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Last updated: 05/04/2024

Workout Location Style Day Time Special Notes
Detention Crieve Hall Elementary Bootcamp Monday 0530-0615
Westeros Elmington Park Bootcamp Monday 0530-0615
Tora Tora Tora Cornelia Fort Airport Bootcamp Monday 0530-0615
Tortoise and Hair (in collaboration with 4:13 Strong) 413 Strong Run Tuesday 0530-0615
III Pillars St. Paul Christian Academy Bootcamp Tuesday 0530-0615
Middle Tooth Green Hills Park Bootcamp Tuesday 0530-0615
The Knoll (2.0 Friendly) Harpeth Knoll Park Bootcamp Tuesday + Thursday 0530-0615 Kids 6+ welcome!
Titan Centennial Park Bootcamp Wednesday 0530-0615
Smokeboots Crieve Hall Elementary Run Wednesday 0530-0615
Pocket Chicken Cornelia Fort Airport Run Wednesday 0530-0615
Devil’s Den South Hartmann Park Bootcamp Wednesday 0530-0615
Atlantis West Park Bootcamp Thursday 0530-0615
Green Machine Lipscomb Academy Athletic Fields Bootcamp Thursday 0530-0615
The Stronghold (in collaboration with 4:13 Strong) 413 Strong Bootcamp Thursday 0530-0615
Cruel Hall Crieve Hall Elementary Bootcamp Friday 0530-0615
Bomber McCabe Park Community Center Bootcamp Friday 0530-0615
The Buffalo Shelby Park Community Center Bootcamp Friday 0530-0615
Handsomizer Geodis Stadium Bootcamp Friday 0530-0615
Misty Mountain Red Caboose Park Bootcamp Friday 0530-0615
Pain Train Charlie Daniels Park Bootcamp Friday 0530-0615 Coupons encouraged.
Stonewall Sevier Park Run/Ruck Saturday 0600-0700
The Castle Memorial Park Bootcamp Saturday 0600-0645 Brand New AO!
Purple Cow  Granny White Park (Brentwood Middle) Bootcamp Monday 0530-0615
The Racetrack Maryland Way Park Bootcamp Wednesday 0530-0615
Bermuda Triangle Concord Park Bootcamp Friday 0530-0615
Common Ground Starbucks Franklin Rd Run Friday 0530-0615
Sniper Haven Ravenwood High School Parking lot Run Tuesday 0500-0600

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