F3Nolensville IronPax Week 3 @ BW


Conditions: Dark and menacing gloom but looking forward to a sunrise

Pre-Party:  Numbtucks, 3rd Degree, Staples, Kermit – for an 8 minute miler

PAX: Gaylord Focker, SexEd, Staples, CheezWhiz, NumbTucks, Kermit, HushPuppy, Typo +, ShowMe, Huggy, Tebow, Creeper (QIC)

Warm-O-Rama:  “Ain’t nobody got time for that” this AM, gotta do the…


10 Pull-ups

15 Burpee Block Jump Overs

20 Curls

25 Squat Thrusters

30 Gas Pumpers (Reverse Crunches)

Each Round is 100 reps

Rinse and repeat for 43 minutes!

Keep track of your rounds then add up your reps from your partial round to get your total.

Things heard or learned during the workout:

Kermit is a big fan of Ke$ha
We long for the past times and experiences of Blockbuster Video (RIP)
Rex Kwan Do & Jazzercise are still alive & well
Tebow went BEASTMODE once again with SexEd & Huggy close behind


Everybody was killing it today – proud of each of you HIMs for “doing your best & forgetting the rest (Tony)” – it really is YOU vs. YOU!

Today’s Playlist:

My personal TOP 13 Pro Wrestling Entrance Theme Songs Vol. #1 if I ever enter the WWE (more to come?!?):

You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi

Can’t Feel My Face – The Weekend

Paradise – Coldplay

Mountain Music – Alabama

DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Crazy Love – Hawk Nelson

Your Love is My Drug – Ke$ha

Overdose – Lecrae

The Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy

Jesus Freak – DC Talk

A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

COT & Prayer Requests:

We talked about the 43 ft. of leadership – that we should be “out front” with our leadership within our families and our workplaces – lead as fathers, husbands, men of God

Iliza – little 16 mo. old girl that NumbTucks knows is have a number of complications – pray for her healing and give peace to her mom and dad

For God to make us the men He has called us to be


Nolensville/Franklin Convergence THIS SATURDAY – 5:30-7:00 am @ Battleground

-peace brutherrrrs


Q the Huggy

GLOOM FACTOR: A glorious morning with a breeze. Big thanks to the Sky Q.

Pre-Party – KermiT, Staples, NumbTucks, Barney and 3rd Degree

Main Event PAX: Stats, Staples, MicDrop, KermiT, Show Me, Old Hickory, Barney, Hush Puppy, SexEd, Professor X (Respect), 3rd Degree, NumbTucks, TV Guide, Huggy (QIC)


What a great morning it was to be alive and blessed to be in the gloom with this group! YHC was extremely thankful for the opportunity to lead this morning. It’s been almost two months since I became part of the Nolensville tribe, and I couldn’t be more excited about the brotherhood that I feel with y’all! Thanks for coming out!



Show me lap

Circle up for:

SSH x 15

Imperial Walker x 15

Squats x 15




Thang 1


Mosey to the football field.

15 merkins on the west goal line, run to mid-field and knock out 5 burpees, run to the east goal line for 14 squats, run to mid-field for 5 burpees, run to west goal line for 13 merkins, 5 burpees, 12 squats etc. You get the idea. We counted all the way to 1.

All in then 10 count.

Thang 2


All PAX lined up on the sideline of the football field.

Round 1:

Bearcrawl halfway, forward crab walk the next half, then mosey back and hold until all in.

Round 2:

Bearcrawl halfway, backward crab walk the next half, then mosey back and hold until all in.

These were for sure CSAUP, but everyone loves a little CSAUP, right?

Thang 3

Mosey up to the concession stand and immediately find a spot on the wall for a 2-ish minute BTTW hold.


Seals x 20 OYO

All in and mosey back to picnic table shelter for Mary:

LBCs x 50

Box Cutters x 15

Freddie Mercury x 60 Seconds

High plank to right arm up, 10 oblique dips. Both sides.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama (No FNGs)


  • Nolensville/Franklin convergence this Saturday. FORGE WILL BE CLOSED.
  • Third Thursday Lunch today at Cabo’s in Nolensville. 11:15 am.

YHC took us out with a prayer. Helluva morning today, HIMs!


Salacious Supersets for Sweater Season

People always ask me, “Tampa, you always look so good in a sweater, what can I do to fill out my cable-knit?”

I’m glad you asked.

Warmup, partner up, mosey the bus loop and back around to the weight room:

8-10 db chest press (Rx: 65lbs) // 20 bench irkins
8-10 single-arm db rows (RX: 70lbs)  // 15 incline bb rows
8-10 hammer curls (RX: 35lbs) // iso chin-up
8-10 skull crushers (RX: 35lbs)  // 20 bench dips
8-10 single-arm db shoulder press (RX:45lbs)  // 20 HR merkins

Round 1: Partner 1 does a set 1 (ex: chest press) while Partner 2 does db farmer-carries (RX: 50-65lb)  down the stairs and back up. Swap, repeat next set.

Round 2: Repeat but replace farmer-carry with Lt. Dan down the hall and Bear Crawl back.

Mosey to the lot with quick Mary

PAX: Frugal, Grease Trap, Money Shot, High Flyer, Red Skull, Big Stick, Prevac, JK, Too Tall, Venus, and your Qly.

Prayers: Grease Trap gettin’ the ole snip today.

Blue Falcons Fly

7 HIM posted this morning for a bit of fun and games.
Black Lung, Bicentennial Man, Defrost, Florida Man, Right Said, Drago, and yours truly.

10x Windmills
10x Good Mornings
10x Imperial Walkers
10x Hillbillies
10x Little Baby Arm Circles Front
10x Little Baby Arm Circles Back
10x T Claps
10x Merkins

Mosey up to the Parthenon for a game of Leapfrog all the way down one side of the temple and Buddy Box Jumps on the way back. Then mosey to the broken hill for a round of Blue Falcon.

Team 1 gave Team 2 a workout of 7s with Burpees at the top of the hill and Atomic Merkins at the bottom. Team 2 handed Team 1 a pyramid up to 10x and back of Merkins, OH Presses, and Big Boy Situps. Team 1 completed their given routine the quickest, but all HIM offered to do the 5 penalty Burpees.

Then, for a game I’m calling the Jerk-off (for being a jerk of a Blue Falcon), each team had to do the routine they created with an upgraded penalty if you didn’t complete your own plan the quickest. But again, each HIM offered to take the 10 penalty Burpees after Team 2’s victory.

Ended with something I’m calling In-n-Outs (plank to floating table pose) and called it a day.

QSource afterward consisted of Right Said and myself discussing Consistency, routines, and leading by example.

Thanks for the privilege of leading today!


9/16/19: Iron Pax Week 3

Location: Westeros

Conditions: 70 degree humidor

QIC: Pumpkin Spice

PAX: Black Lung, BNB, Crablegs, Cub Cadet, Drago, Hi-Viz, Porcelain, Reveille, Right Said, Slim Fit (FNG), T-cell, Vector


Warmorama : Early PAX did some LBAC, rLBAC, Michael Phelps, and general stretching to account for the lack of warmorama time allocated for Iron Pax Week 3.

PAX collected their coupons and moseyed over to the playground for the main event — AMRAP of the following exercises in 43  minutes:

  • Pull-ups x 10
  • Burpee Coupon Jump Overs x 15
  • Coupon Curls x 20
  • Coupon Squat Thrusters x 25
  • Gas Pumps (reverse crunches) x 30

Those nursing upper extremity injuries did the following exercises instead:

  • 90-Degree Leg Raises x 10
  • Toe Tap Coupon Jump Overs x 15
  • American Hammers x 20
  • Couponless Squat Thrusters x 25
  • Gas Pumps (reverse crunches) x 30


  • T-cell rocked out a group best of 610 reps
  • Welcome FNG Slim Fit, who crushed his first workout
  • T-claps to Crablegs for bringing Electrolyteria — which enjoyed an unprecedented mid-workout utilization by multiple PAX
  • Comments were made that Blue Mule would have destroyed this workout. But, alas, he’s off in Eastern Europe taking names


  • Continued prayers for Porcelain’s 2.0 and M to continue in their good postpartum health
  • Porcelain’s dog just had a splenectomy. Did they also get their appropriate vaccinations for encapsulated organisms? I think I heard Vector offering his personal supply of immunizations.

– Pumpkin Spice

A Defiant 8 did the Tellier WOD

GLOOM:  none, whatsoever.  It was a very nice morning.

PAX: MicDrop, Glengarry, Creeper, Snowball, DoubleBird, Swinger, Professor X (respect), Typo+ (QIC)


15x SSH IC

15x Seal Jacks IC

10x Squats IC

Stretch Routine – Guided


THANG: Time to get started!

5 Rounds. Each round add an exercise to the previous round exercises.  Run down the parking lot and back between rounds.

R1: 10 Burpees

R2: 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins

R3: 10 Burpess, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges (each leg is 1)

R4: 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 WWII’s

R5: 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 WWII’s, 150 Squats


Every PAX was getting after it!  We almost completed the last round before Q called it!



Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Announcements, Prayer Requests

MicDrop – prayers for his M’s new medicine dealing with Psoriatic Arthritis.

Snowball – one brother and family are coming back to TN from missions to have their baby.  They are staying with Parents (and other brother and family) in Memphis.  Baby due in October.


Shout-out to DoubleBird for setting a PR on Burpees today!  #inspirationmotivation


Third Thursday Lunch is this week.  11:15am at Cabo’s Mexican in Nolensville.  Deets on #2ndF slack channel.


Q ended with a message from his readings on Pride:

“Pride is an epidemic vice.  It is everywhere and manifests itself in many ways.  As much as we may hate to admit it, we all have pride, each and every one of us.  The is not “Do I have it?” but, “Where is it?” and “How much of it do I have”?  We all have the tendency to think too much about ourselves and too much of ourselves.  Amy Carmichael once said, “Those who think too much of themselves don’t think enough.”  Here is what God says about Pride.

“Do you see a man wise in his own eyes?  There is more hope for a fool than for him.”  Proverbs 26:12



IronPax at The Forge

GLOOM: Non-Existent, twas a beautiful morning

PP: a number of guys did the 5:15 PP and a few of us did the 5:45 PP.

PAX: DoubleBird, Freud, 3rd Degree, NumbTucks, TV Guide, CheezeWiz, Little Miss Piggy, Sparta, ShowMe, Huggy, Stats, Professor X (respect), Staples (Pre-vac), Kermit (pre-vac), Ragdoll, HushPuppy, Typo+ (QIC)



Warmups were very short in order to get Week 2 completed.  Q reviewed all exercises before getting started.  Moseyed to football field and got after it.


IronPax – Week 2 Challenge

For those that didn’t get to see the awesomeness that is Tebow on Thursday, or who wanted another chance to complete the workout (ie. me), we did it again hoping we could get it finished in an hour.  Here is the workout.


4 Rounds: (using 35′ cinder block or some version of smaller stone(s))

10 Manmakers (Blockees)

20 Overhead Press

30 KettleBell Swings

40 Goblet Squats

50 Incline Block Merkin (Blerkin)

Run 1600m (reducing by 400m each round)


Since we ran long, we really didn’t have a true F3 style finish to the morning.  Amazing work by an amazing group of HIMs!


It is such an honor to lead you guys and see the amazing work each of you do to better yourselves.



Atlantis – 09.12.19 – “Tour De Les Nations”

8 PAX did that hard thing and posted at Atlantis for an educational sightseeing adventure as they got better together.

QIC: Cunning Linguist
PAX: Crablegs, Pop-A-Lock, Pumpkin Spice, Lunch Lady, Right Said, Toothless, Trapper Keeper

Disclaimer was disclaimed at 0530 and then we embarked on a short mosey to the end of Morrow Rd for our WOR in front of Taqueria Juqulita, arguably the best Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood.


20 SSH

15 LBACs

15 rLBACs

12 WMH

10 SnL Squats

Following the WOR, we moseyed to Tennessee Ave and stopped to engage in The Thang, which YHC has affectionately dubbed the Tour De Les Nations.


Tour De Les Nations

Activity 1.
20 Merkins IC

Mosey along Tennessee Ave to 51st and stop at the intersection of 51st and Centennial Ave to point out arguably the best brewery in town for some Burp(ee)s.

Activity 2.
25 Burp(ee)s OYO

Brief mosey to The Nations Silo, arguably the most iconic landmark in the neighborhood, where YHC explained who the old man on the silo is and how he has contributed to the revitalization of The Nations.

Activity 3.
25 Squats
25 Imperial Walkers
25 Lieutenant Dans
25 Overhead Press

Mosey along Centennial, hard left onto California Ave and then left on 60th then crossover to Pennsylvania Avenue to make a pit stop outside of DFrost’s home to take a knee and pay our respects due to his new 2.0. A video shout-out arguably may have been filmed as well.

Mosey back to 61st then right turn toward the entrance to West Park

Activity 4
AYG Sprint from entrance of West Park to shovelflag.

Then, on our sixes for MARY.

15 Freddie Mercuries
20 LBCs
15 WWIs
12 Boxcutters

Proverbs 16:3 – “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

This was a full 2.5 miles of Q-drenaline. I especially appreciated the motivational mumblechatter of the PAX (I am talking directly to you, Mr. A-Lock), and I was only further inspired to get out and Q more workouts!

Prayers for the healing of injuries to Pumpkin Spice, and for the 2.0s of DFrost and Porcelain

9/14 – F3 Nashville 5th Anniversary Spectacular at Stonewall. I’ll be there.

10/29 – Libeery at Fat Bottom Brewery in Les Nations. Time still TBD. Reach out to Crablegs for additional deets.

C.L. out – SYITG!

Venus Goes Death Metal

PAX: Red Skull, Frugal McDougal, Black Lung, Money Shot, Big Stick, White Russian, Lew Pew (special return guest from Louisville), Edibles, Razor/Venus, Too Tall, Black Widow, Lumberg, Cowboy, Toga (QIC)

Plus CAPSLOCK, Tampa Libra and JK tackling IP Wk2

14(+3) Redwoods climbed the hill for a kettlebell swinging good time this morning.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to gym 1 to collect sandbags, mosey to gym 2 to collect kettlebells and commence warmarama outside.  Then circle up for kettlebell flow sequence:

  • 1 min single arm kb swing
  • 30s ea arm kb clean
  • 30s ea arm kb clean
  • 30s ea arm kb snatch
  • 30s ea arm kb clean and press
  • 30s ea arm kb lunge
  • 1 min goblet quats
  • 1 min 2 hand kb swing
  • 30s single leg kb deadlift
  • 8 kb “swing burpees”

Divvy up sandbags for shoulder switch relay= KB on right shoulder then run ~25 yrds, drop sb, lift to left shoulder, run 25 yds, switch again and repeat on the trip back.  Repeato 2x

Repeat kb flow noted above, return all coupons and head back to the lot for some Mary.

Announcements:  Get thee to the 5yr anniversary beatdown!!!

NMM:  This is a rough repeat of one of the first workouts YHC led at The Hill many moons ago.  It’s such a great AO with lots to do.  It’s also fun when Venus decides to employ his death metal scream when lifting weights.  It could be a great addition to the act.

Stay Classy,



Bomber 9-14-2019: River Dawg’s NFL Combine

19 HIM arrived at Bomber to start the day with River Dawg’s NFL Combine.

PAX:  Pumpkin Spice, Dinty Moore, Princess Aurora, Bareback, Cootie, Trapper Keeper, Pop-a-lock, Vector, Hi-Viz, Studio 42, Lunch Lady, Cub Cadet, Right Said, Crawl Space, Toothless, Bad Boy, Harvey Updyke, T-Cell, River Dawg

Warm Up/Disclaimer

–          15 lil baby arm circles (FWD, BKWRD)

–          10 Side lunges each way OYO

–          15 Pushups in Cadence

–          25 Sit-ups OYO

–          30 Seconds freestyle stretch (get whatcha need)

Mosey to Station 1

Yellow Hurdle Footwork Drill: Repeat rep if a hurdle is displaced (max of 2 repeat per set)

–          1 foot in each X2

–          2 feet in each X2

–          Side Shuffle Step-Over X2

–          Side shuffle weave X2

–          Vertical weave X2

–          Double leg hops X2

–          Single leg hops X2

Station 2

30 yard hill speed work

–          High Knee 15 yds. Sprint 15 yds. X2

–          Side shuffle 15 yds. Sprint 15 yds. X2

–          Bound 15 yds. Sprint 15 yds. X2


Each PAX chooses an exercise for up to 5 reps…I have NO clue how we got through everyone, but S/O to the boys because we were MOVING down the line on that.

(Notably we had one set of 3 “reverse burpees?” I don’t know what kind of kale salad eating, beanie in July wearing, cross-fit competing crap that was, but for the first time in a long time I learned a new exercise today.)

COT/Prayer Requests:

  • Praise for Alysia’s CAT Scan coming back clear!
  • See everyone tomorrow morning – 0600 @ Stonewall for 5th Anniversary Celebration!

River Dawg