30 December 2017 MARSOC Short Card

PAX: Deep Dish, Cowboy, Vegemite, The Jeweler, T Cell, Bagger Vance

QIC: Bagger Vance

At 0610, 34* felt down right balmy as YHC, Deep Dish and Cowboy headed out for Pre.  Pretty uneventful run, save nearly getting run over on Caldwell and DD having the slowest fall ever recorded by a 40 something year old.

The rest of the PAX slowly trickled in around 0657 as the 3 Pre were shaking off the run.  Oddly enough, T Cell repeated almost verbatim the conversations DD, Cowboy and YHC had 40 minutes earlier…Temp, Christmas tree dump, etc.

Ok, here we go, short mosey coupled w Side Shuffles and Politicians to the Parade ground for

WOR (weak attempt from YHC to replicate the day’s Q)

SSH x 13 IC

Squats x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Cherry Pickers x 10 IC

Mtn Climbers x 10 IC

Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

Boredom set in and we started the Thang:

Run up to Sunnyside Mansion

Quick bad run down on the days Evolutions, turn on the speaker and start jamming out to Punk Radio on Pandora with commercials, bc who doesn’t want to save money on car insurance?!

Today’s Beatdown brought to you by the Leathernecks of the USMC and the MARSOC short card:

Perform 30X exercises then 10 X exercises, technically no running and performed back to back with no rest…that makes it just a bit more difficult!

Evolution I

30X Merkins       10X Burpees                      30X Merkins                       10X Burpees

30X Squats          10X Windmills(IC)            30X Flutter Kix (IC)           10X Cherry                                                                                                                                                 Pickers (IC)

30X LBCs              Down hill and back          30X Mtn Climbers (IC)    Mosey

Evolution II

30X Merins         10X Burpees                      30X Merkins          10X Burpees

30X SSH (IC)       10X Chain Breakers (IC) 30X Lunges        10X AmHammers (IC)

30X Supermans Down Hill & Back       30X Ola Binarys (IC)    Mosey

Rinse & Repeato (crowd pleaser)

To the Playground for 2 Rounds Max Dead Hang Pull-Ups with Mary thrown in


Alabama Prom Dates


Mariah Carys

LBC Pistols


Mosey back to Lot


NM – while we modified some of the MARSOC short card by adding SSH instead of Star Jumps, flipping the F Kix and Mtn Climbers and adding in the running it was still a pretty nasty beatdown.  I woggled snot for sure, can’t speak for the rest of the PAX.  Awesome to have Jeweler back in the mix, Kotters.  By the by, may want to get a new alarm clock as we still start at 0700!  Fun workout in a box as Hambone would call it, perhaps in 2018 we can implement the Long Card…we shall see.

Thank you all for being a part of F3 this year; it has been really neat to see this thing grow.  As you wind down ’17 and reach for ’18 please think of that guy that could benefit from shared suffering, not being left behind and having a Fellowship that seeks to protect him.  I am ever grateful for 5 Star’s introduction of F3 to me in the fall of ’14, it goes without saying that life would look a lot different without you HIM around.  Again, I would encourage you to reflect upon the HIM that you have come to know for the first time or have gotten closer to through F3 and urge you to focus on just one EH a quarter that you can share this IMPACT with.

So, in closing, I want to thank yall for pushing me, allowing me to push you and for being a part of something that is bigger than us all.


Bullhorn –

NYD workout led by Princess Aurora at The Hill at 0700 on 1/1/18…it will be a doozy, I’m sure but worth every minute of it!  I don’t know what this year’s theme will be but I can almost guarantee you a well schemed theme.

Keep our brothers in your prayers that have lost loved ones over this last year on the front of your prayer/thought list.  This is a tough time for them and we should be lifting them up as much as possible.

Warpath version 93 coming up on 6 January, should be about ½ Marathon distance wise with about 4 AOs sprinkled in for good measure.  Startex is Armada at 0500, endex should come 3-3.5 hours later, guessing back at Armada. Please reach out to Big Bang for routing and details.

5K4MLK coming up on 15 January, see www.5k4MLK.com for more details and information.


Bagger Vance

28 December 2017 APFT

When: 28 December 2017

PAX: Tampa Libra, Princess Aurora, Dr. Smartt, Blue Mule, Vegemite, Deck the Hollis, Yard Sale, PreVac, Dupree, Bagger Vance

QIC: Bagger Vance


Whoah, 13* was a bold kick in the retreated crotch this am.  10 PAX made the right choice and took the RedPill this am to be there for their brothers.  YHC was a bit nervous at 05:25:30 when it was an empty lot but thankfully, the cavalry finally arrived.  Some quick paperwork at 05:28 and mosey over to pick up Veg and Dr. Smartt.


Mosey down to soccer field and track where the day’s Evolutions would take place.  Take a lap around the track with some side shuffles, butt kickers and high knees.  Circle up at mid-field.



SSH x 20 IC, Lunge Progression Right Leg x 5 IC in all directions, Lunge Progression Left Leg x 5 IC in all directions, Deep Squats x 10 IC, GMA x 10 IC, WMH x 10 IC, LBAC F/R x 10 IC, Michael Phelps x 10 IC, Air Presses x 10 IC, Mariah Carey R x 10 IC, Mariah Carey L x 10 IC, Supermans x 10 IC, SSH x 10 IC


APFT consisting of 2 mins max Merkins, 2 mins max Big Boy Sit Ups, 2 mile run.

After Merkins and BBSU, we did some more calisthenics and movements so no one pulled anything.

As we got back to the start line YHC realized timing had hit the fan so we would do 6 laps instead of 8 and multiply out those times for the 2 mile score.


NM: it is days like today that make us better, not necessarily physically but mentally.  Glad that today wasn’t going to be a solo Q ala Bad Boy several weeks back.  Part of the beauty of F3 is posting for that other HIM…such a different world view than most employ.  With the cold weather, YHC wanted to make sure we got plenty of loosening and warming up in, hopefully as the year progresses and weather turns we won’t be rushed and will be able to do more after the APFT.  Blue Mule and I came to the conclusion that having a heavier partner or at least one that is pretty close in weight is helpful when anchoring on the BBSU.

BH: continue to lift up those brothers who are going through this season having recently lost loved ones.  Also, think about someone you haven’t seen in a while and reach out to him, CCR and I amongst others, have all the PAX contact info if you need help.

Upcoming Events –

1/1/18 – Annual NYD Convergence come one come all even if you still smell like 2017!  Launch at 0700 from The Hill Princess Aurora on Q

1/6/18 – 57th Running of Warpath in Franklin.  Launch at 0500 from Armada, will be 13.2M run with multiple AOs and multiple Qs…Truly something to check off your list and it is an all paces run as No Man Left Behind in full effect.

1/15/18 – 4th Annual 5K4MLK sponsored by Barefoot Republic, great cause and pretty easy course.  Cost goes to $30 on 1/1/18, details here www.5k4mlk.com

Look for more 2nd and 3rd F Opportunities in the weeks to come as well as launch in Tullahoma and Nolensville Q1 of 2018.


Bagger Vance

Explosive Christmas Cheer

Nothing says Tender Tennessee Christmas like a mid 50s temperature and cloudy skies that greeted the 28 PAX in the gloom.

We began with a warmup mosey around the bus loop and circled up in the parking lot for WOR.

20 SSH
10 seal claps with butt kickers
(Do we call them Seal Kickers?)
10 BAC
10 Good Mornings
10 WMH
10 HopKicks
10 Tempo Merkins

YHC was eager to spread the Christmas cheer, so we divided into 4 groups for a 4 corners explosive workout in the parking lot.

Dimensions of said rectangle were roughly 15 X 25 yards. Important because we bear crawled between each corner.

Corner 1 – 15 burpees
Corner 2 – 15 jump squats
Corner 3 – 15 jump lunges (1 1, 2 2, etc.)
Corner 4 – 15 clerkins (merkin with a clap)

We did the lap of all 4 stations 3 times. Legs were on fire after lap 1, and shoulders were quick to follow. MC from Cinderella after lap 1 questioned YHC’s spreading of Christmas cheer.

Moseyed to the bus loop and spread more cheer by bear crawling to the top of the hill and performed 10 reps each of the 4 explosive exercises from the loop.

SSH for the 6 and headed to the playground for the 3 sets of:

15 rows
15 derkins
15 hanging knees to chest — after reading about some advanced calisthenics moves this week, I came across this. Loved the way it crushes the core stabilizer muscles. And you get some lat work too.

Moseyed back to the parking lot for one final explosive exercise: the sprint.

We sprinted the length of the parking lot, roughly 40-50 yards, and then finished the capri lap by jogging in for Mary.

30 flutter kicks
10 Laney Lou
20 hello Dolly
10 AST
5 good mornings — per request from D’mish ‘n Donuts — although I should’ve denied the request if I knew that he fartsacked on coffeeteria.

Great work today. And welcome FNGs Barney Feivel and Ulysses. EH’d by NumbTucks.

Announcements — no detention on Monday. Enjoy the Christmas holiday.
New Year’s Day convergence at the Hill.

Prayers for those families who have lost loved ones. Christmas is a hard time for that. Specifically the Kemp family.

And thanks for the prayers for my wife — God’s name Kate. (ask Bagger) The tumor is stable and hasn’t changed, so we’re very thankful about that.

Ludwig van OshKosh van Enthusiasm van Lederhosen

Winter Hillympics Week Three

Week Three of the Hillympics is in the books! It’s been a blast so far – great idea Frugal!

The assumption was that Prevac ruled the day..not true! Donuts comin’ in hot with 26pts to Prevac’s 24pts!

PAX: Tampa Libra (QIC), Razor, Frugal,Toga, Chum, Black Lung, Prevac, Pop-a-Lock, Funyuns, Donuts, FTTA, Headstud, Buffalo Bill, Brother-at-law, CAPSLOCK

Quick WOR:
Forward arm circles x 20
Reverse arm circles x 20
Good Mornings x 10ish
Willie Mays Hays x 10


Sprint circuit: 20 yard sprint,  10 hand release merkins, back peddle 10 yards, 2 split squats – repeat length of the field.

1.  Prevav
2. Razor
3. Pop-a-Lock

Group competition 1 – 50 yard partner carry while rest of the group planks

Team 1 (winners):
Donuts, Prevac, Funyuns, Headstud, Buffalo, Brother-at-law,  CAPSLOCK, Tampa

Team 2 (not winners):
Razor, Frugal, Toga, Chum, Black Lung, Pop-a-Lock, FTTA

Group competition 2 – Merkin ladder to 10. (Person 1 does 1 merkin, then person 2, 3, etc. Then person 1 so 2 merkin’s, and so forth up to 10.)

Team 1 (winners):
Donuts, Prevac, Funyuns, Headstud, Buffalo, Brother-at-law,  CAPSLOCK, Tampa

Team 2 (not winners):
Razor, Frugal, Toga, Chum, Black Lung, Pop-a-Lock, FTTA

Mosey (hobble for Toga and Tampa) to weight room to grab two-10lb plates each. Meet in the tampa-theater.

30 seconds of shoulder press with the plates, 30 sec hold at the top x 2 – count your reps.

1. Donuts. I didn’t write it down but it was something ridiculous like 108
2. Tampa Libra
3. Prevac

30 seconds of strict curls with the plates, 30 sec hold at 90 degrees x 2 – count your reps

1. Donuts
2. Frugal
3. Prevac

Last, we split into groups of 3 (one group of 4) for a last-team-standing (or planking, rather) competition. Only one team member can be up at a time while the others hold a plank. You can switch out as often as you’d like and in any order but your team member must be down before the next one gets up.

– Winning team was Donuts, Frugal, and Prevac


Here is the top ten after week 3:
Prevac (77), Tampa Libra (70), Headstud (60), Frugal (58), Pop-A-Lock (56), Bro-at-law (49), D’Mish (47), Skid Mark (46), Dr. Smartt (44) & Toga (44), Black Lung (40)

Twenty Seventeen

Edible Arrangements
Due Process
Deck the Hollis
Big Stick
Floppy Disk
Blood Clot
Lewd Wig
D’Mish O Nuts
Pre Vac
Blue Mule
Off Shore
Skid Mark
Black Lung
Yard Sale
Life Saver
Quickie Lube (FNG)
Oliver Clothesoff (FNG)
Too Tall
Slow capri lap up to Manley down Marchant and circle up in lower lot of CHUM
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
HB x 17 IC
Mosey to Upper lot
20 Merkins
17 Lunges
Mosey to Handicap parking spots
20 Merkins
17 Squats
Mosey to Lower lot
20 Negative Merkins
17 Squats
Plank and Wait
Side shuffle up Marchant to upper lot
Crabwalk 20 yards
Walkcrab 17 yards (ok who knows if it was 17 yards or 20 for that matter but I’ve got a theme going here)
20 negative Merkins
17 Squats
Head down to playground
P1 Hold Chest to bar 20 ct
P2 17 Squats
Flap Jack
RnR but switch to Jump Squats
Wheel barrow up hill
20 merkins
17 Squats
Empty wheel barrow down hill
Flap Jack
Firemans Carry P1 up steps
Flap Jack
20 ct chest to bar hold
17 air presses
Flap Jack
RnR but switch to Thrusters
20 Derkins on fence
17 Squats
Head back up to Caballo Blanco Plank for 6
P1 in Hcap spot P2 opposite spot 1 Merkins in place bear crawl to center 1 Merkin crawl bear back until P1 and P2 get to 20 merkins
P1s Indian Run up Manley
P2s Indian Run down Marchant
When the two meet 10 Burpees
Finish IR
P1 in Hcap spot
P2 opposite
Duck walk
Walk Duck
Squats x 17
Supermans x 17 IC
Ola Binary x 20 IC
Dive Bombers x 17 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Great work today HIM! Awesome to have one of the OGs and a Franklin regular Blood Clot with us, he was even early!
Due Process making a triumphant Return to the GLOOM and a fine showing indeed. KOTTERS
I enjoy the Partner aspect for a couple reasons, one: accountability on reps and form two: lots of good convos happen btwn the two PAX during the Mosey and the Suck.
Two Willy Loman back at it again today, thank yall for posting with us and seeing multiple AOs and Qs. Tell dem boys back in Mecca that we are on point here in Music City!
Good to spend time w FNGs Oliver Clothesoff and Quickie Lube. Couple of notes in them, Oliver posted even though his EHs didn’t show. QL posted thanks to D’Mish O Nuts which isn’t all to surprising but did damn near the entire workout as prescribed with a prosthesis…HIM! Don’t tell me you can’t push through something when you see a fellow PAX like QL doing it!
New Lexicon: God Name … total Q fail when asking a simple Question
It’s been a real honor and blessing to see how our group has grown this year and how lives have been IMPACTed and how IRON has been sharpened! Yall are an inspiration to me and to others. Whenever you think “it’s too cold” “it’s been too long since I’ve posted” “I’m tired” “I smell like last night” don’t forget about the other HIM saying the same thing but CHOOSING the REDPILL because he doesn’t want to let YOU down!
As we near the end of ’17 please think about what F3 has meant to you. Is it just a workout or is there something more to it to you? We hope that the workout is beneficial but more importantly that you are becoming a better leader in your own AO, that you have come alongside someone to SHARPEN them and that whatever your FAITH walk entails it has been strengthened.
Prayers up for the Kemp Family, Humphreys Family and Verner Family
Bartman’s elbow surgery
Grease Trap’s back
Bagger Vance

Winter Hillympics Week Two

Apologies for the late backblast – it’s been quite the week. Either way, week two of the Winter Hillympics is in the books and we have a new leader – Prevac!  Another strong showing of 20 PAX getting after it and competing for points.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Black Lung, Bro At Law, CCR, CAPSLOCK, Tampa Libra, Toga, Prevac, D’Mish, Headstud, Dr. Smartt, Cinderella, Black Widow, Pop-A-Lock, Skid Mark, Cowboy, Chum, Bagger Vance, Too Tall, and Vamos (F3 Charlotte)

We started off the morning splitting in to two teams then a quick mosey to the football field.


  • SSH x 10
  • Squat x 10
  • Merkin x 10
  • Good Mornings x 10
  • Willie Mays Hays x 10
  • Forward BAC x 10
  • Backward BAC x 10


We started off with some 1v1 Team Competitions:

  • 50 Yard Tunnel of Love
    • Everyone on each team is in a high plank forming a tunnel at the goal line. The person in the back does 10 merkins then crawls through the tunnel. Rinse and repeat and first team to the 50 yard line wins.  The turf was cold and frozen so this felt great.
    • Team 1 wins
  • 50 Yard Indian Broad Jumps while team squats.
    • Everyone on each team is in a line at the 50 yard line doing squats. The person in the back does broad jumps to the front.  Rinse and repeat and first team to the goal line wins.
    • Team 1 wins
  • 40 Yard Sled Push
    • Each member of the team would push the sled to the 20 yard line and back to their team. Rinse and repeat until everyone has gone.  Everyone else OYO abs.  First team to finish wins.
    • Team 2 wins
  • 20 Yard Sled Pull
    • Each member of the team would pull the sled to the 10 yard line and back to their team. Rinse and repeat until everyone has gone.  Everyone else OYO abs.  First team to finish wins.
    • Team 2 wins

Mosey to weight room.

Team 1 started by grabbing trap bars (135lbs total weight) and headed outside for farmers walks while Team 2 started inside for bench press, then headed outside for jump rope and amphitheater jumps.

  • Bench Press Medal Competition
    • 1 minute AMRAP with 65 lbs.
    • 1st place (7 points): Prevac with 75 reps
    • 2nd place (5 points): Tampa Libra with 71 reps
    • 3rd place (3 points): Pop-A-Lock with 70 reps
    • Everyone else 1 point
    • Team 1 did not get the chance to do this, so if you were on Team 1 and want to attempt to medal, you can meet Frugal at 5:20am this Thursday to attempt. If not, you will get one point.
  • Jump Rope Medal Competition
    • 1st place (7 points): Prevac
    • 2nd place (5 points): Skid Mark
    • 3rd place (3 points): Toga
    • Everyone else 1 point
  • Amphitheater Jumps Medal Competition
    • 1 minute AMRAP
    • 1st place (7 points): CCR and Tampa Libra
    • 2nd place (5 points): Pop-A-Lock
    • 3rd place (3 points): Cinderella
    • Everyone else 1 point
    • Team 1 did not get the chance to do this, so if you were on Team 1 and want to attempt to medal, you can meet Frugal at 5:20am this Thursday to attempt. If not, you will get one point.
  • Farmers Walks Medal Competition
    • 5 minutes with 135 lbs. walking from cone to cone.
    • 1st place (7 points): Frugal
    • 2nd place (5 points): D’Mish, Bagger Vance, Headstud, Bro At Law, Skidmark, and Prevac
    • Due to so many 2nd place, everyone else 1 point


Here’s the top ten after week 2:

Prevac (53); Tampa Libra (52); Headstud and Skid Mark (46); Dr. Smartt, Pop-A-Lock, Frugal (44); Bagger Vance (36); Bro At Law (35); Toga (34)

Big Bopper Belding Holds Year’s Last DETENTION

PAX: Floppy Disk, PSL, Yard Sale, Calfkiller, Ludwig von Osh Kosh von Lederhosen, Edible Arrangement, Dr. Smartt, Vegemite, Umbrella, Walter White, Black Lung, Accounts Receivable, Blackwater, NumbTucks, Private Sandman, Harvey Updyke, Skid Mark, Pop-a-Lock, Black Widow, Too Tall, Life Saver (visitor from Charleston), Life Saver’s Son-in-Law (visitor from Charleston), Dick Belding (Nate Miley – FNG), CCR (CO-Q) and Brother-at-Law (CO/VQ)

QIC: CCR and Brother at Law

26 fine men came to Detention today for CCR and Brother at Law’s Co-Q. The weather was delightful: a downright balmy 46 degrees with high humidity. And it felt like a true detention with Principal Dick Belding keeping an eye on things. Here’s how it went down:


10 burpees OYO
Mosey the loop to the pavilion

CCR led us in a different and dynamic warm-up that he wanted to try “because Bagger isn’t here”. Shoulder to shoulder then:

High knees run and back.
Butt kickers run and back (Backwards return aka “Ludwig style” – Pro tip: sound things out before trying to get cute to spell them backwards for the reverse movement in the BB)
Skips and back (Return Ludwig Style)
Low slow merkins x10 jog and back
Dive Bomber Merkins x10 jog and back
SSH x20

Count off 1’s and 2’2 for partner exercises later in the morn.

Bro at Law tags in and we mosey to the hill for HILLEVENS.

Atomic Merkins at the top
Jump Squats at the bottom.
SSH until all in.

Lots of grunting. 1’s follow Brother at Law to grab coupons. 2’s follow CCR to the parking lot. Coupon work as follows:

Round 1: Partner 1 lunge walks with coupon length of pickup lines, then same back but with coupon overhead, while Partner 2 plank jacks. Switch out and repeat.
Round 2: Partner 1 runs the bus loop while Partner 2 does Lion Kings (squat into overhead press with coupon). Switch out and repeat.
Round 3: Partner 1 runs the bus loop while Partner 2 kettleblock swings. Switch out and repeat.

Good work to get the coupons put away for 1 minute of Mary led by CCR:

Flutter kicks in cadence x20.


Excellent work by all today. Great having the one and only Dick Belding in our presence and welcoming Life Saver and his son-in-law from F3 Charleston with us. To the schmohawk at the December 2 convergence that suggested I lead with a Catholic prayer, joke’s on you: https://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/prayers/StTeresaofAvila.htm.

Prayers for Brony, BAM, and Yard Sale and their families as they cope with the loss of loved ones.

TAK PAKs were collected by Numbtucks and he will be collecting them at Racetrack on Wednesday as well. This is a really great cause for some of the most vulnerable kids in our society, so thanks so much for organizing Numbtucks.

It was an honor to lead you all for my VQ and I look forward to many more Q’s.

Brother at Law & CCR

Co-Q Get’s Garth’d – Field Trip Must Go On

PAX: Foggy Pirate, FoxTrot, Venus, Chum, TripleD, Big Stick

QIC: En Fuego

Four hours after arriving home from Garth and wondering if YHC is #muchtooyoungtofeelthisda@#old, and a mere 9 hours after receiving a text from Leatherneck stating #bringmetwopinacoladas cause I #aintgoingdowntilthesuncomesup, YHC arrived at The Skunk knowing the Co-Q was now just a Q, but the Field Trip to Higher Education Must go on.

Bus #1 departed at 5:30 sharp, with 5 #friendsinlowplaces moseying from J.T. Moore down to the Lipscomb University Soccer Field.  Bus #2 apparently departed at 5:31 with Venus and Big Stick on board.  With Green Hills streets just like a #river, ever-changing as they flow, Bus #2 and Bus #1 never actually met #inanother’seyes, but good to run into them 45 minutes later at the COT.  Following a quick COP on the Lipscomb Soccer Field, Bus #1 proceeded with…

The Thang:

11’s at stairs leading down to the field – Burpees at top, Jump Squats at bottom.  Stairs apparently are slippery when wet, and steeper than their visual from Granny White would suggest.   With Leatherneck still a member of the #americanhonkytonkbarassociation and no one for YHC to hand the Q baton, it’s time for YHC to improvise.

Backward mosey to the dugout, where FoxTrot mumbles once seeing USMNT practice on the field, their performance being barely #morethanamemory.  At Dugout:

Circuit of tricep dips, urkins and derkins.  Start at 5 reps, R&R x 4 adding 5 reps each round.  Foggy impressed us all with his ability to rep out some derkins x 20.  YHC lead modifier of said derkins.

Time left to kill, we’re going Dean Smith 4 Corners.  Cut the soccer field into a third, Lieutentant Dans from one touch line to the other, perform 20 WWIs, bear crawl to corner flag, 20 flutter kicks, Lieutenant Dans back to the other touch line, 20 Mariah Careys.  No time to bear crawl to fourth corner, it’s time to mosey back.  Bus took a slower pace on the way home, perhaps slightly affected by FoxTrotTalksaLot deciding to FoxTrotPopsaSquat #shameless? No judgment passed along from this PAX.

COT and closed it out in prayer, all thankful that He is the reason for the Season.

Solid work by each of the PAX – thankful and appreciate the opportunity to lead and work alongside each of you.


En Fuego


A Merry Westeros Christmas

THE PAX: BadBoy, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Megatron, Butch Please, Porcelain, Crawfish

QIC: Hi-Viz

Fresh off last night’s Garth Brooks (19-hour?) concert, YHC was more than excited to spend a quality 45 minutes with seven of his ‘friends in low places.’

Quick mosey to the school’s front steps.

Good Mornings X10 OYO
Little Baby Arm Circles X15 IC
Overhead Claps X15 IC
Reverse LBAC X15 IC
Thrusters X20 IC
Chinooks X15 IC

Even though YHC heard endured Brett Micheal’s version of Jingle Bells on the way this morning, he fought to remain in a festive spirit in teeing up a take-off on ’12 Days of Christmas.’

PAX complete an exercise in a corner of the soccer field, mosey to the next for the next one, adding on until completing all 12.

1 / Partridge In A Pear Tree: Diamond Merkins
2 / Turtle Doves: Plank Jacks
3 / French Hens: American Hammers
4 / Calling Birds: Carolina Drydocks
5 / Golden Rings: Burpees
6 / Geese A’Laying: Jump Squats
7 / Swans A’Swimming: Flutter Kicks
8 / Maids A’Milking: People’s Chair
9 / Ladies Dancing: J-Los
10 / Lords A’ Leaping: Split Lunges
11 / Pipers Piping: High Knees
12 / Drummers Drumming: Shoulder-Tap Planks

Most every good song has a key change/chorus repeat at the end, so why not? Let’s double the counts for good measure.

-Freddie Mercury X25 OYO
-Plank variations for 4ish minutes.



-Had a blast with y’all this morning. Thanks for the encouragement. Seemed like everyone had a bit of fun and wound up appropriately smoked.
-Thanks to PA for being my eyes in the dark. (NOTE: 8-point handwriting on a jam-packed Post-It is nearly impossible to read. #Duh)

-BOLO for several upcoming CSAUP events, including this one on May 12th.
-New Year’s Day: 1/1/18 at 7 at The Hill with PA taking the lead. Don’t miss it. Let’s get those HCs on the books and start the new year off on the right foot.

Viz out. SYITG.

Stonewall – 12.16.17 – “Cowbois ‘n’ Indians”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The Pax: Hambone, Bagger Vance, Spider Bite, Foxtrot-Talks-A-Lot, T-Cell, Black Lung, Heister (Charlotte), Chum, Vegemite, Pop-A-Lock, Deep Dish, Crawfish, Skidmark, Bad Boy, Edible Arrangement

16 PAX took a trip back to elementary school at Stonewall this morning. True to the childish nature of the workout, the morning began with name-calling, making fun of my clothes, and picking on my outdated watch.

The Thang:

Resisting the urge to take my ball and go home, YHC tried to quiet the crowd with a brisk mosey down Clayton and over to the basketball court for warm-o-rama. All exercises IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • Merks x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • LBAC F x 10 w/ 20-ct hold
  • LBAC R x 10 w/ 20-ct hold
  • SnL Squats x 15 (plus another 5 to make sure Foxtrot had a chance to download that mental image into his memory bank)

Mosey on over to the 440 Greenway and explain today’s main event: Cowbois and Indians. PAX divide into two teams. Team 1 performs prescribed rep count of the exercises below while Team 2 Indian Runs the loop. Teams flapjack, then RnR.

  • Clerkins
  • Overhead Squats
  • Werkins
  • Big Boy Sit-ups
  • Overhead Lunges
  • Imperial Walkers

Round 1: each exercise x 10; standard Indian Run

Round 2: each exercise x 15; Indian Run with last man dropping for one Burpee before sprinting to front

Round 3: each exercise x 20; standard Indian Run for two laps

It was close, but Team 2 proved victorious on the plains.

Mosey up Gale alternating backpedals and regular run between light poles and then splitting the last distance with walking lunges and a crowd pleasing Duck Walk.

Back at the Jungle Gym, PAX buddy up for some Pull-ups. P1 performs 10 pull-ups while P2 performs another exercise called by Q. Flapjack, RnR

  1. Pull-ups x 10/Tabletop Hold
  2. Pull-ups x 10/Crab Jacks
  3. Pull-ups x 10/Toe Touches

Trek over to the soccer field to meet the new kid at school, Jack Webb. Sadly, nobody liked Jack, and they cheered when he was expelled for smoking. With him out of the way, it was time for a game of Chinese Freeze Tag! For those of you who don’t remember, it’s like Freeze Tag, but you have to crawl through someone’s legs to unfreeze them. I do hope this actually pleased the crowd.

Short mosey back up toward the tennis court to find a sunny spot on the hill. Commence 9MOM. In no particular order:

  • J-Lo’s
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • American Hammers
  • Crunchy Frogs
  • Mariah Careys
  • Burpees
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Boxcutters
  • Flutter Kicks
  • WWII Sit-ups
  • 20-ct Plank IC
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Alphabet (A-F)
  • Hello Dollies
  • Manmakers to close it out

Back to the parking lot for COT/BOM


Great to see so many faces new and old (to me anyway) at Stonewall this AM. It was a pleasure leading you today, and I promise to show a little more skin next time. #TClaps of the day go to Crawfish for his home plate slide to unfreeze me during tag. “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.”


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New Year’s Day convergence will be upon us before you know it! Stick to that 2018 resolution and post at The Hill on 1/1/18 from 0700-0800 for what is sure to be a great start to the year. Reach out to me with any questions.

PA out.