. Even with the ongoing construction, there’s still so much the park has to offer, and a love affair with the hill was rekindled.


  • TAP for sick, injured, and those displaced by tornado.
  • Encouragement to be smart about COVID 19 and to keep momentum going with serving those areas damaged by the tornado.
  • Statewide convergence October 16-17. 2nd F Friday night with a workout at 0700 at Bicentennial followed by a speaker. Get it on your calendar now so we can show up big!


2.19.20 – “Climb the mountain” @ Titan

Wednesday, February 19th 2020

Gloom: cold and clear 36°

PAX:  Revielle, Defrost, Drago, BlackLung, CowBell, Ahab, TrapHouse(FNG)

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog to the Parthenon, side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, slownlow squats, slow merkins, lil baby arm circles, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work: B.O.M.B.S. up the mountain

Everyone partnered up so we had 4 teams of 2. Using the four levels of large steps leading up to the Parthenon we did four sets of (25 each level) incrementally less difficult variations of each letter of the acronym BOMBS as you moved up. One teammate worked on climbing the mountain while the other ran to the dragon and back. After each of the 4 levels (4 variations) were completed for each letter we planked and waited to move on to the next letter all together.

B is for Burpee:

1st level: 25 box jump burpee

2nd level: 25 hand release burpee

3rd level: 25 Regular burpee

4th level: 25 no merkin burpee

O is for overhead press:

1st level: 25 upside down overhead press (hand stand push up)

2nd level: 25 overhead press in al gore position

3rd level: 25 regular

4th level: 25 regular

M is for Merkin:

1st level: 25 decline merkin

2nd level: 25 diamond merkin

3rd level: 25 regular merkin

4th level: 25 incline merkins

B is for big boy sittups:

1st level: 25 American Flutters

2nd level: 25 WW1’s

3rd level: 25 Regular

4th level: 25 crunches

S is for Squat:

1st level: 25 box jump squats

2nd level: 25 jump squats

3rd level: 25 regular

4th level: 25 single leg squats (alternating)

After summiting the mountain we lined up for Mary.

MARY: hello dolly, flutter kicks, J-los, in and outs in plank position etc…

COT: We all want to continue lifting up Charlie and his family with prayers, thoughts and support, as well as loved ones travelling and recovering from injuries.

We welcomed one of my Volleyball buddies, Moe now “Traphouse” due to his research work at Vanderbilt which involves killing mice.

We closed out the workout with a brief prayer and continue to sharpen each other’s iron and move up the mountain together. Good work everyone!

Pop-a-Lock joined in for 6 at a Rev led Q source at Three brothers as well – good work, men!


YHC Crawlspace



Tour D Farce

Temp: 37
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: Black Lung, Preacher Man, Bicentennial Man, Drago, Pop a Lock, Reveille, Crawlspace, Crablegs, Porcelain, Bagger Vance

Mass chaos broke out this AM as the parking situation was all FUBAR and the PAX were forces to adapt and overcome. YHC was the loudest of those griping and complaining as usual. Early mosey sent us towards front of park only to double back for Pop, Rev & Preacherman.

Head over to HCA for a Black Miata sighting and
SSH x 13 IC
WMH R x 10 IC
WMH L x 10 IC
GMA x 10 IC
ISW x ? IC (the PAX pre frontal cortex weren’t firing properly so we blew this one up)

Mosey past Sand Volleyball Courts where YHC shuddered remembering Sandman & his EH’s near death experience several years back. The rope defining SVC tripped the FNG (Sandman) & he laid there for what must have been 20 minutes as YHC shook my head ashamed of that EH. I digress.

Over to Parthenon for Bear Crawl Burpeepallooza

5 Burpees at Corner I CrawlBear to corner II, 10 Burpees, BearCrawl long stretch, 15 Burpees Corner III, CrawlBear to corner IV
Incline & Decline Bear Crawl to StartEx

All -In, head out east side of Parthenon towards St Thomas then head south towards West End & Lord Kensington. Successfully navigate traffic and arrive at LK. YHC regaled the PAX w tales of the 21 Burpee salute from summers past. We knocked out 21 reverse burpees at the bottom and made our way back to StartEx in Indian Run fashion.

Circle up in West Parking lot area for

F kix X 20 IC
10 Merkins


1.22.20 – “BOMBTRACK” – Titan

Jan 22, 2020

Gloom: 21 and clear

PAX: Pumpkin Spice, Rightsaid, Rev, PopaLock, Cub Cadet, Defrost, Blue Mule, Hambone, Drago, MotorBoater, Bnb, Crablegs and FNG: Ri-Co-LA!

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around the park , side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, LBCs, air presses, shanooks, RLBCs , squats, merkins etc…

Work: 2 rounds of Bombtrack!

2 groups of seven formed parallel lines with the first PAX running around the “track” to the end of their line. When the lap was completed the PAX all advanced to the next letter in the acronym BOMBS performing corresponding exercise while high fiving their counterpart in the opposing line/team. Ex: clap merkins, high five burpees… after everyone progressed through all exercises twice we each did 20 box jumps on the way to Mary.

Mary: hello dolly, LBCs, leg lifts etc…

Hot chicken lunch this Thursday (Jan 23, 2020) also it is hot chicken week in Nashville!


YHC Crawlspace

Titan – Dec 4th – “Hanging with Ralph”

Dec 4th, 2019

Gloom: 40 and clear

PAX: Siri, RightSaid, BlackLung, Money Snake, Reveille, Ralph, Drago, BnB

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around the park, side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, LBCs, air presses, shanooks, RLBCs etc…

Work: teams of 2 alternating bear crawls / lunges to the building (from the playground) with:

      • 200 squats
      • 200 merkins
      • 100 pull ups
      • 200 LBCs

After we jogged to the Parthenon for Mary.

Mary: hello dolly, LBCs, leg lifts

COT: we closed out the morning with a quick recap: 4:13 Strong dinner tomorrow and RSVP for Revs fancy pants dinner.


YHC Crawlspace