7 of Diamonds

AO: hendersonville
Q: Sunshine
PAX: Chunks, Pep, Splitter
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Cool, finally a break from the rain

WARMUP: Good Mornings, 20 Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, Mosey

7 of Diamonds around the tennis court. Each exercise performed for the allotted reps at each of the four corners before moving on to the next exercise.
7 Diamond Merkins x4
14 Big Boys x4
21 Merkins x4
28 Air Squats x4
21 American Hammers x4
14 Overhead Presses x4
7 Catalina Wine Mixers x4

Mary: Dealer’s Choice

MOLESKINE: Having a fun time struggling to get my shirt off after 84 Merkins!


COT: “Recover, not Rest.” In the military, when the enemy breaks contact, the proper procedure is not to sit and catch your breath, but to reposition and out-maneuver the enemy, setting yourself up for success next time. It’s the same in life. After a week’s work, don’t just use the weekend to sit and do nothing. Three of the most dangerous words in the English language are “I deserve it.” Take advantage of the break to set yourself up for success in the next step of Accelerating to Advantage.

Sgt. Pepper

AO: hendersonville
Q: Sunshine
PAX: Chunks, Disc Jockey, Pep, Splitter
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Moist w/ misty rain

WARMUP: Good mornings, Imperial Walkers, SSH, mosey

THE THANG: Volleyball peppering. When the ball hits the ground, the PAX who missed it picks an exercise for the group to perform for 10 reps. Repeat until Mary.
Mary: dealers’ choice




Burpees-on-a-String AO Tour

AO: hendersonville
Q: Chunks
PAX: Pep, Splitter, Disc Jockey, Sunshine, Right Said, Crawlspace, Desk Pop
FNGs: 1 Desk Pop
CONDITIONS: Warm and breezy

WARMUP: SSH, Good mornings

Burpee Mountain
Mosey to the hill
Burpee Mountain
Sprint to the top, mosey to the high school
Burpee Mountain
Mosey to the football field
Choose your own adventure: PAX line up on the endzone. First PAX chooses an exercise for the group to perform while he moseys to the other end zone and back. When he returns, next PAX chooses and exercise and does the same. Go until all PAX choose an exercise. Switch to the other endzone and repeat.
Burpee Mountain
Burpee Mountain
Mosey to Mary
Finish Burpee Mountain

Mary: Dealer’s choice ab exercises until 6:45

MOLESKINE: Two Chunks Qs, two Disc Jockey merlot splashes



You get wet once

AO: hendersonville
Q: Pep
PAX: Goose, Sunshine, Chunks
FNGs: None
Rain: shifted between drizzle and downpour


– little baby arm circles + reverse: 20
– seal claps: 20
– imperial walkers: 15
– willie mays hayes: oyo
– good mornings: oyo


run around tennis court
– burpees: 100
– prom dates: 200
– fire hydrants: 300
– american hammers: 200
– squats: 100

Choose Your Own Adventure

AO: hendersonville
Q: Sunshine
PAX: Chunks, Pep
FNGs: None
Clear, warm

Good mornings
Arm circles
Overhead presses

PAX moseyed with coupons around the AO. Each PAX led 2 exersises of their choosing as we walked. Once this was completed, we left the coupons where they were and ran the route around the AO and back to the coupons. Repeated until Mary.
Mary: Roxanne by the Police. SSH throughout with burpees every time Roxanne is said in the song



AO: hendersonville
Q: Chunks
PAX: Sunshine, Pep, Splitter, Disc Jockey
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Drizzle and Brisk

Right Over Left
Left Over Right
Good Mornings
Little Baby Arm Circles FWD and BWD
Mosey around the greenway and back to start ex

BOMBS Round 1
15 Burpees
20 Overhead Press
25 Merkins
30 Big Boy Situps
35 Squats
Mosey around the Tennis Courts

BOMBS Round 2
10 Burpees
15 Overhead Press
20 Merkins
25 Big Boy Situps
30 Squats
Mosey around the Tennis Courts

BOMBS Round 3
5 Burpees
10 Overhead Press
15 Merkins
20 Big Boy Situps
25 Squats
Mosey around tennis courts, give it all you got last 50 yards

Finished up with some P90X Yoga

LeanPax kick to the finish

Always an honor to lead. Excited for hendersonville rising.

Line of Sadness

AO: hendersonville
Q: Sunshine
PAX: Pep, Splitter, Cuban Missile, Hair Band, Chunks, Disc Jockey
FNGs: 1 Disc Jockey
Sub-freezing w/ strong winds

Mosey, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers, SSH

3 Stations, 3 exercises at each. PAX complete 5 reps of each exercise. After finishing Station 3, return to Station 1, completing 10 reps. Reps increase by 5 each round. Repeat until Mary.

Station 1
-Shoulder Taps

Station 2
-Bolt 45s

Station 3
-Big Boys
-American Hammers
-Leg Lifts

-Ring of Fire (2 rounds, 2 Merkins each)
-Captain Thors (4 rounds)
-Plank till the end


It’s Not About You

Why do we post Back Blasts?
As my dad would have said to me when I was a kid, “Because I told you to!” Obviously, that didn’t work for me then and it doesn’t work for us now as GAM, grown ass men.
I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of the Back Blast coming off the Memphis launch, a host of new and reworked AOs and a great Nantaan call recently.
As I understand them, the Back Blast is the following:
  • A recap of the workout
  • A place to recognize those who posted
  • A way to track numbers and growth
  • A way to commemorate a break through
  • A way to commemorate someone splashing merlot for posterity
  • A way to make announcements
  • A way to document new and different exicon from the PAX
  • You’re a leader and part of Qing a workout is writing the BB
I’m sure there’s more on that from DREDD & OBT in Freed to Lead but I can’t get my hands on it right now.
All the above is great and I wholeheartedly agree with #1-8 and with the Nantaan of the Nation and the Great Weasel Shaker at WWHQ in their excellently penned Freed to Lead (which I still can’t find). But to me, the real reason we post the BB I realized today when I got a text from country code +44. At first glance I thought it was spam. Upon further inspection, it was from the one and only Scribe of F3Nashville Faulkner. So, without blabbing on, here’s what he wrote (I edited the very end)
“Been doing three F3 workouts a week by following the backblasts. Off days I run 4 miles. Miss the camaraderie and spiritual support. Tell everyone I said hey. Praying for those mentioned in backblasts, particularly the Kemps. Glad to see how F3 is growing … In this pic, I just finished Edible Arrangement’s latest Qed workout. The park I work out in mainly behind me. Hope you’re well.”

The title of this post is from the people at GoRuck.  I was constantly reminded of this over the past weekend in the 9-11 Memorial Ruck.  Ultimately, the BB isn’t about us being too busy, too lazy or too indifferent because it’s not about us and how we feel about posting the BB…it’s what someone else gets out of it.
So if not for #1-8 and for F2L, do it for the Faulkner’s, the Rooms2Go and others that find themselves DR for an extended period of time and that miss y’all, that miss F3Nashville and miss the 15 Burpess every minute for 10 minutes from that jerk Funyuns!

The Gauntlet

5 August 2017

QIC: Bagger Vance

PAX: Cowboy, Catfish, Pussy Cat, Beggar, Family Jewels, FNG Boss Baby, BV

unseasonably cool as the 5 redpillers took to the lot at Annex.

Mosey’d through the lot w some side shuffles, high knees, butt Kickers and what have you.

Circle up back at Greenway entrance and give Beggar and Pussy Cat a lesson on 0700 not 0705

circle up for WOR:


IW, HB, GMA, Squats, IW X 13 IC


PAX partner up for a Run through the Guantlet i.e. the entire ROTC course. Pax instructed to shotgun start the course. Each pax to complete course. You could skip any station w a 20x OYO merkin penalty or 10x OYO Burpee penalty. Any skipped station that had some length to it was to be Lt Dan’d.

Squat, Flutter Kix, LBC for 6

Thang Part II


with same partner, line up in a parking stall. Each team had to complete called number of exercises.   YHC was in stall 100, the rest spread down to YHC right side.

Team 1: 102 Squats, Merkins and 4 Ct Flutter Kix

team 2: 104 “, “, ”

Team 3: 106 “, “, ”

Team 4 : 108 “,”,”

Thang Part III

20s : step ups, Dirkins

20s : Dips, Irkins

Thang part IV


Squats w/ PCMB (1x) speed bump

Mosey back to Greenway Head for

4 MOM:

Plqnk o Rama

The Ladies of F3:

Ola Dolly


Laney Loo

Pam Anderson

J Lo


Numbers are steady w Annex.  Need to start more EH’ing up that way…lots of rooftops and lots of potential PAX to share the love with.

Welcome to FNG Boss Baby, coach at HHS and he seemed to secretly loathe our AO!

Keep up the good work out that way PAX!


Please keep the Wallaces in your prayers.  John is having the second of the two part amputation surgery tomorrow.  I didn’t make it by there this weekend but we did take his kids to church today; Anne Lacey seemed to be in good spirits and JW has been very responsive w me via text this weekend.

Continued prayers for the Kemps and sweet Job.  Please continue to lift them up in prayer for this tough, tough season.

Men, i urge you to fight for your wive’s hearts and desires.  Seek to die to yourself to live for her and your family.

Memphis launches on 19 August.  I will be traveling down that way to launch.  Please let me know if you have EHs in that area.  We will start at 0700 at Shelby Farms Park.