Stonewall 2019.01.19 – Tabata Rain

PAX: The Jeweler (pre-run and main show); Pumpkin Spice (pre-run only then Vandersack); Hambone (pre-ruck and main show); Brother at Law; Boy Band; Black Lung.

QIC: Brother at Law

Conditions: The escape scene from The Shawshank Redemption.

WOR: The PAX went for a quick mosey around the playground.  It was at this time we all realized that the puddles came to play today.  Standard fare WOR under the pavilion after that.  SSH, GM, WMH, LBAC, the like.


Due to the torrential downpour, YHC wanted to keep the work under the pavilion as much as possible, but I also wanted to log a few miles, so here is what we did.

Group fartlek run up and down 12th.  Q called out the tempo bits at random.  Again, the puddles were treacherous.  Probably about 1.5 miles.

Reconvene at pavilion for a planned 8×8 tabata, that got cut to an 8×7 tabata due to time constraints.  Eight sets of the identified exercise for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds off, then rinse and repeat 8 times before the “rest.”  Do that seven cycles.    Here is how it went:

Cycle 1: Burpees

Rest: Playground loop run

Cycle 2: Box jumps

Rest: Playground loop run

Cycle 3: Mtn. Climber Merkins (lots of grunting)

Rest: Playground loop run

Cycle 4: Alternating 1/2 ski abs; 1/2 Peter Parkers (note: Do ski abs have a name?  I’m calling them Mikaela Shiffrin’s until corrected)

Rest: Playground loop run

Cycle 5: Lunge pulses, alternating legs each set, with arms skyward.

Rest: Playground loop run

Cycle 6: Alternating 1/2 Carolina Dry Docks and 1/2 bench dips

Rest: Playground loop run

Cycle 7: Bunsen Burners off the bench.

Cool down with various stretches.

Ran out of time before Cycle 8.  It will forever remain a mystery.

Favorite MC: (1) Foxtrot actually thought the Jeweler was a real life Jeweler (not a ridiculous assumption) for an extended period of time and repeatedly asked him about which watch he should buy.  Jeweler, confused but a generally nice guy, just gave his thoughts anyway.  (2) “I saw Big Stick at REI yesterday, yelling at a customer service rep about his membership.”  – Jeff “Hambone” Hammond

Announcements: West Park starting 1/24; 4:13 is great and we should all go.

Brother at Law

Tom Petty’s Stonewall Odyssey

A balmy 45 degrees with some light rain greeted the PAX as they arrived this morning.  In a true first, Black Lung arrived early and had already run a few miles before the workout began (good luck with the marathon). Hambone had just finished a pre-ruck.

QIC: Boy Band

PAX: Black Lung, Hambone, Harvey Updike, Care Bear, Brother-at-Law

Disclosure was given and we started with a short mosey lap around the inner park loop and a quick WOR.

WOR: SSH, Baby Arm Circles, Squats, Willie Mays, Hill Billies


A few of us are getting started with marathon/half-marathon training, and previous discussions with the Jeweler after the New Years convergence left me wondering how many miles we could put in for a single workout.  So YHC planned a workout in which we would try to optimize mileage while still maintaining a good whole body workout. Goal >4mi in 1 hr workout.

Tunes: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Greatest Hits

Instructions: We will be running through the 12 South area. At random, we will stop and a single PAX will be chosen to lead the group in 10 reps of an exercise of their choice.  Additionally, the pace was altered intermittently to increase the difficulty.

The Route: We ran up 12 South towards Portland Brew. As we headed north on 12 South, an odor of vomit and manure greeted us at the edge of the park and lingered until we reached Hambone Hill.  At Hambone hill, we headed upwards, then hung a right and headed to Belmont. From Belmont we mosey’d back to 12 South and again to Hambone Hill. A second trip up Hambone hill and we worked our way to Blemont Blvd to avoid the smell of 12S hippies, or whatever it was.  Around this time, a very refreshing light rain moistened the remainder of the run. We passed Martin’s barbecue and made a turn back towards Sevier park at Gale Ln. We passed the running circle and turned back towards the park at Leland.  As we reached the park, we started a backwards mosey to parking lot.  Total Distance 4.1 miles.

The Exercises:  6 PAX x 4 rounds/PAX x 10 Exercises/Round  = 240 exercises (+/- as some were not countable, i.e. bear crawls)

My Imperfect Recollection is as follows: Squats, Merkins, LBCs, Mt. Climber Merkins, WWIs, Burpees, Lt. Dans, Bear crawl up and down a staircase, J-Los, Ranger Merkins, Freddy Mercuries,  Jump Tucks, Lunges, Merkins, Squats, WWIs, Imperial Walkers, Carolina Dry Docks, ~50yrds Bear Crawl.

Mary Mode: Burpees, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Hello-Dolly, Plank/Nolan Ryans.

We finished with 10 Burpees OYO.


Thanks to everyone for allowing me to lead. I enjoyed the miles with you men.  Major kudos to Hambone who dug deep and finished the running despite his pre-ruck, as always with a smile on his face.  Unfortunately, Brother-at-law didn’t get to tell his story about the “Outdoor Voices” store as we passed it due to our brisk pace. Ask him about it.

My calorie count for the workout was 973 which also helped with my other goal of cutting weight.  Next time we’ll try for the even 1000.

Coffeeteria was well attended by all but B-a-L.


Six for circuits

PAX: Edible Arrangements, Bagger Vance, Bad Boy, Care Bear, Boy Band, Porcelain

QIC: Boy Band

As Bagger is still recovering from his ankle/foot issues and there were few HCs prior to showtime, YHC planned a no running circuit workout inclusive of some jump-rope for cardio burn.

We started with a quick mosey to drop some coupons (~30lb cinder blocks and 18lb Ball) to the playground along with jump rope and pullup assist band. Then back to the parking lot for WOR and to pick up Bagger.

WOR:  SSH, Good Mornings, Squats, FLBAC, BLBACs, Seal Claps, Overhead Press.


Six stations for six PAX.  Station 1 was jump-rope to 100 (modified to 50 after 2 cycles due to timing and form).  This kept the pace. The remaining 5 stations were AMRAP exercises that changed with each cycle as follows.

Station 1: Jump rope, Jump Rope, Jump Rope, Jump Rope, Jump Rope

Station 2: Kettle Bell Swings, Bent Over Rows, Overhead Press, Weighted American Hammers, Kettle Bell Swings, Weighted American Hammers, Bent over rows

Station 3: Ball push ups (alt. arms), Weighted sit up, Shoulder raise, weighted sit-up, Ball push ups, Weighted sit ups, Bent over rows

Station 4: Goblet Squats, Single Leg Deadlift-R, Derkins, Crunchy Frogs, Squats,  Crunchy Frogs, Bent over rows

Station 5:  Overhead press, Single Leg Deadlift-L;  Blockees, Plank Jacks, Overhead Press, Plank Jacks, Bent Over rows

Station 6: Pull ups, Pull ups, Maktars, J-Los, Pull Ups, Flutter Kicks, Pull Ups

MARY:  Mosey back to the parking lot with the coupons. As we did a lot of core work during the circuit and YHC’s legs were feeling a little under-worked we circled up for 3 minutes of rapid fire deep squats.  We lost count around 55 and did somewhere near 70 in that time.

COT – Prayers for all those PAX who are welcoming new little ones into their lives.  There are a bunch.

Moleskin: Thanks for the opportunity to lead. We had a great turn out with many of the regulars still out of town for the holiday weekend. My abs are still sore from all the weighted core work, and I suspect tomorrow will be worse.


10 by 10 and a 4 year recap

Temp: Low 30s
Gloom Factor: Mid
Music: Paul’s Boutique 20 yr anniversary edition, Venus’ greatest hits, Ten out of Tenn Christmas Vol.1

PAX: Bad Boy, Deep Dish, Foxtrot Talks a Lot,  Care Bear, Boy Band, Black Lung, Hambone, Bagger Vance

Today’s Q was historical for several reasons… 1) There would be no, absolutely NO Running, B) It was YHC’s 4th(ish) Ann’y w F3 and Lastly, there would be a Slaughter Starter featuring one of the most epic Exercises ever

Slaughter Starter :

Drunk in the Park x 4 (A nod to the Good Dr, Ironlung)

Grab one of several coupons – Rebar, Kettlebell, Cinderblock, Ruckplate, Sandbag

Walk leisurely over to Picnic area 1 and drop off Pon.  Walk leisurely over to the grassy area next to PA1 for


SSH, HB, IW, Squats, LBAC(F/R)…at this point several things happened, Blacklung rolled in and YHC lost concentration and focus

THANG: 10 by 10

Merkins, Thrusters, F Kix w Presses (IC), Burpees, Chainbreakers (IC)

Pull ups, Overhead Squats, Single Leg Dead Lift (10 ea side), Lunges w Curl (10 ea side), Prone Thrusters

We did 6 rounds of these with the following MODs in R6…

Cherrypickers in lieu of Chainbreakers

Bodybuilders in lieu of Burpees

5 Pull ups and 5 Knees to elbows

Sub Iron Crosses for SLDL

Sub Rockettes for Lunges w Curl

Extended Mary +/- 13 minutes

First 4′ Plank and plank variations

Crunchy Frogs x 13 IC
Putin Pounders x 13 IC

More Planking

Pistol LBC x 20 IC
Ola Binarys x 13 IC

4 Burpees OYO

GMA x 4 IC



Great work this AM by the PAX as YHC pulled out an oldschool ‘Pon beatdown replete with Rebar and all its friends.  First time to post with Care Bear, he lived up to his name for whatever that means.  Foxtrot with his normal Midwife noises and complaining.  Deep Dish with his usual crushing of the Pull Ups and modification of most everything else.  YHC was in the Drs corner and all 3 of us were struggling.  Felt like I didn’t see Bad Boy until the very end of the Q almost as if he was just having a smoke over there until we Mary’d up…will have to check the surveillance footage.

So, as YHC mentioned, today marked roughly the 4 year anniversary of the birth of Bagger Vance aka ATQ (both of which are acceptable monikers as is BV).  I am forever indebted to 5 Star for the nudge to join and for all the HIM along the way that have made me better and didn’t leave me behind.  There have been way more good times, deep conversations and bonds built than YHC would have ever expected.  I can say that without F3 my life wouldn’t be as full and rich as it is.  Just yesterday, I had two conversations with HIM that I would likely never have known had 5 Star not EH’d me at Belle Meade $4Bux those years ago.

Instead of a sappy or inspiring #WASNOW YHC dug into the vault along with the help of Cambrige Analytica, Breitbart and Alex Jones to come up with some very compelling statistics over the last 48 months and here they are…

# of Burpees:  1,346,988
Merlot Splashed: YHC – 0, PAX – 87 (majority of that was 3rd Person and F3Memphis)
Black Miatas: 1
Posts: 1,976 (including today)
SF confiscated: 1
Barney Fife Dust Ups: 4
Beards Grown:  3
DownRange Posts: 17
AOs Launced: 975 (personally)
AOs Closed: 973
GoRucks: 5
Elvis’: 19
Are you wearing cotton blasts: Daily

Great to be a small part of a great thing.  Let’s see how many SadClowns we can EH in ’19 and Give It Away to others as it was Given Away to us.


7 December at Richland CC leadership lunch hosted by Umbrella, $20/head for lunch buffet…I heard it was all you can eat and the menu is as follows: Chitterlings, Pizza Logs, Corn dogs and all the Fanta (Blue and Orange) you can drink.



Stonewall – 11.10.18 – “Audible”

5 PAX and a sidelined Bagger Vance braved the chill for a cardio-heavy Q by YHC.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Pumpkin Spice, Blue Mule, Hambone, Boyband, Bagger Vance (Audience Member)


Quick disclaimer then off for a warm-up mosey around  the community center and back to the lot for COP, all IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • Squats x 15
  • WMH x 16
  • LBAC F/R x 10
  • Merkins x 10

Off on another mosey to preview the route for today’s main event. Roughly, .35 miles later, we had returned to the cars. At this point, YHC went to unlock his car and grab the supplies, but alas, the key fob battery had frozen. Not only did this leave me wondering how to modify, but it also left me fearful that I might not be able to get home. No matter! There’s a workout to finish first.


Each pax completes a round of Burpees x 10, Merkins x 20, and Squats x 30, followed by a lap. RnR x 5 with the added caveat that if you were tagged by anyone along the course, you had to drop and do 5 burpees. I don’t actually know that anyone was tagged because I was too busy leading from the front.

All in and it was over to the jungle gym for some pull-ups. One pax performed 10 reps and gave the rest an exercise to do. RnR down the line, and then go again with 8 reps, then 6, then 8 again. Exercises included:

  • Donkey Kicks
  • Crunchy Frogs
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Leg Raises
  • Manmakers
  • LOTS of Jane Fondas (Blue Mule special)

Long mosey around the perimeter of Sevier and back to the lot of 3MOM. Boxcutters, Flutters, and more before COT/BOM.


Well, I was bummed that I didn’t get to use my supplies, but, I’m grateful for the lessons learned in this dry run of my “fun idea.” Now I can hone it a little more before debuting the real thing. Another positive is that I was able to warm my keys up enough to get back into my car.


  • Congrats to F3 Rucktrain (Funyuns, Big Bang, Grisham, and Tortoise) for finishing first at the Star Course in Jacksonville. Honorable mention goes to Bagger for training with them. I know he was bummed to not be there.
  • Keep that Q calendar full, guys. Winter is coming, but the workouts won’t stop!
  • Speaking of winter, the 2nd Annual Hillympics are just around the corner. Talk to Frugal for more details.
  • As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, I know I’m very grateful for each and every one of you and the opportunities to lead and be led by you. Prayers for safe travels as you all go to spend time with your families over the next couple of weeks.
  • Go Tigers.

PA out.

What’s 10x better than 6 min abs….60min abs

PAX: Right Said, Deep Dish, Hambone, Bagger Vance (kind-of)

QIC: Boyband

3 PAX showed up on time for a chilly Stonewall workout. Disclaimer was made and we jumped right into it. Deep dish showed up as we started with the warm up.  Bagger arrived after our first round of exercises with an assortment of stretching and rolling appliances that he used in a semi-seductive manner in the parking lot.

WOR: SSH, Willy Mays, Good mornings, Baby Arm Circles (F and B), Overhead claps, Slow and low squats

Thang: 60min abs

In order to obtain a visible set of abdominal muscles, a good mix of cardio (for calorie burn) and core workout is required. To accomplish this goal, a modification of the Hambone classic “Portland Brew and Back” workout was presented to the PAX.  The PAX would perform 3 exercises at the parking lot (10-20-30 reps) and then would mosey to Portland Brew and back.  Exercises were targeted at the core with a few chest and leg reps thrown in to even out the workout. 5 Rounds were accomplished in roughly 50 minutes.

Parking Lot Exercises: (I forgot them all, but this is pretty close)

Round 1: 10 Mountain Climbers, 20 LBCs, 30 4ct flutter kicks

Round 2: 10 Merkins, 20 Side crunches (each side), 30 Freddy Mercury’s

Round 3: 10 Lt. Dans, 20 Supermans, 30 LBCs

Round 4: 10 Single leg deadlifts (each leg), 20 LBCs, 30 4ct flutter kicks

Round 5: 10 Reverse Snow Angels, 20  Squats, 30 WWIs

Mary: Because why not more abs

-Mountain Climbers x15, Supermans x15, LBCs x15, J-Los x15



It was a great group this morning with strong work effort. We stayed together as a group and each PAX got a chance to work out their core. I suspect we will all have 6-packs by tomorrow. I know I’ll have one this afternoon as I sit on the couch and watch college football.  Interesting note, Deep dish in a moment of exercise induced confusion suggested that his father-in-law was also his step-father….I’ll let you figure that one out, there are a couple of ways this could happen.  Bagger Vance did a great job guarding the parking lot while aggressively foam rolling, followed by a short jaunt with his ruck and joining the group for mary. In all, the workout was an 800 calorie burn per my watch.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead!

Stonewall – 09.29.18 – “Four-More-Years!”

Twas a beautiful morning to celebrate F3 Nashville’s 4th anniversary, and, if you ask the 33 PAX who posted at Stonewall, they’ll tell you as much.

On September 13, 2014, a Charlotte man named Uncle Q’d the first workout at Sevier Park and thus began something life-changing in Nashville. Over the next few months, many men posted, some for their first workout and others who hadn’t missed since day 1. To honor some of the guys there in the infancy of F3 Nashville, YHC put together a Q-list and some greatest hits to celebrate.

QIC: Hi-Viz, Probe, T-Cell, Torch (Blood Clot proxy), Princess Aurora, Bad Boy

PAX: Funyuns, Zoolander, Crablegs, Bagger Vance, Tortoise, Big Bang, Care Bear, Bartman, Harvey Updyke, Dupree, Third Degree, Electron, Boyband fka Skidmark, Cowboy, Right Said, Bicentennial Man, Foggy Pirate, Big Stick, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Black Lung (LIFO), Grisham, Pop-A-Lock, Hambone, Umbrella, Shootah, Waterboy, Vector



After a perfectly executed disclaimer by YHC, Viz took the PAX off on a medium mosey over to the Community Center parking lot for a little COP:

  • SSH
  • SnL Squats
  • LBAC F/R
  • Merkins


Broke out a classic with the Merkin pyramid. PAX perform 1 Merkin on “down” count followed by 1 Air Press. 2 Merkins, 2 Air Presses…10 Merkins, 10 Air Presses, and all the way back down to 1. Let’s just say everybody’s merkin form deteriorated by the time we started going back down. A lot.

Mosey over to the soccer field for some sprint work. 50 Dan Jansens. Sprint goal to goal. 25 Squats. Sprint goal to goal. 50 Ski Jumps. Sprint goal to goal.


Mosey up to the tennis courts for Hell in a T-Cell. Line up across the sidelines for suicides. All PAX begin at the same time and keep repeating the pattern until time is called.

  • Round 1: Standard running
  • Round 2: Standard running
  • Round 3: Broad Jump out, backpedal in
  • Round 4: AYG Sprint to the last line and back


PAX braced themselves for the Blood Clot special they knew was coming. BURPEE APOCALYPSE. Burpees beginning at 10 and working all the way down to 1. This was followed by continuous SSH and dropping down for three Burpees each time down was called. 5ish rounds. Ended this session the only way we could: Double Shot of Jack x 12.

Princess Aurora

Mosey over to the base of Sunnyside Hill for a modified F3 staple: Sevens. Run up to the path, Clerkins at the top, back to the start, Jump Squats. Simple, yet effective.

Bad Boy

Mosey to the parking lot to break in the brand new F3 Deck of Cards. My memory is getting a little hazy at this point, but I believe we drew the following:

  • 25 Burpees
  • 50 Squats
  • 25 Plank Jacks

Hi-Viz (pt 2)

Closed it out with 5MOM.

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Hello Dollies
  • LBCs
  • Plank progression
  • J-Lo’s



It’s truly an honor to be a part of this great brotherhood we call F3 and to have the opportunity to lead you. There were faces I’d never seen, faces I hadn’t seen in a while, and face I’ve been seeing consistently these last 4 years. I’m glad to know that each one of them belongs to a man who is committed to bettering himself for the sake of his community. The G-School that followed was a great opportunity to discuss how to more fully engage each one of you and reach those we’ve yet to reach, and I’m very confident that we’ll be seeing a lot more new faces this time next year. But hopefully not Blood Clot’s.


  • T-Cell has instituted a monthly program called The Twelfth Man. Starting this month and rotating monthly, a PAX will own sharing leadership lessons and planning an opportunity to hear from local leaders. See T-Cell for more details.
  • A couple of launches are forthcoming. The official launch of The Trident down at Seven Springs and The Pound coming later this month, Thursdays in Nolensville.
  • Please continue to pray for the family and community of Darth Visor and those down in F3 Alpha and Cherokee where he posted.
  • We are asking Q’s to always make sure there is a phone in the group in case of emergency, especially when you are away from the starting point. Additionally, Bagger has reached out to a few of our PAX in medicine to coordinate a sort of condensed version of the Basic Life Support class. The idea is that this will not be an official class for which you receive certification, but it will provide enough knowledge to be dangerous in the event of an emergency.
  • As always, and especially for Darth Visor, Go Tigers.

PA out.

A Nod to the HIM of Greenwood

Temp: 70s

Gloom Factor: Nill

PAX: Huggy, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Bad Boy, Hambone, Bagger Vance



IW, HB, Squats, Thrusters x 13 IC

Riley Stephens HERO WOD RX

Run 1.5M

150 Burpees

Run 1.5M


YHC wanted to pay tribute to SFC Riley Stephens but given that YHC has been on IR and still technically is on IR, it was decided to break down the WOD as such

Indian Run .5M

25 Squats

25 Merkins

25 Thrusters

25 Jump Squats


We incorporated the IR throughout the workout and headed north to Wedgewood, East on Wedgewood to 16th Ave, over to Belmont and looped back in on Elmwood. 

PAX stopped every 1/2 mile or so and performed the work. 

We did modify at Belmont to Squats on fountain, Irkins, Mike Tysons and included wall sits and piro stretch. 


Flutter Kix x 39 IC

High Plank progression while we listened to SFC Stephens obit. 



All PAX agreed to two things today 1)That was a doozy 2) We are grateful that we broke it up. 


Lots going on this month

  • 9/11 Convergence 0515 at steps of Percy Warner. Budget at least an hour of work but come and go as you need
  • 9/14 Seven Springs soft launch
  • 9/14 Friendly Friday
  • 9/15 Tough Mudder
  • 9/29 Four Year Anniversary at Stonewall followed by Grow School
  • 9/30 2nd Annual Two Man Scramble



Stonewall 25 AUG 2018: 200 Burpees

Stonewall 25 AUG 2018:  200 Burpees

PAX: Blue Mule (Q), Deep Dish, Foxtrot, Bad Boy, Care Bear, Vegemite, Skidmark, Black Lung, Edible Arrangement.

Gloomy morning, muggy but not too muggy, warm but not too hot.

Warm-O-Rama: Appropriate amount of moseying, then boring things like arm circles and squats to loosen up the muscles.

The Thang: Perform 200 Burpees.

Section One: 100 Burpee Broad Jumps: Performed at basketball court. All PAX divide up into pairs or trios as needed. One PAX performs 10 burpee broad jumps across basketball court, then 10 burpee broad jumps back. Other PAX performs stationary exercise (squats, side straddle hops, overhead arm claps). All PAX rinse and repeat five times. Totals 100 burpee broad jumps. Simple but very effective.

Section Two: 23 Burpees and Laps: Performed at top of hill near basketball court. 8 burpees, one running lap around paved loop at top of hill, 8 burpees, second running lap around paved loop, 7 burpees. Simple but effective. Total burpee count: 123.

Section Three: 77 Burpees on the Clock: Performed at parking lot at starting point. One burpee, short rest, two burpees, short rest, three burpees, short rest, rinse and repeat until eleven burpees completed. Simple but very effective, especially after 123 burpees before this. Total burpee count: 200.

Mary: Step ups, homer to marge, flutter kicks, pull-ups, plank.

Other Commentary:

-Q started at 6:02. That’s right, I was on Q and got there two minutes late, I plead guilty and accept all punishments. I didn’t leave early enough to have to wait at a stop light for someone to get in trouble with the police and have to wait in an intersection for like 10 minutes.

-YHC fell on his butt during the first wave of burpee broad jumps.

-Strong coffeeteria. All but one PAX made it to Portland Brew. All PAX were jazzed on coffee and burpees. You could’ve heard a pin drop before we got there and after we left, but it sounded like a western movie while we were in there.

Pleasure to lead you gentelemen.



Stonewall 18 AUG 2019: 6 PAX, 3 COUPONS, 60 MINUTES, GO

Blue Mule, Knightrider (FNG), Deep Dish, Skidmark, Reveille, Foxtrottalksalot


6 PAX. 80 degrees. Humid. 0600, GO.


Mosey, jumping jacks, squats, arm circles and other boring things to get warmed up.


The rest of the workout involved three different coupons. Coupons were three different sets of wrapped bricks. Weight = 30 pounds.


Coupon mosey ~1/4 mile from start point to basketball court. PAX pass them off when they get winded.


Tennis Court Suicides: Pair up. One PAX does a suicide (free throw, half court, other free throw, full court) while other PAX does thrusters with coupon. Rinse and repeat, exchange thrusters for squat jumps.


Coupon mosey ~1/4 mile from basketball court to side park.


Cardio: Pair up again. One PAX runs around bottom half of side park, ~1/6 mile. Other PAX does presses with coupon. Rinse and repeat, exchange presses with squats.


Small Dora: Pair up again. 10 reps man makers, 20 reps four count little man jumping jacks, 30 reps burpee with coupon. One PAX chips away at those exercises while other PAX moseys to tree ~30 yards away.


Coupon mosey ~1/4 mile from side park to start point.


Pull-Ups and Step-Ups: Pair up again. One PAX runs from starting point to playground ~50 yards away and performs 5 pullups. Other PAX does step ups with coupons. Rinse and repeat three rounds.


Coupon mosey ~1/8 mile to 11s hill.


11s: Diamond merkins at top of hill, pause squats at bottom of hill.


Coupon mosey ~1/8 mile to starting pointing.


Mary: All PAX took turns leading ~45 seconds of Mary.



-Finish your Ironclad numbers – less than two weeks to go

-Get ready for F3 GoRuck challenge in September

-Welcome FNG Knightrider (what a sweet name!)


It was a pleasure leading you gentlemen.



Blue Mule