I’m Barbara Walters and this is 20/20

9 PAX in attendance: Big stick, Right said (Ran 7 miles) , Boy band (ran 7 miles), Black lung (ran 7 miles), Drago, Deep frost, Bicentennial man, Carebear, High Flyer

Warm Up:


Willie Mays Hayes

Little baby arm circles

Reverse LBACs

Seal Claps


The Thang:

Burpee Apocalypse!

10 burpees

9 burpees

8 burpees

7 burpees

6 burpees

5 burpees

4 burpees

3 burpees

2 burpees

1 burpee

Mosey to Gale Ln path

Barbara Walters….This is 2020:

Perform each exercise for 20 reps then hold for the six.  After each chest exercise plank to the six, after leg exercise hold squat to the six, after each ab exercise leg lift to the six.  Then run a lap.

  1. Merkins
  2. Squats
  3. LBC
  4. Diamond Merkins
  5. SSH
  6. Freddy Mercs
  7. Carolina Dry Docks
  8. Lunges
  9. WW1
  10. Tricep extensions
  11. Jump Tucks
  12. Flutters
  13. Superman’s
  14. Sumo Squats
  15. J Los
  16. Wide Arm Merkins
  17. Lt. Dan’s
  18. Box Cutters
  19. Partner Decline Merkins
  20. Hillbillies

After 15, we stopped the lap for time’s sake.

Mosey back to Stonewall for Mary:

Flutters x30

LBCs x20

J-Los x10

Good mornings/OYO stretch

Announcements: Leap Day Biscuit Run on February 29



Coffeeteria Attendance @ Portland Brew = 100%

HF out


This Is Not a Running AO

Temp: 50
Gloom Factor: High
Morale: Higher
PAX: Money Shot, Hambone, Care Bear, Tampa Libra, Bagger Vance

Trust Mosey Train over to playground, scrapped for two man Trust Mosey to Rec Center Lot for

WMH X 10
Imp Walkers x 13 IC
Hillbillies x 14 IC



1. 30 Merkins
2. 30 Air squats
3. 30 Pistol LBCs
4. 10 Burpees
5. 10 Windmills
6. 30 Merkins
7. 30 Mountain climbers
8. 30 Flutter kicks
9. 10 Burpees
10. 10 Cherry pickers (4-count)
11. 30 Merkins
12. 30 Lunges
13. 30 Supermans
14. 10 Burpees
15. 10 Chain breakers
16. 30 Merkins
17. 30 ?
18. 30 Hello Dollies
19. 10 Burpees
20. 10 Phelps

Trust Mosey to Picnic I


AMRAP 20 Minutes
1. 5 pull-ups
2. 10 Merkins
3. 15 air squats

Walk to Main Lot


Plank Progression
5 Merkins
Plank Progression
5 Merkins


Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear w 5 Merkins +/- 30 yards
Karaoke Rt w 5 side lunges
Karaoke Lt w 5 side lunges
Side shuffle Rt w 5 Burpees
Side Shuffle Lt w 5 Burpees
Politician w 5 Rev Burpees
Politician w 5 Rev Burpees

Plank Pointers R
Plank Pointers L
Plank March R
Plank March L
20 Pistol LBC IC
5 Burpees
Divers R
Divers L


This is not a Running AO.


413 Strong Supper 5 Dec on Campus


Hambone’s Extremely Late Backblast

Date: 11/2/2019 – 0600-0700
Q: Hambone

Pax: Black Lung, Money Shot, High Flyer, FTTAL, Drago, Deep Dish, Big Stick

Disclaimer: The disclaimer may have been given in short form

20 SSH IC x 20
Good Morning OYO
Squat IC x 20

Slowwwww joggggg

The Thang:

30 minutes of intervals

2 minutes OFF

1 minute On

Total: 2.0ish miles

Hill Sprints

17 sprints up the hill to the flag
walk / slow jog back down

Once the pax completed their hills sprints, they headed back to the parking lot for:

Alabama Prom Dates IC x 20
Low Flutter IC x 15
LBCs IC x 20


Worthy to note that the pax covered 4.13 miles in total. Varying speeds coupled with tapered intensity allowed the pax to cover ground and improve.

CoQ’d Up

Temp: 67
Gloom: Nil

PAX: Black Lung, Boy Band , Hipster, FTTAL, Deep Dish, Big Stick, Care Bear, Baby Oil, Money shot, PA, T Cell, Hambone, High Flyer, Tampa Libra, Class Pass (FNG), Bagger Vance

QsIC: Big Stick, BV

Disclaimer at 0559:30

Set off at a torrid pace to the upper lot for


SSH x 13 IC
IW x 13 IC
Hillbillies x 13 IC
Prisoner Squats x 13 IC

Count off 1s & 2s

THANG: MARSOC Short Card w some Mods as YHC couldn’t remember it all and had to consult digital Weinke multiple times.

30 Push-ups
30 Air squats
30 Crunches
10 Burpees
10 Windmills
30 Push-ups
30 Mountain climbers
30 Flutter kicks
10 Burpees
10 Cherry pickers (4-count)
30 Push-ups
30 Star jumpers (or jumping jacks)
30 Back Extensions (“supermans”)
10 Burpees
10 Chain breakers
30 Push-ups
30 Lunges
30 Hello dollies
10 Burpees
10 Trunk twists

Hand off Q to Big Stick

Multiple passes up the hill in Partner carry fashion.
Once crawl bear to bear crawl.
At the top there were 10 Power Merkins and 20 Squats most of the time except when we did Partner Merkins and Squats.
Finished the day w 10 Pull Ups each then RnR’d for another ten.


Flutter Kicks x 60 IC
Thors x 11 IC


Oldie but goodie in MARSOC, I will study it more next time so we can move quicker through the work.
Always a good time w Bigstick on CoQ.
Welcome Class Pass, hope you will return soon.

Prayers up for friends and family suffering.
Lunch Lady has a big job interview on Tuesday.
IP2K19 Week IV starts tomorrow.



Labor Day Weekend of 400 Love

PAX: Deep Dish, FoxTrotTalksAlot, The Bell, Bad Boy, Hambone, Tommy Boy (from F3 Atlanta), and YHC TheJeweler

Gloom Factor: Are you kidding me?? It was the first taste of fall and beautiful

Disclaimer was given and still everyone stuck around

Songs on the playlist for the day: Too Close (Alex Clare), Radioactive (Imagine Dragons), Extreme Ways (Moby), Sinnerman (Nina Simone & Felix da Housecat), Under Pressure (David Bowie & Queen), Almeria (Everydayz & Phazz), Survival (Muse), Isolated System (Muse), Les Preuves Du Temps (Everydayz), Batter Up (Nelly), Typical (Mutemath)

WarmUp: Short jog through the park, we circled back to pick up The Bell and FoxTrot.  – Circle up for: 20 SSH, 10 GM, 10 WMH, 10 BAC, 10 RBAC, 10 Air Presses, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers… all done in cadence

Line up for sprint drills down and back 20m: High Knees, Butt Kicks, A Skip, B Skip

The Main Event: Jog up the hill across Granny White to Clayton Ave.  This is the start of the 400m.  We sprinted to the far side of Clayton to Belmont Ave. dropped and did LBCs until all in + 20 seconds.  Then we sprinted back 400m down Clayton back to Granny White.

The PAX moseyed back to the pavilion for a 5 min round of 10 exercises 10 sec rest by 20 sec exercise 10 sec rest etc…  The exercises were as follows:

  • Step up and jump (standing with one foot on the picnic table bench, you jump up off one leg and back down) 5-6 on each leg
  • Dips
  • Box Jumps (on to picnic table)
  • Decline alt shoulder taps
  • Bulgarian Split squats Right Leg
  • Bulgarian Split squats Left leg
  • Windmill sweeps (starting from standing position with legs apart and both arms up to one side at approx 1 o’clock, rotate down sweeping your hands across the ground at 6 o’clock up to 11 o’clock and them back… alt back and fourth
  • Slow merkin… 1 merkin over 20 seconds lowering yourself as slow as possible
  • Toe Raises
  • Fire Hydrants (working that inner thigh in honor of Labor Day)

Mosey back up to Clayton/Granny White for 2 more 400s then another round of 10 exercises at the pavilion

Back to Clayton for 2 more 400s then one final round of 10 at the pavilion.  Bad Boy was thrilled when Batter Up by Nelly came on the playlist as we were about to start 400m number 5!

MARY: Circle up back in the parking lot… On your 6!

20 x Labor Day Alabama Prom Dates (An Alabama Prom Date with your legs spread)

10 each: APDs with right leg up, APDs with left leg up

20 x Flutter Kicks

10 Happy Crunchy Frogs

10 Olympic Situps

10 pike WW1s

10 right side crunches

10 left side crunches


Prayer Request: Hambone has a big decision about a new job opportunity.  All of the people affected by the hurricane

Announcements: Iron PAX challenge starts 9/2… that’s this Monday Gents

5 year anniversary coming up on Saturday 9/14

Coffiteria: All 7 present for discussions about terminator robots, and new business ideas.  Don’t worry, I won’t give it away FoxTrot.

Great work today everyone!  As always it was a pleasure to lead and be led.

~Jeweler Out

1K Rep Challenge & Hill Sprints

PAX: DeepDish, Tide, FoxTrotTalksALot, BoyBand, MightyStork, CommodoreBabyOil, Hipster, Razor, Bell, FNG Buckets, & YHC TheJeweler

Gloom Factor: Low… warm and sunny

Disclaimer was given as BoyBand came in hot… still no FoxTrot to be found.

Warm-O-Rama: We took off on a trot around the block… down Lealand up by the dog park and back around.  Pepper in some high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, ballerina skips.  Back to the parking lot where we found FoxTrot awaiting our return.   Continue with 20 SSH, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 WMHs, 10 forward/reverse BACs, 10 Elevated Skips (from standing position, kick one leg straight out and clap your hands underneath… repeat right, left, r, l, etc… in a smooth rhythmic fashion).

We took it straight up the hill from the parking lot to the track around the white house, passing Tampalibra feverishly attempting to lock his bike to the playground.  After many failed attempts due to not having the right key, a cloud of defeat descended on Tampalibra and he was not seen from again. 

Main Event: Partner up for 1000 Rep challenge.  Each team does 100 reps of each exercise.  While your teammate is performing the exercise, you sprint a lap around the white house on the track.   The following exercises were completed in sets of 100:

Jump Squats, SSH, LBCs, Alt Shoulder Taps, Side Lunges, Kicking the Moon, Elevated Skips, Carolina dry docks, WW1s, Standing Twist (twist left/right just like it sounds).

The PAX knew what was coming next, but were unsure of the direction we would run.  We moseyed back to the entrance of the parking lot for sprints.  FTTA tried to will the PAX to run on the flat, but Q had something else in mind.  The PAX lined up at the entrance, then we did 5x jog to the manhole cover then all out sprint to the stop sign at the top of the road.

To keep the unit together, Q imposed the 10m rule… meaning as we jogged back down the hill in between sprints, the entire PAX had to stay within 10m of each other – No man left behind!!  PAX was pretty gassed and gave up the ghost on the last sprint.

MARY: Back to the lot for 7 mins of ab work.  We did some American Hammers, Toe Touches, Alabama Prom Dates, Super People, Star People or wide super people, crunchy frogs, and WW1s.


Announcements: New Q signup sheet… AOQs will be managing signup and reaching out to the PAX on a more personal level.  5 year anniversary convergence on September 14th!

Push the 12 & Prayer Request: CommodoreBabyOil had his Navy flight exam today.  There were a few others and the Big Guy knows those.

As always a pleasure to lead and be lead.

YHC ~ TheJewler

Tour de 12 A Redux of Sorts

TEMP : 80
PAX: Aaaaayyyy, Specimen, Foxtrot, PA, Black Lung, Care Bear, Boy Band, Deep Dish, Porcelain, The Jeweler, Hambone, Life Champ, Bagger Vance
Double Slaughter Starter
10X Burpees
10X Squats
High Plank while reviewing the following:
F3’s Mission – To Reinvigorate Male Community Leadership Through Small Peer Led Workout Groups.
5 Core Principles – 1) It’s Free 2) It’s Open to all Men 3)It’s Held Outdoors Rain, Snow, or Shine 4) It is peer led in a rotating fashion 5) It ends with a COT
VAPE – A Virtuous Leader has a Vision, that is Articulated to a Purpose while Exhorting that VAP in others.
5 Cs of Leadership – Candor, Commitment, Contentment, Courage, Competence
Thang Explained – In Indian Run mode we will pay homage to T Cell aka The Point and go on a Tour de 12
1st Stop – Whites Mercantile for Merkins
4 Sets (a nod to our 4 years in existence) x 12 reps IC (12 S hood)
2nd Stop – Halcyon Bike Shop
Freddy Mercs
4X12 IC
3rd Stop – 12 S Tap Room
4×12 IC Alternating Shoulder Taps
4th Stop – Hambone Hill
Lt Dans 4X12 single count w 12 IC Plank Jax between each set. After set 2, switch to reverse. Plank and wait for 6.
5th Stop – Frothey Monkey for, wait for it, Monkey Humpers 4 sets X12 IC.
6th Stop – Wall Sit right hip stretch x 12IC, Superman feet on the wall x12IC, Wall Sit left hip stretch x 12IC, Balls to the Wall (Kotters to BTTW) x12IC
7th Stop – Fahrenheit Yoga for some Burpee math followed by 17 burpees per PAX, box jumps X12 single ct w 12 single ct merkins between sets
8th Stop – Picnic Shelter I for 5’ of Cindy:
5 Pullups
10 Merkins
15 Squats
(Disclaimer: We are on the 2X4s so watch out for nails, pins and staples)
Less running than YHC would have liked but the Indian Run was a nice twist to keep the PAX together. PAX kept in order for the entire am, another little mental test that proved no issue. The math at Fahrenheit Yoga was too much for YHC and thankfully, Aaaayyyy, from Austin crunched the numbers while the PAX did some burpees.
There seemed to be some disgruntled customers with the DJ mix this am, YHC takes full responsibility. The Spotify mix was not as hard and fast as expected, will be better next time or maybe it won’t…
Big turnout this week, first time in the teens in a bit.
Good to have PA in the mix and Black Lung even showed up early. Worlds are colliding Jerry.
Hambone was rocking the Mustache like a true champ. He may or may not have offered free mustache rides to a couple of bride tribes near P Brew.
Foxtrot coming off a bout of the butt flu acquitted himself nicely. It was obvious he was under the weather as his entry into the parking lot didn’t send PAX scrambling for their lives.
Porcelain is reppin 12th Man this month and has asked us all to Push the 12. PA and The Jeweler were 1&2 and shared their Thanksgiving for work rhythm and life rhythm.
Lots going on in the next few months. Head to Slack for more accurate info…this is what I remember 13 hours later:
This week we have Libeery with Bicentennial Man on Q.
On the 20th Porcelain is hosting a cookout.
Foxtrot is hosting a Lamaze class at his office on Tuesday at 1015.
Yuck Ruck in the works for August.
5 Year F3 Nashville Anniversary 14 Sept.

22 June 2019 25s

Deep Dish, Black Lung, foxtrot, big stick, Lockbox, big country, Life Champ, notes, bagger vance, Dick Whitman, Cowboy

Longish Mosey up Clayton, to Granny White and circle up in the upper parking lot for

Squats, Imperial Walkers, Willy, SSH IC X various reps


To commemorate our esteemed guests from 413 Strong YHC took their average age and made it the rep count for all exercises, some single cadence, some 4 ct. This Q was a bit of a remix from Stonewalls past. One each Upper, lower core exercise per stop. Also incorporated the Indian Run in am effort to keep the PAX together.

Stop I at the Bridge

Lt Dans
Dragon Flags


Stop II Clayton and Lealand

BURPEES (2x merkins 15-25)
Hello dollies


Stop III Big Kids Playground

Pull-ups (3 Burpee Penalty each time you dropped from the bar)
Box jumps
F kix


Stop IV Clayton and 12 at 3rd Person’s Retching Wall (Big Country did us the favor of impersonating 3rd Person)


Stop V we moved a bit down the side walk

Leap frog
F kix

(Bear crawl down Handiramp to Noahs ark)

Stop VI Kirkwood and 12

Burpees (2x thruster 17-25)
Sgl leg wall thrusters


Stop VII Back at the Bridge

Merkins w hold on the low
Wall sits
F kix


Stop VIII Clayton & Lealand

Burpees (2x merkins 20-25)
F kix


Plank x 25 IC
Merkins x 5
F Kix X 15 IC
Plank X 25 IC


What a great effort by all PAX this am. That one was a bit of a doozy and more than once YHC was close to Splash City. Thankfully, Big Country helped out w a little Splash around stop #5. Glad that all had a good time, the 413 guys and I were worried it was gonna be a 4 Horseman type of day but the PAX started trickling in at 0556. Deep Dish joined us on the way to Stop I and Black Lung was the “runner coming up, oh it’s just Lung” at Stop I. So cool to have Cowboy come hang w us for a bit and grab coffeeteria.

Many prayer requests for Ms suffering from cancer.
Big Country dealing with anger issues and doubt.
Fallen Heroes ruck in Chattanooga on 13 July. We have places to stay if anyone wants to Clown Car over on the 12th. Hit me up for details.


I made myself tired

PAX: CareBear, Deep Dish, Foxtrottalksalot, Black Lung, Life Champ, Hambone, & YHC TheJeweler

QIC: TheJeweler

Conditions: Sunny, 80 Degrees, gloom factor low

Disclaimer was give then quick jog down the road and circle back to the lot

Warm-o-rama: 30 SSH, 15 Good Mornings, 15 WMHs, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Hill Billies, 15 BAC, 15 Air Presses,  Sprint Drills for 20m: High Knees, Butt Kicks, A-Skip, B-Skip, Elevated Skips

Thang: Mosey over to the entry of the parking lot facing up the hill towards 12south.  PAX lined up and jogged ~50m to the manhole cover then all out sprint the remaining 50m to the stop sign.  Jog back as a group and repeat 4x.

On to the playground: PAX grouped up in groups of 2 & one group of 3.  While one group member is doing pullups the other is doing lunges.  Pullups went in reps of 10, 8, 6, 4, 2… switch out after each set.

On to the tennis courts: With the same groups we lined up on one side of the court.  Your partner bear crawled across to the other side then sprinted back to switch… after first 2 sets switch to crab walk.  While your partner bear crawled we did the following four exercises: Round 1 Side lunges, Round 2 pike pushups (start from push up position thrust legs into a pike similar to a Carolina dry dock & do a push up), Round 3 ski jumps, Round 4 dolphin pushups (from low plank position, elbows on the ground, you jump your legs up towards your arms into a pike then back down).

Round two: shuttle runs (half court to full court) while your partner does: walkouts (from pike position your walk your hands out as far past your shoulders as possible – basically an ab roller without the ab roller), calf raises, alternating super people (right arm left leg up, left arm right leg up), then windshield wiper pushups (hands wide and you shift from side to side doing a push up).

Mosey to the loop around the big white house.  Same groups… your partner sprints as fast as possible, one lap, while you do LBCs.  Each person runs once.  30 sec rest… rinse and repeat.

Long mosey around the back side of the park back to the entrance past the woman looking at the ground and the man with two dogs.

Just enought time for a modified circuit…  Sprint 50m 10 Merkins, Sprint 50m 10 LBCs, Sprint 50m 10 burpees, sprint 50m 5 flutter kicks & 5 crossovers.

MARY: 25 American Hammers, 10 J-LOs, 30 seconds of slow bikes…. TIME

Announcements: Memorial Day Murph coming up, Yard Duty & meal train sign up for Ludwig,

Prayer Request: Ludwig & Wife for continued recovery after surgery, FTTA mother-in-law dealing with some feelings of depression, my parents & grandfather.  Sorry if i’m missing anyone.

Pleasure to lead this group of men!

YHC ~ TheJeweler


Perfect 7 for Lucky 13

Temp: 50
Gloom Factor: Nil
PAX: Bad Boy, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Deep Dish, Pop A Lock, Vegemite, Hambone, Bagger Vance

0600: Disclaimer

Long Mosey to the playground across from Third Person’s old hooch.

Circle Up for WOR:

SSH x 13 IC
Willy x 10 IC
GMA x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC


Lucky 13 (Modified due to lack of coupons)

Three Rounds x 13 Reps
Knees to Elbows/Box Jumps
KB Swings
Push Press
Walking Lunges
Mtn Climbers
Supine Thrusters
Pull Ups/ Rows

After R1 we did a quick lap around the park and started w R2.

After R2 we knocked out 6 8 ct Body Builders at Deep Dish’s request. Actually DD wanted more burpees but Pop thought 8CBB were better.

As we headed back to startex, Indian Run called out. When we completed R1, YHC threw curveball, PAX IRing would loop around the other PAX and then return to the front again. We alternated between Regular and the Double back home.

PAX planked out as YHC grabbed football for what reason YHC still can’t say…

PAX finished out R3 w some mods but all exercises and reps accounted for.


First things first, never partner up w Pop A Lock when Bro Rowing that is unless you enjoy getting T bagged. Ask Deep Dish for details.
YHC failed on starting Garmin until about 5 minutes in so our mileage was a bit off. Cobains.
Also, some Qonfusion on IC, OYO and some of the exercises but all PAX seemed sufficiently smoked.

Vegemite’s wife going back to work Mon after a long recovery from ankle surgery.
Pop finishing up grad school.
Bad Boy and M adjusting to baby girl.
Keep me in your TAP, supposed to meet with George on Tuesday to develop a strategy on our partnership, terms, etc.


Memorial Day – Concord Rd Y

0500 Murph

0600 Main Event

0700 Speed Ruck

Triple Down if you’re Hard Enough

Bagger Vance