Bomber – 1.17.20 – “Guns ’N’ Stones”

25 High Impact Men got after it this morning and participated in a celebratory birthday workout for one of the greatest guitarists in rock music history.

QIC: Cunning Linguist

PAX: Bareback, Bicentennial Man, Blue Mule, BnB, Burrito (WL), Covenant Eyes, CowBell, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, DFrost, Duplex, Firefox, Hambone, Hi-Viz, Michelin Man, Pop-A-Lock, Porcelain, Princess Aurora, Right Said, Studio42, Tiny Dancer, Toothless, Vector

Weather: The perfect amount of gloom. If Goldilocks had a favorite type of gloom, it would be this one.

0529 was accompanied by the One Minute Warning, then 0530 was accompanied by the Disclaimer. Disclaimer was effectively given, then YHC led a Mosey out the entrance to McCabe and up to the right and ended at the round circular spot that looks like the nose of an aircraft (or something else, if you squint real hard) for WOR:

17 x SSH
10 x LBAC
10 x rLBAC
17 x Hillbillies
10 x WMH
17 SnL Squats

YHC took another Mosey toward the entrance to McCabe for THE THANG:

YHC waxed poetic and informed the PAX that today, January 17, is the 72nd birthday of Mick Taylor. Who is that, you ask? He is only the former lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, known for being their guitarist during their Golden Era. In addition, one Slash (of Guns ’N’ Roses fame) has stated that his guitar style has been most influenced by Mick Taylor. At this point, YHC switched the playlist to “Gimme Shelter” by the Stones (nice catch by Blue Mule and Vector). Gimme Shelter from what, you ask? From the B.O.M.B.S., as listed below:

50 x Burpees
100 x Overhead Press
150 x Merkins
200 x Big Boy Sit-Ups
250 x Squats

We counted off 1s and 2s, where 1s performed the first move and 2s ran to the traffic circle, circled around it, and Bernied up the entrance (so they could see the cars entering McCabe and not get run over – Safety First, men!), then flapjack until completion.

Upon YHC’s completion, PAX were already in plank form (well done, gents) and YHC then called out Al Gores until the 6 wrapped up their exercise.

YHC then led the PAX to STARTEX for MARY:

17 x Flutter Kicks
10 x LBCs
10 x Alabama Prom Dates
10 x Freddie Mercuries


What an awesome turnout in literally freezing weather! I am yet again humbled by the fact that so many men opted to show up for a workout led by YHC.

-Prayers for the recoveries of Bad Boy, Hipster, and Siri – get well soon, gents! We miss you!
-BOLO for Side Straddle Hops, led by the Brothers Sottek in early February. See Slack for the deets.

This is The Colonel, signing off!

Weight v Wait Vol iii

Weight v Wait Vol III

TEMP: 50

PAX: Cowboy, Money Shot, Red Skull, Pop A Lock, Hot Route, Brother @ Law, Reveille, Danosaur, Kurds, Black Widow, Floppy Disk, CCR, Ocho Cinco, Venus, Tampa Libra, Le Pew, Bagger Vance, Paw Patrol, Juice, Gold E Lox, Benjamin Button, Major Pain, Day Day, Lil Joker, Titan Man, Hedgehog, Baby

Mosey to front lot w coupons

IW X 13 IC
HB X 13 IC

Mosey to main building and circle up for



Mosey to the rails by way of the back sidewalk


SIDE LUNGE X 13 w Coup

Mosey to South side of B ball court




8 CT BB X 13 IC

To 1/2 court … 10 Merks


Classic BV Q Weight v Wait.

We all carry a weight, sometimes its visible like our coupons we carried. Sometimes its not visible like the dark things we don’t want exposed. Point is, we all have it and we all have others that are here for us to help shoulder that burden. We also wait on what is to come, that which is expected but not seen. We have a faith in something bigger than ourselves that sustains us.

The 413ers have both a Weight and to Wait for the next chapter to unfold. It is incumbent upon the F3ers to walk alongside and encourage them.

One parting shot from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits…environment plays a huge role in who we become.

Alive – Pearl Jam … aren’t we all glad to be alive?
The Waiting – TP & 💔… it’s what we’re all doing
Won’t Get Fooled Again – Van Halen cover of The Who … that’s part of the mission of 413 to break the cycle
Gimme Shelter – The Stones … again, what 413 does
The Promise – Sturgill cover of When In Rome … if you follow what’s laid out in front of you, there is something bigger waiting
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts – X … just timed up perfectly w the worst part of workout
Sonic Reducer – Dead Boys … just really live this song and it’s one of my favorite Pearl Jam covers & they will be here on 2 Apr


And We’re Choppin’

PAX: Bagger Vance, Uncle Jerry, Ocho Cinco, Soft Serve (Welcome FNG Brock), Olan Mills, Not a Sport, Umbrella, Razor/Venus, Black Widow, Tampa Libra, Faulkner, Iceman, Offshore, Boone’s Farm, Toga (QIC)

Gloom: Sunny and 70

15 posted in the gloom to get a little better this morning, and it went something like this:

Quick disclaimer then circle up in the Racetrack lot for warmarama then mosey to park loop for some Cindy’ish fun= run ten laps around the park stopping at the pull-up bars for 5 pull-ups and 10 merkins and stopping at the back porch for 10 squats and 10 WWII during each lap.  We also broke up the fun with “burpee breaks” of 5 burpees to be executed wherever you are on the course every 3 minutes.

Form up in columns on the field for some old school football “grass drills” = chopping feet with calls to roll right, left, backwards and forward on the Q’s call.  Fun was had by all!

Mosey back to lot for Mary.

COT with Bag of Ants taking us out

NMM:  We’re officially putting the Wood back in Brentwood.  Be prepared when you post at The Purple Cow of Racetrack.


  • The Stronghold is starting back next Thursday with more info to follow.
  • Look for Iceman to post some Ruck times
  • The Battle Plan for Prayer book study starts next Friday, 1/17

Stay Classy,


Ironclad Challenge 2020 is here!


The Ironclad Challenge is back! For the uninitiated, the Ironclad Challenge is an opportunity to ensure we hold each other accountable during these climatically trying months and continue to engage in the mission of invigorating male community leadership in Nashville and beyond. Should you accept the challenge, you will participate in all three aspects of F3: Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

The challenge will run until 3/31/2020, and new to this year’s challenge is the introduction of the Challenger, Pro, and Elite levels. Below are the minimum standards to be met, and each achievement will contribute one point to your total score. On the sheet, you will find the tiers and their associated score ranges.

 1st F – The Magnet – Improve your Fitness

  • Post 26 times, three of which must be in temps below 32 degrees.
  • Post at five “AwayOs” (workouts you don’t normally attend)
  • Q two times

2nd F – The Glue – Strengthen your Fellowship

  • Attend at least two 2nd F events (lunches, happy hours, etc.)
  • Attend eight coffeeterias (or stick around in the case of tailgate coffeeteria)
  • Bring one FNG or Kotter (>six months since last post)

3rd F – The Dynamite - Make an Impact

  • Participate in one 3rd F opportunity. This can be a study of religious text, going through Q Source, community service, or some other opportunity that involves thinking outside of your own interests.
  • Read one book on leadership (>200 pages) or Freed to Lead.

Additionally, you must complete one CSAUP in the 13-week period. This can be a 5K, triathlon, Spartan race, GORUCK challenge, etc.


For successful completion of all requirements of the 2020 Ironclad, you will be eligible to purchase a custom Ironclad shirt* to show off at your next workout. Should you achieve a higher tier, you will have the opportunity to purchase the corresponding shirt color.

*Subject to minimum order requirement of 12. Price will be in the range of $24-27 and likely coincide with a spring F3 Nashville shirt order if you want to combine shipping with other items


Put your name on this sheet and get to tracking!


  • This challenge will be on the honor system, and you are responsible for updating your standings on the “2020 F3 Nashville Ironclad Sheet.” I would encourage you all as grown men to use your best judgement if you have questions about what does and doesn’t count.
  • Though we are already at 1/5/2020, you may retroactively apply any achievements from 1/1/2020 and later.
  • Solo Q’s for the Willy Lomans among us count toward your overall post total but do not count toward your AwayO total. Posting at other regions’ AOs do count toward AwayO total.
  • You may count up to 10 “Off the Books” workouts (runs, rucks, etc. that are not regularly scheduled) toward your post total.  However, rucking or running before a regular workout does not count as an additional post.
  • Please share your 3rd F book choice with the group! It’s always good and helpful to know what others are reading.
  • Lastly, please use this opportunity to take initiative and arrange your own events for the PAX.

Let’s warm up!

PA out.

I’m Barbara Walters and this is 20/20

9 PAX in attendance: Big stick, Right said (Ran 7 miles) , Boy band (ran 7 miles), Black lung (ran 7 miles), Drago, Deep frost, Bicentennial man, Carebear, High Flyer

Warm Up:


Willie Mays Hayes

Little baby arm circles

Reverse LBACs

Seal Claps


The Thang:

Burpee Apocalypse!

10 burpees

9 burpees

8 burpees

7 burpees

6 burpees

5 burpees

4 burpees

3 burpees

2 burpees

1 burpee

Mosey to Gale Ln path

Barbara Walters….This is 2020:

Perform each exercise for 20 reps then hold for the six.  After each chest exercise plank to the six, after leg exercise hold squat to the six, after each ab exercise leg lift to the six.  Then run a lap.

  1. Merkins
  2. Squats
  3. LBC
  4. Diamond Merkins
  5. SSH
  6. Freddy Mercs
  7. Carolina Dry Docks
  8. Lunges
  9. WW1
  10. Tricep extensions
  11. Jump Tucks
  12. Flutters
  13. Superman’s
  14. Sumo Squats
  15. J Los
  16. Wide Arm Merkins
  17. Lt. Dan’s
  18. Box Cutters
  19. Partner Decline Merkins
  20. Hillbillies

After 15, we stopped the lap for time’s sake.

Mosey back to Stonewall for Mary:

Flutters x30

LBCs x20

J-Los x10

Good mornings/OYO stretch

Announcements: Leap Day Biscuit Run on February 29



Coffeeteria Attendance @ Portland Brew = 100%

HF out


ImprovQ 2 Jan 20

BLIMPS 2 January 2020
Temp: 50 w a wind chill of 25
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: Money Shot, Faulkner, Movin on Up, Noodler, Bagger Vance

Mosey front loop looking for High Flyer & Venus, no luck. After a couple of wrong turns we ended up at the Fiddy for


Split Squats (R/L) X 5 IC
High Knees X 50 yards
Butt Kickers X 50 yards
Side Shuffle (R/L) X 50 yards

Head down to track for


P1 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Burpees
P2 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Lt Dans
P3 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Inch Worms
P4 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform M’Ktar N’Dyaes
P5 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Plank Jack Merkins
P1 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Squats

Round 2

P2 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Burpees
P3 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Lt Dans
P4 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Inch Worms
P5 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Merkins
P1 run the track as timer while remaining PAX perform Plyo Wall Sits
All PAX run to short bleachers behind tennis courts for Short Sevens
1 Dip Bear Crawl up ahort hill to football field fence 6 Squat Jumps, Crawl Bear down hill for 2 Dips…RNR to 6 & 1

Burpees, Lt Dans, Inch Worms, M’Ktar, Plank Merkins, Squats

Burpees, Lt Dans, Inch Worms, Plyo, Sevens

Extra Credit:
Mosey down to Amphitheater for Money Shots aka Box Jumps (YHC went w Single Leg Squats) x 20

Back to StartEx for


6 inches X 20 IC


NMM: No Shows from High Flyer & Venus didn’t deter the rest of us from putting out this am.
Admittedly, YHC loves the track even though there’s so much to choose from at The Hill. Also, wanted to be able to be found by the Stragglers.
Pleasure to lead this AM, thank yall for the privilege.

First Friday lunch tomorrow at Kay Bobs, I recommend the Aunt K but Zeke the Greek is strong also.
Praying for the Cowan family and continued prayers for Sinclair family as well.
Money Shot on Q next week.


New Year’s Day Convergence – 01.01.20 – “A Decade Under the Influence”

41 HIM shook off 2019 with a rousing start to 2020 that took them through the last decade.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bagger Vance, Black Widow, Big Pharma, Boyband, Braddock, Cathy, Clickbait, CCR, D’Mish, Deep Dish, Delorean, Dookey, Drago, Dupree, Floppy Disk, Foxtrot-Talks-A-Lot, Grisham, Hans and Franz (Lex KY), Kingpin, Lump, Maytag, Mile High, Moneyshot, Moonpie (RVA), NSYNC (FNG), Ochocinco, OT, Pancreas, Porcelain, Pre-K, Red Skull, Shoota, Spicoli, T-Cell, Tiny Dancer, Tuna, Umbrella, Vegemite, Venus, Yard Sale


A brief disclaimer, wishes of Happy New Year, and it was off to the track and football field for the COP:

  • SSH x 20
  • LBAC x 20
  • Overhead Claps x 20
  • Hop Kicks x 20
  • Half-Groiners x 10

Line up along the 20, backpedal to the opposite 20, and run back. Repeat whilst YHC sets up the cue cards for today’s “in 10’s” escalating grinder, a reflection on the last decade.

From the 20, PAX run to the opposite 20 and perform 10 reps of prescribed exercise. Run back and perform 10 more + 11 of the next exercise. Run back to the other and perform the 10 + 11 + 12. Continue to build upon the “year” before, ending with 20 reps of the last exercise. Exercises were as follows.

  • 2010: Merkins
  • 2011: Alabama Prom Dates
  • 2012: Plank Jacks
  • 2013: Iron Mikes #crowdpleaser
  • 2014: Flutter Kicks
  • 2015: Mountain Climbers
  • 2016: Squats
  • 2017: SSH
  • 2018: Hillbillies
  • 2019: Big Boy Sit-Ups
  • 2020: Prison Cell Merkin Burpees #biggercrowdpleaser

Stallions who finished early were instructed to continue performing the escalator but dropping the first exercise. I don’t believe we had anybody who got to drop 2011 before our six finished.

All in, and it was over to the starting line for a “quick” mile time trial to set a personal standard for the year. So what if it’s a low baseline influenced by heavy fatigue? Positive psychology!  Makes me wonder what Mile High (5:15) would’ve thrown down when fresh.

Mosey back to the parking lot and circle up for various exercises to wait for six.



‘Twas a wonderful turnout with Franklin bringing a crew, a pair from Spring Hill (following a half-Murph, mind you), and even a couple from Lexington, KY and Richmond, VA joining the fray. The workout was not without a couple of hiccups (delayed start to the playlist, phone dying before the stopwatch could be utilized for the time trial, a giant soccer goal in the middle of the field), but spirits were high, and the mumblechatter was entertaining and plentiful without being excessive. Granted, I wasn’t on Foxtrot’s side of the field, so I could be wrong there.


Just one announcement today:

A Letter to the PAX – 01.01.20

PA out.

A Letter to the PAX – 01.01.20

This morning’s F3 Nashville New Year’s Day convergence (our sixth) was bittersweet as it marked not only the beginning of what is sure to be a great 2020 but also the conclusion of my time as F3 Nashville’s Nantan (our second). As I reflect on the last 20 months since Bagger Vance passed the baton, I’m amazed by what has occurred in the F3 community in Middle Tennessee.

We have seen the launch and rapid growth of F3 Nolensville. We crossed the river into East Nashville – this time for good – under the leadership of Brother-at-Law and Hot Route, and we are up to 17 AOs in the region proper. We have empowered the likes of Tiny Dancer and Reveille to take F3 to their communities in Spring Hill and Lebanon, respectively. We have run two Ironclad challenges with a third on the way (yes, you read that right), organized a couple of CSAUPs like The Scorpion and TN CAN RUCK among others, and poured into each other through initiatives like the 12th Man and QSource groups. We even got to celebrate our 5th Anniversary with 90 HIM at the place where it all started back in September 2014.

Honestly, I had no clue what this would become on that first day, but I can say I’m extremely encouraged by and grateful for the growth not just with F3 but in myself and the brothers that surround me. I want to give a special thanks to my “cabinet” members and trusted advisors: T-Cell, Bagger Vance, Hi-Viz, Dupree, and Hambone. I also want to thank all of our AOQ’s. These are the guys doing the real work of leading from the ground up and bringing out the leaders in all of us. Thank them when you see them, and then encourage other men to come out and meet them, too.

I know there is still so much more to be done and many more lives to impact, but, having accomplished the goals I set for myself, I am obliged to let another HIM take the reins of F3 Nashville. Rest assured that the revival will continue – this one just might have a little more Creedence Clearwater flavor.

CCR, it’s all yours.

PA out.


III Pillars – 12.31.19 – “B.A.L.L.S. dropped”

6 PAX turned up for their final workout of 2019 at III Pillars. Considering most would likely be asleep before the ball dropped, the plan was to do a little drop of our own.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Covenant Eyes, Crablegs, Moneyshot, Pumpkin Spice (LIFO), Trapper Keeper


After rolling in HOT and delivering a disclaimer before the car door was even closed, the PAX were off to the track for a little COP at midfield.

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 20
  • LBAC x 20
  • Overhead Clap x 20
  • RLBAC x 20
  • WMH x 20

Mosey to the back of the east end zone and explain the meat of today’s celebratory workout: a descending ladder of the circuit below:

  • Burpees
  • Air Squats
  • Lunges
  • Leg Raises

PAX performed 10 reps of each exercise and completed one 200m lap. SSH  for the six and repeat again with 9, 8, 7,…1. Pumpkin had to peace out before 5 to go doctor some people, but the rest finished the countdown and ran the last lap together.

Quick skip over to the playground for some push-pull action. Each PAX was to perform 40 (20+20) pull-ups, and rest/wait for bar vacancy with Merkins. Most were busting out sets of 3-4 by the end. Lactic acid burns so good!

All in and it was back to the parking lot for dealer’s choice Mary:

  • Hello Dollies x 20
  • American Hammers x 20
  • Happy Crunchy Frogs x 20
  • LBCs x 20
  • WWIs x 20 OYO



Appreciated Pumpkin Spice and Moneyshot for pushing the pace on the 200s, and big props to Crablegs for his dedication to full reps on the pull-ups. It’ll pay off. Covenant Eyes, Crablegs, and YHC took a field trip to the OG III Pillars coffeeteria: Starbucks at the Green Hills Mall. Conversation was delightful with topics including podcasts, specialists vs. generalists, and Crablegs’s love of the villain.


Prayers for a New Year of focus and follow-through.

  • 1/1/20 – New Year’s Day convergence at FRA
  • 1/16/20 – Gentlemen’s Dinner at Jimmy Kelly’s. Spots MIGHT be available, so see Reveille.

All for now. Go Tigers!

PA out.

Farewell 2019

2019’s Come To An End

Temp: Cold 39
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: Burrito, Floppy Disk, Red Skull, Yard Sale, Boy Band, Black Lung, Too Tall, Pedialyte, Bagger Vance


0530 Disclaimer

Take off up Marchant to Big Lot

IW X 19 IC
HB X 20 IC
Willy x 10 IC

A tour of the highlights of Sir E throughout the years. We’ve had some memorable and some laughable Qs at this site. YHC intended to relive some of those and to get a good run in as well. So we are off to:

Procurement Building –
20 Merkins
19 Squats

Barn Shuffle –
20 Diamonds
19 Plank Jax

Cul2vate –
20 AST
19 Squat Jumps

Big Stick Hill –
20 Atomics
19 Walking Lunges

Aunt Bea’s 11s Mud Hill –
20 Curls
19 Razors

Randon TWRA Building –
19 Curb Hops

Three Way –
20 Burpees
19” Sprint

Calf Killer Ultimate/ “I hate running FNG’s path” –
20 Larry Craigs
19 Squats

Three Way –
20 Burpees
19” Sprint

Random Amphitheater –
20 Inc Merks
19 Bulgarian SS

Mansion Loop –
20 Power Merks
19 Jump Lunges

Sprint Entrance to Entrance up Marchant

5 Merks
F Kix x 19 IC


Great way to finish w a 20 rep 19 rep string of pearls theme.

Black Lung found us in record time.

Burrito from Chatty was silenced by stop #3.

We hit all the major stopping points along the Sir E AO trail w a nod to some of the famous/infamous Qs.

Hard to believe this AO has been around since 2015. It’s come a long way from meeting at the Iris parking lot. Believe it or not some of the Redwoods were Binary, Bad Boy, Grisham and Rooster. Keep up the fire men, Boy Band continues to lead it well.

Prayers up for Rooms 2 Go’s wife Katie and the loss of her Mother this week. Please pray/think/meditate for them as they go through this time of mourning.
Also Burrito from Chatty is her for his cousins funeral, K Mosley. She leaves behind a husband and two grown children and a loving extended family.

Honor to lead and to close out 2019 with a small but hearty crew.