Maupin Hero WoD @ Defiant for Veteran’s Day ’19

PAX in attendance: Stats, HotDish, Jeeves, Prof. X, Huggy, Typo+ and 3D (YHC, QiC)

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Today we were able to commemorate the life of a fallen hero, SPC, Matt Maupin, US Army. SSG Maupin was captured then executed by Iraqi insurgents in ‘04 and his remains weren’t recovered until ‘08. The attack took place on 9 April ‘04, hence the 4 rounds and 49 reps.

Here is the story and meaning behind the workout:

Live in the knowledge that you are protected by heros who sacrifice so you can enjoy what you do…

For me, I also remember that as a Christian I have been bought with a price and no longer live unto myself…that’s thanksliving

3D, out…

Nolensville’s CSAUP: Enter the Gauntlet

F3 Nolensville was started April 2018 with our first AO, Broken Wheel. A year and a half later, we’ve grown to a total of 6 AOs, including two new all running and all rucking AOs, Runegades and RuckU, and have welcomed dozens of new PAX. We continue to grow and sharpen each other in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Today, we rise to the challenge of F3 Nolensville’s semi annual CSAUP, the Gauntlet. This challenge consists of 4, mini AOs spread out across an 8- (or was it 9?) mile course designed by YHC. Ready for a little Tour de Nolensville? LET’S ENTER THE GAUNTLET!!!

Conditions: About 25 degrees and rising. This Gauntlet started later in the morning than the Spring Gauntlet by 30 minutes. That and the recent time change meant we were only in the dark during the first AO (mine), all of which was on the football field. By the time we took off, the sun was rising and we were just getting started.

18 PAX threw down, including: Barney Fievel (YHC), Huggy, Kwame, MicDrop, Typo+, Sex Ed, Pom Pom, Maniac (FNG, welcome), Ragdoll, 3rd Degree, Kermit, Staples, TV Guide, Cheese Whiz, Pancreas, Old Hickory, Jeeves (pre vac), and Hot Dish.

After a brisk trot around the parking lot and onto the football field, Disclaimers and Opening Remarks were made.

Warmorama consisted of ten SSH IC, 30 burpees, and two good mornings. If you weren’t warm before, you’re getting there now!

AO #1: The Forge

Led by Barney Fievel (YHC)

I am tickled pink in all the best places to report that several PAX remarked that my Q was the most difficult of the 4. The fact that it was also the first must have crushed some of you mentally. That is delightful and outstanding!

Merciless Dr Evil GIF

Bear Crawl 100 yards, goal line to goal line, crab walk back, and finally broad jump across a third time. I just don’t get why you people don’t like crab walking. Pancreas gets it. Amirite?!

PAX circled up for a little something we like to call “Amber Waves of ‘Merkins”. PAX begin in the high plank position. One Pax begins routine by going down and holding the merkin position, signaling the PAX on his left to do the same in a waterfall. The original PAX, still holding the down position, can only rise back into the high plank position when the PAX on his right has gone into the lower merkin position. We did about 8 rounds of this and saw who among us isn’t above screwing over the guys to his left!

YHC was about to have us do something half baked involving push ups under the bleachers. Opted to have all PAX perform AMRAP pull ups once before moseying off the grounds. Well done, HIM. Onward!!

AO #2: Defiant

Led by Typo+

5 Yurpee buy in. The yurpee is a dastardly little exercise, invented by Dr. Yuri Speclanovichdevonovidch. Actually, I’m pretty sure Ragdoll, CheezWhiz or some sick combination of the two are what led to this little devil. Burpee with a clap merkin and two (count em two) jumping knee taps.

PAX broke into two groups and did parking lot burpees all the way down the front parking lot. Once there, mosey to your left, line up, and bear crawl to the concrete wall. Rinse and repeat one more round.

Mosey to PainGround. The frost on the swings caused us to disperse across the grounds, making comms difficult for the coming routine, but we pressed on:

Partner Up. P1 performs 8 burpees while P2 performs air squats. Switch. Continue as an Apocalypse routine (descending one rep each round). 5 Yurpee buy out. The fog of war seemed was thick on the pain grounds today. A sign that someone delivered a thorough thrashing! We thank you, Typo+!

Dumb And Dumber Television GIF

AO #3: Broken Wheel

Led by Sex Ed

The look of despair on the face of the PAX when the gate swung open revealing cinder blocks made me light up like a Christmas tree. Thank you for that gift, Sex Ed. PAX cusacked their coupons to the lower parking lot where we could ensure the jagged, rocky surface of the parking lot could cause additional pain while we performed the following routine. One minute of each of the following. Rinse and repeat for a total of 20 minutes.

      • Goblet squats
      • Mountain climbers
      • Coupon swings
      • T-merkins
      • Jump split squats
      • Coupon rows
      • Side lunges w/touch
      • Shoulder touches
      • Forward lunge w/twists
      • Push presses

This was a lot of fun! Pom Pom, my friend in town from F3 Johnson City, and I were across from each other in the circle. We made it a point to watch each other the entire time and not let the other stop movement or use poor form. The result is that I’m sore in places I didn’t know I had. Thank you, Pom Pom and thank you Sex Ed! This HIM has been stepping up and helping F3 Nolensville grow. TClaps, sir!

Back To The Future Love GIF

AO #4: The Forge (Final Round)

Led by Kermit

The bearded one has brought us a game of Station Tag! The PAX thank you and jump to the task eagerly and with a real whiz bang attitude! Actually, we looked like we were ready to lay on the couch for a few days but you didn’t seem to care much, as you explained the routine:

Pax formed 7 groups, 6 groups rotating at the following stations and a 7th group running a lap on the track. The group running on the track finishing a lap and taking the place of station 1 kicks off everyone’s rotation. The stations:

    1. Skaters
    2. Clap Merkins
    3. WWIs
    4. Flutter Kicks
    5. Floating Starfish
    6. Squat Jumps

The AO was concluded with 10 burpees. Felt like being hit in the face. One, last, time. Thanks for that Kermit! We are thankful for the beat down you have provided.

Tired Fuck My Life GIF by TV Land


YHC wanted to make it known that F3 Nolensville is a group of men that follow Jesus, first and foremost.


The highlight of coffeteria had to be when Little Miss Piggy came with a pot of coffee in hand. He had to miss the beat downs because him didn’t feel well and him just a little guy. Just kidding, buddy. We appreciate you!


  • Spring Hill’s F3 Dad’s Event
    • Today, Sunday November 10th
    • 3PM at Harvey Park
  • F3 Nashville Convergence
    • Tomorrow, Monday November 11th
    • 530AM at Franklin Road Academy
    • Old Hickory is an HC for this and I’m on the fence.

Until next time! The Gauntlet will return!!


8 November Robbie Miller Hero Workout

Temp: 32ish
Gloom Factor: Moderate

PAX: D’Mish O Nuts, Floppy Disk, PSL, Accounts Receivable, Yard Sale, School Girl, Ludwig, 85, Pedialyte, Movin On Up, Too Tall, Paul Blart (FNG), Bagger Vance

0529:45 Disclaimer

Lots of early MC RE: temperature, wind and proper attire…more on that to come.

Normal long mosey down Trousdale, up bus loop over to shed to pick up Coupons.

Circle up under pavilion. High plank for 6 …quick review of F3’s 5 core principles and our #Mission as well as another Disclaimer for our FNG.

SSH x 13 IC
Squats w Block x 13 IC
High Knees > Butt Kickers x 13 IC
WMH X 13 IC (YHC was reminded this is a stretch and to slow down)
NO GOOD MORNINGS to the chagrin of D’MON.
5 Ct Burpees x 5

Robbie Miller WOD from GoRuck’s Heavy Hitter Monthly Challenge.

12 Rounds:
6 Pull Ups
6 Burpees
6 Mountain Climbers (4 ct.)
6 Coupon Get Ups

Plenty of time left so we dropped off the ‘Pons and headed to the front wall for
6 Mike Tysons
5 Mike Tysons

Side Shuffle down Hogan and then Circle up for

6 MOM:
Flutter Kix X 50 IC to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of something that happened 50 years ago today.
5 Merkins
25 Ola Dollies IC
High Plank
5 Merkins
20 AL Prom Dates IC
5 Merkins
High Plank Yoga version for Too Tall


Sustained cold weather for the foreseeable future. All agreed that wind was the main culprit in today’s discomfort.
It’s Tights season once again for Too Tall.
Floppy gets all his hats for free and his Cabelas hat was on point today.
Ludwig will dress more appropriately next week to account for wind chill.
D’Mish O Nuts (stylized as D’Mon) needs us to chip in for a new pair of Ninja Ice. I thought he’d just bill CPA for some but apparently that’s frowned upon.

• Continued prayers for Sinclair family.
• Tampa Libra’s ongoing adoption process.

11/7/19: Fit-ish


Location: Atlantis

Conditions: 50s and drizzling

QIC: Pumpkin Spice

PAX: Crablegs, Lunch Lady, Pop-a-Lock, TK, Toothless

Today’s workout was a taste of the upcoming “Fittest Competition” facing the best Middle Tennessee has to offer in the way of High Impact Men.


The PAX made their way around the big loop, as is customary for a typical Atlantis Q. This was followed by some WOR in the dry refuge of the Pizza Hut.

Warmorama :

  • SSH x 15
  • LBAC x 15
  • rLBAC x 15
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 15
  • WMH x 15

Following the WOR, the PAX immediately jumped into a Hand-release Burpee Apocalypse. 10… 9… 8… you get the picture. The PAX really enjoyed this one.

We then went for a mosey taking the long loop around Atlantis.

Next up was 100 yards of Bear Crawls. It was 60% of the way through this that YHC realized his bum shoulder still has a great deal of recovering to do in order to crawl like the days of yore. The PAX then Broad Jumped their way back the other 100 yards.

Then a second long loop mosey.

Next were 100 yards of high skips, followed by 100 yards of reverse high skips.

The PAX then moseyed their way to the Pizza Hut. We did 50 dips, then ring around the Mary. Exercises included:

  • Box Cutters
  • Cutter Boxes
  • Jane Fonda
  • Alabama Prom Dates
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Captain Thor
  • Crunchy Happy Flutters (this is not an exercise worth repeating, sorry Pop-a-Lock)


  • We got but a taste of the impending Fittest Competition. Hats off to the PAX who will endure this misery.
  • Bareback withdrew his HC at the 11th hour. We think he was busy crafting his impending masterpiece of a Q at Bomber tomorrow.
  • PA ghosted us with an HC no-show. We waited an extra 30 seconds, shed a tear, and moved on.
  • We reminisced the excellent Blue Ghoul workout from last week — it has been decided that Blue Mule will forever be the Nashville Halloween Q-master.


  • Continue to be praying for Bad Boy, Hipster, and Shadow who are recovering from injuries
  • Be on the lookout for an all-too-rare Lunch Lady Q at Atlantis next week!

– Pumpkin Spice

November Rain @ The Pound

A slight rain to kickoff the activities and steady throughout the workout…
15 PAX in attendance for the main event: Staples, BarneyFievel, Hushpuppy Prof. X, OldHickory, Jeeves, HotDish (PreviouslyPotluck),  Stats, MicDrop, Nimbus 1500, Tebow, Kermit, SexEd,  TVGuide, and Glengarry.

10 Burpees, Hill Bear Crawls, Field Running, Rinse and Repeat w 20 Jump Squats and 30 MTN Climbers.

Mill Creek Mosey w 3x Hill Bear Crawls, 10 Fingertip Pushups, 20 Diamond Pushups, and 30 Knuckle Pushups.

Parking Lot Team Sprint Relays – losing team w 10 Burpees. Q lost with pulled hammy.

#toooldtoberunnningsprints #noiinteam #f3

7 at Titan – 11.6.19







Money Snake

Right Said

Q: Right Said


Warm-o-rama was a mosey around the construction fence stopping at each sign for an increasing number of merkins/squats. Mosey ended at oval “racetrack” by the Parthenon. A few quick good mornings, LBACs, and then it was a mosey to the hill where we usually do 7s or 11s.



What’s better than playing frisbee when you can actually see at that hour? Playing frisbee on a steep hill. The teams were small, but tenacious. If your team got scored on, it was 5 burpees. If you scored, it was 5 merkins. Burpees and merkins increased with each score (thus, increasing incentive not to get scored on). Teams swapped uphill advantage each score.


No time for Mary

Great coffeteria at Three Brothers afterwards.


The Hill 11/7/19

8 PAX at The Hill this am for a lightly rainy morning but otherwise nice cool morning to get some good work in.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Bagger Vance, Yard Sale, Big Stick, Red Skull, Money Shot, Black Widow, Faulkner

Here’s what happened:

Disclaimer then mosey into the South Campus gym to pick up sandbags and take them up to the football field.

Circle up in the endzone for WOR:

SSH x 15, GM x 10, WMH x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15, Hillbillies x 15, FBAC x 10, RBAC x 10, Overhead Claps x 10, Seal Claps x 10

We then lined up on the endzone for a 100 yard sprint.  Quick rest then sprint back 100 yards for some sandbag work.

Round One:

  • 100 yard Sandbag Squat Throws – with the sandbag at our chest, we would squat down and shot put it as far as possible.  Jog up to that spot and rinse and repeat until getting to the other endzone. Plank and wait for PAX.
  • Merkins x 20 OYO
  • Jog 100 yards and back

Round Two:

  • 100 yard Sandbag Snaps – with the sandbag on the ground, we would line up like a center in football and snap the sandbag between our legs as far as possible.  Backpedal to that spot and rinse and repeat until getting to the other endzone. Plank and wait for PAX.
  • Sandbag Toe Touches x 20 OYO
  • Jog 100 yards and back

Round Three:

  • 100 yard Sandbag Side Toss Left to Right.  Lining up facing the stadium, we would grab the sandbag low at our back foot and toss as far as possible with a high release point above your other leg.  Side shuffle to that spot and rinse and repeat until getting to the other endzone. Plank and wait for PAX.
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 20 OYO
  • Jog 100 yards and back

Round Four:

  • 100 yard Sandbag Side Toss Right to Left.  Lining up facing the stadium, we would grab the sandbag low at our back foot and toss as far as possible with a high release point above your other leg.  Side shuffle to that spot and rinse and repeat until getting to the other endzone. Plank and wait for PAX.
  • Sandbag American Hammers x 20 OYO
  • Jog 100 yards and back

Round Five:

  • 100 yard Sandbag Press.  Holding the sandbag at shoulders, we would walk 5 yards, stop and then press one time.  Every 5 yards, we would increase press reps by one, maxing out at 10 presses at the 50 yard line before decreasing reps by one to the other endzone. Plank and wait for PAX.
  • Single Leg Donkey Kicks x 20 each leg OYO
  • Jog 100 yards and back

Round Six:

  • 100 yard Sandbag Reverse Throws.  With the sandbag on the ground and facing the endzone, we would pick it up and toss it over our heads as far as possible.  Backpedal to that spot and rinse and repeat until getting to the other endzone.  Plank and wait for PAX.
  • Merkins x 20 OYO
  • Jog 100 yards and back

Round Seven:

  • 100 yard Sandbag Squats.  Holding the sandbag at chest, we would walk 5 yards, stop and then squat one time.  Every 5 yards, we would increase squat reps by one, maxing out at 10 squats at the 50 yard line before decreasing reps by one to the other endzone. Plank and wait for PAX.
  • Sandbag WWIs x 20 OYO
  • Jog 100 yards and back

Mosey back to the South Campus Gym to return the sandbags and then jog up to the lot for COT.

Great work today fellas!

Till Next Time,

Frugal Macdoogal

III Pillars – 11.05.19 – For Fawkes Sake


QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bareback, Crablegs, Deuce (WL – Jackson, MS), En Fuego, Moneyshot, Silver Medal, Toothless

“Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

After coming in on two wheels, YHC delivered the above quote, frustrations with Amazon failing to deliver on time, and a disclaimer, and it was showtime!

The Thang:

Following an easy breezy mosey ending in the middle of the football field, the PAX circled up for a rousing warm up involving:

  • SSH
  • LBAC
  • Overhead Claps
  • Reverse LBAC
  • Good Mornings
  • SnL Squats
  • WMH

YHC explained that on this day, the fifth of November, the PAX would commemorate the infamous Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot with a little routine dubbed “For FAWKES sake!” The PAX wo

  • Flutter Kicks (2ct) x 23
  • Atomic Merkins x 23
  • Windshield Wipers x 12 ea
  • Knee Jumps x 23 #crowdpleaser
  • E2K x 12 ea
  • Smurf Jacks x 23

Take a lap. Plank and wait for the six. RnR x 2 for three total rounds, 69 reps per exercise, or 414 total reps, the number of years since Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Lords. #math

Keeping with the theme of blowing things up, PAX paired up for some mini-B.O.M.B.S.  While P1 performs reps of first exercise, P2 runs 30-yard repeats until reps are complete and switches. Repeat for each exercise until both partners have completed all reps. Al Gore for six.

  • Burpees x 10
  • Overhead Claps x 15
  • Merkins x 20
  • BBSU x 25
  • Squats x 30

Wouldn’t be a Guy Fawkes tribute without a V for Vendetta reference in the form of V-Ups x 11! Our co-conspirators await, so mosey back to the rendezvous point — uh-oh! looks like the search party is onto us — pick up the pace and give it all you got to the finish!

But alas, just as with Fawkes, the plan was foiled, and the PAX were found guilty of treason  and sentenced to 15 Burpees.


Always a pleasure to lead the men of III Pillars, and the new regulars of which the group is comprised. Great job by En Fuego (and Crablegs) on reinvigorating AO attendance via the Swaggy P games, and I’m confident the momentum will carry over into the frosty months ahead. Glad to have Deuce join the crew once again, especially since I talked him out of posting at Sir E. Sorry, Boyband!


  • TAP for Toothless’s MIL’s upcoming eye procedure
  • Tclaps to the PAX who participated in the Star Course Saturday: En Fuego, Leatherneck, and Umbrella as a 26.2 team, and Big Bang and Tortoise for the 50-miler. Shake their hand next time you see them!
  • Less than three weeks until The Fittest. Who will be our six? Vote on Slack!

PA out.

Training Ground @ Defiant

Pre-Party: YHC led Pull-Up & Dwarf Kick Apocalypse from 10-5 reps each. Staples, Barney, & 3rd Degree started and Creeper joined in after round 1. Topics of conversation included: Frosty Bars, Gay frogs, Jet-streams and Non-Human Primates Not being an equivalent term for a Human made in SkyQ’s image…Sound fun? Come out to a PP and join in…

10 PAX in attendance for the main event: Staples, BarneyFievel, Creeper, Prof. X, OldHickory, Jeeves, HotDish (PreviouslyPotluck), Huggy (Coming in Hot!), ShowMe & ThirdDegree (QIC)

Warm-up/Disclaimer/BattlePlan Declaration:

  • Warm Up run to back of school
  • Stretch OYO


Image result for tellier wod

As a modification, we ran a short lap around “the heart” of the back school lot in between each revolution. Not sure what that means? Come to DEFIANT. ~2 miles total today

This workout was in honor of Sgt. Zachary D. Tellier who died September 29, 2007 in Afghanistan helping rescue several soldiers from a burning vehicle and returning fire. Read more at the following if desired:

CoT/Numbers/Names/ Re-Christening of recent FNG


  • 3rdF (Faith) opportunity: We’re raising funds for Safe Families that will be our “buy in” to the FitTest on November 23rd. Safe Families is an amazing organization that finds homes for children as their families transition through some of the harder seasons of life. Knowing Nimbus, I’ve seen first hand the good that this organization does and the hope that it provides to children that would otherwise have none. Winner of FitTest gets 60% of all for their charity with 10% going to the other 4 regions. Let’s be going HARD for this charity. Please join me in raising funds for this very worthy cause and lets go win this thing.
    • We already have a $1k donation from a generous benefactor that we’ll reveal later, but its up to all of us to grow this and earn as much as we can to bless the Middle Tennessee Region. Any raised funds can be sent to the @F3Nolensville Venmo account or can be handed over in another fashion to Numbtucks.
  • 2ndF (Fellowship) opportunity: IronClad victors and friends (who buy a drink for a victor) Happy Hour reception at Brother’s Burger Joint in Nolensville from 4-7pm tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/5/19)
  • 1stF (Fitness) opportunity: The Gauntlet is coming this Saturday, November 9th! Please help us promote this and let’s all plan to be in attendance, as we’ll play host to some out-of-towners! Start and end at Nolensville High School. About 5:30 to 8:30pm. This one will be totally different from our last Gauntlet. Bring your own water and endurance needs (salt-tabs, gels/goo, etc) Come out and get sharpened…

What We Learned:

    • Recent FNG “PotLuck” and sponsor Jeeves had an epiphany about Minnesotan culture and was renamed “HotDish”
    • Staples Snorts Coffee to see if it will get him high…
    • OldHickory uses others for pacing and may need Siri to help count reps 😉
    • Veterans Day is next Monday. Let’s keep the sacrifices and efforts of others that benefit us and allow us to enjoy the freedoms we do in mind. In application, we did a Hero Workout of the Day (WoD)
    • GlenGarry is an eager VQ Beaver and signed up for not only one, but 2 Q’s. Let’s come out in force and support him at BrokenWheel tomorrow & the Pound Thursday.
    • SpeedRucking is on schedule with NumbTucks Wed. at 5am at RuckU. Come find out what that means. We have 7 rucks as a region currently. Nimbus with the lion’s share. Jansport+bricks also works…
    • I can often see F3 as an escape of sorts where I come to have fun and be sharpened (which is appropriate) but have found that I need to see it as a training ground for my other leadership roles that are more important (Discipleship, Marriage, Fatherhood, Employment, etc). I see our beat-downs and conversations as opportunities to learn how to be humbled, challenged, get knocked down and endure, be mocked and yet persevere, to love in hard times and to receive the care of others when my pride would rather not… Let’s be less sensitive personally, more sensitive externally and work hard while expecting the same and holding others to that same standard. LET’s GO!

3D, OUT!

The Forge on The Fly

Temp 29. Wind at 2 mph NW. No rain, No snow. Orion highly visible.

Prep-Party- Q’d by Mr. 3rd Degree. Attendees were Staples, Barney Fivel, Nimbus 1500, SexEd, and YHC KermiT.

All Ruck this morning gents. Embrace The Suck. Merkins, laced with Wounded Warrior carry, with a dash on the end, all was lovely and right.

Until…. YHC asked who was on Q for the main Thang and was responded with a resounding “YOU!”….. **Better start thinking now**

Virgin Rucker’s were myself, Staples, Barney, and SexEd. I think we all added Rucker’s to our shopping cart later in the afternoon. **Plug – Ruck U Wednesdays 5:30 at the Pound**

Big thanks to Nimbus for sharing his stash of Rucks. 😜

The Forge 

14 PAX Staples, SexEd, Professor X, Little Miss Piggy, Cheese Wiz, Stats, 3rd Degree, Nimbus 1500, Old Hickory, Sparta, Nimbus 1500, Typo Positive, Show Me, & KermiT.

No Medic – (Because Q didn’t know he was Q’in)

Warm Up – 

LBAC – 10x Forward and Reverse

Raise the Roof – 20x

Tebow Stretch – OYO MC on Very High

Empirical Walkers 20x

Toy Soldiers – OYO

GM’s – OYO MC on Hella High

The Thang – 

Batan Death March (Ruck Style)

PAX lined up single file. Last PAX donned the Ruck, executed 3 Burpees, then sprinted to front of line and dropped the Ruck. Once last PAX approached the Ruck he repeated previous sequence. MC Chatter on Medium High.

3 Mile Run included the following Speedbumps:

Bear Crawl Hill

25 Merkins – Mumble Chatter on Low.

10 Burpees

25 WW1’s – MC on High

10 Burpees

50 Incline Merkins – MC on High

10 Burpees – Lots of stink goin on

50 Merkins – Don’t run behind Nimbus

7 Burpees – 3 High Jump Burpees – MC on Medium / High

50 WW1’s – 3D couldnt stop talking.

+25 WW1’s

7 Burpees – 3 High Jump Burpees – MC on Ridiculous

Someone didn’t believe that I did 10 Burpees so we did 10 more Burpees. (Thank you Nimbus for calling me out, I needed to do 10 more)

AYG run back to the Parking Lot and circle up.


10 High Jump Burpees

CoT – 

Continued prayer for LMP’s wife and Mother in Law

(Excuse my forgetfulness but I believe there is one other prayer request)


Gauntlet starts at 5:30 at the Forge this Saturday

F3 Dads event in Spring Hill this coming Saturday. Get with Ragdoll for deets.

It’s always a pleasure to lead you fellas. I thank God for the opportunity.

Peace Out