New blood

Backblast! Tampa from the block
Date: 125/2022
AO: #detention
PAX: @worksforaguy @esposa @deepstate @ar @ccr @bagofants @YHC
FNGs: 0
Q: @tampalibra
Total: 7
Conditions: Perf

SSH x 25
Squat x 15
Merkin x 15
Flutters 4 count x 15
Finger bangers x 10 each way


7s on the back hill:
Block crunch at the bottom
Burpee pull-up at the top
20 curl speed bump on your way up

Thang 2:
7s on baby front hill:
Kraken burpees on the bottom
Blockees on the top

Planned for a speed bump and to do Thang 2 at the church but audibled for time.

Lots of new blood in the shire, loved being back with you lot.

YES – bring donations if you’d like by this Wednesday at #the-racetrack, or drop by my house. Sign up to volunteer for YES event on 12/10 – afternoon slot.

Prayers: @esposa and his BIL as @esposa walks with him through his DUI and any related fallout

Westeros 11-28-2022: Double the Effort

The PAX returned from the Thanksgiving holiday full of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and other assorted feasts. YHC needed to think of a workout theme to start the pre-Christmas workouts appropriately.  Because sometimes you have to put in twice the work to get results, today’s workout was repeated and had an appropriately doubled playlist.

PAX:  Chunks, Crawlspace, Natural Ice, Right Said, Salpal, Siri, Spinal Tap, Supernova, Tool Man, & Vector (QIC).

Conditions:   47 degrees – practically balmy


History Repeating – Propellerheads (playlist theme clue)
Promises, Promises – Naked Eyes
Bye Bye Bye – *NSYNC
Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
Doctor Doctor – Thompson Twins
Mony Mony – Billy Idol
Money, Money, Money – ABBA
Girls, Girls, Girls – Motley Crue
Say, Say, Say – Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
Talk Talk – Talk Talk
Louie Louie – The Kingsmen
Sugar, Sugar – The Archies

* Was pretty funny hearing the PAX try to determine the theme.  We went from my retirement announcement to I was becoming a banker to I was going to start running a strip joint . . . you’re thinking way too hard, my friends.

Disclaimer given and then mosey to the playground:

  • Warm-o-rama:   SSH x 20, LBAC x 10, RLBAC x 10, Willy Mays Hayes x 10 
  • Thang: 50 squats, 30 merkins, 10 pull-ups.  Run to front of school, do one burpee, return and start again.
  • 0551: Disclaimer #2 given
  • Warm-o-rama #2:  SSH x 20, LBAC x 10, RLBAC x 10, Willy Mays Hayes x 10 
  • Thang #2: 50 squats, 30 merkins, 10 pull-ups.  Run to front of school, do one burpee, return and start again.
  • Mary: Alabama Prom Dates x 10, Alabama Prom Dates x 10, Boxcutters x 10, Boxcutters x 10, LBCs x 10, LBCs x 10, J Los x 10, J Los x 10
  • Run back to startex and SSH x 10 and SSH x 10 for added measure.


  • Prayers for Baby Elijah and Salpal’s family; Praises for Supernova’s M (Happy birthday!)
  • Brewsday next Tuesday at 4:30p at 12 South Taproom
  • Next Open Tab: December 16th at Fat Bottom — topic TBD

Thanks, HIM.  Honor to lead you this morning.


Vector Vector

Hobbling Gobbler 3.0

24 Nov 22

Hobbling Gobbler 3.0

Temp : 40ish
Gloom Factor : Moderate

PAX : Right Said, Det Pikachu, Michelin Man, Umbrella, Money Shot, Hipster, Care Bear, Skeet, Red Skull, Cowboy, Esposa, Happy Ending, Smoke Jumper, Siri, Offshore, Ponzi, Tampa Libra, Natural Ice, Tolkien (W/L STL), Black Lung, Works 4 a Guy, Floppy Disk, Turtle, Club Car (FNG 2.0), Yamaha (FNG 2.1), EZGO, Iron Lung, Toga, Hugs not Drugs, PSL, Sooner, T Cell, Toothless, Bagger Vance
QIC : BV, Money Shot, Michelin Man, Toothless

Disclaimer Given 0559:45

Thang :

Hobbling Gobbler 3.0 route.

NMM : Such a great turnout today. Grateful to see all the PAX converge at Machina Verde aka Green Machine aka 3rd Annual Hobbling Gobbler.
Ruckers rolled out at 0530 while Ponzi and Happy Ending did a pre run loop scouting all of our turns for us and even made an adjustment to one sign.
PAX all broke out together and soon split into several pace and convo groups. Young bucs along w FD and PSL out front. More seasoned PAX fell in behind.
Per usual, YHC hit the Porto Let at M1.2 while Iron Lung held back to watch my 6 … (types weirder than I expected).
The race was on upfront for the coveted prizes. While YHC wasn’t there to witness, word is there may have been a Mary Decker Zola Budd incident between Floppy and W4AG. Again, I can’t confirm but there was talk of reaching out to Dilfer to see if he had any finish line footage.
So many great connections post run. Was really cool to see PAX reach out to others and meet new Bros.
T Claps to our local sous chefs, line cooks, runners, et al T Cell, Toothless, Hipster, Det Pikachu, Money Shot.
See y’all tomorrow at either The Buff or Cruel Hall.
Next Convergence is 1/1/23. AO / QIC TBA stay tuned to the Slack for Deets.

BH :
Movin on Up’s new baby
Third Coast in Ukraine
413 class starts in Jan
Black Lung is Qing a gnarly 1stF challenge beginning 3 Jan 23. Be on the lookout for deets. Think it’s called the LeanPax challenge … hope someone designs some sweet gear for us to consume.

A Stream of Consciousness Riff Based Jam Session Q

17 Nov 22

A Stream of Consciousness Riff Based Jam Session Q

Temp :
Gloom Factor : Moderate
Pax : T Cell, Bad Boy, Cowboy, Money Shot, BNB, Black Lung, Venus, Feel the Berns, Movin On Up, Topanga, FNT, Bagger Vance

Nice long mosey out Lealand to the baseball field then circling up at Mustang for

SSH, Razor Cuts, Phelps, Squat n Reach, etc.


Karaoke and Extended 6s w Merks

Sprint to EZ then some groundwork to the 10’ and back … lateral bounds and bear crawl/crawl bear

Sprint to 50’ then back to EZ RnR

At some point we Lunged and Reverse Lunged about 20’

Squats on Extended 6s w some Merks and Burps thrown in for good measure

To the parking lot for frog hops forward then some gorilla bounds R/L (at this point w were in 1s & 2s)

Mosey to the bottom pull up station
2s stay down and 1s go up. 1-2 pax do pull ups while others work on ext 6s Merks then R2 go into ext 6s squats

Back to StartEx for Suicides n Groundwork

2s Plank Progression 1s run to LP 1 back and LP 2 and back. Flap Jack
R1 APD Progression
R2 Plank Progression
R3 Plank Progression

6’ MOM

Mobility work


NMM : Great turnout this am w a Dirty Dz of F3 Nashville’s finest. Grateful to Money Shot for making the Joe onsite and for dear Ms Wiley and her percolator. Always a pleasure to see some new faces along with Redwoods like T Cell & Bad Boy. Getting to see Cowboy three times in 24 hr was a rare treat as well. Stunner of the day was Venus lurking around the corner next to the boys bathroom as we made our way into the house that Dilfer built. YHC was going to rep count WOR based upon TD’s jersey number but alas couldn’t remember if he was 12 or not. Today’s Q was a blend of old, new and rare BV cuts.

BH : Excitement in the air as Movin On Up and his M are expecting baby numero uno. Congrats man. We also poured one out for BNB who is heading to Raleigh at EOY. Godspeed brother. TAP to Third Coast and his family as he is in Ukraine right now making a documentary. As winter approaches, this is a great Other Season, not off season. Think about those Gainz you can make spiritually, personally and professionally.

Hobbling Gobbler next Thursday 0600 from Green Machine lot. There will be prizes, coffee and post run beverages for all participants.




Deck of Many Tears

Backblast: 11/16/22

Conditions: Cold, dark, gloomy…perfect for the Devil’s Den

Q: Reveille

Pax: Skeet, Mcafee, Rev

Disclaimer given after a short mosey to the light post followed by a quick warmup of Windmills, LBAC, T-Claps, Imperial Walkers, and SSH.

The Thang: Deck of Many Tears:

YHC has been dying to use his official F3 card deck for a while, and this was a perfect opportunity. We cut the deck into thirds and made 3 stations. Each Pax drew a card and completed the exercise indicated with the value shown (base value + 10, face cards = 25, Ace = 100). After all Pax complete their card, rotate stations. Rotate until all 3 stations are completed then follow up with a short recovery mosey. Rinse and Repeat until 6:10.

Recovery consisted of active stretching from the bottom up until time.

COT: No major announcements made. Focusing on EH-ing men here on the Far East side. Debating on whether or not we should hit up Pop’s for coffeeteria or begin providing our own.



Bomber 11-11-2022: Celebrating 5 Years in the Beautiful Driving Rain

A shy over 5 years ago, I finally relented to Ebola’s prodding and came out to meet a bunch of men, working out, in the dark cold gloom. Led by Hambone, I thought I would (but proudly did not) splash merlot after the WOR.  Flash forward to 2022, and the positive impact of F3 on my life, especially the past 3 years, has been huge (if my biceps are not quite so).  Thus, this morning, I wanted to celebrate all things 5.

PAX:  Black Lung, Focker, Legal Eagle, Michelin Man, Porcelain, Salpal, Supernova, T-cell, Tim the Toolman, Vector (QIC) and Wet Wipes with the dedicated wounded but healing walkers Cub Cadet and Firefox

Conditions:   Pelting sloppy rain, 60s – truly in the words of many PAX “beautiful”

Playlist:  Bands and songs with “5” in the name — a lot of bands with a lot of not so good songs:

I Want You Back – Jackson 5 (inadvertently deleted from playlist at the start by the soggy Q)
Wake Up Call – Maroon 5
Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega
White Lines – Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
9 to 5 – Dolly Parton
Video Killed the Radio Star – Ben Folds Five
She Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds of Summer
5-1-5-0 – Dierks Bentley
Worth It – Fifth Harmony
Go Where You Want to Go – The 5th Dimension
Bad Company – Five Finger Death Punch
When the Lights Go Out – Five
Kick Out the Jams – MC5
Glad All Over – The Dave Clark Five (cut for time)
Superman (It’s Not Easy) – Five for Fighting (cut for time)

Disclaimer given and then mosey in the beautiful pelting rain to the McCabe Rec Center for the Sloppy Warm-o-rama (as Q tried to get music started):  

Squats, LBAC, Reverse LBAC, WMH, Good Mornings

The Thang:  5 Exercises, 5(0) Reps, 5 Sets

5 exercises: Merkins, squats, big boy sit ups, DIPs, pull ups

Do 50 reps of each, run around the Rec Center, repeat for 5 sets. Q, in the interest of time, Q reduced reps of a selected exercise to 5 with each set.

Mary:  Flutter Kicks, Ankle Lifts, 10 Burpees, and a few SSH to close us out.


  • Open Tab (or Maybe Tap Out, Tap In – we were confused) tonight — check Slack for deets and come for the beers and more importantly the discussion.
  • 30 seconds to listen to the world (and our walkers returning to the COT)
  • Sincere thanks to the HIM and F3.  This morning, being grown up dudes basically splashing in the rain, illustrates why F3 is so special.  Reach out to those we encounter who would benefit from F3 as I have — I am stronger physically, emotionally, mentally thanks to all of the HIM who I’ve encountered along this journey.  Keep pushing and inspiring me and each other. #ISI
  • Also, I unfortunately failed to send thanks for our veterans on 11/11 — appreciate all of you (including Porcelain and Cub Cadet who were with us this morning).
  • Cafe Dose followed and was awesome (complete with Focker looking like he walked out of the sauna at the Y)



Veteran’s Day Q

11 11 2022

Temp : 56
Gloom Factor : High

PAX : Esposa, D Frost, EZGO, Bagger Vance

Disclaimer Claimed
Mosey Top Loop

SSH, IW, Squat n Reach, Lateral Bounds x 11 IC
GMA, Willy OYO X 22”


11s @ CH’BAP
2 CT Iron Mikes/Squats

11s @ Playground/Pavilion
Pull Ups/Block Rows w OH carry, RT/LT shoulder carry and RT/LT Farmer’s Carry

5’ Suicides
22 Burpee Buyout

Quick Broga Sesh



Fortunate Son
Born in the USA
For Whom the Bell Tolls
masters of war
A Hard Rains gonna fall
Gimme Shelter
Orange Crush
Dress Blues
Star Spangled Banner

NMM – Fearsome foursome got out in the rain and did some work this am. Simple yet effective.

Coffee talk was mostly YHC riffing and the others eye rolling hard.

To the best of my memory – who is Rooms 2 Go, Ludwig’s getting some bumper plates, Ben Folds use of “coterie”, Mean Girls, is the answer in the question, developing leaders, best burger in the USA, crack fries, apologetics, Sewanee.


Farewell yellow block road

3 Oct 22

Temp :
Gloom : Nil

PAX : T Cell, W4AG, Movin on Up, A/R, Focker, Deep State, EZGO, Bagger Vance


Mosey – Out Hogan, first left, first left past Ludwig’s, left on Trousdale.

Scissor Jax
Core stuff
COBRA, DD, asp
6ct Merks
High skips
Rev high skips
Bear crawl
Crawl Bear

Squat stretch x 3 x 20”

4 Rounds
Pull x 5
Push x 10
Squat x 15

R1 – pull ups, merkins, squats
R2 – Renegade pull ups, swerkins, Pistol squats
R3 – chin ups, swing rows, squat jumps
R4 – pull ups, merkins, squats


Block push/pull
P1&P2 push then drag block about 50’ while the other PAX perform different exercises w block. Flap Jack until all 4 groups rotate through.
KB swings
OH Press


Blocks up back to row bars
Deep Squat holds x3 x 20”


1 Burpee
1 GM
2 Burpees
2 GM

Various core work movements


NMM – True honor to have the MML T Cell out in the Shire today. As usual, MOU, W4AG & A/R led the way in speed, reps and form; the rest of us were truly on awe. Focker made it back to the Shire and had some nice MC going. As we entered the lot, it looked as if EZGO was phoning a friend; turns out he was just adjusting his coif. Deep State continues to vie for MVEH this year … T Claps to Floppy who oddly enough has posted fewer times recently than his protege. Hmm. No quarterly citing of Juan Valdez, WOTS he’s got a new program going on.

Tunes from Sir Elton John.

BH – Greyson, MOU’s newborn nephew who has some respiratory / lung issues and is in the icu.


For Coolio

Time under tension, 6s, Coolio

Press X
Carry X

Temp : 50
Gloom : Moderate

PAX: Chef Boyardee, Tealfin, Chip N’ Dale, Beaker, Dry Rub, Neo, Iron Head, Chatterbox, Big Bayou, Arm Bar, World Tour, T Sizzle, Shocker, Skeet, Black Widow, Hambone, TOGA, Blue Mule, Decaf, Det Pikachu, BNB, Red Skull, YnR, Bagger Vance


Circle Up, Disclaimer 0530

SSH (couple of restarts) X 13 IC
Spider Man Stretch
SGL leg bridges R/L
Bird dogs R/L
Black Widow Reach Backs R/L

Mosey to parking lot 326 for quick explainer and partner up 1:1 413:F3


I –
To the Row Bars
Gr1 on Bars 6s Up, Down, Hold x 6IC
Gr2 Wall work – Johnny Bench, Supermans F/R
Flap Jack

II –
Partner IP run to old bball court

Bball Court II
GR1 Drop Squats
GR2 Suicides
Flap Jack

Mary –
Various plank movements


NMM: working on the theme of time under tension … fewer reps more focus on form and static holds. With the recent passing of Coolio, we listened to Gangstas Paradise. Partners asked to focus on keeping together and holding each other accountable to form.

TOGA up next week. Be sure to join us for Tortoise n Hare on Tuesday’s. 3 mile loop around campus.



Bomber – 09.16.22 – “16th September”

16 (on the 16th!) PAX paid a trip to the Museum de Pain to critique form.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Black Lung, Caddieshack, Coach Weird (FNG), Firefox, Focker, Legal Eagle, Michelin Man, Pop-A-Lock, Ranch Hand, Spanarkel (WL-Lake Norman), Siri, Supernova, T-Cell, Toolman, Wet Wipes


Medium mosey over to the side lot entrance to reintroduce an old Stonewall standby: the Ark Loader. PAX travel up the hill by Bear Crawl, followed by Bunny Hop, Crab Walk, and Duck Walk. SSH for six.

Return to startex for COP:

  • SSH x 8
  • LBAC F x 9
  • OHP x 10
  • IW x 11
  • LBAC R x 12
  • Hillbillies x 13
  • Nordic Jacks x 14

Hop over to base of driveway for the main event. In honor of René Magritte’s painting, 16th September, PAX partnered up to complete 160 team reps of the following:

  • Merkins
  • Ab Thrusters
  • Glute Bridge
  • Raise the Roof (OHP)
  • Iron Mikes (1ct)
  • T Raises (Bent-over Reverse Flyes)
  • Turkish Sit-Ups (switch sides every 10)
  • Elbows to Knees (Reverse Crunch-ish)

Almost everybody got through the entire circuit just before time was called.



Qing Bomber is always a pleasure, and today was no exception. An already special morning was made more special as this was our first opportunity for a post-Bomber visit to dose since 2020.

Welcome to Caleb aka Coach Weird!



  • Formica and family as they goodbye to his father who entered hospice this week.
  • Wet Wipes’s M and all other women as they grapple with a shattered veil of safety in the wake of Liza Fletcher’s tragic murder.
  • Pop-A-Lock’s back and continued healing


  • Tennessee Tussle, brought to you by F3 Spring Hill, will run Saturday, Nov 12 at 0630 in Pinkerton Park in Franklin. Teams of four from across Middle Tennessee regions will compete in a unique workout relay in one of three divisions for bragging rights and a good time. Read more here.

Go Tigers.

PA out