22 May 23 Q

22 M 23 Q
Temp : 60
Gloom Factor : Nil
PAX: W4AG, Donkey Hammer, A/R, CCR, Floppy Disk, Movin on Up, Esposa, Focker, Deep State, EZGO, T Cell, Winona, Bagger Vance


Mosey to the Baptist Church

Activation – 1/2 kneeling squat press, SSH, adductor rockers, cat/cow, thread the needle/spider stretch

EVO I – Sprints – high knees, high skips, butt kickers, karaoke, sprint back

EVO II – SGL L SQ2B x 5 R/L, SQ THRST x 10 DeadBug W Block x 10 (2ct) RnR x 2

EVO III – Goblet SQ2B x 10, Supine Block Press x 10 R/L, Eccentric Pull Ups x 5 (5ct), SGL L hip thrusters x 10 R/L RnR x 2

EVO IV – Gorilla Crawls, Bear Crawl Kick Throughs x 2

Mary – F Kix, Plank Progression

10 Burpee Buyout
3 Good Mornings


NMM : Full body work today. Slight modification of a gym workout I’ve been doing for a few weeks now. Glad we could modify as needed to make it work.

Solid crew as usual under the guidance of Works For a Guy but now his long awaited successor has been made official. After weeks of background checks, onboarding, a 7 day fast and silent retreat the new AOQ for Detention takes the reins, welcome Deep State. The bar has been set pretty high. W4AG was only 18 and rode a bike to workouts when he started and now look what’s he’s done with the place. So now Deep State will have to build on what’s been carefully and artisinally curated for him.

BH : Praying for summer schedules w kids and travel.
Nancy from F3 SpringHill is doing chemo for stomach cancer. It’s terminal cancer and he’s trying to find a study somewhere to get into in hopes of getting a cure or at least more time with his wife and kids.
Topanga’s mom is having vision issues and needs prayer.
Praise for CCR’s Charlie as he finishes this chapter of his 3+ year battle w leukemia.


ImprompQ 21/Apr/23

Temp – 53

Gloom Factor – Nil

PAX : Tampa, Esposa, Pedialyte, Black Widow, Donkey Hammer, EZGO, Accounts Receivable, CCR, W4AG, Deep State, Winona, Bagger Vance

QIC : Winona VQ BV

SSH X 13
Superman Stretch


Modified Sharknado BLIMPS Buffet

Burpees, Lunges (SGL), Inch Worms, Merks, P Jax, Squats
Bus Loop Clockwise
Grab Some Wall

Burpees (Rev), Lateral Lunges, Incline Merks, Super Slow Squats
Bus Loop Counterclockwise

Bear Crawl down the hill towards back of CHE
Let it go (ie sprint from side driveway to hedge row by power box)
Inverted Rows
Max Pullups
Pests w Block
Sprints n Skips x 5

Back to the blocks for more
Pests dbl leg, SGL leg
Palloff press w block

Split into 2 groups
Red Rover Burpee Broadjump

APD finish position x 20 IC
Low Plank
Speedy F Kix



The morning started off pretty normal. Did some stretching, some chatting then headed west on a mosey. This is where things got weird … our Q, Winona was a bit fixated on Qing up the tunes and suddenly went down. We are still investigating the security footage but there was either
1) a sniper that took him out 2) a random pothole that occurred overnight 3) Deep State tripped him or 4) he didn’t see the speed bump. All signs pointing to 4.

Pedialyte swooped in to do triage and the rest of us took a mosey around the mini diamonds and circled up in the lot. When EZGO asked “Who’s gonna Q” obv ATQ piped up and off we went.

BH –
Prayers up for Movin on Up’s family as his Grandfather passed away earlier this week.

Praying for our children specifically those in middle school dealing with all that goes along w MS.

413 Strong Signing Day on Friday. Hit up Red Skull for details.

Safety and speed for those running the Rock n Roll this weekend.


14 April 23

And The

Temp – 50s
Gloom Factor – Low

PAX : Black Widow, Donkey Hammer, A/R, Esposa, Floppy Disk, EZGO, W4AG, Deep State, Bagger Vance

Disclaimer Claimed 0530

Long, Fun Mosey w Various Movements

Activation x 5
Walkout to DD throw in some Merks/CDD
Spider Lunges
High Skips
Tilting Airplanes RnR
Reverse Toe Touches

Natural Movement 30”
Bear Crawl Kick Thru
Crawl Bear
Reach Backs

Power Time/Reps
Squat Complex (TUT) 10
Merkin Complex (TUT) 10
Hip Thrusters x 8 R/L RNR X 2
Eccentric Pull Up Complex (TUT) 6s X 3
Single Leg Hops 5 R/L RnR x 3
Step Into Box Jump 8 R/L RNR X 2
Sprints X 6

Stability 30” x 3
Low Plank
Shoulder Taps
Star Plank
Table Top
Pigeon R/L



Back to some new classics. Some MC mixed with groans of anguish indicated a good time by all.

Possible Local Boy sighting right after HSPUs.



Echo and the Bunnymen
Diana Ross and the Supremes
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores
Sly and the Family Stone
Buddy Holly and the Crickets
KC and The Sunshine Band
Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
Bruce Springsteen and The E Str Band Ft Tom Morello
Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Mike + The Mechanics (?)
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros
Elvis Costello and the Attractions
Prince and The Revolution
Fitz and the tantrums
Benny and the jets
Grace potter and the nocturnals
The Head and the Heart
Jason Isbell and the 400 unit

III Pillars – 04.11.23 – “What’s the 4-1-1?”

16 HIM picked up the phone and got dialed in for a 4-1-1 themed workout at III Pillars this morning.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Formica, Go Fish, Gov’t Mule, Grape, Grisham, Haggis, Harbaugh, Howitzer, It’s Just Lunch, Michelin Man, Paper Pusher, Pep, Ranch Hand, T-Cell, Zelenskyyy


After a haphazard disclaimer and brief preview of the theme, mosey to field for COP:

  • SSH
  • LBAC F
  • OH Clap
  • LBAC R
  • SnL Squat
  • WMH


Grab the 20lb slam ball and line up for a little game of “telephone.” Starting at the goal line, PAX stand shoulder to shoulder, pass the ball to the next man, running to the front to repeat until we’ve crossed to the opposite goal line. Repeat other direction. For third round, we switched to alternating behind the head and between the legs and then repeated again.


All talked out, we hit the bleachers to get “dialtoned.” PAX completed 4 rounds of 11 reps each of the following circuit with a lap in between each round.

  • D. – Derkins
  • I.  – Irkins
  • A. – Ab Thrusters
  • L. – Leg Raises
  • T. – T-Raises
  • O. – Overhead Squats
  • N. – Newton’s Cradle (2-ct)
  • E. – Eccentric APD (4-5 seconds to lower)

Rotary Phone

Mosey back to midfield and circle up facing outward and on our six. PAX pass the slam ball around the circle, aiming to get faster in each subsequent revolution. After some confusion with this antiquated piece of equipment, we threw it out and made our way back to flag for cooldown stretches and COT/BOM.


Hopefully PAX got all the information they desired from calling 4-1-1 today. Always appreciate the way y’all humor me and my silly themes. My hope is that y’all have as much fun doing the work as I do coming up with it.



  • Prayers for my mom, Louisville, and the Covenant and Nashville communities.
  • Prayers and praises for PP’s M’s last chemo treatment

Keep shining your light in this city and leading with kindness and conviction.

PA out.

Covenant – 03/28/2023

10 men gathered on the morning after the tragedy at Covenant, a mile and a half away from where tragedy unfolded, to remember the lost and hurting, and to work out some anger (or maybe that was just the QIC)

PAX: Rocket Mortgage, Cowboy, FeelTheBerns, Moneyshot, DrRupp, Pole DAncer, Sooner, Subway, Nomad (Very Important Visitor from NW Arkansas), Detective Pikachu (QIC)

Some liberties were taken to spell out Covenant with exercises after the Warmarama. 27 reps each (9 for each of the three children lost yesterday in the tragedy)

Overhead press
V-ups (happy crunchy frogs)
Emperial Walkers (imperial walkers)
No-hand merkins (hand release merkins)
Alabama Prom Dates
Nordic Jacks (mountain climbers)
The Ring of Choice – 1 pax at a time chose an exercise to do 27 of. Pax held plank while waiting

We did many (>6?) laps of the Green Hills Park loop. Each loop was around 1/3 of a mile, so we ran over 2 miles.

Pray for the victims, pray for their families, pray for their friends, classmates, teachers. Pray for our country’s leaders, and pray that they will do the right thing(s).

Baseball Arguments – 03/27/2023

PAX: Salpal, Pep, Vector, Supernova, Blueprint, Natural Ice, Black Lung, DintyMoore, Right Said, Grape, Blue Mule, Red Skull, Chunks, Siri, Detective Pikachu (QIC)

Gloom: Great

15 men argued over baseball trivia while doing merkins, squats, side straddle hops, and running. Good fun.

COT: Thanks for letting me lead on my late Birthday Week. Pray for Covenant School, those who have lost, and those who are hurting. Pray for our country’s leaders, pray for them to do the right thing(s).

Bomber 3-24-2023: 53DM

YHC turned 53 last week (you may have seen Cub Cadet’s backblast from the OTB cruise workout in the middle of the Caribbean last week – see Titan channel), so wanted to celebrate a little late with my favorite burpee brothers (even though not a single burpee occurred). Playlist wasn’t a cute theme – just a playlist of YHC’s favorite band, Depeche Mode, who kicked off their world tour last night and who I will see for the first time next weekend.  If you didn’t like post-punk British new wave or the number 53, you were not happy . . .

PAX:  Black Lung, Cream Cheese, Cub Cadet, Dinty Moore, Firefox, Pep, Pop-a-Lock, Right Said, Supernova, T-cell, Vector (QIC), Wet Wipes 

Conditions:   Balmy 70 with birds tweeting

DM Playlist:  
Personal Jesus
Just Can’t Get Enough
Behind the Wheel
Never Let Me Down Again
Walking in my Shoes
It’s No Good
I Feel You
Everything Counts (Live)

Disclaimer given and then a tradition unlike any other:

  • Warm-o-rama:    SSH x 53 (Pep asked “How old are you Vector?” to which I responded “Oh you will learn very soon”)
  • Wander to Rec Center:  LBAC x 15, RLBAC x 15, WMH 15 OHO, Good Mornings 10 OHO
  • Thang 1:  53 Dora

Partner up. one does exercise, one runs around rec center:  53 pull ups, 153 merkins, 253 squats.  When done, improvised rock pass on wall.

  • Thang 2:  Presents!

Go to hill and see what presents the HIM brought.  PAX pick exercise x 53 reps, then sprint up the hill.  So many good presents . . . but oddly, I didn’t ask for Black Lung’s present, as I suspected it might have rhymed with “burped peas.”

  • Thang 3: My gift to the PAX

As at every quality birthday party, you get a take home gift.  Today it was DIDs: 18 dips, 18 incline merkins, and 17 decline merkins (adds up to 53. Get it?).  PAX was so deserving that they got a second present of the same thing.


  • Prayers for Firefox’s M, kids making college decisions, and others unnamed. CSAUP this weekend and Richland Creek Run the following weekend (sign up for F3 team).

Thanks, HIM.  Thinking back, the thought that at 53 I could do what I do now (even though I’m a little slow) would have been laughable. I owe thanks to each of you (not just those not present today but who spent time with me in the gloom).  You’ve made me a better man, and I deeply appreciate each of you.



Blind Buddy Run

Class 2 Round 1 –

Invesco, Transplant, Electric Beast, Galileo, D Pole, Jigsaw, Redo, Luigi, Hickory, Beaker, Life Force
Chunks, Y&R, Decaf, Pearl, Knuckles, Skeet, Right Said, Grey Album, Red Skull, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Mosey to Stop Sign Blind Buddy Style F3 PAX leading

WOR @ STEM bldg
SSH x 13 IC
Russian Lunges – extended WMH x 10 IC
Walkout Spider Mans
Arm Hang Squat Warm Up
Low Bernie Shuffle
Side Shuffle (R/L)
Karaoke (R/L)

BB run back to Dumpster

All PAX grab a block and mosey to back tennis courts


Thrusters (50) / team
Block Push Pulls x 4 directions x 10 (40) total
Block Curls back to back (30)
Lt Dangers – Lunge, Lunge, Squat (20)
Dead Bugs x (10) each leg modified for time
Blockees x (5)

Return Blocks


Groundwork / Natural Movements
Bear Crawls to 1/2 line, Crawl Bear to end line
Gorilla Crawls to 1/2 line, switch orientation to end line
Frog Jumps to 1/2 line, Reverse jumps to end line
Bear Crawl Kick Throughs


Thread the Needle
Rolling Starfish
Downward Dog/Cobra


What a great morning we had. Weather was on point, effort was all out and the 413/F3 PAX pair up seemed to gel. Nice to see how the F3 crew has rallied around 413 and its Mission to help these young men become who they’re designed to be. Be sure to come out and support at 🐢🐰on Tuesdays as well.

BH :
Lots of TAP for lost loved ones in the COT.
CSAUP next weekend, the day of the 25th into the morning of the 26th. Check out the main channel for deets or DM Hipster. TAP for his quick recovery from a meniscus tear earlier this week.


Titan – 03.01.23 – “1st of tha Month”

With probably another 4 years on my frame since my last visit to Titan, YHC was honored to Q at Toolman’s request and honored some musical birthdays in the process.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: . Blue Mule, Buster Bluth, Dinty Moore, Grey Album, Preacherman, Solo Cup, Stuntman (WL-BHM), Tim the Toolman, Vector


Mosey to circle overlooking Lake Watauga for COP with soundtrack provided by Bone Thugz-N-Harmony’s “1st of tha Month”

  • SSH
  • WMH
  • LBAC F
  • OH Claps
  • LBAC R
  • Good Mornings

Birthday #1: Glenn Miller

Soundtrack: “In the Mood,” “A String of Pearls,” “Chattanooga Choo Choo”

Mosey to the plaza event center where many a big band dance party has occurred. It was time to get in the M.O.O.D. with “In the Mood” and other Glenn Miller hits as our soundtrack. AMRAP the circuit below until time.

  • Merkin x 20
  • Overhead Squats x 20
  • Overhead Press x 20
  • Donkey Kicks x 10 ea leg

Birthday #2: Justin Bieber

Soundtrack: “Baby,” “Sorry,” “What Do You Need?”

Mosey to Hill of Sisyphus for 11s inspired by the Bieber’s first hit, “Baby.”

  • Little Baby Crunches at top
  • (Little Baby) Iron Mikes at bottom

Birthday #3: Roger Daltrey

Soundtrack “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” ‘My Generation”

Mosey to playground for another AMRAP circuit honoring our frontman of The Who.

  • Windshield Wipers x 5 ea side
  • Hydraulic Squats x 5
  • Overhead Pulls (a.k.a. Pull-ups) x 5

Mosey back to the Great Lawn for another Who tribute with “My Generation.” Burpee each time you hear the lyrics “my generation.” Works out to 38 in 3:19.

With the clock almost at 0615, we didn’t get to properly celebrate…

Birthday #4: Kesha

“Tik Tok” while we waited for the six and then COT, BOM


Truly a great experience and privilege to be back at Titan, and many thanks to Toolman for making the ask. As the location of Nashville’s first weekday workout and my first Q, Titan remains a special AO throughout all of its evolution over the last 8.5 years. Plus, you regulars really knocked it out of the park with the renovations!



  • My mother’s health, Pep’s job search, Vector’s 2.0’s international trip

Pleasure to lead as always!

PA out.

Devil’s Den – 02.15.2023 – Dropped Balls

Title: The Calm Before The Storms, or
Rugby Without Any Tackling And Plenty of Dropped Balls
PAX: Skeet, Backrow Bits, Linus, McAfee
QIC: Detective Pikachu
Gloom: Yes

Warmarama: 6 will be 1st, 1st will be 2nd over to Local Parking Lot
10 Merkins to warm our arms up

Thang: Rugby drills
We learned how to pass
We learned how to defend
We learned how to kick (sort of. QIC promises the ball will be more inflated next time)

We ran a lot

We did a lot of merkins (penalty for the ball hitting the ground)
We did some squats (after QIC’s arms got too tired)
We did more merkins (after QIC’s arms rested enough)

Moleskin: it doesn’t have to be an absolute beatdown to be a fun workout. #moresportslessburpees