A Modified Bert or a Workout Inspired by the Bert? You Decide…

PAX: Silver Medal, Umbrella, Black Widow, Trapper Keeper, Boone’s Farm, Bad Boy and En Fuego

QIC: En Fuego

Conditions: An ideal winter gloom, and 5 degrees sub the 32 degree ceiling we were after

7 HIM got up and got after it this Tuesday morning, taking on (and in YHC’s case being defeated by) the Bert – or at best a modified version of the Bert and at less than best perhaps more aptly coined a workout inspired by the Bert, due to said modification.   The Bert is a Hero WOD in honor of U.S. Marine Cpl. Albert Gettings, who died 10 years ago this month while conducting counter-sniper operations in Iraq.  27 years old and survived by his wife, sister and parents – every quarter his fellow Marines honor him in completing the Bert.


0530 – Disclaimer given, and in some instances repeated again for Black Widow due to some headgear layer interference.  MC ensues from our Purple Cow brethren and we’re off.   Mosey around lot and up to the football field for COP – SSH, WMH, GMs and Scorpion Stretch.  Partner up and instructions given for how the next 30-35 minutes are going to go down, with YHC giving the background of Cpl. Gettings and our intent to honor him today.

We kick things off with a 25 burpee and 400mm buy-in (15 burpees and one lap around track; 10 burpees and another lap) – then head to the end zone and find your partner.  Begin the following:

  • 150 merkins (total combined count between the two partners, approx. 75 merkins per PAX)
  • Run 400mm
  • 200 walking lunges across the football field (combined count)
  • Run 400mm
  • 300 squats (combined count)
  • Run 400mm

R&R AMRAP for 30 minutes.  All PAX got thru the walking lunges of Round 2 and subsequent 400mm run; TClaps to Umbrella and his cheat code partner Boone’s for getting some Round 2 squats in as well before time was called.  Mosey back and huddle up for COT / BOM and some tailgate coffee.


  • Great to have some III Pillars newbies in attendance this morning, with her charm clearly getting straight to the heart of TK, who HC’d for some future partakes in its Tuesday morning gloom.  A win for Ironclad and its Away AO efforts there…
  • The Bert proved itself to be no joke – even this partnered-up, watered down version of it.  Great effort by the PAX – all in each HIM knocking out 2.5+ miles and approximately 150 merkins, 200 walking lunges and minimally 150 squats along with the burpee buy-in.
  • Always good to be able to incorporate a Hero WOD into the workout mix and honor the life of a fallen soldier.  YHC also wanted this to serve as a reminder to us all however that it doesn’t take a uniform and a deployment to Iraq to be a Hero or First Responder.  We each have a calling in our lives to be the same – be it within our family, our neighborhoods, our 9-5 lives, etc.  There are battles taking place all around us within a world that daily doesn’t want us to be all that we are capable of being, and with that we all have our Ms, 2.0s, shieldlocks, blades – you name it, that need someone, namely us, to be that First Reponder in their lives.  First Responders that walk in courage, walk in conviction, aren’t waiting for someone else to fight their battles.  First Responders that don’t chuck the responsibility or training and raising their 2.0s to the school system, that aren’t waiting on their Ms to be the first to apologize – men that are simply holding themselves to a higher standard of action and accountability than what the world around us might otherwise suggest.    YHC is thankful for the service and sacrifice of Cpl. Gettings, and beyond appreciative of having the HIM of F3 around me – ensuring YHC continues to grow in a desire not to accept anything less than First Responder status from the man in the mirror.

En Fuego


3 Hats = Hearing Problems

PAX: Leatherneck, Black Widow, Toga (QIC), Boone’s Farm, Umbrella

A hearty five arrived to live the dream with another 70 and sunny day at the Cow!  Here’s how it went down:

Quick disclaimer then begin circling the Widow’s car upon his kind of, sort of on-time arrival.  Mosey to the park, warmup COP, take a lap around the lot and head to the pavilion.

Station 1:  Single Leg Hip Thrust 12 ea. leg, Bulgarian Split Squat 12 ea. leg, Derkins 24, Step-up Jumps 12 ea. leg- Repeato x2

Run .5 m

Station 2: Squats 12, Donkey Kicks 15- Repeato x2

Run .5 m

Station 3: Rows on swings 25, Squat Thrusts 12, Single Arm Rotations 12 ea. arm- Repeato x2

Mosey to front of lot, lunge out to Granny White Pk, mosey back to flag, and quick ring of fire.

COT:  The PAX shared some of Dr. Martin Luther King’s quotes.  One of YHC’s favorites- “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

NMM:  The goal for today was to keep moving, and it seemed like we met that challenge.  Nobody complained about cold after the warmup COP.  It should also be noted that wearing multiple hats and hoods seems to lessen the ability for the PAX to hear some commands, counts, and suggestions.

Stay Classy,


BEARly surviving @ Trident

4 PAX in Attendance:  Umbrella, TapOut, BoyBand & 3D (QiC)

BG Music provided by LeCrae, Boston, Maserati, Greta Van Fleet and others.


  • Jog around 1st floor of parking garage to open stair door
  • SSH IC x 10
  • SJ IC x 10
  • LBACs IC x 10
  • Reverse LBACs IC x 10
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 10
  • Tempo Squats IC x 10
  • 30 seconds GM OYO

The Thang(s)

Mosey to the basement floor in stairwell for Partner Stair-work

Phase #1:

MOT: Partner Carry (PiggyBack) up the stairs (switch each floor)

Mosey to clean ledge of level 2 for round of 5:10:15 work of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Merkins

15 Sumo Jump-Squats

Mosey back down to ground floor for:

Phase #2:

MOT: Partner wheelbarrow up the stairs (switch each floor)

Mosey to clean ledge of level 2 for 1 more round of 5:10:15 work.

Mosey back down to ground floor for:

Phase #3:

MOT: Crawl-Bear (Intensive Stair-Bears as I like to call them) 2 floors up the stairs



Mosey back to music on floor 2 for:

10 Pull-ups and then…

BearCrawl 9s Pyramid 

Pax lined up in the parking lot for 8 Double-shots-of-Jack Burpees, Bear Crawled to a middle line for 1 War Hammer (a WW1 with a 4-count American Hammer at the top) Crawl Bear to a third line for 8 Iron Mikes. Pax then Bear Crawl to the middle line for one more WarHammer, Crawl Bear to first line. Plan is lowering reps at the end lines & increasing reps at the middle line to = 9. Audible called after round 7 to skip ahead to 2:7:2:7 for time’s sake but with the modifier of Floating Starfish in the middle instead of WarHammers. (I wanted to get Mary out of the way early)

Let’s Sprint the garage ramp, shall we???? 2 AYG sprints halfway up the ramp with 5 Atomic Merkins at the top R&R for 2 rounds.

Down the stairs: Rallying Mosey to the Shovel Flag.



  • Make sure to sign up for Q slots for Titan & F3 in general at F3nashville.com under Q Sign up (created a link in this sentence)
  • Shared a little about how there was a training at work yesterday from a psychologist about listening to and understanding your feelings. While this has it’s place, I (and I am sure many of you) spend far too much time listening to yourself and assessing how you feel & letting that dictate what you believe or do rather than the correct way of letting what’s true dictate what you say, do OR even what you feel! Let your feelings follow the truth. As a Christ follower and a student of God’s Word, I am thankful for biblical examples of this, like David in Psalm 42 where he literally talks to himself in the psalm asking: why he is troubled? Why he is feeling distraught. Instead, he counters these feelings with truth, that He will praise God who has been merciful to him. Encouraged Pax not to let their inner monologue dictate their actions but to let truth inform how they see themselves. We are called to be servant-leaders and to put the needs of others before our own. In His strength and by His grace, let’s get to work!
  • Everyone is getting stronger, faster and better the more you post. GREAT WORK! Keep EH’ing folks and consider the Trident as your new Friday post to keep it going. What a great AO.
  • Good quick coffeeteria discussion enjoyed by all re: SoccerMom serving in Uganda, what a great AO Trident is and how we can spread the good word and EH guys here.

3D, out!

Anyone Pack a Sponge?

PAX: Play, Rabbit, Water Boy, Scar, Luigi, Slim, Timon, Kid, Frozen, Simba, Turbo, Radio, Donkey, Lightning, Styles, Mater, Too Tall, Bagger Vance, Right Said, Crawlspace, Caps Lock, Brother At Law, Life Champ, Red Skull, Pop a Lock, Toga (QIC), Porcelain, Right Said, Crablegs

29 strong posted at the 4:13 site for some fun in the sun.  Spirits were high as we joined a new class at the Stronghold, and here’s how it went down:

Disclaimer then mosey around the complex and back to the field near Foster Ave.  Warm-up COP including SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Hillbillies, Merkins, Scorpion Stretch (crowd pleaser).

Mosey to office building near the entrance for triple check.  Teams of three executing three exercises and rotating through all of them three times.  Round 1= People’s Chair, WWII, backwards run.  Round 2= plank walks on the wall, flutter kicks, and forward run.

Mosey up to the main road and begin curb crawls.  Round 1 = bear crawls and crawl bears with ascending merkins to 7.  Round 2= crab walks with ascending dips to 5.

Mosey to basketball court for Mary= 10-15 reps of core work, flip over for a quick 5 merkins then hold the plank.  Repeato for flutter kicks, WWII, APD, single leg APDs, squat thrust interlude, then finish with bicycles.

COT with Bagger taking us out

Announcement: See Red Skull’s invite for a new Bible study on the struggle to be Authentic Men.  Date and Time: Friday mornings, 7:15am – 8:45am, 1/25 – 2/22
Location: Flavor Catering (downtown Nashville), 618 Ewing Avenue near the Rescue Mission. Parking is available beside the building and on the street.

NMM:  The PAX may have worked hard, but YHC has never heard so much grumbling about getting wet.  Most of us shower, and YHC assumes everyone can swim, so how was this different?  As my son explained this morning when arguing over packing a rain jacket for school, “you don’t need one if you run fast enough.”  Word!

This is another great group of young men embarking on a new challenge, and it was awesome to see so many F3 faces out there on such a fine morning.  Strong Work- FEBA!

Stay Classy,


How many loafers do you really have?

PAX:  Black Widow, En Fuego, Offshore, Toga (QIC), Penny Loafers (FNG), Leatherneck, Boone’s Farm

Temp:  70 and sunny

Lucky seven posted for another day on the range at the Purple Cow.  Spirits were high and clothing was aplenty as we got after it like this:

Quick disclaimer then mosey to Granny White Park.  Perform tracers (forward, side shuffle, backwards, side shuffle) through each parking space across the main lot.  Perform standard issue warmup COP then repeat tracers in alternate  direction.

Mosey to playground for 8 pull-ups, 16 swerkins, 24 dips, 8 setups ea. leg, 16 squats and 24 calf raises.  Repeato x3

Mosey to basketball court for “death by shuttle run” = 10 yr shuttle run EMOM adding one rep each minute.  Most of the PAX was done at 12, but BF, LN and OS made it through 13.  Blue Mule’s record is very much intact.

Mosey back to BMS parking lot for Mary,

COT with Offshore taking us out.

NMM:  Funyuns, Black Widow, Boone’s and YHC have been working on getting Penny Loafers (FNG- Monty) off the less than free workout train and onto the F3 express.  Today was his inaugural post, and he got after it with the rest of the PAX.  Thanks to Black Widow for talking him out of a couple of layers before we left the parking lot.

Stay Classy,


“Friendly Friday”

PAX: PA, Crablegs, Hot route, Porcelain, hambone, Tiny dancer, brother-in-law, T-Cell, Vector, Cunning Linguist, Hi-viz, Right said, Ride-along, Silver medal, Bicentennial Man, Studio 42, Trapper keeper, Firefox, Lunch lady, Bad Boy.

Temp: 22 Degrees.

Chilly 22 degree morning didn’t stop 20 PAX to come out to get better. YHC posted on slack if any PAX could bring an FNG to a Friendly Friday workout sub 25 degrees, they would officially get 5 reps off of every exercise. How many did we have? Zero. So I changed up the workout a little.

Quick Mosey around the back of the golf course. On the way picked up the pre-hustle crew, which including one nifty head-lamp from PA. Was a lot darker behind the course than I thought it would be. YHC had head-lamp envy.


SSH X 30

Cherry Pickers x 15

Willy Mays Hayes x 20

High Knees x 25

Air Press x 25

The Thang:

Mosey back down to the parking lot to the hill, for a good round of 11’s.

Simple: Burpees & Squats.

I will say, there wasn’t a lot of Mumble Chatter, but a lot of heavy breathing. The combination of the 11’s + Hill + temp = heavy breathing.

Completed 11’s, PAX went over to the wall. Line up, Plank position parallel to each other. One by one, each PAX would step behind the Plank and lift legs for a little bicep action. This was both tough for the PAX curling legs, and the 20 PAX holding plank.


Flutter kicks x 30

Crunchy Frogs x 15

Hello Dolly x 30


Prayers to Ride-along’s family for the passing of his Grandfather.

Congratulations to PA and his new job! Will be on the road to the West Coast more, but still commits to posting on Friday’s.

Leadership Luncheon: January 18th. Dr. Clay Stauffer. Richland Country club. 11:30. Please HC to Bad Boy to get a count for the food order.

Coffeeteria: PC, Tiny Dancer, Studio 42, Ride-along, Hambone, Bi-centennial Man, T-Cell, Vector, Hi-Viz, Crablegs, Right said, Cunning Linguist, Bad Boy.

8 January 2019 Adam Brown WOD

Temp: Unseasonably Warm
Gloom Factor: High
PAX: Brother at Law, CCR, Big Stick, Floppy Disk, CAPSLOCK, Black Lung, Boy Band, Red Skull (Respect), Too Tall, Venus, PreVac, Bagger Vance

Today’s Q was in honor of Chief Adam Brown, US Navy Seal Team 6. While the Crossfit Hero WOD calls for more lifting and no running, as we do in F3, we modified. Brown was killed on 17 March 2010 while on a mission to capture or kill objective Lake James, a Taliban fighter that had more kills under his tunic than almost any other Taliban other than Bin Laden. Brown’s death was the direct result of his actions to protect his teammates and to take out two insurgents, one of which was Lake James. Brown’s team ended up being the one that killed Bin Laden and have become legendary. While Brown’s heroics in the Navy are awe inspiring, his overcoming a chronic addiction to crack cocaine is to me just as unbelievable. So, anyway, check out the biography on his life…Fearless. Amazing story.

Long mosey up Manley, right on Rochelle, right on Hogan and right on Marchant for

SSH x 24 IC, IW x 13 IC, HB x 13 IC


Pair up 1s and 2s. P1 is the runner w sight, P2 is the blind runner. (Brown was blinded in his right eye by an air soft bullet in a training exercise)

Worksets X 10 (year of his death 2010)

Work x 3 exercises (month of his death)
Reps x 17 (day of his death)

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective I – corner of Hogan and Rochelle

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Flap Jack runners

Objective II – corner of Rochelle and Brentlawn

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Sighted run to Manley and Cochran

Objective III – Manley and Cochran

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective IV – 1/2 up Cochran Blind runner P1, sighted runner P2

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective V – Oakley and Cochran
Flap Jack runners

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective VI – 1/2 way down Cochran
Flap Jack Runner

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective VII – Manley and Cochran
Flap jack runner

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective VII – CHUM school bus, sighted run by all

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective IX – rope in parking lot
P2 runs blind and backwards, P1 guides to rope

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective X – end of lot, flap jack runners

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Finish running portion of 2.4 miles. 24 was Brown’s number in high school football and became his favorite number hence the 2.4 miles.

Circle up for 3 MOM:

Plank progression


NMM: as most of yall can figure out, YHC is getting more in tuned w the HERO WOD concept from Crossfit and the guys in F3Greenwood. So intrigued by Adam Brown’s story and his family. One of the most compelling pieces of his story and his life was that he had a team, family and wife that never gave up on him. Even when he was figuratively blinded by crack or literally blinded by the air soft gun, he had a fellowship there to protect him, drive him on and help him accomplish his objectives. That was the driver for our blind partner runs and is such a telling part of F3 for me, that there are HIM that want the best for me.

Pray for the family friends of Funyuns who are both struggling with cancer.
Pray for Tampa’s friends who lost their daughter this past weekend to a rare genetic disease.
Leadership lunch at Richland CC, Bad Boy on Q. Cost is $20 and the buffet there is so worth it…not to mention the speaker, Clay Stouffer from Woodmont Christian Church.

Thank yall for posting, leading is only worth it when those who are led are willing and are looking to get better.

Bagger Vance

Special After Holiday Coupon Sale

PAX: Boone’s Farm, Black Widow, Toga (QIC), Leatherneck (Kotter), Umbrella, Offshore

Six redwoods decided to apply some special after holiday coupons at the Purple Cow.  Here’s how it went down:

Warmup COP: Perform forward, backwards, and side to side mosey then circle up.  Execute Imperial Walkers, Cotton pickers, Russian soldiers, T-Ups, and scorpion stretch.  Gather YHC’s collection of coupons and head to the bottom of the hill/hillock at the base of the parking lot.

Coupon application = Position 1 merkins, Position 2= dumbbell tricep extensions, Position 3= dumbbell curls, 4= kb swing, 5= kb press, and 6 = sandbag row.  Each member of the PAX performs the exercise then carries the  coupon up the hill to rinse and repeat.  Repeato for a total of 4 sets with ab fun at the completion of each rotation then rotate to the next position.

Mosey back to flag for “ring of coupon” squats and lunges.


NMM:  It was great to see Leatherneck back in the PAX.  Apparently we are hard to find in the back parking lot, so Leatherneck opted to sit in his car and watch another group in another lot to see if they were ever going to get out of their cars.  It’s probably for the best he decided to search for us one more time!

Stay Classy,


Brotherly tour de TITAN

12 PAX Present at the inspiring Parthenon for a Partner-themed Q by YHC today.

PAX: Porcelain, BicentennialMan, PumpkinSpice, CrawlSpace, BnB, CrabLegs, Hi-Viz, Brother-at-Law, HarveyUpdyke, Blue Mule, TrapperKeeper, 3rdDegree (QiC)

YHC was rolling in HOT this AM and thankfully AO site-Q had my back. Porcelain led the PAX around with a Quick mosey to East side of Parthenon for WoR


again, I came in late so they were already underway, but here is what I caught up for…

  • WMH IC
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 15

The Thang(s) 

2 rounds of DIDs (20 Dips, 15 Irkins, 10 Derkins) and sprint around the Woman’s Suffrage Monument loop

Partner-7s: Double shot of Jack-ees at bottom (Burpee with plank jack after merkin and SSH instead of jump at end), Piggy-Back Carry Partner up stairs, Iron Mikes (each leg = 1/2) at the top then Bear Crawl down stairs (Plank and wait for Partner PRN at the bottom) , Continue 7s alternating carrying-partner each time
Mosey to John Thomas Statue on SW side of Parthenon
Speed Bump of Partner Leg Throws x 10 each + 10 floating Starfish (each leg = 1/2)
Mosey to the Pain-ground
 One Partner High-Planks (can turn & place alternating hands up PRN) until other Partner performs 5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins and 15 squats
x3 rounds each partner
Mosey to Parking lot North of Parthenon for Partner SPRINTs:
Perform Mary exercise until partner sprints to other end of parking lot and politicians back, then flapjack
Flutter Kicks
American Hammers
For the last round, to up the competitive drive, both partners did the Mary exercise together then raced each other on the sprint
Twisting WWIs x 10
One more group wide sprint. PS and CL for the win!
Just enough time (or out of time according to some) for Mary…
2 MoM:
Freddie Mercuries x10 IC forward and x10 IC reverse
American Hammers x19IC
CoT, Countorama, NameoRama
Moleskin/What we learned:
  • F3Franklin Hosts WarpathX 1/12/19 5am @ “The Standard” AO location (YMCA in Brentwood on Concord) launch site. 5 hours of Fun (~17 miles, with 10 AOs interspersed. JUST SAY YES!) Let Torch from F3Franklin know if you’re planning to come.
  • 3D is about to be on paternity leave for 4th 2.0’s upcoming arrival. Prayers appreciated.
  • IronClad 2.0 “DoubleGlove edition” is up and running. Read all about it here: https://f3nashville.com/2018/12/ironclad-double-glove/
  • We need accountability and we sharpen each other! Don’t let 2019 be a year of failing as a Lone Ranger when you have brothers at hand ready and willing to shield-lock with you:
Ecclesiastes 4:9–12
Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (ESV)
3D- out!
fist bump GIF

2019 NYD Convergence

It was an unseasonably warm morning to ring in the New Year with the 5th anniversary of the F3 Middle TN regions NYD Convergence; and, if you ask the 48 (47?) PAX who posted at The Hill, they’ll tell you as much.

Princess Aurora F3Nashville Nan’tan had led the first 4, but humbly handed the reigns over to a couple other Pax as he was DR today.

QIC: T-Cell, 3rd Degree

PAX: Bagger Vance, Big Bang, Bartman, Grisham, Hambone, Numbtucks, & BlueMule came early for a Pre-Ruck and were joined by RazorBack, TheJeweler, Porcelain, HiViz, Funyuns, TampaLibra, Lumberg, EnFuego, Ludwig, OldHickory, HarveyUpdyke, YardSale, Dupree, DillyDilly, FrugalMcDoogal, PumpkinSpice, DeepDish, Creeper, Staples, Stats, Altidore, Sterno, BarneyFievel, SoccerMom, Boyband aka Skidmark, RedSkull (Respect), FloppyDisk, BlackWidow, Umbrella, Brother-at-Law, Shootah, Waterboy, Lump, Braddock (Respect), Spicoli, Stirrups (FNG D’Mish Sponsor), D’mish, & Foxtrot Talks A Lot joined for COT & coffeeteria. 


After a perfectly executed disclaimer by T-Cell, he led the Mosey around the Baseball and lower football practice-field/track to a Warmorama at the center for a little COP. YHC forgot the speaker to be used for later and may or may not have tumbled down to fetch it…


  • SSH
  • SnL Squats
  • SnL Merkins
  • GM IC (Franklin was like…what???)
  • WMH IC (now it’s getting weird)
  • Supposedly 19 reps of each, but who’s counting?


Line up on football field goal line for the following circuit:
20 Hand Release Merkins
Suicide to 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard line sprinting to each yard marker and backpedaling to the goal line
19 Jump Squats = 1 round
SPOILER ALERT = T-Cell announcing we would do this 5 x in honor of the 5th year of convergence…
PAX start each round together and high-plank to wait for six.
Four Corners
Divide PAX into four teams and put one group at each corner of the football field where goal line pylons would be. Place marker in middle of field. Each team is responsible for 100 burpees. Once all burpees are completed, first pax bear crawls to marker and sprints back to tag next man. Non-crawling teammates are planking/Mary exercise until it’s their turn. Audible: OMAHA!!! 2-3 pax start bear-crawling together after about 3-4 individuals went for time’s sake
Participation trophy = advancing to round 3…
3D took over from here.
Bearway to Heaven
The song (Stairway to Heaven) is 8:20 (at least the Amazon Prime version by Led Zep Cover band LA Thunder…which was a subject of much MC) and you bear-crawl/crawl bear suicide from goal line to 10, 20, 30, 40 and half-field line markers with decreasing numbers of burpee variation (Q picked Yurpees, as these were invented in Nolensville 😉 )on your way…6,5,4,3,2 = 20 (recognize a pattern?)
Music is nice to take away the pain.
15 Attitude-Adjustment burpees were the buy out as far too many PAX had enough wind to MC the entire time during the song…
Hill Sprints
Mosey to the short hill b/w the Tennis courts and football field and sprint fence to fence 4 x. Then, crawl-bear the hill 1x. RnR the 4x Sprints (I was planning to do this until we reached 19, but alas, time waits for only one man, and He ain’t me)

Closed it out with 2MOM.

  • 10 twisting WWIs OYO
  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • American Hammers x19 IC

CoT/Numbers/Names/Christening of FNG


  • T-Cell has instituted a monthly program called The Twelfth Man. This month and rotating monthly, a PAX will own sharing leadership lessons and planning an opportunity to hear from local leaders. See T-Cell for more details. Jan. is BadBoy bringing some peeps from The Iron Curtain to share. Deets forthcoming. Check Slack.
  • Warpath X set for 5am Jan. 12 in F3Franklin. Brentwood YMCA on Concord is launch site.
  • That also happens to be where F3TheStandard AO is launching this Thursday. Ask BigBang and Funyuns said bring your sack. 4:45-6am. Ruck heavy.
  • 3D Exhorted the group that 2019 can be a year of breaking bad habits in order to form a new, better, lasting foundation and then build on it. Shared the story from the middle of Luke 8 of Jesus setting the man possessed by Legion free from inner chains even though at the time he was able to break physical chains. If interested to discuss more, find me sometime and lets get a coffee or beer. Throughout life, we are called as men to take the hard road, the less-traveled and difficult journey. Whether having to fight the siren-song of the fart-sack, or saying no to the helping of food or drink or show/website you know you should avoid, or having to get up one more time to serve your family, or turn in one more project at work you have no idea what it’s for, we are called to make NO PROVISION for the flesh. And we are already involved in a brotherhood where accountability and encouragement and correction allow us to sharpen one another. Let’s hit the trail and walk down the hard-path together.
  • Better, faster, stronger!

3D, out.