McDeuce in the Morning

PAX: Paw Patrol, Juicy Juice, Gold E Lox, Benjamin Button, Major Pain, Day Day, Lil Joker, Titan Man, Hedgehog, Baby, Redskull, B&B, Geek, Hot n Ready, Bagger Vance, Reveille, Boone’s Farm, Danosaur, Black Widow, The Country Gentleman, Pop a Lock, Toga (QIC)

Gloom Factor: Sunny and 70

22 tackled the Dirty McDeuce this morning, and it went something like this:

Capri lap then mosey to bball court for warmarama.  Stay in circle to execute ye ol’ Dirty McDeuce (4 sets of 3 exercises with 12 reps ea)=

  • merkins, squats, WWII
  • Lap around the quad in columns
  • Werkins, lunges, leg raises
  • Lap around the quad in columns
  • Clerkins, Lt Dan, flutters
  • Series of bear crawls, crab walks, braid jump burpees
  • burpees, side lunges, dollies
  • sprints

Circle back up for some Mary then Bagger took us out in the COT.  Be in the present moment!


  • Prayers for the CCR family, see BAL’s post in General and more ways to help will follow
  • Game night tomorrow at 4:13
  • Flag football tournament with 4:13 team is coming.  Redskull will be posting the details

1.22.20 “Ups and Downs” (The Racetrack)

Today’s workout was inspired by the chaotic ups and downs of our recent weather patterns. PAX experienced lots of elevation change during some gloomy low 20’s temps.

PAX: Umbrella, Bagger Vance, Boone’s Farm, Leatherneck, Toga, Not a Sport, Old Fashioned, Soft Serve, Ochocinco (QIC)

Started off on great footing (literally and figuratively) with some sage advice “modify at your own risk!” This foreshadowed 3 minutes into the mosey when YHC modified the paved track in favor of a shortcut through the grass–only to end up leading a few men into several inches of wet muck.

Mosey through the park, up the grand staircase, and to the parking garage for some warm up exercises, including Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, Toe Touches/Stretch and Hop Kicks (in remembrance of CCR who was home with a sick child).

THANG 1: (Ascent: Parking Garage Stairs):

Start at level 1 (1 burpee), then up to level 2 (2 burpees), down to bottom, then repeat all the way to the top (up and down) stopping at each level for said amount of burpees, to level 6.

THANG 2: (Four Corners at the Top)

  • Corners 1, 2, 3, 4: SSH x 25 each corner OYO
  • Long sides: mosey to next corner
  • Short sides: side shuffle to next corner

THANG 3: (Descent)

We worked our way down six levels of the garage, stopping at each end to perform 5 slow and low merkins. Alternated methods of movement from one end to the other, including sprints, back-pedals, bear crawl, lunge, Lieutenant Dans, and side-shuffles. At the bottom, mosey back to the grand staircase by the park.

THANG 4: (Grand Staircase / Reverse Jacob’s Ladder)

  • Run down stairs; 7 jump squats; Run back up
  • RnR (decrease reps by one each round)
  • Cut short for time (only finished 3 rounds)
  • Mosey back to start for Mary and COT


  • Plank alternates (High, elbow, low) for 30 seconds each
  • 10 WWIs OYO
  • 20 LBCs OYO
  • 20 Prom Dates OYO
  • Finish with Good Mornings

1.22.20 – “BOMBTRACK” – Titan

Jan 22, 2020

Gloom: 21 and clear

PAX: Pumpkin Spice, Rightsaid, Rev, PopaLock, Cub Cadet, Defrost, Blue Mule, Hambone, Drago, MotorBoater, Bnb, Crablegs and FNG: Ri-Co-LA!

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog around the park , side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, squats, LBCs, air presses, shanooks, RLBCs , squats, merkins etc…

Work: 2 rounds of Bombtrack!

2 groups of seven formed parallel lines with the first PAX running around the “track” to the end of their line. When the lap was completed the PAX all advanced to the next letter in the acronym BOMBS performing corresponding exercise while high fiving their counterpart in the opposing line/team. Ex: clap merkins, high five burpees… after everyone progressed through all exercises twice we each did 20 box jumps on the way to Mary.

Mary: hello dolly, LBCs, leg lifts etc…

Hot chicken lunch this Thursday (Jan 23, 2020) also it is hot chicken week in Nashville!


YHC Crawlspace

Bean Juice

Right Said, Cowboy, Money Shot, High Flyer, En Fuego, Princess Aurora, Toothless, Crawlspace, Bareback, Jug Band, Cowbell, Bicentennial Man, Michelin Man, Reveille, yours Q-ly Tampa Libra

SSH X 25, WMH x 10 oyo, Good Mornings x 10, Smurf Jacks x 10, hip flexor stretch x 6


  • Mosey to the field for what Money Shot referred to as “a real creative workout”
  • Sprint length of the field and back to the 10 for 2 burpees, 10 prison squats, 10 sec hold
  • Spring the length of the field and back to the 10 for 4 burpees, 20 prison squats, 20 sec hold
  • 6, 30, 30….10, 50, 50
  • R&R with 10 Air Presses, 10 Peter Parkers, 10 push up hold….40, 40, 40 before calling time


  • 10 flutters, sprint, 10 flutters, sprint back
  • 20 flutters, sprint, 20 flutters, sprint back
  • 50 heel touches, 15 single leg LBCs each side, 40/15, 30/15, 20/15


  • Grow Ruck 10/10
  • CSAUP with details forthcoming
  • Prayers for those recovering from surgery
  • Prayers for Awaken Nashville and prayer/fasting throughout Feb
  • Hot Chicken lunch on Thursday

2nd F Backblast – Inaugural Gentlemen’s Dinner

On January 16th, 18 PAX gathered at Jimmy Kelly’s steakhouse in Nashville for the Inaugural Gentlemen’s Dinner. The turnout was a mixture of Nashville region guys and The Strenuous Life men (from the Art of Manliness platform). Pax in attendance were Toothless, Bareback, Laff Track, Princess Aurora,  Hipster, Blue Mule, Cub Cadet, Vector, Hambone, Pop-A-Lock, Crawlspace, Hi-Viz, Harvey Updyke, and Reveille.

We kicked it off with a few drinks and brief introductions, then opened up with a toast before sitting down for some appetizers. We then went around the room to make introductions and tell how we each received our names. Scott wowed us all with his gift of custom-made poker chips with his TSL class logo and motto (The Black Jacks) represented.

Steaks were then presented in exemplary fashion, and another toast was given by Pop-a-Lock to recognize Hambone for his work as Comz director. The evening was so much more than we could have anticipated. The meal was exquisite, but it paled in comparison to the camaraderie and fellowship felt by all.

Thanks to all of you for making this happen!

Bomber – 1.17.20 – “Guns ’N’ Stones”

25 High Impact Men got after it this morning and participated in a celebratory birthday workout for one of the greatest guitarists in rock music history.

QIC: Cunning Linguist

PAX: Bareback, Bicentennial Man, Blue Mule, BnB, Burrito (WL), Covenant Eyes, CowBell, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, DFrost, Duplex, Firefox, Hambone, Hi-Viz, Michelin Man, Pop-A-Lock, Porcelain, Princess Aurora, Right Said, Studio42, Tiny Dancer, Toothless, Vector

Weather: The perfect amount of gloom. If Goldilocks had a favorite type of gloom, it would be this one.

0529 was accompanied by the One Minute Warning, then 0530 was accompanied by the Disclaimer. Disclaimer was effectively given, then YHC led a Mosey out the entrance to McCabe and up to the right and ended at the round circular spot that looks like the nose of an aircraft (or something else, if you squint real hard) for WOR:

17 x SSH
10 x LBAC
10 x rLBAC
17 x Hillbillies
10 x WMH
17 SnL Squats

YHC took another Mosey toward the entrance to McCabe for THE THANG:

YHC waxed poetic and informed the PAX that today, January 17, is the 72nd birthday of Mick Taylor. Who is that, you ask? He is only the former lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, known for being their guitarist during their Golden Era. In addition, one Slash (of Guns ’N’ Roses fame) has stated that his guitar style has been most influenced by Mick Taylor. At this point, YHC switched the playlist to “Gimme Shelter” by the Stones (nice catch by Blue Mule and Vector). Gimme Shelter from what, you ask? From the B.O.M.B.S., as listed below:

50 x Burpees
100 x Overhead Press
150 x Merkins
200 x Big Boy Sit-Ups
250 x Squats

We counted off 1s and 2s, where 1s performed the first move and 2s ran to the traffic circle, circled around it, and Bernied up the entrance (so they could see the cars entering McCabe and not get run over – Safety First, men!), then flapjack until completion.

Upon YHC’s completion, PAX were already in plank form (well done, gents) and YHC then called out Al Gores until the 6 wrapped up their exercise.

YHC then led the PAX to STARTEX for MARY:

17 x Flutter Kicks
10 x LBCs
10 x Alabama Prom Dates
10 x Freddie Mercuries


What an awesome turnout in literally freezing weather! I am yet again humbled by the fact that so many men opted to show up for a workout led by YHC.

-Prayers for the recoveries of Bad Boy, Hipster, and Siri – get well soon, gents! We miss you!
-BOLO for Side Straddle Hops, led by the Brothers Sottek in early February. See Slack for the deets.

This is The Colonel, signing off!

Racetrack 1/15/20

PAX: Umbrella, Not a Sport, Ochocinco, Old Fashioned (FNG Luke Duncan), Old Hickory, Barney Fivel, Tampa Libra, Offshore, Bagger Vance, Faulkner, Blackwidow, Soft Serve,

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10
  • Squats x10


Mosey to parking deck.

  • 20 Iron Mikes
  • 20 Dry Docks
  • 20 Alt Should Taps
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 LBC

Run up stairs, across top deck, down other stairs, back across bottom of deck

RNR x5

Mosey to 2nd level, partner up

Partner 1: backpedal up ramp, run back down

Partner 2: exercises (combined, flapjack when P1 finished)

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Squats
  • 300 Flutter kicks

Head back to parking lot to finish.

Great work by all. Kuddos to Ocho for FNG. Remember those who are sick and need of healing, continue to lift one another up to be more engaged and impactful in relationships with wives, kids, co-workers, employees, churches

Always an honor,


Titan Up

16 HIM celebrated the Titan’s run to the AFC championship with a TITAN UP workout, with an eye on advancing to the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon. Titans’ gear or blue colored attire was highly recommended. Good showing by the PAX on this front.

Bagger Vance, PSL, D’mish, Kurds (Willie Loman from Kansas City — how appropriate), Soft Serve, Pedialyte, School Girl, Accounts Receivable, Yard Sale, CCR, Calf Killer, Ocho Cinco, ‘n Sync, Uncle Jerry, Prevac, Bluedwig van OshKosh (QIC)

Bus loop mosey around the back of the school to the pavilion for WOR.

20 SSH
10 Good Mornings
10 WMH
10 BACs  – forward and back
10 Butt Kickers – ‘cuz that’s what’s gonna happen to the Chiefs on Sunday
Finish with a pregame plank progression in honor of Coach Vrabel .

T – 10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes — lost Calf Killer after round 6

I – Indian Run from pavilion to Crievewood Baptist and back. Calf Killer returns.

T – 10 burpees a minute for 2 minutes

A – Aiken Legs (modified) – 20 squats, 20 jump lunges, 20 lunges

N – Nines, like 11s or 7s – Jumpsquats and Merkins

U – Upper Body Circuit – 2 rounds of 10 rows, 10 hanging knees to chest, 10 swerkins

P – Plank exercises back in parking lot – 20 plankjax, 22 mountain climbers for Tractorcito

10 Good Mornings – D’mish guaranteed a Titans’ win because of this.

Good work today. Titan Up on Sunday.

Atlantis – 1.16.20 – “ATLANTIS Morrissette”

11 HIM evaded the fartsack and took that Jagged Little DRP to post at Atlantis for an edgy, grungy, 90’s-inspired workout.

Weather: Gloomy but not too gloomy. Just the right amount of gloom.

QIC: Cunning Linguist

PAX: Bareback, Covenant Eyes, CowBell, Crablegs, DFrost, En Fuego, Harvey Updyke, Porcelain, Right Said, Toothless


Song 1: Crazy – Alanis Morrissette
Songs 2-13: The entire Jagged Little Pill album – Alanis Morrissette

At 0529, YHC called out Ye Olde One Minute Warning, and at 0530, Ye Olde Disclaimer was effectively disclaimed. None of the PAX had any objections, so we started on the Mosey to the lower parking lot for the Warm-O-Rama:

16 x SSH
16 x LBAC
16 x rLBAC
20 x Hillbillies
10 x WMH
16 x Slow and Low Squats

At this point, YHC felt like we were just warm enough, so we took a brief Mosey to the far end of the parking lot and started on Thang 1:


YHC played Alanis Morrissette’s one true classic jam, “Ironic.”

During the verses, PAX performed AMRAP SSH.
During the bridge, PAX performed AMRAP Squats.
During the chorus, PAX performed AMRAP Merkins

Upon completion, Toothless gave us a countdown from 30 to 1.

At this point, YHC explained the theme for today’s workout: ATLANTIS Morrissette. You see, when YHC was at the ripe, young age of 16, (seeing as today is 1/16) the #1 album on the rock charts was Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrissette. It was a tour de force and a nice change of pace from what was on the radio those days. Therefore, in honor of the number 16, we counted off 1s and 2s and performed the ALANIS Workout (at Atlantis, mind you) as THANG 2.


1s sprint to and from the first light pole
2s perform the following and then flapjack upon 1s return:

50 x Alternating Shoulder Taps (1/2 per shoulder)
100 x Lieutenant Dans (1/2 per leg)
150 x Air Press (Overhead)
200 x merkiNs (Dealer’s Choice)
250 x Imperial Walkers
300 x Squats

Note: we had to modify some of the above, because YHC didn’t realize just how much effort a Lieutenant Dan actually requires…consider it a lesson learned!

Upon completion, countdown from 20 to 1 courtesy of Right Said, then we Moseyed to the Pizza Hut Gazebo for another song, using our same partners from the ALANIS Workout for THANG 3:


YHC played Alanis Morrissette’s song, “Thank You.”

During the verses, PAX performed AMRAP Dips
During the bridge, PAX performed AMRAP Squats
During the chorus, PAX performed AMRAP Pattycake Merkins with partners

Seeing as how we were running low on time, we Moseyed back to STARTEX for Mary:


16 x Flutter Kicks
10 x Alabama Prom Date
16 x LBCs


It’s always an honor to lead the HIM who post to the Atlantis location. I am truly humbled that others choose to be led by YHC, so thank you. The fact that we tied the Atlantis record for attendance (please correct me if I am factually incorrect, Crablegs) is even more humbling.

* Prayers for Pumpkin Spice (not to be confused with PSL) as he has been under the weather lately — we miss you, brother!
* Prayers for Crablegs and his M, as they are expecting a new Soft-shell Crab — Congratulations!
* Prayers for Covenant Eyes as he goes through a season of change in his life – keep your head up, brother!
* I may have missed someone else on this list (or misspoke about the above prayers in some way) — my apologies for any mistakes!
* BOLO for “Side Straddle Hops (allegedly an educational adventure),” led by The Brothers Sottek, in the near future. Stay tuned!

This is The Colonel, signing off!

Weight v Wait Vol iii

Weight v Wait Vol III

TEMP: 50

PAX: Cowboy, Money Shot, Red Skull, Pop A Lock, Hot Route, Brother @ Law, Reveille, Danosaur, Kurds, Black Widow, Floppy Disk, CCR, Ocho Cinco, Venus, Tampa Libra, Le Pew, Bagger Vance, Paw Patrol, Juice, Gold E Lox, Benjamin Button, Major Pain, Day Day, Lil Joker, Titan Man, Hedgehog, Baby

Mosey to front lot w coupons

IW X 13 IC
HB X 13 IC

Mosey to main building and circle up for



Mosey to the rails by way of the back sidewalk


SIDE LUNGE X 13 w Coup

Mosey to South side of B ball court




8 CT BB X 13 IC

To 1/2 court … 10 Merks


Classic BV Q Weight v Wait.

We all carry a weight, sometimes its visible like our coupons we carried. Sometimes its not visible like the dark things we don’t want exposed. Point is, we all have it and we all have others that are here for us to help shoulder that burden. We also wait on what is to come, that which is expected but not seen. We have a faith in something bigger than ourselves that sustains us.

The 413ers have both a Weight and to Wait for the next chapter to unfold. It is incumbent upon the F3ers to walk alongside and encourage them.

One parting shot from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits…environment plays a huge role in who we become.

Alive – Pearl Jam … aren’t we all glad to be alive?
The Waiting – TP & 💔… it’s what we’re all doing
Won’t Get Fooled Again – Van Halen cover of The Who … that’s part of the mission of 413 to break the cycle
Gimme Shelter – The Stones … again, what 413 does
The Promise – Sturgill cover of When In Rome … if you follow what’s laid out in front of you, there is something bigger waiting
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts – X … just timed up perfectly w the worst part of workout
Sonic Reducer – Dead Boys … just really live this song and it’s one of my favorite Pearl Jam covers & they will be here on 2 Apr