Playground Noah’s Ark

40F clear with plenty of near new moon gloom.  Pumpkin Spice joined YHC Porcelain for a 445 pre-hustle run down Broadway.  Made it to the courthouse this time.  Look out Bridgestone and Lower Broadway drunks here we come.  4.1 miles 7:50 pace.  Topic of discussion was Q source.  Got back with about 7-8 minutes to spare.  Grabbed speaker and some water.  Good convoy coming in at 0529.  Disclaimer delivered after meeting our FNG Eric now to be known as Captain Crunch, EH’d by Crab Legs.  16 total PAX for the main event: Q-Porcelain,  FNG-Captain Crunch, Harvey Updike, Right Said, Preacher Man, Bicenntenial Man, Bad Boy, Reveille, Studio 42, Brothers-at-law, Trapper Keeper, Hot Route, Crab Legs, Vector, Crawl Space, Blue Mule.

Not really much running for the main event.  Started with slow mosey with the Shovel Flag to the playground as promised to Brother-at-law.

COP-sshx20, wmhx10, 6 count burpees x11 (moleskin: cadence call became difficult at the end.  It’s really the only good way to get good form out of people.  Unashamedly stolen from the F3 Nation 43 feet podcast.), little baby arm circles forward and reverse x10each.

The Thang:

Elevens: optional which to start 1 or 10.

1: balls to the wall handstand push-ups on the side of the art center then bear crawl to other station

2: pull-up on playground bars then lunge walk to other station

Tree wall sits waiting for the six.  Definitely took more time then I expected so I audibled away from Dora around the 6am pull-up completion.

Everyone picked a partner and had to rotate through 3 stations.  Timer for partner exercise was the other partner animal walking ~30 feet to the shovel flag and back.  Each partner did both activities once then moved on to another station.

Station 1: inch worm animal walk while partner did swerkins.

Station 2: crab animal walk while partner did picnic table step ups.

Station 3: duck walk while partner did bar hanging knees to shoulders.

Slow mosey return to the kindly gentleman statue.  One minute of flutter kicks for Mary.

Announcements that I almost forgot.  Friendly Friday this Friday at Bomber.  Bad boy heading up a sure to be excellent Leadership luncheon coming up January 18th at Richland Country Club.  Brother at law leading the charge on Angelman’s disease fundraiser at Smith and Lentz February 7th at 7pm.  Burritos!

Prayer: Been working my way through the F3 Q source leadership framework (google it).  Had everyone place right hand on their brother’s shoulder then turn around and face out to cover each other’s six.  Today was a red pill day but I can struggle with the blue pill too.  Like Neo coming to reality in the matrix movie being referred to, Reality is tough. Taking the blue pill browsing a smart phone is easy.  Come out to guard the six of the men to your left and your right.  Thanks for helping make me better and I hope I am doing the same for y’all.  Closed with a short excerpt from the Our Daily Bread app this morning because I thought it was timely looking at the 3rd F of the get right.

Jesus still doesn’t always meet our expectations of Him. Yet He is so much more than we can imagine. He’s the provider of eternal life (vv. 47–48). He is good and wise; and He loves, forgives, stays close, and brings us comfort. May we find rest in Jesus as He is and keep following Him.

Great 3 bros coffeeteria turn out: right said, crawl space, bicentennial man, vector, Harvey Updike, bad boy, brother-at-law, Porcelain, crab legs, TK.

Brotherly tour de TITAN

12 PAX Present at the inspiring Parthenon for a Partner-themed Q by YHC today.

PAX: Porcelain, BicentennialMan, PumpkinSpice, CrawlSpace, BnB, CrabLegs, Hi-Viz, Brother-at-Law, HarveyUpdyke, Blue Mule, TrapperKeeper, 3rdDegree (QiC)

YHC was rolling in HOT this AM and thankfully AO site-Q had my back. Porcelain led the PAX around with a Quick mosey to East side of Parthenon for WoR


again, I came in late so they were already underway, but here is what I caught up for…

  • WMH IC
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 15

The Thang(s) 

2 rounds of DIDs (20 Dips, 15 Irkins, 10 Derkins) and sprint around the Woman’s Suffrage Monument loop

Partner-7s: Double shot of Jack-ees at bottom (Burpee with plank jack after merkin and SSH instead of jump at end), Piggy-Back Carry Partner up stairs, Iron Mikes (each leg = 1/2) at the top then Bear Crawl down stairs (Plank and wait for Partner PRN at the bottom) , Continue 7s alternating carrying-partner each time
Mosey to John Thomas Statue on SW side of Parthenon
Speed Bump of Partner Leg Throws x 10 each + 10 floating Starfish (each leg = 1/2)
Mosey to the Pain-ground
 One Partner High-Planks (can turn & place alternating hands up PRN) until other Partner performs 5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins and 15 squats
x3 rounds each partner
Mosey to Parking lot North of Parthenon for Partner SPRINTs:
Perform Mary exercise until partner sprints to other end of parking lot and politicians back, then flapjack
Flutter Kicks
American Hammers
For the last round, to up the competitive drive, both partners did the Mary exercise together then raced each other on the sprint
Twisting WWIs x 10
One more group wide sprint. PS and CL for the win!
Just enough time (or out of time according to some) for Mary…
2 MoM:
Freddie Mercuries x10 IC forward and x10 IC reverse
American Hammers x19IC
CoT, Countorama, NameoRama
Moleskin/What we learned:
  • F3Franklin Hosts WarpathX 1/12/19 5am @ “The Standard” AO location (YMCA in Brentwood on Concord) launch site. 5 hours of Fun (~17 miles, with 10 AOs interspersed. JUST SAY YES!) Let Torch from F3Franklin know if you’re planning to come.
  • 3D is about to be on paternity leave for 4th 2.0’s upcoming arrival. Prayers appreciated.
  • IronClad 2.0 “DoubleGlove edition” is up and running. Read all about it here:
  • We need accountability and we sharpen each other! Don’t let 2019 be a year of failing as a Lone Ranger when you have brothers at hand ready and willing to shield-lock with you:
Ecclesiastes 4:9–12
Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (ESV)
3D- out!
fist bump GIF

Titan 11.28.2018 – Iditarod/IDIDarod

PAX: T-Cell; Princess Aurora; Rev; Sand Lapper; Blue Mule; Porcelain; Trapper Keeper; Bicentennial Man; Cunning Linguist; Brother at Law (QIC)

10 brave men climbed out of bed this morning, despite their weather app displaying a temperature in the high teens.  Fortunately, the wind was calm and we quickly shook off the chill.


10 SSH

Mosey, with 15 SSH  speed bump to move all them limbs

Circle up on backside of Parthenon

20 SSH

LBAC x15

Reverse x15

10 low and slow squats

10 GMs

10 WMH



Inspired by Porcelain doing “DID Sprints” a few weeks back, I decided to build a few circuits around DIDs.”

First: DID Sprints x2: 20 dips, 15 incline merks, 10 declines, sprint the ellipse

Mosey to front of Parthenon

Second: Animal Kingdom DIDs: 20 dips, 15 incline merks, 10 declines.  Crab walk length of Parthenon; bear crawl short side of Parthenon (core and SSH for the six); duck walk long side of Parthenon; crawl bear short side of Parthenon.

Mosey to McDonalds Amphiteater (TM).

Third: Elevation DIDs x2: 20 dips, 15 incline merks, 10 declines, then 10 box jumps, 20 step ups.

Mosey to playground with an AMRAP partner pullup finisher.


Mosey to statute for Mary

15 J-Lo’s (h/t to CCR for suggesting this one because she can say “I did Arod”)

10 Flutterkicks

10 GMs


Always a pleasure to make it out to Titan and see the Westside crew.  Everybody kept up a great pace throughout, which allowed us to get a lot of work in.


There were a lot of announcements, many of which I have forgotten, but here goes: First Friday lunch at Richland CC on leadership presented by Umbrella, check slack for details.  Libeery (Beer Library?) some time in December, watch Slack and read Freed to Lead–the F3 bible.  PA is coming up with a winter Ironclad challenge; watch this space.  Cunning Linguist expecting a child (based on my maths) this summer.  Huzzah!


Everybody made a hard decision to get out of bed this morning in quite frigid weather to get better today.  Take that attitude with you beyond the workout.  Get it.


Many thanks to Mrs. Rev for the cinnamon rolls.  You can really taste the difference between homemade cinnamon rolls (especially the icing) vs. Grands, and I love Grands too!  What a special world.  Grateful.

Titan – 11.21.18 – “Gnarly”

11 PAX previewed YHC’s latest “evention” – the Gnarcourse – at Titan.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Harvey Updyke, Hi-Viz, T-Cell, Preacherman, Pumpkin Spice, Reveille, Crawlspace, Right Said, Cunning Linguist, Porcelain


After a nice jaunt around the Parthenon, PAX circled up by Lake Watauga to count cadence with the ducks:

  • SSH x 15
  • Squats x 15
  • WMH x 16
  • LBAC F/R x 12
  • Merkins x 10

Mosey back to the cars to pick up our equipment and explain the rules of Gnarcourse*

PAX are divided into two teams with each man getting a flag football belt to wear. At the starting point, there is a physical challenge – in this case, 20 HRM and 20 Jump Squats – before running a predetermined course (measuring .25 – .50 mi). The aim is to gain as many points as possible in the allotted time.

  • Each lap completed = 1 point
  • Each physical challenge = 1 point
  • Full circuit = 1 bonus point

PAX are not required to do the lap and PC each time, but one bonus point is awarded for completing both each round. As an example, a strong runner might find they will accumulate more points by focusing on laps rather than stopping to do the PC. However, they would miss out on the bonus point of doing the PC for that lap. The same could be said for a tabata machine who would rather do calisthenics than run.

Now for the Gnar: when the PAX lose all three flags, they must stop for a 20 burpee penalty before continuing the course. Flags can be grabbed at any point on the course except the PC area, and there are no tagbacks.

Team with the most points wins.

*rules are still not set in stone, but feedback from this first go and subsequent trials will help shape the event for the 2019 Gnarcourse Grand Prix – oh yeah, it’s coming

In the end, Team Blue barely edged out Team Yellow by a few points with most getting in at least 4 full circuits,



I’ve been scheming the Gnarcourse for a couple of months now, so I was glad to have a great crew to experiment with the first trial.  There was some swift evasion and steadfast patience exhibited by several PAX, and the experience can only get better from here! Be on the lookout for more opportunities as well as the pre-blast for the 2019 Grand Prix.


  • Dec 7 – Friendly Friday
  • Dec 7 – 12th Man lunch opportunity at noon at the Richland Country Club. Ping Umbrella on Slack to get signed up.
  • Dec 10 – Christmas gift giving at Nashville Rescue Mission – see #3rdF on Slack or ping me to get signed up.
  • Go Tigers.

PA out.

Pumpkin Parthenon Peril

10 PAX bravely endured a VQ with gloves still wet from a soggy Crablegs Westeros special.

VQIC: Pumpkin Spice

PAX: Blue Mule, Bicentennial Man, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cunning Linguist, Hi-Viz, Porcelain, Reveille, Right Said


Quick disclaimer then off for a warm-up mosey towards West End and then half-way back to the Acropolis. Circle up.

  • SSH x 20
  • WMH x 12
  • LBAC x 12
  • Overhead Clap x 12
  • Seal Claps x 12
  • rLBAC x 12
  • High Knees x 20

Off on another mosey past the nearly-frozen water feature to the foot of the temple of Athena herself. The PAX gathered round for instructions.

The PAX pair off for the main event. The exercise included:

  • All the PAX doing SSH until it’s their turn to start
  • With a paired PAX, first group runs up the stairs to the highest point of the parthenon to Corner #1
  • 10 Burpees at Corner #1
    • Each next pair heads up the stairs once the group ahead has done 5 Burpees
  • Sprint long-ways to Corner #2
  • 10 Jump Squats at Corner #2
  • Bear Crawl short-ways to Corner #3
  • 10 Man Makers at Corner #3
  • Bernie (run backwards) to Corner #4
  • 10 Box Jumps at Corner #4
  • Run down the stairs to starting position
  • 30-second recovery
  • RnR with 8 reps, then 6 reps, then 4 reps

The PAX who finish alternate with 1 minute of Low Planks and 1 minute of Air Chair until the Six arrives. The group then moseys to the path in front of the statue for Mary.


The PAX line up for Mary on their Six, shoulder-to-shoulder. Each PAX selects an exercise for the group to perform in cadence, to a count of 15. We start with PAX #2, with PAX #1 doing American Hammers holding a 25-lb dumbbell. Once the first exercise is done, PAX #1 passes the dumbbell to PAX #2, and PAX #3 selects the next exercise. We go down the line and keep passing the dumbbell, and whoever holds it does weighted American Hammers whilst they pray for the exercise to be over. Exercises included (a couple were repeated):

  • LBCs
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Box Cutters
  • Big Boy Sit-ups
  • J-Los
  • Alternating Heel Touches
  • Slow Freddie Mercury


There were three minutes to spare, so 30 Lieutenant Dans rounded out the Pumpkin Parthenon Peril before we closed it out.


  • Cunning Linguist has a special VQ planned for us on Friday at Bomber
  • Crablegs is Q-ing an OTB workout at West Park tomorrow. Meet in the parking lot past the water tower
  • We need a Q for the Titan next week


Comrade coupons

~12 C and lost some gloom due to silly American fall back from daylight savings time.  YHC Porcelain QIC.  PAX: BnB, Crab Legs, Pumpkin Spice, Crawl Space, Right Said, TK, Hi-viz, Shadow, ABC, Reveille, Minnow Tank, Bad boy, Cunning Linguist.

Scared off a random park lurker again off loading multiple coupons from my own suspicious vehicle.  Coupons to be moved throughout this workout were: 25 kg kb, 12 kg kb, 9 kg large medicine ball, 2×7 kg dumbbells, and 2×20 liter buckets full of sand weighing around 32 kg each.  Disclaimer with Crawl Space rolling in hot.  Started some rock and roll music and a mosey to the rear of great Greek communist temple.

warmarama: 30xssh, 12xwmhs, 10xslow and low squats, 10xslow and low merkins

the thang: hope everyone got out to vote yesterday.  11/7 was a big day for regimes that would love to see our democratic constitutional republic fail.  On this day, Comrade Lenin completed the Bolshevik overthrow of the Russian monarchy in 1917 and Comrade Mao  proclaimed the People’s “Republic” of China in 1931.  Thus we would share our coupons in a five group circuit.  Note with some different movements going on YHC had to move groups closer for guidance.


1-the time farmers carry of the 2 buckets up the stairs one by one, waiting=burpees

2-10×55# kb swings, waiting=LT Dan

3-10xmanmakers with 15# dumbbells, waiting=squats

4-10×35# single arm kb swings, waiting=squats

5-20# medicine ball chest passes

2 rotations were all we had time for.  Moleskin: my Bluetooth range on the speaker is weak.  However, we may have attracted some new recruits from those dirty capitalists of camp gladiator including their dog that joined us for keep away with the medicine ball.  Mosey return to front of Parthenon.

Mary: despite my unclear instructions we managed to make a circle with Reveille holding the medicine ball.  Did one rotation around the circle doing American hammers passing the medicine ball until everyone got 5 reps with it.  Finished Mary with 10 lbcs.

COT- Pumpkin Spice stepped up to VQ.  TK gave a great sixth man fun fact about his research lab’s work on colitis.  Yes, I know the shitty problem joke was cheap but I really didn’t recognize the disease.

Veterans Day is Sunday.  Being a vet I just ask everyone to thank a vet that they know on that day and just have fun talking with them.

Honored to lead y’all.  Just pray for further peace and love in this world and thank those that have given much more than me to make this country great.

Animal Grid

High 60’s and gloomy.  Clouds did break some for a nice sunrise.  QIC: Porcelain.  Pax: Bad boy, hambone, frequency (kotters), TK, crawl space

Slow start after disclaimer.  Mosey around the Parthenon field to the ellipse behind the pagan temple. cop-20 sshs, 14 Willie mays Hayes, 10 slow and low squats, 10 slow and low merkins, 20 seal jacks.

Mosey to Parking lot north of Parthenon for the thang.  Around 50 yards from the first light to the second to last.  Movement repeats back and forth.

First trip out: Duck walk with 20 each leg Zebra butt kicks at the end (plank, one leg hi 90, Kick skyward).

Trip back: Crab walk with 20 crab humpers at the end.

2nd trip out: Frog hops with 20 Werewolf (dive bomber pushups) at the end.

Trip back: Sneaky gorilla (low squat, hands on ground lateral lunge to move turn 180 and alternate) with 20 donkey kicks at the end.

Third trip out-Crawl bear with monkey humpers at the end.

Trip back: Alligator merkin (2/3 back)-Inch worm (last 1/3 back) with cadence 20 low country crab at the end.

mosey to front of Parthenon for Mary.

20 cadence Starfish crunch- hold legs out, 1 left leg right elbow, 2 back, 3 right leg left elbow

20 cadence manatee- Superman position on stomach, left hand right ankle, right hand left ankle

 1 minute Dying cockroach hold

20 cadence Crunchy happy frogs

COT: Q school at stonewall weekend of 29th.  Good news on our prayers for bad boy’s family and spicoli’s remission are progressing well.

VJ-Lo Day

70F clear and gloomy.  QIC: Porcelain.  Pax: Bagger Vance, hambone, blue mule, plinko, hail state, studio 42, Harvey Updike, Crab Legs, Trapper Keeper, Hawkeye, DaVinci, Reveille, Hi-Viz, Right Said, Crawl Space, Vinyl Signs, BnB

Disclaimer into a quick mosey to the field south of the Parthenon.  Warmarama: 20 don quixotes, 20 ssh, 15 slow and low squats, 15 slow and low merkins, 10 mountain climbers.

The thang: Indian run half mile for Indian Independence Day was but a ruse/setup for the main event.  The Japanese surrendered on the 14th by telegraph but it was not announced to the world until the 15th of August.  Moleskin YHC could not have scheduled better pax numbers.  Shortest to the front of the Indian line to break into even height groups of 6 for the 3 picnic tables.  We won the pacific campaign by an island hopping strategy.

Pinewood Derby Island Hopping campaign: Lift practice 10 ground to overhead.  Travel ~100m with table to different islands (trees) around the south field.  Island 1: Each table Group reps- 48 shoulder to overhead.  Plank for the 6 table.  Island 2: each pax oyo 20 each leg Bulgarian split squat using table bench then 20 air squats, hold low squat for 6.  Island 3: oyo 20 derkins then 20 burpees, plank for the 6.  Island 4: 48 bent table rows as a team then 20 oyo Carolina dry dock.   Island 5: 48 exaggerated leg raises off side of table oyo then 20 crunchy happy frogs off side of table.  Island 6: returned to home base 48 step ups oyo 10 Lt dans oyo.  Moleskin YHC was prepared to talk with the grounds keeper that drove past us but he did not stop.

Mary: Moved to edge of south field and got on line facing the shovel flag 100m opposite of us on the other side of the field.  Vacuum cleaners- wheelbarrow 10 steps then 5 derkins, each buddy 10 j-los then flap jack.  Repeated until time with most pax 2/3 of the way across the field.

COT: always fun seeing BV especially with kotters for hail state. Q calendar is looking sparse at time looking for pax to step up.  I pray we never have a total war like WWII ever again.  6 for coffee at three brothers.


Titan – 08.08.18 – “88, Ain’t it Great”

CONDITIONS: Temp was mid-seventies, not humid, less light every morning.

PAX:  Bad Boy, Reveille, Harvey Updike, Fetch, Right Said, Crawlspace, Razor, Venus, ABC, Craig Thompson (FNG), Vital Signs, Crab Legs, Blue Mule ,Keep the Change, DaVinci, Trapper Keeper, Porcelain, Hambone, T-Cell, Hi-Viz

QIC: Studio 42


WARM-UP/CoP:  Mosey to the amphitheater (aka to McDonalds for that wonderfully greasy aroma) for a warm-up

  • Side Straddle Hops (20 IC)
  • Seal Claps (20 IC)
  • Squats (20 IC)
  • Overhead Claps (20 IC)
  • Clap Merkins (15)
  • Mountain Climbers (15 IC)
  • Willie Mays Hays (10 IC)


1st Indian Run

  • 1 mile loop around park, 2 lines in tandem (well, it started that way…), Pax in rear does 5 jump squats, then sprints to the front

88, Ain’t it great… to do this with a partner instead of on your own.

  • Mosey to the playground and partner up, do each exercise for 88 rep’s switching with your partner after 8 rep’s (or whenever suits you), partner counts when not doing rep’s
  • Exercises:
      1. Pull-up’s on the monkey bars
      2. Monkey Humpers
      3. Incline Merkins on the picnic bench
      4. Jump Squats

2nd Indian Run

  • A short run, then back to the start for Mary


  • Head to the statue platform for Hands of Time
  • Finished with some Burpees and Good Mornings



  • Friendly Friday this week, so bring a friend.
  • Be praying for Bad Boy and his wife as they navigate some difficult waters.
  • Shoutout to FNG Craig Thompson, now known as “Soft Wood” (briefly known as “Hatchet”… sorry brother, it was an incredible name for like 10 seconds).


It was a pleasure leading you men for my VQ today, just what I needed in the middle of a trying week.  I’ve only been with y’all for a month, but it’s been a great month – awesome to be part of a group of men that are pushing me to be a better version of who God intended me to be.

Studio 42 out.

Mary’s Ugly Sister Dora

70F and clear.  The true gloom is starting to return to 0530.  The challenge is keeping it going through below 40F and rainy/snowy.  18 brave pax there to meet the challenge.  Porcelain (YHC Q), Blue Mule, Hambone, Studio 42, ABC, TK, Harvey Updike, Rocket League, Crab Legs, T-cell, bicentennial man, hi-viz, crawl space, Huggy, DaVinci(FNG), Reveille, Right Said, Stang.

warmarama: slaughter starter mosey 1/2 mile with stops every 200m for 10 burpees.  Circled up at playground: Don quixotes x10, ssh x20, low and slow squats x15

the thang: buddy up for Dora mod.  Partners could start at any workout. Running route around the art center.

50-pull-ups with knees to chest


150-picnic table step ups

alternating planks for 6 then mosey to the green for extended Mary.  3 orange cones (not placed by Q) there worked out perfect for group on line sprints about 20m with a called an ab exercise for 10 reps called out by each pax working down the line before each sprint then a new ab exercise.  Some of the exercises were: v-ups, leg raises, alternating Superman, burpees, Freddy Mercury x2, American hammer, lbcs, ww1s, inverted crunch, flutter kicks, plank, j-los, the alphabet, crunchy happy frogs

cot: glad to have another FNG DaVinci running strong with the team.