Titan – Dec 4th – “Hanging with Ralph”

Dec 4th, 2019

Gloom: 40 and clear

PAX: Siri, RightSaid, BlackLung, Money Snake, Reveille, Ralph, Drago, BnB

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around the park, side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, LBCs, air presses, shanooks, RLBCs etc…

Work: teams of 2 alternating bear crawls / lunges to the building (from the playground) with:

      • 200 squats
      • 200 merkins
      • 100 pull ups
      • 200 LBCs

After we jogged to the Parthenon for Mary.

Mary: hello dolly, LBCs, leg lifts

COT: we closed out the morning with a quick recap: 4:13 Strong dinner tomorrow and RSVP for Revs fancy pants dinner.


YHC Crawlspace


Titan – NOV 27th 2019 – Light stretching at the Parthenon

NOV 27th, 2019

Gloom: 40°

PAX:  Pumpkin Spice, Blue mule, Shooter, Crablegs, Rightsaid, Drago, Siri, Defrost, Blacklung

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog to the Parthenon, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, lil baby arm circles, air presses, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work: Indian run around the park with leader calling various sets of 10 reps ending at the Parthenon where each PAX performed:

  • 100 Boxjumps
  • 100 Burpees
  • 100 Merkins
  • 100 Squats
  • Then Mary!

Mary: leg raises, LBC’s, hello dolly, American hammers, etc

COT: Rev’s gentleman’s dinner is coming up as well as Thanksgiving!


YHC Crawlspace

Titan – 10.2.19 – “The One Where CL Makes Up For A Previous Q”

8 HIM evaded the misleading efforts posed by the fartsack and posted at Titan for a workout involving a playlist, coupons, some running, and a few Merkins here and there.

QIC: Cunning Linguist
PAX: Black Lung, Blue Mule, Cub Cadet, Drago, Money Snake, Reveille, Right Said

Disclaimer: Given with utmost sincerity and made sure that everyone was aware that I am not an expert or a professional, so modifications are encouraged for those who deem them necessary.

10.2.19 Titan Workout Playlist:
Running Down a Dream – Tom Petty
Circles – Soul Coughing
Lose Yourself – Eminem
House of the Rising Sun – Five Finger Death Punch
I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin
Judith – A Perfect Circle
Bad Boys – Inner Circle
Walk – Pantera
Can I Kick It – A Tribe Called Quest
Something Just Like This – Chainsmokers ft. Coldplay

After Disclaimer was given, a short Mosey halfway around the ellipse for WOR.

Theme Song: “Circles” by Soul Coughing
During first verse, 10 x SSH IC
During chorus, LBACs
During second verse, 10 x SnL Squats IC
During chorus, reverse LBACs
During third verse and final chorus, 12 x LBCs IC

Make an inspection mosey around the inside of the actual Parthenon then parked back at front of Parthenon for THE THANG:

Partner up in 1s and 2s
1s perform SSH at bottom of steps
2s bear crawl up the right side of the Parthenon to top of first landing, then 10 merkins
2s bear crawl to top of second landing, then 10 burpees
2s crawl bear back to top of first landing, then 10 merkins
2s crawl bear back to bottom left side of steps
Swap out

Mosey around the ellipse then back to original location for the next Activity, but first, a quick mosey to my trunk for a retrieval of coupons (aka 1/2 fire bricks)

3 rounds of the following:
With a pair of coupons placed on ground in front of Parthenon, 1s perform Merkins
10 x Merkins with right hand on Coupon
10 x Merkins with both hands on Coupons
10 x Merkins with left hand on Coupon
2s sprint around Ellipse
Swap out

Another Mosey around the Ellipse before going back to our original location in front of the the Parthenon yet again for THANG 3 (experimental beta).

THANG 3 (experimental beta):
Wheelbarrow up the two sets of steps on the right side of the Parthenon with your partner to first landing, then swap out and go down the left side of the two sets of steps backwards with partner (and YHC must admit, this part was intense).

As this endeavor was more risky than anticipated, we stopped after one round.

Mosey around the Ellipse yet again, then we proceeded to get after THANG 4.

2 rounds of DIDs
15 x Dips
10 x Incline Merkins
5 x Decline Merkins
Mosey around Ellipse

Upon completion of THANG 4, we started on MARY.

All IC
12 x LBCs
10 x Flutter Kicks
12 x Freddie Mercurys
20 x Alabama Prom Dates


This was definitely an improvement over Friday’s Q, as YHC landed the plane at 0615 and we all got a little sweaty as a group (and that’s a necessity).

Always a pleasure to lead you men!

10/29 – Libeery at Fat Bottom Brewery in The Nations. Time TBD. Book is “The Three Big Questions for Frantic Families” by Patrick Lencioni. The Art of Manliness podcast interview is a good summary, especially if you would rather consume the material through auditory means.

CL Out!

7/31/19 – Titan – Crab Walk Toe Taps

July 31st, 2019

Gloom: hot and humid

PAX: Hi Viz, PreacherMan, Porcelain, Cyclops , Pumpkin Spice, RightSaid, Gritty, Crablegs, Cunning Linguist, Hipster, Rent-A-Swag(FNG), Siri, Vector, Mini Pearl

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around the park, side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, lil baby arm circles, air presses, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work: teams of 2 alternating Lieutenant Dans to building & Bear Crawls back to set of:

  • 100 burpees
  • 100 merkins
  • 100 pull ups
  • 75 Dips beforehand

Then sprint to the thunder dome for reindeer games…

Game: Crab Walk Toe Taps: While Crab Walking the entire game and staying within 10 ft of other crabs the object is to tap 5 different crabs on the toes. When you get tapped stop and do 10 merkins each time. After you have tapped 5 crabs on the toes (or been tapped 5 times) retire to the track surrounding the game to jog it off.

After reindeer games we jogged to the statue for Mary.

Mary: Hello Dolly around the circle till 6:14

COT: we closed out the morning with a quick recap

Always my pleasure to lead such a great group of men and I am looking forward to the next one!


YHC Crawlspace

Titan 6/19/19 “Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps”

June 19th, 2019

Gloom: hot and humid

PAX: Bartman, BicentennialMan, Blacklung, Bluemule, CrabLegs, Crawlspace(Q), Defrost, Hipster, HiViz, HotRoute, Proton, PumpkinSpice, Reveille, Siri, Vector

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around the volleyball courts, side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, lil baby arm circles, air presses, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work: teams of 2 alternating a lap around the playground building or set of:

  • 100 burpees
  • 100 jump squats
  • 100 merkins
  • 100 pull ups

Then sprint to the thunder dome for reindeer games…

Game: Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps: While bear crawling the entire game and staying within 10 ft of other bears the object is to tap 5 different bears on the shoulder. When you get tapped stop and do 10 merkins each time. After you have tapped 5 bears on the shoulder (or been tapped 5 times) retire to the track surrounding the game to jog it off.

After reindeer games we jogged to the statue for Mary.

Mary: various ab work in cadence around the circle till 6:14

COT: we closed out the morning with a quick recap including a 2nd F event at Fat Bottom brewery July 23rd.

Good work all around and I look forward to the next one!


YHC Crawlspace

Titan 6-5-2019: 2 Escalators

14 successfully navigated the early-morning set-up at Centennial Park for Carrie Underwood’s upcoming one-song concert.

Gloom Factor: Nil. 60 degrees. Light wind.

PAX: Harvey Updyke, Hipster, Trapper Keeper, Cub Cadet, Right Said, Porcelain, Crawlspace, Blue Mule, Snapshot, Siri, Defrost, Pumpkin Spice, Black Lung

QIC: Hi-Viz

Mosey to south lawn. SSH X 15 IC, Monkey Humpers X 10 IC, Air Presses X 10 IC, LBAC X 10 IC, Reverse LBAC X 10 IC, Good Mornings X 10 IC.

Mosey to the Big Hill for a four-exercise, 25-Rep Escalator: Prisoner Squats, Merkins, Jump Squats, Burpees.

Mosey to the Elipse for a second, 50-Rep Escalator: SSH, Jane Fondas (25 Each Side), Hi-Knees, Flutter Kicks.

Mosey to the cars for Dealer’s Choice Mary.


COT/BOM: Strong work all around. Excellent effort and solid attention to form across the board. Kotters to Snapshot and welcome to the Hipster, who made the trek from the East side.

Don’t forget Vector’s Leadership Lunch on 6/21 at Thistle Farms. Details on Slack.

NMM: Remember: F3 is more than a workout and there are plenty of guys out there who need this, and we need them. This is the perfect time of year to circle back on friends/family you’ve been meaning to EH, with plenty of light at 5:30 and ideal temps. Let’s keep up the momentum.

The Sandlot

Gloom Factor: Nil

QIC: TheJeweler

PAX: Porcelin, Bad Boy, Vector, Black Lung, Crawlspace, Crablegs, Siri,

The disclaimer was given.

Warm Up: Jog around the Parthenon and zig-zag around the poles.  Circle up.  25 SSH, 10 GM, 16 WMA, 15 Air Presses, 10 FBAC, 10 BBAC, 10 Hill Billies, 10 Imperial Walkers, 20m High Knees, 20m Butt Kicks, 2x 20m Karaoke, 20m A-Skip, 20m B-Skip.

Thang 1: Mosey up the stairs and partner up at the main entrance to the Parthenon.  Exercise on the short sides of the building and sprint on the long sides and goes like this… first column 1, second 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 reps.  Burpees on one side, and split jump squats on the other.  Your partner does Alabama Prom Dates and LBCs while they wait to get tagged in.  One lap was completed.

With the PAX warmed up good, we immediately sprinted 300m to the volleyball court.  Now that we’re winded a bit, we did a 20 sec count down.

Thang 2: PAX lined up on one side of the court and on Q’s call, PAX sprinted to the other side.  10 sec rest & sprint back with a forward roll at the halfway pt across the court.  REPEAT 15 times.

Thang 3: Circle up in the sand.  6 split squat burpees, 4 Burpee Jacks, 6 Walmart (roll back) burpees.  10 windshield washer merkins, 10 dolphin kick merkins.  5 ppl didn’t recover correctly.

Sprint 300m back to the starting point for Mary

First PAX did 25 additional penalty merkins for not recovering correctly… the last 5 were slow holds in high plank position.

MARY: Alt. high and low plank, right arm left arm up.  20 American hammers, 10 WW1s with a 45 degree hold on #10.  25 LBCs


Announcements & Prayer Request: Continued prayer and meal train sign up for Ludwig.  Bad Boy’s friend (Andrew) still in the hospital after injury.  Cunning’s new baby.

4 for Coffeeteria!

YHC TheJeweler Out!

A Good One – Titan 05.01.2019

PAX: CCR (COQIC); Brother at Law (COQIC); Pumpkin Spice; Crablegs; Right Said Fred; Hi Viz; Hambone; TK; WL from Lexington whose name escapes me…

I think I got the PAX right.  Sorry… waited too long to write this!

CCR took part 1.  Brother at Law (YHC) took part 2.

WOR: Jog up and around the train, back down the hill driveway.  Circle up for classic WOR led by CCR.  Capped off with some excellent Hop Kix by all.

THANG: A CCR Titan classic: 11’s on the big driveway hill.  Mountain Climber merkins at the top.  Split squats (both legs) at the bottom.  Two burpees at ever road/sidewalk/concrete on the way up and back down.  An absolute smoker.  After every 2 legs something got chopped off because it was becoming clear that it wasn’t getting finished in a split Q, but everybody was hurting when we wrapped it up about 6 or 7 reps in.

BAL tags in.  Up to the Parthenon for some AMRAP 30 second exercises.  30 seconds on, 10 seconds off of: Split squats; decline merkins; box jumps; dips.  Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to playground for 8 minutes of Cindy: 5 pull ups; 10 merkins; 15 squats.  Go until I call time.  Good mumblechatter and focus on form by all.

Mary: Grab bag of American Hammers; High Plants; AL Prom Dates.  Time.

Announcements: Great workout this morning and always an honor to lead.  Prayers offered up especially for Ludwig and his family and the 4:13 Strong Guys as they were preparing to take the next steps in the program and their lives.  Walk for Williams Syndrome this Saturday (5/11) at Centennial.  See Slack for details.

Good work.

Twin Peaks meets Star Twins

Great job today.
The temp was almost perfect, the sunrise almost perfect and the 14 men that met near the Parthenon…..well we can say they made themselves better by showing up.
Guest Gemini from Pittsburgh took the humble Q and after a disclaimer of sorts warmed up the group. Batwing 10 IC
Lateral lunge jumps-10 IC. Copperhead squats-10 IC and a most to a grassy hill.
Gemini then professed his love for backward bear crawls on hills evidence by their use at Columbus Ohio convergence last year and GrowRuck 14. The task was to honor a 110 year old three legged foot race with a three legged backward bear crawl up the hill. Following was some short running, planking and dirty dogs and leg lifts from plank to make sure the right muscles were warm. The second effort was an emom with 10 toe taps on the curb followed by a burpee and a 10 yard sprint and back. Each minute you added a burpee and had less rest time. When you failed to complete in time you did 24 of any exercise during the next minute round. A good solid group made it to the 15 burpees round completing 120 burpees. One person started the 16 round but it was not completed.
The pax moseyed back to the shovel flag for one minute of side hops, 35 flutter kicks IC and 25 bicycle crunches IC to end at 0615 on the dot.

bullhorn: August grow ruck just outside of Atlanta.  East side buffalo launch shifted to 3 May.


Pumpkin spice
Ham bone
Brother at law
Hi viz
Right said
Blue mule -provided transport to guest Q
Crab legs
Twin peaks
And Q Gemini

Trust the Process

Clear skies and sixty something degrees.  11 pax took the daily red pill and trusted the process at Titan.  QIC: Porcelain.  Pax: Cub cadet, crab legs, bicentennial man, beano-WL, vector, hot route, Right Said, hambone, Crawl Space, pumpkin spice.

Warmup mosey to picnic table area 30 ssh, 20 Wmh, 10 good mornings, 10 merkins, 10 squats.

My hometown 76ers scored a record 51 points in the 3rd quarter of game 2 to win.  Many years of trusting the process is seeing pay off in the playoffs.  So the workout will trust the process for 51 reps each after breaking into a tall and short table groups. 

P-picnic table pickups ground to overhead in cadence (hip, shoulder, up, shoulder, hip, ground=count)  took a break at 26 to swap positions.

R-Rows bent with picnic table in cadence (up, down=count).

O-One leg (Bulgarian) split squats foot on table.  51 each leg oyo.

C-Carolina dry table.  Dry docks with feet on bench for a bit more stress on shoulders to build to more hand stand merkins.

E-Exaggerated leg raises.  Laying on table with legs off to hyperextend 51 reps oyo.

S-squat (box type) on to the bench.  51 oyo.

S-step ups on to the bench 51 total to keep time.

All waiting was planking.

Group had carried two medicine balls and cones to the area.  Revealed their purpose to be a game I called free Ballin.  1 small 8# ball and 1 large 20# ball to always keep moving.  Pax in circle facing each other.  Pitch and catch ball to another pax once you catch it.  If a pax drops a ball then it is a 5 burpee penalty for everyone and those holding the balls do the burpees with ball in hands.  Also, 5 burpee penalty if no throw before Q can say Boban Marjanovic (sixers backup center).  Only one drop for burpees over around 3 minutes of figuring out names while throwing.  Yea….no need for the cones.

Mosey back to statue for Mary.  Getting some open water swimming in lately for the Chattanooga half-Ironman so I had some old swimming dry land ab exercises in mind.  Circled up because the medicine balls will be used again.  The Mary thang: 51 four count flutter kicks; 20 breast stroke kicks (on back, start legs elevated 6 inches like flutter kick but cadence with drawing both knees back towards the head along the sides then return to starting position); lever degrees of leg raises varying down at 6 inches then ups varied for 25 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees for around 2 minutes; 20 j-los in cadence, ball circle-5 american hammers with the two medicine balls rotating clockwise(I started counter-oops) around group, those without balls did hollow holds legs and arms up, one full rotation.

Bullhorn: east side AO opens next Friday.  Clown car from Bomber.

COT: prayers of thanks for god giving us the strength the push each other to be better men.

moleskin: Boban had a good night tonight with 14 pts to cover a resting Embiid and still a sixers victory.