The Forge – 9/29/18

16 PAX challenged themselves this morning. Pax in attendance included:Barney Fievel (Q), Numbtucks, Soccer Mom, Cheese Whiz, Ragdoll, Show Me, Sprinkles, Mic Drop, Netflix, Quickie, Pocahontas, Typo+, Stats, Ned Ryerson, Little Miss Piggy, Lovie (FNG)

Long mosey around outside perimeter fence of football field.

Stop by Barney’s beautiful black truck and pick up your coupon (20 pounds).


Warm Up:

15 SSH, 30 seconds Good Mornings OYO, 30 seconds WMH OYO. Other various stretches Barney called out.

Thang 1: Love Thy Neighbor

PAX took 10 seconds to partner up. 4 exercises with an assigned number of reps (below) must be completed as a 2-man group. One PAX begins assigned exercise while other PAX jogs out to the 50-yard line. That PAX jogs back to partner performing exercise and picks up where they left off. Repeat until assigned number of reps of each exercise are completed.

Exercises were:

  • 60 Blockees (coupon burpees)
  • 80 Block Merkins
  • 100 Block Squats
  • 120 Block American Hammers

Thang 2: MLBs (Merkins, Lunges, Bear Crawls)

Perform as individuals: Three stones act as distance markers. Beginning at the first stone, all PAX do 10 Merkins, lunge to the second stone marker, and finally bear crawl to the third marker. Mosey back to first marker and repeat going down by 1 rep each time.

Thang 3: Discount Deck of Death

Deck of Death with Coupons

Spades – Blockees

Clubs – Block Merkins

Hearts – Block Squats

Diamonds – Block American Hammers



Welcome new PAX: Lovie!


PAX: Bagger Vance, Offshore, T-Cell, Black Widow, Boone’s Farm, Umbrella, Venus, Funyuns (QIC)

Conditions: 70*, wet and soggy

8 PAX made the right decision this AM and showed up ready to get after it at The Racetrack. Due to Goruck Starcourse training schedule, YHC has missed The Racetrack for a little while.  It was great to be back at the original Brentwood AO and lead these fine men through a beatdown.

5:30 AM- Disclaimer (little rusty, but BV took up my slack), then mosey around big loop back to grass field for Warmarama.

Warmarama: SSHsx20, BACs(f&r)x10, SCsx10, Squatsx20, BKSx10, Merkinsx10, ASTsx20, Supermansx10, CDDSx10, BKsx10. All IC

The Thang:

  • 30 8 ct bodybuilders
  • 30-20-10: pullups & squat jumps
  • 20 8 ct bodybuilders
  • 30-20-10: parallel bar dips & bar jump overs
  • 15 8 ct bodybuilders
  • Partner up- P1 holds pull-up (chin above bar) while P2 runs 30 yards and back. Flap jack. R&R (Tclaps to Venus for pushing YHC on the pull-up hold)
  • Mosey back to parking lot for Mary

Mary: 5 8ct bodybuilders, 10 BF situps OYO, 15 Vups OYO, 20 AHs IC, 20 ASTs IC, 5 8ct bodybuilders


NM: Great work! YHC borrowed most of this workout from Grisham. Of course,  he threw in some hand stand pushups. Grisham’s pseudo F3 name is The Griz (amazing the things you come up with while rucking for 3-6 hours each week), hence the name of the workout. Great to BV back from injured reserve. Always a pleasure to lead. The PAX are getting stronger each post.

BH: 4th anniversary at Stonewall 6-7AM on Saturday, with Growschool to follow. F3 scramble Sunday 3PM at Harpeth Hills. Few spots available.

Continue to dig deep in all aspects of life,


III Pillars – 09.25.18 – “MIB”

4 PAX hit the St. Paul track to celebrate the birth of the one and only fresh prince, Will Smith.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Boone’s Farm, Life Champ, Foggy Pirate


After a brief parking lot mosey and discussions surrounding the true meaning of “Friendly Friday” and EHing, Foggy, BF, and I made our way to the track to discover Life Champ waiting around in the dark. We strolled over to midfield for a COP, all IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • WMH x 14
  • Good Mornings with LBAC x 14
  • Lunges x 14
  • Merkins x 14 (2ct)

Gathered the PAX at the starting line to explain we’d be celebrating Will Smith’s birthday. PAX partnered up for an AMRAP circuit that would pay tribute to both Men in Black and the appearance we F3ers often take with our “uniform” F3 shirts.

While P1 runs a lap, P2 performs AMRAP of the first exercise. Flapjack and then repeat with the next exercise.

  • Boxcutters
  • Lunges
  • Air Squats
  • Crunches
  • Kicks (of the Donkey variety)

Took another lap altogether, and then like any good MIB, I had to break out the Neuralyzer so we could forget what we just did and do it all over again!

Lined the PAX up on the sideline for some Paula Abdul (Broad Jump forward, two bunny hops back) across the field. Turned around to cross back and Duck Walked a third, Walk Ducked a third, and Duck Walked another third. To even it out, we went back across with WD, DW, and WD. Quads were torched at this point!


  • Flutter Kicks x 10
  • Wide Leg Raises x 10
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups x 10
  • American Hammers x 10

Mosey back to parking lot for COT/BOM


  • There’s no experience quite like the sensation one has coming down the homestretch to see Foggy Pirate’s hands on the ground and six up in the air. I’m sure it’s enough to drive the M bananas.
  • Glad to have Life Champ with us even if he did miss the hardest part of the workout – starting.


  • 4th Anni workout and G-School at Stonewall this Saturday from 0600-0830. Succumb to your FOMO and be there. It’s going to be a great workout followed by great meeting of the minds. You’ll hear from PAX all across the region and have a chance to share that great idea of yours.  There will also be coffee and sustenance!
  • 2nd Annual F3 Open is next week and can take 3 more players. Talk to CAPSLOCK or BV for deets.
  • Andy Crouch is speaking on “Stewarding Influence” next Thursday, Oct 4 at Clementine on Charlotte Ave. Tickets are still available. Megatron will be there!
  • Go Tigers.

PA out.



Psalm 127 (10/18/18)

Morning started off in the dark. Head lamps were welcomed. 5:30 am sharp we didn’t waste any time getting after it. This one was for all those back at our homes and for those who haven’t seen the light of day yet.

Psalm 127:3-4

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.

15Pax: Show Me (Q), 3rd Degree, Numbtucks, Soccer Mom, Creeper, Tebow, Stats, TV Guide, Hushpuppy, Nimbus 2000, Mic Drop, Netflix, Altdor, Typo Positive, Cheese Whiz

Warm up –

30 Baby arm circles forward in cadence

30 Baby arm circles backward in cadence

30 Seal Jacks

Stretch OYO

Mile Mosey (roughly) we took a little jog down the path around the soccer fields and Mill Creek Brewery and back to the cottage Spot to get some work in.

Psalm 127

Super Sets x 3 (for my 3 boys)

1 Set = 30 Copenhagen’s, 30 Merkins, 3 partner wheel barrel rotations up the steps,

Soccer mom and Hushpuppy got after it beating everyone on their sets. We moseyed over to our favorite bridge where 3rd Degree loves to issue out punishment.

We lunged across the bridge and then we bear crawled back to our starting position.

Time expired as we ended in the circle of trust.

Good work!

-Show Me



VQ & Ants – Broken Wheel – 9/25/18

The storms held off for Creeper to get his feet wet as Co-VQ. The ants, however, did not hold off according to Numbtucks.

10 PAX: Creeper (Co-VQ), Tebow (Co-Q), 3rd Degree, Numbtucks, Soccer Mom, Show Me, Stats, Barney Fievel, TypO+, Hush Puppy

Warm Up
Jog, SSH x 15, Inch Worms x 5, Imperial Walkers x 10, WMH, Squats x 10, Huggers, Roller Coasters, Merkins x 5

Merkin Mile – 4 laps around loop w/ partner
partner 1 does 10 merks @ halfway point of each loop while partner 2 planks
partner 2 does 10 merks after each loop while partner 1 planks

Indian Wall Sits – everyone on the wall while each PAX successively does 2 laps around concession stand

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire – bear crawl around pavilion one complete rotation CCW, then 10 merks each successively while all other pax in plank; RxR CW

Flutter Kicks, AH, Crunchy frogs, Side planks, Mountain climbers, Al Gore

Great work by Creeper leading us through the workout portion. I hope I used the word “successively” right because I doubled down and used it twice.

The Forge is happening this Saturday for those who aren’t attending the 4 year anniversary at Stonewall. 2ndF this Saturday night at TypO+’s house. Check slack for details.








Stonewall 22 SEP 2018 — Running, Merkins, Pullups, Gorilla Humpers, Repeat

PAX:  Blue Mule (Q), Foxtrot, Black Lung, Big Stick, Hustler, Wall Ball, Electron (FNG)

Very humid and hot conditions.  Unpleasant.  Gloomy at the start.  The type of weather conditions you’re really only going to work out at 0600 on a Saturday morning if there are PAX waiting for you.

MOSEY:  @ 0600 three PAX took off…. then another PAX arrived at 0602 … then another three PAX at 0605… resulting in a 10 minute long warm up mosey.

WARM UP:  Stretches and arm circles and other boring stuff.

THE THANG:  Split up into two groups by birthdays which changed randomly during the three waves of the exercise.  One group runs from playground to corner of park and back, approximately ~4 minutes to run there and back.  Other group performs stationary exercise.

-Round One:  Three rounds of there and backs with pull ups in between.  That’s ~15 minutes of pull ups.

-Round Two:  Three rounds of there and backs with push ups in between.  That’s ~15 minutes of pushups.

-Round Three:  Three rounds of there and backs with gorilla humpers in between.  That’s ~15 minutes of gorilla humpers.

MARY:  20 count hillbillies, 20 count imperial walkers, 7 burpees.

Apologies for the delay in the backblast — YHC wasn’t scheduled for Q, so I didn’t schedule time during the weekend to do the BB — had to wait until Monday after work.

Welcome FNG Electron, who jumped in head first and held his own like someone who’s been posting for years.


Blue Mule

Leg Day at The Hill

19 PAX fought the urge to fart-sack and came out for a good ol’ fashioned leg day at The Hill.

PAX: Cathy, Venus, Prevac, Big Stick, Foxtrot-talks-a-lot, Cinderella, the Spackler, Pop-a-lock, Trevino, Foley, White Russian, Frugal McDoogal, Yard Sale, Red Skull, Blood Clot, Money shot, and Black Lung took part in the main festivities. Bagger vance was present and doing his rehab exercises in the parking lot.

QIC: Boy Band

We started with a quick mosey up to the 50 yard line of the football field where we circled up for..

WOR: SSH, Good Mornings, Willie Mays, LBACs forwards and backwards, Overhead claps, slow and low squats.


Mosey to the near end zone for a leg heavy ladder. The premise was as follows: Run sequentially shorter distances on the field while doing more intense strength building work in between.

Steps as follows:  1) Run set distance 2) Complete remaining distance to 100yds with alternative movement 3) Do exercise #1 (reps = to remaining distance) 4) repeat steps and 2 in opposite direction 5) Do exercise #2 (reps = to distance run) 6) Rinse and repeat with next rung of the ladder.

Distance:       Remaining :          Exercise 1:         Exercise 2:

100 yds           —                               —                            —

90 yds           Broad Jump          Merkins x10      Flutter Kicks x90

80 yds           Broad Jump          Merkins x20     Flutters x80

70 yds          Broad Jump           Merkins x30     Flutters x70

60 yds          Lt. Dans                   Squats x40       LBCs x60

50 yds          Lt. Dans                   Squats x50       LBCs x50

60yds           Bear Crawl            Dry Docks x40  Supermans x60

80yds           Bear Crawl            Dry Docks x20   — (short on time)

100yds         —                                —                               —

Mary: 15ct of the following: Toes 2 sky, Freddy Mercury, Pamela Anderson


Thanks to everybody for coming out. The workout was simple but effective. Many moans and groans about not being able to get off the toilet the next day.  Most importantly, we learned that the Franklin guys need to step up their leg day and stop doing so many burpees.

Chipper at The Skunk

Gloom Factor: High

PAX: BigStick, T Cell, Venus, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Bagger Vance

0529:45 Disclaimer

Where’s BigStick? YHC was a bit fuzzy and pissy that #s were low due to the rain. Due to that, YHC set off on a blistering pace toward BigSitck’s hooch. Heading N on Granny White we saw said PAX and 2x’d back to meet him.

All IC X 13
SSH (5x attitude adjustment BURPEES)
(In comes BigStick)

Mosey to Pumpkin Patch and grab coupon for BS.

Back to lot for

Rip off from watching Fittest on Earth

50 Squat Thrusters
25 WWI Jacks
50’ Run
All w Coupon
R1-R3 Normal Run
R4-R5 Hallelujah Run
After R4 Plank Progression +/- 1’
R5 Mod after 10 Thrusters Bear Crawl to sidewalk Crawl Bear back, after 20 side shuffle to sw and back, after 40 bear crawl and crawl bear, after WWIJ drop coupons at YHC’s Rice Rocket and line up for Feather Run to get Paver back to Pumpkin Patch.

Pre Mary –
F Kix x 40 IC modifying hand position every 10x or so

Mosey to StartEx and plank for 6.


Well done HIM, thank y’all for posting. YHC was ready to go Scent of A Woman on The Skunk had he been a one armed clapper this AM. Certainly will feel that in the ole Hammies tomorrow.
4 year anniversary of F3 Nashville on Sat.
2 Man F3 Scramble on Sun w spots available.



PAX: Floppy Disk, D’mish, Dupree, Black Widow, Venus, Reefer, Big Stick, Olan Mills (QIC)

Disclaimer and a quick mosey around the bus loop, circling back up for an extraordinarily small Cruel Hall circle. 


SSH, BAC fwd & rev, Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hays, Slow and Low Merkins and some stretching. 


Mosey over towards the bus loop to the grassy knoll that used to be home to the portables…we’ll call it Mt. Portable. 

1st round of 11’s – Burpees at the bottom and Jump Squats at the top. People’s chair waiting for the six. 

2nd round of 11’s – Mountain Climbers at the bottom and WWI’s at the top. Plank and wait for the six. 

Mosey back over to the playground for some intervals

30 secs Pull Up’s AMRAP

15 secs rest

30 secs Dips AMRAP

15 secs rest

30 secs Rows AMRAP

15 secs rest

30 secs Push Up’s AMRAP

Rinse & Repeat

Mosey back up to parking lot for some Sprints


Alabama Prom Dates, J-Lo’s, Flutter Kicks

I appreciate the opportunity to lead you guys. 

Venus wanted everyone to know that he’ll be preforming with the ballet soon and thinks it will be a good date night option. More details to come. 

Hourglass Figures

Blood Clot, Money Shot, Cathy, Cinderella, Tiny Dancer, Hot-N-Ready, Cowboy, Venus, Too Tall, Boy Band, Old Hickory, Black Widow, Red Skull, Doubtfire (F3 Knoxville), Dilly Dilly, Frugal, Cooties (FNG), Spackler (FNG)


19 showed up this morning on The Hill for some Hourglass themed work..

Mosey up to the football field. Circle up for:

  • SSH x20 IC
  • Good Mornings x10 IC
  • Willie Mays Hayes x10 IC
  • Slow and Low Squats x10 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles (Both Ways) x10 IC
  • Seal Claps x10 IC
  • Air Presses x10 IC
  • Burpees x5 OYO
  • 25yd High Knees
  • 25yd Buttkickers
  • 25yd North Facing Shuffle
  • 25yd South Facing Shuffle

I was talking with Frugal after last week’s session, and he had a “fun” idea for an Hourglass themed workout up on the football field. Here was the plan:

H – Hand Release Merkins
O – One Legged Donkey Kicks
U – Up Downs (four count feet chop then drop)
R – Ranger Merkins
G – Gorilla Humpers
L – Lt. Dans
A – Atomic Merkins
S – Sumo Squats
S – Scissor Abs

The hourglass theme came from starting in one corner of the endzone with 15 reps of the first exercise. From there, you run across to the other side of the endzone to do 15 more reps of the same exercise. Then you run diagonally to the far endzone with a 5 burpee speed bump at the 50-yard line. You do 15 more reps of the first exercise in the far endzone, and then you run across the endzone for 15 more reps of the same exercise. After that, you run diagonally back across the field to the starting endzone with another 5 burpee speed bump at the 50-yard line.

All in all, you end up doing 60 reps (60 minutes per hour) of each exercise with 10 burpees per cycle. You also end up running in an hourglass shape across the football field.

This was a bit of an ambitious list of exercises. We made it through U before YHC came to the realization that the burpee speed bump was slowing down the progression too much. After dropping those off, everyone made it all the way through the Lt. Dans cycle. A couple of guys were halfway through the Atomic Merkins cycle.

This should be doable without the burpees. I think it might be good to put the list of exercises on a board/sheet of paper and allow the PAX to choose their own adventure if you will. This might allow better cycling of legs/upper body exercises than the prescribed HOURGLASS order.

Mary consisted of a good long high plank while we waited for the six and for Frugal to get his phone to record all 19 names.

As always, it’s a pleasure to lead, so thanks for allowing me to get out there and get better with you all.