Ice Storm?

PAX: @t-cell @Tim the Toolman @hambone @McAfee @bluemule @Vector @Pop-A-Lock @Michelin Man @toga (QIC)

Gloom Factor:  Nil.  70 and Sunny

Lucky number 9 posted in an alleged ice storm to get a little better this morning.  It went something like…

Circle up next to cars, lineup most of the weights in YHC’s home gym, and commence with standard issue WOR.  Mosey up and down the parking lot a few times to get the ol’ ticker going then lineup for bean bad toss=

Each PAX lines up at a station to execute an exercise whilst one member of the PAX tosses a sandbag a predetermined distance and back, run to the end of the lot, rotate to the next station and repeato.  The exercise for today’s outing included:

  • Alternating offset merkins
  • Goblet squats
  • Kb swings
  • Tricep press
  • Jump rope
  • Man makers
  • Med ball slams
  • Dumbbell side raises


Announcements:  Get training for GrowRuck 27, get yourselves to 4:13 next week, and enjoy keeping the kids busy since they’re all home from school.

NMM: YHC was terribly excited to receive an offer to Q at Bomber (a first), and the opportunity to take Hambone’s Q made it all the sweeter.  The PAX quickly learned that the main part of the driveway was relatively clear of ice, but the parking spaces were slippery as whale s@&t!  We managed to complete almost 3 times through the circuit and got to witness some sweet form on the sandbag lift and toss.  The coffee is all the better when Pop a Lock buys!

Stay Classy,


1/21/22: Form Matters

AO: #Bomber

QIC: @pumpkin spice

Conditties: Bone-chilling

@Michelin Man
@Natural Ice
@pumpkin spice
@Tim the Toolman


SSH x 15
LBAC x 15
rLBAC x 15
Moroccan Night Clubs x 15
High Knees x 15
Butt Kickers x 15


Today’s workout emphasized the importance of proper form. Because after all, as @Crablegs appropriately likes to say, we came here to work out. As @River Dawg used to say (maybe he still says this, he’ll have to come back for a visit to find out), as fast as you can — not as fast as you can’t. Modifying as necessary is commendable, cutting corners is not.

Phase 1:

The PAX line up on the top deck parking lot. Bearcrawl across the parking lot, and stop at each line in the parking lot to do a hand release Merkin. You can’t cheat on those. Once moved across the whole lot, flutter kick and wait for the six.

Phase 2:

Lunge across the lot and do 5 squats at each line. 90 degrees on the squats, or else. If YHC or the AOQ spot anything less, everyone has to stop and do 10 Big Boy Sit-ups. There were some repeat offenders. When anyone tried to flying EH women, we also had to do 10 Big Boys. Hello Dolly and LBC for the six.

Phase 3:

High knee across the lot, and stop at each line to do 5 Plank Jacks. Hard to cheat on those too. Alabama prom date and box cutters for the six.

Phase 4:

Partner up and make your way to the top of the main entrance hill. PAX take turns doing sets of stationary exercises at the top of the hill, with the other partner moseying to the bottom of the hill and traveling back up in different modes of travel. At the top of the hill partners collectively perform 100 Merkins, 200 Iron Mikes (each leg is one), and 300 American Hammers (each side is half; keep your hands together and must touch the ground on each side for it to count). Traveling exercises alternated between Apollo Ohnos and Bernie.


@bluemule is hosting the next rendition of side straddle hops tonight. See 2nd F channel for details.

Pray for @Popalock’s friend who is suffering from a mysterious medical illness

– Spice

Bomber – 11.26.21 – “45 Minutes of Warmth”

7 HIM evaded the post-Thanksgiving fartsack and took the DRP amidst an almost unbearably chilly backdrop at Bomber.

PAX: Crablegs, Michelin Man, Porcelain, Right Said, Salpal, Tim The Toolman

QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor:
High. Temp at kickoff was 25, and there was a slight breeze. We remain unafraid to step into the discomfort here in F3.

Frigid temps awaited the men of Bomber this AM. At 0529, the 1MW was delivered, and at 0530, a moderately repetitive Disclaimer was disclaimed.

YHC led us outside the main entrance of Bomber and up Sloan Ave to the upper parking area for McCabe and we began the WOR at “The Bump.” IYKYK

15 x SSH
10 x LBAC
10 x rLBAC
12 x WMH
15 x SnL Squats

We then moseyed to side of Community Center for THANG 1.

Each set totals 40 reps, with two moves per set, and a lap around the Community Center between each set.
The moves today were Merkins and Squats
20/20 (the Barbara Walters set, per Crablegs)
Plank upon completion

Countdown from 20 to 1, then a mosey to the main baseball diamond for THANG 2.

“The Starting Rotation”
Counted off 1 to 4, with 4 standing at home plate, 1 at first, 2 at second, 3 at third.
4 did 10 Burpees
1 did Squats
2 did Carolina Dry Docks
3 did LBCs
Upon completion, home plate calls out “Rotate”
Each base advanced 90 degrees, with movement between bases being Bear Crawls
Continue until all end up where they started.

Brief mosey to STARTEX for Mary.

15 x Freddie Mercury
20 x Alabama Prom Dates
15 x Flutter Kicks
20 x American Hammers
15 x Alternating Heel Taps
12 x Box Cutters
10 OYO LBCs to finish

COT/ Kneeling BOM

Always an honor to lead the Men of Bomber, all of whom put in a fantastic effort this Black Friday. Thank you for letting me take point this morning.

Rumors of a potential F3 Nashville Chess Night are brewing. Check around on Slack for the deets.

See you all on the flip side.


Bomber 11-5-2021: Reviewing 5 Core Principles on the Q’s 4th

A chilly morning with the season’s first signs of frost greeted 21 HIM on the 4th anniversary of YHC showing up in the gloom, nearly falling out by the time Hambone finished his Warm-o-Rama, and deciding to keep coming out to this rag tag bunch of dudes for the next 4 years.  With many new HIM from the past few years around, I realized we hadn’t had much talk of some of the F3 basics.  So today, YHC (using a highly coordinated playlist) reviewed the 5 F3 Core Principles.  Giddy-up!

PAX:  Bad Boy, Black Lung, Blue Mule, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Firefox, Hambone, Hi-Viz, McAfee, Michelin Man, Natural Ice, Porcelain, Pumpkin Spice, Princess Aurora, Right Said, Siri, Spinal Tap, Supernova, Tool Man, Vector (QIC),

Conditions:   Frosty, 32 degrees.

Disclaimer given and then mosey up hill and down to the McCabe Rec Center for the Warm-o-rama:  
LBAC x 10, RLBAC x 10, WMH x 10 OYO, Good Mornin’s x 10 OYO

F3 Core Principles:

#1:  Workouts are free of charge.
Song: “I’m Free” – Soupdragons
Hold Air Chair until the word “free” noted in the song –> then do 1 burpee

#2:  Workouts are open to all men.
Song: “The Man” – The Killers
Stationary lunges until the word “man” noted in the song –> then do 1 jump squat

#3:  Workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold.
Songs: “Blame It on the Rain” – Milli Vanilli (or at least lip synched by them)
“Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina and the Waves
“Heat of the Moment” – Asia
“Cold as Ice” – Foreigner
DORA with partner:  100 Pull-ups, 200 WWIs, 300 Squats

#4:  Workouts are peer led with rotating leaders.
Song: “One Thing Leads to Another” – The Fixx
DIDs on the wall for duration of the song – 20 Dips, 20 irkins, 20 dirkins (repeat)

#5:  Workouts end with a Circle of Trust.
Songs: “Circles” – Post Malone & “A Question of Trust” – Billy Joel
Mary PAX Choice — a lot of goodies including Crunchy Happy Frogs to honor T-cell in his absence


  • Praises for Bad Boy and M 10th anniversary!
  • Sincere thanks to the HIM and F3.  F3 has been far more formative for me than I could ever imagine 4 years ago. Being an HIM, inspired by all of you, has made me such a better person and leader. Keep pushing and inspiring me and each other. #ISI



Bomber – 10.08.2 – “5 x 5 x 5”

‘Twas a beautiful Friday morning for YHC’s long-awaited return to Bomber, and, for 12.1 PAX, two miles of shuttle runs seemed the most appropriate way to celebrate.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bad Boy, Booger, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Cunning Linguist (*very* LIFO), McAfee, Michelin Man, Puddle, Rico Sauve (Tallahassee), Salpal, Sooner, Vector


Mosey around the upper lot and circle up for COP:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 15
  • LBAC F x 15, Hold for :30
  • LBAC R x 10
  • WMH x 10

Count off in 5s then quick mosey down to playground to explain the 5 x 5 x 5. 5 stations, 5 reps of each exercise followed by suicides escalating shuttle runs with 5 touch points. Rotate stations after 5 minutes. Stations are

  1. Hand Release Merkins
  2. Pull-Ups
  3. Carolina Dry Docks
  4. Irons Mikes (5 ea side)
  5. Ab “Swingouts” (ab rollout using swingset)

Mosey back to flag for Mary:

  • “Liftmasters” x 10 ea side (on six with right leg extended, left foot crossed over knee as if preparing to stretch left glute, raise right leg as high as possible)
  • Partner up for Six Inches and Leg Lift Overs (taking name suggestions). P1 extends legs to hold six inches while P2 extends legs to one side of P1’s feet and lifts over to other side for 10 reps each side. Flapjack. RnR.
  • People’s Chair until time



Good to be back in the saddle after a long layoff due to injury and rehab. Thanks for shuttling your way to fitness.


TAPs for Quinns, the Parents Hartley, Mrs. Saling, and mental health.

Cub Cadet Campfest this Friday, Oct 22. See slack for details.

PA out.



Bomber 6-18-2021: Making Faces

17 HIM came out to the gloom to make some faces.  In recognition of the long time during the pandemic when we didn’t see many faces but just a bunch of masks, YHC thought we’d workout to a “face” themed Q.  As usual, the playlist was weeks in the making . . . the workout, not so much.

Playlist:  Songs with Facial Features Prominently Featured (and no, all of these aren’t from, like 40 years ago . . . but some are.  They’re good tunes, so expand your music library, folks)

Eyes Without a Face – Billy Idol
Lips Like Sugar – Echo and the Bunnymen
Tongue Tied – Grouplove
World in My Eyes – Depeche Mode
Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd
Mouth – Bush
Blood Makes Noise (Ringing in My Ears) – Suzanne Vega
Over My Head – The Fray
Private Eyes – Hall & Oates
Head Like a Hole – Nine Inch Nails

PAX:  Chowdah, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Firefox, Hardcover (FNG), McAfee,  Michelin Man, Minus 3, Natural Ice, Right Said Fred, Siri, Solo Cup, Spinal Tap, T-cell, Weezer (Willy Lohman from Memphis), & Vector (QIC),

Conditions:   mid-70s. Not too humid.

Disclaimer given and then mosey up to the McCabe Circle:

“Eye #1”

  • Warm-o-rama:   LBAC x 15, Seal Claps x 15, RLBAC x 15, Willy Mays Hayes x 15 OHO, Good Mornings x 10,  SSH x 15
  • Circle O’ Merkins: Start with 1 merkin, add by 1 as we go around circle; once gets to Q, start counting down with 1 less per PAX


Get in groups of 3.  1 PAX starts at point 1 with squats, 2nd PAX at point 2 with WWIs, 3rd PAX at point 3 with Burpees. PAX 1 completes 50 squats and then tags partner at station 2, who moves to station 3. Round until all have completed all 3 stations.  Conveniently creates a nice triangular “nose” for our face.

“Smiling Mouth”

Two stations, from one end of path along driving range from stop sign to stop sign.  Sevens with Lt. Dan’s at East end of path, Plank Jacks at West end. Run back and forth, in a nice “smiley face” path.

“Eye #2”

Mosey to circle in front of rec center.

  • Squat relay: PAX perform squats (or jump squats or air chair or whatever we felt in the moment) while 1 runs the circle
  • Mary:  A range of exciting exercises like Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Boxcutters, J-Lo’s, and the ever so interesting Crablegs Tantric Pickle Pounders (clearly, some pickles don’t punt in as many steps as the HIM from Florida)


  • Welcome FNG Hardcover, a friend of Spinal Tap, who teaches Bible Studies at Belmont, wife is a librarian. Also to Weezer, visiting from Memphis.
  • Tonight is the night:  Campout at Cub Cadet’s Place, under the stars, on the river.  Truly an awesome location. Come for the company, the conversation, the bourbon, the BBQ, the beers.  Cubbie states he’ll lead a workout at 0600 — YHC is a bit worried about the risk for splashing merlot among the PAX.
  • Q spots are open for Bomber — hit up Michelin Man.  After today’s shambolic Q, hopefully you realize anyone can lead.
  • We ended with an F3 standard that had to go away during the pandemic – the Ball of Men. The last one held at Bomber was during my 50th birthday Q the first week of March. At the time, my life was spiraling into what was coming ahead and the stress of what we were all about to face overwhelmed me.  It was an honor to be the Q to bring the BOM back to Bomber.  Thanks to all of you for pushing me to be a better person each and every day. #ISI

Footnote: while the intent of the layout of the workout was to draw a face, it didn’t quite look so accurate in the end:



Bomber 3-12-2021: 51

21 HIM came out to the gloom with a Q noting YHC 51st birthday on Sunday.  Playlist was the long-anticipated answer to the question “Vector, what songs do you consider the best of the 1980s?”  Basically, if these songs are on the radio in my car, don’t change the channel.  There was mumblechatter from the PAX about “why ’80s? Wasn’t he born in the 70s?” to which I respond, “it’s my birthday. So there.”

Need You Tonight – INXS
Take on Me – a-ha
Everything She Does is Magic – Police
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) – Eurythmics
Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode
Head Over Heels – The Go-Go’s
Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
Blue Monday – New Order
West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys

PAX:  River Dawg, Spinal Tap, Hi-viz, PA, Bad boy, Blueprint, Michelin Man, Softballz (FNG), Right Said Fred, Chowdah, T-cell, Crawlspace, BNB, Freakenomics, Cub Cadet, Hambone, Siri, F3G, Tagalong (FNG), Wet Wipes, Vector (QIC),

Conditions:   Outstanding, mid-60s. Not a long sleeve, cap, or man tight to be seen.

Disclaimer given and then jump right into the Warm-o-rama:  

SSH x 51, LBAC x 12, RLBAC x 12, Good Mornings x 10 OHO, Willy Mays Hayes x 12, Squats x 12

Round 1:   “51s” — 5 sets of 5 exercises x 10 reps + 1 burpee.  Overhead Claps, Merkins, Big Boy Sit-Ups, Squats, Lunges. After each set, do 1 burpee and then run around McCabe Rec Center.

Round 2:  Do it again:  LBACs, Incline Merkins, LBCs, Jump Squats, Pull-Ups. Burpee x 1 and run a lap.


  • Welcome FNGs Softballz and Tagalong!
  • Prayers for Chattanooga PAX who lost a new HIM (Night Sweats) in a car accident.
  • River Dawg is hosting a session on Human Trafficking on Thursday 3/18 at 6:30am — hit him up for the deets.
  • And sincere thanks to the HIM and F3.  I recalled my last birthday Q last March, which happened just as the world was starting to shut down.  I recalled pretty much losing it in the COT (and that that was the last “ball of men” COT we’ve had since).  Thanks to the PAX and especially Cub Cadet, T-cell, PA, Hi-Viz, Crablegs and Pumpkin Spice for the fellowship this year.  Thankfully there is optimism and a vaccine.  Thanks to all of you. #ISI



Bomber – 03.05.21 – “Here Comes the Sun”

25 HIM improved their celestial bodies as we honored the Father of Heliocentrism, Nicolaus Copernicus, in a snow-delayed birthday celebration and lesson in astronomy. The temperature was perfect and the greenhouse effect negligible.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bad Boy, Blueprint, BnB, CB, Cobb Wrangler, Chowdah, Crawlspace, Freakanomics, F3G, Hambone, High Flyer, Lunch Lady, Michelin Man, Minus 3, The Nanny, Natural Ice, Pop-A-Lock (LIFO), Rev Runs (FNG), Rich Soil, Right Said, Spinal Tap, T-Cell, Vector, Wet Wipes


Mission prep with the usual disclaimer and launch into the upper atmosphere (parking lot) for COP and explanation of today’s heliocentric theme:

  • SSH x 15
  • Overhead Clap x 15
  • Lunges x 16
  • Air Presses x 15
  • Reverse Lunges x 16

Having escaped Earth’s orbit, it’s time to carry out the mission. Journey all 2.8 billion miles to (the lower crosswalk by the groundskeepers’ hut) to enter Neptune’s orbit.

Perform the following circuit for 20 reps each:

  • Overhead Squats
  • Ranger Merkins
  • Burpees
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Turkish Sit-ups

In between each ORBIT, speed across the Solar System to the center of it all (stop sign at top of driveway) for a planet-specific exercise, reps representing the length in hours of a solar day on each planet. Return back to ORBIT but closing the distance by about 10-15 yards with each trip.

  • Neptune – 1.5x Squats x 16
  • Uranus – Apollo Ohnos x 17
  • Saturn – Chinooks x 11
  • Jupiter – 8ct Bodybuilders x 10
  • Mars – Dive Bombers x 25
  • Earth – Merkins x 24
  • Venus – LBCs x 117*
  • Mercury – High Knees x 176*

*These actually represent the length in days as the rep counts for these two slow-moving planets are in the thousands

Most everybody made it to Venus before we ran out of fuel (time).



Welcome to FNG Rev Runs, and congratulations all for earning your astronaut wings. As one would expect when embarking on an interplanetary journey, our spacecraft had a few hiccups along the way. Not only was communication from mission control a bit clunky and jumbled, but we began experiencing audio failure within minutes of reaching Uranus. Additionally, our reconnaissance (rep counts) once inside the Asteroid Belt needed to be shortened due to time constraints, and yet we were still unable to explore Mercury. I trust that all PAX perform their 176 high knees upon return to Earth. Nevertheless, you all navigated the Final Frontier wonderfully, and Copernicus would be proud of your better understanding of our Solar System.


  • Prayers for the return of students and teachers to school. Keep everyone safe and help schools to navigate staffing issues.
  • Congrats to Michelin Man for landing his new gig. Looks like he’s getting a little mud on the tires.
  • Vector birthday Q next week!

PA out.

Bomber – 01.01.21 – “NYD Divergence”

12 HIM braved the rain for a full-body assault to kick their 2021 off with a wonderful burn.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: CB, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Hi-Viz, Michelin Man, Red Skull, Siri, Toothless, Vector, Whataburger


After the obligatory wishes of Happy New Year and the disclaimer, mosey up to the clubhouse circle for COP:

  • SSH x 21
  • LBAC x 10
  • OH Claps x 10
  • R LBAC x 10
  • WMH x 10
  • SnL Squats x 10

Head over to the covered breezeway to find some dry ground for the main course. The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a measurement of our fitness. The idea behind this Benchmark WOD was to make it something easy to replicate throughout the year to mark progress. All you need is your body and less than 20 sq ft of space.

AMRAP for 21:00.

  • Ab Thrusters x 5
  • Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 15
  • Prone Snow Angels x 20 (face down, perform arms portion of snow angel)

With our number of rounds completed personally noted, it was time to actually get wet and mosey down to the low wall back at the flag. 2020 may have beat our “butts,” but we put it “behind” us and showed 2021 who’s “boss” with this posterior-focused circuit. All exercises x 20 (each side where applicable). 3 rounds total.

  • Jane Fondas
  • Elevated Single Leg Hip Thrust (foot on low wall)
  • Frog Pump (APD with soles of feet together and heels pulled toward crotch)
  • Explosive Bulgarian Split Squat (rear foot elevated, explode up out of split squat enough for foot to leave ground)

Time to shake out the legs and get some running in. Hill sprints up the driveway to the stop sign nonstop for five minutes. Rest as necessary.

Finally, PAX circled up in lot to give the lower body a break and get our Blackjack Webb on. 1:3 Merkin:Air Press (from knees). Ladder up to 7:21.

Breathing a sigh of relief after that final air press, it was time for Mary. All exercises x 21 IC (single count)

  • LBCs
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Box Cutters
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Leg Raises



Really proud of the guys that showed up in the face of what was supposed to be some nasty rain, and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually let up for basically just the hour we had together. Qing the NYD workout is always fun for me, and I’m really grateful that the PAX haven’t voted me out of that role yet.

I shared some words about today really being no different than yesterday with the exception that a few numbers on the calendar changed, and I firmly believe that. A quick rollover of the clock isn’t enough to heal the hurt and brokenness in the world. Thankfully, it’s also not enough to wipe out all the good and right things we’ve experienced over the last year. However, one can’t argue the mental shift that occurs at the start of something new, and I would encourage all of you to think about what you’d like to accomplish this year and set goals to achieve it. Most importantly, invite someone into that pursuit because it’s the accountability and encouragement that will make the difference in seeing those goals through.


  • Crawlspace on Q next week at Bomber
  • Check out Big Bang’s message about the Backyard Ultra to support Spicoli. Kicks off tomorrow and involves *a lot* of running.
  • Go Tigers.

PA out.

Pole to Pole

11 Dec 2020
Pole to Pole

Temp: 72
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Siri, Spinal Tap, Hi Viz, T Cell, Princess Aurora, Minus 3, Reveille, Right Said, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Bad Boy, Hambone, Red Skull, River Dawg, Hambone, Crablegs, Black Lung, Michelin Man, F3G, Rich Soil, Vector, High Flyer, Natural Ice, Bagger Vance


0530 – Dosclaimer
0530:30 – Count off in 4s

IW X 13 IC
HB X 13 IC
Squats x 13 IC

High Plank for Instructions

Each group would start at a corner of the range. At each pole PAX were to deconstruct a burpee as so : One Thruster, One Merkin, One Squat Jump
At pole 2, increase to 2 of each movement all the way up to 20 since there are 20 poles.
As usual, YHC’s comz skills came under fire from T Cell and Bad Boy.
We performed these movements for 30’ then circled back up for

F Kix x 20 IC
5 Atomic Merkins
AL PD variations x 20 IC
5 Diamond Merks
Ola Dolly x 20 IC
5 Ranger Merks
Box Cutters x 20 IC
5 (8 CT) Body Builders

GMA x 5 IC


NMM: Ole Bomber has come a long, long way from the days of PA, HiViz and YHC as well as the #KBA campaign championed by T Cell. Great work cultivating a brotherhood in Sylvan Park y’all.

In light of watching the standard doc this week, today’s work was designed to be monotonous, boring even…just keep grinding men.

Prayer Horn:
F3G’s Dad
Sinclair, Byles, Tallula families
Medical pros
Metro Schools

NYD Divergence at normal AOs, 0630-0730, Q compliments of PA