Big Bopper Belding Holds Year’s Last DETENTION

PAX: Floppy Disk, PSL, Yard Sale, Calfkiller, Ludwig von Osh Kosh von Lederhosen, Edible Arrangement, Dr. Smartt, Vegemite, Umbrella, Walter White, Black Lung, Accounts Receivable, Blackwater, NumbTucks, Private Sandman, Harvey Updyke, Skid Mark, Pop-a-Lock, Black Widow, Too Tall, Life Saver (visitor from Charleston), Life Saver’s Son-in-Law (visitor from Charleston), Dick Belding (Nate Miley – FNG), CCR (CO-Q) and Brother-at-Law (CO/VQ)

QIC: CCR and Brother at Law

26 fine men came to Detention today for CCR and Brother at Law’s Co-Q. The weather was delightful: a downright balmy 46 degrees with high humidity. And it felt like a true detention with Principal Dick Belding keeping an eye on things. Here’s how it went down:


10 burpees OYO
Mosey the loop to the pavilion

CCR led us in a different and dynamic warm-up that he wanted to try “because Bagger isn’t here”. Shoulder to shoulder then:

High knees run and back.
Butt kickers run and back (Backwards return aka “Ludwig style” – Pro tip: sound things out before trying to get cute to spell them backwards for the reverse movement in the BB)
Skips and back (Return Ludwig Style)
Low slow merkins x10 jog and back
Dive Bomber Merkins x10 jog and back
SSH x20

Count off 1’s and 2’2 for partner exercises later in the morn.

Bro at Law tags in and we mosey to the hill for HILLEVENS.

Atomic Merkins at the top
Jump Squats at the bottom.
SSH until all in.

Lots of grunting. 1’s follow Brother at Law to grab coupons. 2’s follow CCR to the parking lot. Coupon work as follows:

Round 1: Partner 1 lunge walks with coupon length of pickup lines, then same back but with coupon overhead, while Partner 2 plank jacks. Switch out and repeat.
Round 2: Partner 1 runs the bus loop while Partner 2 does Lion Kings (squat into overhead press with coupon). Switch out and repeat.
Round 3: Partner 1 runs the bus loop while Partner 2 kettleblock swings. Switch out and repeat.

Good work to get the coupons put away for 1 minute of Mary led by CCR:

Flutter kicks in cadence x20.


Excellent work by all today. Great having the one and only Dick Belding in our presence and welcoming Life Saver and his son-in-law from F3 Charleston with us. To the schmohawk at the December 2 convergence that suggested I lead with a Catholic prayer, joke’s on you:

Prayers for Brony, BAM, and Yard Sale and their families as they cope with the loss of loved ones.

TAK PAKs were collected by Numbtucks and he will be collecting them at Racetrack on Wednesday as well. This is a really great cause for some of the most vulnerable kids in our society, so thanks so much for organizing Numbtucks.

It was an honor to lead you all for my VQ and I look forward to many more Q’s.

Brother at Law & CCR

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